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Basically my goals for life are to meet people who are very good at math. 

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If you don't mind me asking..why do you think the teens react to Tyler is disgusting?

These people:

Some quotes: 

-“There’s us girls, who are always like, ‘Oh my god, gay people, yes!!’”

-“He’s very gay.”

-“He’s my spirit animal inside.”

-“Every girl loves gay guys.”

-“There’s the gay community … and then there’s us girls …” (i don’t even know what the fuck this one is about wtf)

-“The typical gay guy.”

Why it’s bad:

-Stereotyping (gay men and native american culture)

-Cultural appropriation (“spirit animal” - also, about this one, i’m a white person, y’all know i’ve said this before, but there are many natives who have expressed their dislike of this statement being said by people who are not native american)

-Accessorizing of gay men (“every girl loves gay guys” - there’s that whole “gay best friend” deal that is absolutely gross, please stop.)

-Misinformation (again, “every girl loves gay guys” - that’s not true???? and it’s really insensitive to gay men who have been bullied and victimized by women (kind of marginalizes their encounters and victim-blames by extension))

-"There’s the gay community … and then there’s us girls …" are you … suggesting that girls … can’t be part of the gay community?? really??

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He said,
So what if my exs
we’re liars and cheaters?
So what if other women
are dirty things that
only wasted my time?
You’re different from them.
I can tell.

I said,
If I hate other women then
I hate myself.


A Conversation On Why We Will Never Be Together, Lora Mathis

-against my will, I have encountered men who use bashing women as a flirting technique, who have handed “not like other girls” as a compliment, who do not realize that if they hate all other women they will one day hate me too-

He’s just as addicted. He likes to pretend that he’s the sane, rational, normal one, but he’s as bad as Sherlock in all those respects. He’s as keen for adventure as Sherlock, and as irritable when he’s absent. […] So the opening to A Study In Pink has John saying “Nothing ever happens to me”, and then we bring the music in. And we know, watching the story, it’s just the beginning and what’s about to happen is going to dwarf anything that’s ever happened.
—  Steven Moffat, Sherlock Chronicles

No but can we please destroy this social construct that makes any person sitting alone with a book, art, music, in need of 50 people around them and four gagillion hugs because the poor baby is lonely? FUCKING NO! People can be alone and perfectly content. Of course, we’re glad you care, but the idea that most people believe that sitting alone with yourself once in a while is a sure sign of depression and emotional problems is just appalling. Alone ≠ Lonely

Guinea pig was apparently the food being eaten in The Last Supper painting in the main cathedral in Cusco… Jesus was eating guinea pig.

Beth ate guinea pig in Slabtown.

Take from that what you will…