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What bothers me the most about the “friendzone” interpretation of Snape, it’s not the mischaracterisation of Snape himself, but the complete lack of understanding what a “friendzone” guy is.

Do you think a friendzoned guy would accept the refusal, yet still be envolved in the well-being of the girl, endanger his life trying to save hers, and then watch over her kid until his very end? Nope, the friendzoned guy would have whined, used his pain to touch another girl, got rejected 4546th times until his tragedy becomes the consistency of rejection and not a particular rejection itself, and after her death, would have passed by her ravaged house, rise his fedora, said out loud “this is what you get when you marry assholes” and at the pub he’d have sighed deeply with his boys wondering : “why do women always prefer to get killed by Dark Lords instead of dating Nice Guys” and all the boys would have nodded because it happened to four of them so that’s the proof, women just prefer get killed in wars, how strange yet fascinating creatures, so mysterious, so killable. 


You guys need to read this RIGHT NOW. It is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever come across and I love it so much and the author just updated the second chapter recently and it had me bawling my eyes out in the end and you just need to read it. I’ve already recommended it as one of my favorite fanfics in that ask I answered awhile ago, but still. It is beautiful and needs way more views than it has. GO AND READ IT.

A special shout out

To my girls. Before I met you guys officially, I was having a pretty shitty time. I struggled daily with my post partum depression and battles tears and feelings of hopelessness almost constantly. I felt alone and overwhelmed and you guys brought me out of my head. I still deal with my depression day by day and will for a while. But you guys make life so much easier. Whether it’s whispers or a super confusing and glitchy Skype call, I could talk to any if you for hours. You make me smile. You make me laugh. I can’t wait to see you guys in person and get to give you the hugs and personal thanks that yall deserve. I love how we can talk about literally everything, from throwing salt to throwing neck ( @inukag-4ever ) 😉 or even explaining southern slang to international travel plans. I love you guys so much. And I can’t wait. Together in Tennessee 😙❤❤

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Hey Guys, wanna ask you something sooo important, maybe just for me tho. 😅 Any other extras for Life, Senjou no Bokura? I really.. really.. really.. really.. really.. really love them (sing it like Carly Rae Jepsen). Oh wow, I'm sorry for being ridiculous. I'm so happy you gave us the extra. Thank you so so much. Lubh U 😚😚

Yes! As mentioned in the extra chapter post, there are still 3 tokuten papers I will be working on. (animate booklet, comicomi bonus paper and the general bonus paper) I got the animate booklet in advance so that will come out soon while the rest, I’ll have to wait til they get shipped to my place (might take a while).

Spoilers below

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(Part 1) So I just got through hearing a sermon, and to sum it up, it was about that even through whatever problems or brokenness we have we can still be used by God, and I guess that just kind of made me wonder how you guys first reconciled your religion with your sexuality? Because it's been a couple years now since I first accepted that I was both lgbt+ and a Christian, but I realized tonight that, even though I've really felt called to be open about both of those things in order to bring

(Part 2) God’s love to members of the LGBT+ community that feel excluded by religion, I’ve never really been able to bring my Christianity and sexuality together in the way I want to. So i thought I’d ask on here how y'all originally reconciled your beliefs and if you have any advice for someone trying to do the same?

Hi there! For me (Avery), reconciling my faith with being gay and nonbinary started with a lot of research. You can hear a little bit at this post. I read a ton of stuff from both “sides” of the issue trying to figure out where I stood; and as someone who has always read the Bible contextually, I genuinely found the affirming resources to be more convincing to me than the non-affirming ones. Part of all that was figuring out that being LGBT+ was not brokenness, that I was more whole when I embraced being LGBT+. The problem was with the world that feared diversity and difference, not in how God made me. 

 I also was working to come to peace with the call I felt to go beyond Catholicism to an affirming denomination; you can read a bit about that here

Leah says something similar to that: “Read a lot, pray a lot, and seek out people who are willing to talk, on or offline.” I also recommend finding an LGBT+ affirming faith community if you haven’t already.

Anyhow, after doing all that, it was simply living as both a Christian and a gay and nonbinary person that really helped me reconcile those two aspects of my life. The research was a vital foundation, but it was what I experienced that really cemented my conviction that God was calling me to embrace these identities.
Such experiences included: falling in love with my girlfriend and navigating our relationship, so that it gradually moved from a less healthy angst-fest to something that bears life-giving fruit today; finding an affirming church that we could attend and where we could be our full selves while worshiping and living in a faith community together, and also see other LGBT+ folks doing the same; starting this blog and helping other folks while continuing to grow myself; and entering seminary where I use my queer experiences as a basis for my theology of justice and liberation, my call to be active in the world and pursue faith that builds people up and fosters unity (not conformity!). 

Reconciling faith and identity can involve intentionality. When you experience something involving being LGBT, be it a negative or positive experience, intentionally bring God into it – thank Them or cry out to Them. When you perceive an injustice within or outside of the church, your identity as an LGBT+ Christian can move you to challenge it. 

Overall, reconciling faith and identity doesn’t have to involve huge actions. It means simply living towards the full self God made you to be, the abundant life Jesus gained for us. When you do that, the intersections of being LGBT+ and a Christian fall in place naturally – and just by living that out, you are a witness of God’s diversity and transformative love. You can choose to “do more,” actively reaching out to other LGBT+ folks or else to more conservative Christians, but you don’t have to. Just be there as someone they can reach out to if they choose to, by living out your life for them to see. 

Finally, know that this journey may not be an easy or quick one – you might feel your identities are fully “reconciled” one day and fall apart the next. And that’s okay. God is with you through the ups and downs. 

For another look on the concept of reconciling faith and LGBT+ identity, see Austen Hartke’s vid on the subject.

Does anyone else have stories about or advice on reconciling being LGBT+ and Christian? 

I Missed You - Edmund x Reader (Pt.2)

Characters: Reader, Edmund, Lucy, Peter and Susan Pevensie, and Caspian

Setting: Narnia, The Golden Age/LWW and Prince Caspian.

Warnings: None.

Summary/Blurb: (Requested by @creseselia) Edmund and (Y/N) have had a great friendship since Edmund had become King of Narnia. The problem is, they haven’t confessed their feelings for one another. But when Edmund disappears when going after the White Stag, what happens to her?

Note: Here are a couple of blogs I’m tagging! @superwholock-5sos @girl-obsessed-with-things @creseselia @bittersweet-imagines

Another note: I know this is way shorter than part one, I’m still figuring out details of the story. Thank you for your support and for helping me reach 750+ followers which is so incredible to me. You guys are wonderful and lovely and just bloody beautiful. Thank you again ❤️


Reader’s P.O.V:

“She’s dead.”

“No she’s not.”

“Well she definitely looks the part.”

“Whatever will it take for you to shut up for a moment, Nikabrik?”

You stirred in your sleep once more as the voices that you had thought were in your head, became louder. You’re eyes were weighed with the heaviness of sleep, but curiosity made you force them open.

As your eyes adjusted to the dim lit room, two figures were standing by your side; one was a dwarf and the other a badger.

You shuffled back in surprise, only to hit your head on the low ceiling.

“Ouch…” you muttered, the feeling of speaking was weird on your tongue.

“Oh good, she can speak,” said the fierce looking dwarf sarcastically. “Now we’ve got two of ‘em; she’ll never shut up.”

“Nikabrik!” The badger exclaimed. “Leave the other one out of it! She was unconscious in the middle of the forest; show her some sympathy.”

“W-what?” You stuttered.

The dwarf rolled his dark eyes and shuffled away to what seemed to be a kitchen, brewing something in an old-looking pot.

The badger nodded his head. “That’s right. We brought you here when we saw a storm coming; it seemed like you’ve been there for a while.”

You furrowed your eyebrows and looked around the hut which appeared comfortable and simple. You clung tighter to the blanket you were covered with.

“Oh, sorry I forgot to introduce myself,” the badger stated. “My name is Trufflehunter. You’ve met Nikabrik-” A grunt sounded from the dwarf. “-What’s your name?”

“(Y/N),” you said shakily, still trying to recall what the hell happened.

As silence fell across the room there was a large bang. You whipped your head towards the kitchen in surprise and heard curses that followed from the dwarf as he picked up an empty pot that fell.

“You mean…” the badger said lowly. “Lady (Y/N) of Cair Paravel.”

As the words fell from the creature’s lips, you ripped the covers off your body in a rush. The trousers and shirt you wore were baggy and seemed suitable for men, but you really could care less. You had to find them.

“The other one’s up too!” Nikabrik called out impatiently.

The other one?

“You said you were going to get rid of him,” The dwarf added impatiently.

Trufflehunter extended his words as he responded, “No, I said I’d take care of him.“

“Well, I don’t think I hit him hard enough.”

“Nikabrik, he’s just a boy!”

Nikabrik growled, “He’s a Telmarine, not some lost puppy!”

You intercepted, “Who else is here?”

There was a small twinge of hope in your stomach, and even though you couldn’t remember much before you were supposedly unconscious, you prayed it was someone you knew. Anyone at all.

Trufflehunter walked towards the pot on the fire and began to pour soup into several bowls. He offered one to you hurriedly and carried the another for what you thought was the other person.

“We can’t kill him now,” continued the badger, “not after bandaging his head. It would be like murdering a guest.”

Nikabrik scoffed. “Ah, and how do you think his friends are treating their guest?”

“Trumpkin knew what he was doing.” The badger sighed.

You looked down in disappointment as you realised you had no clue what a Telmarine soldier was, and your heart clenched at the thought of the Pevensie siblings.

There was a sudden crash and a figure rushed towards the door, making Trufflehunter drop the bowl of soup. Nikabrik yelled unidentifiable words as he stood in the tall man’s way. You were caught in a whirlwind as the stranger pulled a hot poker from the nearby fire and began to parry the dwarf’s sword.

There was a brief pause before Nikabrik began yelling, “See? I told you we should’ve killed him!”

“You know why we can’t!” Trufflehunter tried to reason.

The man suddenly spoke. “If you’re taking a vote, I’m with him.”

You noticed he had quite a thick accent, something that sounded unfamiliar and harsh. You took a step back as he made eye contact with you from across the room. His hair was brought down just above his shoulders and his broad figure seemed slightly intimidating. The man’s dark eyes looked confused as to what was happening.

Nikabrik speaks furiously again. “We can’t let him go! He’s seen us!”

The dwarf swung his sword a few more times, but the tall man blocked him.

“That’s enough, Nikabrik!” The badger then shouted, surprising you. “Or do I have to sit on your head again?”

Nikabrik stopped and lowered his sword by just a fraction, eyes still wild.

The beaver made his way towards the fallen bowl meant for the young man. “Now, look what you made me do! I spent half the morning on that soup.”

You looked up curiously towards the boy with the dark hair again. His face etched with shock and confusion; as yours was when you had first awoken.

“Wh-what are you?” The man stated, the accent heavy to your ears.

“It’s funny.” Trufflehunter said, turning away towards the pot in the kitchen. “You’d think more people would recognize a badger when they saw one.”

“No, I mean… You’re Narnians. You’re supposed to be extinct.”

You decided to speak up. “And who told you that?”

The stranger’s gaze met with yours but he stayed silent and lowered his head.

Nikabrik replied to the man with sarcasm lacing through his speech. “Sorry to disappoint you.”

You turned your head to see Trufflehunter return with more soup. “Here we are. Still hot.”

“Since when did we become a boarding house for Telmarine soldiers?” exclaimed Nikabrik.

The tall man said once more, “I’m not a soldier! I’m Prince Caspian…the tenth.”

Silence fell heavily across the room and you saw how quickly the two creatures’ facial expressions changed. You stayed silent in the growing tension, asking yourself where you were. Where you in Narnia? Dead? On Earth?

You had heard the tales of Earth from many of the Pevensie Kings and Queens and recalled the distant memories of Cair Paravel that felt like so many years ago…


“You really are incredibly stupid, Edmund Pevensie.”

You saw him smile from the corner of your eyes as he said, “If it pleases you, my lady.“

You rolled your eyes and faced him with a firm expression on your face. “Edmund, you’re being annoying stop it.”

Edmund bit his lip in attempt to block out his laughter. “If it pleases you, my lady.”

You whined and hit his arm causing him to crash onto his bed, laughing with his face squashed into his pillow.

“Ed,” you complained. “Stop, just finish the story.”

He turned around with his stomach being clutched by his hands as he wheezed out, “If it…if it pleases you, my lady.”

You frowned, witnessing that the Just King would never let this go. The night before, Peter hosted a ball in order to celebrate Lucy’s fifteenth birthday.

There was one prince that continuously asked you to dance, and out of pity and the kindness of your heart; you danced with him. The only problem was, is that whenever you asked him a question he would only reply with “Yes”, “No” or “If it pleases you, my lady”.

Unfortunately, Edmund was watching the whole time, and as soon as you made eye contact with him he noticed your predicament and intervened.

He still hasn’t let this go.

You rolled your eyes and stomped towards the door. You’d hear this story about Earth after he calms down; or maybe from his siblings.

“No, wait,” Edmund laughed lightly, jumping from his bed and towards the door knob; which is where you rested your hand. “Don’t leave, I’ll finish the story.”

“Ok, but no more laughing about- AH!”

Your sentence was abruptly stopped as Edmund tossed you over his shoulder, laughing like so loudly that the whole castle would hear.

You slapped his back multiple times before he placed you onto his bed, him hovering over you at a respectable distance. You felt your heart go wild and your eyes grew softer; and you noticed his did too.

You liked Edmund. A lot. You felt in your heart in some points in time that he may have felt the same; these were one of these moments.

“Edmund?” You asked quietly, sitting up.

His gaze was focused on you, his freckle-flecked cheeks tinged the slightest shade of pink. “Mhm?”

“Please, finish the story. I never hear ones like these.”

Edmund got down on the floor on both his knees and his large hands tapped on your knees, as he always did when he thought about stuff. Shots of energy rushed through your legs where he made contact, and it was enough to make you shiver.

“Alright fine,” he said, adjusting himself to be more comfortable. “Where was I?”

“The teacher was criticizing a student…”

Edmund clicked his tongue. “Oh, yeah. Alright; so this teacher was absolutely insane, I was about nine but I knew she definitely couldn’t yell at her students like that.”

“Oh wow,” you state sarcastically. “Intelligent Edmund Pevensie.”

“I really was.” He grinned and continued. “And the girl she was screaming at was someone I had a crush on, but that doesn’t really matter-”

You interrupted him. “What’s a crush?”

“It’s uh…someone you like. Almost secretly.” He tapped his knee out of habit. “But, you don’t- you don’t know if they feel the same.”

“Oh,” you quickly felt your heartbeat quicken and blood rushed to your face. Did that mean you had a crush on Edmund?

No that couldn’t have been possible. You felt something else for him. Something stronger.

“(Y/N)?” The boy in front of you inquired politely.

You flicked your eyes up to meet his instead of staring at the carpet on the floor. He gave an intense gaze; one not too rough but still strong. You felt his hands shift from your knees and to your face; brushing a stray hair behind your ear. You looked at his lips and in that moment you could’ve sworn that you would’ve leaped into his arms, and taken his lips captive with yours.

But he took his hand down and smiled, continuing the story to your disappointment.


You drew your mind to the present moment and stared down the Caspian boy.

Nikabrik inquired. “What are you doing here?”

There was a moment of silence before the boy replied. “Running away. My uncle has always wanted my throne.”

He moved towards the fire, staring into it almost as if he could see the memory dancing in the flames. “I suppose I have only lived this long because he did not have an heir of his own.”

“Well, this changes things.” Trufflehunter commented.

“Yes. It means we won’t have to kill you ourselves.”

Caspian looked up from the fire suddenly. “You’re right.”

Caspian began to move around, supposedly looking for something and soon enough he starts putting on his armor.

“Where are you going?” Trufflehunter asked.

“My uncle will not stop until I am dead.”

“Wait, you’re meant to save us!”

Caspian paused and turned towards the badger who had something in his hands and said. “Don’t you know what this is?”

The both of you drew your eyes towards the item lying in his hands. A memory immediately clicked and your heart began to thump loudly, almost as if it was trying to escape your chest.

Susan’s horn.

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Do you have any drawing tips? I really like your art and I would love to know how to get better at drawing myself!

drawing is a very hard technique for people to express they’re style in traditional or digital I understand about drawing better traditional but digitally keep practicing and be inspired but not too far to copy characters I learned this lesson through experience but pls keep drawing don’t give up cause of negative comments forget about them and keep going on in life cause u will achieve your style one day I believe all of you will do that but I good tip to know to draw hands I draw a little square or a circle and make random fingers attached to the circle or square now for me this is not my style I approve of ATM I’m still trying to improve and once I achieve my own style ill be able to do my dreams hope this helps love you guys!.

Also thank u all for 100+ followers!

Okay yes! I am finally back I hope so! I still have some shit to do, but i think i’ll be able to do it without leaving my blog for a WEEK again! Oh god, I’m actually sorry! And thanks for waiting for me!! Thanks for being so nice! I’ll reply to everyone, i love you all guys, THANK YOU! And I’m currently working on some stuff you would probably like 🌚 so yeah! Kisses and hugggs 💙💙💙💙

Scorose Fanfiction #141

Well-Manored by roses and hello
Rated T | Complete | Oneshot

As part of my Scorose restoration project, I’m trying to post as often as I can to hopefully revive this lovely ship of mine. Also, I’d like to thank everyone who has private messaged me, or reached out to me in any way to support me and this blog. It’s you guys that I do this for, and I’m so happy that there are still Scorose shippers out there!

Professional Quidditch player, Rose Weasley, enjoys a night out celebrating her victory with her cousin, Fred. Little did she know, her night was going to turn a whole lot more exciting when she ended up meeting and spending the night with Scorpius Malfoy. 

Just as a little self-promo, go read my newest fanfic Devious Plans, if you haven’t already! Please leave a review if you liked it, it really helps a lot!

Draco Malfoy x Reader: Pizza bite

Warnings:language, swearing
(y/s/c) = your skin color
I was sitting in front of the TV in my muggle house and watching Friends. While I was reaching for a popcorn I felt a hand on my bare leg brushing slowly along it. I was wearing shorts because it was middle of July and I can’t stop my horny boyfriend, Draco from being, well…. Draco. I turned my head to him with a strict gaze while all he did was staring at me with his sly smirk on his pink plump lips.
“Draco, what in the name of Merlin are you doing?” I asked him, clearly annoyed. He licked his lower lip quickly, still with that smirk plastered on his face,still caressing my leg.
“Nothing love, hmph. Keep watching your chan guy, come on.” I rolled my eyes at his cockiness caused by his jealousy. Seriously? It’s just Chandler, he’s damn fictional character. When the theme song started playing because a new episode was starting I started humming it. “I’ll be there for you, when the rain starts to po-” My breath was caught in my throat when I felt Draco’s hot tongue on the side of my neck, causing me to sigh deeply.
“Something wrong babe?” He asked, his voice hushed while starting to leave wet sloppy kisses on my sweet spot making me close my eyes. Just when I was about to throw my head backwards so I can give him better access the door bell rang. I jumped rapidly off the bed to answer the door leaving the platinum-hair boy hanging.
“Um yes?” I heard myself saying feeling my face heated while talking to the pizza delivery guy. He was no older than 14 years old, with sun-kissed hair and skin and green eyes, slightly taller than me.
“Your pizza ma'am, extra cheese with tomato sauce, turkey and mushrooms. $6 dollars please.” I gave him 10 bucks because that’s what I had in my shorts.
“Keep the change.” I smiled to him and close the door, huffing loudly and carrying the pizza box the boy have just gave me, sitting on the couch calmly. Draco placed the box on the coffee table and opened it, taking a slice. I was pretending that I was watching the rest of the episode but actually I was carefully looking at what is he doing. He took a bite of it and then brushing it off my lips just so he can take my attention. I faced him, about to catch it with my lips when I felt his hot lips on mine, giving me arrogant but sweet kiss. He took my chin with his hand not letting me run anywhere while the other was on my waist pushing me towards him. I bite his lip, moaning softly in his mouth when suddenly I was sitting in his lap with my legs spread on each side of his hips. My ‘downtown’ was burning so I brushed myself off his lap a couple of times when I earned a loud moan from the depth of his throat while thursting my tongue in his. He tugged my hair backwards just so he can get better access to my now exposed neck and started sucking on it, leaving tiny bites on my (y/s/c) skin. I moaned loudly, starting to ride him a bit rougher until I felt the mattress of the sofa on my back. He was positioned between my legs and I could feel the bulge in his basketball shorts I bought him last week. My head was spinning and my lower stomach was already burning, making my panties dripping wet. He raised his head and looked me in the eyes, his never-ending arrogance both in his eyes and his tone.
“ Oh hello there Ms. Playing-hard-to-get. Tell me who made you this flushed and confused, with that confused look on your pretty face?” he asked, with clear amusement in his voice. I pouted, reaching for his lips again by raising my head towards him but only got his hand on my lower stomach and clicking sound of Draco’s tongue. I knew what he wanted but he wasn’t going to get it so I turned my head on my left side, refusing to look at him. I heard him chuckle and in the next moment he started grinding himself off me slowly. I closed my eyes but refused to let out any sound.
“Come on princess, tell me. I’m listening.” he cooed but I shook my head only.
“Such a pity. Guess we’ll have to use force.” Cold sweat ran down my spine at his words and then I felt his fingers tearing my shorts a bit, his fingertips agonizingly slowly running up and down my core. I let out a silent scream I’ve been holding and threw my head backwards, bucking my hips towards his hand just so I can get something but all I got was no contact with his hand anymore. I let out a desperate cry and bit my lip.
“ You know that I’m still waiting for my answer darling. Someone is getting inpatient here.” I groaned and bit my lip again, giving up.
“You did.” I said it a bit timidly but he clicked with his tongue.
“ Nope, can’t hear you. Sorry.” I rolled my eyes. He can be merciless arrogant bitch sometimes.
“You did. Draco fucking Malfoy did. Are you going to fuck me now or do I have to drink virgin’s blood or something?”
“No virgin’s blood involved. But I’ll drink your orgasms like they’re some sort of fucking nectar.” And with that he took the hem of my panties, sliding them off my legs.

“The stars are just as beautiful as you.” || Joe Sugg Imagine

A/N – Hey guys! i’ve got two requests after this one so ill post them tonight for you. Thanks for all the requests too guys! and we now have 88 followers and its CRAZY! thank you all so much, I love you all x

- E x

— Joe’s POV —

She gives me goosebumps just looking at her. the way she see’s the world was always so different to how I always saw things yet it was still so beautiful. everything she saw was still so perfect.

It was our one year anniversary, and I was taking her out to dinner, or as she liked to call it ‘we were taking each other out to dinner’ because she refused to let me pay.

“Oh hello there, m’lady.” I say as she steps out of her apartment complex and onto the footpath where I was stood waiting for her just outside my car.

“Hello, sir. looking dapper tonight!” she says, taking my hand as I open the car door and help her get in.

Wearing a black dress that was just above her knees, and was quite low cut but not too ‘cleavage-ey’ and some black converse, toning it down slightly but I didn’t mind, that was who she was. That was the thing I loved most about her, she was never really girly, but she accepted that and she was herself. She was never afraid to be who she was.

“You look amazing, perfect in fact.” I say, just before slowly closing her door and walking around to the drivers side.

The drive over was amazing, as the darkness slowly fell around us yet having her around me made me see everything in the light. As if nothing bad ever happened.

As if everything was always this perfect.

We get to the restaurant, and I walk around and help her out of the car. “Thank you, handsome.” she says to me, taking me hand and getting out of the car, then stopping to give me a quick peck on the cheek.

We walk in holding hands, feeling electric run through my body as she touched me.

“Want to go down to the beach after this?” I say, looking her in her bright Y/E/C eyes and seeing the whole universe.

My whole world spins for her and only her.

“Sure. your in a very romantic mood tonight sugg!” She whispers, earning a giggle from me and herself.

We finish up the meal and head down to the beach.

The beach held a very sentimental meaning for us. The first date we went on we went down to the beach, and we sat and talked for hours. Its like tie stopped and neither of us wanted to leave. It was just me and her, the universe had disappeared. Everything was perfect in that moment and I couldn’t have wished for anything more than her, and a year later I still have her.

Around an hour later, reaching midnight, we were still sat talking. Nothing bothering us except from the occasional dog bark, but even that couldn’t snap us out of the euphoria we were in. everything was complete. I had her, nothing else was needed.

“Look at the sky. Its completely black, yet its lit up.” she says, looking up in awe.

“the stars are just as beautiful as you. and that’s hard to achieve.” I whisper, intertwining our fingers as feeling the butterflies come back like I had on the first time we sat on this beach.

“you are on it tonight!” she says, laughing and turning her head to look at me, her Y/H/C flowing beautifully in the wind.

And right in that moment, its like time paused. Nothing was different, nothing changed.


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"You guys are my best friends" "you & mummy have me outnumbered now, yeah" "did you guys talk to each other when you were in mummy's tummy" HARRY & HIS TWIN GIRLIES

STOP IT. MY HEART IS STILL BURSTING AT THE IDEA OF BRAND NEW DAD HARRY WITH TWO BABY GIRLS. :’))) Any shred of thought about wanting a boy just flies out the window when he finally gets to snuggle with his girls. 

“How’d I get so lucky, huh?” “Did you and your sister laugh at my jokes in there?” “I bet you already love each other so much.” “I’m a little outnumbered, aren’t I? S’okay though. I wouldn’t want it anyway else.” 

IT’S SO CUTE. xx.  

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I love your art but one thing that's really distinctive and amazing abt u is that whenever I send an ask I know you'll answer it even if its a dumb q about pasta or something. Its great to see a talented artist still talking & interacting with fans on the regular, its so nice! Love that

That is sooo nice I didn’t even notice but uh I love getting asks and I love attention and validation so widjcjjsjsjd. Also u guys ask me weird shit tht I have a good laugh at usually. Anyways i answer every single ask I get usually unless it’s idk racist or something lol

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hii! im sending this to a few of my fave blogs before pll is over for good, i just want to say ive loved being on this journey with you and i hope that you still stay active even if its not with pll related things, ive loved your account and if we dont speak again i hope you have enjoyed the time you have shared with us, even if its been seven years or seven days!! lots of love, a, for anonymous xox


Originally posted by spencerscookies

Aw I’ve loved experiencing all of this with you & I will be active on this blog. 

Oh you are so so so sweet and I’m going to miss discussing and theorising with you guys, you truly made this whole experience worth it!

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ynwa!hosoek — firstly, what dramatic backstory do you have that makes you act more deranged than other Panther members (excluding mark lmao fqq that guy)? & now that marky moo is gone... are you going to take over? what plans do you have with the Panthers now that you're fully in control?

ynwa jhs:

“i guess you could say i had a very troubling childhood, my parents never loved me; which is why i killed them. i still work alongside mark, minho wasn’t quick enough to dispose of him properly. mark calls the shots but i have the secret that will tear apart jimin and his family for good, i’m just waiting for the right moment to share it.”

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"Let's run away" || Joe Sugg Imagine

A/N – hey guys. This ones quite short because I took a different turn on it but I hope it’s still ok, please let me know! Thanks to the anon who requested, this was cool to write! Love you all

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— Joe’s POV —

Conversation was always our strong point, we could talk for hours.

The first day I met her we talked from around four at night until three in the morning and even then we wanted to carry on. It’s just who we were.

One night, we were just sat in bed as usual, her head on my chest and my arm around her. Keeping her cold skin away from the typical London weather.

“Let’s run away” she said, just outright said it with no worry about what that choice would bring.

“Like, imaginative running away. We have too much to leave behind here.” She says, clearly sensing my surprise as I let out a sigh of relief. She’s right, everything we have here we have built together over the past few years. It’s too much to leave, our home, friends, jobs… Everything.

“Yeah, to… the Bahamas.” I say, letting her imagination run wild with the fact we could do anything, seen as we aren’t really doing it.

“We would get married on our own, on the beach under the morning sun so it’s not too hot.” She says, earning a laugh from herself and me. I imagine all of this, it would be amazing. Being with the woman I love, where I love.

“Yeah. And then we could own one of them wooden houses that are in the middle of the sea.” I whisper, running my fingers through her hair. Those houses always suited us both, chill, quiet. Everything both of us liked and wanted in life.

“And we could go for morning swims in the crystal clear ocean, knowing we don’t have to do anything because we would still do YouTube and we had already done the Skype meetings and videos.” She says, laughing and in turn making me laugh.

She lived for her job. Everything about it, she loved. The people she met, the opportunities she got, and she never let her smile fade for that job. It’s what she loved to do.

“Then, we could go into the town and walk around in the sun, enjoying what ever we wanted to do.” I say, picturing all of this in my head.

What more could I want than a beautiful island with a beautiful girl?

“We should do that, when we are like sixty with nothing else to do.” She whispers, laughing as she imagines it all.

I’d run away with her in a heartbeat.

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So my boyfriend, he's like the Reinhardt to my Ana, the Tank to my Support. We always have been like that, and I've always loved him, and I still do. If it weren't for the distance between us, I'd hug him and kiss him and all that. But, he lives in Germany, and I live in America. But we still do things over Rabbit and Discord. Anyways I just love him very much, he's basically the entire world for me.

THE REINHARDT TO YOUR ANA you’ve already got me shipping it… heS even german wow. long distance relationships are tough but it sounds like you guys can make it !! best of luck to you


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