but you guis get me right

So we are playing Curse of Strahd and at the start of everyday the entire party has to make a CON save or get a point of corruption, right? Now, my barbarian is the only character not to have any points thus far meanwhile the other folks are not doing so great….
DM: make your CON saves guys
Rouge: 12
Warlock: 3
Fighter (human): 2
Fighter (aasamir): 18
Ranger: 15
Barbarian (me): 26 and that’s a crit btw
DM: nice
Me: I wake up feeling great, I’m going to jog around the Inn.
DM: So (Warlock) you have 3 points now and you get a nasty cough. (Human fighter) you drank the blood wine last night so you are now throwing up blood. You are at 2 points.
Me: I run into (human fighter)’s room. “Hey friend, you wanna warm up with some sparring– holy shit are you ok?!”
Human Fighter: “I’m just a little hung over it’s fine.”
Me: “You sure cause you look like death froze over fifteen times then microwaved too long.”
Rouge: “Wait, what’s a microwave?”
Me: “It’s a regional thing, don’t worry about it.”
The entire party busted up laughing. That isn’t the first or last time I’ve used the “it’s a regional thing” excuse when I forget I’m supposed to be in character. Oops.

TSK: Ask your doctor if rat poison is right for you

90+ grumpy old man (who has been objecting to all medical advice I’ve given so far): Ok, doc, you seem like an honest guy, so tell me the truth – isn’t my blood thinner made out of rat poison?

Cranquis: Basically, yes. When you give warfarin to rats, their blood gets too thin, and then they bleed internally and die.

Man: I KNEW IT! And you’re the first doctor to admit it when I ask. So I guess I’ll do whatever you say now.

Normal Teenagers

Prompt: “Get behind me, right now- get behind me!” 
Request: protective!steve x reader
Pairing: Steve x reader
Warnings: swearing, fighting 
A/N: I’ve been up for hours and this just came to me! Hope you guys enjoy:) 

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Demidogs were everywhere, yipping and snapping their jaws at both you and Steve- still trying your best to keep the kids out of danger. Smoke swirled around your ankles and you found yourself wondering how the hell you’d gotten into this situation? A year ago you were just a normal teenager- cramming for finals and going to football games with your friends. 

Well, it was safe to say those days were over, as you stood there with a rusting shovel raised above your head, protecting a group of middle schoolers from mythical creatures. 

The plan had always been fucked, and you definitely should have thought further ahead before chomping so harshly at the bit. In the beginning, all you guys needed to do was find Dart- the strangely friendly demidog loyal only to Dustin. But then, when dozens had shown up instead of just the one, everything had changed. 

You and Steve stood in the middle of a clearing, weapons in hand, protecting Mike, Lucas, Dustin and a girl named Max who were sitting in a trailer to your left. At first, you didn’t see the pack as it hurdled towards you- all you heard was a rumbling in the distance. But then, along with a heavy layer of smoke, you saw them. 

It was horrifying. 

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pandoramusicbox09  asked:

Hey Pilot, how was Hamilton?

It was absolutely incredible. Holy crap man, both of my brothers are stage technicians right? So, they have sorta bred in me this love of the technical aspect of stage shows, and Hamilton didn’t dissapoint. Holy shit, the stage, the lights, the sound, the rotating lazy-susan, the actors and the singing and the costumes. Damn dude, just fucking damn.

Burr sold his “Get a fucking load of this guy” expressions so incredibly well. The King we saw was actually one of the original kings from the Broadway show and he KILLED it. Hamilton did absolutely great, Burr wasnt acted like i imagined from the cast album but you know what it totally worked and i freaking loved him. Washington was incredible dude when he sang “One Last Time” he fucking ROCKED IT the crowd was besides themselves. What a hell of a crowd too, when Eliza was singing Burn it was almost terrifyingly quiet. Like literally thousands of people in complete and utter silence with no music and no singing watching a letter burn on stage, it was fucking hypnotic. 

The way they visually represented the part in Satisfaction where it rewinds was honestly the coolest shit to look at, and the duel at the end of course was incredible, and hes reaching out for Eliza and AGH DUDE MY HEART. 

Phillips death and Quiet Uptown? Not a dry eye in the house. When Angelica sings “Im not here for you” it was such a resounding “oooooh”. like the crowd was just right, whenever the king was up he stole the show, what a fucking uproar. I didn’t realize, cause i only had the cast album, that during the Adams Administration he actually doesnt leave the stage. When he says “Jesus christ this will be fun!” he runs over and sits on the stairs and watches the whole next song and is like dancing along and giggling as Adams shits the bed. 

The guy doing Jefferson was flipping perfect, he also totally stole the show. So so hilarious. The part where they are chanting “He’s never gonna be president now” is 3000 times funnier than i imagined it already in the cast album, i was hyperventaliating as Madison, Jefferson and Burr circled Hamilton showering him with the pages of the Reynolds Pamhlet like it was dollar bills at a strip club. Holy shit.

Woman playing Angelica? my heart dude, i fell in love with her a little bit. 

I have to say, my number one favorite thing to see live was what my prediction was, which was the Battle of Yorktown. Seeing all the moving pieces and the fighting and the victorious chanting of “We WON WE WON” from just the second row was the most intense adrenaline rush a show can give you, like when George Washington says “Not. Yet” i got chills. 

It was so absolutely incredible I could rant about it for years, i’m wearing the shirt i got from it right now, lmao. What a show, hell of an experience. I saw Wicked with Edina Mendzel and The Lion King but Hamilton has stolen the spot of my favorite live show 

>playing Fallout: NV

>finally get to The Tops wearing full metal armor with a rebar club in hand

>walk in

>guy at desk tells me to give him my weapons

>”fuck you, pay me”

>proceed to massacre the shit out of everyone in The Tops

>finally get to Benny and crush his skull, making his head explode

This means I’m done, right?


I found a new girl!! she’s amazing and helping me get over the other so much! You guys will find someone too i promise! if your in pain right now over someone, hold on, it’ll be okay. (ahah cut to me like a month from now really upset because it didn’t work out) but either way i’m just excited for the journey, ahhhhhhh

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OH you’re doing those things again!! #blessedbylock if you don’t mind 39, Toshinko or 23 Kacchako

23. meeting on a train ride au for kacchako (i mostly chose this one because I haven’t done any Kacchako yet this time around. also that hashtag I’m screaming omg)

Ochako turns on her front facing camera and lifts her phone into the air. She centers herself in frame and puts up a peace sign, smiling. When she feels like the angle is flattering she snaps the picture and it’s only as it’s taking that she realizes that the guy standing right behind her looks like he’s going to kill her.

She brings her phone back down so quickly she nearly drops it to the train floor, her fingers slipping and sliding on the case. She fumbles for a moment but she’s almost managed to get a good grip again right as the guy says, “Were you fucking taking a picture of me?”

Ochako drops her phone with a clatter. “Shoot,” she complains, crouching to retrieve it.

“Are you ignoring me?” the guy asks, sounding two parts incredulous and one part pissed.

“No,” Ochako says, scooping her phone up. “Sorry.” When she stands and turns to face him he’s scowling. “I didn’t mean to take a picture of you either.”

“Why the hell are you even taking a picture somewhere as crowded as a train anyway?” he grumbles.

Ochako feels her cheeks color. “I’m on my way to visit a friend. I was going to let him know how it’s going, I thought a picture would be fun.”

The guy scowls harder. “Fucking stupid,” he says but he seems less tense somehow. He’s an odd person.

Ochako checks her phone to see that the picture ended up blurry from the movement of her arm. Her face is alarmed and obviously her eyes are on the guy in the background. He, somehow, looks amazing. Even with his angry expression he looks beautiful. She supposes that he must be one of those extremely photogenic people, like Todoroki who somehow always looks cool and suave in every picture they take of him.

“Shoot, it didn’t turn out.”

The guy leans her direction curiously, obviously trying to get a peek without actually asking to see her phone. Ochako is a nice person, or at least she tries to be, so she turns her phone screen to show him. “You somehow look great though.”

He bristles. “I didn’t care, Round Face.”

She eyes him and wonders why he’s trying so hard. “I’m Uraraka. Uraraka Ochako.”

He scowls. “Did I ask?”

“You’re really rude for such a pretty guy,” she comments.

For the first time since she’s met him, if you could call this meeting him, he flounders. “Pretty? I’m not pretty. I’m, like… I’m fucking cool, okay. I’m a cool guy, and you know what Round Face I didn’t ask you and I don’t fucking care.”

She laughs. “Okay, Pretty Guy.”

“Hey, it’s Bakugou Katsuki,” he snaps, “and don’t you forget it Round Face.”

“Whatever you say, Pretty Guy.”

He scowls at her and seems to think for a minute. “You’re a fucking asshole under that cute girl image, aren’t you Uraraka.”

She smiles, charmed. “I don’t know what you’re talking about, Bakugou-kun.”

Bakugou eyes her. “Whatever.”

Ochako brightens. “Hey, since we’re friends now do you want to be in my selfie?”

“What?” he asks. 

She laughs and turns on her camera, leaning towards him a bit but not too far. After a second of him blinking at her phone screen he leans towards her too and she takes a chance to get right into his space. When their cheeks squish together he gets a cute, stunned expression on his face and she takes the opportunity to snap a picture of him without the scowl that seems to be permanently programmed into his facial muscles.

“Aw, that looks cute,” she says. He blinks at it, looking embarrassed, but he doesn’t yell at her to delete it so she takes that as permission to type up a quick message to Izuku and send it.

[photo attatched] omw and making friends on the train as i go!!!

She turns back to Bakugou. “If you give me your number I’ll send it to you too?”

He frowns. “Fucking stupid,” he says but then he holds out a hand for her phone and she gives it to him. 

After he enters in his number she changes his contact name to Pretty Guy Bakugou just to annoy him since he’s watching over her shoulder. He makes an inarticulate sound of irritation but before she can send the picture, and along with it give him her number, Izuku texts her back.


She blinks at her phone. “Who’s Kacchan?”

Bakugou jumps. “Where the motherfuck-”

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Hey, guys, I’m sorry for being out of touch. As you may know, I’m currently dealing with a break in, sanitizing and cleaning my apartment, and replacing all my furniture, appliances and literally everything I had. (The last handful of posts explains everything). 

Right now, I need just $65 more in order to get my apartment cleaned. I hate asking for this, but if anyone is willing to donate even a few dollars it’d be greatly appreciated. 

Here’s my paypal information below: 

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I really just want to at least be home for Thanksgiving weekend. I absolutely hate asking this and this is the absolute last time I’m going to ask for help, because it just makes me feel weak and worthless. I can’t come up with just $65? It’s pathetic.

I love all of you, you’re all amazing and I can’t see my life without you guys in it.

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🎵 + destiel (thanks!)

Dean and Sam had come separately to the party. They hadn’t seen each other in a few weeks, with Sam studying at Stanford and Dean working a few cities away. But they just found each other in between the mass of people. Sam’s hair was longer and Dean had to get used to it, but he was still the same younger brother.

“So, you have a date, right?” Sam asked him promptly. “You said you had, you weren’t lying, were you?”

“I wasn’t,” Dean said as he turned to look at the dance floor. “I mean, I kind of lost my date on the dance floor…”

Sam chuckled. “You’ve been with Castiel for, what- a few weeks now?”

“Almost two months.” Dean nodded as he scanned the crowd. He hopped from one foot on the other, slightly annoyed he couldn’t find his boyfriend. The song slowly faded, but in between the people who left the dance floor, Dean couldn’t find Castiel either.

He and Sam stood together and watched the people walk past them. Sam kept looking at the girls, and suddenly Dean realized that Sam was expecting Castiel to be a girl.

Oh, Sammy, I-”

“Looking for someone?”

song: save the last dance for me - michael bublé

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i really didn’t want to have to do this tbh, bc not once in my 6 years on this website have i had to, but i don’t have a choice at this point in time. given all the group projects i’ve got (and with this being my senior year of college), i just don’t have the time to get on every day, or even every week, so a semi-hiatus is the only plausible thing for me to do right now. while i am NOT leaving elizabeth, she is my baby and i’ve been with her since only a few days after the premiere of hotel, i’m not going to be able to get on in a consistent manner at all. not until at least winter break, which is in two or so weeks, so until then i’ll be on and off whenever i can manage to take a few minutes for myself. 

i love you guys so very much, and i hate to have to do this, but i really don’t have a choice rn. i’m always here if you need me, tho, both on discord (if you already have my username for it), as well as tumblr IM. i wanna be updated on everyone’s life and i wanna know everyone is doing okay; don’t be shy, babes. ♥

Melanie’s Traumatic Birth

This is a fetish fic about a very painful, humiliating, bloody, and physically injurious hospital birth of a very large baby. Everyone lives but mom’s gonna hurt for a while. If reading this gets you excited, read on, friend. If not, please don’t flame me. I would never, ever want this to happen to any woman IRL, and don’t condone any of the practices depicted within. 

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So I’ll probably do another batch of Ask BH and Flug with the questions I’ve currently got before the next fic comes out, because as usual it’s taking me forever and I feel bad leaving you guys with no content for so long lol. I’ll try to get ‘em posted tonight, but this has and will be a pretty busy month for me (i’m in the middle of moving) so things may be a little slow right now. As always, the ask box will still be open, I just won’t get to new asks for a while. X”D (And to the nosy anon, I did get ur ask, I’m just tryin’ to figure out a decent snippet to give you lmao)

Guys be checking me out and I literally panic whenever they actually seem interested. I have to remind myself that the battlefield is still neutral until they approach me, but when they do I’m fully prepared. Gotta look em in the eyes and let em know why this ain’t what they want and they still don’t listen.

I could be like “hey man , honestly I get it , you tryna keep ya dick warm at all costs but like I’m going through a lot right now and I’m not throwing any heart or pussy. I’m really not in the mood to start riding emotional roller coasters while you figure out the kind of guy you want to be and if you’re ready to be committed to me.” And all they’ll hear is “damn she a freak , shawty you tryna ride with me?” Lol idk I don’t really know how they work yet I just don’t want any getting close to me. Especially the ones that gotta look you up and down and remind you that you thick af like you not the one who dress yaself every morning like yea I know I’m probably being hysterical but like please leave me tf alone I am not interested at all.

so I’ve had this blog for maybe a month, but haven’t done much with it until last Tuesday. I gained 190 followers in 6 days, which is just awe-inspiring (and supposedly, tumblr’s metrics are off right now, so the number may be slightly higher or lower).

I feel like I needa do smth special when I hit 200. Maybe my 200th follow will get a special oneshot or something, lmao.

Thank you guys so much <3

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“I touched your boobs an hour ago and you didn’t freak out this much” 😂😂😂 I love you lol. That anon would be me though. I read The Shining once, and I literally wouldn’t go to the bathroom in the middle of the night for months. Niall would hate me if I woke him up because I was scared a dead lady was going to be in the bathtub lol

lmao i love you too!

yeah i feel like he has zero tolerance for that kind of shit.

“Go to sleep.  M’not getting a fucking night light.  Just paid a shitload for new blackout drapes.”

“Says the guy who slept with the closet light on for two days after watching Stranger Things.”

“Hey, that show was intense a’right?”

@rafxsulfuslovestory @dagurdewhite I saw you guys commented on the Heartland gifs I reblogged, and omgosh you guys watch/watched it too!? I’m in love, scream with me. *opens arms* 

Forever Tag List

Hey, guys!! So I think I set this up right, but: If you want to be added to my tag list for my fics then go here and just type in your url! It’ll make things a lot easier for me and hopefully easier for you guys to get notified when I post a fic! :)

My favorite Mark’s ego is…

SIKE! You think I’m gonna say Dark, don’t you? Well that’s half way correct. Because now I’m gonna talk about ✌unofficial / fanmade✌ ego.

My favorite fanmade Ego/AU is Punk Mark. Piercings and tattoos are my favorite and Mark is also my favorite. Both in one? Mark with Piercings and tattoos? I’m dead.

And Those sick stuffs does not only for Punk people, right?

Guys, how about the Gang style? I mean, I don’t know what word can explain what I think clearly, like bad guys?

Let me describe. Mark with Piercings and tattoos of course, colored hair, hardly swearing, not silly at all, likes music and party hard, always wearing black clothes, hanging out with bros, stay up at night time and sleeping at day time.

Can you get it? Can you get the idea? Or do I have to draw…?

ive been on this website since i was 16 like imagine if 22 yro me now traveled back in time to me then. 16 yro me who was only interesting in looking at pokemon fan art. and then telling 16 yro me “hey listen i know you love tumblr now but in 6 years time this website is going to fucking suck. someone gifts the pope a video game. youre asexual right?? well get ready to hate that too because some 13 year olds will have strong opinions on that and some guy wanting to keep humans as pets is considered hysterical. you hate everything about this website in the future. fucking enjoy skull trumpet while it lasts”