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Now, you didn’t specify a ship, so I guess it’s dealer’s choice! And I’m going to choose Prinxiety for this one,because I actually got another person requesting this same thing.

27. A taunt, with one eyebrow raise and a grin bubbling at your lips.

“For the last time, we are NOT watching The Black Cauldron again! We’ve seen it three times this week, and I want something I can sing to.” Roman snapped, glaring at his boyfriend, who sat smirking on the couch.

“And for the last time, *I* don’t want to watch anything else. So, if you’re going to put on something different, I’ll just go listen to music in my room.” Virgil shot back, folding his arms over his chest.

“Darling, be reasonable–”

“I’m being completely reasonable. Black Cauldron is the greatest Disney movie ever made. It’s not my fault you can’t face facts.” Roman’s affronted gasp was almost loud enough to echo. 



“How DARE you?! As if Black Cauldron could hope to compete with the likes of Sleeping Beauty, The Little Mermaid, Aladdin, Frozen, or Moana!” 

“It not only compares, it surpasses every single one of them.”

Roman stalked up to the couch, glaring down at Virgil, who merely cocked a brow and grinned unapologetically up at him. Roman leaned closer, and Virgil’s smile only got wider.

“You know I can win this argument with four words, right?” Virgil suppressed a laugh as Roman’s eyes narrowed.

“I very much doubt that, my darling Fall Out Boy.” 

“I love you, Roman.” Roman froze in place, then melted on the spot. Virgil rarely ever said the words. He showed his affections often, in his own way, but the actual words had only been spoken once before, several months ago. To hear it now, with his name…it was nearly overwhelming. Even through his irritation, his heart leaped, and he could feel tears stinging his eyes. Virgil’s smile faltered, and he looked concerned now.

“Roman? Oh god, are you okay?!”

“Yes! So much more than okay.” Roman gently sat next to Virgil, pulling him into his arms and burying his face into Virgil’s neck. Virgil’s arms tentatively enfolded him, and Roman couldn’t hold back one single tear from leaking out.

“I love you, too, Virgil. So much. It’s astounding to me that even with your horrific taste in Disney movies, my affection for you grows deeper and stronger every day.” Roman’s voice was thick with emotion, and when he pulled back, Virgil’s eyes searched his. Virgil frowned, gently cupping his face.

“I don’t tell you enough. If it makes you this emotional, I don’t say it enough.”

“You DO say it–”

“Not with words. Not the way you need to hear it. I love you. I’ll say it however many times you need me to, until it sticks. You deserve the words, Ro. You deserve…well, a hell of a lot more than me, but–”

“Don’t you dare! Don’t you dare ruin something so beautiful and perfect by thinking you’re not good enough when you are everything!” Roman cut him off, his voice fierce. Virgil blinked, then slowly relaxed, a small smile on his face.

“You are determined to love me until I see something worth loving in myself, aren’t you?”

“YES!!! And I’ll tell you and show you relentlessly until you do, so really, you may as well concede now. It’s a battle I am going to win.”

“Unlike the battle you lost just now.” Virgil’s smirk was back, and Roman rolled his eyes, but grabbed the remote and hit play. The Black Cauldron was already in the DVD player from yesterday. 

He snuggled in next to his boyfriend, draping a blanket over both of them, and prepared to watch Virgil’s favorite movie for the fourth time. If that wasn’t true love and devotion, frankly, he didn’t know what was!

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hey mod, any tips on how to react more positively to art that's way better than mine? i'm trying to change my mindset so i can feel inspired instead of inferior but i have no idea where to start :/

it’s hard! and don’t feel bad about that- it’s a natural reaction and a lot of that is because artists are often self deprecating, but the thing I started to do was make little changes to how my brain was saying it; “oh man, this art is so much better than mine…” became “oh man! this art is so good!” and “I wish I could draw art like that…” becomes “hey, I wonder if I could try drawing art like that?”

it might seem silly, just changing the ‘words’ of how you’re seeing things, but if you start to ‘rephrase’ your thoughts more positively, then it becomes genuine and second nature- which helps you not beat yourself up, and prevents you from becoming bitter and envious of other people. You can actually start looking at the wonderful art you’re wanting to emulate, and start to think about how it was made, and what exactly it is about it that makes you love it so much! which helps you both learn and actively want to feed your own style, but it also actually makes you appreciate the artist’s work itself more, so… it’s really hard? Learning not to observe good art with a negative slant on your own in comparison, and everyone has days where they can’t, but if you can then everyone benefits, especially you!

what we find in the water

[arthur curry x reader]

author’s note: was on the fence about writing for arthur cuz i wasn’t sure if i could do it justice (ha) but i dunno, i kinda like how this one came out, especially for how unsure i was when i started it. i think that’s the way it always tends to go. shaky starts, and then you settle into it

word count: 1,783

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Master Mine - First off, omg. Thank you. Obi needs love and I love that you give it to him. Now, can we see Anakin figuring out what Obi called him?

One could claim that his obsession with Padme was transferred to his master at some point during his teenage years but its hard to hold onto a memory when there’s flesh and warmth right beside you on harsh missions, Obi-Wan’s soft breath’s in his ears and the scent of his body so close.

His Intovar.

Padme would always be his angel.

But angels are distant beings, legends in the minds of humans while stars…

Stars at least you get to see every night.

And Anakin’s star, the star of his heart allows so much more as he curls into the blonds arms with quiet pleasure and soft sighs and closes his eyes. Had looked at Anakin as a human and shared his trouble with Qui-Gon from when they had meet in that stupid junkshop of Watto.

Running his fingertips along the other mans upper arm, Anakin quietly took in the patches of vivid bruises covering the other mans skin from battle.

Anakin hadn’t been there to guard Obi-Wan’s back and look what happened.

His beloved came back limping and sore from less then pleasurable activities, a few of his men missing and a worn expression on his face that had Anakin bundling the man away from everyone else once reports were done.

Quietly Anakin had undressed the other and put bacta to wounds and bandages with bruising cream before forcing the other into taking a strong painkiller swallowed with ample water.

Soft green eyes had watched him, tired, weary and worn as he watched Anakin before Obi-Wan had pulled him close with his hand on the others cheek and taken the blonds lips in a tender and slow kiss that soothed more then the bacta did.

And then he’d whispered those words again.

Mialla Trun.

“It means golden sun.” He whispered, staring at Anakin with a wry grin on his face as Anakin stared back. “My golden sun who brings a bit of light into my darkened life.” He leaned in a bit and pressed their foreheads together.

Slowly Anakin had toed out of his own boots and joined Obi-Wan in bed after that confession. “You’re my star and I’ll be your sun, for as long as you need me my Obi-Wan.” The blond murmured as he wrapped the other up in his arms and pulled the blankets up around them.

“Forever then?” Obi-Wan mumbled, pain, exhaustion and just war weary thinning his barriers to the confession of attachment Obi-Wan usually avoided.

“Forever.” Anakin agreed quietly, nuzzling into the others hair. “I love you Obi-Wan.”

A callused hand settled on his lower back, pulling Anakin in close. “I love you too Anakin, my Mialla Trun.”

It hadn’t taken long for Obi-Wan to fall asleep after that, leaving Anakin to this moment of watching his love, too many thoughts flying by for him to really rest.

Obi-Wan was dying in this war.

The redhead had not been designed for war at all and it was taking its toll.

Anakin would do anything to end this stupid war and rescue Obi-Wan from himself and his self sacrificing ways.


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Quick question: Do you have any intentions of drawing more sketches of the scenes within the HP books? Because I really love all that you've done for Post Hogwarts (your Hinny is how I see Hinny) and I really feel emotionally invested in your current inspirations of the Marauders generation. I suppose its just because you seem to draw the way I see HP, and while the films were okay, I feel that your drawings of those years would be so much better! Anyway, thanks for the epic creations. :)

Thanks! Yes. There are days I wish I could draw all 7 books haha

Pregnant Women and Mothers Vaccination

Hello, guys!

I am working in a group for a university assignment (it’s about public opinion and persuasion) that is due in two weeks time and we really need some people to please fill in the attached survey. It’s not going to take you more then 5 minutes, I promise!

Unfortunately, this is strictly for residents in the UK who are either pregnant or have children but I would really apprecuate if you could reblog to spread the word. 

Thank you so much for your help!

giving thanks,

i am grateful for so much this year. as the year comes to an end, i find myself achieving the goals i set for myself at the beginning. my goals were to get a job (check), start my poetry book (check), read a book for every month (going well so far), and a couple of more. i wouldn’t have been as motivated or willing to do this with the overwhelming support i have from my friends and family, so let me take a moment to thank those who have contributed nothing but positivity to my life this year;

@spider-boi - bea, the first friend and blog i followed here. the inspiration behind this blog. you push me every day to be a better person and writer, and remind me to think of myself, and make myself happy. i can’t emphasize how important you are to me. i love you, more than you know.

@purelyparker - cassandra, there is so much i could say to you, but i’ll save that for your christmas card. just know, you are the brightest light in my life, you are one of my favorite people, and i don’t understand how lucky i am to be blessed with the gift of having you as one of my best friends. i love you.

@parkerroos - alyssa, i have been following you almost as long as i’ve had this blog. i’m so glad we are friends and we have been given the chance to be part of each other’s lives. i love you, you are the purest soul and one of the most selfless people i know. you are one of my favorite people, ever. 

@tbholland - meg, a true blessing on this hellsite. thank you for your unwavering kindness and constant support/love. you are one of my favorite blogs and one of the most important people that keep this fandom sane & livable through. i truly love you and wish for nothing but good things for you. i’m so lucky to have you as a friend.

@quackmom - sydni, the actual love of my life. thank you for always being just a message or text away. you are one of the most supportive friends i have, and through the short time i’ve gotten to know you, i feel like you understand me best and i could go to you for anything. you’re like my sister, and i love you so much.

@httpsamholland - nana, you are an angel, simply put. thank you for always listening to me rant and for just being one of the purest people i know. you are so cute and sweet and i just love the very being you are. you never hesitate to be there for the ones you love, and i hope i reciprocate the kindness you give me. 

@dreamyholland - gia, your nickname ‘mama glee’ rings true, always. i know i suck at responding sometimes, but i genuinely and entirely enjoy talking to you, and i can’t wait for christmas this year with you! you have always made me feel safe and sane with you, i love you and i appreciate you so much.

@parkerbenjaminpeter - jai, i have called many in this fandom pure but you are the epitome of the word. you continually spread your positive light throughout this fandom and you are the most deserving person i know. you deserve kindness and happiness and love, and i will try to continue to provide all of it for you. i love you so much. 

@dej-okay - dej, you are the absolute most wonderful person i’ve ever met. your attitude and joyfulness never fail to make my day, and whenever i get a message form you my heart goes !!!! and i just want to give you one of the biggest hugs. thank you for being such a light. 

@screamholland - mary, i had to come back to add to this because how did my dumbass useless as forget you? thank you for always being there, and i hope by now you know i am less than a text away. i will forever cherish you. i love you so much, baby. you’re my moon and all my stars.

there are so many other people i could write about, but i’m helping cook this year, so i have time to just mention the others, just know that you are equally as appreciated and you have contributed to my life and experience here in such a positive way: @zendmylife, @iamnesta, @spideywritings, @rileywrites-parker, @loverholland, @tonkslegends, @tonky-stank, @themultilingualmartell, @honeynutholland, @ladysnowren, @spideyboys, @nedandpeter, @starparker, @sam-a-holland, @samhollandsfreckles, @samhollandtrash, @sarsmusings, @peterandchurros, @suit-lady, @tomhollandxreader, @spidey-mantom, @spideychelle-romanogers, @queer-hollander, @omlitsari, @hogwartsholland, @arachnid-kid, @spidiepool, @bimichelle, @parkerbenpeter, @spideyloser

there are plenty more, but i want to take a second to acknowledge the native american fans in this fandom, too. i want to give thanks to you and say that this day isn’t a celebration of achievement for america, this is a profited day at the expense of the natives who were stripped away of their religions and customs and land. thank you for continuing the fight against this and i stand with you and your ancestors. i acknowledge you. i hear you. i am with you. this is me giving thanks to you. happy thursday. 

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A reader with a family tree tattoo and the talon see that reader added them tp the tree? Reader sees them as family?


  • He is a little touched though he does question if sentimentality is a smart decision. He won’t insist that you get rid of it, just warning you that it could be bad for you if the wrong people saw.
  • He doesn’t think much about it after that, knowing it’s not his decision to do.


  • She is a little unmoved by that, it’s a bit of an empty promise in her eyes. You’d need to show her your attachment in a stronger way, Moira finding words to be completely ineffectual in showing emotions.
  • When you finally convince her, her reaction is a bit underwhelming. You expected more but she just patted your head.


  • He is so completely touched by it, glad that his eyes were covered by his mask. He gets a bit overprotective of you, you won his affection with a simple action.
  • He didn’t expect that reaction, he couldn’t help but you had a way of completely warming his apparent frozen heart.


  • She smiles at you, leaning forward with a teasing grin as she calls you her sibling.
  • She is secretly touched by it though, just unsure of how to show it. Besides, it would be a bit dangerous for you. It’s kind of affects her a lot, Sombra always wanting a family.


  • She just stares blankly at the tattoo, unsure fo why her chest grew warm. She isn’t meant to feel but something is trickling past the walls that Talon had put up.
  • She quickly pushes it down, not wanting to be considered suspect by Talon.

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Hey sourpatch could you do Bakugou and his lover whoes going deaf so hes always speaking softly right beside them so his yelling wont damage their hearing more and learning sign language together. Everytime he yells he covers their ears cuz baby boy got some lungs on him

Oh boii oh boii. This has got to be my favorite request so far! My other mods even loved it and so did some other friends! Thank you so much for requesting this for me my lil’ lemon drop!! <3

- Mod SourPatch ☕ ☕ ☕

💥 When you first Bakugou it was because he wasn’t paying attention you bumped into each other in the hallways. It was your second year at U.A. in the Support Classes. “Watch we’re the fuck you’re going!” you could barely hear as is, and it was because he raised his voice you could even hear anything.

💥 “I’m sorry.” you didn’t like confrontation, so you just signed an apology. He was totally confused, he has no idea what you just did with your hands, in fact it was Mina who had to tell him that you were using sign language.

💥 Bakugou was kind of interested at that point, but in the point that he had never met a deaf person before. Soon you had become friends with Mina and started to spend some time with Bakugou.

💥 While Mina learned how to sign to speak to you, Bakugou learned to pick up a few things too. He even got better than Mina in which he proved when he asked you out.

💥 He always tried to cover your ears when he was yelling at someone else, because he didn’t want to hurt your ears or make your issue any worse. His favorite thing to sign to you was idiot, and you loved it.

💥 When he became a pro hero, he took all your support with him and helped you become one of the best as well. You were a great addition to his own agency the day he became a top hero.

💥 When he asked you to marry him, it was after both your careers were established. You weren’t on a vacation to disney world for about a week and on your last night, while watching the fireworks at Cinderellas castle, he signed “will you marry me”.

💥 This man even gave you the wedding of your dreams, a day where you had been practicing to say ‘I do’ all on your own, instead of signing. As much of an asshole as he was, he always made you feel like a queen.

Hello my beautiful lovelies all around!! Even if you don’t celebrate it, HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!🍁🦃 I’m so thankful to have such wonderful followers like you and I honestly don’t deserve you😓

You’ve been with me through my worst days (even if I haven’t shown it) and you still stuck around when I didn’t post for days. And for that I couldn’t be more grateful.

You’ve given me such inspiring advice and such sweet and encouraging words when i’m in a bad place skfnskkfks! Without you guys, I don’t think i’d be so happy tbh!!! Without you, I probably would’ve given up a while ago (but I didn’t! Because of you!!!)

Because of all of you, I (heheh quoting Walt Disney since I watched a movie last night) “Keep moving forward!”

I wish I could write so much more to express how much a love you all, BUT WORDS CANT EVEN DESCRIBE IT!!!

Happy Thanksgiving my wonderful lovelies!!👋🏼

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To everyone who gets offended by me calling today the “day of mourning” please understand that I too am offended by literally my people and my entire culture being raped, killed, and nearly wiped from existence because some random assholes decided they wanted land. Please understand that I don’t say “white people” specifically because for the record the French came down from Canada and peacefully decided to marry into our culture, they became part of our tribes and even helped us fight for our land. I could “just drop it” if it wasn’t a sort of racism that still goes on today, where less and less of our land even exists, events such as the Dakota pipeline are just those that actually get published in the media but there are far more if you pay attention. I could additionally “just drop it” if it wasn’t a yearly celebration that serves as a constant reminder of the history that I hate so much. So frankly put, I will smile and accept your “happy thanksgiving” but I will still reply “have a good day of mourning!” I would hope you have it in you to be understanding of the fact I don’t get to ever experience what it would be like to live as my culture tells me to because a bunch of assholes decided that my people were less important than the land they lived on.

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Thanks for the tips! I'm gonna try out the one with the torso because I do usually start out with the head, and now that you mention it, it does restrict a lot of my intended action. I was wondering specifically how you do legs? Even using references, I find it hard to place the right curves where they belong

This one was a bit harder to answer because I just figured out legs through repetitive drawing so I didn’t think there was much I could help with. But then I realized I do have a sort of rhythm to them?

It’s sort’ve like, oval-circle-oval-circle-foot with the second oval being more bulged at one end. After drawing the initial shapes then you can mess around with it?

Another piece of advice from me is to just look at artists who do draw good legs and try to find out how they do that. You can even (god forbid) trace over art so you can get the feel for it in your own hand (tho don’t tell anyone i said that). 

Legs just magically started working for me so I feel like i’m giving you the short end of the stick here bro.


Here in the US it’s Thanksgiving Day so this is my thankful list!

First of all, I’d like to say that I’m so grateful for the Duck Fandom! It’s seriously the best fandom I have ever been in. Everyone is so supportive of one another and rarely do I see any negativity. It’s because of this fandom that I draw so much more and have the motivation to better myself. You guys are incredible and I honestly wish I could tag every single one of you, but that would make an already long post even longer.

There are some people on tumblr that I’m especially thankful for just because of their impact on my life. It’s these people that I specifically pray for and thank God for every night.

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hello! I'd like to make a comission related question. I bought the Iron Bull statue from Gaming Heads, and if you've seen it before you know that they gave Bull a horrible, constipated grimace. since your sculpting skills are AMAZING, I was wondering if you'd be up for fixing the statue's mouth? I honestly think replacing his grimace with a cheeky grin would be perfect for his character. I'd be willing to pay half in advance to save a time slot, but I totes understand if you won't/can't do it.

I know what you mean. That…face. It haunts me.

I would have to look at it in person or get a lot more photos of it, but it seems like it could be done mostly with subtractive work, if the material was workable. Website says polystone resin but that doesn’t really tell me much since the quality and hardness of that stuff is so variable.

(On another note, I think a more accurate shade of grey would also help it to look less, uh…just less. It would make it look less.

It’s really not a bad sculpt. The deathly shade of blue-grey with the starkly contrasting lip color was certainly a Mistake.)

Anyway, that’s a hard ‘maybe.’ I’m wary to have you mail out a massive statue to me only for me to tell you it can’t be done, so the more information I have the better. Email me at fenedhiss@gmail.com and we’ll talk details. Include any screenshots you’d like me to use as a reference, and if you could take more pictures of the model itself from a lot of angles that would be ideal. As a note– I do not own an airbrush. I can color-match with acrylics but if texture is going to be an issue for you, you may have to hire an artist with an airbrush if you want it to be perfectly seamless.


Twitter - Commissions

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So me and my friend were once talking about Shiro and we came to the conclusion that Selkie and Asugi would be his retainers who are more like his buddies than servants. Then I said I married Rinkah to Kaden, and therefore, we made jokes about if Asugi had the whole flame thing his dad has and Selkie had a bit more fire to her fox, both of Shiro's bodyguards could burst into flame and fry you alive if you dare touched their pal. AKA, exploding retainers.


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Hi I just wanna ask, isn't this a bit too much? /post/167751698547/ considering the stage lights and all he wouldn't be this dark, would he?! I would like to understand and hope you can explain why you restored it like you did. Has it to do with the whitewashed original and it sometimes is more like a recoloring than a restoring?

I do agree with you that it looks bad. Admin Gloss did too… which was why they tagged it with #This was so bad #But the pic could have been so good

Thats why we put it as a comparison in the first place rather than just posting it by itself. We wanted to make the whites of his shirt whiter, his skin more red tinted, and get rid of the highlights on his face. As well as make the background a bit brighter. But we couldn’t cause the filter on the whitewash was just so horrible. So we, the admins, usually have two decisions when stuff like this happens when restoring:

A) Save just only his skintone color even though we cant fix his clothes/the lighting around him


B) post it as a rip (unfixable entirely)

Trust me when I say, we know. We just have to make a lot of compromises. It’s not our fault that whitewashers decide to kill their skin color and wreck the photos. We are just trying our best to fix it as much as we can. Sometimes we can if we really put a lot of time into it and maybe run it through photoshop instead of the express version.

But considering that we get more than 30 submissions per admin sometimes. As well as maintaining the blog and do more restores on the side. And that whitewashing fansites out number us by the hundreds. We can’t fix everything 100%.

But we thought his skintone color was fine, at least for this one. And if you still think that he’s too dark regardless, we can understand that sentiment. Sometimes we think that too. In cases like that we just look for references instead of just going with our hunches. Here are references of them in the same outfit on that same day. ( 171104 BTS WINGS TOUR in Macau)

Our standards are raising and people expect a lot from us, so we just do the best we can. 

and more here, here, and here,

I hope this was easy to understand! Thank you!

Admin Matte

Growing up my friends told me if a guy said he’d rape you it meant he liked you. So, of course when he said it I felt special and told my friends. I never could have imagined the horrific outcome. I was still just a child but my innocence was ripped away. I tried to tell my friends. They still romanticized the idea, they didn’t take me seriously. They asked me how it was, if it was amazing, if I felt more grown up. None of them ever questioned why I had tears in my eyes and marks on my skin. They never said a word when I walked away and never spoke to them again.
—  K.N.B.

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could u recommend some of your favourite vmin fics? :) i love yours btw, you’re so very talented :))

lmao thank you so much! yeah i can recommend some! i’m not great at keeping track so this is hardly comprehensive

our sinking friendships (we drown them all) by skateboardsound
i’ll be your shelter by lissome
The Incident (and all that came after) by taetae_s
just to get a taste by vastlyunknown
The Usual by CheekyBrunette
first love (i call out to you) by sirradel
baby i’m the one (and you’re the only one) by causeitsred
at least our hearts weren’t young by hammersandstrings

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Do you do Transformers Animated? If not sorry to send in the ask and you can toss this out, but if you do could I get a headcannon for yandere waspinaror with a human who is willing to be with them?

thank you no one requests this boy enough also I wasn’t sure if you meant pre or post transformation so I did both

Wasp / Waspinator 

- It does not take much to get this boy to fall deeply in love with you. In this case, all it took was you yelling at the Autobots to give him a chance. Then you turned to him and promised to help him get back on his feet after all he’s been through, and just like that his spark was yours. You spoke to him so sweetly and held his hand so very gently. Maybe Primus was trying to do something nice to him for once? Regardless, he is not about to let this slip through his fingers. He’s sure you’re the one for him, and it’s only a matter of time before you’re his. 

- You can see the red flags almost immediately, but choose to ignore them. He’s been through so much, the clinginess is understandable. You’re his only real friend, so it’s expected for him to be a little… territorial shall we say? You really don’t mind, he’s always so sweet to you. You can feel yourself starting to fall for him as well, but you don’t want to do anything about it because it would feel like you’re taking advantage of him. Besides, you’re plenty happy being friends with him. You haven’t had to worry about ever being alone again since he’s always with you. He loves movie nights with you in particular since he can stare at you all he wants and you won’t even notice. He enjoys playing with your hair too, there’s nothing like it back on Cybertron and he likes that. Honestly, he just loves that you’re not cybertronian. Cybertronians have done nothing but hurt him, they can’t be trusted. He makes excuses for you not to go visit the Autobots so often you hardly even see them anymore.

- But then he disappears for a long time. You never stop looking, but you lose more and more hope with every passing day. Months go by and you fear for the worst. He’s either dead or has been taken back to Cybertron by the Elite Guard. You’re asleep in your bed one night after a long day of looking when you hear someone knock on your window. You strain your ears, listening for it again. Sure enough, you hear it again but it’s followed by a familiar voice saying your name. You all but fly out of your bed and practically throw yourself out the window. It’s such an emotional reunion that you’re in tears, and you let it out that you love him. Now that you’re both officially together he takes you away from everything and everyone. He’ll keep you safe, and in return your presence will keep him sane. 

Since my family thought it’d be a bright idea to just skip Thanksgiving and not do anything (plus complications today and we’ll just do it soon) I thought to give some thanks to you my followers and friends!

Without you all this blog wouldn’t be the way it is! I have nothing but pure appreciation and love for every single one that sends me an ask, starter, piece of art, reply, kind words, and just their unadulterated support. 

You all mean so much to me and made my life full of meaning again. You all make me feel loved, and that’s more than I could ever ask for from you all. I cherish every soul that has come in my life… through good and bad.

Most importantly, I have to thank Thresh… even if he’s a bastard… he still makes my life feel less dreary. Without him, my life would feel empty and I would have nothing to show for myself here.

Thank you all, thank you all so much <3 I feel so blessed everyday to have you… never forget that~