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I Trust You - Bucky x Reader

Disclaimer: GIF isn’t mine, but Tumblr wasn’t working properly so i had to get it off google. All rights go to the creator.

A/N: This wasn’t a request, but an idea I’ve been playing around with in my head. It’s also my first piece of fanfiction in years so I hope it’s decent. Basically, the reader finds Bucky while the Avengers are fighting Ultron in Sokovia.

Word count: 2879

Warnings: one or two swear words.

The Tower was empty and quiet, which was unsurprising as the Avengers had gone off to Sokovia to battle Ultron. I had even begun to miss Steve and Tony’s constant bickering, which was odd as they had only left earlier that day.

I thought I’d be happy to have the Tower to myself, but with my sprained wrist there was only so much I could do. It was safe to say that I was already bored, I had started to walk down random hallways aimlessly.

Around a year ago, when Steve found out that his old friend Bucky Barnes was still alive, he was a victim, a tool for Hydra to use. But after the big clash between Hydra and SHIELD Steve told me Bucky had disappeared. It was just as if  he had dropped off the face of the earth. I promised him I would help him look.

I remembered my promise as I walked past Steve’s room. It’ll give me something to do. I thought as I laid my hand on the cold frame of the steel door and slowly pushed it open.

Steve always kept his room neat and tidy, which marvelled me as mine was always in disarray. I was constantly scolded about this, mainly by Steve, but I was repeatedly running late so I threw items of clothing around in order to find one specific top. Strangely, no one thought this was a good excuse.

I stood in the doorway for a moment, debating whether or not to actually invade Steve’s privacy by using his computer.

Steve was not only old-fashioned, but also naïve when it came to technology. This made my life easier as now I wouldn’t have to sit behind his desk for an eternity, guessing at his password.

I would have felt more at ease if I had been in my own room, using my own computer. But Steve wanted for this private mission of his to be kept on the down-low, so his was the only computer currently tracking down James Buchanan Barnes.

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Ok just my random little theory is that with the newest parts it was all about getting Wilford to trust him, so when he falls he’s going to reach for Damien’s hand, right? So then when he’s fine it’ll be Dark being all like “Look, Wil~ Everything’s great, don’t you trust me? I saved you~” and get all back to his manipulative self. :x

Oooooooohhhhhhhh, cool idea. 

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I want to get into theory and philosophy, but I've read very little. What do I need to read to be able to fully understand foucault, barthes, derrida, etc? Or should I just dive right in?

If you ever get to the point where you “fully understand” any of these dudes you will be doing much better than me, friend, & I would be impressed as hell. I’m not an expert in any of them by any means. 
But since it might be helpful I’ll tell you what we’ve read in my theory courses this semester (we just kind of jumped in, tbh): 

The History of Sexuality; Language, Countermemory, Practice; “What is an Author?” (Foucault)
Image - Music - Text (Barthes)

I love theory but I don’t understand it always 100% of the time. I’m tempted to just tell you to jump in, you’ll find out rather quickly if you’re stimulated by that kind of thing like I am or if you think it’s not worth the time. Which is fine, but it can be a lot of trying to find your way in the dark. Find out who you like, read the people they’re influenced by, and look at who they’re citing in the text, or read more recent people who use them in their own theories. 

I think it gets easier once you’ve read enough of a particular kind of theory & you’re able to understand the overall conversation that’s being had.


So, they call you Georgie or something? Gheorghe. Whatever, get in.

God’s Own Country (2017) dir. Francis Lee

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God tier idea: when Void players ascend, they get black "lightning trees" on their skin (they're also called Lichtenberg figures, in case people want to look it up)

I see that, I like that, but I raise you this

Black, sweeping waves that from the right angle, look like twisting tentacles

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A little while ago, I finally signed up for online therapy since I'd be scared to go in person and it's cheaper anyway. After less than a week, the therapist I was assigned to seemed overwhelmed by me and told me that online therapy was not right for me. After telling her I wanted to proceed anyway because it's better than nothing, she deleted my account from the site. Instead of helping me get better, she made me feel worse. Should I try to find a local therapist? Or are they all like this?

I literally have no idea. However, finding a local therapist can be harder because you have to try a few people before you find someone that fits you, but at least you know that all of them are legit and it is their job to not be overwhelmed and just quit on you. They definitely won’t do that if you go in person. Don’t be discouraged though it if takes a few tries to find a therapist though, its like that for everyone 

Graduate’s Escape

Chapters 1-11 are here

Chapter 12

It was a 10 hour flight from Heathrow to Beijing which gave you plenty of time to actually stop and think things through. There were the practicalities of it all, like finding out where Taron was staying and working out how to get there without him knowing. Then there was the issue of what you actually wanted to say to him. You had to tell him how you felt and it had to sound good. There was no point in flying all this way for you to fluff your words or not finish your sentences. Romantic gestures like this were designed to be lavish and memorable. You had to get it right.

Y/N: What’s the name of the hotel you’re staying in in Beijing? Applying for an interior design job and need some eastern influence. You always get put up in expensive hotels so thought I could google it and steal a few ideas. Xxx

It was a total fabrication of a text, but not too far away from reality that it wouldn’t be believed. Needs must.

Taron: Rosewood. Just arrived and it looks insane! Can’t chat now though. X

His reply was almost immediate, but the blunt end and single X dampened your spirits. What if his schedule was so busy that he wouldn’t have time to speak to you today? In your mind you got off the flight, went straight to the hotel and up to his room to see him. In reality he probably wasn’t going to be there. You’d just about managed to scrape together the money for your flight, leaving the smallest amount for a taxi and some food. You hadn’t booked anywhere to stay, presuming that everything would work out well with Taron and he’d let you stay with him. You hadn’t even booked a return flight either. If this all went wrong you were stranded in Beijing with no way home, nowhere to stay and no money. Brilliant.

With no plan B existing you stuck to your gut instinct, collected your case and got in a taxi outside the airport. It took half an hour to get to the hotel and you immediately knew you were in the right place by the crowds of people and paparazzi who were waiting outside. They’d put on special security and roped off a path up to the entrance. As you looked down at your casual travelling outfit you felt severely underdressed. Your hair had been thrown up into a messy topknot and you desperately wished there was a back entrance to the hotel. The taxi driver collected your suitcase and opened your door, revealing you to the on-looking curious crowd. They lowered their camera phones, not recognising you, and continued their conversations, allowing you to hurry in to the hotel entrance undisturbed.

“Good afternoon, can I take your name please?” You were greeted at the reception desk by a beautiful young woman who spoke perfect English.

“I’m here with Mr. Egerton.” You replied confidently as you tried to blag your way further inside the hotel.

“I’m sorry madam but all the guests with that party have already been checked in. Do you have a separate room booking?”

“No, I don’t. I was a very last minute addition so I’m probably not on the original booking made by his agent. I will be in the same room as Mr. Egerton so if you could let me know the room number I can head up there.”

“We cannot give out the room numbers of our guests. Have you called Mr Egerton to let him know you’ve arrived? If he comes down to reception to confirm your stay we can issue you a room key.” The woman confirmed.

“No, it’s a surprise. He doesn’t know I’m here.”

“I understand, but unfortunately I cannot help you until Mr Egerton, or another member of their travelling party confirms your stay with us. You are welcome to wait in the reception area whilst you contact them.” You thanked the woman for her help and walked away from the desk. Fuck.

You figured you had an hour tops to hang around in the reception in the hope of seeing Taron, or someone who looked like they’d be working with him on the press tour. You took a seat in the corner, hoping you could buy more time by staying quiet and out the way. As people walked by you scrutinised their faces and outfits. Most of them were smartly dressed business men, or wealthy looking women in designer outfits. It made Mark Strong stand out even more as he crossed the room in his running gear. You left your bags and hurried over to him, this might be your only chance to get in.

“Mark!” You called out as you caught up to him.

“Hi…” He replied as he turned to face you “Sorry… have we met before?”

“No, sorry. I’m Y/N, I’m here to see Taron. We were sort of dating before he left to come out here…” You introduced yourself weakly.

“Y/N! Lovely to meet you at last! I’ve heard so much about you.” Mark smiled warmly at you and pulled you in for a hug. “Taron never said you were joining us?”

“No, he doesn’t know I’m here. It’s a surprise.” You revealed.

“No way! Man the romance of youth these days, flying round the world to surprise each other. He’s going to be made up! He’s been a bit of a misery guts these past two weeks. Colin and I have been trying to cheer him up; He thought he’d blown it with you, you know?”

“Yeah, that was my fault. I really need to speak to him and sort it all out. Do you know where he is?”

“He’s still in the gym, he’ll be another half an hour or so, but come with me.” Mark kindly helped you with your case and took you up to the floor they were all staying on. His room was opposite Taron’s with Colin’s next door. He made a call to their tour manager and got you a spare key to Taron’s room, making sure it was all above board with the hotel. You thanked Mark for his help and promised that you’d see him later for dinner and buy him a drink.

After freshening up and re-applying some light make up you threw open your suitcase and tried to decide what to wear. ‘You had to get it right’ you mentally repeated to yourself. If this was happening the other way round you’d want to walk into your room and find Taron wearing… ‘A. His tailored navy Burberry suit. Or B. Nothing at all.’ You pulled out your favourite royal purple fitted cocktail dress and held it up to you in front of the full length mirror. You knew he’d love it, but it still felt like too much. As you turned back round you thought about waiting naked for him under the covers of the bed, or you could put on your sexy lingerie. He’d love that more. But seducing him wasn’t part of the plan. You needed to talk first.

Before you’d had chance to get changed you heard the key card being entered into the door. A split second thought to run and hide flashed through your mind but you stayed frozen to the spot, clutching at your dress as you watched the door slowly open.

“Y/N?” Taron looked totally bewildered at the sight of you before him. “What the fuck? You’re… how? Why? What?!” he fired out questions of bemusement as he dropped his gym bag and walked towards you.

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Now i need more of dice's 100 children. Please and thank you

Lol i don’t have much ideas involving them, that was more like one-off joke found funny. I love drawing kids but i gotta draw the line somewhere … right?

I hesitate to ask for public prompt suggestions, because i have other things to do aside from replying to Cuphead content. Easiest way to get me draw something specific is to commission me ❤︎

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This is random but are you ever writing something and suddenly your brain goes "what if we did this instead and went in a completely opposite direction?!" and then you can't stop thinking about changing directions because the new idea makes a lot more sense and then your story becomes something completely different to what it started out as? This is happening to me right now and I'm having a mini crisis about what to do ugh lol

I’m a pantser not a plotter, so I kind of rely on this happening to get the story done! 

My advice is to follow the new idea and see if it takes you to an interesting place! 

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ppl are afraid to talk abt the negative experiences of trans men or transmasc/male-aligned/etc ppl bc they think acknowledging those experiences must /necessarily/ conclude that trans women or transfem/female-aligned/etc ppl have male privilege. one does not necessarily lead to the other, and idk where ppl get that idea that it does. you can talk abt trans men + others getting catcalled or access to reproductive rights or whatever without concluding that trans women + others have male privilege.

I think it’s a warped idea that comes about from the fact that people want to work in binary options - it’s either one way or the opposite way. That’s not exactly the case. Privilege works by raising up a single group, and the privileged group will kick out everyone it doesn’t want in on whatever spurious reason they can dig up - there isn’t a rationale to it, just ‘this is Other and we don’t like it’. Bigotry has nothing to do with logic.

(For the record, though, putting ‘male-aligned’ in the same conceptual box as ‘transmasc’ and ‘female-aligned’ in the same as ‘transfem’ isn’t really accurate, since alignment doesn’t have the same relationship to someone’s gender assignment as transfem/transmasc do.)

- Cade

Theory on Mark’s new (possible Darkiplier) content

Okay I’m putting this here because if I’m actually correct I want to have written proof.  Keep in mind that this is just me speculating and rambling about because the ideas are getting too jumbled up in my head to keep everything straight, so chances are I won’t be 100% correct! (or have really anything right lmao)

SO we have:

- The “Don’t Remember” video, with the creepy voice telling us (the viewer) to “go back to sleep.”

-The “big MOOD?” video, with the single frame of text with the words “You have to wake up.”

If this builds off what we know of WKM, then I think there’s the possibility that these weird messages could be Dark and Damien/Celine inside us, trying to control/help us? 

Since at the end of WKM I believe that we have sort of become the host for these three.  Dark is now trying to make his move based on what we hear in Don’t Remember.  We do not see anyone around us/outside the van that could be talking to us, and there’s only the TV.  Perhaps Dark needs some outside source as a form of communication, since the voice stops when we turn the TV off?  There’s also what the voice said to take into consideration, specifically with “I saved you” and “We’re going to do great things together.”  

Dark is most likely referencing saving us after being shot and falling over the railing of the stairs.  By letting Damien and Celine in, and, subsequently, Dark, we were “saved”.  And obviously the phrase “We’re going to do great things together” is referring to something that Damien says to us in WKM.  Perhaps Dark is trying to use this to convince him to trust him by using something we’re familiar with, as we would be our faith into Damien.  Going back to sleep would be doing just that.

The frame in “big MOOD?” saying “You have to wake up” might be Damien/Celine trying to warn us not to trust the voice (that I’m presuming to be Dark), and by “waking up”, Dark won’t have control over us.

All that’s about all that I have right now.  I’ll continue to add on my thoughts and theories as Mark continues to destroy our souls post new content!

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Okay this is gonna be kinda weird but i need help, how do u deal with annoying roommates? I kinda hate this girl. she always comes home like past midnight and yell at me cause i locked up the door??? Bitch??? I live on the other side of the country don't i have the right to be scared at night??? Also i wake up at 6 am cause all my lessons start at ass o'clock and not only she comes home super late BUT also makes lot of noise when i just wanna sleep sob fml 😢

I… am the wrong person to ask? And I’m not really sure why you’re asking me. Or what about my fandom blog gave you the idea that I’m any good at resolving uncomfortable interpersonal situations. I’ve been lucky so far to have roommates that I get along with.

The fact that your roommate is a girl baffles me about the locked door issue because every girl roommate I’ve ever had has been diligent about locking the door.

Honestly aside from using ear plugs to deal with the noise issue idk what to tell you, man. :/ This is really not my area of expertise.

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Symmbra and reader getting a love tattoo or something, or if you want just reader getting one but sombra or symmetra going with them

  • It’s a bit of a weird experience, Sombra and Symmetra sitting right next to you in the tattoo parlour. They look so out of place it makes the tattoo artist take another look.
  • They’ll hold your hands while you’re getting it, assuming tattoo isn’t in an area where you cannot. They can see that it would hurt and want to reassure you.
  • They’re proud of you when it’s done. Sombra suggesting a snack, Symmetra gives her opinion and the three of you leave for ice cream.
  • Sombra would probably get a matching one while Symmetra would feel uncomfortable with the idea of a tattoo. You support their decisions, knowing that they have different limits.

YESYESYESYESYES!!!!!! I haven’t succeeded in scouting an event PR since that Valentines Juri to the right. OHMY and I had no idea there is this whole voiced intro and everything when you get the card. In the first two shots she says “Look Rin! There are lots of lotus flowers blooming!”

I have also been wanting a Madoka, and a sexy-type one is perfect because my Rin is sexy too completing a collection of Vanilla Chili Pepper sexy-type PRs. I LOVE VANILLA CHILI PEPPER!!! I am going to destroy this event.

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Tbh idk why you aren’t more known? I feel like u deserve wayyyy more notes than u currently have?? Your drawings are so cute and you are rly adorable!! (You’re doing great!!)

I’m kidding, obviously, but thank you so much! I’m actually doing much worse on Instagram and Facebook. So my mom actually thinks she’s my only fan (has no idea what Tumblr is).
Tumblr-ers have been great to me, I love how many likes and followers I get here ❤️

Ps: Dear horde of Tumblrweeds, if you wanna help out, just go like/follow facebook.com/whynotwebcomic or instagram.com/whynotwebcomic … THANKS!


Multi Chapter, 1/?
IgNoct - Established Relationship
Rating: NSFW
Warnings: None, for now
See fic for additional tags

Ignis works too hard, devoted to helping his King rebuild their once great country to it’s former glory. Noctis seeks to give him a reprieve, whether he likes it or not.

“You’re the one that works too hard. I can manage on my own,” Noctis says. His lips press against Ignis’ ear. “You deserve to relax.”

Ignis tuts, displeased by the idea that his King could get on without him. He’s right of course, Noctis has taken to his role with ease, surpassing all expectation – aside from his perpetual desire for morning distractions such as this.

He’s found his way back to his lips, lazily licking into his mouth. It’s always impossible for Ignis to deny him, especially when a hand snakes down his neck, over his chest until Noctis finds what he’s looking for. Ignis chases after when his lips are left, returning just below, seeking out his neck and collar.

“Come on,” Noctis wraps a hand around his cock, giving a soft tug. “I know you want to.”

Read more on AO3.

This blog will be more active once I finish Ultra Sun. I’m like, afraid to go in the tags right now and see spoilers lmao.

Aaaaaand I’ve got a couple new ideas for fic once I get through what I’m writing now.

Which, hey, if you are interested in reading that, message me and I’ll give you a link to that blog. It’s something original.

In the meantime, absolutely feel free to tag me in non-spoiler Guzma things.

As soon as I finish this game you should expect so much bug man.