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Hi Audra! I've been drawing all my life and have actually had some people interested in buying my work now that I've been getting it out there on social media. The only problem is that I am unsure of how much to sell them for. I wanted to get prints done and it's going to cost me $11 for an A4 print to get done (I don't have the resources to print at home). I'm just wondering how you go about pricing prints? Thank you! I love your art, big inspiration. xx

Wow that’s expensive! If you are just starting out you can always go through a photo studio like London Drugs. There should be much cheaper options than that. There’s no need to get giclee prints when you are just starting out either. Did you look at all the print shops in the area and compare prices? If you order more like 10 instead of 1 that  can help the cost too. Honestly unless you are going through a third party who would be printing, selling, and packing it for you ideally you should be spending about 20% or less on the print unless you are printing giclee prints or canvas prints or something along those lines. What I did when I was first trying to figure out my prices I went to other artists shops and looked at the quality and skill in their prints. I compared theirs to mine and determined my cost accordingly while understanding that some artists can often over/under-price their work. So if I were you I’d set a bookmark tab on your computer or phone and check out other artists work and what they charge, save them all then figure out where your work currently would stand. It’s best to do this while keeping an open mind, stepping back from any ego attached to your art because it can get overwhelming. Just know you’ll figure it out and will get better at it with time. Congrats on your growing success!

I hope that helps. <3

for pipalypso week!

famous actress Piper meets Calypso, one of the first people not to recognise her

I finally figured out that I seem to write much quicker and get more done when I do it by hand, so I’m giving that a try instead of typing everything! Fingers crossed this works out. It’s working so far hey I actually finished this in time for pipalypso week! amazing

for now it’s just a lil one-shot but I’m thinking I might actually continue it at some point or write more bc I really like the famous piper au

fandom: Percy Jackson/Heroes of Olympus
pairing: Calypso/Piper McLean
word count: 1,626

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