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I don't know if you're still taking requests or not but I have an idea for a tfln. Gemma or a mutual friend is out with a 6-7month pregnant missus while harry and the boys are in an interview with nick or sm and H gets a texts saying they took the missus to the hospital halfway through shopping cause she fell unconscious, she's alright but they wanna keep her in for a day or two bc of dehydration, but he's still on his way to her xx

Harry. Adie.

I know you have an interview with Grimmy right now and I’m not saying anything is really bad that you need to leave mid-interview.

And I know you have interviews all day today with the radios.

But, (YN) collapsed during our ladies breakfast this morning. Gemma’s taken her to A and E to get looked over by a medic and we’re following behind Gemma in the car.

We gave her lots of water. Informed them that she was just freshly turning 6 months pregnant and we were allowed to nip back to the kitchen where we kept her cool. But, she fell against Gemma when we went to leave and we packed up and left. I’m with Eleanor at the moment.

I promise to keep you updated though.



Why didn’t you call me?

Adie, this is something you call me over!


She said she wasn’t feeling well today.

She woke up feeling rough and I insisted she stayed home but she wanted to go out with everyone and have a girly day. 

Harry, she’s fine. I promise.

You still call me!


Are they both okay? The baby?

They’re both perfectly fine. Heartbeat on the little is as strong as ever. She was a little too dehydrated and she hasn’t been eating much. They just want to keep her in for a few more days to make sure she gets back to her health.

Especially since she’s pregnant.

Let her know I’m on my way to her?

I had my manager call up the radios and reschedule some interviews for after (YN) has come home from the hospital. I’d be the shittest husband if I wasn’t there with her.

She’s been asking for you.

They want to do an ultrasound to see how the baby is settled in her but she won’t go head with it until you’re here. She said “it doesn’t feel right without Harry. He needs to be here to see this” so, they’re waiting for you.

She knew I’d come.

You’re the sweetest guy she’s had, H. I’m glad she married you, you know? I’d come and kick your balls up your throat if you didn’t come and see her right now.

Give me 10 minutes. 

I’ll be there a soon as possible.

Just, sit with her and make sure she’s okay and reassure her that I’ll be right there with her.

I will.

Hurry up though. Because the doctors are getting stressed that she won’t have the ultrasound.

Tell her to have it. Please. Beg her to have it. I don’t mind missing this one. She needs it so they can see the baby.


I’ll get her to have it. 

Just get here soon. She wants you here. Said “the closest thing to Harry she has is Gemma”. x

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It sounds like a good idea, that way all (or most) of the asks can get dealt with in one fell swoop!

we currently have upwards of 2000 asks in the inbox right now so that’s probably not gonna happen. also, not all of them are questions, some of them are just like “aaaa you’re the best, marry me” or “have my babies!” or “fuck you for making jokes about my favourite character” or whatevs

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Will you be doing "Normal Star" comics after Mewberty AU?

Well, as soon as the show comes back from hiatus, I’ll start to do my episode based comics again, but for now, you’re stuck with the Mewberty AU, sorry.

Also, right now Mewberty AU is currently the “most wanted” on my blog. Just for a comparison:
I get more than 50 message about Mewberty AU,  around 25 about other comics/ idea suggestions, and 5-6 that want me to start an adult site and draw Mewberty Star X Marco sex pics/comics…

(plus around 60 hater messages that I put into that virtual campfire on my page.)

Also since I already started to write a shorter novel as an answer there, I wanna take this opportunity to thank everyone who writes messages for me, (even the haters). Also, I wanna tell that I’m sorry but I can’t answer to all of them, because most of them are anon, and I can only answer them as posts.
(well if you send me something non-anon [sh*tty pun intended] then I’d be able to answer it privately…

Everyone else is playing Mass Effect Andromeda. Good a time as any to get back to writing Sunset and Evening Star, right? If I can just get past this damn Thessia chapter I could get to some bits where I actually know what’s supposed to happen.

*digs back through chat logs with @musanocturnis to remember ideas*

(Thank goodness for written brainstorming sessions that you can copy-paste to a doc and saver forever)

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hiii i was thinking about writing a fic but i dont know how to do it or what to write about so if you have any tips for me I'd love u forever

Hello, friend :D  Thanks for your question!  Congrats on actually deciding to write something.  Most of my evenings are spent thinking, “I could write… maybe…”

Originally posted by gameraboy

As for how to get started, I think the first step is to decide exactly what you’re writing.  Some people only need a general idea to get started, and some people (like me) need to plan it out from start to finish before they set pen to paper.  So decide what you need before you feel comfortable starting.

Either way, you’ll need an idea.  If you have a scene idea or plot bunny already in your head, even if it’s small, you should go for that one right away.  Inspiration is a rare thing sometimes – follow it whenever you can.  If you don’t have an idea yet, you can either try to brainstorm/imagine one based on what kind of things you like to read (I like fluffy/angsty OTP fics, so that’s what I write for fun), or if you can’t think of anything, try out some writing prompts!  My favorite prompt blogs are @otp-imagines-cult and @writing-prompt-s <3

Then you do however much planning you need – in typical outline format or just blurbed onto a sticky note.  My usual quick-format:

[Character B]’s POV – [Character A] and [Character B] are at [setting], doing [action], when [Character A] says/does [something].  [Character B] reacts [this way].

Basically, just designating a point-of-view, a setting, and what happens just before the story starts.  This gives you a jumping-off point, so even though the page is blank, you don’t feel like you’re creating something out of thin air.  Even though you are.

Then just make yourself comfortable.  Turn on music if that helps you focus.  Get water and a snack within reach in case.  Go to the bathroom.  Find good lighting.  Give yourself plenty of time so you don’t feel rushed.  Then go!

The hardest part is the beginning, then, so give yourself some time to try out a few first paragraphs – and once you find something you like, don’t stop.  Don’t take breaks.  Don’t pee if you don’t really really have to.  Don’t stop to look up pictures of your muse or check that tumblr message or search a bunch of words on thesaurus.com.  Just focus.  Close other tabs, focus, and get immersed in it.  Otherwise it’ll feel distant and hard to keep going.

And most importantly: do not self-edit.  Don’t stop to edit a previous sentence or read what you’ve written so far.  Don’t worry about if something sounds stupid or wrong.  You can deal with that later.  Just write and write and write until it’s finished, and fix the problems in a few hours after the words have settled.  Allow it to be crap.  I promise it’ll get better once you go back over it.

That’s all the advice I have, so go get started!  If you have any more questions, send ‘em in and I’ll get back within the week :)  Good luck!

If you need advice on general writing or fanfiction, you should maybe ask me!

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Hey ghost parent. I really need some good vibes. I'm in a long distance relationship and I've been planning to move away from my abusive mother and move in with my girlfriend. The thing is those plans fell through because my girlfriend's family no longer wants me to move in. Now I have no idea what to do because I have nowhere else to go and I'm scared I'll never get to be with her. I really need some positivity right now to help me get through this

h eck lots of good vibes!! hoping something works out for you soon ;;;

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How do I best come out to my parents? Do I just bring it up? Do I sit them down? Do I bake them a cake? How do I tell them and explain to them what that means for me?

Wow, I would definitely bake the cake. Every parents are different son there is no standardized answer, but I always recommend to wait until they are in a good mood.

Sit them down could be like a duel between you and their reaction. Face to face is always a powerful situation. Time ago an idea came up from a reader: watching a film where a character come out to their parents or to their friends. So can use that to introduce the subject.

Have some water near you because your mouth can get really dry really fast.

Just tell them how you feel and tell them it feels right to you. And you also choose to tell them instead of keeping it a secret. Meaning that they are important to you.

Finally, muffins and pizza are fine as well. ;)

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Oh lord have mercy I just gave my self terrible(wonderful) angst idea for the Dragon!AU. You know Sucy is part dragon right? What happens if she's a full dragon that turn into a human form like the dragons in Miss Kobayashi Dragon Maid with a long life span. In LWA anime Sucy was alone until she meets Lotte and Akko. She really liked Lotte and Akko, mostly Lotte. But she can't get close and have a romantic relationship because Sucy has long life span. But here's the kicker, Lotte confesses first

Why are u hurting me like this

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This might be a silly question but I keep seeing it on my feed and I'm interested. What exactly is the House of Onyx? :)

Hello! I don’t find it to be a silly question at all!

House of Onyx is a sims 3 modeling company owned my a gentle man named Tatum Oliver (I’m in the process of making him still)

It’s an idea that spawned from a storyline I have planned for my OC, Colbie.i was going to just post pictures of her doing the modeling but I really love getting other people in the community involved and creating something people can do together. My friend Asia also helped spawn the idea of me making it more interactive for everyone.

Right now, I have 4 female models and 1 male. I’m
Looking for some more males currently. However, each week a prompt/theme will be published that you can take photos of and tag @houseofonyxs3 and the photos will be shared there! Each week someone will be chosen to be in a future House of Onyx photoshoot with the possibility of becoming a model that I add to the roster!

I hope this helps! And hope it’s okay to post publicly so others who might have the same question can see’ if there’s anything else that isn’t clear please please don’t hesitate to ask!


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There is more strength to you, and more potential to you. The world needs you still, and you're meant to be here. Please, things are rough and horrible right now, and you don't deserve a second of it, but please just hold on a little longer, it does get better, I'll bet you anything on that. You have your whole life ahead of you to search and look for what you're meant for, and decide it for yourself at your own pace. Don't let anyone rush it, this life is meant for no one but you. Stay alive|-/

Oh friend, thank you so much for caring and sending me this message. You guys have no idea how much you help me everyday. Thank you for not leaving me alone and for always being kind and lovely. I love you and I really hope I can thank you enough one day. I’m feeling a little bit better today and your messages are helping me a lot. Thank you.

I hope you are having an amazing day and that you are okay, my friend. <3

Originally posted by raindun

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Might be a weird question but how's the Les Amis Sitcom script going? Have you publsihed it somewhere?

Hey yo thanks for asking! It’s going well. Right now is Hell Month at uni so I haven’t had time to sit down and transfer the pages to screenwriting software. Though every time I get an idea for a moment/joke/episode it gets jotted down. I hope to post a spec script for a random episode on here at some point in April!! 

To all of those in these communities!

The other night I had made a post telling people that they could add me on Discord if they wanted to. I had one person add me and had wanted to voice chat, I didn’t see an issue with doing so until I found out it was a guy. (His Tumblr hadn’t stated whether he was male or female.) Now there wasn’t a problem in the beginning of our chat, but then he kept bringing up strange subjects and it sounded like he was getting off in the background while I was talking. I had ended the chat and blocked him both on here and on Discord. Now, the only tags I had used for that post were the ones listed below. He had told me himself that he had no idea who any of the youtubers I had listed were. He couldn’t even say Jack’s name right. But I’m making this post now to warn you all of possible creeps who might be lurking in our community tags. Please share this and be aware! I know we have younger fans in our communities and I don’t want this to happen to them.

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hi, you're part of the pokespe discord server, right? i want to join it because i don't really know anyone in the fandom, and it'd be great to get to know other spe fans. the problem is, i'm not that great at making friends, or even communicating in general. i'm also scared of being not wanted there. i wanted to ask someone else in the fandom about the server because i don't know if it'd be a good idea for me to try to be a part of it. sorry for taking up your time!!

Heyyyy Anon!

A lot of the people are great, but there’s still a couple weird or rude ones every so often. (I’m not all that great at dealing with people)

Though, it’s fun to talk to the people who are nice there. 

The community there is pretty large, and I think you’ll be able to make at least one friend.

Could you message me off anon, so I can give you the link? (I’m not sure if I should share it publicly and there’s a couple people I want to avoid giving the link to)

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Anon with the trait idea- what I like about the traits idea is that there'd be more unique selections-therefore- REPLAYABILITY! Perhaps you should change the and in, say, "smart and mature" to smart OR mature. It ensures the same conversation happens, but not everyone is both smart and mature, so player chooses an option that they feel reflects them better, or reflects both traits. Like "loud OR bold". Player can identify as one or both

Aaaahh I get what you mean! That’s a cool idea and a great way to keep a small selection yet still have it personal to the player. 

I guess Shy OR reserved could work too right? or are they too similar? 

Seriously though, I hope you realise what a game changer you have suggested! xD Thank you again!

obvs there is something great about when a Big Scary turns into a Big Softie where Tiny Useless is concerned, but what i like better is:

Tiny Useless decides, with no prompting and for no apparent reason whatsoever, that Big Scary needs protecting. and if no one else will do it then this accidentally-gets-stepped-on, blows-away-in-a-stiff-breeze motherfucker is going to have to be the one to protect this living mountain of pain. you wanna get to this troll, you’re gonna have to go through this pixie. you try to come for this tibetan mastiff, this chihuahua’s gonna try to kick your ass first.

and the Big Scary is mostly just?? really confused???? there are at least twenty different reasons why this is fucking dumb. but also this feeble lil shit is the first person in the entire world to try and stand up for this person that absolutely does not need it. Big Scary continues to be huge and terrifying but now Tiny Useless has their undying loyalty and it will probably not end well for anyone.

Ravenclaws probably have, overall as a house, the worst grades in the school tbh. 

30 multipurpose prompts, open to interpretation

to write, draw, or whatever. have people choose a number and perhaps a character, or proceed however you wish and invent it all. 

  1. The 11th. 
  2. Lost at the creek. 
  3. Above, there is an attic.
  4. The tree is very old. 
  5. A figure at the edge of the woods.
  6. Horses anticipating a storm. 
  7. One foot in another world. 
  8. Face on the other side of a dark window. 
  9. Driving for many hours through mountains. 
  10. The photograph. 
  11. In search of sea life. 
  12. A blue tin kettle. 
  13. Wanderer on a scorched path. 
  14. It had no eyes. 
  15. Please, let’s go home. 
  16. Small birds, dry grass. 
  17. A hero in the wrong. 
  18. Unearthed bones. 
  19. The sensation of falling as experienced in a dream. 
  20. How far can you carry this?
  21. Conversations with the crows. 
  22. A book infested with ghosts. 
  23. Forgetting why it mattered. 
  24. The protection of laughter. 
  25. Each time we climb the stairs, something changes. 
  26. Wildness on the loose. 
  27. The passage of time as it varies by season. 
  28. Sunlight on rumpled sheets and the smell of pine.
  29. I love you, they said. I love you. 
  30. Submersion in cool water. 

Don’t think about Cas sitting somewhere by himself on a college campus just reading a book and Dean and a group of his friends walk by and Dean is just like,

“I bet I could get his number and a date in less than a minute.” And his friends are like, “haha, yeah right. He’s out of your league, Winchester. Novak’s don’t date. They just curve all the tests.” Then Dean goes, “I bet you $200 each. And I’ll even add in an extra bet that I’ll get HIM to kiss ME.”

So they take the bet and Dean just waltz over and sits down next to Cas and just smiles at him and says, “hey, sweetheart” then hands him his phone.

Seconds later Castiel just leans forward and kisses Dean on the lips and goes, “are you scamming your friends out of money with bets again? You know eventually they’ll figure out we’ve been dating for a little while.”

Then Dean just grins like, “And that’s when I’ll stop.”

Meanwhile Dean’s friends are just standing there in shock because what did they just see?