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Our Neil Gaiman Christmas just moved into fifth gear. We’ve our shiny, new production of Anansi Boys on Radio 4, PLUS another chance to hear the mesmerizing Good Omens on our sister station Radio 4 Extra. Lower Tadfield here we come :)

We’ve also put together this short guide on how you can listen to both these dramas for free anywhere in the world: 



Stella’s become a bit of a fashion icon…

Can I tell you something? I don’t look good in a silk shirt unless I’m wearing a silk shirt for Stella Gibson. I swear to god! It’s the weirdest thing. I never buy them because I look nothing like she does in silk shirts! There’s something about the mixture of the whole get-up and her hair and make-up but I’m really sloppy and it just never works for me. So I too would like to be able to wear a silk shirt like Stella Gibson, but it’s impossible basically.  


On the subject of Net Neutrality;

You want another Hitler? Another Stalin? Another Kim Jong Un? No? Well I hate to burst your bubble but this is, in fact, how this happens.

When a country takes away the people’s right (see the 2003 article on how the United Nations voted the internet is a basic human right so that another dictator ship doesn’t happen.) to communicate with the outside world it becomes an issue. That country becomes a breeding ground for ignorance and military rule.

Now imagine what will happen once the bill to take away Net Neutrality passes. Maybe not immediately, but it will happen in a matter of months, maybe a year or two. What you ask? A militarized America, one more terrifying then you have ever seen.

So keep calling those congressmen, don’t threaten them, don’t doxx them, bring up the 2003 agreement. That small little thing, if turned over, will begin the downward slide in making the U.S. an enemy of the free world.

Trump is a moron, ISIS will still find a way to recruit people. People who have lost faith in their government.

He is accomplishing nothing.

Episode 9, Probably

Rey: Hello?

Hux: Yes, Rey of Jakku?

Rey: That would be me

Hux: Supreme Leader Kylo Ren requests your presence.

Rey: he does, does he? Well you can tell the Supreme Leader that he can kindly sod off.

Hux: The Supreme Leader would… *sighs* like you to go on a…scavenger hunt.

Rey: I beg your pardon?

Hux: … to find… his missing clothing.


Hux: He wanted me to advise you that he has unfortunately and mysteriously…argh… misplaced every article. And that in the mean time, he will be making freshly squeezed lemonade… with his abs.

Rey:…oh damnit all!!

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Good luck with your interview! I’m already looking forward to your post about shipping and your reaction to the other post. Your comments are always very insightful and eye opening :) i started reading the article you shared about South Korean uni students and it’s really interesting so far. Would you be willing to talk a bit about the Korean views on shipping and how that can influence their views on LGBT issues? If you have time of course... and thank you for what you’re doing! ☺️💕

Thank you! 

My interview is in an hour so dropped by tumblr for a last browse haha. I have to speak keigo omg it’s been a while.

I’m glad you find the paper interesting, I thought it was rather easy to read so even those who are not used to reading academic papers might find useful.

Thanks for the suggestion, I’ll keep this in mind and think about it. I will most likely discuss it at least a bit in the upcoming post too!

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an interesting quote from an old Vogue article 2004 “It's weird because when I was a little girl I was always looking at bridal magazines and drawing what my wedding dress was going to be like. But it was nothing like that. I was on tour and I came home and Gavin had literally planned the entire thing. And John Galliano made my wedding gown, chose the color, everything. It's weird because you think you're going to do all that. I can remember being on tour, crying, ‘I'm missing out on my life!'

I remember that article. How sad that someone who is so creative and so in love with fashion and romance felt like she didn’t get to be fully involved in planning her own wedding! I know that she loved her dress and said that she was so happy she got the opportunity to wear it again at a second ceremony and reception…but still, she dreamed about this special day ever since childhood!

– M

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I don't know if someone has the same problem, but I can't open your "continue to read" links.

Could you try it now? If they don’t work, let us know the particular article.

Cheers! :)

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Oh, congratulations for your graduation! But can I ask a question out of curiosity? How is the education system there in Australia? Here in Finland we have to finish our high education with the best grades if we want to think about being teachers, a career that lasts up to 6 years and after that, we have to continue taking courses and collect points to be able to enter a school (in any level), in Australia is it like that?

Thank you!!!

Ohhh my gosh, I would kill to work in Finland. Our education system is nowhere near as good as yours, and the amount of journal articles and studies I read throughout my course that held up Nordic countries as what we should be aspiring to is in the hundreds.

Teachers are nowhere near as highly valued as they should be in Australia. The pay is pretty good, especially for graduates, but it stagnates, and the current government has this weird obsession with scores from arbitrary tests being used as measures of students’ success - it’s all getting a little too American for my liking, tbh.

There’s nothing quite so stringent as needing to take full on courses to continue teaching, but you do need a certain amount of Professional Development days each year, which go over best practice and new research, and you need to pay to be registered to teach every twelve months. 

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I see articles criticising Harry and James' kiss at the carpool karaoke, saying its kinda insulting to the lgbtq community. What are your thoughts?

im too tipsy for this but there are two conflicting things i feel about it

  1. two people of the same gender kissing is not and should not be entertainment/funny for the straights
  2. but also two men who are friends kissing publicly on camera without shame shows that you can be comfortable in yourself and your masculinity without sexuality coming into it, and that your sexuality doesn’t define your masculinity etc etc and that affection both physical and emotional between two men is actually healthy for the friendship

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So did you agree with that article about the kiss? I did for the most part except it seemed like they labelled him as straight? And that's strange, considering what he's said about labelling and what they're trying to convey?

same. how can you quote someone’s words about not wanting to be labelled, and then proceed to call them straight throughout the whole article??? whatever community you think you belong to, it’s not my community then, because queerness and lgbtq should be all about inclusivity. people are not here to perform for you, so YOU feel like they deserve to be a part of a community. i hate this mindset, it’s unfair and it can be very hurtful, causing the feeling of being excluded and unwelcomed - the feeling that every lgbtq person knows very well, and therefore should be even more sensitive about it, so when i see queer people who do this (in the name of what exactly? the purity of the community? yeah that definitely sounds great) it makes me sad and angry

The pc gamer meta is changing. I look down my nose at any swine who don’t have a pc as good as mine and can’t run certain games that they should be able to run because of poor optimization. If I catch you in the comments section of a pc gamer article saying “man I love this game and I should be able to run it!!! but it needs to be optimized!!” Step aside peasant. The world isn’t for you anymore, and me and the other royal blood will take our place at the top of the dominance hierarchy with our rigs that can push through poor optimization with raw power and nothing more. Marx had it all wrong- the bourgeoise are the ones who will overtake and eradicate the proletariat of gamers. All poor people will be sent to labor camps, anyone with amd hardware will be imprisoned. Console gamers of course will be shot and burned, and the only way for any of the surviving lower class to advance will be for them to turn in consol gamers. My friends, the republic of gamers is near, utopia is at hand. Walk with me

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The RFs are mad because INTD is sure to hit #1 this weekend and it will be B's 25th career #1, equaling Dolly and Reba. Meanwhile Tin Man is struggling mightily to keep afloat in the twenties and despite claims of "huge sales" it really has only sold 334,000 according to roughstock this week, which is what SGAWW sold, but with far shorter time on radio. RFs would have better off supporting TinMan at radio instead of trying to tear down INTD claiming its sexist and a copy of HoneyBee. Idiots.

Can you imagine what they could accomplish for their fave if they would focus their energies elsewhere? I notice ML didn’t win any Rare Country awards, which are fan voted. Maybe stop spamming every Gwen and Blake article with hateful comments and focus on supporting your idol next time? 🤷‍♀️

– M

the reason why publications like the NYT put out these weird profile pieces on white supremacists and drone on and on about how they are just “regular run of the mill average” people is because it’s actually fascinating to these always-white and always-liberal journalists that these nazis can be so shockingly like them. they’re obsessed with why people who are so similar to them in every way (i.e. middle class, well-educated, typical household-of-america) would choose to promote so much violence against racialized people. 

every one of those articles scream “i’m not like this…so why are you?” because these pretentious, clueless Ivy league brats are so befuddled why white people so identical to them could be so hateful. 

it’s never surprising to anyone living a life of marginalization that the nazi next door likes typical shit like Friends or onion rings but these journalists obsess over it. their assumption is always that nazis and white supremacists and racists are these clear-cut monsters that they have nothing in common with, and their main concern is the ability to feel safe about being different from them. 

no matter how educated they are, white people literally cannot fathom white supremacy as a constant, everlasting component in the organizational fibre of eurocentric societies – it’s always “fringe” or some other distant ideology they have nothing to do with – “those guys over there are the problem” 

so when they’re confronted with this truth that, actually, white supremacists have always been their uncles, husbands, girlfriends and cousins, it feels like a 100% novel discovery to them and that’s why they write those fucking essays about Nate the white supremacist like they’ve just unearthed some new and riveting truth about humankind 

But unless you are someone like Harry - who is immensely talented in so many different areas - I think it’s really important to stay in your lane and do what you do well.
—  Louis Tomlinson, 20/7/17 (BBC BTY article)

Things I hope are gained from The NY Times article

  • Shipping is a healthy social behavior. It’s not creepy or a demonically homo erotic behavior. It’s something fans of shows, movies, music, etc. can use to express themselves.
  • Queer representation will maybe become more of a thing. The article stated how shippers of Wayhaught helped steer some of the creative decisions of the show. That is HUGE and hopefully other writers and producers take note *cough cough* CW *cough cough*
  • Fans are valid and valued. Let’s remember that while the shows are made just for entertainment and the actors and actresses have almost no control of content, the opinions of their fanbase is important.
  • And finally, as if you already didn’t know, Katie McGrath is queen and I would do anything for her and the fact that she was published in such a reputable media outlet with a quote stating that it’s ok that fans take what they want from the show is amazing.