but you dont have to hold it in

look, it doesnt matter if aces have straight privilege or not. it literally doesnt matter.

what matters is the fact that if youre cis and youre not asg, youre not lgbt because you dont have any disprivilege regarding your gender ID or your sexuality. no one cares if you dont like to fuck, or if you dont like to hold hands, or even both, on a systemic level where they can take your rights away. no politician is going to look at someone whos cis and non-asg and say they cant see their spouse in the hospital, or that they need electroshock therapy, or that they need to be fucking hanged. all of you who say cishets/cis aroaces are lgbt directly uphold homophobia and transphobia in that you believe minor inconveniences are akin to death and genocide

“you must be white” they have the nerve to say when i have harry holding a puerto rican flag as my icon … antis really dont have a fucking brain or common sense to put things together no wonder they are struggling daily and getting angry at larries cause they don’t see what we do, it must be hard to be so fucking stupid lmao

princexsurana  asked:

all the even numbers for the bi asks!

thank yoooou!!!

bracelet bi or necklace bi?: necklace!!!

texting bi or talk on the phone bi?: texting :,D

earth, air, fire, or water bi?: water…and air… do you really expect me to choose??

smoking bi or drinking bi?: smoking :,D

sneakers bi or heels bi?: lol sneakeeers

hair tie bi or hair clip bi?: hair ties all on my wrist

lemonade bi or hawaiian punch bi?: lemonade!

strawberry bi or cherry bi?: :O both betray me everytime but i guess strawberries

‘i wanna hold your hand’ bi or ‘lucy in the sky with diamonds’ bi?: hmmm i wanna hold your hand??

stripes bi or polka dot bi?: stripes!!

button up bi or tshirt bi?: D: uh uh uh t shirt?? i dont have nice button ups yet

hoodie bi or jacket bi?: i evolved from a hoodie bi to a jacket bi last year

apple bi or android bi?: D,: i have an android

sun bi or moon bi?: moon bi!

beer bi or wine bi?: beeeeerr tho i’m finally getting into wine??

lava lamp bi or kaleidoscope bi?: kaleidescope!

bike bi or car bi?: i cant do either D,: i guess bike..

I’m wandering around Whole Foods unattended (left the bae sleeping) and there’s a person here doing a demonstration on the uses for essential oils around the home and I may have to fight them.

Just for the record, tea tree oil is toxic to dogs and cats and you should not “drop a few drops on their bed to disinfect it”. Tea tree oil is only safe for your pets when thoroughly diluted, the safety range being a dilution of 0.1 to 1%. Most tea tree oil bottles come at 100%.

You are potentially dropping liquid death onto your pets bed where it will certainly come into contact with their skin and may be ingested when they lick themselves or their bed. Also never ever orally administer tea tree oil to your pet, I dont care what that one blogger and their nice clean aesthetic said, tea tree oil is toxic to dogs and cats and you will make them sick or possibly even kill them. It should only ever be used topically but only ever at the correct dilution and after the consultation of your vet who will most certainly have a better non lethal solution for your furry friend.

Now. If you’ll excuse me, I’m off to fight a Young Living sales rep. Hold my cart.


1) have all your info ready and the page up before the they go on sale to get a good spot. Such as email, your address if you want physical tickets, credit card info.

2) research the theater to figure out where it is and maybe even which row to get tickets for

3) The merch line before hand is pretty clear but if the opening starts while you’re still in line you might be screwed. It’s hard to hear the announcements over the screaming but dimming light mean get to your seat now.

4) Be considerate when taking photos. It can be kinda dark but the stage lights are enough for pictures. Don’t use flash.

Also do not hold your phone way up, people behind you want to be able to see

5) Mind the paddles. Last time there were voting paddles, dont wave these randomly in the air, it makes it hard for others to see

6) Don’t bring gifts for the team. Last time they asked people not to because they are traveling in limited space.

7) Be nice to Amy and Katherine. Last time these lovely ladies went into the audience to hold mics for a QnA at the end. Be nice to them, they’re both very sweet and are helping out. Do not shout or grab at them.

8)STAY IN YOUR SEAT! Do not randomly stand up for no reason.You can stand when they’re asking for volunteers and such, but not randomly to shout things. If you need to leave try and stay low to not disturb others.

9) ASK APPROPRIATE QUESTIONS! there are younger people in the audience, i saw some very young kids like 8 or 9. Also people may have their parents there.

10) Dont bring big signs. it makes it impossible for people to see

11) Just be nice



This Naruto rewatch has been particularly enriching \\\٩(๑•̀ㅂ•́)و////

anyways, BTS are LGBTQ+ legends and here are some reasons why:

Namjoon recommended Macklemore & Ryan Lewis - Same Love to us saying: ‘I heard this song before but I didn’t know the lyrics, now I know them and I like the song twice as much.’

Yoongi in Cypher Pt.2: ‘As you know, my voice will turn you on. Whether it’s a guy or girl, my tongue will make you come’

Yoongi’s answer to “What do you notice first when you look at girls?”: ‘I focus on personality and atmosphere. I don’t have an ideal type and it’s not limited to a girl.’

Some BTS members helped to write GLAM’s debut song “Party XXO” which I quote say:  “Are you a boy? Girl? I don’t care – passion is the key, a hot heart is your ID”

Jungkook and RM covered a Troye Sivan song that talks about homosexual love!

and so much more….

BTS never shied away to represent and speak out for the LGBTQ+ Community, wether they are gay or not themselves is not up to us to decide. Everyone has their own journey. BUT ITS UP TO US TO SUPPORT THEM NO MATTER WHAT! First and foremost we are here because the music speaks to us. And we love and support the boys because of their TALENT!

But you can’t tell anyone what to feel or how to love. Being gay isn’t a ‘so called sexuality’!!!! And you can’t stop telling LGBTQ+ people to not support their idols however they like!!!!

Heteronormativity is everywhere. Sad enough it’s the ‘norm’ that still too many people think is the right one. Love is Love. Isnt it sad enough that people in S. Korea and all around the world can’t feel comfortable in their own skin? Are afraid to come out and be their authentic self? Are afraid to show their feelings because they are afraid people will think the thoughts they have in their heads are too dark? That they are crazy? That they might burden people with their “problems”? (Oh yes I’m talking about mental disorders here!)

What is wrong with feeling comfort in the way that BTS is sharing their emotions with us? Whether it’s about depression, suicidal thoughts, being gay, just feeling like you are being oppressed by society, your own thoughts, your own family. 

Tell me - what is wrong with feeling like you are not alone? Like you finally feel like someone understands? That someone finally put it into words? 

All that you do by saying “Dont tell them they are gay, it would ‘hurt their feelings’” is that gay is an insult. Thats what you are saying. Nothing more. Nothing less. 

BTS wants us to challenge society, wants us to break through the walls that hold us back, make us suffer, that are keeping us from expressing who we really are inside. And those methaphorical walls can be different for each and everyone of us. Because we all have different stories…. but in the end we never walk alone.

accept yourself, love yourself, free yourself. 

I, myself identifiy as Bi. And my blog will always be a safe place for people!!! RT if you support!

Guys… dudes… bros…. dont derail lesbian posts. If lesbian saying “all men sucks” hurts you, think about why does it hurt you. Women do not hold power over men. Get out of tungler and you will have tons of “boy positivity”. Just…. think bc of your dumbass comments posts like these exist in the first place

bit of a rant

ya know what im really tired of?

fandoms demanding ships from show creators/crews

are ships.. really so important that you’re gonna just harass the people that gave you this material in the first place. make them hate fandoms in silence and worse make them hate what they create? this is especially irksome when its directed towards a)disney shows and b)shows with heavy plot. im not really directing any of this towards any show in particular mind you, theres far too many fandoms going after this trend to single any out at this point, there are some high contenders though.

more under the cut because this rant ran away from me and became way longer than intended

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Moon Phase Meanings

This is what the moon phases mean to me!

New Moon

It’s a time for new begginings, cleanse your soul, altar, life, whatever may be holding grudges or negative energy. Gather your thoughts and plan for this cycle.

Waxing Cresent Moon

This is the time i would normally set intentions for this cycle, what are my next months plans? what am I planning on doing with school/work/events ect. Set daily goals and desires.

First Quarter Moon

Take action, don’t fall back in school work, keep up the excercise routine, when facing obsticles, don’t give in. Use all your will power and strength to push through tough times.

Waxing Gibbous Moon

Observe the earth, your surroundings. Take walks, go swimming, light some candles, do some gardening, dry some flowers, go for hikes. This is a time to connect back with nature and align yourself.

Full Moon

A time to put plans into action, accomplish what you can, keep goals within reach but push yourself to do better. Harvest intentions and wishes of previous moons.

Waning Gibbous Moon

Be grateful, reflect and extend. Be grateful you have made it this far in your journey, reflect on your goals, what have you achieved? Extend in your learning and goals.

Third Quarter Moon

Release and let go, let go of negative emotions, stop holding grudges and release happy emotions, positive energies. This means stop hating your friend because they didnt invite you to something, tell them you forgive them is they are sorry, and dont hold it against them.

Waning Cresent Moon

Surrender, this is a time of rest and recouperation. Sleep as often as possible, don’t do too much physical activity. Don’t push yourself, just calm down and rest.

and so
i’m letting you go
i’m erasing our conversations
and deleting our photos
and i’m going to stop making playlists for you
you became someone i would have died for
but it’s taken me 7 months to realize that
maybe i didn’t love you
maybe i wanted to
maybe i would have died for you but i would
not have lived for you
i think
when you’re in love
it makes you want to live forever
but i’ve only known love in the form
of slammed doors and raised voices
and shattered hearts and terrified apologies
so maybe the way i felt about you wasn’t love
maybe it was fear
fear of losing someone who made me feel like i could hold up the sky
even on my bad days
i never figured out that i could hold up the moon and the sun and the stars without you
and maybe that’s what love is
maybe love is realizing i didn’t need you
maybe it’s realizing i dont need anyone
understanding that i deserve it all
and maybe a little more

i’m living for myself now


(( commissions / support me!! ))

henlO commissions are coming in kinda slow so !! i thought about selling some adoptables!!


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masculine boys: 💓💕💓💞💞
feminine boys: 💓💕💓💞💞
gay boys: 💓💕💓💞💞
straight boys: 💓💕💓💞💞
bi boys: 💓💕💓💞💞
pan boys: 💓💕💓💞💞
asexual boys: 💓💕💓💞💞
trans boys: 💓💕💓💞💞
feminine trans boys: 💓💕💓💞💞
masculine trans boys: 💓💕💓💞💞
chubby boys: 💓💕💓💞💞
skinny boys: 💓💕💓💞💞
white boys: 💓💕💓💞💞
boys of color: 💓💕💓💞💞
boys: 💓💕💓💞💞

remember!! u r all allowed to express ur feelings and cry !
straight boys: u can hold your friend’s hand if you want to, you can hug your friend, you can be close with your friends and love them platonically! it doesnt make you gay!!

and trans boys!! u dont have to be traditionally masculine! ur allowed to like traditionally feminine things and wear makeup it doesnt make u any less of a man!!
and remember:
its okay for you to say no to sex. no means no regardless of your gender and its a stupid stereotype that men are supposed to always ‘want it’

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reddie first date hcs????

absoLUTEly thanks for the ask!!!!

• theyre 14 when eddie finally makes them talk about their feelings and they decide to go on a date
• they plan to go somewhere that the losers club doesnt normally go because they dont know if they want to be out yet
• they decide to go to the movie theatre across town
• it starts out pretty awkward because theyve known each other for SO long but they go back to their normal dynamic as soon as richie makes a ‘your mom’ joke
• the only movie playing at the time they go is a horror movie and they both get a little nervous
• richie INSISTS on paying for everything despite eddie’s “you dont even have a job! where are you getting your money?”
• they sit awkwardly far apart when they sit down but return to their normal ‘no personal space’ rule by the time the movie starts
• neither of them are paying attention because theyre so nervous
• eddie does the middle school trick of putting your hand open in between them to try and get richie to hold his hand
• it takes richie half the movie to muster up the courage to do it and they both blush when he finally does
• the rest of the movie seems to pass by so quickly because theyre so stuck in their heads
• after the movie richie offers to walk eddie home as if he wouldntve done it anyway because he saw it in a movie
• they hold hands on the walk home but jump apart whenever they see someone pass by
• when they get to eddies door, hes so anxious because he thinks richie will try to kiss him and hes conflicted with the fear of germs and the want to kiss richie
• before eddie can say anything, richie asks “are we boyfriends now?” while still holding his hand
• eddies heart skips a beat and he nods quickly with a light blush on the tops of cheeks
• “okay.. good” richie says awkwardly but with the brightest grin before he leans in and quickly kisses eddie on the cheek
• he kind of runs away from eddie at this point and yells “bye eds! see you tomorrow!”
• eddie is so flustered and happy he doesnt even think about the germs richie left on his cheek

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keith dont need no security blanket, he had a security knife

asjskdfs listen I fully support this. Having a comfort object to latch onto when you’re really anxious or going through a panic attack can be incredibly comforting. There’s also the grounded feeling of having something physical right there in your hands to hold onto, and just that concrete feeling can help with dissociation. 

And we see him toy with the blade a bit during his vlog. So, just real quick but–he run’s his fingers over the blade. There’s a carefulness to his touch that’s almost reverent. This very much feels grounding, like just feeling it in his hands really means something 

And then he keeps talking. And as he talks, he starts to fiddle with it more, and there’s this casualness about it that says he’s made these sort of gestures with it a thousand times before. He’s talking about himself, but that’s painful enough that he avoids looking directly at the camera. Idly messing with the knife gives him something else to kind of center him so he doesn’t feel completely exposed. It’s as much as a distraction as it is to help him focus. It’s familiar and the weight of it is solid and it’s something else to catch his gaze so he doesn’t have to look anyone directly in the eye

It’s also from his parents, and it’s the last real connection he feels like he has to them. Associating comfort objects with a person can be a bit of a double-edged sword, but for some people it really helps them. Especially if the person in question is gone. When holo-Shiro calls Keith out for his fixation on the blade, he insists that it’s apart of his family and identity. The last piece he has

And going with this idea that Keith tries to cling to whatever’s left of the people he’s lost, he also tries to speak to Shiro through Black lion for comfort instead of going to his teammates. In a way, Black felt like his last link to Shiro. And I think that, despite how much he hated the thought of piloting her, just sitting in Black was a way for him to feel closer to Shiro that he found some level of solace in 

Anyway, comfort objects are clearly very important to Keith. And as someone who’s needed them before, I will say it can be very therapeutic in some cases. So yeah, I’m glad he has that 

Ten’s Smile Appreciation Post

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  Hi if you know me personally you know I love Ten more than anything he is my sweet baby and he means the world to me hhhh. I have a bunch of requests AND I”M DOING THEM AS FAST AS I CAN, but I felt the need to post something about my sweet angel so here ~~

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try and lie to me and say you don’t want to hug this sweet sweet baby

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his pretty smile his pretty eyes his pretty earrings dont get me started on how boyfriend he looks in hats lorrrrrrrrrd

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listen to me: we don’t deserve him in the slightest

Originally posted by chttaphonten

his smile is so genuine, he is so wonderful and kind i lovvvve him so mucccchh

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if i could witness this sweet giggle irl i would be good for life tbh

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his side profile is so beautiful my favorite sight in the entire world and his pretty earrings again i love this boy

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sweet baby honey baby angel baby fluffy baby

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he is literally so effortlessly beautiful he doesn’t even have to do anything and i will hype him up so hard LOOK AT HIS PRETTY LIPS AND TEETH AND CHEEKS AND EYES

Originally posted by dewygrl

he is so sweet i am so in love with him i will never not be in love with him ok u know u agree dont call me crazy

Originally posted by fyncten

uhm i am trying to be soft right now pls stop pls i cant handle this right now i  did not ask for this hold pls i am transferring your call

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he is so radiant and bright and positive dont you just love the sun

Originally posted by nctaeu

fluffy pretty sweet amazing thai prince i love so much

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hello i cant take much more look how happy and silly and cute and smiley and beautiful he is UGH THAT WAS SO SOFT IM GONNA PUKE you have all seen my weak spot now and my softest point in history

dear girlfriend.
one day, you’ll be here. you’ll pop up into my little life and suddenly make it much bigger and as if you had been here all along, fold yourself easily into me. i’ll take you for walks in the park & when you aren’t feeling good, i’ll get you a warm blanket from the dryer & some soup, hold you & try my best to make you forget about how sick you’re feeling. we can talk about anything you want, bounce from topic to topic and i’ll notice every little detail like your smile or the crinkle around your eyes when you laugh a little extra hard, or the depth in your laughter. i’ll kiss the burnt fingertips & slammed fingers. i’ll let you have the last few fries in the box. we can trade clothes and i’ll surprise you randomly with flowers for no reason other than i love you. i’ll hold you during your nightmares and hold you during your nicest dreams. i’ll be here through it all, for you.

Secrets (Part Two) (Trans!Peter)

So there has been a lot more anti-trans or negative trans things all over Tumblr recently thanks to— well we all know what its thanks to.

I had a specific request for something positive and pro-trans and I absolutely agree we could all handle something positive and fluffy and nice, so here we go.

This is a Part Two to my first trans!peter fic Secrets.

For those who haven’t read PART ONE— Peter is Tom Holland/15 years old, the relationship between he and Deadpool is strictly platonic. This is not Spideypool shipping, this is just a friendship.

Trans!Peter and protective dad!Tony and protective friend!Wade

“You’re gonna stay with me, right?” Peter asked nervously and Wade patted his shoulder comfortingly.

“Not going anywhere Spidey. Just here for support.”

“Thanks.” Peter rubbed at his chest, tugging uncomfortably on his binder.

“You alright? Do we need to loosen it?” Wade was still in full costume, mask and katanas and all, but he started pulling his gloves off to help Peter if needed.

“No.” Peter shook his head. “No it’s fine, just… just feeling super noticeable right now.”

“Not noticeable.” Wade assured him. “Since we got rid of that ugly black thing, this nude one blends in a lot better.”

“Ok.” Peter took a deep breath. “Okay. Let’s go.”

Wade kept a big hand on Peter’s shoulders as they headed into the living room of the Avengers compound, sitting down together on the couch across from where Tony was sitting, jotting notes down as he read through a file.

“Deadpool. You take your hand off my kid or I’m gonna break it off.” Tony said without even looking up and Wade laughed before removing his hand and leaning back, folding his arms over his chest.

“What are you even doing here? I feel like last time you and I ran into each other—”

“Mr Stark.” Peter interrupted before Tony could unleash some sort of verbal destruction on the mercenary. “I really need to talk to you.”

“What’s up, kiddo?” Tony put his file down instantly, leaning forward and clasping his hands loosely between his knees. “Everything alright?”

“Mr Stark–” Peter looked at Wade for encouragement, who sent him a thumbs up. “I am– I am–trans.”


Peter took a deep breath and pulled his t shirt off, exposing both his binder and the slightly reddened spot where he took his injections. “I’m um… This is who I am.”


Then, “Trans.” Tony repeated. “So. Um transsexual? Transgender? Is there a difference? I don’t even know. Okay. Trans. Alright. How long? Can I ask that?”

“I’ve been transitioning for close to a year.” Peter offered and Tony nodded. “I take testosterone injections, and wear a binder to keep everything–” he made a motion over his chest. “It’s been more difficult to hide with being Spider-Man but–but I’m working on it.”

“Okay.” Tony nodded again. “Alright.”

“So–” Peter spread his hands uncertainly. “So, I wanted you to know.”

“Did you tell this one before you told me?” Tony pointed at Wade who made an offended noise.

“Wade found me when I was hurt one night–”


“–I was fine. But Wade had to help me and he found out and– and you know it was nice to have someone know, and I didn’t want to hide it anymore. I don’t want you to feel like I’m lying to you about anything. Aunt May says–”

“May knows?” Tony interrupted. “About the binding and the shots and this guy?”

“Well maybe not about me hanging out with Pool, but I mean, yeah. Everything else. She has to pay for the injections so–.”

“Okay.” Tony folded his arms. “I’m gonna need the suit back.”

“Mr Stark!” Peter cried, suddenly much closer to tears than he’d been just a moment before. “Why would you–”

“Check it out, Iron Dildo.” Wade snapped, and leaned forward with something like a growl. “How bout you back the fuck off, see that this kid is trying to be honest with you and you being an asshole isn’t going to—”

“Hey, guy who kills people for money, how about you shut up for two minutes and let me talk?” Tony retorted. “Peter, give me your suit.”

Peter reached into his back slowly and pulled out the suit, handing it over to Tony with shaking hands.

Tony turned it over a few times, looking at it thoughtfully. “So.” he cleared his throat. “So should we talk about redesigning this with a binder built in? So you don’t have to wear one in addition to the suit? Or would that be uncomfortable?”

“Wh–What?” Peter ran his fingers through his hair. “Um, what?”

“Is a binder built into your suit too uncomfortable?” Tony asked again. “Like does it need to be something like a corset sort of thing? Or hooks? Or since your suit tightens around you automatically do I need to upgrade where it holds around your chest? Or would you rather just– you alright, Pete?”

“I’m fine.” The fifteen year old covered his face with his hands. “I’m fine, it’s just—” his voice caught and Tony’s eyes softened.

“You just let me know how to make this easier for you, okay? I dont know anything about anything like this, so you’ll have to speak up.”

“Sure thing.” Peter wiped his eyes and sat back up. “Um, thank you, Mr Stark I can’t—”

“Also.” Tony made a show of picking up his tablet, scrolling through some documents until he apparently found which ever one he was looking for. “I noticed you haven’t signed up for the insurance program available to you through the Stark Internship. Recently it was decided that insurance will now cover binders and testosterone injections and all the…things that I don’t know about that goes with that sort of thing.”

“Recently?” Wade repeated, sounding skeptical, and Tony sent him a narrowed eyed glare.

“Yes, Mr. Wilson. Recently. As in within the last ten minutes. Is that a problem?”

Wade held up his hands peacefully, and both the adults turned to look at Peter, who still looked like he might cry any second.

“Mr. Stark—”

“You don’t ever have to be afraid to tell me things like this.” Tony’s voice was gruff, and he pulled his sunglasses out of his shirt pocket to cram on his face. “Tell Aunt May that your internship will be covering any and all costs associated with you… transitioning. Is that the right word? I don’t want to say the wrong– I need to do some research, I think.”

Tony blew out a deep breath and looked between the two of them.

“Anything else you want to tell me? Like that maybe you two are dating? Because Deadpool I swear to god if you are even looking at my kid wrong I’m gonna rip you apart and drop the pieces from the sky. Lets see if you can regenerate from that.”

“Gross.” Wade snorted. “He’s like eight.”

“I’m fifteen guys.” Peter interjected.

It doenst matter!”
“It doesn’t matter!”

Wade and Tony yelled at the same time, then glared at each other for a minute.

“Well kiddo.” Tony sent Peter a smile. “Anything else today? Because I feel like you have homework.”

“Yeah. Some spanish.” Peter nodded and reached to put his shirt back on. “No, I– I guess that’s it.”

“Well, you know where the door is if you want to talk.”

Peter didn’t even hesitate, just stood up and leaned over Tony’s chair to give him a hug. “Thank you. This was…easier than I thought it would be.”

“Whatever you need, Underroos. You know that.” Tony patted his back. “Now get. Spanish homework.”

Tony waved at Peter, glared at Deadpool, and waited until they had left before picking his tablet back up, settling in for a long night of researching everything and anything related to helping support teenagers who were transitioning.

A throat being cleared made him look up.  “For the love of– didn’t I kick you out?”

Wade shrugged. “I’m just laying this out here– the whole protective dad thing one hundred percent does it for me. So if you ever decide to unclench enough to have some fun, call me.”

“Get out!” Tony cried, but he was smiling, and Wade was going to count that as a victory.

“What were you doing?” Peter frowned up at the mercenary when he finally showed up at the door.

“Asking your dad out.”  

“That’s disgusting.” Peter complained and punched Wade’s shoulder hard enough to send him reeling a few steps. “Don’t do that.”

Several minutes later, Peter added. “Mr Stark isn’t my dad.”

“Yeah, you waited too long to say that. I officially vote for Iron Man to be your dad.”

“…yeah me too.”


Just a reminder to all you beauties that are thinking about transitioning, mid transition, or have made it through and are now happily the person you were always meant to be—

You are lovely, you are valid, and you are not burdens or anything else along those lines. Don’t let any other fuckers tell you any different.


Modern Dregs AU #7

The Dregs as roommates

  • let’s say that the Dregs have graduated high school and as they move on to college, agree to rent apartments together in the same complex
  • Kaz and Inej live together
  • and while they get along for the most part they have their tense moments
  • Kaz stays up CRAZY LATE at night
  • he might be hacking a gaming server
  • he might be looking at pictures of puppies
  • you never know
  • but occasionally Inej gets up at 4 AM just to see his bedroom lights still on
  • “do you ever sleep?” “sleep is for the wEAK”
  • and yet she usually catches him passed out on the couch at noon
  • luckily she tries her best to stay quiet when he’s snoozing
  • ESPECIALLY when it comes to the microwave when she makes her morning tea
  • when it hits one second, she turns it off
  • to this day, she’s never woken him up on accident
  • sometimes, when Inej plays a video game (c’mon, she’s def a gamer, and a good one), Kaz will sit down to watch her and he’s always so impressed and in love with her
  • she’s also the only one of the group who has seen him with his glasses on
  • he’s never gone outside with them, even if he doesn’t have contacts in
  • he’d rather be blind than have Jesper try them on all day
  • or take them away and go
  • “how many fingers am I holding up?” “i dont know, but i’ll break them all if you don’t give me back my fucking glasses”
  • Jesper and Wylan also share an apartment and have separate rooms
  • but when it comes to go to sleep, they usually sleep in the same bed
  • Wylan likes being the Big Spoon™
  • and Jesper talks in his sleep
  • Wylan has woken up to some weeeird shit in the past
  • “aaron burr, you podge” “wtf jes”
  • sometimes it makes Wylan blush
  • “why, hellooo gorgeous” “why cant you say things like that when you’re AWAKE
  • jk, Jesper always says nice things to Wylan
  • sometimes when Wylan’s vacuuming or doing dishes
  • Jesper will swoop in and hug him from behind, nuzzle him and shit
  • “adorable as always, Van Sunshine”
  • ofc he helps him with the chores too
  • they also make like three pots of coffee a day (mostly for the smell, it brightens up the place)
  • Nina, Matthias, and Kuwei share a third apartment with two rooms
  • Nina and Matt share one room, Kuwei gets the other
  • and thin walls do not always make it a great living situation for Kuwei
  • just give the kid earmuffs
  • and no, not for the reason you’re thinking
  • Nina snores like NO TOMORROW
  • Matt can’t even rival her
  • not that he minds, usually he’s just impressed
  • though Matt sometimes hogs the blankets
  • once Nina tried to rip them away from him
  • and he was so wrapped up in them that instead of freeing the blankets off of him
  • it just sent him rolling off the side of the bed onto the floor
  • *thud*OH MY GOD, MATTY, ARE YOU OK” *wheezing noises*
  • Matthias is the kinda guy that lives by “early bird gets the worm”
  • Nina and Kuwei, well, not so much
  • luckily for Matt, he doesn’t have to be super quiet since both of them are very deep sleepers
  • Kuwei probably wouldn’t wake up if the fire alarm started screeching
  • *beep, beep* “shut the hell up”
  • Kuwei also hogs the shower in the morning and uses up the hot water, so Nina gets to freeze in the morning (Matthias takes his shower before the others because his crazy ass gets up at 5 AM)
  • other living arrangements have been made in the past
  • Nina and Inej used to live together
  • the only issue they faced was cooking
  • Inej is good at some things (like pasta and veggies) but beyond that, she’s hopeless
  • Nina straight up would set the kitchen on fire
  • during this time, Kaz and Jesper were roommates for like a month
  • they also had thin walls, so Jesper talking in his sleep always sent Kaz into fits of laughter, thus waking up Jesper
  • “dude, i was asleep” “and trying to seduce wylan, too, or so it sounded like”
  • Jesper would pull pranks on Kaz to get back at him
  • the favorite of the group was post-it notes on EVERY SURFACE IN KAZ’S ROOM
  • just walked in and BOOM
  • needless to say, Kaz nearly throttled him
  • they will never live together again