but you know i ship this pairing so hard

force me to write (please)

ayyyy some drabble prompts to kick the writers block

send a pairing (check the tags for what ships I’ll do), 1-3 prompts, AND some context (mild nsfw is ok!!)


1. “I think I know what my plans are, and they don’t include a migraine.”

2. “On a scale of one to Australia, how dangerous are we talking?”

3. “You know more than you admit.”

4. “S/he died doing what s/he loved.”

5. “Well, that was one way of doing it”

6. “You were a mistake.”

7. “I worked so hard to get where I am now, I refuse to let you take that from me.”

8. “You can’t erase the past. Even if you don’t remember it.”

9. “I never wanted this.”

10. “I did what I had to do”

11. “That’s not what an apology sounds like.”

12. “Quit messing with my hair!”

13. “Make me.”

14. “Are you jealous?”

15. “I’m in love with you and it’s terrifying.”

16. “You really need to get some sleep.”

17. “Your lip is bleeding.”

18. “I want to go home.”

19. “We agreed to take a break but when you left a piece of me went with you.”

20. “How about no.”

21. “You need to leave.”

22. “Don’t be so shy, love.”

23. “You can’t just sit here all day.”

24. “Try. I dare you.”

25. “Why shouldn’t they help themselves after the way they’ve been treated?”

26. “Maybe it just wasn’t meant to be.”

27. “I fought for you, why can’t you do the same for me?”

28. “Tell me a secret.”

29. “I can’t breathe.”

30. “You’re going for a walk? It’s two in the morning and below freezing, at least bring a jacket.”

31. “I think I’m dying.” “You have a cold.” “Start writing my eulogy.”

32. “I can’t stand the way they were looking at you.”

33. “Is that a challenge?”

34. “What do you remember about your mother?”

35. “I missed you.”

36. “Why are you calling at this hour?”

37.“I’m the kind of person no one would go looking for.”

38. “Is there something wrong with me?”

39. “I’d rather be dead.”

40. “You’re the best of the b… You’re the best of the mediocre.”

41. “You don’t have to do this.”

42. “What are you thinking about?”

43. “Was that supposed to hurt?”

44. “I’m going to need you to put on some clothes before you say anything else.”

45. “I stayed on the line for an hour after you hung up.”

46. “I’m with you, for better or for worse.” “It’ll probably be worse.” “I know.”

47. “Why are you putting that chocolate bar in the microwave?” “You said you wanted hot chocolate…?”

48. “I love you too much to let you humiliate yourself this way.”

49. “You’re drunk.” “No, you’re just blurry.”

50. “Your skin is a collection of tiny constellations.”


When it comes to shipping, the old adage is true THE HEART WANTS WHAT IT WANTS. I have so many ships in my fleet that it can only be called an ARMADA. Some of my pairings may not be conducive to the real world and I’m ok with that. My fictional world and real world are not one in the same and so I have no shame when it comes to my OTPS. When it comes to pairing up my ships, logic takes a backseat and something magical happens that is hard to explain. It happens without warning, taking you by complete surprise. Before you realize it you are in too deep, shipping what you shouldn’t and praying for endgame. Im speaking for myself, but I know the feeling is mutual because we ship…

The couple that in reality should not be together, due to their familiar ties.


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The ship that’s stigmatized because of AGE.


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The ships that bloom from HATE


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Credit to the respected gif makers.

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Hahaha I know the feeling, buddy! There won’t be any non canon pairings in the comic, but it’s still a fun concept to play around with :3 (and thank you!)


i’ve thought about writing mchanzo fic cuz the ao3 tag is so shitty but.. im so lazy….

i feel u meggie. the struggle for good r76 fanfic that doesn’t a) reduce gabriel to a stereotype b) make jack morrison out to be uwu pure or c) make r76 a background pairing for another ship is hard to come by and i’m sitting here like “…i could absolutely do this… i could contribute so much… i KNOW i could” but then… the sweet sweet urge to do nothing beckons to me and i have to heed its calling


I would give you. SO MUCH love and attention and promos and feedback if you would only write some well-characterized R76. Please. My crops are dying my children are starving

IT’S AWFULLY TEMPTING DUDE BUT these ol writing muscles of mine? weak and out of shape. but the urge to do it is there every time i scroll through ao3 djfaeiogogio

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You know what we need my shipping friend(Btw im the guy from DA ... i understand if you don't believe me cause i am a anon so it would be hard to really believe me) A Uomi x Tosatsu fluff fic where Tosatsu goes to talk to Uomi to tell her her feelings and Uomi was going to do the same and everyone hears the news of Uomi and Tosatsu now dating and react how you think they would react.

“Tosatsu,” Uomi stated with her usual knowing, yet soft voice, “I’m glad you decided to come and visit. It’s been a while.”

“Yes… it has.” The bunny princess nodded in agreement, though her demeanor felt unusually quiet for the occasion, as she was keeping her gaze to the side.

The other hadn’t failed to notice this change and was tempted to inquire about it further, “What is the matter? You seem… more flustered, than usual.”

“Ohoh, it’s true, princess Uomi!” Jiiya piped up.

“Eh?! That’s not true at all!” Tosatsu pouted, furrowing her brows – giving her somewhat of a more child-like annoyed expression.

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Here’s your Spencer Reid fluff anon!

“Oh my god Spence!” You laugh as the film canister shoots up into the air.
“I call it science magic.” He glances over his shoulder toward Hotch’s office then leans in toward you and whispers, “Just don’t tell Hotch I showed you.”
“Deal.” You whisper leaning in toward him too, and slipping the small canister into his hand. “Now teach me how to do this.” You say with a grin. He does quickly and you giggle in delight as the canister shoots across the room where Morgan catches it.
“Damn you two. This is why we can’t go nice places.” He teases causing you to burst into another bout of laughter.
“I’ll go get some coffee then we better finish these files. You and I have that movie to get to.” Spencer says swiping your coffee mug from your desk.
“Thanks Spence!” You call from your desk, turning back to your paperwork.
“So,” Derek says lightly leaning up against your desk. “You’ve got a little thing for him huh?”
“What?” You ask glancing up at him, the end of your pen in your mouth.
“You and Spencer.”
“We’re just friends.” You say, forcing the words to sound natural, to keep the sadness out of your voice.
“Uh huh.” Derek chuckles then moves over to his desk.
Ten minutes later Spence still isn’t back with your coffee. You sigh and stand up then head toward the coffee machine. Just before you round the corner you hear Spencer and Penelope talking quietly.
“Just ask her.”
“I-I can’t.”
“Spence, you two are my otp. Get your shit together and ask her out.”
“One true pair. I ship you guys so hard.”
“You know I don’t know half of what you’re saying right?” You stifle a giggle. A genius he may be but up to date on the latest Internet jargon, or really much pop culture at all, he is not. “She only likes me as a friend anyway.” You’ve heard enough. You round the corner and plant your lips firmly on his. He doesn’t react for a second then he wraps his arms tightly around you. You twist your fingers through his hair and his lips are pressed firmly to yours. You sigh into his mouth and he pulls away from while laughing softly.
“God I love you.” He mutters, brushing your hair away from your face.
“You-you do?”
“Yea.” He kisses your nose gently and you grin up at him.
“Oh yea, total otp.” Penelope laughs from the doorway. “Oh. Tee. Pee.”

You know, at first I was pretty bummed that there was no unobstructed kiss scene in the finale, but then…

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This scene showed that true love can be expressed in ways other than a kiss.

I love it.


Drawings no 248 - 252 

i was feeling kinda down needing someone to talk to so this happened. I wasn’t expecting to ship this hard but oh well. I ship this hard now. I just think Kuroo would be such an awesome boyfriend. Huhu. He’d be the type of guy you can go to and he’ll do anything to make you happy. Also i think this ship would be so awesome. Please. Also if you know any angsty kurodai fic please send it my way. It’s hard to ship a rare pair. 

KibaHinas children. sketch.

Weeell..there is one of my little personal achievements again - I’ve finally grown up mentally and come with an idea that I must think up and draw children for my adorable pairing. ❤ You know, I ship KibaHina so hard.

Their daughter and son. They’ve already have names, but I’ll tell you them later ;)

clarification on voltron ships -- age differences, my opinions, which ones I’ll write about (warning for very minor season two spoilers)

it’s late but I’m having trouble sleeping and I just spent like an hour on my main blog having three different conversations with at least three different anons about voltron, age differences, and ships, so I thought I’d go ahead and make a post about where I stand on all of it. you know, for such a pure show this fandom sure is problematic.

The Great “Canon Age” Debate

Part of the reason so many people get upset about ships in this fandom is because there are no confirmed canon ages for any of the characters, so a lot of people are uncertain and are cautious about shipping characters who may have a significant age gap, which I totally get. (see my rules – I don’t like age gaps or adult/minor pairings.) BUT I’ve talked to a lot of other fans about this and I’ve checked several sources, so here is my official theory/headcanon for how old all of the major human characters are in the pilot episode

  • Shiro is 20. (He was 19 when he went on the Kerberos mission, then spent a year as a Galra prisoner.)
  • Keith and Hunk are both 18.
  • Lance is 17. (But in reality he’s only, like, a month or two younger than Hunk.)
  • Pidge is 16. 

Keep in mind that this is just my theory, based on evidence in the show, little hints the creators have dropped, and common sense, and that the only canon statement we have about age is that all the paladins are teenagers. (So Shiro may be a year or two younger than I’m guessing, but I really do think he’s a bit older than the others.) I’m also pretty sure that at least a year has passed from the first episode of season one to the last episode of season two, so they’d all be about a year older by the s2 finale. (Shiro is 21, Keith and Hunk are 19, Lance is 18, Pidge is 17.) 

I could be totally wrong about this, but until the creators confirm canon ages for the characters, I’m going to assume my guesses are correct. Which means this is how old these characters are meant to be in all of my fan works. :)

Which Ships Will I Write About? 

If you’ve read my rules, you know that I’m pretty laid back about ships. I’ll write about any pairing (even if I don’t personally ship it) as long as it isn’t abusive, neither character is under 18 or there is an age gap of three years or less between the characters, and the characters aren’t related. 

Obviously, none of the pairings that are popular in the Voltron fandom are abusive, and none of them are incest, so again, the only real problem here is the age differences.

  • I will not write about Shiro/Pidge because Pidge is a minor and there’s at least a four year age gap there.
  • Hance, Sheith, and Klance are all fair game. (I know a lot of people don’t like Sheith because they think Shiro is 25 but I’m very sure that he’s much younger than that. If I thought the age gap was that big I would not write about it, trust me.)
  • I don’t know if anyone ships any other combination of paladins??? But if you’ve got a rarepair that meets my three requirements go ahead and send in requests if you want. (I know getting attached to an unpopular pairing can be miserable when there’s no fan content for it, lol.) 
  • I know Allura is an alien and doesn’t age the same way humans do, but she seems to be at about the same maturity level as Shiro, so I’m going to assume that she’s pretty much the mental equivalent of a 20 year old human. So again, I’ll write romantic stuff about her and any paladin except Pidge.
  • (Please send me platonic Allura/Pidge requests though, I love the idea of them bonding and being close.) 

I always tag the ships I write about, so if any of these pairings bugs you, backlist the ship tag and you’ll never have to see it. I try really hard to respect my followers and not make anyone uncomfortable. 

My Personal Opinion On Voltron Pairings:

Again – I do not have a problem with any of the pairings that are popular in the fandom. This isn’t to say that any ship is bad, or that you shouldn’t enjoy it. These are just my personal feelings about them. (I’m currently 100% caught up on the show, so this is all in light of season two.)

  • Hance is my fav. It’s so pure and wholesome, and I love it a lot. Best-friends-to-lovers trope, anyone? Good. 10/10. Big fan. 
  • Shallura is super cute and I’m a big fan of it. In fact, I’ve written fic about them before. I think it’s a great dynamic, I love both of these characters, and I think they have a lot in common and would be really good for each other. 
  • Shieth is not something I ever would have shipped before season two came out, but now it’s got a special piece of my heart. (I don’t wanna give away any plot spoilers, but for those of you who have seen it: the blade or marmora episode got me good.) I see this as being one of those pairings that’s all about emotional support and healing and I’m here for it.
  • I actually do like Klance, but I don’t really find myself picturing them together because there just isn’t much canon support for it? Lance is a lot closer to Hunk or even Pidge than he is to Keith, and Keith is a lot closer to Shiro than he is to Lance. I do like the idea of it though, and I hope Keith and Lance get more bromantic moments in future seasons.
  • Kallura is…. okay, I guess?? Again, like with Klance, I don’t see a lot of canon interactions between these two that would support a romance arc. I’m not against it, but I don’t really have any reason to ship it and I was surprised to see people talking about it after the new season. I could see a slow-burn romance between these two being really interesting, but it would need a lot more setup to be convincing. 
  • (Okay but, on a side note: I vividly remember being a kid and watching the original Voltron: Defender of the Universe and really wanting ‘80′s Keith and ‘80′s Allura to get together??? It was like, really really important to little six year old me.) 
  • Pidge is one of my favorite characters, but I do not actually ship them with anyone. No one deserves them tbh. 
  • I know Matt/Shiro has a small, dedicated group of shippers, but I’m 100% neutral on it because we just don’t know enough about their relationship, or even about Matt as a character. I’m withholding my opinion on this one until Matt makes his inevitable triumphant return and we get to see them interact. 
  • HUNK/SHAY IS STILL THE BEST. A good, pure pairing with two good, pure angels who truly deserve each other. I love them so much. 

Are you into Slytherin x Gryffindor pairings?

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I drew fanart of @caibii‘s Miraculous Ladybug Zorro au! This was super hard but it was so much fun! 

You should also all go right now and read the au here because it’s amazing and so well written and also the best au ever. Thank you so much again for writing it!

Sting and Yukino made me remember Natsu and Lucy for somehow 

In the last chapter of sabertooth’s spin off, Sting’s reaction towards yukino who was beaten

 i thought in Natsu when they where in the arc Edolas, he was so freaking angry when they told him Lucy was about to be beheaded because for them she was useless.

That was pretty close.

And Yukino made me remember Lucy in the fight against Flare about the guild mark. She did not want it to be remove from her skin.


And the same when Sting came and told Yukino she did well

and Natsu did the same before the battle, i mean “you did well”

I don’t know, these ships got me full of feelings i’m gonna explode.

i ship them so hard

Nalu & Stinyu♥

((okay, just they are more or less similar, i hope i don’t offend anyone by doing this parallel with two of my faves pairings))

What really bothers me about SS

SPOILER: longass rantass post

Okay, SS is a toxic pairing and we all know it – I won’t get into the reasons why because everyone with logical thinking can see that. It’s not the pairing itself what bothers me the most: it’s the fandom.

You see, SS, for me, is as much as a crackship as any other crackship out there. Not in the strict sense of “not having any interactions” because that would not be true, of course, but I would never regard a one-sided pairing as a real relationship. That’s why I’d also never ship NH fully based on the manga, because that’s as one-sided as one can get.

Granted, NH (pairing) has an advantage over SS for the following reason:

The nature of the feelings the boys held for the girls was completely different. NH could have been amazing if it wasn’t forceful and terribly developed. (It was also disappointing since NS began to look like a “red herring” - when it clearly wasn’t. If anything, it’s a plain lie). What I mean is, Nardo was completely neutral about Hinata. It seems logical that feelings would start to develop from “a weirdo ghost who I gave zero fucks about” to “a special girl who I have begun to understand and like overtime” because that’s relatable. Now, Sas was always pretty straightforward about his feelings for Sak. She was always seen as a nuisance to him and he wouldn’t sugarcoat it.

He never liked her and it was pretty clear, just as clear as Sakura not liking Naruto at all. Just this makes the pairing seem very, very forced – but even then, SS fans tend to use the following argument: “Sasuke was actually hiding his feelings for Sakura because he thought bonds made him weaker”. This argument (as flawed and questionable it is) would make sense, but only if we’re only considering phase 1, since he went as far as to try to kill Naruto, the one he saw as his most precious friend, and left the village to get his revenge. (And a really important thing that’s worth pointing out: he couldn’t do it, even though it meant the possibilty of not having enough power to defeat Itachi - and attempting to kill Sakura later on would be just a waste of chakra since her death would give him nothing.)

There was a time when Sas actually thought “hey, maybe I can forget about revenge and chill with my leaf fellas”, but even then he showed no more to Sakura than he would to another teammate – you can literally put any other person on Team 7 and he would act the same way towards them because his feelings were starting to change. Heck, his feelings for Sakura could have changed back then, but he cut his bonds with Team 7 before that could happen. The moment he left, he gave her no thoughts at all, and the moment they saw each other again, at the reunion, he literally gave NO FUCKS about her. That’s how strong their bond was. Then next…

The infamous murder attempt. No, that’s really the funniest part (and by funny I mean “this makes me so mad to the point I consider leaving this world for good” cringe-worthy attitude that SS holds regarding all the aspects of the pairing and the manga itself) and what bothers me the most. And here I’ll also compare SS to SK, because I think they differ at least at this point. Sasuke showed to care little about both Karin and Sakura – since it doesn’t make sense to cut your bonds with people if you’re going to find other people to form bonds with – and the difference is very subtle, but it’s there. He used Karin with no second thoughts at all, if that meant he would be able to kill Danzou. She was important to Taka due to her abilities, but at this point he showed us how disposable she was to him (not that she wasn’t important, it just meant that his goals mattered more than a comrade). Sasuke just told Sakura to kill Karin so she would get distracted, making an opening for him to kill her. Suppose he didn’t know her true intentions, couldn’t he have waited, hoping to get two birds killed with one stone, since Karin was “useless” due to being deeply wounded? That, in my eyes, shows that he saw Karin’s importance to him, the team, whatever. I don’t actually ship SK with passion (though I think it’d be better than SS due to the nature of feelings I mentioned earlier), but I thought that, in this moment, Sakura was put in a place below the girl that was completely useless and would be better off dead, since taking care of her afterwards would definitely be a nuisance for Sasuke. That’s their bond, everyone!

But what does the fandom do? Talk about how the moment was filled with sexual tension. Do you read with your eyes? Eye smex? What the hell is that?

This is one of the many ways SS shippers find to twist reality to fit the way they think things should be. The way they see the pairing, heck, how they see Naruto as a whole… it makes me angry. They see what they want to see. And, look, it’s not even exclusive to them, because everybody does that from time to time, since it all comes down to the way we perceive things. That’s the human nature. We see things based on our experiences, hopes, views on the world and a lot of other aspects that are inherent to each individual.

That’s not the issue here. The problem I have with them is how the expression “shipping goggles” just isn’t enough for them. It goes way beyond that. They try so hard to find positive things on a pairing that has nothing positive about.

And they will fight and yell about things that no one knows as if they were true. You always see some people claiming “but Sasuke has always loved Sakura!” guess what: we will never know if he likes her or not because they have no moments whatsoever to prove it. Just a forehead poke that was shared between brothers and every time Itachi wanted to push him away. They haven’t even kissed. “They had sex!” Big fucking deal. I don’t know where you came from, but sex without kisses means SHIT, if it meant anything, we’d see a lot of clients in love with prostitutes. (I am not trying to compare Sakura to a prostitute and I definitely do not want to offend prostitutes, so please don’t get me wrong.)

“Sakura saved him from the darkness!” Remove the goggles and talk logic here: who has saved every single fucked up character from the darkness in the series? The main character. It’s his fucking job to save people. Naruto saved Sasuke, and the best part is: Sasuke says it himself. But SS shippers claim that it was Sakura. Puh-lease.

When we talk about SS moments – the true moments, for example when she tried to stop him from leaving and he thanked her, or when she managed to make the cursed seal stop taking over Sasuke – it’s all about Sakura. It’s all about her confessing her feelings, about her worrying about him, about her being ready to sacrifice everything to be with him (for her own selfish reasons, but whatever I won’t get into that) but we never see anything coming from Sasuke. Actually, all we get from Sasuke is how annoying she is and how she doesn’t understand him at all. Actually… Sasuke said himself there’s no reason whatsoever for him to like her (and this is Narutoverse. Wanna talk realworldverse? It’s no better. Kishi himself said he found no reason that was worth writing about. But as long as it’s useful to prove something positive about your pairing, love doesn’t need a reason, right?)

People have been shitting on their pairing for the longest time now. And I’m not even talking about the haters. Sasuke shits on Sakura’s hopes every single time. Every time he tells her she’s annoying, shows nothing more than cordiality towards her, tries to kill her, has a kid with her but apparently won’t even give her a kiss. But no matter what Sasuke does or what Kishimoto writes, the fandom will always be faithful and try to push this “truth” of theirs down everyone’s throats and treat fanon as if it was canon. Because canon SS sucks. It always did. And it annoys me how they’re always spitting “canon” in our faces and saying that it’s us who can’t interpret things.

Meihem Shippers Please Read

Please don’t become discouraged. Please don’t let the haters here stop you from creating content. I know it’s hard to go into the tag and see so much hate and I know it’s hard to be called out by people who pair Mei and Junkrat with other characters simply because they don’t like or approve of them together. Something that was supposed to be fun has now turned into a war, and it’s so incredibly pointless considering that not one of these characters are real people who have actual feelings. If ever you’re finding yourself sad or discouraged or afraid, please remember this when it comes to shipping:

Nothing in Overwatch is canon.

It is the very best part of the entire fandom. We have all of these amazing characters and we can pair them up with whoever we please. We can add to their pasts and develop their characters and their relationships with other heros. There is so much potential to any pairing, and it’s so exciting because there are no restrictions. But I know it’s hard to be told constantly that the characters you love are seen a different way by other fans, and that’s that. I know it’s saddening or enraging to be told you need to stop this. I know it’s so very difficult to sometimes stare contradiction right in the face and be told that your ship is toxic or abusive or disgusting or whatever, simply because Meihem interferes with their preferred pairing. It’s disheartening and it’s exhausting. It’s a fight that shouldn’t even exist because these characters don’t even exist. But remember:

No pairing in Overwatch is canon.

People who ship Mei and Junkrat with other characters are entitled to do so, just as you are entitled to ship them because you love them together. They have their headcanons and their feelings, and that’s perfectly okay. You can delete messages sent to you that are hateful. You can block and/or unfollow those who upset you when they bash Meihem or shout Canon Canon Canon! when there are no canon couples. As I’m sure you know, not everyone who ships Mei and Junkrat with other characters are hateful - I know so many great Roadrat shippers who are wonderful and nice and respectful and who encourage my love for Meihem - but please don’t let the bullies win and get you to stop just because they can’t handle a pairing that they, too, can easily block themselves if seeing Meihem causes them that much strife.

I’m not giving up. I’m writing a huge Meihem smutfic at the moment and I will continue to write them because I enjoy them. But Meihem will go away if you let it. You can ship Zarya with Widowmaker and you can ship Reinhardt with Mercy if you want. Hell, you can even ship Roadhog, Junkrat, and Mei together in one glorious threesome if that’s what tickles your fancy. Why?

Because no pairing in Overwatch is canon.

The last thing I’ll write is to tell you that if your hurt feelings turn into bitterness - We’re all human, it happens to the best of us - and you find yourself fighting the hate with more hate because of this need to defend, then I encourage you to find it in yourself to walk away and stay silent. The people who ship Mei and Junkrat with other characters are absolutely allowed to do so, and there is a such a thing as shipping them with each other and also someone else because we are not restricted to just one otp. They can have their opinions on the pairing and there’s nothing wrong with that, we all have opinions and headcanons. It’s wrong for them to be hateful about it to people who disagree with them, but you don’t have the power to make them stop and see the reasons why you ship Meihem. It is entirely possible to disagree with someone and still remain cordial. Everyone has their pairings. Everyone has their preferences. We should all respect each other and have fun. Why?

Because no pairing in Overwatch is canon, and that’s a beautiful thing.

Please don’t stop shipping. Please don’t stop creating content. Please don’t fight hate with more hate. And please don’t be afraid, because if you’ve written or drawn something Meihem, then I most certainly will be there to tell you how great it is! I’m not giving up, and neither should you. Let’s have a great time with our ice princess and our trashboy, okay? And most importantly, let’s be kind.

unashamed-shipper-deactivated20  asked:

I just wanted to know what your favorite pairing was and if you can draw them in magical girl and boy outfits! Just cause I'm curious :) Thank you so much for blessing us with your wonderful and stunning art, my dear! :)

Mmmmmmm favorite pairing questions are hard because I don’t really mind most ships and things! I feel its a pretty stereotypical answer to say Nalu but they were my first fairy tail ship so I’ll go with them! 
Also i’m switching their outfits for fun :’)

How hard is it to not post dumb hate shit in a pairing tag? If you dislike the ship or have something negative to say just…I don’t know…Don’t? You go to the tag to see things you like about the ship. Nice fanart or fics. Not people bitching and calling others crazy for shipping something. How about we use the anti tag system. Ya know. Place anti in front of the pairing so it doesn’t show up in the legit ship tag? Sorry, it’s just every tag I go to I see people being little assholes about the ship.


I started watching Supergirl this season because Chris Wood was on the show, not gonna lie. Best decision ever, because now I’m completely hooked on the show as a whole. Like, there’s not a single thing that I dislike, which is really nice. To quote TVD (ha!) , Chris Wood brought me to Supergirl, and the show made me stay.

Also, Supergirl gave me two new ships to fangirl about: Maggie & Alex and Kara & Moon El. Totally different pairings, but both very well-written.

My only complaint? The hate Karamel is getting because apparently we can’t ship two white people…. I’m rolling my eyes so hard I can see the back of my brain. Anyway, once again I find myself rooting for an unpopular couple. But you know what?

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