but you have such a stupid face

You goddamn right I wanna impede on the liberties of Nazis. Don’t let them speak, punch them in the face. I advocate violence against Nazis and if your stupid ass want to equate advocating harm towards a group who endorse genocide and have terrorized minorities for decades with me being as bad as them, you can get punched too.

Y'all faux intellectual types not fooling anyone with “just because they have a different opinion doesnt make them bad” rhetoric,Nazi sympathy means you’re a piece of shit like them.

Long Time No See ~ Johnny x Reader

Request: Oh, just incase you didn’t get my request because of that stupid bug you have, can you please do 1 & 33 for NCT 127’s Johnny?? Lots of fluff!! Thank youuu!
A/N: It’s like currently almost 2am… And I’m rewriting this draBBLE AGAIN FUCKING HELL

I also recommend listening to this song while reading this: (x)

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You were currently walking around, trying to find your way around the long hallways of SM Entertainment, trying to find someone to guide you to where you had to be; currently smacking make up on young male idols faces so they could look presentable on their live stream.

Did it look like you were going to make it anywhere on time? Nope. Find your way in these maze hallways either? Hell no. 

Whilst you were lost in thought or well - mentally cussing yourself for being so clueless on a big opportunity on getting to work on rising idols; you managed to bump face first into someone’s hard chest. You quickly snapped out of your trance, backing up before you could bump into them again. 

Shaking your head, you looked at who you bumped into; It was more like the two people you had crashed into. You looked at the shorter one first, he was cute; but the make up ruined it for you; and what ruined everything even more?

When you looked up at the taller males face and recognized him as your childhood best friend/crush/the ass hat who just left one day without saying a word. The taller’s eyes widened the same time as yours, and your name slipped past his lips in a whisper.  

Johnny’s eyes skimmed you from head to toe trying to believe if it was you or if it was a figure of his imagination, but it wasn’t the latter. “y/n… No way is it you, wait what are you doing in Korea?”

You didn’t know whether he was generally asking or if it was an insult but decided to brush the question aside, “I could ask you the same, Seo” you frowned and set your make up equipment down as it was weighing on your arms the longer you stood around. 

“Well you two have fun.. with this… reunion?” Taeil flickered his eyes repeatedly, back and forth and slunk away quickly from the awkward atmosphere. As he left, Johnny couldn’t help but let out a small laugh.

Confused and a little pissed off, you slapped his chest, “What’s so funny? You left without a call, text or letter… even a post it note.” You were almost on the brim of tears at this stage, tears beginning to surface your eyes. “You told my parents just to tell me you-”

“Moved, yes” Johnny frowned at you, he didn’t hesitate to swiftly pull you into a hug, wrapping his arms around your waist and torso; settling his chin on top of your head. “Damnit y/n, After all of these years, you still haven’t changed a bit. Still my little worry wart.”

Your heart was beating rapidly in your chest and you were pretty sure it was going to burst out any moment. It felt like a cliche movie moment, you just wanted to be in those long lanky arms of his forever.

“y/n?” he whispered your name out into your hair, looking up at him smiled and didn’t answer but let him continue, “Kiss me.


~ Admin Kai

40 Year Old Doctor Who Episode Holds Timely Warning For Today

“You know, the very powerful and the very stupid have one thing in common.  They don’t alter their views to fit the facts. They alter the facts to fit their views.”

In the classic Doctor Who story “The Face of Evil”, the Doctor (Tom Baker) and his companion Leela (Louise Jameson) attempt to usher a peace between two warring tribes.  The Doctor reminds us in the episode that those in charge sometimes have an interesting way of dealing with facts.  Over the weekend, the Trump administration engaged in exactly the practice the Doctor warned of, with White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer lying about the attendance of Trump’s inauguration, and Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway later saying that Spicer wasn’t lying, he was using ‘alternative facts’.  Something to keep in mind as we watch this administration develop over the next four years. 

(H/T i09)

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I think with Shiro's disappearance introduces potential crossovers for fics. If he got sent to another dimension, he could end up in another world like Avatar or something. We might as well have some fun while we wait in agony for season 3.

You know what?  I’m down to use this stupid cliffhanger for every stupid fic justification I want.  Do I want to write Shatt?  Fuck it, Shiro went to Matt.  Do I want to write AU?  Fuck it, Shiro’s in the Avatar verse now and fucking around with Koh the Face Stealer (He’s Koh’s worst nightmare, guy’s got a poker face when he’s prepped).  Do I want to write about Lion Spiritual Shenanigans and now Shiro is fucking around the universe and Fixing Things as he wants to?  Fuck it, done.  Do I want to make a million Stargate references?  DONE.  ALREADY HAPPENED.  

If they’re gunna throw a really out of nowhere ending at us, I’m going to take advantage to do whatever the fuck I please.

A thing I bet your trans friends crave from you is for you to never make that weird awkward cis person “am I allowed to laugh at this” face when we make jokes specific to being trans. 

this seems stupid, but honestly I’m just sick of everyone treating the realities of my life like they need to be handled with reverence and care. I’m not some mythical unicorn full of fairy dust. I’m a person, with real, lived in experiences. Some of this shit is FUNNY. 

Do you know how many good jokes there are to be made about not having a dick (or alternately, purchasing one at the store)? 

Do you have any idea the levels of hilarity that can ensue when I start cracking wise about being a man with PMS? 

Do you know the wide variety of jokes opened up to me because I used to have boobs and had surgery to get them removed?

I just want to be able to make jokes about my life and have people laugh. Stop making it weird, cis people. 

An old friend of mine posted that stupid “I’m female and I’m over feminism” article and it literally makes me so mad, but here is what I commented in response:

B****, the author of this (poorly written) article seems to be confused about the definition of feminism, and also so steeped in her own privilege that she is unable to recognize the oppression that women all over the world continue to face. Feminism is not about putting down men, it’s about fighting for women to be treated equally. Just because YOU personally have never faced harassment or oppression because you are a woman doesn’t mean everyone else hasn’t either. Just because it didn’t happen to you doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen to anyone at all (and I say “you” as a broad term, not to you personally). Until women’s uteruses private health care decisions aren’t attacked in the legislature (predominately by men), until women all over the country have access to safe, legal abortion without all the loopholes put in place to prevent it, until the disgust towards female anatomy and menstruation is eradicated (including access to menstruation products, which, believe it or not, are not accessible to more women than you think), until the attacks on women’s health organizations like PP cease, until the objectification of women stops, until women are no longer blamed for their own sexual assaults, until women are unafraid to report their sexual assaults without facing backlash, until rapists and perpetrators of sexual assault are prosecuted to the full extent of the law, until a man who bragged about sexually assaulting women would not be elected president, until trans and other LGBT women, and women of color no longer face discrimination, until the wage gap is no more, then yes, we need feminism. There are women alive today who were alive when women did not have the right to vote; we are not as far removed from that era as you think. Are we better off in America than other countries? Of course. Are we better off than we were 200 years ago? Of course. But that doesn’t mean that just because we can vote, own property, go to school, and get a job doesn’t mean that our work is not finished. Every ideology and belief system has its radicals. The “feminists” the article is trying to describe are not true feminists, because the patriarchy feminists are trying to dismantle is the same patriarchy that hurts men too, by way of the insane pressure to be “masculine,” the lack of resources for single fathers, lack of paternity leave for new fathers, discrimination of gay and trans men and men of color, lack of adequate mental health care, etc. A “true” feminist is also fighting for these issues as well.

thegreyturtle  asked:

I challenge you to list *only* five of your favorite things about Donnie, I bet you can't limit yourself to just five.

I will limit myself to the best five things but boooy this will be hard!

1) His eyes. Honestly, those eyes make me feel so much better every time I see them. They’re like warm honey mixed with chocolate. So warm and sweet. Ugghhh why do his eyes have to be so pretty?!

2) His sassy personality. You don’t expect someone as introverted as Donnie to be so brutal in arguments or have so many comebacks lined up in a confrontation over tumblr! I know if I ever needed someone to help me against Anon hate - or Footclan hate - I could rely on D to back me up in a way that would keep me giggling for hours. He’s so funny and his sassiness always puts the most stupid grin on my face.

3) His smile. Every time I see that smile, I know I’m going to be okay. Just look. 

Now just try to tell me that didn’t make you feel better.

4) How loving he is. He is always the one I go running to when I need a good cry or someone to talk to. And he knows just how to make me feel better again. Lots of cuddles. And he also does this thing where he rubs my back up and down slowly and it’s just so relaxing. I really love that about him.

5) How much he gets me. He just understands me at a level nobody else does. He really is wonderful <3

Being black is my greatest pride but living in this world with all these terrible people in it can be so exhausting. To have to face ignorance on a day to day basis and bite your tongue because of the environment you are in. Or having people try to erase your profound accomplishments because of the colour of your skin, or the white people that recite hatred and ignorance to you and you gotta take a deep breathe and ignore it because the expectation is that you are strong and can handle it. As a black woman, I would just like to express how exhausting today was dealing with an abundance of ignorance and stupidity and white people thinking I’m their lil friend and having to just stand there and hold it together while stewing with annoyance and anger.

  • yuuri: hey yurio could you sign this restraining order
  • yurio: gladly you dumb pig
  • yurio: now I never have to see your stupid face agai-
  • yuuri: hey victor he fell for it he signed the adoption papers ahah you're grounded mister!! haha just kidding your father and I love you

First, understand that the opposite of panic is not blithe acceptance of the situation – it’s clear-minded, positive, day-to-day action. Panic makes you do stupid shit or, even worse, curl up into a ball and do nothing. Don’t tell me you have reason to panic. You never have reason to panic. You have reason to act.

So yeah, be upset for as long as you want. Get drunk. Do whatever you have to do. After that, I want you to sober up, splash water on your face, and consider some facts.

Gay marriage has overwhelming support nationwide – 55 percent to 37 percent against.

Legal abortion is favored by 56 percent, with 41 percent opposed.

The vast majority of the population supports background checks for gun buyers – up to 90 percent in some polls.

A majority of Americans support some kind of universal health care, 58 percent to 37 percent.

64 percent of Americans are worried about global warming. Only 36 percent are not.

And – get this – Americans overwhelmingly agree that immigration helps the country more than it hurts, by a 59 percent to 33 percent margin.


Your country didn’t go anywhere. It’s right here where you left it. America is nothing more than a big ol’ collection of people, and those people are more diverse and progressive than they have ever been. That train won’t be stopped. Donald Trump’s supporters are by and large an aging and shrinking demographic. We didn’t see the backlash coming, but that’s on us – a look at our history would have taught us to expect it.

In light of that, there are a few things to understand going forward.

Don’t Panic

i’ve been thinking way too much about. fucking. galra empire memes lately

as in memes popular within the galra empire becuase BOY does life get dull when you’re part of a sprawling civilisation that hasn’t been challenged in 10,000 years

i’ve only thought of a few

  • -points at a random object going by outside the ship- “is that voltron”
  • -something incredibly minor goes wrong- “fUCK YOU ALTEA!!!”
  • ‘which lion would you pilot’ quizzes because let’s face it everyone and their progenitors dream of flying one of those babies one day
  • quintessence puns

The one certain thing that Crunchyroll’s 2016 Anime Awards showed us is the discrimination that female anime viewers and/or fangirls have to face.

Because most of the salt comments I’ve seen regarding the results were things that followed the logic of: fangirls can’t think critically, hence fangirls are stupid, hence stupid people shouldn’t get to vote.

Idk about you guys, but that’s the impression I got from reading a number of comments - a simple statement claiming that “fangirls’ votes shouldn’t count”.

Maybe I’m the only one, but I get the feeling that most of those people are saying that “women are dumb so women can’t vote; men are smart, men can analyze anime so only men should get to vote and decide what deserves to win”.

That’s an oversimplification of course and I really hope I’m wrong, but listening to the justifications of such people, I’m not entirely convinced.

What they usually say is that fangirls are biased, that all they care about is their gay ship and their gay anime and they want it to win not because it deserves to win, but just because they like it.

Which is a fair point except that male anime fans do the same thing?

It’s not a “fangirl” or a “fujoshi” thing, it’s normal for most fans of something to be biased towards it or against something else. There is nothing inherently wrong with it and it’s natural to want something that you love to succeed. Most anime fans do this, yet only fangirls get targeted?

And let’s highlight another thing: the reason they get attacked. Because they liked the gay ship. How is that a bad thing? Not to mention that it’s incredibly generalizing, as I’ve seen many men also really enjoy Victuuri.

And that’s another thing - the assumption that women (or fans in general) enjoy only the gay ship in the entire anime. How accurate is that?

Looking at those 24k+ notes and according to the responses to that post? Not very accurate at all. (you can browse the reblogs/comments here)

And see, I don’t doubt that Yuri on Ice got as popular as it did because of the canon gay ship. That was certainly the reason why many people initially got curious and started watching it. But I am also sure that 90% of those people found at least one or two more things to love about the anime (be it character development or the OST or what have you) and finished the show, having enjoyed more than just the ship (and still, enjoying the ship is not a bad thing).

And so many people ended up loving or simply liking YOI, and therefore voting for it in the awards, causing it to win all the categories in which it was nominated.

But now, somehow people are attacking the fact that many women loved Yuri on Ice?

As though it’s a bad thing that an anime aimed at women is popular? As though an anime aimed at women cannot be a good anime? As though it doesn’t deserve praise or appreciation (or, at the very least, respect) because it is liked by women?

I’m sure some of it goes back to anime elitism that still plagues the community. There seems to exist an opinion that “real” anime fans do not enjoy Yuri on Ice for whatever reason, but I’m not going to get into this because elitists are a longer topic in and of themselves.

But some of it comes from this belief that the only anime that can be good is anime aimed at or made for men or boys specifically. It goes deeper actually and relates to the feeling I mentioned at the beginning of the post - the unrealistic assumption that women are thoughtless creatures who can only drool over gay couples and hot guys and are incapable of understanding anime on any deeper level.

Which is just incredibly condescending? That’s definitely the word I’d use to describe how many of those comments sound - condescending, patronizing, speaking as though females watching anime are dumb and should not be listened to or respected.

And yes, I’m sure that many fangirls are biased and vote simply because they like YOI and want it to win but the exact same thing can be said about male anime fans (in regards to any other anime) because guess what: gender doesn’t affect bias.

And here you could say that “guys can separate their love for an anime and choose objectively the anime that deserves to win”. I’m sure some guys can, and some guys can’t. Again, how is this related to gender at all? I’ve personally noticed many girls stating outright that they won’t vote for YOI in the best animation category because as much as they love the anime, they think that another show should win there. Shocking that girls can do the same things as guys, right?

At the end of the day, the Anime Awards were a popularity contest and surprisingly, a popular anime won (huge surprise there, really).

But the backlash that the results got is a good opportunity to consider how the anime community treats female fans and/or fangirls as a whole, and how it talks about anime popular with women.

yoi fanfic rec list

hey guys, i promised to recommend you a few victuuri fanfics and here goes the list!


When He’s Not Even Trying by qwartooty (2,8k words, chapters 1/1)

“Do you have any kinks?”
Viktor looked down at Phichit, surprised. “Excuse me?”
“Fetishes. Turn-ons. Things that make you go, ‘Oooh! Wow! Yeah!’”
“I know what a kink is. Why are you asking me that kind of question?”
“Don’t look so scandalized. It’s for my psychology project. Which I just told you about, but you were too busy drooling over Yuuri to listen,” Phichit said.

One Night to Blow by qwartooty (3k words, chapters 1/1)

Victor’s and Yuri’s bachelor parties (incl. Victor throwing money at pole dancing Yuuri)

Stupidly Happy With You by qwartooty (3k words, chapters 1/1) 

“You have that stupid look on your face again,” Yurio said, skating up to where Viktor was watching Yuuri.
“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” Viktor said, putting on a very deliberate frown.
“Face it- Katsudon is sucking the cool right out of you.“
“He’s not sucking anything out of me.”
“Ohoho?” Phichit glided by them with a gleefully scandalized look on his face.

i’m not upset by bixgchan (2,5k words, chapters 2/2)

Yuuri-is-only-mine-please-back-off (aka possessive! Victor)

Addicted (to the taste of you) by smudgesofink (6k words, chapters 1/1)

post ep. 7 universe, dinner with friends (Phichit, Chris etc.) after the Cup of China: Yuuri can’t focus on anything other than Victor, incl. lots of teasing, lots of making out

From The Moon by ButterBeerBitch (5k words, chapters 1/1)

that one time Victor finds out why Yuuri has never let him inside his bedroom

Look & See by icterine (3,5k words, chapters 1/1)

This year, Victor Nikiforov falls in love at the Grand Prix Banquet. He’s so glad he decided to show up.

kairosclerosis by celestialfics (1k words, chapters 1/1)

St Petersburg, domestic Victuuri - this should explain it all :)

Unwritten by kaizuka (34k words, chapters 6/6) - a total classic

Soulmates AU where whatever you write on your own skin appears on your soulmate.


Patience by martialartist816 (3,5k words, chapters 1/1)

"You said you wanted me to do something that would excite you.” Yuuri’s voice sounded cool and even above him. Victor suspected he wore a small smile. “This is what I thought of.”

Russians Do It Differently by martialartist816 (3k words, chapters 1/1)

Victor doesn’t understand the concept of personal space. Yuuri isn’t complaining.

Appreciation by anonymous (4k words, chapters 1/1)

Victor takes care of Yuuri after the Cup of China

Anakin: [text] obiwan
Anakin: OBIWAN
[13:05 Missed call from ANAKIN SKYWALKER]
[13:07 Missed call from ANAKIN SKYWALKER]
Anakin: pick up ur phone omg pick UP
[13:10 Missed call from ANAKIN SKYWALKER]
Obi-Wan: Good grief Anakin I’m in a council meeting!!
Anakin: i need u to come back to our quarters 
Obi-Wan: I thought you were leaving an hour ago, why are you still on Coruscant?
Anakin: i was supposed to go but i can’t leave u have to come back 
Obi-Wan: Anakin I swear if you locked yourself in the bathroom again I’m going to take the door off entirely.
Anakin: NO it’s not that i need help 😭
Obi-Wan: Well have Ahsoka help you, I’m at work
Anakin: no i don’t want to ask her for this 
Obi-Wan: Anakin if this is some kind of ploy to get me over there…
Obi-Wan: It’s not professional. We’ve discussed this.  
Anakin: omg its not like that 
Anakin: there is this gigantic bug by my lightsaber its horrible 🕷 get rid of it
Obi-Wan: Are you serious? I have seen you EAT actual insects before.
Anakin: i know but this is HUGE and its purple and i think its making sounds and i cant leave without my lightsaber PLEASE
Obi-Wan: FFS, hang on, I’ll be home in 5 minutes. 


Lessons learned while drawing Jojos:

  • If you can’t draw Jolyne’s hand, just turn it into a decorative string to fill in negative space.
  • Jotaro’s face doesn’t have to be symmetrical if you hide half of it behind his hat brim.
  • Giorno is too pretty and illegal to draw.
  • Joseph’s hair swoop is stupid and I hate it.
  • I have not been studying the right anatomy to draw Jonathan beef.
  • How the fuck does a pompadour work
  • Johnny is impossible to pose if I can’t leave him on the floor.
  • Gappy is just happy to be there.
Got ya
  • Victor: hey Yurio could you sign this restraining order
  • Yurio: gladly you stupid son of a b
  • Yurio: now I never have to see your stupid face ever agai-
  • Victor: hey Yuuri he fell for it! he signed the adoption papers ahah you're grounded mister!! haha just kidding your father and I love you
all i want from YoI season 2

((Yuuri to have more confidence obviously because hes amazing and deserves the world !!!!!)) 

Viktor and Yuuri compete in the same competition (like worlds or the grand prix or something) and Yuuri wins gold leaving Viktor with silver and Yuuri teases Viktor about it.

“So, you finally won that gold medal, huh?” Viktor mused, a smirk on his face. “You know what that means~!”

When Viktor moved to kiss Yuuri, his fiance stopped him, a cheeky smile playing at his own lips.

“I don’t feel like kissing it unless it’s gold.”

The older man stood dumbstruck as the gold medalist walked off to talk with a few reporters. He looked down at his silver medal, plotting all the ways he could get Yuuri back for this extreme injustice, but, for the time being, settled on lovingly cursing his name.

I can’t believe he played me like that.”

I love Killian because he is hot

“CSers only love Hook because he is hot”. Well obviously I like him because he is hot. Have you looked at him? We are not blind

But for me the best thing about his “pretty face”, is it expressivenes, the emotions he always show; love, care, worry, furious, sassy… this make his features really beautiful

And have you looked his beautiful, tender, disarming smiles?

But Killian is much more than a pretty face, and this is really what make him a really attractive character: he is tender, caring, loving, love cuddles, loves his Swan, and Henry and his whole new family

I refuse to be shamed because I like a physically atractive character. It is nothing bad, and it doesn’t make me stupid and unable to think clearly. 

Peter Parker #2

A/N: I know I have been AWOL, my computer has been very stupid and annoying. Let me know what you guys think xox 


Number Request from Smut Prompt List.


“You’re n-not, um, w-wearing anything under that, are you…?”                     “Are you trying to turn me on right now or are you really just that oblivious?”                                                                                                        “I-I just wasn’t expecting that. But I liked it. A lot.”

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