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I’ve been stressed from college lately and colouring this was a nice destresser! (^▽^)

This is from the @voltroncoloringbook!, Lineart by @elentori-art.

The sun is setting.

Calling Stydia, Bellarke and Bughead ‘The Holy Trinity’ is my new favourite thing.

Replace Ophelia with Lady Macbeth and suddenly Hamlet becomes a much shorter play
  • Hamlet: To be or not to be -
  • LM: so have you killed your uncle yet
  • Hamlet: What? No, I’m suffering through a complex moral dilemma and grappling with my own mortality right now.
  • LM: Oh, right.
  • Hamlet: Whether tis nobler in the mind -
  • LM: because you know if you kill him, you’ll become king
  • Hamlet: What?
  • LM: and I’ll become queen
  • Hamlet: Wait, where are you going with that knife?
  • LM: brb

For some reason all I can imagine is when Combeferre admits to Courfeyrac that he likes him, Courf is so surprised and nervous and so didn’t see that coming that he just jazz hands away backwards and into a different room so he can hyperventilate ecstatically in peace and Combeferre is just bemused like that did not go as expected


For those of you, who are a bit upset/disappointed about Gillian’s recent social media activities, here is a bit of a reminder what we already got from her this year. 

Honestly, we were spoiled! SPOILED!!! Just scroll through her twitter account and discover it again. She tweeted a lot (like crazy), did Comic Cons, Q&As, and #tbt for most of the part of this year. She was active on facebook, twitter, and on Tumblr!

Now, she is focusing on different projects. She is fighting the good fight, and she is raising awareness on important topics. She is inspiring and an awesome human being, that is why we love her and that is why we support her. 

I know that lately there is not much happening in our little fandom but let’s try to keep it positive and support Gillian. I’m sure she will come back, and it was not the last we heard from her ‘feral side’. She is taking a break. We should let her do that and we should remember that we already had a good year. 

If you feel sad or disappointed, my inbox is always open, message me and I try to cheer you up! I send you a fanfic with all the goodies in it. I send you some fan art. I send you a fanvid. I send you a hug. I send you a feral tweet of Gillian’s from the last couple of years if you want. I talk to you about some interesting head-canon of yours. Or canon. Or something silly Chris Carter came up with. Anything, really. (And I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one 😉😉) 

 This is why we are here, let’s focus on these. Holidays are coming up, we have enough stress in our life. Let’s keep this our happy place and spread the love. Because, honestly, this fandom is the best. I love y’all!  

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