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Down To Mephisto’s Cafe Pt. 2.5


As the night goes on, the girls meet an unwanted visitor.

Pansy: He did not!

Ginny: Yes! Naked! In front of the whole school!

Fashionista Veronica: Pansy! Darling! Where have you been hiding?! 

Pansy: Between pages 2-4, darling. Don’t you get Vogue in whatever country you’re latest husband lives in?

Fashionista Veronica: Hmph. And who is this…lovely creature?

Pansy: This is Ginny Weasley. The focus of tonight’s event.

Fashionista Veronica: Charmed I’m sure.

Ginny: Nice to meet-

Fashionista Veronica: *cutting off Ginny* Anyways. It’s a big risk you’re taking, darling.

Pansy: I don’t know what you mean, Veronica.

Fashionista Veronica: Showing up with tonight’s…..entertainment.

Ginny: ‘Scuse me?

Pansy: Not as risky as you, darling.

Pansy: Wearing something with so much polyester. 

Pansy: We’re leaving.


@ladygaga: I don’t know how to thank my fans enough for the love you have shown me over the years and always on my birthday. Today I have focused on smiling about all that I’m grateful for and reflecting on the last ten years of music and performances we have shared together. Thank you for continuing to inspire me to mold my fantasies into reality. Embrace your differences, celebrate who you are, it’s in the unique parts of you that greatness hides. Don’t be afraid to find it. Thank you for the Birthday Wishes. I ❤You.

Imagine Loki arguing with you. The fact that he never shows his full emotions, to always remain cool and collected, cold and calculating, even when he’s angry.
Imagine finally, desperate for any sign that he cares and lashing out desperately pleading for a sign.
The argument finally hits his breaking point and he snaps back, raising his voice. You break down in tears, pulling him into a desperate hug because it’s finally obvious how much he cares even if he doesn’t always know how to show it.

Preference #18-His Child Calls You Mommy (Harry)

You pushed open the door to Harry’s son’s classroom, smiling as the teacher greeted you.  

“Mommy!” His twin boys, Henry and Jake called, running over to you. “Hi, Mommy!”

“Henry, Jake, hello,” You said, hiding your surprise at their greeting. You crouched down and hugged the two of them, before signing them out. You held their hands as the three of you walked out to the car, strapping them into their car seats before starting the drive to Harry’s house.

“Harry?” You called, unlocking the door and stepping into the house. The boys raced in after you, stopping in the living room.

“In here,” Harry called, from the kitchen. The boys raced in, hugging Harry tightly.

“Hello, my little lads. How was school? Did you behave on the way home?” He asked.

“We did, Daddy,” Jake said, looking over at Henry. “We were happy to see Mommy.”

Harry stilled, and looked up at you. You shrugged, biting your lower lip. You had meant to bring it up to him later, but the boys had taken care of that for you.

“Henry, Jake, why don’t you go and wash up before I make you a snack?” Harry inquired.

“Okay, Daddy,” Henry said, and the two of them left you alone.

“(Y/N),” Harry quietly said.

“I know that I can’t replace their Mom, Harry. I don’t want to, either. I’m just-I’m just going to go,”  You murmured, walking out the door. You got into your car, shutting the door behind you and driving off. When you got home, you opened your front door and collapsed on your couch. You curled up, your eyes brimming with tears. Your phone started to ring, and you saw Harry’s name on the screen. Pressing ignore, you took your phone upstairs and plugged it into the charger.  You stepped into the shower, feeling the warm water wash over you. You stepped out, put on your pajamas, and got into bed. You lay there, staring at the ceiling, feeling hollow and alone, until you drifted off to sleep. When you awoke the next morning, you began to get ready for work, and drove to the office. Your day passed uneventfully, and when you got home, you were exhausted. You pulled into your driveway, ready to have a quick dinner and fall asleep. You  unlocked your front door, and paused, noticing that the lights in the kitchen were on. You cautiously walked towards it, slipping off your shoes so you didn’t make too much noise. You looked around the doorframe, and were surprised to see Henry, Jake and Harry there.

“What….what are you three doing here?” You inquired.

“Mommy!” Jake and Henry cried, running towards you. They wrapped their arms around you, and you bent over, hugging them. You looked up at Harry, and blushed, wondering what he might be thinking.

“Jake, Henry, how about you go and play in the living room? There are some new toys in the basket for you guys,” You said.

“Okay, Mommy.” They said, and hurried off.

“Harry-” You started to say.

“Love,” He murmured, walking towards you. “You never let me finish what I wanted to tell you yesterday. I know that you’re not trying to be their Mum. Right now, they don’t remember her. Someday I will tell them about their Mum, and how much she loved them. But they love you, too. I’m doing a horrible job with this. I’m just trying to say….I don’t mind that they call you Mum. They love you, and so do I.” Harry quietly said. You wrapped your arms around him, and he gently pressed a kiss to your forehead.

“Thank you, Harry,” You whispered. Jake and Henry came in a few minutes later, and wrapped their arms around the two of you.

“Are we going to have dinner soon, Mommy and Daddy?” Henry inquired.

“We are, Henry,” Harry replied. You smiled as the three of them went back to what they were doing before you got home. Henry and Jake were putting out cups, and Harry went back to cooking dinner.

Written by Angel xx

keith: i just. i love my boyfriend so much. he’s so beautiful, and kind, and he’s such a good person with such a good heart and i’m so lucky to be dating him and i’m so lucky that he’s a part of my life. i think, if he was never a part of my life, i’d probably be a really sad person. he’s the best. he makes me so happy and i’m so happy he exists and!! i love my boyfriend

lance, blushing: babe!! i can hear you!!

keith: i know :)

lance, hiding his face in his hands: aaaaaa!!!! i love you too!!! aaaaa!!!

i want video calls until midnight. i want to hear you sing our favorite song. i want to tell you you’re beautiful, because its true. i want you to message me a lot and show me you care. i want to laugh out loud with the things you say, and smile so much that i have to hide it so people wont notice. i want to make your days a little better. allow me to make you happy. let me love you.

@ladygaga: I don’t know how to thank my fans enough for the love you have shown me over the years and always on my birthday. Today I have focused on smiling about all that I’m grateful for and reflecting on the last ten years of music and performances we have shared together. Thank you for continuing to inspire me to mold my fantasies into reality. Embrace your differences, celebrate who you are, it’s in the unique parts of you that greatness hides. Don’t be afraid to find it. Thank you for the Birthday Wishes. I ❤You.

Little sis part.1

Description:You’re Namjoons little sister that is secretly crushing on the maknae Jungkook and Namjoon gets VERY overprotective.



Angusty? Fluff,smut😏

“Jungkook-Ah!Stop you’re gonna break my headphones!”.You say as Jungkook keeps on pulling on the cord of your headphones to listen to your playlist outloud.
“Well I wouldn’t have to if you would play it out loud!What type of music are you hiding from me!huh!Is it kinky?”.He says sarcastically bursting with laughter at the sudden accusations of your music.You slightly blush but answer sharply.
“God!You’re such a child,Jungkook!Can’t I just listen in peace?”.You try to say in a serious tone but only comes out with laughter as you stare at Jungkooks face.It was late at night and you were waiting for your older brother Namjoon to finish in the studio when Jungkook offered to stay after his practice to “cure your boredness”.it had been 3 hours since Namjoon said you guys would leave but yet you were here with the idiot of Jungkook trying to get out of the current kinky music situation.
“Come on!Let’s at least share Y/N!Im bored and you won’t even spare a glance my way!” He says dramatically.He then sits next to you taking in earbud out of ur ear,and placing it in his letting the sound run through his ear to his brain.
“Wow you have great taste…I love this song” he says as he sings with the music.A couple of minutes pass and both of you are just on the couch listening to music;however,the music faded away as you could only hear Jungkook mumbling lyrics in and out of every song.You start to fall asleep and you rest your head on his shoulder.He notices this and he grabs you and places your head on his lap letting you stretch over the couch.
“Sleep finally reaching for ya?”
“Hm?I-I’m sorry it’s so late and I just nee-”
“Why would you be sorry It’s ok Y/N”.After hearing his reply you close your eyes feeling strangely safe and secure.You knew you had a thing for Jungkook but never had the guts to say anything and you were pretty sure he could date any girl he wanted so why would he choose you?
Namjoon suddenly walks in with his stuff ready to go home when he sees you in Jungkooks lap half asleep and Jungkook already in deep sleep.
“Hey Y/N-wha-what the hell!Whats going on here?”.You both wake up at the sudden hollar not realizing your positions yet.“Hm?” Jungkook says in a yawn.You wake up to see your brother and freak out to have him see you in this position.“What the hell were you to doing?Jungkook what the hell did I say about my little sister?huh?” He says pushing you off him and grabbing his collar half angry and disappointed.
“Hyung,calm down she was falling asleep and I made sure she was comfortable noth…nothing happened!I swear!”.You take Namjoon off of Jungkook and give him one of your disappointed looks that scared him even if you were even younger than Jungkook.Namjoon calms down seeing that he miss read the situation and apologized.You look back at Jungkook before you leave and say Goodbye.
“Hey,I’ll see you tomorrow goodnight.”
“See you tomorrow,Jagi!”.


SO I wrote this on my phone I’m sorry for the mistakes (if they’re any) PLEASE tell me if you want a part 2 I really like this but if you guys don’t want it I won’t write it so leave comments,asks,and questions you have for me!

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45. “You look pretty hot in plaid.” + Nessian; PRETTY PLEASEEEE <3

This is probably awful because I wrote it half-feverish and half-asleep, but I tried! Full of silliness and puns, because why not? xx

A CasBat Nightmare

Nesta ignored it for a week, focusing instead on Elain’s serene snoring in the adjacent room and listening to the steady plop plop plop of the spring rain. She found it all too easy to drown out that pesky flapping; to disregard the tap tap tap of what she believed to be thrown pebbles (but were actually thrown Hershey kisses) as they knocked then fell against her balcony doors. She found it all too simple to close her eyes. To drift off to sleep. To never once stir from her bed to glance outside.

But tonight…tonight she couldn’t ignore it. She couldn’t ignore him any longer.

How could she? How could she pretend not to notice when he beamed, blasted, and blared her whole bedroom full of light? HOW. And not just any light either—oh, no, that would’ve been too tame for a cocky, provoking little shit like him—but a big, bold, obnoxious, whiter than UV white, batlight! The bastard must have hooked it up somewhere nearby, too, because it streamed in through her windows—larger and brighter than the fucking moon during an eclipse—and almost blinded her half-Fae eyes with its vividness. And with the impressive span of its wings:

Originally posted by whatta-ho

Tired, cranky, and now seriously pissed off, Nesta kicked her feet free from the sheets. She slipped on a pair of slippers, growling as she marched across the room, and threw open her doors.

“See! I knew it, I knew it!” Cassian cheered. He celebrated with a fist-pump as she stepped into view on the balcony. “I knew my CasBat signal would coax you outside. Finally.”

“Are you drunk,” she replied, her arms crossed and her nose crinkled, “or just insane?”

He flicked off the batlight. “Neither. I just wanted proof.”

“Proof of what? Me strangling your Illyrian ass while I’m half-asleep?” While he smirked at this, Nesta narrowed her eyes. Scowled. “What do you want?” she asked.

“To see you in your pajamas. Isn’t that obvious?”

Nesta gaped; her stomach flipping, flipping.

“You know…” he cocked his head to the side, his eyes roving over her until she shivered, “you look pretty hot in plaid. Has anyone told you that before?”

Throwing her head back, her cheeks reddening, she let out an exasperated I can’t believe you woke me up for this shit before rushing back inside with a loud slam of the door. Locking it (and this adrenaline rush) behind her.

“Don’t be that way, princess!” Cassian called after her, the sound of his wings flapping against the window panes. “It’s not like you haven’t wondered about what I look like naked…”

Hear that lonesome whippoorwill
He sounds too blue to fly
The midnight train is whining low
I’m so lonesome I could cry

I’ve never seen a night so long
When time goes crawling by
The moon just went behind the clouds
To hide its face and cry

Did you ever see a robin weep
When leaves begin to die
That means he’s lost the will to live
I’m so lonesome I could cry

The silence of a falling star
Lights up a purple sky
And as I wonder where you are
I’m so lonesome I could cry
—  Hank Williams, Sr., “I’m so Lonesome I Could Cry,” B-side single (MGM, 1949)

anthony: who are the characters from supernatural? dean and castiel?

me: yeah destiel, that’s the ship

anthony: who’s the other brother

me: uh… dicko. dicko winchester

anthony (falling asleep mid-conversation): and then i had a little girl… and she was my whole life… you’d go and hide around corners, and she’d like, defy that… like, who go there…. whom’st’d go there….

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Did you ever post a picture of your PF poster??? I wanna see since I, mysterious Anon who actually has a blog but is hiding behind the curtain, helped a little, love

Here you go! “Candice You’re The [Iris] of my [Eye].”