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bewareoftrips  asked:

Haven't been on much today because it's a holiday over here, but I'm really outraged. The fact that people woukd unfollow you or send you hate just for shipping something they don't makes me sick. Not to mention that you're also a huge Bughead shipper... I really hate that people in this fandom feel that if it's not THIS it must be ANTI THIS. Why can't it be both? If I unfollowed everyone who shipped something I didn't, I wouldn't be following anyone. 😞 And I swear I'll read it soon! Been busy.

Thanks for the love Kim ❤️ it’s pretty frustrating because they mention I must be anti (I’m not) I’ve “liked” posts and that antis have posted (if I see something that makes me laugh or whatever I’ll like it, I don’t necessarily look to see who’s posted, I’m not actively seeking anti stuff. 😒😒. Ah well, at least my blog is getting a good cleanse! As for hating Jopaz? Well, I like writing stuff for unpopular ships because I enjoy it 🤷🏽‍♀️ thanks for always being my cheerleader, you’re amazing and worth your weight in gold!

So I played Dream Daddy and what can I say..Damien is my absolute favourite. He’s such a precious cinnamon roll! ♥

(Wow I haven’t posted in months huh? I still love Yuri on Ice, but if you followed me for YOI only, feel free to unfollow. I have so much more fandoms (and original stuff) I wanna share here! I will definitely still post YOI fanart now and then tho. So if you actually followed because you like my poopy art, feel free to stay <3))


for departure, i had my first ever giveaway and since arrival is the end of the trilogy, i thought what better way to celebrate the boys comeback than a second giveaway. so here is my second giveaway, there will be three winners for this giveaway.

first prize : GOT7 ALBUM - FLIGHT LOG : ARRIVAL [ NEVER VERSION ] unsealed* + bambam promise & making pc + youngjae selfie pc + logbook(which is only available for those who pre-ordered the album) + jinson’s event card (inside)

second prize : GOT7 ALBUM - FLIGHT LOG : ARRIVAL [ EVER VERSION ] unsealed* + jackson promise pc + jaebum making pc + jinyoung selfie pc + logbook(which is only available for those who pre-ordered the album) + markbam’s event card (inside)

third prize: GOT7 ALBUM - FLIGHT LOG : TURBULENCE [ JAEBUM PHOTOBOOK VERSION ] + bambam’s pc + event card + stickers

*i only unsealed them to check the condition of the contents inside

[ rules ]

  • no giveaway blogs.
  • must be following me on tumblr + a follow on my twitter ( @yiensjpg ) is not necessary but will be appreciated. ( don’t follow for the sake of the giveaway then unfollow after. )
  • likes and reblogs count. you can reblog this as many times as you want but don’t spam your followers.
  • winners will be chosen randomly.
  • if you’re under 18, please ask permission from your parents/guardians to give your address. ( if you’re above 18 and want to ask for permission, it’s cool. i mean i still ask my mom if i can hang out with my friends.)
  • if you won, please send me your address in the correct mailing address format. ( because i suck at writing addresses on letters rip. )
  • international shipping and the shipping cost will be paid by me.
  • your ask/message box must be open.
  • you’ll be given 48 hours to reply if not another winner will be chosen. (i’ll message you directly if the ask isn’t replied in 24 hours. )
  • giveaway ends 30th April , 11:59 PM ( GMT+8 )
  • do not delete this text.

good luck, do feel free to message me if you have any questions and of course please continue supporting got7. :>


(i was actually planning to do this when i gained 4.5k followers but h eck now i have 4,756??tySM????AAA<333)

ill randomly be choosing two winners! please keep in mind that it will be in the quality of the examples shown(the drawing will be a half-body piece!) 

to enter:

-must be following me(please dont unfollow right after ;;A;;!!)

-only reblogs will count!

-you can reblog more than one time<3

more info:

-i will not draw: nsfw, mecha, severe gore, and other things that i am not that confident in drawing ;;-;;!! if ur request goes into any of these categories we’ll find a way to sort it out(・∀・)/!

-up to 2 characters

-if you want the background transparent, please let me know! 

-the default bg will be as shown in the examples!

winners will be chosen in august 1st!

🌸Lily’s Follower Love Giveaway!!🌸

Oh my gosh! I’m so excited to announce a little giveaway for all my wonderful followers! ☺️ You all make me smile, and I wanna give back!

‼️ Rules;; ‼️

🐌Must be following me (@ittybittydragonlily) as this is a follower appreciation giveaway! (Please do not just follow to unfollow afterwards..)
🐌Must be willing to give your address so that I can ship your prizes if you win! If you are under 18, I need a parents permission!
🐌No giveaway/blank/porn/hate/anti blogs (I check all of my new followers daily!) No purely kink blogs, please.
🐌I am willing to ship international, depending on shipping rates I may ask the international winner to pay some of the shipping.
🐌Onesie and pacies will ship separate from the rest of the prize pack as I will be shipping other items from my home.
🦄To enter, simply reblog this post! Please only reblog once a day so as to not spam your followers! (Each reblog counts as an entry. Please do NOT tag as “Giveaway”)
🦄Liking the post will not count as an entry, but you are welcome to like it to bookmark it!

💖 Extra Entries;; 💖

🦋 Follow my friend @daddyslittlebabyguurrrllll for an extra entry! (I will check!)
🍀Send me creative asks! I love talking to my followers! Each ask will count as an extra entry, up to 10 per blog. (If you have to ask anonymously for a sideblog, just sign with your blog name!)
🌈Submit something cute to my blog! Coloring book pictures you colored, cute pictures of pets/toys/stuffies, kiddie things; be creative! 10 extra entries for a submission, only one per blog!
🌸Commission me for an icon and/or header! ($5 for one or $8 for both, my PayPal will be given upon request. For examples, see my header and icon!) 15 extra entries for one, 25 extra entries for both!
🙈Buy something from my wishlist! (https://www.amazon.com/gp/registry/wishlist/STV1B02ORDQJ) On top of my eternal gratitude, each item $5 and under is 15 extra entries, $5-10 will be 25 extra entries, $10-20 will be 40 extra entries, $20-30 will be 65 extra entries (in the event that anything is purchased above the $40 range, it will be 100 extra entries+ depending on item(s)). You will need to provide proof of purchase to receive extra entries!

✨ Prizes;; ✨

🎈An adult onesie by LittleforBig (https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01N3TDVT6/ref=cm_sw_r_sms_c_api_2uN9zbGXG1BGP)(choice of five colors)
🎈A three-pack of adult pacifiers (https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01M2Y0E64/ref=cm_sw_r_sms_c_api_ssN9zbXNK0HCJ)
🎈A medium sized, soft and fluffy teddy bear with scarf and hat
🎈A Dreamlites miniature puppy pillowpet/ceiling star projector complete with fresh batteries
🎈Strawberry Apple flavored snack puffs
🎈Fish/Sea creature themed blue sippy cup
🎈Crayola bathtub fingerpaint in blue
🎈Paw Patrol hypoallergenic bubble bath (raspberry scented)
🎈A pack of Mr Bubble Magic Bath Crystals
🎈Crocheted purple, blue and green small-sized blanket
🎈A faux jar container filled with various Num-Nom toys
🎈Three packs of Pokémon trading cards
🎈A booklet of Lisa Frank stickers
🎈A booklet of Mermaid themed stickers
🎈A small sized blue giraffe stuffie with a string/sticky so it can be attached to things/hung in places
🎈Crayola color bubbles in purple
🎈A $10 gift card to Build-a-Bear Workshop
🎈$10 of candy/sweets of your choice

‼️🌈Giveaway Ends On December 26th, 2017! Good luck to everyone!🌈‼️

*EDIT: NEW ITEM ADDED* some things worked out and i will be adding the bts live on stage concert dvd to the list of items and changing up what each winner will receive.

hello it’s akanksha! so i recently received a duplicate order of some kpop albums and koreanmall said i could keep it but since i already have these items i figured i would give them away. below is a list of items i will be giving away, what each winner will receive and the rules.

✦ 1x Winner - 2014 S/S album [Black ver. + Poster]
✦ 1x EXO - EX’ACT album [Korean/ Lucky One ver]
✦ 1x EXO - LOTTO album [Korean ver]
✦ 1x SHINee - 1 of 1 album
✦ 1x SKINFOOD - Black Sugar Mask Wash Off 100g Dead Skin
✦ 1x SON & PARK - Beauty Water 340ml
✦ 3x folded WINGS posters

*EDIT: All items are sealed unsealed*


✦ 1st place: BTS LIVE 花樣年華 ON STAGE : EPILOGUE CONCERT DVD + 1 beauty item of your choice + [optional] WINGS poster
✦ 2nd place: 2 albums of your choice + the remaining beauty item + [optional] WINGS poster
✦ 3rd place: 2 albums + [optional] WINGS poster


✦ 1st place will only go towards those who are following me (as a thank you & i’ll have a separate spreadsheet to keep track)
✦ 2nd + 3rd place will go towards anyone (following me or not)
✦ you must be 18+ to participate or have your parents permission. must be willing to share your personal information including your address. 
i will ship internationally
✦ no giveaway blogs: blogs that only reblog giveaway posts
unlimited reblogs = unlimited entries. reblogs only. just don’t spam your followers.
✦ winner will be chosen using a random generator (i’ll be using a spreadsheet)
✦ don’t delete this text
ending march 22, 2017 12AM EST

please don’t follow me just to unfollow after this giveaway ends. If this happens, i will block you from future giveaways. i’ve planned this giveaway so that even if you don’t follow me you can still participate. here are some more details about how i’ll be picking the winner and etc.

if you have any questions please send me an ask!

it’s over!! keep a look out in your inbox as i’ll send a message & ask!



- Must be following I’ll be checking (you can follow now but don’t unfollow right after it’s over that’s rude :c)

-1 reblog = 1 entry, you can reblog as many times as you want as long as you don’t spam

- You can change your request if I deny it for any reasons (I’m not able to draw it, it makes me unconfortable etc)

- Must have askbox open and contact me back on pm in 72 hours since I contacted you or I’ll pick another winner

- It will end in exactly a month on the 10th of june at 8pm Greenwich time!!

ps. by simple bg I mean anything that I can draw in less than 10 minutes



yeek thank you kids so much!!!! i actually never thought i’d get so many haaa

but all the rules and stuff will be under the cut aight thanks

finger guns


  • you must be following me (and please dont unfollow right after it’s over) and again no giveaway or spam blogs
  • don’t follow then unfollow, that’s super rude
  • please respect that i have the option to turn down your request so you may have to change it
  • if you are rude, i have the choice to pick a different winner
  • I will end this on July 1st 12:00 P.M EST however if my schedule is packed i will change the date
  • winners have 2 day to respond
  • have your ims or inbox open
  • only reblogs count and you can reblog it as many times as you’d like, as each will count as an entry

I will not draw:

  • mecha
  • nsfw
  • super complicated designs
  • extreme gore
  • anything that makes me uncomfortable

I will draw:

  • Characters that are in fandoms I am in
  • Your OCs (with a ref)
  • ships
  • minor gore
  • if you are not sure of my fandoms, feel free to ask

There are minor things you can read in the tags so feel free to check them

AND that should be it so thank you for following me, this means so much! (much more than you think!)


hey everyone! january 16th is GOT7′s anniversary as well as my birthday! i thought about doing something special and well… i gathered a few things for my followers! the 7 boys we’ve come to love and support together are growing up to be wonderful men, no words can express how proud we all are of them. and im starting to get the feel of being 22 now! so with all this being said, i present to you this give away! there will be one lucky winner and they will be announced on my blog.

prizes include:

  • 1 Flight Log: Turbulence Group album (has been unwrapped): 1 CD | 1 photo book | 1 random photo card | 1 departure card | 1 deco sticker sheet
  • ***NEW ADDITION*** THE NEW FLIGHT LOG: ARRIVAL ALBUM WILL BE ADDED. Winner will receive a random version of either the Never or Ever version of the album which includes: 1 CD | 1 Photo book Set | 1 Poster (will be folded for packaging) | All photo cards ( 3 random in total) | 1 Event Card (random) | Log Book Included
  • 2 GOT7 Posters: One version of the Turbulence poster (will be folded because it was how it was delivered to me) and winner’s pick of my collection (will be rolled up for packaging)
  • 1 Postcard of your bias from GOT7, Hard Carry Version
  • A Dream Night Mark Key Chain Doll


  • you must be following me because this is all for you guys!
  • don’t just follow for the giveaway then unfollow; you will be disqualified from participating in any giveaways in the future.
  • *open for international Milkies
  • side blogs can participate but must be active (if using mention main blog as well)
  • no giveaway blogs
  • reblog as much as you want but please don’t spam your followers
  • likes count
  • winner will be picked randomly 
  • if you are under 18, you must have parent permission to give out your address/information
  • your ask and message box must be open
  • winner will have 48 hours to respond
  • do not delete any of this text
  • giveaway ends:  March 25, 2017 12:00AM PST (Pacific Standard Time)

any questions please feel free to message me! good luck everyone~  ❤︎


MYAY RAFFLE TIME!!!!!AND OH GOSH 800+ FOLLOWERS?! Im just gonna go cry in a corner now ;w;


-ocs(keep in mind i do have a limit of what kind of oc)

-overly complicated characters aka armor wearing characters or the like(That doesnt mean i cant do simple armor tho)
-Any sensitive subjects (i can draw your char crying tho?XD)


-must be following me!(new followers welcome!!!Dont follow and unfollow if you dont win. Thats just rude and you will be banned from future raffles)
-reblog to enter, you get to reblog TWICE tho for better chances(if you reblog more than that, your out of the raffle)


April 15th 5pm central time is when it ends!!!

Whatthefuckarewe-Dualsign Giveaway !

I can’t believe I have 1,100+ followers ! I never though I’d get this many….Thanks so much for giving my art a chance guys ;w;

First place winner:
Will win a two full body drawing with a simple background

Second place: A waist-up drawing with a simple background

Third place: A headshot with a simple background

Rules !!!
- Only reblogs count
- Each reblog is 1 entry, so if you reblog it five times, you are more likely to win!
- You must be following me ( new followers are welcome to participate ~ )
- Do not follow just to unfollow afterwards
- Giveaway blogs do not count
- I will draw OCs and Characters from other series
I will not draw: 
   + NSFW (but mild nudity is fine)
   + Gore
   + Mecha 
   + Gender-bend
   + Or anything I’m not comfortable with
- I will announce the winners Jan 13, 2018
- If a winner doesn’t respond within 48 hours, I will pick someone else
- Winners will be selected by a random generator

Thank you guys so much again ;w; <>
If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask me!
Good luck <><><> !!


my first art raffle !! thank you so much for 600 followers aaa i appreciate each and every one of you !


must be following me! this is a raffle in appreciation for my followers; please don’t follow to unfollow just for free art ?? thats kinda just rude ;;
must reblog to enter! likes are ok as bookmarks but don’t count as entries! you can reblog as many times as you like.
have your askbox open! you will have 48 hours to reply after i inbox you; otherwise i’ll choose another winner ^^;


mecha (i can try??)
anything that makes me uncomfortable ;;;

deadline is april 1st 2017 !! thank you for all the support and good luck!


Shima’s 2.5k Giveaway

Hey gang! I decided to do a giveaway since I’m close to hitting 2.5k followers! You’re all so wonderful and amazing so it’s about time I started giving back to you~
Just note that this is the first time I’ve ever done a giveaway—I’m new at this so!! If I mess anything up cut me some slack alright lol

*You must be following me (this blog, shima-draws) to qualify.
*Please don’t follow me just for the giveaway and then unfollow right after. (That’s so not cool why would you even do that anyway.) I’ll be checking to see if you follow or not so don’t try to pull a fast one on me.
*Likes AND reblogs count! You can reblog as many times as you’d like, but be considerate!
*Have your ask box and IM open! If you don’t respond within 24 hours, I’ll choose somebody else as a winner.
*If you win I have the right to refuse your request if it’s something I’m not comfortable with drawing. I’ll send all the winners the guidelines so you know what I’m able to do!
*If you win and you want me to draw an OC or a character I have not heard of, you must be able to give me a reference. I’m not going to draw someone based off description alone haha
*NO GIVEAWAY BLOGS ALLOWED. I’m not about that lol
*I’ll be choosing the winners from a random number generator, so don’t start complaining if you don’t win. I’m not choosing the person who reblogs the most or my friends/mutuals, it’s all random so everyone gets a chance!

First place: Full-body character in any coloring style you’d prefer (simple, detailed, complex, or lineless). 1-3 characters of your choice!

Second place: Waist up character in either simple or detailed shading. 1-2 characters total!

Third place: Headshot/icon of one character only! These will most likely be flat color.

If you don’t win and still want art from me, my commissions are open! :’)

The deadline is August 21st, 2017!

Good luck and thanks so much for reading!

Art raffle: Thank you for the 500 followers!

[ I know the example I used in the first drawing isn’t a full body but it was the only decent drawing I find in the computer so… ¿? ] 

How to participate!

  • Follow me.
  • Give one like and one reblog to this post.

That’s all!


  • This is for my followers (nicest poeple on earth I swear), so you must be a follower to participate. Please don’t unfollow me after, not cool bro.

I’ll draw

  • Any character from Hamilton (obvs).
  • Any ship from Hamilton (hetero and homo).
  • Your OC’s.
  • I could also draw from other musicals: TGC, Hadestown, BMC, Heathers, DEH, Les Mis, In the Heights, 21 Chump Street, etc.
  • I’m also part of this fandoms: Rick and Morty, Bojack Horseman, Gravity Falls, Naruto. So I can draw anything from them.
  • I can draw NSFW, I will not draw hardcore stuff like gore and so. You can ask me.

How will the winners be choosen?

  • Using an online random generator.

The art raffle will run until November 25th! On month from now.




this is my first raffle so pls go easy on me ^-^”””

I thought of doing a live stream to celebrate it but then I can’t find a time that is suitable for that T-T so a raffle it is

anyway I will write all the rules here just in case you are unable to read

-You must be a follower
-DON’T unfollow after the raffle is over (it’s rude so PLS follow me if you are truly like my content, check the #mysteryart to see my art, thx)
-reblog only ONCE and write “BOI M8″ in your reblog, not in tag, otherwise your entry will not be counted
-you can like the post as well to double your chance of winning, but reblog is a must, if you don’t reblog but only like, well sorry your entry doesn’t count

THE RAFFLE WILL BE ENDED ON 24TH NOVEMBER 2017 where my holidays start

there will be 3 winners:

1st- A Full Body Shade + A Halfbody Cell Shade
2nd- A Full Body Cell Shade + A Halfbody flat colour
3rd- A Full Body Flat Colour + A Halfbody Colour sketch

oh and also I will send you the PNG and JPG files to your email

IF JUST IF, a lot of people join, I will add 1 more slot for honorable mention, basically 4th place

4th- A Full body sketch

In order to celebrate reaching 1500 followers (holy smokes!), I decided to hold monthly art raffles with different themes! 

This months’ theme is Plants, there will be 2 winners! 🍀  

1st place will get a fullbody drawing of their OC

2nd place will get a halfbody drawing of their OC

🌱  Both include a full background and up to 2 charas 🌿

Winners will be announced on the 10th of August


🌱 Must be following me (please don’t unfollow right after)
🌱 Reblog to enter, you can reblog more than one time 
🌱 Have your ask open so I can message you in case you won

Will draw:
🌿 Mild NSFW
🌿 Gore
🌿 Animals / Kemonomi
🌿 OC / Fan Art / Real people

Won’t draw:
🍃 Kinks
🍃 Mecha
🍃 Old people

Good luck everyone and thank you so much for following me! ♡♡


Hi! I’m so happy and grateful to announce that in spite of having to block numberous bots on a daily basis, I’ve reached 1k+ followers! Many of you are new still, some have been here since a long while (ty for bearing with years old art) and it’s heartwarming to see so many people appreciate what I do and leave such sweet comments and tags! Thank you, guys!

Here are the prizes:

  • Watercolour illustration (Full page, one or two characters, include a short description of the context/scene you want)
  • Ink illustration (one character, bust/waist inked + one colour hilight)
  • Digitally coloured bust (one character)
  • Coloured pencil sketch (One or two characters)


  • Reblog this post
  • You must be following me (new followers count, just don’t unfollow the minute it ends)
  • Your ask must be open, if you don’t reply under 2 days, I’ll pick someone else.

It can be your favourite character, your own or your friend (or even your own with a friend’s for 1 & 4)! Mild nudity is fine.

Giveaway ends on June 13th, good luck and thanks again!


I hit 4,000 followers! Why not celebrate a milestone with a little giveaway, right?

  • One winner will get a character portrait like the ones shown above! Got a D&D character you need a picture of? Or an OC? Or maybe you just want a shiny portrait of your favourite canon character. I’ll draw any of them!
  • Reblogs and likes count as one entry each.
  • You must be following me in order to enter. But please don’t just follow for the giveaway and then immediately unfollow, that’s rude and I’ll probably cry a little.
  • Giveaway ends on Saturday May 27, 8PM BST / 12PM PDT. I’ll contact the winners via Tumblr messaging and we can arrange the details of the portrait. If the winners don’t respond within a day of being messaged, I’ll pick someone else!
  • I won’t draw NSFW content, mostly because I’m bad at it and it’ll look terrible. Trust me on this one.
still looking for new blogs to follow :)

my dash has been really slow bc i unfollowed a lot of people so yeah

  • like or reblog this post so I can check your blog
  • it would be nice if you were following me but i’m not picky lmao

what am I looking for?

  • honestly idk 
  • if you post star wars then we’re cool 
  • harry potter? marvel? books? pretty things? 
  • what do i like? i don’t even know anymore 
  • but a tagging system is a must 
  • idk what else to say 
  • yikes this is lame 
  • i just need to follow more people 

if we’re mutuals i’ll love you forever if you reblog this <333 btw if you have any recommendations or want me to check your favorite blog, send me an ask :)