but you know i'm a very sentimental person

I like to think that when Iwaizumi lectures Oikawa a bit too aggressively (like when he headbutted him) he immediately feels so bad for going overboard that he writes Oikawa a little note every time and hides it in his bag or his notebook or something for him to read later. The note just says a small apology like “I’m sorry I headbutted you” or “I didn’t mean to yell at you like that” and then follows with actual nice compliments to make Oikawa feel better because that was Iwaizumi’s real intention in the first place. There aren’t any shittykawas or trashykawas; there are genuine compliments and support that say “I believe in you”, “I’m by your side because I know you can do it”, “you are too beautiful of a person to frown”, “be kind to yourself”, or “I will always love you and nothing will change that”.

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As a trump supporter, I can personally say that if I see any of the things discussed in your post happening where I live I will shut that shit down. Not all Trump supporters are like this. Not all rednecks are like this. Not all southerners are like this and I'm very sorry that you have to listen to a bunch of uneducated people. Don't lose hope and stay strong. Much of this is created by uneducated people in fear of seeing their way of life gone. Sorry you gotta deal with people's ignorance...

I appreciate the sentiment, but it rings pretty damn hollow when you voted for Trump. You don’t have any excuses that you “didn’t know” that he’s racist, that he’s hateful, and that he inspires violence in his supporters. You knew. Just because you’re not personally attacking black and brown people doesn’t let you dodge the responsibility of enabling this by voting for him.

Hasan Minhaj said it best.

And by the way, I AM a white Southerner, and you don’t get to talk to me about ignorance when you voted for Trump. Don’t apologize to me. Don’t even talk to me as long as you are supporting the white supremacist agenda, and as long as you think you were justified in voting a sexual predator into the White House. You don’t get to weasel out of your responsibility for this mess.