but you know i saw this and thought it would be funny

literally just watched a girl and a guy walking down the street and the girl saw her friend and introduced the guy as her gay best friend and he responded with “bitch im not your gay best friend, im your best friend. if I were straight I would be your straight best friend, and god knows you need one of those cause you gay as helllllllll” and Idk I thought it was funny

voltron characters as things i have heard people actually say in my ap classes part two:

sendak: “i would willingly stab out my own eye with this pencil if it means i look more badass”

haxus: “sometimes i just look at myself in the mirror and think ‘holy shit i’m so attractive’ or ‘who the fuck dragged this piece of shit out of the garbage’ and there’s just no in between”

thace: “sometimes i sigh so loud that i’m genuinely surprised my lungs aren’t catapulted from my chest cavity”

prorok: “wow can you believe you get to breathe the same air as me ??? you must be blessed *finger guns*”

rolo: “wanna hear about the time i saw jesus after mixing four shots of caffeine with two red bulls and a redline ??? lol i don’t know how i’m alive either but i got my essay done in like twenty minutes”

nyma: “i got an 89 on the last essay and a 36 on the one we just got back and all i can say is get you a girl that can do both”

shay: “*shoving cloth into her bag from the theater department* i keep telling everyone that i own cats but it’s a lie. its a dirty dirty lie these are for the raccoons that visit my backyard. i also buy cat food for raccoons can you believe the predicament i’m in”

kolivan: “bitch i would punt you into the sun no hesitation”

ulaz: “my life is the bee movie except every time someone says ‘essay’ i die just a little more inside”

antok: “everyone says i’m a chill guy but my life is crashing down around me and my internal monologue is one giant keyboard smash on caps lock *takes sip of coffee*”

This Is War [3]
Request: jealous!bucky where he tries to outdo the guy in everything and its just ridiculous and funny (Again, wasn’t sure if this was an ACTUAL request, but I thought it would be fun as one :p) 

Bucky Barnes X Reader

Word Count: 1069

Warnings: This part is a little angsty? Reader is COLD. 

A/N: Here is part 3!! Feedback would be awesome as always! I hope you enjoy this part and thank you everybody for reading!! It means SO much to me. xo

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Dating Min Yoongi Would Include:

| jimin| jungkook | v | rap monster | j-hope | jin |

  • constant “potential lyrics” being heard 24/7 when you’re with him
  • you calling him when he’s away and he’d hang up like 5 seconds into the call just to piss you off and he laughs because he thinks it’s so damn funny 
  • him casually dropping hints as to what you would possibly want for your birthday because just blatantly asking you isn’t swag and also he’s actually shy as fuck
  • him being sweet as fuck and getting you a cute ass present on your birthday because he actually has a heart of gold
  • gUMMY sMilEE
  • “no yoongi, taking a nap together all day doesn’t qualify as a date”
  • late night jam sessions in the studio
  • a lot of whining when he doesn’t get what he wants because he’s a little shit
  • playing some soft rap music in the background at night while you two cuddle in bed and just talk about nothing & everything
  • “yah, listen to this song and tell me what you think okay?” he says as he nervously plays the song that he secretly wrote for you without you knowing
  • “accidentally” stealing his hats & him getting “annoyed”
  • telling you he loves you and basically saying the stupidest / cutest shit to you before he falls asleep because he’s tired and doesn’t know what the hell he’s doing
  • him waking up in the morning and denying everything he said the night before while trying to hide a blush
  • “jagi, do you ever look at me and think ‘wow, my boyfriend is so swag’”
  • “um no”
  • “….you’re lyin”

You know, I’m not proud of it, but whenever I saw transwomen trying to argue that lesbians were bigoted for excluding dicks from their sexuality, I always thought to myself: ‘huh, funny how transmen never say this to the gay community. Wouldn’t it be great if they tried though, because nobody is going to try and justify telling homosexual men to fuck vag.’ It was a stupid, selfish sentiment born out of tiredness and frustration and seeing lesbian sexuality targeted for debate time and time again. I never in a million years thought that the q***r activists would ACTUALLY do it.

And yet…here we are. Its starting already. And it breaks my heart, because I honestly thought that - even if society doesn’t give two hoots about lesbians generally - there would be an instinctive understanding that telling gay men to have sex with female partners is homophobic, but, clearly, I was wrong. The amount of posts I see on this hellsite shaming gay men for being homosexual seems to increase daily, and we all know that’s it’s only going to get worse from here.

There was a time when I genuinely thought that society was moving - slowly, but seemingly inevitably - towards homosexual acceptance. I never saw this backlash coming, and there are times when I wonder how we’re going to survive this as a community.

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Omg did you see Newsies in Leicester Square because if yes then we totally went to the same screening :') -ITH fact anon, hello I have returned!

i did! the 4:30 showing at the vue??? ahh that would be so cool,, maybe i saw you, who knows, maybe you saw ME :O

it was funny, i walked out of the cinema behind these three girls who were talking about ITH and it was killing me not to be like “I KNOW EVERYTHING TALK TO ME”

have this doodle of what i thought was a real highlight of the movie, spot conlon’s arms

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I'm so scared, this guy I'm seeing doesn't understand "no", and every time I try to pull away he guilt trips me into staying and even going further than I wanted. I don't know what to do, he's friends with all of my friends and he's always at their house, there's never a moment where I can talk to them alone and tell them anything.

I had this problem once. One of my friends urged me to ask out her boyfriends best friend. We saw each other for a while and it was all wrong. He would do things I asked him not to do because they made me uncomfortable. He did them anyways because he thought it was funny and he kept pursuing me even after I had voiced concerns. The only thing that worked for me was being consistently blunt in my lack of romantic interest and I made sure to tell our mutual friends the issue I was having. It’s so important to make sure that every one else knows exactly how you feel and why you feel that way. Women are often afraid to do this in fear of backlash or looking too emotional. Don’t. It needed to be done.

Review of Sonic Boom Episode 56: The Biggest Fan

I just saw the new episode “The Biggest Fan” and I thought it was hilarious. Spoiler Warning! It had a lot of jabs at the Sonic fandom in general. I laughed at how Amy told Sonic that Sonic’s new friend seems to have an unhealthy obsession with him, and Tails responds “Like you would know.” That was brilliant. The episode even spoofs off of the Stephen King novel Misery. After Sonic’s new fan Mark gets jealous over Sonic’s friends, he sets up an accident on Sonic, and Sonic wakes up in Mark’s house wrapped up in a cast. Mark is forcing Sonic to read his fan fics.

They even threw in a SonAmy reference. After Sonic tries escaping, he quickly rushes back to the bed he was resting on, and asks Mark to read more fan fics. He then picks up one of them, and says “Ooh! SonAmy! This looks nice” I lost it when that quote came up. After Sonic missed out on meeting up with Tails, Amy, and Knuckles to see a movie, they decide to check with Mark, and see if Sonic is there. Mark sets off a trap that knocks them out, and they wake up in casts as well. The gang decides to try and stop Mark, despite having injuries, however, Sonic soon finds out that they really weren’t injured, and were just trapped under too much wrappings. Sonic grabs some sports tape, and ties up Mark. Amy then throws in a reference at the criticism of sports tape in Sonic Boom, by saying “You always overdue it with the sports tape.”

So far, this is the first episode of Season 2 to not include Eggman, or even Sticks. They were absent in the episode. I thought this was another great episode. Mark really was presented as a creepy Sonic villain, all the jabs at the Sonic fandom were hilarious, and I loved the reference to Misery. I was really entertained by the sequence where Sonic and friends tried stopping Mark, while trapped in their casts, it was hilarious.

Kings and Queens Part Two

Idk how much I like this, but please enjoy, everybody. SFW for the most part.

Part One

“Listen, you inconsequential thing, borrow my shoes again, and you’ll think back on the days you had feet very fondly! “

Camille gulped and turned to where Klaus and Kol sat, paying the spat no mind. “Klaus! A little help?”

“What?” He looked up and saw Rebekah steaming. “I can’t control her, Camille. Maybe ask Elijah?”

Elijah, of course, would not be helping her, but did she know that? No, no she didn’t.

She narrowed her eyes and fled Rebekah’s ire, stomping to her room like a child. Rebekah laughed and flopped into the seat between her brothers. “Can you the believe the nerve of her? Snooping, texting, stealing?”

“All from her gracious hosts, too,” Kol added with a snort. They thought it was funny, but Klaus was far from amused. Caroline was coming the next morning and she was so angry, he was scared for Camille’s life. Though, it would be very sexy to see his queen rip someone’s head off…. Unfortunately, she was too moral for that, so he doubted he would ever get to see something so delectable.

On the other hand, Caroline had been saying some very werewolf-like things since Camille’s little game and he wasn’t sure she wouldn’t go off the deep end.

(“You’re mine.” Gods, it sent shivers down his spine and made his wolf howl.)

When he’d told his siblings what had happened, Kol had found the thought and image as amusing as he found most things, and assured he would tape it. Rebekah had made interested noises and wondered aloud what Caroline would do if she came face to face with Tatia, or Aurora.

Freya had been more concerned about what she would do to Camille. He couldn’t imagine her being happy about the human overstepping her bounds like she was.

“Are you going to tell our Carebear?” Kol questioned.

Klaus scowled at the nickname, though Caroline insisted she didn’t mind it. “Tell her what? That our dear sister is throwing another tantrum?”

“No, he was thinking telling her about Camille acting like a leech, or worse, an in-law,” Rebekah snapped.

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Hey! I just saw your post on writing for video games so I thought I would ask for something simlar. Do you you have any resources for cartoons? Like for a series aimed for children type thing? Any help would be appreciated!

Sure! Here is everything I could find on writing cartoons, writing children’s illustrated books, formatting a cartoon script, and everything else I thought might be helpful: 

If there’s anything else I can do to help, please let me know!

  • Celty: How long have you been sleeping with Izaya?
  • Shizuo: What? That's disgusting and wrong. I don't even get... Why would... I... I've never had sex with anyone anywhere. It's none of your... You have the nerve, the audacity... Izaya is my enemy, technically. And he is terrible, personality-wise. And how... How do I know, frankly, that you're not sleeping with him? Maybe you are. Maybe you're trying to throw me off. Hmm. Check and mate.
  • Celty: ...
  • Shizuo: This is an outrage! Who do I call?
Dear Scorpio,

I always knew there was something different about you. Like, not the day I met you, but when I got to know you better. I realized that you are an incredible smart and funny person.
We could tell each other everything. We talked about life, about war, and about love.
You somehow made your way into my tiny heart without even realizing it. I was amazed by you.
You were a whole new creation of art to me. I could stare at you forever and when I saw that little shine in your eyes when you looked at me, I knew I had fallen for you.
By that time, I would have never imagined that you would have such a big impact in my life.
Young love, I thought. It fades away as soon as it comes.
But with every day, I realized how dead serious it was for you. You said you’ll love me forever and you meant it. That made me nervous and insecure because forever is such a long time and you were so sure that I am the only one for you to spend it with.
That was one of the first times I thought about what a complex person you really are.
Then, month by month, I got to know you better and better.
Soon I was the only one that knew the real you.
I saw all of your bad sides, I knew all of your secrets. I watched you breaking down and crying. But I stayed.
You always told me I was your happiness.
That without me, your life would be dark, very dark.
In the beginning I found it cute. But then I noticed that it was true.
And this was the point where I started worrying about you. Only one single person being your only happiness isn’t healthy. You should always be happy when you’re on your own as well.
So I teached you how to be happy without me.
And it worked.
And this was the moment where I let you go, where I let myself go away from you.
I know it hurt you, but now I can proudly say you will be strong enough to get over it.
Live your life, find someone that gives you all the love, passion and mystery back in return.

— your Libra

Brendon: *hits blunt*

Sarah: how high are you right now?

Brendon: I don’t know, like, 5′7″


A/N I don’t know I thought this was super funny, just something to do before I start Happy Part Two and finish Before Part Two. Should this be a drabble series- message me 

Summary: Soulmate AU where the numbers on your wrist are a countdown until you meet your soulmate


Words : 404

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You were bedridden. You had come down with pneumonia and there was no way you could get up to do anything. You groaned burying your face in the pillow wondering how you would meet your soulmate if you were bedridden. You sighed looking down at your wrist that held the numbers 00:01:00. only an hour left now. 

You turned on the news and saw the Avengers chasing after some hackers who had gotten into SHIELD. At least your day wasn’t the only one that was crappy. SHIELD was probably freaking out right about now. You would know, as you were their Senior PR Agent. Meaning you controlled the media. It was a shame that you were on a  sick leave, you laughed to yourself. 

You quickly stopped after realizing you were the one that would have to arrange a press conference with all the Avengers. Even though you worked for the Avengers and SHIELD you had never really met the Avengers although you had met with Nick Fury on more than one occasion especially after Cap went missing. The Junior PR agents usually took care of them while you arranged everything. 

You looked back down at your wrist, you only had thirty minutes left now. Unless your soulmate decided to come crashing through your window, you weren’t sure you’d actually meet him. You’d never heard of it happening but there was a first for everything right?

Steve was nervous to say the least. He had been looking down at the numbers on his wrist. He only had an hour left and he was still chasing the men who went into SHIELD. He really hoped he was done with them when he met you, better yet he got to save you. Then he’d literally be your knight in shining armor.

You were watching live from the confines of your bedroom, and the chase was escalating. Captain had gotten a hold of one the guys but underestimated his strength and was sent flying to a building that looked strangely similar to yours. 

Something crashed through your window glass flying everywhere and you ducked under your covers to avoid the worst of it. When you deemed it okay to look up you saw Captain America in your room. What even is life? You looked down at your wrist to see 00:00:00. Captain America, scratch that, Steve Rogers was your soulmate.


From the beginning she was impossible. The impossible girl. Met her in the Dalek Asylum, never saw her face, and she died. Met her again in Victorian London, and she died. Saved my life both times by giving her own. But now she’s back, and we’re running together and she’s perfect. Perfect in every way for me. Except she can’t remember that we ever met. Clara. My Clara. Always brave, always funny. Always exactly what I need. Perfect. Too perfect. You get used to not knowing. Thought I never would. I was wrong. I know who Clara Oswald is. I know how she came to be in my life and I know what she will always mean.


 He’d be surprised by this. Poor Hansol wouldn’t know what to say so he’d just stand there dumbfounded.


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Johnny would think your kidding around with him. Once he thought about it though, it would occur to him that you always seemed to be around that member, laughing or talking to them. This would not be okay with him, and he’d be determined to change your mind.

“ So that’s why you’re always together.. I guess i’ll just have to change that”

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Tae would be quiet about, acting like it was fine when you told him, but when he saw you with that member again, his mind wouldn’t let it go and he’d end up staring at the two of you.

*activate jealous Taeyong mode*

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He’d take it as a joke, how could you like the other member more than him. He was  you BOYFRIEND. not the other member

“What? HAhaHA that’s funny Jagi. good joke good joke”

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 He’d stop with the conversation and look at you in the eyes becoming serious. He was looking if you were playing with him or if you were being serious. If you were being serious he might be quiet with you for a while. You’d have to reassure him that he was your bias not the other member.

“ What do you mean im not your bias?”

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He’d be the most skeptical about it. Seriously thinking about why you were dating him in the first place and even asking you questions along those lines, but not that straight forward.

“ So why did you pick me then?”

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I don’t think he’d have any real reactions to it when you told him, but he’d defiantly act differently when you were with that member.

“Why are you two play BASKETBALL together?! No! No! Come on Y/N we have to go”

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He’d be taken a back by this. He wouldn’t really understand why you were dating him in the first place if you like the other member more.

“okay? so…why are you? Dating me? And not? Him?”

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so today i was walking my dog, and i saw this happy birthday balloon in the bushes on the side of the road.

(this is a screenshot of a video i put on snapchat, i know it’s shitty quality)

anyway, i thought it would be funny to take it home to my little brother since his birthday was 2 days ago.

so my sister realizes that there was a note attached to the balloon and




  • when the MC first met Hunt: nice to meet you where you been
  • whenever the MC has the option to flirt with Hunt: I could show you incredible things
  • pretty much what people's reactions would be like if the MC dated Hunt: magic, madness, heaven, sin
  • when the MC first met Hunt again: saw you there and I thought
  • fangirls: oh my god
  • jawline: look at that face
  • probably Hunt's reaction to all this: you look like my next mistake
  • sort of the attitude the MC has on the date: love's a game, wanna plaaaay
  • benefactor maybe: new money, suit and tie
  • "deep down you hoped it was me!" : I can read you like a magazine
  • that idea someone posted about the MC being blackmailed with info about her relationship with Hunt: ain't it funny, rumors lie
  • Hunt's attitude basically: and I know you heard about me
  • we should hang out some time tommy boy: so hey, let's be friends
  • fucking ending to the hunt date: I'm dying to see how this one ends
  • hunt wears prada: grab your passport and my hand
  • hunt wears prada pt 2: I can make the bad guys good for a weekend
  • --chorus--
  • when the mask is still on: SO IT'S GONNA BE FOREVER
  • once the mask is off: OR IT'S GONNA GO DOWN IN FLAMES
  • kind of what the MC is conveying once Hunt gets mad about the seduction: you can tell me when it's over
  • "this whole night was a mistake?" "I didn't say that" : if the high was worth the pain
  • addison, ethan, chris, victoria: got a long list of ex-lovers
  • probably why they keep on going all over-the-top with the dates (because maybe we're high maintenance): they'll tell you I'm insane
  • the MC is technically dating as many people as she wants: 'cause you know I love the players
  • lol hunt doesn't love the game: and you love the game
  • whenever MC has 'yolo' attitude: 'cause we're young and we're reckless
  • was kissing hunt too far: we'll take this way too far
  • hunt's attitude during the date: it'll leave you breathless
  • hunt's attitude afterwards: or with a nasty scar
  • addison, ethan, chris, victoria: got a long list of ex-lovers
  • probably why they keep on going all over-the-top with the dates (because maybe we're high maintenance): they'll tell you I'm insane
  • "insanely hot professor" : but I got a blank space baby and I'll write your name
  • --chorus ends--
  • what do I put for this one: cherry lips, crystal skies
  • whenever the MC has the option to flirt with Hunt: I could show you incredible things
  • if Hunt kisses the MC during the date: stolen kisses, pretty lies
  • they're both celebrities: you're the king baby I'm your queen
  • whenever the MC tries getting close to hunt: find out what you want
  • this only works if the MC is a girl: be that girl for a month
  • once hunt takes off the MC's mask: wait the worst is yet to cooooome, oh no
  • fangirls' reactions to the date's ending: screaming, crying, perfect storms
  • if your MC is one of the rude ones: I can make all the tables turn
  • implied to be Hunt's impression of the MC: rose gardens filled with thorns
  • what HUNT does to US: keep you second guessing like
  • apparently priya singh: oh my god, who is she
  • "what we could have been, thomas": I get drunk on jealousy
  • whenever hunt lets his softer side show: but you'll come back each time you leave
  • also Hunt's impression: 'cause darling I'm a nightmare dressed like a daydream
  • --skipping the chorus you already know--
  • dat angst with hunt's date tho: boys only want love if it's torture
  • well the MC DID drop hints: don't say I didn't, say I didn't warn ya
  • hunt's date struck a chord with me and I'm not even part of the hunt crush: boys only want love if it's torture
  • seriously MC dropped hints: don't say I didn't, say I didn't warn yaaAAA
  • (I was only going to do the first verse but I got carried away goddammit)
Aaron and “pickup” lines

So I saw the GIF set below and I thought it so funny and cute and re-tweeted. But the more I looked at Aaron’s face in the first pic, the more I started to think about the actual scene and a few things occurred to me that hadn’t before.

Look at Aaron’s face.  There’s a shyness there.  A nervous hope. In my mind, I believe that the few times Aaron has gone to Bar West, he was not the aggressor.  I think he sat there drinking his beer, checking out the scene and someone would always approach him - i mean how could they not?  So I don’t think Aaron has much experience with “pickup lines”.  He hasn’t needed to. But this time, with Robert….he braves it.  And when Robert looks at him strangely, he gets flustered and nervously said “you know, just a drink”.

Robert, on the other hand, is definitely the aggressor in a “pickup” situation. I can see him eyeing someone who interests him and laying on the charm and suave flirty come on lines.  He’s used to playing the cat & mouse game, a flirtatious conversation of back and forth.  However, he doesn’t realize, that’s not Aaron’s forte.  So when he says “why would I want to go anywhere with you?” he’s expecting some flirty line back, dripping with innuendo, but he doesn’t get one.  So when Aaron walks away hurt, Rob realizes what happened and his face changes.  He realizes he just messed up.

Anyway…that’s my take on it. 


Confession about who I was in Highschool and something about change maybe

I was a complete and utter dick to the first guy who told me he was asexual because that couldnt be a thing because he was a guy.

I thought gay guys were cute because they were gay not because I really saw them as cute people.

I couldn’t understand why anyone would want to date a girl, especially other girls because I honestly believed girls were evil hateful and manipulate despite being a girl and knowing plenty that were the “exception”.

I saw no problem with hurtful humor because it was funny and not real and “didnt hurt anyone”.

I spent most of my time asking invasive sexual based questions and making inappropriate jokes all the time for the shock value.

I aggressively threatened guys and belittled them if they said they wouldn’t hit me because I was a girl because “if I hit you, you better damn well hit back and defend yourself”.

Uncomfortable with praise or the idea of someone actually being attracted to me I was a complete bitch to my friends when they confessed to me and hated them for making it weird when they were both very respectful about the whole thing, and we remained friends for some time after that and I was the only one who made it weird.

When told I am special in any way shape or form in a positive context I would defuse the situation by laughing and saying “genuine window licker”.

I did this all during highschool while being a bookish introvert.

I had a girl once tell me that she thought I was nice until she sat next to me and heard the awful hateful things I muttered under my breath when even mildly irritated. I was proud of this reaction.

I say this for a couple of reasons… I don’t really beat myself up over this as much as I used to but these are things that I’ve done that I didn’t even really think about at the time. It never occured to me that I was wrong. Annoying and obnoxious maybe but not hurtful or overly offensive.

The thing that clued me into the idea that I was a bitch was that… I had a friend who was socially awkward. I mean he was confidant as fuck but there was just something off about him that we all chalked up to him being a rich boy and not having had to think about before. But… I made a joke about him being drop on his head and another friend who I looked up to as being interesting and mature looked up from her drawing at me and I just immediately realized what I said and how awful it was and about a person I considered my friend right behind his back as soon as he left the table. Later I learned she wasnt even looking at me but I realized that as horrible as I found girls I was the mean girl of the story, the very thing I couldnt stand and never wanted to be. I hated myself so much that I skipped class and hid in the bathroom. My teacher noticed and hunted me down - i scared him so bad by going missing like that - and they took me to the office and asked what was wrong… So I told them. And they told me that he had aspergers which in short meant he missed social ques. I felt doubly like shit and… It was a wake up call.

It took a lot of learning and growing to go from that point to where I look back and I realize just… How messed up all of that was. Things that were just normal to me so I never even realized were wrong or bad or mean.

And so when I think about privilege I think about sixteen year old me and how none of that was an issue to me because it was normalised in my family and the cultural environment I was raised in and because none of it affected ME.

And I want to be better and I want to learn better even if I mess up while I’m learning which usually makes me hate learning but in this case its just…

I was awful because I didn’t know better and thats terrifying. I don’t want that to ever be a thing again.

But its not something you can necessarily learn on your own. I mean, i did that sort of thing and not once did someone pull me aside and say that was wrong. Things never got weird enough for me to notice and NO ONE made doing or saying or acting that way feel not okay.

So yeah I gotta think and educate myself but I also gotta listen and most importantly discuss these things not only with people who understand them better than I do but with people who know less or nothing about all sorts of subjects.

I guess i just wanted to share because I do feel like an imposter when people think I’m nice or kind or whatever. I know how callously I can steam roll over people, i know how messed up things may still just be a norm to me, and I have proof of these things.

I’m not saying oh poor stupid me you should hate me though, just that people - even likeable ones or that youre attached to or care about in some way - can be awful without even realizing they are being. With out seeing it as a problem and anyone who takes umbrage with what they say or do is just “silly” or “taking it out of context” or “blowing it out if preportions”.

And they need to be educated. And its not an easy nor a quick process.

But the status just kinda remains quo if people like me don’t start talking about it. If i dont have frank discussions that “even if we disagree I find this wrong and offensive and personally will not stomach it DESPITE likeing/ loving you” and then making sure that my reactions match my words. If I’m uncomfortable I need to express it even if its not with words - there needs to be a social stigma attached to it in the way of “youre behaving childishly again” and worse you know?

Even if I never do anything big you’d be surprised how little it takes to change behaviors into over time “things we dont discuss with polite company” and “things that are crass to say even if I still think I’m right” and just that can make a world of difference.

I mean. I dunno. Maybe I’m talking out my ass but yeah. The behavior is wrong and so is the acceptance of the behavior and once you’ve worked on one you need to start working on the other.

So I just wanted to say that. Thank you.