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@fivestrings-attached tagged me to post a selife….so honestly I am going to use this as an unapologetic excuse to most the photos that I JUST now got back from my time in Ireland with Celtic Fusion Design!! (you guys are going to be the first to see this….even before instagram :o so shhhh pretend you saw nothing) 

So, here’s a picture of me on the Cliffs of feckin’ Moher, peaking at 20 years of age. 

Photography by: Mrs. Redhead Photography

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The Signs as Really Minor Homestar Runner Characters
  • aries: general tso’s chicken
  • taurus: drive-thru whale
  • gemini: gavin
  • cancer: frank bennedetto
  • leo: the paper
  • virgo: da huuuuuudge
  • libra: onion bubs
  • scorpio: painting of a guy with a big knife
  • sagittarius: wagon fulla pancakes
  • capricorn: lem sportsinterviews
  • aquarius: the grape fairie
  • pisces: bear holding a shark
The Mishaps
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b></b> In this scene, Farkle and Riley don't know each other. They are in college.<p/><b>Location:</b> Denny's<p/><b></b> Farkle, Zay and Lucas walk in the door and take a seat at a booth. Farkle starts working on paperwork.<p/><b>Lucas:</b> Dude, we came here, so you can take a break. You need to have fun once in a while.<p/><b>Farkle:</b> I have fun.<p/><b>Zay:</b> When's the last time?<p/><b>Farkle:</b> I can't remember, but there was a time.<p/><b>Lucas:</b> When's the last time you had a date?<p/><b>Farkle:</b> When I was dating Smackle.<p/><b>Lucas:</b> That was a year ago. You need to get out there. Get back on the horse.<p/><b>Farkle:</b> I don't have time to date. I don't even have time to eat. I should head home. I don't know why I let you talk me out of studying.<p/><b></b> Farkle starts to leave. Then a waitress walks over to their booth. Farkle stops in his tracks.<p/><b>Riley:</b> Leaving so soon?<p/><b>Farkle:</b> No. I was just stretching.<p/><b>Riley:</b> (smiles) Good. I'm Riley and I'll be your waitress. Can I get you anything to drink?<p/><b>Lucas:</b> Coke.<p/><b>Zay:</b> Coke.<p/><b>Farkle:</b> (voice squeaks) Coke.<p/><b>Riley:</b> I'll be right back.<p/><b></b> Riley walks away.<p/><b>Zay:</b> What was that?<p/><b>Farkle:</b> What?<p/><b>Lucas:</b> You sounded like squeaky the mouse.<p/><b>Farkle:</b> No I didn't.<p/><b>Lucas and Zay:</b> Yes, you did.<p/><b>Farkle:</b> Crap. Did you think she noticed?<p/><b>Lucas:</b> (grinning) Why does it matter?<p/><b>Farkle:</b> It doesn't.<p/><b>Zay:</b> (teasing) Does our Farkle have a crush?<p/><b>Farkle:</b> You guys suck.<p/><b></b> Riley walks back. Farkle's knee starts bouncing. Riley puts the cups of Coke on the table. Farkle's knee hits the table and the Coke spills on him. Farkle jumps up and smacks Riley in the face.<p/><b>Farkle:</b> I'm so sorry. Are you ok?<p/><b>Riley:</b> (covering her face) Yeah. I think so. Don't worry about it. It happens all the time.<p/><b>Farkle:</b> Really?<p/><b>Riley:</b> No. Let me know when you're ready to order. I'll bring you another cup of Coke<p/><b></b> Riley walks away. Farkle sits down. Lucas and Zay try not to laugh.<p/><b>Lucas:</b> You got it bad.<p/><b>Farkle:</b> (glares at Lucas) Not one word.<p/><b>Zay:</b> Don't look now, but your girlfriend is coming back.<p/><b>Farkle:</b> Shut up!<p/><b>Riley:</b> I didn't say anything.<p/><b>Farkle:</b> Not you. You're perfect.<p/><b>Riley:</b> Uh, thank you. Here's your Coke.<p/><b>Farkle:</b> Uh, thanks. How's your face?<p/><b>Riley:</b> It's ok.<p/><b>Farkle:</b> Good. It's a beautiful face.<p/><b></b> Farkle's eyes widen. Riley blushes. Lucas and Zay laugh.<p/><b>Riley:</b> Ready to order?<p/><b>Lucas:</b> Hamburger and fries.<p/><b>Zay:</b> Hamburger and mashed potatoes.<p/><b></b> Farkle doesn't say anything.<p/><b>Lucas:</b> He'll have a hamburger too.<p/><b>Riley:</b> Ok.<p/><b></b> Riley leaves. Farkle slams his head on the table.<p/><b>Zay:</b> Don't break the table.<p/><b>Farkle:</b> I'm done talking today.<p/><b>Lucas:</b> Why? Because you're in love with our waitress?<p/><b>Farkle:</b> I will hurt you.<p/><b>Zay:</b> I will pay big money to see that.<p/><b>Farkle:</b> She's coming back. Shhhh!<p/><b></b> Riley brings the food and sets it on the table.<p/><b>Riley:</b> I hope you enjoy your dinner.<p/><b></b> Farkle nods and gives her a thumbs up. Riley smiles and walks away.<p/><b>Farkle:</b> Did I just do that?<p/><b>Lucas:</b> Unfortunately, you did.<p/><b>Zay:</b> It was hilarious.<p/><b>Farkle:</b> We are never coming back here again.<p/><b></b> They eat their dinner in silence. Lucas and Zay see Riley stare at Farkle once in a while. After they finished the dinner, Riley walks up with the check. She hands it to Farkle. Their hands touch and they both drop the check. They reach down to pick it up and bump their heads.<p/><b>Riley:</b> Ow!<p/><b>Farkle:</b> I'm sorry. I'm not trying to hurt you. At least not on purpose.<p/><b>Riley:</b> It's ok. I'm a klutz.<p/><b>Farkle:</b> So am I.<p/><b></b> They smile at each other. Farkle hands her his credit card and she walks away.<p/><b>Lucas:</b> They're going to banned us if you keep hurting their waitress.<p/><b>Farkle:</b> I'm not trying to hurt her. It just happens.<p/><b></b> Riley comes back with the credit card.<p/><b>Riley:</b> Here you go. Have a good night.<p/><b>Farkle:</b> Love you too.<p/><b></b> Lucas and Zay starts laughing.<p/><b></b> Riley walks away quickly.<p/><b>Farkle:</b> I need to get out of here.<p/><b></b> Farkle gets up and walks out of the restaurant. Riley follows him.<p/><b>Riley:</b> Are you ok?<p/><b>Farkle:</b> Not really. I'm really sorry about everything. I'm just nervous.<p/><b>Riley:</b> It's ok. Why are you nervous?<p/><b>Farkle:</b> I like you.<p/><b>Riley:</b> You do?<p/><b>Farkle:</b> That's why I acted like a idiot.<p/><b>Riley:</b> I didn't think you act like a idiot.<p/><b>Farkle:</b> Really?<p/><b>Riley:</b> Yeah. I think you're sweet.<p/><b>Farkle:</b> I think you're beautiful.<p/><b></b> Riley blushes.<p/><b>Farkle:</b> Would you like to go out sometime?<p/><b>Riley:</b> No.<p/><b>Farkle:</b> No?<p/><b>Riley:</b> I don't go out with anyone if I don't know their name.<p/><b>Farkle:</b> I knew I forgot something. You have to promise me that you won't laugh.<p/><b>Riley:</b> Why?<p/><b>Farkle:</b> It's a weird name.<p/><b>Riley:</b> I won't laugh.<p/><b>Farkle:</b> My name is Farkle.<p/><b>Riley:</b> I love it.<p/><b>Farkle:</b> Would you like to go out with me?<p/><b>Riley:</b> (smiles) I would love to.<p/><b>Farkle:</b> (smiles) Great!<p/><b></b> Riley walks back inside the restaurant. Lucas and Zay walk out.<p/><b>Lucas:</b> Are you ok?<p/><b>Farkle:</b> I'm better than ok. I'm great.<p/><b>Zay:</b> Does this have to do with a certain girl?<p/><b>Farkle:</b> Yep. We're going out.<p/><b>Lucas:</b> You got her number?<p/><b>Farkle:</b> No.<p/><b>Zay:</b> That's kinda important.<p/><b></b> Farkle starts walking towards the door while at the same time, Riley is walking towards him. Farkle opens the door and hits Riley.<p/><b>Farkle:</b> Oh my god!<p/><b></b> 50 years later.<p/><b>Farkle:</b> And that's how I met your grandmother.<p/><b>Grandkids:</b> Really?<p/><b>Riley:</b> Yep. I had a concussion for weeks.<p/><b>Farkle:</b> I took care of her and we fell in love. We have been together ever since.<p/><b>Riley:</b> Happy anniversary!<p/><b>Farkle:</b> Happy anniversary!<p/><b></b> They kissed.<p/><b>Grandkids:</b> Ew!!!<p/><b></b> The end.<p/></p><p/></p>

“A little different from the style we usually go for but Mun was so happy this blog was well received so we’d like to thank you! Please keep supporting us! See you next illusion~!”

Bellamy Blake Appreciation Week: Day 4: AU: Professor!Bellamy
“He stepped into his first lecture to see it packed with eager students, their indistinct murmurs filling the room. Scanning the group of over one hundred students, Bellamy immediately felt the overwhelming nervousness that came with teaching his first class. He was a young professor who had gone through enough training to feel confident in his teaching abilities, and had practiced his lectures at least fifteen times in front of his younger sister Octavia, who had assured him time and again that he was ready and had no need to “be a pathetic wuss about this,” in her own words. Nevertheless, Bellamy felt himself shaking as he set his suitcase on the wooden desk at the front of the room…”

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