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((hey all sorry to say mod aint doing too hot mentally and im gunna be taking a week off from guyslikeus. ill be back i have so many ideas im just kinda a hot mess right now and need to stop putting so much pressure on myself aaaahaha. ill be drawing for some other random askblogs so keep ur eyes peeled but other than that ill see u next friday! love you all!))


Morrigan did nothing wrong! Seriously. Everyone goes on and on about her betrayal and what is it? She didn’t tell you about the Dark Ritual right away. Come off it! She always gets lumped in with Solas and Anders in the “don’t trust the apostate” group but honestly I have no idea why. She never did something stupid enough to get a bunch of innocent people blown up.

Like I dunno when people that don’t get the idea of thinking for yourself are like “but I see right-wing people attack identity politics and appropriation discourse so that must mean it’s an essentially right-wing thing” Spencer being all “actually those things are good and my fellow rightwngers would do well to re-evaluate their views on those things” just like, gives you a really easy response to anyone that wants to play that game

OTP Idea #853

Before A and B knew each other, they saw each other around but never talked. Person A wants to talk to B but doesn’t know what to say. Person A always just assumed B was right-handed, so when they finally notice B is left-handed they decide that’s a perfect ice breaker and say, “Wait, since when were you left-handed?!” and B just kinda gives them this sideways glance and responds with, “Since I could hold a pencil?”

Bonus point if B still teases A for that.
(“Hey B? Where’s the remote?
“Wait, since when did we have a remote?!”
“I hate you so much, you know that right?”
“Love you too babe!”)

cred to @drowninginallthefeels

Training Day

Title: Training Day

Summary: Dean and Donna work out.

Author:  Dean’s Dirty Little Secret

Characters:  Dean Winchester x Donna Hanscum

Word Count:  1722

Warnings:  explicit language, explicit sexual content, smut, unprotected sex

Author’s Notes:  I sent out a plea for some Dean x Donna story ideas. This one came from @tonifish. Photo from Briana Buckmaster.

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Queen V! A controversial one: Aaron + THE baby & number 86?? Thank you!

FOR REAL THOUGH, DON’T READ THIS IF YOU CAN’T BEAR THE IDEA, K? i’m gonna put most of it under a cut so you can avoid if you want to, don’t say i never did anything for you


86. Don’t be scared, I’m right here

She’s crying. It’s their first day looking after her on their own. Rebecca had dropped her off warily, making stilted conversation with Robert near the door. They’re all getting there but it’s a weird situation, it’ll take time.

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I have no idea if I am censored or not with the new settings (probably) but if I am that means only those who are either logged in, follow me, and/or have safe mod off can see my posts right? But who else was looking at my post anyway? Like I do not really expected anymore to stumble across my posts in the sims tags. I am not all that worried when maybe I should be? IDK what’s going honestly. 

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Do you think Harry would care if the missus didn't want to breastfeed?

I don’t think he would mind at all, no. It’s whatever and however the missus feels comfortable; if she wants to bottle-feed their babies, he’s all for supporting that and finding out what the best formulas are. Asking the midwife, as soon as she suggests about going on to feeding

I kind of have a huge soft spot for the idea of Harry getting caught in a supermarket, late at night, with arms filled with baby formula tins and powders that he knows he’s buying too much of but goes ahead and buys more than necessary. Disheveled with knotted and greasy hair, sunglasses on his face, with tracksuit bottoms on his legs and boots on his feet, in t-shirts that are probably stained with spit-up and sick and a little wee and dinner that had missed his mouth. And he’s getting stares and glances from people he passes, and he knows he probably smells like a bin left in the heat, but he really doesn’t care because he’s been up looking after his baby and his missus and didn’t feel the need to doll himself up to go to supermarket. 

And when the cashier sees him struggling, he’s instantly rushing over to help. Picking up tins he’s dropped or grabbing him a basket to set everything in, before he’s congratulating Harry on his new baby and sending him on his way with his purchases. xx


Look I know this is a very time sensitive scenario, but c’mon, Yang. You have no idea what Ms. Neopolitan Icecream over here is capable of. Taking her solo is… brash.

Yeah, see, Neo is literally dancing circles around Yang. And when Yang did land a hit, the damage was reflected right back at her. Not that that’s a bad thing. The more beat up Yang gets, the stronger she becomes. But that doesn’t matter, because Yang is completely outmatched…

Also, cool detail I noticed. Every time Neo blinks, her eye colors swap locations. It’s kinda freaky, actually.

present me: I am going to create something! I have so many ideas! so many things i could do! endless possibility!

the me from 2 minutes in the future watching, chuckling derisively while slogging through the blue hellswamp of tungler.org: will this dumbass EVER learn

ID #51969

Name: Kesheena
Age: 17
Country: Australia

I feel like this is my profile for tinder, I have no idea what I’d put in the description. How about “ya like jazz?”. Well if ya like jazz and want to be my pen pal date swipe right. Or is it left?

So maybe it shouldn’t have been “Ya like jazz?”, what if you don’t like jazz or haven’t seen bee movie memes or the bee movie (you really should watch it) and dismiss this profile and you’re a really cool person. Total wasted opportunity right? Not a great way to get to know me either. How about this instead, “Hi! My name’s Kesheena, all I want to do in life is make films and make my friends happy and I used to want to be in cirque du soleil when I was younger. Who doesn’t though? This is actually really exciting and I can’t wait to have a little pen pal. If you like comic books, marvel/dc movies hit me up. Actually if you like literally anything hit me up. Did I mention I’m a girl?” Anyway I think I’ve typed too much and you’ve probably stopped reading by now but if you’re still reading this then I think it’s a sign that you and me should definitely start talking.

Preferences: 17 or over? I don’t mind tbh

also if you’re gonna come at liam for tweeting about his video at this moment please shut the fuck up?? y’all act like you know everything about their lives??? as if liam doesn’t feel sorry for robin’s family just because he happened to tweet about his video right after we learned the sad news???? have you considered that maybe he had no idea about it like the rest of us???? harry’s rep already stated that the family need privacy and time and y’all think leaving nasty comments under liam’s tweet is going to make harry feel better or what???? or do you think you’re actually being more “respectful” than what liam did??????? get over yourself

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Stop with all the Wonder Woman shit. You're a Paramore blog.



2 things: 1 - You must be new. This isn’t a Paramore-only blog. It says clearly in my header. And anyone who’s been following me for more than a few minutes knows I post what I want, not what YOU want. This blog is for me. You can enjoy it, too, but ultimately, I’m doing it for myself and I’m not getting paid to run a Paramore blog for you. So, no. I’ll post what I like. You can do the same and I won’t send you anon hate.
And 2 - This is nothing. You have no idea how many posts I didn’t reblog right now, and instead, added them to my drafts. lol.


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I'm 14, closeted, and in a really bad situation with my family right now. My parents don't allow me to have money, but I know I need to build some savings if I'm going to be able to move out when I'm 18. Any ideas or help? I can't babysit or take odd jobs or do anything online because they would find out.

Save any money you get as birthday presents, or maybe try and sell some belongings you don’t need anymore?
I hope you figure it out - Matthew

This is not the poem I wish I could write
You took my heart, my soul,
my words that first night
I’ll keep trying though
One day I’ll get it right
You’ll know what your smile does to me
All the times I could never answer you
You will know, you’ll finally see
How you make everything fade away
I’ve never felt so in love yet so free
You have no idea what you do
I’m consumed, happy and just me

iwasjust -ywsm



Review: This poem broke my heart, but was lovely nonetheless. I wish you elaborated a little more on what poem you wish you could write, and dove deeper into what her smile does to you. Otherwise, lovely job. Keep on writing. ❤


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What would you do with Jason and Tim's relationship pre new 52? I dunno tho, I like the idea of them becoming close but like brotherly. but you're right lots of fanon sacrifices Jason's character for that, so what would you do?

I wouldn’t make them that close and brotherly, basically.

I just don’t see it happening for the characters (especially in Post-Crisis) and forcing it between them is a disservice for both. Not everyone in the world gets along, and they can be in the same family and not that close.

I would deal with the issues between them slowly and they would probably end up working together fairly well and snark at each other, but they would never end up with a closeness like Dick and Tim had.

Jason would bond faster and more readily with Damian.

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Same anon who started this British thing you got going on now, I didn't know 'british' was also related to a ideology? (dunno if right word) I thought it was just something to refer to people born on the British isles (I also never knew Ireland was a 'british' isle) and/or just a word that was mainly used for stereotypes (i.e., British only ever talking about the weather etc). So. Interesting to find out. I think I personally am with the last commenter, where it's only a geographic identity.

If you type ‘British empire’ into google and then in another tab type 'British empire war crimes’ you’ll get a pretty good idea why I don’t like being referred to as British.

I’ve got to thank you though, next YouTube video I’ll be discussing nationalism and identity :)


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昆虫は、ちょうど我々 が土器の宝石のように美しい

I don’t know. I love making the show and I love writing these stories. It’s a huge challenge to come up with another 500 pages with an original approach on a set of archetypes that isn’t repeating things that I’ve done before. I wouldn’t want this show to feel like “Oh, it’s cute. They do the accent, then things happen.” I want it to feel challenging and original and unexpected and with characters you haven’t seen before. That’s no small task. I guess what I would say is I have to take my time to make sure I get it right. The great thing about FX is they’re not pressuring me to get this on the air again next year. But I don’t know yet. I don’t have the idea yet, so we’ll just have to see. Thirty hours is a lot of story. I’m hugely proud of the work that we did, and I don’t want to overstay my welcome.
—  Noah Hawley answering “Will there be another season?” (http://variety.com/2017/tv/news/fargo-finale-noah-hawley-1202475323/)

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So for a final paper in Play Analysis, we had to pick a play and discuss a theme of it and I picked mental disorders in "The Glass Menagerie." I wrote five to seven pages out of eleven to twelve total pages on why Laura Wingfield is most likely autistic (I know it's a developmental disorder, what with me being autistic myself, but you get the idea right?). Fight me, you ableist fedoras. Fight. Me.

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NICE I’ve done similar things in English class when we were discussing how mental illnesses and developmental disorders were wrongly portrayed I… I wrote like 15 pages tbh it was hilarious and I got a good grade on it.

I hope you get a good grade on your report/essay!!!!