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for departure, i had my first ever giveaway and since arrival is the end of the trilogy, i thought what better way to celebrate the boys comeback than a second giveaway. so here is my second giveaway, there will be three winners for this giveaway.

first prize : GOT7 ALBUM - FLIGHT LOG : ARRIVAL [ NEVER VERSION ] unsealed* + bambam promise & making pc + youngjae selfie pc + logbook(which is only available for those who pre-ordered the album) + jinson’s event card (inside)

second prize : GOT7 ALBUM - FLIGHT LOG : ARRIVAL [ EVER VERSION ] unsealed* + jackson promise pc + jaebum making pc + jinyoung selfie pc + logbook(which is only available for those who pre-ordered the album) + markbam’s event card (inside)

third prize: GOT7 ALBUM - FLIGHT LOG : TURBULENCE [ JAEBUM PHOTOBOOK VERSION ] + bambam’s pc + event card + stickers

*i only unsealed them to check the condition of the contents inside

[ rules ]

  • no giveaway blogs.
  • must be following me on tumblr + a follow on my twitter ( @yiensjpg ) is not necessary but will be appreciated. ( don’t follow for the sake of the giveaway then unfollow after. )
  • likes and reblogs count. you can reblog this as many times as you want but don’t spam your followers.
  • winners will be chosen randomly.
  • if you’re under 18, please ask permission from your parents/guardians to give your address. ( if you’re above 18 and want to ask for permission, it’s cool. i mean i still ask my mom if i can hang out with my friends.)
  • if you won, please send me your address in the correct mailing address format. ( because i suck at writing addresses on letters rip. )
  • international shipping and the shipping cost will be paid by me.
  • your ask/message box must be open.
  • you’ll be given 48 hours to reply if not another winner will be chosen. (i’ll message you directly if the ask isn’t replied in 24 hours. )
  • giveaway ends 30th April , 11:59 PM ( GMT+8 )
  • do not delete this text.

good luck, do feel free to message me if you have any questions and of course please continue supporting got7. :>


MYAY RAFFLE TIME!!!!!AND OH GOSH 800+ FOLLOWERS?! Im just gonna go cry in a corner now ;w;


-ocs(keep in mind i do have a limit of what kind of oc)

-overly complicated characters aka armor wearing characters or the like(That doesnt mean i cant do simple armor tho)
-Any sensitive subjects (i can draw your char crying tho?XD)


-must be following me!(new followers welcome!!!Dont follow and unfollow if you dont win. Thats just rude and you will be banned from future raffles)
-reblog to enter, you get to reblog TWICE tho for better chances(if you reblog more than that, your out of the raffle)


April 15th 5pm central time is when it ends!!!


my first art raffle !! thank you so much for 600 followers aaa i appreciate each and every one of you !


must be following me! this is a raffle in appreciation for my followers; please don’t follow to unfollow just for free art ?? thats kinda just rude ;;
must reblog to enter! likes are ok as bookmarks but don’t count as entries! you can reblog as many times as you like.
have your askbox open! you will have 48 hours to reply after i inbox you; otherwise i’ll choose another winner ^^;


mecha (i can try??)
anything that makes me uncomfortable ;;;

deadline is april 1st 2017 !! thank you for all the support and good luck!


wHEW. WE’RE AT 3K. That’s amazing, thank you so much <3 This is my little thank you to you guys- 


  • must be following me! (this is a thank you for my followers after all) but pls dont unfollow right after the raffle bc that’d be very rude >:[ 
  • enter by reblogging and liking!! 1 like/reblog = then you’re in :) -no likes included- (you can reblog -three- times maximum, just to increase your chances) 
  • have your askbox open!! thats how I can contact you! if the winner doesn’t reply within 48 hours i’ll be choosing another winner :’’0


  • nsfw -okay so you probably noticed the shiro uHM just no e xt r a stuff-
  • mecha
  • animals
  • anything that makes me uncomfortable :”0 

deadline is on JUNE 16 2017, GMT+8 !! so good luck n thank you so much guys!


I hit 4,000 followers! Why not celebrate a milestone with a little giveaway, right?

  • One winner will get a character portrait like the ones shown above! Got a D&D character you need a picture of? Or an OC? Or maybe you just want a shiny portrait of your favourite canon character. I’ll draw any of them!
  • Reblogs and likes count as one entry each.
  • You must be following me in order to enter. But please don’t just follow for the giveaway and then immediately unfollow, that’s rude and I’ll probably cry a little.
  • Giveaway ends on Saturday May 27, 8PM BST / 12PM PDT. I’ll contact the winners via Tumblr messaging and we can arrange the details of the portrait. If the winners don’t respond within a day of being messaged, I’ll pick someone else!
  • I won’t draw NSFW content, mostly because I’m bad at it and it’ll look terrible. Trust me on this one.



-You must to be following me (don’t unfollow me after the art raffle please it’s rude c’:)

-Like+Reblog =Entry

-Deadline: 14 of July

What can i draw:




What can’t i draw:




1º Place: 

*Full body colored w/background 1 or 2 character

* half body full colored w/background 1 or 2 characters

2º Place:

*Full body colored w/background only one character

* half body full colored w/background only one character


*Full body lineart w/shading 1 or 2 character

*Full body one color theme only one character.

So i’m celebrating one year with this blog so i will another thing:

If you is one of my best fans or it’s you have the first place in my blog until the deadline I gonna draw whatever you want.

note: please try to not spamming me a lot :p

so that’s it, good luck and thank so much >w<



Yo never in my life have I thought ever I’d reach the day when I’d reach 1k followers. I know everyone says this but just thinking about it just blows my mind and I couldn’t be happier QWQ

Even though I’m still processing all this and accepting the fact I have 1,000 people following me, I can’t help but feel like that I don’t deserve it but I want to do something to thank all of you for putting through all my crap ^o^)/

Anyways, I just wanted to make this to thank you all! I will be choosing the winners randomly so please don’t get mad if you don’t win. If I reach 2k followers, I’ll probably host another raffle :3


  • 1 like = 1 entry
  • 1 reblog = 1 entry
  • Must be a follower (and please just don’t unfollow me afterward if you win or lose, that’s just plain rude)
  • Anyone can participate
  • Have fun and be paient! :D


1st Place Winner wins:

A fanfic that is 3,000+ words long

2nd Place Winner wins:

A fanfic that is 2,000+ words long

3rd Place Winner wins:

A fanfic that is 1,000+ words long

Additional info: (!Important!)

The fanfic can be about anything; angst, fluff, I’ll even do sin if you wanted. If you don’t have a story planned in mind, then you have the option to let me choose in which what happens, but you’ll have to let me know what theme you want. In addition, the fanfic could be about a ship or even OC’s. If it’s about OC’s, you’ll have to give me a thorough explanation of their looks, personality, etc. If it’s a ship that I’m not familiar with, you’ll have to do the same.

You can also choose what will happen in the fic, why it happens, the ending, how it starts, the setting, etc. In this case, you’ll be telling me what you want to happen and what the scene will be like and I’ll be writing it. If you want to kill someone, go for it. If you want a happy ending, tell me.

In short, you’ll be responsible for what happens to the characters. You can choose what happens to them and why. Keep in mind in how long your fic is. For 3rd place, I could only write so much unlike for 1st place, I could add more.

Or maybe I’m just putting too much thought into this XD

Deadline: June 1st 

when school’s over hehe


still looking for new blogs to follow :)

my dash has been really slow bc i unfollowed a lot of people so yeah

  • like or reblog this post so I can check your blog
  • it would be nice if you were following me but i’m not picky lmao

what am I looking for?

  • honestly idk 
  • if you post star wars then we’re cool 
  • harry potter? marvel? books? pretty things? 
  • what do i like? i don’t even know anymore 
  • but a tagging system is a must 
  • idk what else to say 
  • yikes this is lame 
  • i just need to follow more people 

if we’re mutuals i’ll love you forever if you reblog this <333 btw if you have any recommendations or want me to check your favorite blog, send me an ask :)

I’m literally just doing this because I need practice ay ♥ & because you deserve all the things that I can offer -blows kisses at- I hope I can do it now otl, I’m terrible at giving stuff I owe but I’ll try

- You must be following me & for the first ( & Last ) time, new followers are allowed.

- If you unfollow after the give away ends, you won’t receive the prize ( If you won ), neither have the chance to participate again.

- No give away/personal blogs.

- 1 Like & 1 reblog per blog.

- A portrait of your favorite character! Canon & Ocs are allowed.

- 3 Winners.

- MAY 26th, 2017.

Good luck ♥



  • Anybody can enter once you’re following me! New followers always welcome, but please don’t just follow for a prize then unfollow after you win >.> You must be following either @asha77art ( Art blog) OR this blog, I will check.
  • 1 reblog counts as two entries, and 1 like counts as an entry too, so there’s a total of three entries per person. Winners will be chosen from a generator. 
  • I will count the entries on March the second.
  • I will also pick three runners up, they will receive a pixel drawing.

What I will draw: 

  • Partial nudity / NSFW
  • Furries
  • OC’s ( with reference )
  • Pairings 
  • Fandoms I am comfortable with

What I won’t draw: 

  • Heavy NSFW 
  • Mecha 
  • Anything I’m uncomfortable with

Thank you again for following, and good luck!

\Seriously guys thanks for 250+ followers aah!! To celebrate it I decided to start up a giveaway!! 

There will be a couple of winners! (4 to be exact ). Each will get a simple 2-frame animation!


  • You must be following me. This is a follower thing after all yo.
  • Reblog to enter! (I’d appreciate it if you reblog with a ref if it can’t be found easily on your blog! ) And only reblog ONCE.
  • Don’t follow just for the giveaway and then unfollow after. That’s really rude. Don’t harass any winners either,,,
  • Have fun!!
Skye’s Tumblr Awards

Hello, everyone! I recently hit 1K followers and decided “Hey, why don’t I do something to celebrate?” And then thought this would do. Here are my Tumblr Awards!

P.S: This is my first time doing this so I’m sorry if I am not as good at this as I could be.

The Rules

- You must be following moi (Please, don’t follow then unfollow as soon as the Tumblr awards end)

- Reblog this post (Likes are bookmarks)

- Your blog must be mostly Hamilton

- Has to reach at least 50 notes or I’ll delete this and cry.

Other Important Details:

- It will end the ninth of June at 6 PM (GMT). Winners will be announced a few days later.

- Confused? Send me an ask and I’ll explain it the best I can!

- If you win ‘a follow from me’, please remember that my main account is called @cheating-noodles so you will get a follow from that account.

- Make sure you send me an ask whenever you want to collect your prize.

- You can reblog as many times as you want but try not to spam your followers.

The Prizes:

Winners: A follow from me, one shout out from me whenever you ask (along with the one when the results are posted), one aesthetic/mood board request (has to be a Hamilton character, though), and one writing requests that can be any ship (That does not include cheating, abuse, etc) from this fandom.

Runner-ups: One group promo the day the results are posted and one aesthetic request (has to be a Hamilton character, though). You’ll probably get a follow too.

You will also win my eternal friendship and will automatically be friends with me, so I suppose that is also a benefit.

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Thank you @ahjumin

To be honest, I felt like shit lately. Biggest artblock I have ever come across. Suddenly, I remember the first and only man I ever have feelings for, like 10 years ago and how I regret everything because we could be something. Then I blamed myself for not being girly and attractive enough for him. And then I got jealous with people who have more than me: A friend got scholarship, stayed in Europe and just recently got engaged to a good European man, I envied her so I rejected to go to her wedding eventhough we’re best friends. I feel pathetic in front of those who’s better than me, I straight up refuse to talk and meet them. I know Im horrible, because its not their fault its mine, I didnt strike hard enough and I got what I deserved. I know I should be friend with greater people because they will teach me so many things. I think I must work a lot with this mindset to change it for better, but for now I only feel hate and jealous, which is wrong. I don’t want to bother Tumblr with my stupidity so I said nothing, but the fact that I stopped updating No Hope No Fear for 2 weeks perhaps you can guess. I want to thank @ahjumin because of the flirting back and forth can be bother to some, but to me it’s new and help lighten my mood a bit. Some of you might find these flirting inappropreciate, in that case please unfollow this tumblr and go to tapastic to stay free from it. Because I feel like shit, though I should have no reason to feel so, only their asks seems to be fun for me. I don’t feel like talking to my friends, they would want to hear but I don’t want them to think Im pathetic. So only here only here, perhaps lovely asks can help my mind escape envy for a while.

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Thank you all so much for 200 followers???wtf i love you all so much!!

uhhhh so yeah art raffle here we go hnFGfh wow im bad at this lol 


-you must be following me because this is a follower raffle lmao whatd you expect (also dont unfollow me after!!thats a dick move my dude)

-rb to enter. likes dont count and please have mercy on your followers

-please have you asks open so i can tell you if you won!!




-heavy gore


-complicated backrounds

-anything that makes me uncomfortable 

so yeah thats it raffle ends at 6/28/17 10:00 PM (+GMT 8) good luck yall ilu have a good day!!(also please respond within 2 days or ill have to pick another person) p.s. if yall wanna see more of my art my art tag is “a drawing in my blog???”


[image description: four photos depicting examples of the prizes. The first photo is a group of seven small glass bottles, each filled with a different color of glitter, and topped with a cork, lined up on a dark wood table with a purple curtain backdrop. The second photo is of a black nylon cord with three round silicone beads in purple, teal, and green stung on it, displayed against plain notebook paper. The third photo is of a glass bottle pendant filled with pale colored sand-like material. The bottle is topped with a cork and wrapped with copper wire which is attached to a chain. In the left half of the image, the bottle is shown in the light against a dark purple background. In the right half of the image, the bottle is shown again in the dark, with the sand glowing a pale teal. The fourth photo is of 20 different colors of silicone beads displayed in a pair of clear plastic trays with rounded indents in them, against a dark wood background.]

150 Followers Give/away!

To celebrate Neurodelightful reaching 150 followers, we will be having our first give/away! I want to thank those that have brought me to this point, as well as give those a chance that can’t afford stim toys a chance to get something for free. In return, I get a little bit of feedback so that I can make the shop even better!

There will be ways to win for both current followers AND new followers! Check below the break for more info:

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this is all i’ll say on the subject: 

  • i previously pictured shiro as 25 and allura as 23
  • if allura actually is a teen, than she’s 19 going on 20
  • and shiro is 23 i guess. if he and allura are both adults/authority figures but around the paladins’ ages than they must be close in age
  • i still ship shallura
  • and nothing is going to stop me
  • you can block or unfollow me if you need to, do whatever makes you feel most comfortable
  • please don’t add/reply things about the age discourse to any of my posts
  • any hate in my inbox, anon or not, will be deleted
  • have a lovely day
300+ Followers Art Waffle

1st Place 

Full Painting w/ shading,lighting, and backround

(Maximum of 3 characters)

2nd Place

with or without color,Little to no shading,simple or no backround.

(Maximum of 2 characters)

3rd Place

No Color,Simple Shading.

(Maximum of 1 character)


-You must be following me (thou shall not unfollow after thy art waffle)

-Reblog and Likes count as entries (thou can reblog and like twice,so if you reblog and like thrice,thy third reblog and like will not be counted as an entry.)

-Thy art is only for the winner. So If thou are not thy winner,please do NOT use thy art.

Months ago, I had made a DC Family page. But now, many people have unfollowed me, or moved blogs, so the page is old and I want to start over again with a new one - this time, you can choose any comic book character: DC, Marvel or indie comics!

☆How to join☆

  • must be following me
  • reblog this post
  • send me an ask with the character you’d like to be!
  • don’t forget to check the tag to see if your character is available!
  • (opitional: maybe check out my other blog and/or my art tag)
  • note: i will accept only/all mutuals. however, i encourage you to enter even if i don’t follow you yet. i will check out your blog and if i start following you, then you’ll get accepted!

Once you’re accepted, send me an icon and a quote of your character. Also, if your comic/fandom blog is a sideblog, remember to tell me its url.

☼What you’ll get☼

  • a permanent spot on the page
  • possibly new followers and people to follow!
  • my love and friendship

If this don’t get at least 20 notes, we pretend it didn’t happen
Also, blacklist #lallascomicsfam if you don’t wanna be spammed with all my answers!

Edit: if the character you want is taken, you can also choose a different version of them! Like, Robin!Dick Grayson / Nightwing!Dick Grayson; Bombshells!Harley Quinn / Injustice!Harley Quinn, etc


In light of recent events in my life atm (ie, my fucking car breaking down), my only solace is this blog, and writing for you guys. You guys have been so supportive, and it’s high time I give something back <3


- You must be following me. Do not follow, enter, then unfollow. I have no idea how I’m gonna do this, but I’ll try to keep watch. However, new followers are always welcome!

- No giveaway blogs please! I can hardly tell the difference, but if you’re planning on giving your blog to someone else, I’m afraid I can’t have you participate :((

- 1 like or 1 reblog = 1 entry.

- Like + reblog = 2 entries.

- Please only do this once to be mindful of your followers.

- The event ends MAY 27 2017, one month from now. I will write down your URLS and pick randomly from there. (or use a random number gen thingy i’ll find one xD)

- If you are picked, please make sure your inbox is open. You have within 24 hours to respond to my message. If you do not respond, another person will be picked.

Other Info~~

- I will not write NSFW for these things. I’m afraid that NSFW will have to remain with requests. (if i ever get around to doing them)

- If you have an OC (let’s be honest, we all do), I’ll be happy to write your OC with another Naruto character. Just give me a description of your character through messaging on here. 

- Angst, fluff, anything you can really think of is up for grabs, but…

- NO UNDERAGE THINGS. I will not tolerate them if I get one requested to do that. Again, I will not do NSFW for this event.

- If you have an OC you want me to pair with a character of your choice, either send me a message if you were picked, or if you’re uncomfortable with messaging me on Tumblr, tell me you were picked and I’ll send you my personal email.

On to the good stuff~~



  • 1st place = 1500+ word drabble!
  • 2nd place = 1000+ word drabble!
  • 3rd place = 500+ word drabble!

(the “+” means that it will either be that number of words right on, or above. It will never be below.)

Good luck!! <3

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Until May 27, requests will remain closed. I did not expect to hit 1000 just as my finals ended. Talk about irony.