but you guis get me right

guys, even i don’t have notifications on for lin on twitter

Car OTP Prompts
  • “What made you think choosing this license plate ‘number’ was a good idea? No, I don’t know you, but that doesn’t change the fact that it’s dumb.”
  • "I challenge you to a car decorating war.”
    BONUS: ”..are those wedding decorations??”
  • “Can you move your car? You’re blocking my way. Oh, you did not just call me a shitty driver. Wait–get back here and move your damn vehicle!”
  • "This guy is taking up two spots.. trap him in? Trap him in.”
  • "So we’re locked inside/outside of your car alone in this parking lot with no way to contact anyone.. oh my god–we already fed the cat, it should be the least of our concerns right now!”
  • “I think you mistook my car for yours.”
    BONUS: “No, it wasn’t a mistake.”
  • “Nice windshield wiper decal but mine definitely beats it.”
  • I’m in me mum’s car, broom broom!(rip)
  • “We’re stuck in traffic, this song has played exactly sixteen times in the past half-hour, and we’re already running late.”
    BONUS: “No, we are not going to fuck–”

1 month post Big Chop and my hair never been so Healthy! It looks kinda crazy in this picture because I need to wash it but you guys get the idea.

Current Hair Regime:
1. Shampoo/ deep condition 1x per week
2. Co wash in the middle of the week
3. Black tea rinse every 3 or 4 weeks to reduce shedding. Ive seen a huge difference.
4. I use “espiritu de canela” to stimulate my roots for growth. Literally feels like pouring lava on your scalp but it works!

Thanks for all the positive vibes so far and joining me on my journey!

Left: 3/26/ 17
Right: 2/26/ 17

IG: @speciallykiki

Hey guys.

I’m socially exhausted.

I need some time away from tumblr to gather myself and get back into drawing.
I know it didn’t look like I was being active at all lately, but I have been running around between friends in chat so much that I exhauted myself to the point of fearing to come online.

Let’s be clear, nobody did anything wrong. I did this to myself. And I’m sorry but I need to leave for a moment.

Let’s say a week. Next friday I’ll come back to give you guys news, alright? So don’t worry about me, if all goes well I should come back with more energy and potentialy some drawings! :)

So keep on keeping on while I’m away, alright? :)

Minuet in d minor

(WARNING the audio is a bit loud)

My first completely finished composition!! I started like 6 hours ago and I was done with sketching it out after 2 hours. Some finishing touches, typing everything into my computer, making the audio file and - voilá. 

So basically my goal was just to finish anything because that’s probably very important if you wanna get better. I chose to write a minuet because it has a very strict form so there was something to guide me at all times. This is the product and even though it’s not very complex or deep, I had a fantastic time writing it and I learned a lot. For example, I now know for sure that Bach was some sort of godly creature because in the minuet there are these like 16 bars of fugato and not only was it so fucking hard to get everything sort of right but it also doesn’t even sound that great so yeah. Anyway I hope you enjoy this and I’d love to hear some of you guys’ opinions!!. 


<<Yes, Dad>>, Emmett said on the phone. <<She’s in the room right now. They’re getting everything ready>>, he explained.

He stood in silence, listening to the other end, for a moment. Then he shook his head. <<No, you guys stay at the house. This may take hours… Ezra would get impatient. It’s better if you wait. I’ll text you when things get moving>>, he countered.

I don’t know, you guys. I desperately want to be noticed, but other times I don’t want to be. There are so many people I want to notice me, but I’m afraid they won’t like me–especially since the majority of Tumblr users are liberal, while I am conservative. Who wants to be friends with a conservative, right? The people who voted for the ever-so-horrible Donald Trump and rise against everything liberals stand for. I get so miserable thinking about all the friends I could make if it weren’t for the political division between us. Sigh.

no offense but this guy called me a sweetheart v casually the other night at this gay club and I was very #touched for some reason and then this gal was standing and I was getting by and said oh I’m sorry I have to get through and she was like don’t apologize take up all the space you need and that was also very like wow…you’re right.

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I hate how defensive I've become bc I really wanna draw flowers on my arm but that's just giving my mum every right to call me a girl (I'm nb), it's the same as the me liking girls thing, if I don't dramatically announce it every chance I get then I must be straight and it's so annoying man

I’ll fight your mum for you
flowers are for everyone, and having to constantly announce what you are is bluh
show her pictures of guys with flower beards or with like flower tattoos
maybe that’ll show her that flowers are for everyone, may also make her think you’re into guys
stay truthful to yourself friend, you know you and it’s annoying to keep having to say who you are but I believe in you

Okay, there’s a WA who literally create a twitter account only to tweet me that snowbarry will never be endgame. 

Like, that’s the only tweet the account ever posted and it’s direct to me. It isn’t an answer to a post I made either. They just search snowbarry probably and find me only to tweet me that. 

I dont know if I should feel honor or scared to death. I mean they literally stalking us right now. 

Actually, I’m so sad right now because they told me that, I mean I won’t be able to sleep tonight because of them! 

This is a queued post.

Hey guys! How’s life lately? I know some us are getting busy because we’re at school, work, or just in the transition of growing up. As we age, we realize that there are things much more important than playing or goofing around in or outside the internet. It’s hard for me to leave my only escape for a while, but I have to. I have to deal with something important right now.

I wish you all guys good health, not just physical but also mental and emotional. Always keep safe because the world isn’t fair the way we dream of it.

My drafts are queued and will still be posted because I don’t want to waste them being stuck there for a lifetime. And oh yeah, together with it I will be posting the story I’m currently writing entitled “1997”.

I wish to comeback soon, I guess? Love you all.

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I still can't get over you little lie in your bio how you say you love Glenn just a little bit. Like that's the biggest lie I've ever heard.


I mean. I don’t want people thinking I dedicate every single second of my life to that guy because like….. obviously I don’t???? That’s just absurd??? I would never??? I do stuff… that doesn’t involve Glenn Rhee. Obviously. I can’t think of anything specific right now but that’s only because you’re catching me off guard. I have a life. Come on.

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Oh my god WHAT THE HELL HOW COULD THEY DO THAT I'M SCREAMING YOU'RE THE MOST BEAUTIFUL PERSON EVER OH MY GOD I'M SO MAD please don't be sad you always have us we love you so much it hurts to see you like this</3 ❤ btw I understand how it's like to have a crappy family that's why i'm so mad right now...


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Oh, I’m sorry, but I have no romantic interest in anyone right now, but it’s very flattering. Please, don’t be down on yourself because of me, please be happy

Hey guys..

So, I really hate to do this again but times are hard and things are getting a lot more rough with me.. 
My caseworker has basically fucked up my case AGAIN and I won’t be getting food stamps. Currently I am staying with these people but its getting harder to get by each day and I’m really over staying my welcome but my disability and mental illness is preventing me from getting a job. This is also a military loving town so that makes it even harder. 
So I really need your guys’ help.. I need about 30$ just for right now.. I would be willing to draw for you, don’t be afraid to ask! Its not digital art since I don’t have a tablet or anything and my style changes constantly, but right now I’m willing to do almost anything.. I will even draw sigils for you. 
I would link you to my redbubble but they have been taking the majority of the profits I made and I need the money soon.. 
My paypal is salmiakkikisses@gmail.com

So please guys, please help me out.. I really need this by the end of the month and the month is already coming to a close.. 
Please spread this about ! And I’m really sorry but thank you! 


Ok so I just wanted to let you guys know that my best friend has been getting bullied for sharing her opinion in a private message. And I’ll be damned if I let someone bully one of my friends. Please remember that I will defend my friends and their right to PRIVATELY share their opinion without fear of being bullied. I will be your friend no matter what your orientation so if you see @lesbabeths calling me homophobic or whatever, I just want you all to know that I am defending my best friend from a bully. And keep that in mind if they say you should unfollow me. Please talk to me first so that you can get the whole story instead of just the one side of it.

So I defended MatPat (the Game Theorist) because someone I follow reblogged a long ass list of why MatPat is wrong on his theories and he is inaccurate, and some kind of egotistical guy.

Usually I don’t reply to those kind of posts since whenever I do, I get someone in my inbox telling me how wrong I am, but sometimes I can’t help myself, and said that MatPat does this for fun, and I was right, someone sent an inbox to me saying he’s doing it for the money which is really petty since many huge YouTubers have merch, and what’s the big deal if he does omfg.