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Learning About Myself

When I was younger, I always wondered what was wrong with me. I didn’t like to talk to any of my classmates. I always kept to myself and I was always quiet. And the fact that I was severely bullied in school didn’t help either. It wasn’t until high school that I heard the word “introvert”. I looked up what it meant and everything applied to me, but I didn’t label myself as one just yet. It was when I got to college where I began to learn more about myself, what it meant and how I wanted to live my life. I’m still learning more and more about who I am. It’s a journey that will never really end for me, but that’s what I love about my life.

What is it/was it like for you guys learning about your introverted side? I’d love to know.

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Hi guys ! I just wanted to say THANK YOU to all of you. To the ones ,who followed me from the beginning and are still by my side ;the ones who do not say or like anything ; the ones who struggle everyday to believe in themselves and their dreams and still carry on with their “art” ; the ones, who are lucky and happy; the ones who just liked this blog once and never showed up ; the ones who love my posts and wrote me kind messages in the past; the ones who liked some posts through other blogs; the ones, who inspire me everyday to find great projects and their awesome architects; the ones .... and everybody here on tumblr , who believed in me and architags. Thank you very much guys for clicking the follow button 200.000 times. This is a great start to 2017 ! You made my week ! Cheers to you !
✩Thanks for the Follows✩

I recently hit a huge milestone for myself and I just wanted to give a big thank you to my friends and followers, thanks for being so awesome~

Big shout out to my friends who I consider family at this point, they have helped me grow in so many ways and I would not be alive without their love and support.

@rin-amazing ILY so much okay. I know you don’t use tumblr anymore but you are amazing and I love you with all my heart and soul. You will always be my best friend ✩

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~Without you I would not be where I am today~

Love ya guys~ ✩

I still don’t know how I got over 300 Followers. So as a way to thanks for following me, I have to have a celebration. I just can’t decide between opening requests for fics and edits or doing a challenge. I’m leaving it up to you guys to decide, the challenge I was thinking about is all our favorite Angel. To make this challenge a little different than the others I chose to give it a theme. Castiel wants to learn to do normal everyday human things, a few examples are below
Learning to dance
Learning to drive
Learning to kiss
Taking a shower
Losing his virginity
And more
So please let me know by replying to and telling me what you’d like me to do. If a challenge is decided it won’t be due until April 30. Again the choices are
1. Castiel writing challenge or
2. Requests for fics and edits open

Tagging those who may be interested
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Thank You So Much!

GUYS! This is crazy! I never thought that’d I’d ever even get about 100 followers, but you all have surpasses that by far, and I can only thank you now!

Now I was just wondering how would you all like to celebrate how great of a set of human beings you are?

Would you like something mun based, like an audio thing or must answer questions? Or something that’s collaborative with maybe some other writers?Or just some special writing event? 

Let me know! My ask box is still closed for requests, but always open for general questions and comments! But I mean, you can always just directly message me, I usually respond pretty quick! Anyway, let me know!

Talk to me!

I have 40 followers and I feel like I need to be better friends to all of you. So can I ask you guys to send me an ask with a short, funny story about something that happened to you? It doesn’t have to be as long as mine or it can be way longer doesn’t matter haha

I’ll do one quick, so 2 years ago I was at my church for my grandparents 50th anniversary.

Me and my grandpa are always screwing around. I do karate but he thinks he can still beat me.

So he called me short and then grabbed my arm and I tried to twist out but it didn’t work very well and was like… hugging me from the back basically and I couldn’t move and everyone was laughing and I tried to like push him back…

He tripped over some totes and we fell through the window… neither of us had a scratch on us but the pastor wasn’t too excited about it.

Anyway, I love when people call me “innocent” or “wimpy” or say that I’m bluffing because I can fire back with

“I pushed my grandpa through a window at church on his 50th wedding anniversary. Your move.”

I can’t believe you guys still send me sweet messages and continue to follow me when I’ve dropped off the face of the planet for like a month. Y'all are too good to me and I don’t deserve it. Ty for putting a smile on my face even in the depths of my 2017 depression, I’m super grateful

So I’ve literally been sick for two weeks, and I’m still really sick. But I wanted to post that when I start to feel better, I really wanna start being more active on here (not sure why I kind of stopped maybe from stress and being sick all the freaking time.) But I just wanted to say that yeah, I wanna be more active and talk to you guys more, probably do a mass promo, maybe a selfie party? Follow some new people and such possibly even a giveaway? But yeah! Maybe some stuff to look forward too!

I recently bought the November issue of the PASH! Magazine, mostly to have a physical print of this bit of official art, but scanning the section about Yuri on Ice I discovered something and this might just be big.

See that little caption at the bottom? The translation goes as follows (forgive me any mistakes):

Yuuri is often swayed by Victor and his extremely “my pace” approach… But when the man he had always admired gets close his heart won’t stop pounding!?

Guys. Guys. This is official material.

And the text uses the phrase ドキドキが止まらない. They literally say that Yuuri’s heart goes dokidoki for Victor, I shit you not.

In case you still had doubts how the show wants us to see and understand their relationship here it freaking is. This is not a drill. This is happening.

(Here’s the original text if you want to correct my translation: 超マイペースなヴィクトルに、勇利が振り回されることもしばしば…。でも憧れの存在との急接近にドキドキが止まらない!?)

Tagged by @joker-ace! I’m glad I did this because I’d forgotten that I owned pink pants and I’m thrilled to have found ‘em. 

I tag @berylallee, @iceteen, @gilmotoongee, @seamarieart, @spacevegetables, @claradudleyillustration, and every PNCA classmate who sees this. (It’s 4am and I can’t remember everyone’s blog names but you’re all pure and wonderful and should draw ya damn self)


Oh god finally, two freaking weeks but its finally done! Hahahahaha *sobs*

I know I could have submitted this earlier if I stuck with line art and half assed it, but when last I logged in and saw I was at 247 followers, well holy shit guys! I don’t know where you all came from but I’m super grateful and freaking happy you like my stuff! SO as a big thank you, here, did my best with this and hope you guys like it!

For those of you who haven’t read the first chapter heres the link “Growing Up Chapter 1

And I decided that the comic title for this would be “Growing Up” since even though technically a college AU, theres gonna be a lot of flashbacks to them as they… well grow up hahaha.

Anyway thanks again!

I’m talking serious right now, it’s a thing i don’t do every day, my followers know i’m one to play often.

But let me tell you guys something. I’m really, really proud of BTS and GOT7. GOT7 is known around the world, we all know that, they speak so many languages too. But this prize… He made me feel so proud in so many levels! Now, we know GOT7 is a group that is going to make history with ahgases. Really, they’ll surely be a great classic in a few years, and they are still so Young compared to the others! The boys were surely happy with this prize. I remember when Jackson gave up everything to give a shot in the dark to music, and when JJP was over, JB and Jinyoung still got to go to GOT7, and I’m happy Mark kept training and didn’t got tired. I’m happy he didn’t got back home. Im happy Bambam, so small, had so many friends to push him to the world and his dreams. I’m happy anybody made their minds and happy that they re what they are today. I’m happy that the scandals o few months ago didn’t took bambam away, happy to see Yugyeon with this confidence in his dancing, i remeber his predebut. I’m happy that youngjae is still singing with all his heart like the begining and didn’t lost hope. i’m happy that GOT7 exists.

But BTS… I don’t know how to say.

At Melon Music Awards, we, ARMYs, were trying to give them the Artist Of The Year Daesang, but we got Album of the year. We were SO happy for the boys, they cried, smiled, they even weren’t believing it was for them at the firt seconds. I never saw Namjoon so happy in my life. Never. But now, at MAMAs, where EXO was meant to win EVERYTHING POSSIBLE, and BTS also was competing with so many good dance performances and artists, they won. They fucking won. Yoongi looked so proud, so happy to know it’s real, they really made it. Their biggest dream in the moment was this Daesang. But with their hard work, we could vote and help to give them two Daesangs. TWO. I’m proud to say that i believed when they said they would make it, they believed with me when everybody said that some bulletproof guys weren’t going to win a thing. They made history. They were the first ones who were not from the trhee big companies to win the daesang of artist of the year. I hope i see more of this. I hope i see Hobi in pure Joy again. I hope i see Rapmon, a person who doesn’t have any problem speaking, speechless, i hope i see min Yoongi cry in disbelief again, i hope i see Jimin holding back tears and showing emotion through his face, i hope to see Jin crying in joy and i hope he remebers he made it right dropping acting for a while and denying SMTOWN, hope to see Taetae’s proud face again, hope to see Jungkook crying when he sees that his biggest dream came true because of all this efforts, all the singing, dancing, rapping, sweating and nights without sleeping. All of this makes me love GOT7 ang BTS so much that i cant explain the feeling of seeing their happiness throug tears. I surely can’t.

I hope that GOT7 and BTS keep being friends, and keep growing. Keep it together, happiness sadness, anger, all of this is going to lead them to a great music with great feelings, and even if they are tired, they’ll keep this joy in their minds. Because loving what you do is great. I really hope GOT7 and BTS have their Most beautiful moment in life.


Hello everyone, prev kurootetsuros, I changed my url not too long ago because of my love for YOI lool. Anyways, I hope you’re all doing good now that school and finals are over (and if you still have some tests left then good luck dears!). It’s the end of another year, so I wanted to make a quick follow forever to thank everyone that follows me. I recently hit 20k+ which JUST BLOWS MY MIND! Really guys thank you so much, I never thought that this shitty blog of mine would get this far 。:゚(。ノω\。)゚・。All of these blogs are absolutely amazing and you should really check them out! I admire them so much, be it with the graphics they make, or just how nice and hardworking they are in general, I love them all so much  ♡ ♡ ♡


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I’m a few days late but Happy New Year, everyone!!! 2016 was The Fucking Worst but I’m glad to have made a blog because I met incredible people on it, people who became my best friends and helped me through a lot of shit. I’ve now had this blog for a year and also got nearly 300 followers so thank you!!! Mutuals/favorites/absolute fucking angels’ URLs are bolded but I love all of you so much and y’all run amazing blogs. 

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Nico wanted to pull away. He hated physical contact. But Will was a lot stronger than he looked. Nico found himself leaning against him, relying on his support.
‘Take this,’ Will said.
‘You want me to chew gum?’
‘It’s medicinal. Should keep you alive and alert for a few more hours.’
Nico shoved a stick of gum into his mouth. ‘Tastes like tar and mud.’
‘Stop complaining.’
‘Hey.’ Cecil limped over, looking like he’d pulled a muscle. ‘You guys kind of missed the fight.’
Lou Ellen followed, grinning. Behind them, all the Roman guards were tangled in a weird assortment of ropes and bones.
‘Thanks for the skeletons,’ she said. ‘Great trick.’
‘Which he won’t be doing again,’ Will said.
Nico realized he was still leaning against Will.

The Blood of Olympus

We don’t talk about this a lot:

First - Nico still hates physical contact, but is still leaning against Will; no one is forcing him.
Second - he talks to Will, Cecil and Lou Ellen get back and he STILL is leaning on Will..:3

Milestone Giveaway!

WOW. 1400 already?! I can’t thank you guys enough! I’m still blown away that there are people out there super excited to see my art and it makes my day every damn time. So thank you sooo much. Least I can do is give away some art. c: 

  So here are the rules: 

  • Must be following me.
  • Both reblogs and likes are counted as a vote. 
  • no giveaway blogs.
  • it would be much appreciated if you stuck around as a follower after the giveaway. 
  • keep your ask box open! Another winner will be chosen if there is no response within 48 hours after sending you a message. 

Winners will be chosen on February 5th, 2017

What I’m comfortable with drawing:  Mass Effect/ fallout/ overwatch/ OCs/ custom ryders/ custom shepards/ custom lone wanderers. I’m pretty easy going so if you win, just ask! I’m still learning so please understand there are some things I just cant draw. 

Absolutely will not draw: furries, nsfw. ehrm, that’s all I can think of. listen, i’ll just let you know if it’s too much? 

So, I still can’t believe it. I got to 2k ♥
I could go on and on about how happy this makes me, but I will spare you all that cheesiness and just say a very very big thank you to all of you for being awesome, and making me feel so comfortable and happy when online! I wouldn’t have gotten to 2k without you guys!

I know when some people see follow forever’s they can feel lonely; but don’t you worry.
Let’s become mutuals and you can get on my next follow forever ♥. 

Don’t forget you’re beautiful, perfect and wonderful just the way you are, never give up and have a very very wonderful day, year, and forever !!

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