but you know i ship this pairing so hard

force me to write (please)

ayyyy some drabble prompts to kick the writers block

send a pairing (check the tags for what ships I’ll do), 1-3 prompts, AND some context (mild nsfw is ok!!)


1. “I think I know what my plans are, and they don’t include a migraine.”

2. “On a scale of one to Australia, how dangerous are we talking?”

3. “You know more than you admit.”

4. “S/he died doing what s/he loved.”

5. “Well, that was one way of doing it”

6. “You were a mistake.”

7. “I worked so hard to get where I am now, I refuse to let you take that from me.”

8. “You can’t erase the past. Even if you don’t remember it.”

9. “I never wanted this.”

10. “I did what I had to do”

11. “That’s not what an apology sounds like.”

12. “Quit messing with my hair!”

13. “Make me.”

14. “Are you jealous?”

15. “I’m in love with you and it’s terrifying.”

16. “You really need to get some sleep.”

17. “Your lip is bleeding.”

18. “I want to go home.”

19. “We agreed to take a break but when you left a piece of me went with you.”

20. “How about no.”

21. “You need to leave.”

22. “Don’t be so shy, love.”

23. “You can’t just sit here all day.”

24. “Try. I dare you.”

25. “Why shouldn’t they help themselves after the way they’ve been treated?”

26. “Maybe it just wasn’t meant to be.”

27. “I fought for you, why can’t you do the same for me?”

28. “Tell me a secret.”

29. “I can’t breathe.”

30. “You’re going for a walk? It’s two in the morning and below freezing, at least bring a jacket.”

31. “I think I’m dying.” “You have a cold.” “Start writing my eulogy.”

32. “I can’t stand the way they were looking at you.”

33. “Is that a challenge?”

34. “What do you remember about your mother?”

35. “I missed you.”

36. “Why are you calling at this hour?”

37.“I’m the kind of person no one would go looking for.”

38. “Is there something wrong with me?”

39. “I’d rather be dead.”

40. “You’re the best of the b… You’re the best of the mediocre.”

41. “You don’t have to do this.”

42. “What are you thinking about?”

43. “Was that supposed to hurt?”

44. “I’m going to need you to put on some clothes before you say anything else.”

45. “I stayed on the line for an hour after you hung up.”

46. “I’m with you, for better or for worse.” “It’ll probably be worse.” “I know.”

47. “Why are you putting that chocolate bar in the microwave?” “You said you wanted hot chocolate…?”

48. “I love you too much to let you humiliate yourself this way.”

49. “You’re drunk.” “No, you’re just blurry.”

50. “Your skin is a collection of tiny constellations.”

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It made me laugh hard, but you know I meant pairings. </3

Ok then ^__^ Since there are way too many of pairings in Voltron, I googled the names of most popular shippings and I’ll give you my honest opinion on them

klance - to each its own, but I don’t understand why this ship is so popular. I mean, Kolivan and Lance barely interacted!
sheith - same as above: Shay and Keith didn’t even talk with each other, if I remember correctly.
shance - Shay and Vince are not even in the same show, people! Voltron Force cadets are not a part of VLD yet.
hance - I don’t judge anyone, but some people could consider Haggar x Lance a bit problematic.
pance - I support all of ships, but Proroc x Lance is not my cup of tea.
kallura - while I agree that Klaizap x Allura sounds cute in theory, I think they are not compatible with each other

In short, all of Votron ships are terrible.


When it comes to shipping, the old adage is true THE HEART WANTS WHAT IT WANTS. I have so many ships in my fleet that it can only be called an ARMADA. Some of my pairings may not be conducive to the real world and I’m ok with that. My fictional world and real world are not one in the same and so I have no shame when it comes to my OTPS. When it comes to pairing up my ships, logic takes a backseat and something magical happens that is hard to explain. It happens without warning, taking you by complete surprise. Before you realize it you are in too deep, shipping what you shouldn’t and praying for endgame. Im speaking for myself, but I know the feeling is mutual because we ship…

The couple that in reality should not be together, due to their familiar ties.


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The ship that’s stigmatized because of AGE.


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The ships that bloom from HATE


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Credit to the respected gif makers.

A guide to the fandom of French politics/lolitics

I found something similar going around in the Spanish lolitics fandom (I think?) and thought it was kind of funny, and what with French politics going world-wide since the elections in May and Macron making himself heard around the globe (and before you come at me, he’s also got his flaws too, I’ll fully agree with you there), I thought it would be cool to open up the wonderful fandom of French politics (and our ships!) to our international friends. So sit tight, this is probably going to be long!

First off, who are the big names you’re likely to find the most often?

Emmanuel Macron

° Not surprising since he’s our new president.

° He’s actually pretty smol. Especially when standing next to other taller world leaders.

° He’s a lot younger than the other members of the French politics fandom. (He’s 39).

° Can’t take selfies.


° (It’s even a song).

° He looks like a pretty cool guy but does have some shitty policies he wants to put into effect (*cough* doesn’t necessarily plan to stop nuclear energy jobs even though they are polluting *cough*).

° Literally seems to think that he’s some kind of king/God.

° Loves Europe & the European Union (like, Emmanuel Macron x the EU is as canon as Emmanuel x Brigitte).

° Likes cordons bleus (and I get him, cordons bleus are amazing), chocolates and eating off the kid’s menu and is essentially a child in an adult’s body.

° Apparently even the official cook at the Elysée palace makes him little cordons bleus. (And he loves them).

° Is probably going to be annoying in the upcoming five years but we currently kind of like him. Or at the very least, he hasn’t fucked up too bad yet. (But please don’t cozy up to Trump too much).

° Is far better at speaking English than most French politicians (and possibly even the current US president) and uses expressions that are probably twice his age and that nobody uses anymore.

Manuel Valls

° He’s from Spain but he’s French.

° Our former Prime Minister. Apparently he tried to join Macron’s party after the elections?

° The scapegoat who gets blamed for everything, even stuff he isn’t fully responsible for.

° Had flour thrown on him that one time.

° Often angry, but he does smile sometimes. (They’re actually rays of sunshine)

° Really did try to save the Parti Socialiste but didn’t manage and ended up quitting it. Is more of a center-left candidate??

° Dealt with a wide variety of shit ranging from terrorist attacks to being slapped across the face.


° Always looks good and sometimes wears see-through shirts.

° Was kind of friends with Macron (he was the one who convinced Hollande to hire him before they started to work together).

° People are beginning to realize that their hatred towards him was misdirected, which is nice. Hell, some are even beginning to appreciate him, which is even better.

° Gave that one really amazing speech at the Assemblée Nationale on January 13 2015 and got a standing ovation for it.

° Probably chilling off somewhere now? Or is he still trying to join En Marche?

° Has a cute Cairn Terrier called Homère. He even used to bring him to his meetings at the Elysée palace.

Benoît Hamon

° Former member of the Socialist party. He tried hard to save it, he really did.

° Is basically a Hobbit.

° Has lots of cute pairs of glasses.

° Good with kids.


° His real name is Baenoît Hamon.

° Even shared a picture of his kebab once and it was way more popular than President Macron’s official portrait.

° Deserved so much better.

° Is an actual cinnamon roll, too good for this world, too pure.

Arnaud Montebourg

° Toll ™.

° Often seen hanging out with Hamon.

° A rebel, he resigned from his post as economy minister from Hollande’s government.

° Is a drama queen.

° Loves everything with the label “Made in France”.

° Has fluffy looking hair.

Phillipe Poutou

° Far-left anticapitalist.

° He literally has no chill and will destroy you if you give him the opportunity.

° Popular among the young voters (I think???).

° Can also be really cute and adorable when he doesn’t vent about the evils of capitalism.

° Too cool to wear an actual suit.

Jean-François Copé

° Sometimes wonder whether he’s an actual politician or not.

° Is sometimes problematic ™

° Says chocolatine instead of pain au chocolat (which is downright wrong >:(( ) (Question à part: ça se dit où “chocolatine” exactement?? Ca va bientôt faire quinze ans que j'habite en France et je suis jamais tombée dessus?? Ca a toujours été “pain au chocolat” chez moi???)

° Never really scores any higher than 0.5%.

° Always enthusiastic and up for a good laugh.

° Memes.

° One of the rare right-wing politicians to actually be part of the fandom since everybody else ranges from the center (Macron & maybe even Valls) to the far-left (Poutou & Mélenchon).

Jean Lassalle

° He’s not really a big name, kind of a centrist?

° Has a heavy accent and loves his region very much.

° Lives a down-to-earth-appreciate-everything kind of life.

° Is probably one of the only politicians to actually be a really adorable person in real life.

° Appreciated by both his fellow politician colleagues and the general public. (Which is a real feat here).

Christiane Taubira

° The Queen ™

° She’s from French Guyana.

° Everybody loves her.

° She’s amazing, that’s all you need to know.

° She won’t let you mess with her: she might be smoll but she’s always ready to brawl (and clash you in the Assemblée Nationale).

° Has the law legalizing gay marriage named after her, like how cool is that???

Jean-Luc Mélenchon

° He’s on the far-left.

° He’s the hologram guy, loves modern technology.

° Has developed a legit game called “Fiscal Kombat”, where the Mélenchon character fights other French politicians to make them give back money, counter frauds and earn as much cash as possible to implement his program.

° He’s actually from Morocco.

° Is either angry or will take a great satisfaction in publicly clashing you.

° He has no chill and will call you out to your face.

° Always up for a fight and lives off drama.

° Is a sore looser tho.

Our international players:

Justin Trudeau

° The French speaking cousin ™ (with a slight accent)

° He’s not French but he’s basically considered as part of the fandom.

° Like Macron would say, he’s “part of the club” (yes, he really did use that expression).

° He got on well enough with the previous government,and currently has a thriving bromance with Macron.

° They probably diss Trump together in French.

° We’re all looking forward to anything more they can give us.

° Can also be spotted on photos with François Hollande and Manuel Valls.

Theresa May

°  The annoying friend from across the Channel.

° Brexit with Benefits ™

° Likes football.

° Speaks English only.

° Probably a source of conflict over Europe and the EU.

° Still the English member of our Franco-British (or soon to be English-only?) bromance.

° Hopefully introduced Manu to the wonders that are Fish & Chips.

Barack Obama

° He may no longer be president but we still love him.

° Had a soft spot for Hollande’s poor English.

Angela Merkel

° Proud member of the pro-EU squad.

° Holds the flag for the Franco-German bromance.

° Was bros with Sarkozy and seems to like Macron a lot.

° Also an avid football supporter.

As for our ships, well here’s what we’ve got to offer :))

The French only ships

Vallande: François Hollande and Manuel Valls

° I don’t know, it’s the first of the political ships I really heard of.

° Apparently it was a thing??

° Basically the president and his Prime Minister.

° There is legit real fanart out there if you look hard.

° They seemed to be happy when they were together sometimes, so I guess there’s that??

° Unfortunately they then broke up when Valls left Hollande’s government to run for the left wing primaries. I guess not every pairing can have a happy ending :(

M&M’s/Vacron: Manuel Valls and Emmanuel Macron

° Probably the most popular/biggest ship in the fandom for now.

° They have a complicated ™ relationship.

° They used to be kind of friends??? But Macron essentially stabbed Valls in the back by using Valls’ declining popularity and problems to push himself forward.

° I’m not even sure where they stand at now. Probably former colleagues?

° Although Valls did immediately back Macron after losing the socialist primary final to Hamon (whether that is to be taken as a sense of affection/friendship/something else towards Macron, I’ll let you decide for yourself).

° We still ship them though.

° All the more so because there are lots of pics (and non-photoshopped ones I might add) that are out there.

° (Perhaps they even ship themselves, who knows?)

°  Oh and Vall’s official nickname for Macron when they were in the same government was “Microbe”, which basically means germ (if you translate it literally) or squirt.

° We also have AO3 fics and fanart. (Seriously, the M&M’s fandom is amazing :)).

(Add Myriam El Khomri and you get an OT3).

(Or you can add Najat Vallaud-Bellkacem if you’d prefer). 

Cinnhamonbourge: Benoît Hamon and Arnaud Montebourg

° The Cuties ™.

° Also quite popular in the fics and fanart territory.

° Fluff, fluff and more fluff. (And possibly the occasional angst, but it’s mostly fluff).

° Team “Looks like a cinnamon roll and actually is a cinnamon roll”.

° Well Hamon is, Montebourg can get a little more angry at times.

° But they like each other, that’s the most important part.

° Both are now former members of the PS, Montebourg quit in 2014 and Hamon only a month ago.

° Used to hang out together a lot.

° Probably diss Hollande (and Macron’s) government together.

° Organize cool-looking parties.

° Like flowers.

° Probably drowning their sorrows and crying over the state of French politics together. (With a bottle of fine champagne).

(You can even add Valls if you want an OT3, not sure they’d get along tho).

(Is Macrontebourg also a thing? Just askin’) (Although we all know Arnaud and Benoît belong together).

Along with Montebourg, apparently Hamon and Taubira were also good friends :)

Marine Le Pen x Florian Philippot

° I think this is also a thing?

° They’re basically the Evil Power Couple of French politics.

° Probably want to dominate France and are secretly building a “Grand Villain Manifesto” for the 2022 elections.

° They can stay together as long as they don’t bother us.

° Apparently people also ship Le Pen and Mélenchon???

° Is it a hate-ship??

° (Je n'en sais rien vraiment, mais je suis tombée dessus une ou deux fois… Je ne sais toujours pas trop quoi en penser ^^).

Team Destroy Capitalism: Nathalie Arthaud and Philippe Poutou

° Like the ship name suggests, they hate capitalism.

° The far-left bros.

° They’re full of bitterness and full of salt.

° Arthaud is Angry ™, elle est là pour NIQUER SES MERES.

° Often angry. Just a reminder.

° Poutou has no chill and will fight you even though he’s only a factory worker for Ford, who works REALLY HARD.

° (But he’s cool). (He can also be really nice and really cute).

° Arthaud will also fight you, especially on capitalism. Arthaud x Capitalism is probably her biggest NOTP.

° Team Tiny Candidates.

The international ships

Merkozy: Angela Merkel and Nicolas Sarkozy (aka President Bling Bling ™).

° I wasn’t really following politics all that much back in 2007.

° Apparently they were like BFF’s, and are one of the early bro-ships in French politics??

° The Oldie but Goldie, I guess that’s what we could roll with?

° The Smol bros.

° I don’t know whether they are still in touch or not but let’s hope so, because Merkel’s huge smiles are literal rays of sunshine.

Don’t ask me, but there was also something with Hollande.

And Valls.

And she seems to be climbing up the new BFF scale with Macron too.

Hobama: François Hollande and Barack Obama

° Obama seemed to get along well with Macron’s clumsy predecessor, maybe his poor English even grew on him after a while.

° “Ah na wol spriking in French because ay oblairge ay oblaïge to do that.”

° President Classy ™ and President Awkward ™.

° They both exited the world stage at the same time at the end of 2016, right before shit got real.

° Might be keeping in touch and maybe even mounting a scheme to take out the Crazy Orange Cheeto (okay probably not, but let’s just imagine for a second that they are really doing this?)

(Obama was also friends with Sarkozy, if you were wondering).

Macdeau: Justin Trudeau and Emmanuel Macron

(C'est bien Macdeau le “nom officiel”? Parce que j'ai vu des choses du style Macreau, Trudon et Trudō également)

° Highly anticipated bromance that came about shortly after Macron won the election.

° Basically became canon in Taormina when they met for the G7 Summit, and we got the pics of them strolling along in the flowery gardens. (Looking extremely similar to that one scene in Game of Thrones between Margaery and Sansa)

° Trudeau is Toll ™ and Macron is Smoll ™.

° Always smiling.

° New pics and Twitter posts are always welcomed and widely shared.

° They’re always happy together and as long as their bromance is thriving, so are we. 

(( But if you’d rather ship him with Valls, then there’s also canon photos you can use too :) ))

Then we’ve also got this but:

Does it

Really warrant

An explanation?

(There aren’t any pictures, but just in case you were wondering, our friend Mister Donald the Crazy Orange Cheeto also rooted for her during the elections).

Maycron: Theresa May and Emmanuel Macron

° Also a G7 baby.

° Speak English together.

° Trying to mend bridges between the UK and France. (Because from what I’ve gathered, neither Sarkozy or Hollande were apparently great friends with David Cameron).

° Give affectionate hugs.

° Probably butt heads over topics like Europe and Brexit since May wants out of the EU and Macron is arguably one of the EU leader who loves the EU the most (like I said, Macron x EU is as canon as Emmanuel x Brigitte).

° Share a passion and enthusiasm for football. May can even be a little bit too enthusiastic sometimes ;)

° Probably also vent about the Orange Cheeto to one another.

And as a Franco-Irish member of the French lolitics fandom, I’m also really happy to be able to say that

French politicians

Seem to have an ongoing bromance

With their Irish counterparts

That doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon :)

And if you really want to go deep down, here are the over-the-top-not-really-serious-recurring-pairings you can also find:

Benoît Hamon x Kebabs (It’s pure, it’s lovely, and believe it or not, it’s way more popular than you’d think more popular than Macron at any rate).

François Fillon & “Rends l'argent” (we basically want him to give back the public money he stole).

Eva Joly x The Green Glasses

° Kind of an older pairing, since it goes back to the 2012 elections (she didn’t run this year).

° Joly usually wore red glasses, but to represent her Green Party (EELV), she campaigned with a pair of green ones.

° Basically what she was remembered for.

° Maybe she still wears them?

Emmanuel Macron x Cordons bleus (the truest OTP of this 2017 presidential campaign and we understand him, those things taste like heaven).

François Hollande x Being Akward (pretty much what you can resume his five-year presidency as).

Benoît Hamon x His glasses (they even have their own Twitter account apparently at LunettesBenoit).

Apparently he loves them so much he went and bought a bunch of them right before the presidential race began.

Marine Le Pen & Being a scary arsehole (basically she hates anything non 100% French, was high on drugs or something during her debate with Macron and couldn’t make coherent arguments. Blames immigrants, non French citizens and Muslims for everything wrong in the country).

She’s basically our equivalent of the horrors known as Donald Trump, Geert Wilders, Frauke Petry and Nigel Farage.

(Unsurprisingly, she’s also friends with all of them).

French politicians in general x Being assaulted with food ingredients: whether it’s flour, eggs or the hand that whisks them up in the form of a slap, Valls, Macron, Le Pen, Sarkozy, Fillon and Hollande have all had it thrown at them. ^^

Après, si j'en ai oublié d'autres, n'hésitez pas à les rajouter, histoire de faire répandre nos ships et la fandom politique française à l'international! C'est ma toute première contribution, donc je n'ai probablement pas donné une liste exhaustive :))

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I'm not sure we'll get gray's answer. I'm sure we'll see them together as a couple, but i'm not sure we'll have time to actually see gray confess.

The thing is though, it wouldn’t make sense not to see it. Because not only were we promised on panel in the manga:

But ALSO by the author himself at Japan Expo.

Fan: Will Gray give Juvia an answer or will he make her wait?

Mashima: I think everyone wants to know his true feelings/how he truly feels, so yes, we can expect an answer soon enough.

Announcer: Ah, love love.

I understand your concerns because 2 chapters isn’t a lot of time to properly resolve many plot points and tie up loose ends. Mashima-sensei has let us down on multiple occasions, but when it comes to truly important events, he does deliver. Examples: Tartaros Finale and Chapter 499. It’s hard to believe we would be short changed our canon moment, especially after he’s teased this pairing throughout the entire series for so many years and knows it’s what many fans want to see. Story telling wise, Gruvia needs closure. It is a MAIN ship with a great deal of screen time. Juvia will not be in a forever unrequited love passed the ending (I know you didn’t say this, but just throwing it out there).

He also wouldn’t have avoided a proper reunion since chapter 499 (the two passing out, Gray going after Zeref, and then not talking about what happened but rather acting normally around each other) if he wasn’t going to save it all for canon. He even reminded us a few chapters ago by having Gray outright say he must apologize properly to Juvia. Why add that in if there would be no follow up. There would be no point in any of these things in this post if we were never meant to see Gray’s answer.  We should have faith in Mashima-sensei until the very end.

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I ship you so hard w @lauwurens , i know yall are friends and im just super happy you both have amazing people to support you both :3

“i know yall are friends and im just super happy you both have amazing people to support you both :3″

Thank you, that’s super sweet! 

I ship you so hard w @lauwurens​”

Mmmmm uh… that’s… really uncomfortable. I get that John and I are friends but… we’re not into each other that way. Don’t get me wrong, we support each other and stuff, but not in a romantic sense. And it’s odd being paired up with someone else or just… shipping irl people??? 

Please don’t ship me with other people. It makes both parties feel uncomfortable.

Red Velvet Fanfiction Masterpost

I know how hard it is to find good girl group fanfiction so I gathered the best red velvet fanfiction i’ve read. Most of it is seulrene but these ones are so good that even if you don’t ship them you can still love the story. Links in the titles


-Whisper In Her Ear by slipperbear

Seulrene, lots of violence and suffering so if its not your thing beware

-Noisy Thoughts: by scarletstring

wenrene, other pairings as well but i don’t wanna spoil anything, roommates

-Tea Party for Two: by scarletstring

wenrene, escort!wendy

Temporarily Yours: by null_emotion

Seulrene, probably the best fake dating au i’ve read

-Ardent Roses: by MenaMarco

Seulrene, royal au

- The Night Circus: by invicarious

creepy circus au?? Idk but i love it

-The Fools In Eden: by adamandeve

Seulrene, mature content


-Smoke and Pepermint: by null_emotion

Seulrene, smoker!seulgi

-Kisses: by kkangsseulave

Seulrene, fake dating au again

-First Love 101: by MyHeaven

Seulrene, pure angst

-Finding Solace: by adamandeve

Seulrene, mature content, really good but don’t  read if you’re uncomfortable with violence and rape themes

-Hate Me Now, Love Me Later: by adamandeve

Seulrene, all the cliches, slowburn

- Chalk: by dugonggie

Seulrene, high school, fluffy fluff

-Photographic Memory: by lunaisfly

Seulrene, supernatural themes


-Dating Teacher Bae: by adamandeve

Seulrene, kindergarden teacher!irene, slice of life

Kaleidoscope: by slipperbear

Seulrene oneshots collection

-Campfire: by LiNafied

Wenrene one shots collection

-Of All The Tatoo Studios In All The Towns: by sergeantclaire-f

Seulrene, tatoo artist!seulgi

-Sirena: by snapplelinz

Seulrene, mermaid!seulgi

-If Eyes Were To Speak: by adamandeve


-That Idiot Kang: by adamandeve


-Local Cosmos: by sergeantclaire-f


-13540: by eisiam

Seulrene, time loop

I’m sorry that there are only like three that aren’t seulrene but they’re the ship i know more about. Please tell me if you know more good rv fanfics regardless of the ship

Soooo..... SQ remained subtext

Oh well. Such wasted potential cuz SwanQueen could’ve been an epic fairytale… I’m disappointed I guess? But here’s a bit of silver line for you my dear Swen. Did we really want SQ to be canon considering how A&E wrote canon ships like CaptainSw@n, 0utlwQueen, Sw@nfire, Rumbelle, etc? I’d much rather have SQ as platonic co-parents than the soap opera cliche that CS is anyway.

In some ways, I’m glad SQ is left non-canon and therefore untainted cuz I couldn’t bear my OTP turning into anything resembling CS. Seriously, all Hook ever did was lie and lie and lie and all Emma ever did was play “doormat girlfriend” and make excuses for him. Fight, separate, make up, fight, separate, make up - that was their story. Season 5 onwards, their relationship turned abusive and had a very disturbing pattern of kissing to cover up the betrayal and deception. Hook called Emma an “orphan" and made her cry, invited all the Dark Ones to terrorize her family and allowed one of them to choke her. No matter how pissed you are, YOU DO NOT DO THAT to the people you love! No exaggeration but CS is least epic lovestory that I’ve EVER seen in my entire life! So lucky is my OTP to escape that terrible fate lol. A&E certainly know how to write epic friendships like SwanQueen and SnowQueen but they fail at romances (except with Snowing I guess). Anyway, for me personally, my expectations for romantic SQ were so high that the reality would have never lived upto the fantasy anyway. So, things are better this way. :D

It’s ok Swen we’ll get through this! Thanks to our super talented fandom, we have fanfiction, fanart and manips to mend our bleeding hearts. :) The ending may not have been what we had hoped for but still I’m quite pleased that SQ are a family with Henry forever.

As for Regina not ending up with a romantic partner (yet) I’m cool with that cuz Regina once said: “My happy ending is finally feeling at peace in the world.” Acceptance and self-love without some dude kissing your feet is a powerful message to send out.

Was SwanQueen ever in the cards? Maybe if we had 10 seasons and had Jen stuck on, who knows. Were we ship-baited? Yes. Why? Cuz the writers wanted to entice us and perhaps they thought adding lesbian subtext created depth to the show a la Xena/Gabrielle. Ship-baiting is an unfortunate thing that happens even for straight couples. I mean, have you seen Bamon on TVD? They were a hetero ship that had 8 seasons of development, looks, blatant jealousy moments, parallels, etc but Delena were the golden couple so the show went with that in the end. Do you know about Ichiruki from the manga Bleach? They too had 10+ years of development, looks, symbolism, colorspreads, poems and even a freakin MOVIE… but in the very last chapter, the author chose to pair up Ichigo with the girl who had a crush on him. So, I’ve learned the hard way that in fiction, 9 out of 10 times canon prevails over subtext. Knowing that all SQ subtext we saw didn’t amount to anything is a hard pill to swallow but oh well life goes on.

Why I am not more furious? I was but I’m over it now. A&E still created SQ (“unintentionally” of course) and Regina Mills, queen of our hearts. They brought me to you awesome Swen so I can’t bring myself to be completely mad at them.

Also, the truth is that we DON’T NEED some fictional ship to validate our existence. The antis/trolls turned our fandom experience into a nightmare but to me this was NEVER a competition or about “winning” some stupid shipping war. The antis had canon all along but it STILL wasn’t enough cuz they would constantly invade our tags and fanworks out of insecurity. It means their canon doesn’t satisfy them and I pity them lol.

All things considered, the show still ended (even though technically it still isn’t the end) the way it started -> Henry and his two moms. Ever since Emma saved Regina from the fire in season 1, I always knew SwanQueen were meant to have a “unique and special” bond… and now 6 seasons later, they do. 

In conclusion, Swan Queen dropping off their son to school is the most beautiful and purest endgame that I could ask for!

Survival 101: Guard Post (Part 4)

Pairings: Bellamy / Reader

Warnings: Swearing, sick people, general threats…

AN: I don’t like this chapter but felt like i needed to post something anyway. If you’ve read some of my recent posts for other stories you might know i’ve not been in the best mood ever so it was kind of hard to not send this angsty.

@no-other-names-availible-blog @angelaiswriting @selldraug @angryares @thenovarose @georgiagrl1990 @punk-rock-5-sos @mindofthescattered @dontstopxx 


You sat silently on the ramp up to the drop ship, a camp was starting to form around the ship. Tents made of any and all material the kids could find and walls were beginning to sprout from the ground. Mainly it was Bellamy’s doing. You couldn’t deny the fact that he was turning into a decent leader, or at least he was getting things done.

Unfortunately no one could manage to change what was happening with Jasper on the top level of the ship. The boy had not stopped moaning and screaming in almost 3 days now. People were starting to get restless, there was no where they could go in camp to escape the sound of his pain.

You’d taken up residence on the ramp early this evening when some of the group had started to finger the knives and weapons they’d been making eyeing the ship curiously. Mood was starting to switch in camp from wanting Jasper saved to just wanting him to shut up in any way possible. However, at this point in time seeing you sat on the ramp spinning your own knife around your fingers and smiling welcomingly at anyone who moved to close was enough to convince them not to try and get any closer.

“So what your Clarke’s guard dog now?”

“Better than being yours” you smiled up at Bellamy who’d appeared to stand in front of you “what do you want Blake?”

“I need O”

“Then go get her” Bellamy fidgeted rubbing a hand through his rapidly growing curls. “She still ignoring you huh?” Bellamy seemed to have lost his voice as he stood there looking up at you. “I’m not delivering messages between the two of you like we’re all in school again”

Bellamy came closer sitting down on the ramp beside you. “She hates me”

“Well you hung her boy toy from a tree”

“That’s what you have to say?” he sounded scandalised then his mouth curled into a disgusted frown “Her boy toy?” he repeated the words like they were leaving a rancid taste in his mouth.

You turned to look fully at him. “I’m not sure what it is you’re expecting me to say? After all we aren’t exactly friends Blake. Am I meant to just roll over and help you?”

“I thought you wanted to protect her?”

“That is where we differ, in our definitions of protection, do I want to protect her sure but I don’t want to smother her. She needs to be allowed to do as other people do to live like any other girl her age. You can’t give her freedom and then expect to control it Bellamy”

He was looking at you like you had two heads. Obviously not understanding how you could be so calm about this. Apparently the differing of opinion over boys couldn’t cross gender boundaries and no matter what the situation was an elder brother could never stop seeing his younger sister as a baby.

Jasper suddenly started screaming again from the top level of the dropship and both you and Bellamy turned to look up.

“How much longer are you going to sit here guarding him?”

You’d known the question was coming, known that eventually you would be forced to eventually make a decision. “As long as it takes”

“It’s not helping anyone keeping the kid alive like this” he dropped his gaze from the ship back to you “are you honestly on their side Y/N or are you doing this for other reasons”

“You mean am I doing it to aggravate you?” when he didn’t answer you snorted going back to twirling your knife around your fingers “You have a high opinion of yourself Bellamy Blake”

“Tell me it’s not true then”

You got up crouching beside him to put your face close to his own. “It’s not true” you smiled at him before bouncing back to your feet and without looking back marched into the drop ship.


You climbed quickly to the top level of the drop ship where Jasper was laying. Hovering over the top of him was Clarke and hovering over her was Finn.

“You’re going to have to get him to shut up Griffin”

“What do you think I’ve been trying to do Y/N?” Clarke snapped not ever bothering to look over as you jumped the final few steps into the top level, you looked down seeing kids milling around looking up into top level with uncertain stares. Just for piece of mind you carefully shut the hatch pushing a pole through it to make sure it couldn’t be open from underneath.

“Look Clarke I’m not saying you haven’t been trying, I’m saying if you don’t figure it out then Jasper isn’t going to last much longer”

“What?” that made her look up finally. “What do you mean?”

“Have you looked outside recently Griffin?”

When she still looked confused it was Finn who spoke up. “Clarke… the others… they’re starting to wonder about Jasper being kept up here screaming”

“Well they can just stop”

“Griffin it doesn’t work that way” you came over to Jasper looking down into his sweaty face. He still wasn’t awake and he was groaning and writhing in pain. He looked no better than he had done 3 days ago. “Clarke whether you like it or not whatever you’re doing here… for him is not working”

“I know that Y/N” she sounded tired.

“The kids outside, all the screaming is getting in their head and I don’t know how much longer me sat playing with a knife outside is going to detract them from doing something about it”

“That’s what you’ve been doing?” Finn asked a small smile coming onto his face “I’d like to see that”

You smiled back but didn’t answer as you returned your gaze to Clarke. “You need to figure this out Clarke and quickly”

She sighed pushing her hands through her hair. “I don’t know what to do” she admitted. “I’ve tried everything and I just don’t know what to do”

“Try it all again” Clarke looked at you like you were crazy and you just shrugged. “Look Clarke you said you’ve tried it all so go back to the beginning and try it all again”

“It’s worth a shot Clarke” Finn agreed looking between the two of you. “Try it”

Finally she nodded and you shared one more look with Finn before unlocking the hatch and sliding down the first few levels. Catching yourself quickly you shouted back up to Finn. “Close this hatch Finn. Just in case”

You heard him shout back his agreement and you slid down the final rungs feet hitting the ground once more. When you left the drop ship you could still see Bellamy sat there staring out at the fire somehow he had now become the deterrent for the kids thinking about ending the screaming. You bumped his shoulder with your hip as you went past hearing him yell at you about personal space. Laughing you simply went to the tent you’d been given.


You’d watched them antagonise Atom, felt like smacking Murphy when he just wouldn’t leave it alone and then been pleasantly surprised when Bellamy broke it up. What you weren’t particularly thrilled about was when Monty got told to stay back and then a conversation erupted about not enough people to go on hunt. Bellamy’s eyes flicked around camp falling on you.

“Y/N will come”

That was the last thing you wanted to do but when the whole groups eyes fell on you, you found yourself on your feet nodding and moving over to them.


Murphy looked like he was on the verge of complaining or making more disparaging comments about your skills but then his eyes flicked to the knife you were once again holding and the axe that Bellamy was handing over and he obviously thought better of it. Scuffing his shoes a few times before walking away muttering something under his breath that you couldn’t hear.

“So hunting?” you addressed that one to Bellamy. “Not scared I might throw this into your back?”

Bellamy smirked at you obviously not to bothered with your threat. He simply shrugged his shoulders leaning down “try it”

He didn’t bother saying anything else just gave you his back on purpose and walked off into the forest with the others following him.

“Cocky bastard” you muttered mainly to yourself but followed him anyway.  

Ship hate

I’ve only recently returned to SNK-fandom (tnx to season 2) and of course in caused a “the return of the prodigal son home” or, simply put, me in Riren|Ereri pairing. I’ve searched Tumblr for interesting bloggers and, after finding a few, I’ve noticed that all of them receive hate comments, most of the time – serious threats. I can only imagine how that makes bloggers feel.

So, a word for Riren|Ereri bloggers.

You’re beautiful, fascinating and just amazing people. I really appreciate that most of you don’t practice the same hate for “neighbor pairings” and stay diplomatic all the way. It shows how strong and incredible you are. Don’t let those haters drag your spirit down. All of you are equally appreciated and loved by Riren|Ereri fans and just so you know – we’ll always be there for you in hard times.

So… Cheer up! :) @thisisaereriblog @ereri-my-love @ereri-x @attack-on-stalking

(Even if I tagged just a few of such bloggers, I still address this to every Riren|Ereri blog.

Also, I perfectly understand that similar situation happens to many BL & GL ships and bloggers of these ships. But let’s not forget, that hate won’t get us anywhere. You can hate pairing, but what’s the point of hating those who ship it? After all they did nothing wrong)

Dear AO3 Writers/Artists,

Can we cut back on the the Character and ship tags?

It’s almost impossible to find non-shipping character centric works because everyone tags characters that so much as appear in a story.

It’s hard to find fics actually focused on a less popular pairing because it’s a common side pairing for a more popular one (examples being Thea Queen/Ray Harper being constantly tagged in Oliver Queen/Felicity Smoak fics or Cisco Ramon/Lisa Snart being constantly tagged for fics that focus on coldflash or coldwave or westallen). Worse yet is when the popular pairing is ALSO tagged in the fics that focus on the less popular one so you can’t even narrow down the search.

I know the current rule of thumb seems to be ‘if the character/ship is mentioned in the fic, tag it’ but that really over saturates the tag system with stories aren’t actually focusing on characters or ships a person is looking for.

I feel like the new rule of thumb should be ‘unless the character or ship are your work’s focus, DON’T tag it’. Or at least don’t tag it in the ship/character tags. You can always put in the additional tags #backrgound pairings, #minor quickwest, or #season 1 legends team.

At least until AO3 comes up with some of solution like having a second category for ships just for minor/background pairings.

Some AA youtubers are so good, some AA fans are so bad

I usually don’t talk about topics like this because I don’t want to stoke flames, but today I need to say something.

I guess some of you know who lucahjin is? Well, she’s a youtuber and she’s playing Ace Attorney blind. I do like her videos for many reasons and, since I’m a huge Narumitsu shipper, I clearly love all her jokes about Edgeworth and the Phoenix/Miles ship.

Her channel is pretty popular, so I’m not surprised that many people follow her AA playthrough even if they don’t like the Wrightworth jokes. I don’t even know if she really ship it: she’s still at the beginning of 2-2, so perhaps she hasn’t decided yet or she just likes the pairing but not so hard. However, what I don’t understand is why some fans in the last comments are sort of trying to convince her that a different ship she doesn’t like is good, hinted in the game (?) and almost canon (??). AA fans also started to argue about which ship is better between Narumitsu and the other one, and it’s not surprising at all, but still bad. (No, I’m not going to say which is the other ship and I’m not going to tag it. You can still figure out easily.)

So, I need to say something: please stop. If lucahjin’s jokes about Phoenix/Edgeworth bother you so much, why do you follow her? If you think your OTP is better, why don’t you follow a youtuber who ship it? Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying you must ship Wrightworth to like lucahjin, but I don’t understand why some fans comment just to start a ship war and complain.

Just try to respect other opinions and personal preferences.

anonymous asked:


Send me a ship and I’ll give you my (brutally) honest opinion on it

shitty muted aesthetic (Asian prince paired up with fodder design WHY), has 0 chemistry since hinata has 0 to contribute to anything and it would literally make no sense if sasuke can stomach her presence for more than 2 minutes. A fiery leo and a capricorn (who does not even have the badassery that caps have) who the fuck ever heard of that. Home girl fails to contribute anything stimulating and the people sasuke cares for like Itachi and seven or people he recruits like taka are all stimulating interesting people who can actually form sentences. He admires strength and intellect, hinata is a naruto-kun broken record. He admired Narutos strength of never giving up, hinata gave up at chuunin level. He complimented sakura on her intelligence showed that it impressed him twice, competed with itachi on those basis, respected karin for her cunning personality, admired jugos capabilities for control and calmness and even suigetsus dumb jokes were able to make him crack a smile…take all of that in mind and it’s like what the fuck would hinata do? Maybe make him smile by mentioning naruto? LMAO. Her one track mind would literally offend him, why would sasuke be interested in a girl who thinks about her crush in front of her cousins corpse?  Sasuhina is literally horse shit to me sorry if that offends you, but I actually find the fandom to be chill unless they are spitting some bs about how they are s*milar or make s*nse or some shit like OH BUT HYUGA AND UCHIHA WOULD BE SO OPPPP

like,,ok? Then ship nejisasu it’s not that deep. but you aren’t getting op anything from this one

as a sasuke stan, i want you to know this ship makes me cringe so hard. It’s hard seeing your fav paired with garbage. Also, word of advice: never trust a bitch who ships both N* and S* while hating on sasuke and sakura. Self inserters, gross.

anonymous asked:


Hahaha I know the feeling, buddy! There won’t be any non canon pairings in the comic, but it’s still a fun concept to play around with :3 (and thank you!)

anonymous asked:

SS is #17 on the fandometrics. NH isn't even on the list. It's strange, because a lot of NH stuffs come out recently and their notes are above 5k, while SS not really received stuffs recently. (my Otp is SS, and I am not really interested in NH, but damn wtf happening with the system)

Lol, this question again?

Anon, regardless of whether SS hasn’t received much material lately, if you’d check how active each of the Naruto shipping tags are, you’ll be given all the information you need to know on the matter. Posts reaching 5k notes is not a big deal, for either fandom.

Someone asked me something similar a little while ago when SS came 14th on fandometrics, and NH was again not on the list:

So I’ll ask you the same question that I asked the previous Anon - Is it really so hard to believe that SS continues to prove that it’s the most popular pairing in the series, that you’d even question whether Tumblr was working correctly?

anonymous asked:

Hello! Are there any ships similar to todomomo that you know of?

In terms of appearance/personality/relationship status I think its quite hard to find one that’s super similar BUT I do wanna mention these pairs:

1. Roy Mustang x Riza Hawkeye (Fullmetal Alchemist) 

They’re similar to todomomo and quite a few people share the same opinion on this (I even saw a pic of todomomo dressed up as roy and riza so if you’re ever interested in that I can share it through private msg)

They trust each other beyond 100% and are the perfect partners in crime. He respects her skills and she respects his judgement. Bonus: Roy is known to be like the ‘charming pretty boy’ and he attracts many girls in the show and he also uses fire alchemy which I find quite fitting in todoroki’s position. Riza also reminds me of yaoyo probably ‘cas of her hair and her serious attitude. Roy and Riza are more comedic though of course.

2. Kiki x Mitsuhide (Akagami no Shirayukihime)

Similar to the above, they’re partners and come to each other’s aid whenever the other is in a pinch. I can’t stress how hard it was to pick which scene I should use for the answer ‘cas they have so many amazing moments where they support/encourage each other. They also have high regard for each other much like todomomo. Their personalities are quite different compared to todomomo but in some ways I find them comparable (they see each other as equals similar to todo and yaoyo and I feel like they look up to each other to strive for the better; kiki and yaoyo are both pretty serious, todo and mitsuhide are both oblivious to how attractive they actually are as a person.) 

So far that’s all that I can really think of….Jellal x Erza from Fairy Tail came to mind but then their circumstances are too complicated to be compared. 

Thanks for the ask! ^_^ it was fun answering it. 

so uh besides getting ultimately HUGE positive feedback over That-One-Shipping-Problem i got some criticism from anons throwing hate right in my face, not as post on their blogs, that spoil tag searching, but as disappointing pieces of my askbox and messages
of course non of them would leak being deleted forever but one of them caught my eye so now i’ll speak other language
basically i was asked if i was a youngster would it be okay for me to fall in relationships with an adult and why the hell do i need to force characters in my weenie vanilla poop
AND THAT was a twist YOU DON’T KNOW ME and i will let you know that YES OKAY i support healthy underage relationships BECAUSE when i was 15 i was highly encouraged by my adult mate who literally changed me in a better course and i trusted her fully and that is MY EXPERIENCE which should be considered as worthy as yours
i really just want people to have fun, to self-insert and find kins and soulmates and themselves in fictional characters because it’s an important part of stress relief, accepting a personality by itself, surrounding by comfort in hard times
i mean have you ever heard of tulpa? try googling it
this is a nature of making favorite characters lgbtkia+ and it’s incredible that people create art being inspired and i’m excited to be the part of this, feeling it so deeply, trying to express myself, making chars happy the way they deserve and the way I would be happy myself cause that’s the way i know
i can’t say it’s hard to talk to op who think that characters i consider made for each other are doomed as a pair bc i have pals who dislike my ships and i can’t relate their we either not talk about them or we try to communicate and share so we can tolerate and accept things
but uh god help those outcasts that spit out poisoning acid and get full pleasure from tormenting and triggering others wishing them to die for what they like please this hellsite and this life just need a chill out

anonymous asked:

Hi i just kinda wanna thank you for running this blog????? Like most or all k/ance blogs i used to follow I've unfollowed due to discourse. Most people I like following now are Sh3ith shippers and I love that pair but I miss k/ance so much!! Sooooo... you're currently my only source of discourse free k/ance content. Thank you!:'D

You’re very welcome!!!! ;A; <3 I know that it’s really hard to find discourse free k/ance blogs for some reason… which is sad because why waste your time on the discourse when you can waste it on this

Some other mainly (if not completely) discourse free blogs I follow that reblog lots of k/ance are @reader115, @koganelovesmcclain, @paladinspride, @zizzani, @kieth-bar and@princetins I’m friends (or lowkey friends) with all of them and they are SUPER EXTRA A+ GREAT and I totally recommend you to check their blogs out^^ 

Voltron Spoilers

So I didn’t get any sleep.

A Bond That Carries

by stumbling-while-balancing

Pairing: Sven/Keith

Rating: T


Sven studied the pretty one in front of him curiously. He and Slav had heard him dismiss himself from his princess-companion through the duct work, but only after the pretty one had made an angry comment about the Altean lack of respect for a person’s free will. So Sven was feeling slightly more certain that these strange visitors that had appeared out of nowhere just might be on the resistance’s side.

But if Slav and Sven were wrong and the strangers were in fact with the Alteans, then they had sent the right one after Sven.

It’s just-

He was very pretty.

Not only in looks, though those were a draw- the dark locks of his hair framing intense violet eyes set in a heart-shaped face. Overall, a very pretty picture. But the fire in those eyes, the conviction, the strange need that seemed to draw Sven in and swallow him whole.

That was what really made him beautiful.

And those eyes were fixed on Sven himself now, bright enough to burn him alive and deep enough to drown in.

Yes, if this one had been sent to seduce him… then he and Slav were in trouble.

“Do you have someone like me?” The pretty one asked abruptly after they had been studying each other for several moments.

“What?” Sven returned, hone’stly puzzled by the question.

The pretty one looked down for a moment, struggling with something before asking, “Have you met me? In this universe. Do you know my other self?”


“No.” Sven confessed, feeling as though it were the wrong thing to say for some reason, even though it was the truth.

The pretty one nodded to himself before stepping closer to him abruptly, “Then if you ever do, apologize to him for me.”

Before Sven could even open his mouth to ask for what, the pretty one’s mouth was closing over his fiercely. In the seconds that followed, he almost, almost found the strength to push away before the fire that shone in the pretty one’s eyes swept into his blood and Sven was moaning and drawing the pretty one into a deeper kiss before he even realized what was happening. It was like nothing else Sven had ever felt before. He felt like he was being burned alive as the heat within him rose steadily. He pushed the pretty one, Keith, they had called him Keith, into the wall, bracketing the pretty one’s body with his own. Each brush of their bodies against each other only made him burn hotter, and Sven felt consumed.

It was seconds, minutes, hours later when they finally pulled apart again to catch their breath, panting hotly into each other’s mouths as they separated only far enough away to draw air in. After a moment, Keith drew his hand up to fist in Sven’s hair and whispered-breathed, “Let me pretend. Please. Please just for right now, let me pretend.”

And even as Sven captured Keith’s lips again in a kiss just as burning as the last, he understood. Keith had known someone like Sven, Sven’s double from that universe perhaps. He had known him, and he had lost him.

Between scorching kisses, Sven wondered dazedly who could ever be fool enough to do something that would cause them to lose this, to leave Keith’s touch, Keith’s warmth long enough to get take away.

But the rational side of himself realized that his other self probably hadn’t had a choice.

He pressed Keith firmer into the wall as his pretty one started shaking, and ran a soothing hand down his side even as his other hand rested on the wall beside Keith’s head. Keeping him calm, and safe, and sheltered. If only for the moment.

When their kisses finally ended, Keith bowed his head to rest it against Sven’s shoulder, staying there for a time. Hiding in his arms like he trusted the safety Sven was trying to provide.

“Thank you.” Sven’s pretty one said softly against his shoulder.

Sven thought he could feel tears soak through the cloth.

“It was my pleasure.” Sven said playfully, hoping to draw a smile if not a laugh from his pretty one.

To Sven’s happy satisfaction it worked. Even though the laugh sounded faintly choked and the smile carried a trace of pain, Keith was smiling.

“I’m sure.” Keith said with an attempt at playful dryness, before his eyes faded back to a more serious demeanor. Sven missed the laughter already. His pretty one should always be laughing.

“I’ve got to get back to the others.” Keith said, starting to pull away.

Sven let him go, if reluctantly. He missed his pretty one’s warmth even more than he had missed his laughter. But they both had tasks to do, and Sven knew that lives depended on them each succeeding in their task. His pretty one most likely wouldn’t even acknowledge Sven if they saw each other again; there was too much pain, too much longing in his pretty one’s eyes. No, Keith would pretend that Sven didn’t exist in an attempt to protect his heart.

Sven understood it, even though it made a part of him ache. He had known his pretty one for such a short time; but he supposed that some bonds must be so incredibly strong, so meant to be that they would carry across time, across even universes. How else could he explain feeling as though he had met, and was now about to lose, the love of his life?

But it was too late, because Keith was walking away from him, and Sven didn’t have quite enough selfishness to damn their universes and call him back.

That didn’t stop hope from rising in him when Keith himself stopped in the middle of the hallway, though it fell when Keith didn’t turn to face him.

“If you ever get the chance to visit Earth, I’m pretty sure there’s someone desperately in need of you living in a shack in the middle of a desert in a place called America.”

And with that, Keith continued down the hallway.


Sven clutched his side as Slav pulled him frantically into their ship, reciting odds and alternate universal facts so close together they almost blurred. He allowed himself to be strapped into the copilot seat, before leaning back and trying to think of the best way to convince Slav to visit a world called Earth.

He had a pretty one to find.



Spoiler: Sven does wind up finding the Keith of his universe. And they’re very happy together.


This was basically speed written while I should have been sleeping because I’m still mad about the lack of reaction they forced Keith to express during the Sven ep. and I now spite ship this pairing so hard. (Well, that and I ship Keith with all the Shiro’s.) Just- Keith was falling apart without Shiro one ep ago, you really expect me to be okay with how you’ve written him in this ep, writers? Seriously, seriously bad writing in that one. If you guys see any errors, please let me know. I’m still a little salty with myself that I haven’t had inspiration for Sheith, but I had inspiration with an alt Shiro. WTF, brain?

Also, the working title of this fic was ‘Fuck you, writers.’

7.Show us at least one picture you drew or sketched recently that you did not put on a public site.

OH NO MY LAST SKETCH IS NSFW HAHAHAHA (ahem) but I’ll find something.

Alright, this is Neil McCauley/Vincent Hanna from Heat (1995)
…which I secretly ship them so hard. I don’t even know there’s even a fandom for this pairing or not.

Teenage Sam Drake which meant to be a simply line art sketch and somehow turned into a painting.

This one is actually from last year after I’d read Avengers Prime.