but you have no idea how much i love people spoofing their own shows

Top 30 Mellow Frames (Part 2)


20. I Am My Mom, Sort Of… It’s a Bit Complicated:

One thing that’s nice about making your own stuff is that you can do whatever you want with the story. If I want to have it where Pearl is stranded into space, I can do that, and so can you dear reader. This comic also function as a How It Should Have Ended for I am My Mom. This comic shows exactly why Lapis was barned.

19. Steven, Your Mom Sucked as a Caregiver:

I don’t know why I portray Rose Quartz as a woman child with a loose grasp on morality, but I do and I’m happy for it. Pairing her with Greg the neurotic wreck is just a recipe for comedy. If Rose didn’t give up her form, Greg probably would’ve had an aneurism by now.

18. Mabel’s Guide to the FriendZone: 

Gravity Falls is a great show. It might even be better than Steven Universe (it’s definitely better than Steven Universe). I only made 4 Mellow Frames relating to Gravity Falls and there’s a reason for that. It’s already a comedy whose humor matches my own. Parodying it is pointless. So instead I decided to make my own episode of Mabel’s Guide To. Enjoy.

17. Lars’ Portal: 

I love narratives that don’t include that much dialogue. Maybe it’s because I’m an introvert, but I prefer action to dialogue. That’s why I’m proud to make an 18 panels comic that only has 3 panels with dialogue. It might just be one joke, but many people seem to think that it’s a funny one.  Though there’s some who didn’t get it.

16. Our Favorite Ruby:

Fun fact, I learned about SU Critical because I noticed rebloggers were tagging this comic as such. This comic does pick apart some of the problems of what I find to be a divisive episode (there’s so much of this episode I loved, and so much I hated). It does seem like everyone’s favorite joke was the “Fuck you too” part. I’ll admit it; I was referencing Coming to America with that joke. I just felt like that joke fit perfectly with what was happening with Lapis and Navy. 

15. Steven’s an Open Book: 

Open Book is probably my favorite filler episode of SU, so I had fun parodying it. The premise is simple; what if Steven didn’t know what Cloud Connie wanted him to say. Corruption of Steven ensues.

14. What Happened After Stevonnie Left in Alone Together:

You know, this comic could be considered canon. You have no proof that this didn’t happen. 

13. We Need to Talk About Kevin:

Sometimes all you need is one out of context line to make a comic. This is one of those comics. 

12. Totally Human:

I love making Priyanka a dumb ass. Honestly, I prefer her being dumb than how she was portrayed in Fusion Cuisine (the episode, not the Mellow Frames). This comic is actually a couple of firsts for the Mellow Frames canon. It’s the first where I used Photoshop to change pictures (it’s very subtle, you probably can’t notice it). It’s the first and so far only that has been talked about on the Bubble Buddies Podcast. It’s also the first in what could be considered SU Abridged Comics. It’s where I made an in depth parody of an episode that just came out. That’s pretty much been the format for SU Mellow Frames more or less since. One last note about this comic is that I’m surprised that no one called me out on the agendered joke. I think people did get that the joke wasn’t at the expense of agendered people, but at Priyanka for being an idiot. People on Tumblr don’t get as easily offended as people think. 

11. The Truth of Rose, Pearl’s and Greg’s Relationship:

Speaking of Tumblr not getting easily offended, we got this comic.I don’t know how I came up with this messed up idea. I don’t know how I decided to write Rose this way (where she is a woman child that is slightly blind to morality). I just did. Here’s the thing though, this is actually the first Mellow Frames. What a way to start.

My top 10 favorite filler episodes / arcs

As requested by shy-girl-liechtenstein. :)

It’s no secret that I am generally a big fan of Bleach filler. Sure, I find some of it to be unbearable (*shakes fist at Bount arc*), but generally I think the filler writers are pretty awesome. I mean, they take serious Bleach characters and make them silly, grossly exaggerate personality traits, and generally provide wish-fulfillment. Kind of like what I try to do with this blog. *coughs* So anyway, here are my top 10 filler episodes and/or arcs!

#10: The Beast Swords Arc (Episodes 257-265)

After the embodied zanpakuto arc, there was another brief filler arc, which was basically a filler arc for the previous filler arc. It was like the embodied zanpakuto arc ended too early, and the filler writers had to scramble to come up with another nine episodes (Filler writer: “Um…..what if the embodied zanpakuto just don’t go away after all?”). What followed was a series of one-off episodes about various embodied zanpakuto having adventures. And for the most part, it was so much fun. We learned what a huge dork Senbonzakura was, got to spend more time with Kyoraku’s dual zanpakuto, and of course got to watch Kazeshini take care of an adorable baby. So yeah.

Favorite moment: Oh, the Kazeshini baby episode for sure. And in that episode, maybe the moment that Wabisuke says, “What a gloomy child.”

#9: Hisagi & Matsumoto at the Inn (Episode 305)

This episode is basically about Hisagi’s crush on Matsumoto, and about him being confused about whether or not she is signalling him to make a move. Which she isn’t (spoilers?). What I like about it (aside from Hisagi acting like a dork and Matsumoto being a crafty bad-ass) is that there is zero implication that Matsumoto is “leading Hisagi on” or any fuckery like that. Hisagi is just trying to figure out what she actually wants, and he doesn’t get angry with Matsumoto at all when he turns out to be mistaken. So it ends up being just a silly episode about what a dork Hisagi is. I like that.

Favorite moment: Hisagi talking to himself.

#8: Ikkaku and the Kendo Tournament (Episode 133)

I’m a big fan of most of the filler about Hitsugaya’s Advance Team being in the world of the living (except for that one Kon episode). But this one was one of my favorites - Ikkaku takes over the training of a high school kendo team. My favorite bit is at the end, when he has to use all of the shinigami as ringers because there just aren’t enough humans.

Favorite moment: Oops, I said already. The part at the end when the shinigami get involved in the tournament.

#7: Monster Bleach (Episode 304)

All right. So those first three I am vaguely ambivalent about (if I were rewatching Bleach, I may or may not rewatch them), but these last seven I genuinely like. In this episode, Ichigo has a dream that he and all of his friends are monsters. There’s Rukia the succubus, Hitsugaya the wolf man (who acts like a puppy), Orihime the pumpkin-ghost, Renji the pirate, Matsumoto the witch and, best of all, there is Ishida the anemic vampire who refuses to drink blood because it’s the color of a shinigami soul ribbon so instead he drinks milk and faints all the time. 

Favorite moment: Well, the Ishida part to be honest, but I just want to say something else: did anybody else notice that you briefly see Isshin’s captain’s robe in this episode? And I’m pretty sure there’s a 10 on it??

#6: The Kite Episode (Episode 355)

Oh hey, this is topical. I just did a list about this episode. Anyway, this episode is a lot of fun. It really felt like the sort of thing I would have liked to have written as a list, what with all of the kite jokes (Hinamori having a kite that is Aizen’s glasses, Soi Fon’s Yoruichi kite, etc), all of the silliness (like people attacking each other through kites) and the ridiculous ending (Squad 1 getting kite bombed). 

Favorite moment: Hitsugaya trying to rescue Hinamori.

#5: The Obligatory Beach Episode (Episode 228)

As far as I know, this was an episode written around a drawing Tite Kubo did of the Bleach ladies at the beach in sexy swimwear. I really like my friend’s analysis of how this probably went down: that basically, the filler writers looked at the picture, said to themselves “What the fuck? Those swimsuits are kinda out of character for some of the women, huh?” and then wrote an episode to justify it (so Isane’s ridiculously revealing swimsuit is assigned her by Unohana, Soi Fon is forced into hers by Yoruichi, etc). They also added some scantily-clad men to balance it all out, and then had everybody act relentlessly silly. For all of these reasons and more, I really love the filler writers.

Favorite moment: Too many to name! I am torn between Byakuya and Rukia building sand sculptures together, Hitsugaya being grumpy and refusing to go into the sun, or Ichigo being supremely unimpressed by all of the scantily-clad women around him (he looks…bored. Ichigo why?).

#4: The Soul Society Film Festival (Episode 298)

This episode is pure gold. All of the various squads decide to make their own movies, and we get some fabulous moments like Iba and Ichigo wearing dog suits, Byakuya doing “special effects” as an excuse to repeatedly attack Ichigo, and Renji’s idea of a sci fi movie.

Favorite moment: Byakuya attacking Ichigo, probably.

#3: Hitsugaya, Karin, and Soccer (Episode 132)

Oh hey here’s an episode I love to death. Karin meets Hitsugaya, and finds out that he is weirdly good at soccer. So she tries to convince him to play for her in this tournament, which he reluctantly agrees to do. This episode is the sole reason that I can’t help but ship Karin and Hitsugaya.

Favorite moment: A toss-up between Karin scoring the final goal, and Hitsugaya revealing himself as a captain.

#2: The Embodied Zanpakuto Arc (Episodes 230-256)

Man, I love this filler arc. It did so much that I never knew I wanted: dealt with the question of the zanpakuto’s sort-of agency, gave psychological readings of all of the characters, and included really fabulous art of everyone’s embodied zanpakuto. Plus, there was so much great (and often unexpected) characterization of the zanpakuto, from Sasakibe’s and Komamura’s zanpakuto being BFFs, to Haineko and Tobiume both having a crush on Hyorinmaru.

Favorite moment: Oh man. Maybe Kira bluffing Kazeshini. That moment was fabulous.

#1: Ichigo and the Magic Lamp (Episode 287)

This episode makes me cry with laughter every time. I am not even joking. Every time they get to the “Lamp Society” part I lose it. I think I just find the word “lamp” to be unaccountably hilarious. But beyond that, I love it when shows spoof their own content, and this episode is basically a spoof of the first Soul Society arc. It makes fun of Renji’s big speech. It makes fun of Ichigo’s fight with Kenpachi. It makes fun of Byakuya’s stuffiness. And (I cannot emphasize this enough) it replaces random syllabus with “lamp.” 

Favorite moment: ”The thirteen court lamp squads.” COMEDY GOLD

anonymous asked:

I think castle fans are usually not used to angst & given how Marlowe worked, they never expected it to happen. I admired Marlowe for that. But it's not his show anymore. Also would like to say just because they are separated ( with no real maliciousness involved), they aren't any less special now. Tv is full of great couples who went through separations, biggest examples like Merder and BB and came out of them wonderfully and more strong. Also it happens in real life & ppl go back to love.

Marlowe once went on record saying that he would never break them up once they got together (friendly reminder that they still haven’t broken up. They’re separated. There’s a difference.), and much like Beckett’s one and done comment from season one, people latched onto it like a lifeline. 

But you said it, Anon. It’s not Marlowe’s show anymore. Marlowe’s version of Castle became formulaic. Insert case of the week, preferably with a theme or a gimmick, add some wacky/lighthearted b plot. Solve case. Tag b plot with sticky sweet fluff. Roll credits. During sweeps you could vary it up, add some emotional issue and light angst, all of which would be resolved 95% of the time by a sticky sweet final scene and the problem never mentioned again. That’s fine for a while, but after seven seasons? Two of which the show phoned it in for at least half its run? It had gotten boring. Entertaining, yes, but making me feel things beyond fangirl squeeing at how cute Castle and Beckett are? Not so much. 

While I’m sure this is an vastly unpopular opinion, I’m glad that someone else has taken the reins. Don’t get me wrong, I have the upmost respect for Marlowe because he created these characters and a show that I love but from the back half of season five to the end of season seven, by and large, the show went stale around the edges. There are a host of comments from Marlowe throughout season seven in print and on the DVD commentary that tell me he had no plans of changing the formula. 

Yes, Castle is a procedural that is driven by a case of the week. That isn’t ever going to change but, where Castle initially differed from most other police dramas, was that they did it with a tongue in cheek attitude, lightning in a bottle chemistry, and b plots that connected into one another week after week and provided character growth and further serviced the story of how these two people fell in love and got together. 

Once Castle and Beckett got together, things got a little lazy. From one week to the next, they may or may not remember basic plot points or what they experienced the week previous. With the exception of the back end of season five and the first episode of season seven, if it couldn’t be solved with some fluffy cuteness and a joke, it wasn’t worth exploring. And even in both of those instances, one was solved with apparently nothing more than a proposal and a time jump, while the other was skimmed over until, suddenly, Castle had been having trouble sleeping from guilt, felt he wasn’t good enough for Beckett, and then learned that he was wrong/convinced her to get married. That season seven arc isn’t terrible, but it’s skipping a few key points that would have made it really hit home and sing, versus reluctantly whistling a tune. Additionally, we wasted a season on a b plot of nothing more than a wedding checklist that ended in a dramatic cliffhanger for a story that’s ‘resolution’ ended, as it began, with enough plot holes to sink the sky blue dinghy that Castle returned on. 

The concept of over arching plot and character development got shoved aside because, from Marlowe’s own mouth, the show has to be episodic and it’s better for viewers if there is no emotional hangover. I don’t know if it was job burn out (because show running is a bitch) or that he truly lost a grasp on how to write complex emotions, but there was very little of season six or season seven that made me feel anything beyond ‘oh, that was cute’. 

Cuteness and theme episodes became the crutch for the show. Has anyone noticed that in the past two years that this show has put in more thematic episodes than in the other five combined? Western, Ninjas, Time Travelers, 70s disco, Da Vinci Code spoof, The Devil Wears Prada spoof, Carrie spoof, Kindergarten Cop spoof, 80s Action movie spoof, telenovella, alternate reality, SNL, Space. Yes, Castle has always played on other popular television shows and genres, but when you spend the bulk of your season with that kind of stuff it reads to me like you are out of original ideas and have to cop someone else’s. 

Terrence Paul Winter and Alexi Hawley are recycling a plot. They absolutely are. But they’re doing it in a way that revisits some of the things that got dropped or glossed over in previous years because it went against the mold of the episodic nature Marlowe seemed to want.