but you guys understand the context

at the end of the day when guys play the kind of role that PK plays, they want you to hate them. they want you to hate who they are on the ice because it really fucks with the way you play against them. If you’re letting PK’s cellies and dives and arrogance get to you and piss you off it’ll throw off your game. You’re not worried about beating him because he did something dirty. You’re annoyed and you’re anger is focused on him not winning. That’s what he and other pests do.

But with a guy like Brad Marchand who is more quiet with his personal and “good” side, he’s generally given the benefit of the doubt. Guys always say “i never knew what to expect from him,” and they still talk about being surprised. or hating him on the ice but there’s always this softer tone to it. This idea that they understand that it’s the role he plays. Brad Marchand is a pest, he’s annoying, he’s like a little sibling running around and getting in your way.

They say similar things about PK but it’s never in this light, teasing tone, that seems to understand that what PK is, is in context of the game itself. It’s this weird “well this is who he is in real life and therefore he’s a TERRIBLE person. you can feel a lot of the aggression in the words used against him. He’s not given the benefit of the doubt but players who don’t like him.

There’s an argument to be made that this canadian “Class” attitude makes people turn against PK but I think this idea of class is prejudiced in and of itself because no only does it unfairly target PK over guys like Marchand (who is just as ostentatious and over the top with his personality on and off the ice) but also is the same attitude that tells lgbt fans to not overreact about slurs because it’s “just how it is” or the same attitude that puts down women for daring to be treated equally. So while PK is a very proud man it’s important to highlight the fact that Brad Marchand is just as proud and may even more so because he can get away with it.

And I bring up Marchand specifically because I love him, I think he’s a great guy and I don’t want to turn this into a “Player A vs Player B” thing or use it to put down another player who still hasn’t done anything wrong. Like I think Gallagher is a better example but seeing as I hate him I didn’t want that to be the focus of this. But even guys like him are told that’s just their game and that they need to play that way and when they’re playing that way they’re playing their best. but when PK is just himself, anywhere, it’s a personal affront to Hockey itself. White players get the benefit of the doubt. 

And honestly I can’t believe a guy like John Scott known for head hunting is speaking on anyone’s conduct on ice. Like what the fuck.

Guys, there’s something you need to know. In French lots of words have the same pronounciation yet different meanings. One of my fav probably is the homonyms of “gay”.

There’s 2 of them:
Tu es gai” means “you’re joyful but “tu es gay” means “you’re gay. It is pronounced exactly the same but you will hear it differently depending on the context.
Still, the best part is “fais le guet” which means “keep watch but you can understand “fais le gay”/“act gay.

Now imagine your OTP being on some kind of infiltration mission, pursued by ennemies. Person A tells person B to “keep watch”. But because person B took it in the wrong way, he starts acting totally gay in the middle of battle, not understanding how it’d be useful but doing it anyway because person A told him to.


“Better luck next time.”

Bank Robber AU for @ambiguous-eyepatch for the Valentines @aftgexchange!

I had a lot of fun drawing these and I hope you like it! 😃

I realized too late that this wasn’t exactly what you meant by your prompt, sorry about that, but I hope it’s still okay!

The rest of my mini-fic/headcanons/ramblings about this AU are below the cut:

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I'm working on an assignment about how we could modify the way we teach Shakespeare so students understand it. In combing through JSTOR (our lord and savior) I found two articles both discussing how damned difficult it is to teach Shakespeare. Each is titled 'Teaching Shakespeare'. One is from 1942. The other is from 1893. It is 2017, and we still don't know how the fuck to teach this shit so people get it. Academic struggles all day every day and literally nothing has changed

University was a dream come true for me. I had amazing lecturers and the class had a three-pronged approach:

1. Explain the historical context of the play, how it was originally performed and how it was received

2. View different modern adaptations (at least 2-3, sometimes more, and ideally look at some from other cultures and in other languages) and compare and contrast how they interpret the same text

3. Encourage students to interpret the text in their own way. Wanna make A Midsummer Night’s Dream about two lesbians, Lysander and Hermia, running away from a homophobic society? Go for it. Now explain why you chose to do that and how you would stage it.

We would have lectures that were theory-based, interrupted by the professor playing some clips from different adaptations. Later in the week we would meet in a theatre space and work with the text physically, vocally, and have an open and honest discussion about what we were studying. We got through one play every two weeks over a 12 week period and came out with a solid understanding of each one. Extraordinary stuff.

Now, compare this approach, which is interesting, engaging and relevant to the modern era and our own experiences, to how it’s traditionally taught in high school.

You sit.

In a room.

You read the play.

You’re stuck with it for weeks and weeks.

You have no fucking clue what’s being said or why you should care. 

Your teacher then asks you to write an essay on a topic that will have some ludicrously long title that you barely understand.

You go away hating Shakespeare and viewing it as horrible and boring. 

And you completely miss what the text is about and what it can be about.

The thing that was really powerful at uni, and what we should endeavour to bring to teenage students, was looking at other people’s adaptations. Reading Shakespeare as a 15 year old, or indeed at any age, can be a struggle. It feels like you’re reading gobbledegook. How the hell are you supposed to understand Elizabethan slang? How are you supposed to engage with the story if you keep reaching for a dictionary every 2 seconds? But that’s where skilled actors and directors come into it, because these guys do the work for you. For example, The Globe theatre is a massive draw for tourists around the world. They perform plays in the original language in a way that is hugely accessible and entertaining for all people, no matter their background. They use voice, action and gesture to make sure you understand. It’s an old maxim that Shakespeare is meant to be seen and not heard, and it’s true, so let your students watch the professionals act it out. Let them watch two or three! Maybe more! And once they start to grasp the text, aided by historical context, get them up and get them speaking and performing. And if someone’s shy and doesn’t want to perform? That’s totally fine! They’re now the director, and they can come up with ideas that others will put into practice. 

Get people talking. Start arguments. Shakespeare’s plays will say something different to each different person. What is it about this text that you latch onto? Which adaptation did you like best? How do you think it should come to life? And when you assigns essays and assessments, let them write and argue about what they are passionate about. I fucking hate those essay prompts that box you in and allow no room to put forward your own feelings, which make you talk about the theme of forgiveness or whatever when you think fuck you, this play wasn’t about forgiveness at all, it was about (x).

Even with the little stuff, there’s no point just saying “so the definition of iambic pentameter is…” and moving on, you should be up there with your hand on your heart, making them tap along to their own heartbeats, ba-DUM, ba-DUM, ba-DUM, Two HOUSE-holds BOTH a-LIKE in DIG-ni-TY - great! You feel it, don’t you? You feel those 10 beats in your heart, and now what happens when you recite a line that’s slightly irregular? Sometimes you’ll get a weird line that’s 9, 11 or 12 syllables where everything else is 10, sometimes you’ll get the stressed syllable in a different place than it should be, and you can feel that as you’re reciting - it’s as if your heart suddenly started beating faster or skipped a beat, and you have to listen to it and ask - why did Shakespeare want me to stress that? Why did this character suddenly falter and slip out of rhythm? Same with things like assonance, alliteration, repetition, juxtaposition and all those others words that make students’ eyeballs melt out of their heads. Don’t just make them memorise an arbitrary list of definitions, show them what they can do.

For example: repetition in Much Ado About Nothing. Beatrice and Benedick will often choose a word or an idea and then hit it back and forth like a shuttlecock until one of them drops it. But it’s the repetition of the word heart that is most striking, and the image of Beatrice’s heart in particular. Beatrice has a “merry heart,” she has a “wild heart,” Margaret jokes she should lay Carduus Benedictus to “your heart,” Benedick declares he wants to “live in thy heart.” The word crops up close to forty times throughout the play, associated with love, happiness, sexual ardour - nice things, in other words. In the confession scene we see:

BEATRICE: I was about to protest I loved you.

BENEDICK: And do it, with all thy heart.

BEATRICE: I love you with so much of my heart none is left to protest. 

And then, all of a sudden, just a few lines later, Shakespeare pulls the fucking rug out from under us. Remember all that nice heart imagery? Throw it out the window, and listen to what Beatrice has to say about Claudio, the scumbag who disgraced and almost killed her innocent cousin: I would eat his heart in the marketplace.


Do you see that? One word, one image, one idea and suddenly it’s like the the roof has caved in. Claudio said he loved her cousin, and then he nearly killed her. And Beatrice, with her loving, merry heart, the heart that Benedick wishes to live in, says I would eat his heart. If hurting women is what Claudio intends to do with his love and his heart, then by God she will fucking pull it out of his chest and eat it where everyone can see so they know what should happen to men like him. 

Feel it, listen to it, live it. Those definitions will seem abstract and alien when you read them on the page - who cares if a few words start with the same letter? What does it matter if he repeats a couple of words? But you have to get into the text and really hear and see, viscerally, what these techniques are capable of. They should make the hairs stand up on the back of your neck. 

Historical context is another issue I won’t go too far into, but suffice to say that it’s something that deserves far more attention than it gets. Apart from anything else, it’s interesting! People got up to crazy stuff in Shakespeare’s time, we should know about the world the Bard lived in.

I apologise for ranting, but yes. Shakespeare is often taught in an inadequate or inappropriate way, and for the sanity of high school students everywhere we should endeavour to teach teachers how Shakespeare should be taught.

*The team manager when I was doing sports journalism* “I’m sorry about all the online verbal abuse, stalking and trolling you receive, Sharon. You’ve had to put up with more than any writer has had to endure.”

*Me, sarcastically* “Gee, I can’t think why.”

Context: I was the only girl writer on a sports site with 14 guy writers.

*Me* “Oh, it’s fine. And poor Alfred. He gets some horrible stuff said to him. They really detest him and say he’s ruining the site.”

Context: Alfred was the only black guy out of all the writers.

Not that me or Alfred were exactly Rick Reilly, but you understand certain things sometimes, you know?


you can’t believe every story you’re told

not even the ones you tell yourself


Hello, audience. Thank you for coming. You are here because you want to laugh and you want to forget about your problems, but I cannot allow it. You should not laugh. You should not forget about your problems. The world is not funny. We are all dying. The world is not funny. Twelve percent of the world’s population does not have access to clean drinking water. The world is not funny. Guy Fieri owns two functioning restaurants. The world is not funny. So then, now that we understand the context, now that we realize how terribly unfunny the world is… let’s do this.


examined as objectively as one can, the addition of Genesis Rhapsodos to the legendary Nibelheim Incident actually improves it by a factor of roughly ten thousand

by taking the narrative of Sephiroth’s breakdown and descent into murderous rage out of his hands and placing it into the hands of a character designed to be “Sephiroth except better and stronger and also he’s a Japanese pop star”, we’re able to feel the true emotional weight of the moment that the original game lacked

i don’t know about you guys, but i didn’t really, truly understand the magnitude of Sephiroth’s fall from grace until it was explained to me by Genesis Rhapsodos, and placed in context with his own tumble from the top

here’s hoping it’s going to be redone in glorious HD for the remake

I love you guys and I understand the issues with racism in the media is important but I sincerely think some of you just don’t know how headlines work

“YOU HAVE TO SAY THIS PERSON’S NAME” That’s nice and all but out of context their name means nothing. I have no idea who that person is. They’re an actor in a thing? Okay, that makes it relevant to the convo. They’re young yet successful? Also relevant. The name of somebody we don’t know because this article will be what makes them famous? Not relevant, and not going to get anybody to click on it.

The point of a headline is to make you read the article, which, spoiler, WILL have the information you’re so desperate to put in the headline itself. That’s not how the news work, that’s not how you get views on your page, and that’s not going to get my attention

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So I just found out why YouTube did what they did the reason is because pewdiepie on his channel posted Hitler Anthoms he paid 2 guys in India to hold up signs saying Jews deserve to die and he also did a couple more horrendous things I was so disappointed in him because I had been there since the beginning so I understand it might be a shock but it is true thwart is why YouTube did what they did

I’m very well aware of what Felix did. However, what other people seem to not understand is that they were these little things called jokes. You see, some people have trouble understanding this concept.

On top of that, there is this thing called “context”. For example, the context behind his actions on Fiverr was: “People will do terrible things for as little as $5″. He also apologized and owned up to his actions. Every time Felix has been called out for something he’s owned up to it and admitted his fault. Why? Because he recognizes that things sometimes go too far.

Here’s why I’m so pissed about this: Everyone and their mother knows how much time, energy, and money was spent by not only him, but his friends as well, in the making of the season 2 of Scare PewDiePie. This whole thing is not only screwing him over, but also the people who were in it. (Ex.: Mark, Jack, etc.) 

YouTube is only pulling this because they’re afraid of people who make it an occupation to be offended for others. (Ethan from h3h3 touched on the topic in this video.)

Anyways, I’m sure this didn’t really make a difference to you, but I felt the need to explain this. What people seem to forget is that Felix is more than just pixels on a screen; he is a human being. No one is perfect. Are some imperfections bigger than others? Absolutely. That doesn’t mean he deserves to have his right to create taken from him.


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okay but what's your joanna hc ?

Sorry this took so long, Nonie. @outside-the-government and @gracieminabox - here ya go.

Strap in, ‘cause this is a long one.

For those of you who watched STID with me last week, skip to the bottom, ‘cause you know what I’m about to say.

First, some background. I’d never seen any Star Trek until December of 2016. Like, three months ago. 

The very first episode of TOS that I watched was The Immunity Syndrome. The very first thing that I noticed about The Immunity Syndrome was Deforest Kelley’s pinpoint pupils. 

Now, I wanna stop right now to make damn sure you guys understand - I am absolutely not in any way suggesting that De was on drugs. Hell no. This was probably a lighting thing. Anna doesn’t make movies. This was just an observation, okay?

Okay, so, pinpoint pupils. I noticed this off the bat. The very first thought that I had, without any context for Bones as a character, was, damn, this guy is on opioids. 

Later, in the very same episode, Bones is running around giving stimulants to everyone on the ship. Jim asks for another.

Bones says, “Jim, those things’ll blow you apart.”

And the wonderful thing about Deforest Kelley is that he fucking sells every line. 

Those things’ll blow you apart.

To me, that sounded like the voice of experience.

Side note that at this point, about 2/3 of the way through my very first TOS episode, I had already decided that Bones is in love with Jim. It’s just that obvious.

By the end of The Immunity Syndrome, I had solidified my theory - Bones has a problem with drugs.

We’ve well established, that as a fandom, Leonard McCoy is, or at least was, a functional alcoholic. AOS, TOS, it doesn’t matter. The pattern for addiction is there. 

If you look at statistics, the amount of healthcare workers who divert drugs is significant. More than that, it’s overwhelming, and it’s scary. 

This is a particularly prevalent problem in specialties that have frequent access to controlled medications - ahem, calling out anesthesia - and what does Bones always, always have on him? 


Bones administers his own meds. Chapel doesn’t do it. Bones does it. 

Now, one more example, and we’ll get to the actual headcanon here. Sorry, I did warn you this would be long. 

William Halsted was one of the most influential surgeons in the history of medicine. I’m not going to list his many achievements and advancements here, but holy hell, this guy did it all. 

Halsted was addicted to cocaine and morphine. He used the cocaine to stay sharp during hours and hours of surgery, then he’d go home, come down with the morphine, sleep for a while, and then be back at it again. Wildly successful man, had self-medication down to a science.

Guys, I genuinely believe that Bones, during his early career, was doing the exact same thing.

I think it started in med school. Bones is really fucking young to be a doctor, guys, if we believe that he was born in ‘27. Can you imagine the pressure?

It’s not a real problem during residency - just a stim during a long day, one in the morning after Joanna had kept him awake all night, sometimes when the call schedule gets a little too brutal. All the residents do it at some time or another, and nobody looks too hard at the docs, anyway.

It’s David’s illness that sends Bones spiraling down.

Coffee’s not enough. He’s not sleeping - it’s long days of research, up at 3 am, round on patients, check on dad, back to the lab, take call, a comm to Joss and Jo, back home with dad. He’s losing focus, and he’s terrified that he’s gonna slip up and kill somebody. 

So it starts with stims. 

It snowballs - one’s not enough, then it’s two a day, and before long, Bones can’t sleep even when he has time. His hands are trembling and his eyes are bloodshot, and hell, even the stims can’t fix this.

So he has to sedate himself.

Later, after, when the funeral arrangements are done and all that’s left of David is a pile of paperwork, Bones is just existing. Joss seems uncomfortable with him moving back in so abruptly - they’ve been apart for too long - and Jo’s being a little standoffish. 

By now it’s second nature. Bones doesn’t even think about it anymore.

Until the day he wrecks the car.

He’s picking up Jo from daycare. Joss has a late meeting at the office - Leonard, I can’t reschedule - and Bones is in a bind. It’s short notice; he’s got one more case, and then he’s giving a talk at the university. He can just manage to drop Jo at his mother-in-law’s, but he’s got to book it.

It’s not his fault. 

Oh, he speeding, that’s for sure, but that idiot was clear on the wrong side of the road.

it’s just his luck that the override feature failed

Bones has got a nasty concussion and fuck-ton of subcutaneous bruising, but Jo… 

Jo was thrown from the vehicle.

It’s not good, it’s not good, it’s not good.

It’s all a blur for Bones. He’s vaguely aware of the first responders pulling him gently out of the way. Someone comms for airlift. 

He winds up in his own ED. 

Jo’s in his own trauma bay.

His colleagues are wide-eyed and worried. Bones gets lots of sympathetic pats on the shoulder, lots of sorrowful glances and empty condolences.

But the proof’s in the piss, guys, and it’s not long before the entire hospital knows about Dr. McCoy’s failed drug screen.

It terminates his career and it’s the death-knell to a marriage that was already spiraling down in flames. 

and it loses him jo

Nohrian Festival: Laslow and Niles Conversation Pt. 1 & 2

I posted this on my original blog before so I’m just reposting it here with a few minor fixes.

Like I’ve said before, I’m kind of sad that Niles can’t support with Laslow even though he can support with Odin and Selena. I mean, come on, Laslow is the perfect victim for Niles with those reactions of his…

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Alright enough. Everyone who thinks Stephen’s joke waa homophobic clearly need to watch the segment and his show, and know that he’s probably one of the furthest things from homophobic. Yes he probably could have avoided it but the writer’s wrote it and he was pissed off cuz of the whole Dickerson thing and he lashed out.

While I understand that everyone has their own triggers, I think asking to ruin someone else’s career just because you’re made uncomfortable by something they said in a different context, that was NOT INTENDED to offend you, is wrong. Seriously guys, people make mistakes. Sometimes we percieve them to have made a mistake, that they perhaps did not understand. Let them know theyre wrong, but dont make it seem like some unforgivable, apocalypse inducing, offense.

Please dont try to stop something that’s this good.
And, even if you do, for God’s sake dont think you’re doing the right thing.

—  Me,
Knowing fully well that a lot of you will probably hate me for this and I’m sorry, but this had to be said.
I’m perfectly willing to listen to your objections and understand your viewpoint but please, make me aware of them calmly.
Being Placed on A Pedestal By Other People

I know that Jack tries to be relatable to us-and not in a fake way-and I think I just found a way that I relate to him more. Even though I don’t fully understand what it’s like to be in his position, I can somewhat relate to Jack when he talks about some people thinking that he’s on some sort of pedestal (e.g. thinking he’s always happy or positive, etc).

Before I ramble too much, let me give you guys some context here:

I’ve always been considered a “good student” in school. In these past years, I have always done my work, paid attention in class, and basically try to get the best grades possible because:

1) As hard as school can be, I *do* like learning stuff.
2) I really really REALLY want to make people proud. (Mainly parents and teachers). So I want to keep doing what I’m doing to maintain that.
3) Having this attitude of trying to always maintain a 4.0 gave me motivation and a goal I could always work towards.


I realized that “always trying to be at a 10” for the sake of pleasing others isn’t very healthy. I’ve had a couple periods of time where I end up breaking down due to the stress of doing that, whether it’s actually crying in front of my mom or spiraling mentally and emotionally on the inside with no one (in real life) noticing.

You see, I don’t like drawing attention to myself in real life. Here, I can stay somewhat anonymous and be able to vent out my feelings without the fear of seeing people react to me negatively in front of me.

So whenever I do need help in real life, whether it’s something small like not getting how to do an assignment in class or something big like needing someone to talk to for support and reassurance, I…don’t usually go out of my way to receive that help.

It’s not out of stubbornness and feelings of “Oh, I can do this myself! I don’t need other people’s help!”

It’s more like “I don’t want to inconvenience that person right now.” or “I’ll look stupid asking for help on this.” or “People won’t look at me the same way ever again.”

And I promise that I’m getting to a point here. I’ll move on before I forget what I truly wanted to talk about:

My family likes to tell people how “proud they are of me” and that “I’m so smart and hardworking” and “nothing really gets me down when it comes to school.”

(That last one is more implied than said directly.)

So they start to get this impression of me that, to be honest, makes me feel like they think I’m better than I actually am. Sometimes like…they forget that I’m *an actual human being with feelings and thoughts of my own* instead of a machine that pumps out work that supposedly represents the best parts of myself.

Here’s an example:

So as some people who follow me may know, I’ve been struggling with demotivation and stress lately. Unfortunately, that has been affecting my school work as far as 1) the quality of it and 2) getting done in time.

To be honest, I’ve been feeling really disappointed in myself for not trying harder. But part of me knows that this behavior of mine isn’t because of laziness. When it comes to school, the last thing people usually think of me is “lazy.” In fact, some might say I work TOO hard. And I do agree with that.

I have a habit of pushing myself to my limits and even further cause I JUST DONT WANT TO DISAPPOINT ANYONE!!

I just hate the thought of it, so so much.

As I said though, doing this degrades my work.

I recently had a conversation with a family member. I thought that if I could vent here, maybe it’d finally be ok to vent in real life. I started to talk about my demotivation and mentioned that one of my latest assignments, an essay, was turned in a week late. Given my reputation in my family, that’s like extremely shocking to them.

Their response?

“WHAT?? But…you’re supposed to be better than me with this stuff!! That’s something that *I* would do!…wow, I’m actually feeling angry right now…seriously?? I’m really disappointed in you…”

I didn’t get a chance to explain myself properly cause I had to leave shortly after.

It made me feel…bad about myself. Like I really *am* supposed to be better than that.

However, I’m only human! People shouldn’t expect me to be at my best ALL THE FRICKIN TIME!!

I swear, it’s like I deviate from the usual expectations ONE TIME and people just…

The main point to take away from this:

Don’t treat people like they’re on a pedestal. Please.

Thanks for reading.

Too many things today are pissing me off, and I have a couple of rant posts saved as drafts which I will probably delete. So instead of posting them, I’m going to share this story:

My friend was working on his jobsite (he’s a tradie), and a gay couple started having an argument out the front. Full on screaming at each other, hitting each other, everything. My friend’s boss runs out the front - 70 year old guy, big burly tradesmen, very different generation and values, you know the type - and starts yelling at them.

“Now I don’t fucking understand your lifestyle and I can’t fucking pretend to” (at this point my friend is getting ready to intervene) “but I do understand love.” (my friend pauses) “And you two are meant to fucking love each other. And you don’t talk to someone you love like this - I would NEVER hit my wife, so you don’t fucking hit each other, okay?”

And then he made them sit down for 45 minutes - he bought them coffee - and talk it out. They walked away holding hands.

I just. Yes, in an ideal world this guy would understand it and view it as any other relationship, but even though he doesn’t, and has obviously grown up in a context of looking down on it, he still makes the effort to not only passively accept it, but ACTIVELY accept it and treat it as he would a heterosexual relationship by stepping in to advocate for respect and courtesy and love. I thought that was pretty cool.

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Rfa + V + Saeran reacting to MC watching a kdrama? And she's watching an episode that really makes her bawl her eyes out while eating ice cream or something. Lol, I've been wondering who to submit this to! And I chose you because I noticed you usually reply to the anons so that comforted me haha I luv u

AWWE THANK U BEB I LUV U TOO also this was relatable so i wrote it well (; also jus pretend that u live in a small apartment by urself but the members visit u every now and then (in scenes where they visit u)


  • he came from school and decided to visit u by surprise bc u didnt log onto the messenger all day
  • he had a key to ur apartment too so if u werent home thatd be okay !
  • he opens the door and
  • there u are
  • crying. eating ur feelings out.
  • yoosung is like what the h*ck mc r u ok
  • u slowly turn to him and put the ice cream bowl down
  • he drops his bag and sudddnly starts crying too
  • hes one of those sweeties who cry when others cry awwe
  • and so you two just cuddle on the couch
  • he eventually gets snatched by the kdrama too so


  • he came out of the shower and heard u crying loudly
  • so he ran out and saw u in ur truest form
  • a burrito of emotion eating a burrito
  • but you were just holding the burrito, crying
  • he asks whats wrong and you point at the screen
  • you started crying more and he was just
  • staring at you
  • lets not forget hes in just a towel thats covering his bottom half
  • he sits next to you and rubs ur back
  • while ur crying with the burrito in ur hand hes watching the show
  • from the context of it he begins to understand why u were so emo
  • mindlessly he says that he once played the role of a guy like the main lead
  • that makes you cry even more
  • so he shuts up and holds you until you’re okay again


  • you guys had a sleepover at ur house !
  • after some talking u two went to bed and watched a drama
  • you stayed up, and was rly rly into it
  • but she was sleeping 
  • and ur crying woke her up
  • she asks you whats wrong
  • cry no more mc !
  • she takes the pizza box off the bed first
  • then cuddles you and tells u comforting words
  • shh its okay beb 
  • then she helps you make tea
  • and she lets you finish the episode
  • jaehee is secretly watching it top
  • you later calm down and she hugs you to sleep


  • he invited you over because originally he wanted to spend the day watching a kmovie with u
  • bc he wanted to spend the day with only you jaehee had to watch elizabeth 3rd
  • poor jaehee she doesnt deserve this
  • he found it boring after a while but you liked it so he kept watching 
  • and then you started c rying
  • he didnt understand ? 
  • yes mc i saw
  • he stroked ur hair and gave you sweet rolls to eat
  • he actually found this side of u cute !!
  • next time u guys watch a movie he gets picky and makes sure to pick a not so emotional one


  • he was over at your place, just because
  • and while u were watching the drama he was playing a game on his phone
  • when you started making those loud crying noises he asked what was wrong
  • you throw down a bag of chips in frustration 
  • hes so confused bc isnt it just a drama
  • but he comforts you
  • ofc he cracks some jokes tho
  • he researches the drama later while ur cleaning
  • wow the plot is very depressing
  • he asks if ur okay and ur like ya
  • after that u guys just sleep it off


  • poor guy is like whats happening 
  • he begins watching with you
  • ur like hogging the popcorn
  • whenever a really touching scene comes on he holds u tighter
  • just constantly comforting you
  • if u fall asleep he’ll clean up and put you to bed


  • nope, doesnt get it
  • doesnt even let u explain
  • but he’ll feel sad that ur in a state of emotional pain
  • so he brings you a pint of ice cream !!
  • and when youinvite him to sit with you
  • hes iffy
  • but he sits by you in the end
  • whenever hes about to cry at a scene he’ll tell himself
  • he’ll say its stupid then go to the room
  • his eyes r sweating
  • it couldnt handle the sadness heat
  • he’ll comfort you later, but try to look strong in the process

So many of you have this disturbing hard-on to crucify this dude for shit taken completely out of context, and I’m over here defending him when I don’t even like the guy.  Something tells me a lot of you are taking this shit really, really personally.  I will never understand why anyone cares what kind of dumbass shit someone has done on the internet, as if all of you haven’t done something equivalent at some point.

That’s what it’s going to eventually come to, you know…if this kind of behavior continues to escalate.  One day, it’ll be you.  So I hope you’ve got some damn clean slates behind you.