but you are the cutest thing i swear to god

Instagram AU

Okay but imagine best friends Keith and Shiro, they love messing around online on Instagram when someone posts and the other comments. They’re not together but everyone thinks they are.

[photo of Keith sprawled on a sofa]
RedRanger Too tired to do anything at the mo. :/
BlackRanger Do you want me to massage you, babe? ❤️

Only close friends know nothing’s going on, but is there really nothing? 

[photo of Shiro climbing his bed]
BlackRanger Time for bed!
RedRanger I’m ready. 😘
Pidgeon GET A ROOM.
Hunkules @Pidgeon they kinda are.
Lancelot Disgusting. BUt cute. lmao

However, their friends play along.

[photo of Keith holding a cup of coffee]
RedRanger Always yours. ☕️
BlackRanger I already know that, baby. 😏
PinkAllura Awww, you two are so sweet. 😊
Lancelot Sweet? I’d say Keith is fucking bitter. GET IT?
BlackRanger Don’t be mean to my bae @Lancelot ☹️

But later on… it turns into something more and their friends see it unfold.

[photo of Keith’s pinky caressing Shiro’s knuckles]
RedRanger Why are your hands so big?
Pidgeon Why are you holding his hand?
Lancelot Technically he’s NOT holding it.
BlackRanger He’s holding it. 

[photo of Keith in class giving a peace sign]
BlackRanger Isn’t he the most beautiful? ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Lancelot NO.
BlackRanger @Lancelot YES.

People started noticing that Keith stopped posting photos and that Shiro’s account is full of nothing but photos of Keith.

[photo of Keith asleep]
BlackRanger God. I love him so much. Just the cutest and most adorable thing in the world. I’m so happy he said yes. We’re officially #boyfriends.
Pidgeon HELL YASSS! @Lancelot OWES ME 100 BUCKS!
Hunkules I always knew there was something fishy going on. You can’t just fake those thirsty comments. 😏
Slavalicious 👀  Whose bed is that?
RedRanger I swear to god Mr @Slavalicious NOTHING IS GOING ON.
BlackRanger BABE ☹️  You telling me last night meant nothing?
RedRanger DON’T MAKE IT SEEM LIKE WE DID SOMETHING! We just played Snake and Ladders! 
Lancelot Snake and Ladders, huh? 😏  

Living in a share house with the boys from 5sos would include –

- Late night chats in the living room

- “I’m cuddling on the couch with Y/N!”

“But she’s my girlfriend.”


- Dancing in your underwear with Michael

- “Y/N, can you guys not make out in every room in the house?”

- Movie nights

- Washing their socks and underwear


- Losing your bras

- Finding them hung up in the living room


- Play wrestling with Ashton

- “Loser of Guitar Hero has to clean the bathroom!”

- “Fucking hell Y/N how do you always win?”

- Stealing Calum’s shirts to workout in

- “Has anyone seen my…nevermind.”

- Making up songs with stupid lyrics

- Humming their songs under your breath

- Them thinking it’s the cutest thing ever

- Protecting the penguin from destruction

- Jump scaring Luke

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Dating Mark

I Taeil* I Hansol* I Johnny I Taeyong I Yuta I Kun* I Doyoung* I Ten I Jaehyun I Winwin* I Mark I

*coming soon

A/N: I was asked a while ago after my Dating Taeyong to do Mark next, so here it is. I’m so sorry I can’t remember who asked me to do mark next but I hope you see this and sorry for the long ass ride wait~

  • oKaY LeTs dO tHiS
  • I see him being the “quiet” kid in school
  • Like obvs he has his group of friends
  • And when he’s around them he’s energetic and outgoing
  • But the second he steps into a class that none of his best friends are in, he gets all coy etc
  • Almost like they’re his source of energy(?) ygm
  • But anyway
  • He’s a Junior  
  • He’s a lil above average in most subjects
  • But literature  
  • J E S U S  
  • He is so good at it
  • And it’s his favourite subject  
  • Win-win situation lmao winwin
  • Also music
  • He’s really good at music  
  • Okay so moving on
  • He’d be in the library on a Friday after school, and he’s in the Sci-fi section trying to find a book he hasn’t read yet
  • Which is almost impossible
  • Bc He’s read basically all of them
  • He gives up and goes to look somewhere else
  • But he sees a book on the librarian’s desk
  • F I N A L L Y  
  • Something he hasn’t read
  • He picks it up and starts to flick through it, skimming over the pages and turning it to read the blurb
  • You come out of the restroom in the library and see a really cute guy looking over the book you just had the librarian check out for you
  • You were tentative to go over and tell him you just checked it out but you told yourself to get a grip and tell the r e a l l y  c u t e  guy the book was yours
  • “Oh, hi-Er I just checked that book out.” You’d say really shyly
  • He looked disappointed at first and you caught onto this, but he kindly smiled at you, a small dusting of pink on his cheeks
  • “Sorry, I didn’t realise. It looks good.”  
  • You nod with enthusiasm as you try not to freak out about the book. It was a new one by your favourite Sci-Fi author
  • You had to keep it cool bc you didn’t want the cute guy to think you were weird for freaking out too much
  • “Let me know when you’re done with it. I love that author.” He shot you a coy smile before making his way out of the library  
  • You felt your face heat up slightly once he had left
  • You two had another encounter the following Friday
  • You were returning the book and saw the cute guy from the previous week, wandering through the stacks yes you finally admitted he was cute
  • You walk over to him, tapping him on his shoulder
  • He turns and sees you smiling up at him, again you notice a small dusting of pink on his cheeks
  • “Here, I finished it. It’s so good.” You once again were trying to hold back from gushing about the book and the author
  • But you needn’t worry
  • Bc Mark did it for you
  • “Yes! Man, I’ve been waiting to read this for a while and when I saw it last week I tried not to freak out too much.”  
  • You stood there gaping at him
  • He realised how he probably just freaked the unkown pretty girl out a bit
  • “What’s your name?”
  • Your question taking him by surprise  
  • “Mark-”
  • “Well Mark…”  
  • You couldn’t hold back any longer
  • You joined in with him
  • And oh my god he was so happy  
  • After sitting down at one of the tables in the corner or the library for about 3 hours you were both kicked out bc it was closing time
  • It was getting dark quickly so he offered to walk you home  
  • Which you gladly accepted  
  • Once you reached your house you bid him farewell  
  • And as you were walking in he called for you
  • “Lets do something tomorrow.”
  • He was shocked with his own spurge of confidence
  • “I’d love to.”
  • Fast forward a month  
  • After your first outing, you guys had to the public library followed by some hot chocolate at the local coffee shop, you two started dating.
  • It was the cutest things his friends had ever seen
  • Their lil mark had his first girlfriend
  • You didn’t realise most of his friends were upperclassmen tho
  • And they liked to poke fun at the two of you
  • “Aw have you guys kissed yet?”  
  • “Shut up Johnny.”
  • “You can tell us you know~~”
  • “I swear to god Donghyuk.”  
  • Donghyuk was a sophomore but still poked fun at Mark
  • You personally, found it hilarious
  • He’d always go to your house
  • Whether it was to watch movies
  • Cuddle
  • Or even just read together this was your favourite
  • You’d be sitting on the sofa while he lay down, resting his head in your lap and you both read different books
  • Eventually, he was confident enough to show you his rapping
  • You knew he rapped but he was too shy to show you so you were really excited when he said he’d show you something he wrote recently  
  • Once he started, you were hypnotised by the flow of his voice as he let the words trail out of his mouth effortlessly  
  • When he finished his cheeks would become red and he’d look down shyly
  • “I wrote it for you…”
  • You saw how coy he was being and it made you heart melt, you called his name and the second he looked up you planted a sweet, short kiss on his soft lips
  • “I love it.” You’d smiled at him as he pulled you into him, wrapping his arms around you as you buried your face into the crook of his neck.  
Boys Boys Boys: A Solangelo Fanfiction

I’ve been severely lacking in inspiration because of how busy I have been. So I went back to basics: some personal experiences I’ve had at bars in NYC and around where I go to school, and a College AU set up. Could I be inspired to continue this? Heck yeah I probably could. 

I hope you all enjoy!

Trigger Warning: homophobic slurs 

Also read on AO3 


Will immediately half-swerved, focusing desperately on keeping his gaze forward at the line of liquors mounted on the wall, and not ogling at the dude next to him because damn he was fine—the kind of fine that would have him sobbing on the carpet of Lou Ellen’s dorm at four-in-the-morning while stuffing his face with veggie pizza and watching Ru Paul’s Drag Race later. But for now, it definitely wouldn’t help him to freak out the dude by staring. Besides, everyone knew that hot guys in leather jackets who wore Iron Maiden tee-shirts were generally as straight as boards. No use getting his hopes up.

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anonymous asked:

Cats love Eddie. So, Richie and Eddie hanging out to the park where Richie wants to confess his feelings to Eddie but suddenly a lot of cats approach him and Eddie plays with them and Richie can't help but think that Eddie is very wonderful to this world and wants that cute boy to be his boyfriend.

hello anon-friend! this is like the cutest shit on the planet maybe? so i wrote you a  little thing? it’s ridiculous, honestly, like maybe the silliest thing i’ve ever written, and not quite what you described, but i hope you like it  ♡ ty for messaging me ;-;

Richie has it all planned out. First, he and Eddie will meet in the park. It’s warm, so Eddie will probably be wearing shorts, and he’ll be adorable, and Richie will be charming and effervescent and he’ll do his speech, the one he’s been planning for literally like, ten out of the sixteen years he’s been alive, and Eddie will probably blush and look at his feet, but then Richie will touch his cheek, maybe tilt his chin up with his hand, and then Eddie will say his name, will say something like:

“Oh, Richie, I’ve been waiting for this my whole life.”

And Richie will laugh, in a charming and effervescent sort of way, and say something like:

“I know, Eds.”

And then they’ll kiss and Stan and Bev will emerge from the bushes and let off the party poppers and shower them in streamers and it’ll be romantic and magical and totally and completely perfect.

That’s what’s supposed to happen. What actually happens is this:

“I’ve been stung by a bee,” says Bev, coming out of the bushes, Stan close behind her, looking pensive. “I’m going home.”

“You need to harden up, Bev,” says Richie, wringing his hands, glancing around to check that Eddie hasn’t appeared out of nowhere. “My life is on the line here.”

“Her hand is swelling up,” says Stan, and Beverly holds out her hand and okay, so it is swelling up a little bit, and it is weird and white-red and shiny looking, and she does look kind of freaked out. More freaked out than Beverly Marsh should ever look, because she’s easily the toughest one of all of them. Maybe it was a hornet. Maybe it was one of those bullet ants Eddie told him about in excruciating detail.

“Fuck,” says Richie. “Fucking… fuck. Fine. But leave the party poppers with Stan.”

“Do I really have to stay?” Stan looks pained, but he takes the party poppers Beverly gives him, and he waves sadly at her as she leaves.

“Okay, now get back in the bushes,” says Richie.

He hears Eddie before he sees him. He can’t hear what he’s saying, not really, but he’d know his voice anywhere, especially when he’s angry or frustrated, the way it wavers up to impossible heights, the way it sounds kind of like the edges of a scream sometimes, when he’s really panicked. But he’s supposed to be alone. He isn’t supposed to be angry or yelling or any of that and he’s definitely supposed to be alone. Richie squints across the park and then he sees him. Eddie Kaspbrak, gesturing wildly, surrounded by approximately ten stray cats.

“What the fuck?” whispers Richie.

“Richie!” yells Eddie, catching sight of him, starting this weird sort of hesitant run, because the cats keep crossing in front of his feet and almost tripping him up. “Richie, what the fuck?”

“What the fuck,” says Richie again.

Eddie gets to him, flushed and panting and surrounded by cats. Most of them are black and white, cute patched things with white socks and smudged faces and proud tails, straight up in the air, but there’s a little ginger one too, purring aggressively and fighting the others to rub up against Eddie’s leg. Eddie looks panicked and kind of traumatised, but he is wearing shorts, and he is adorable.

“I don’t know what’s happening,” says Eddie, breathlessly. “There was only one at first, but it called its friends or some shit, I don’t know. They’ve been following me for three blocks.”

“You’re like… you’re like a Disney princess,” says Richie, kind of mesmerised by the cats, circling Eddie like he’s their sun. “Fucking… sleeping beauty or the girl with the shoe.”

“What if I’m allergic?” hisses Eddie. “What if I go into anaphylactic shock and die?”

“Don’t worry, Eds, I won’t let you die.” Richie crouches down, holds his hand out, and one of the cats approaches him, cautiously, but most of them seem reluctant to leave Eddie. A fucking Disney princess. What the fuck. “They’re kind of cute,” he says.

“Yeah,” says Eddie, quietly. “Yeah, I guess.” He looks down at the cats helplessly, leans down to pet a couple of them, and they chirp and meow and jump against his fingers. He laughs, softly, scratches one behind the ears.

“I love you,” says Richie, standing up. “I love you, you weird cat freak.”

“Oh,” says Eddie, and he straightens too, and he’s flushed still, and smiling still. “Well, yeah. Took you long enough, Trashmouth,” he says.

They kiss, holding hands, surrounded by cats, and Richie only pulls away so he can kiss Eddie on both cheeks, on his nose, and then Stan emerges from the bushes and pops one of the party poppers, and Eddie shrieks and throws himself backwards, away from Richie, trips and falls to the ground, and the colourful streamers fall over Richie alone. Stan starts to laugh, no, starts to cackle, because he’s evil and has never done a single nice thing for Richie ever in his life. There are cats climbing all over Eddie now, and he’s giggling and trying to pet them all at the same time, and his hair is everywhere and okay, some of the streamers fell over him after all and the littlest cat is batting at them with its paw and okay it’s maybe the cutest shit Richie’s ever seen in his life, even if it didn’t go to plan. He’ll accept it. It’ll do. It’s pretty much totally and completely perfect.

“You know, party poppers can be dangerous,” says Eddie, from the ground, tickling one of the cats under the chin. “I’m pretty sure some kid shot his eye out with one once.”

“This is your future,” murmurs Stan, ominously, watching Eddie with a dubious expression on his face.

“I’m the luckiest guy in the world,” breathes Richie, and that’s definitely true.

Shit, Are You Crying? (smutty)

Originally posted by jiminy-krispies

Request: Here’s some advice, don’t have sex while watching [The Fox and the Hound]. Just don’t. (NSFW)

Summary: Um,,,,,,, do I really need to explain this one,,,,,,, smutty smut down below hehe

A/N: Alright y’all am so sorry for going on a small hiatus the past few days, school started this past monday for me and ya know how that goes lol ANYWAY yes I know I said that requests are closed but omfg when I heard this I was like i gotta write this ok thx enjoy :D

Wordcount: 915, i wanted this to be longer but oh well you gotta take what you get when you’re going through an inspiration shortage lulz

Requests are closed right now, sorry all!

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Fan Friday Submission from @se34r5​!!

in light of all the horrid current manga events, my newly 8 year old stepsister tried drawing my uh… “fake boyfriend” (complete with air quotes, as she likes to call him) aka, our pal greed
hopefully u appreciate her work, I know I sure do



>> Submit a Greed! <<

Prompt List

Send in a number(s) and person and I’ll try my best. Even if they’re not in the tags just request them anyways, I write about almost everyone. It doesn't even have to be a WWE superstar.

1. “There are too many people on this planet. We need a new plague.”

2.  “I am running away from my responsibilities. And it feels good.”

3.  “Occasionally I’ll hit someone with my car.”

4. “You don’t know me; you’ve just seen my penis.”

5. “I’m gonna tell you all of my secrets.”

6. “I’ve only slept nine hours in the last four days.”

7. “I need you to text me every thirty seconds saying that everything is going to be okay.”

8. “Everything hurts and I’m dying.”

9. “I don’t want to be overdramatic but today felt like 100 years in hell and the absolute worst day of my life.”

10. “How long do cats live? Like, assuming you don’t throw them under a bus or something?”

11. “I’m not great at the advice. Can I interest you in a sarcastic comment?”

12. “Seriously, good luck marrying me.”

13. “He may not be my soul mate but hey, a girl’s gotta eat.”

15. “Someone ate the only good thing going in my life.”

16. “These are just feelings, they’ll go away.”

17. “Hey, Baby, It’s me. Can you bail me out of jail?”

18. “Maybe the old lady with the face tattoo is right.”

19. “You know what I’d like to do right now? I’d like to hold your hand.”

20. “The best I can give you is a fake smile and dead eyes.”

21. “People like being lied to. They just don’t like finding out they’ve been lied to.”

22. “I want to fill a pillowcase with dead batteries and beat you with it.”

23. “Where’s my candy you son of a bitch?”

24. “The gym, or as I like to call it, the Institute of things I can’t do.”

25. “I have a black eye and I need ic

26. “I tell secrets. It’s just who I am.”

27. “Don’t put me in your fantasies. I don’t even like being in your real life.”

28. “I am not proud of what I am about to say…”

29. “But I don’t want to go outside.”

30. “You should know if you come any closer, I’m not letting you go.”

31. “Talking isn’t going to help me, okay? What’s going to help me is, like, drinking.”

32. “Kiss me like that again, pretty please.”

33. “I want to sleep with you tonight.”

34. “Has anyone told you how cute you are?”

35. “You have no idea how much I love you.”

36.  “What did you say?”

37. “Marry me.”

38. “Are you still awake..?”

39. “I can’t believe you dragged me into this.”

40. “I could kill you right now!”

41. “I don’t hate you.. I just don’t like that you exist.”

42.“Do things that make you happy within the confines of the legal system.”

43. “Give me cake or give me death.”

44. “I just sometimes get the sudden urge to drop kick a small child across the room but I don’t because its frowned upon.”

45. “On a scale from, ’I can sometimes make important phone calls without crying’ to ’I have a stable job with a steady income, a spouse who loves me, a dog, and two kids who are screwed up minimally at worst’, how much of an adult are you?”

46. “I would kill for you. Like actual murder.”

47. “Do you ever think if people heard our conversations they’d lock us up?”

48. “Despite the cliche, it’s not me, it’s you.”

49. “I tried to change the duvet and I got stuck inside.”

50. “I don’t leave messages. If I wanted to talk to a machine, I’d talk to my VCR.”

51. “That’s almost exactly the opposite of what I meant.”

52. “I can be flexible. As long as everything is exactly the way I want it, I’m totally flexible.”

53. “You cannot fathom the immensity of the fucks I don’t give.”

54. “The only STD I have is sexually transmitted desire…for you.”

55. “It must be hard with your sense of direction, never being able to find your way to a decent pickup line.”

56. “You’re like, five feet tall. How you gonna reach me, shortie?”

57. “I recognize that you have reached a decision, but given that it is a stupid ass decision I have elected to ignore it”

58. “I’m weird, you’re weird, we could have weird little babies and live weirdly ever after if it wasn’t for the fact I sometimes find you repulsive.”

59. “I’m gonna lay down and die for like half hour okay?”

60. “It’s midnight, what do you want?”

61. “You are completely unfit to handle a child.”

62. “When in doubt curl into the fetal position and give up on life.”

63. “It’s not a double date, we’re just third and forth wheeling.”

64. “Hello little one. We can’t wait to meet you…”

65. “You’re so cute when you pout like that!”

66. “Are you wearing my shirt?”

67. “You’re beautiful, you know that?”

68. “They always make shower sex sound so appealing, but honestly, this is getting dangerous.”

69. “Did something just happen? You’re not turned on anymore.”

70. “Keep sweet-talking and this could go a whole new direction.”

71. “Would you feel better if I let you hold my hand?”

72. “I’m glad you find my boyfriend attractive, now fuck off.”

73. “I platonically want to have sex with you. No big deal.”

74. “Do you love her?”

75. “And you wonder why we broke up in the first place.”

76. “Fuck that was so hot.”

77. “You belong with me.”

79.“Blasphemy! Sex solves everything.”

80. “Hey, I’m right here. Shh you’re okay.”

81. “You know I never meant to hurt you, right?”

82. “Did you just call me (Your/Ex’s/Name?)

83. “I’ll give you a blowjob if you go and get me some skittles.”

84. “You mean the world to me.”

85. “I may be drunk but I know for a fact that I love you.”

86. “You smell good.”

87. “That was the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.”

88. “What the fuck are you giggling at? it’s 3am.”

89. “Can I be the little spoon tonight?”

90. “You’re mine. You got that?”

91. “You mean everything to me. And I’ll be damned if I were to let you walk out on me right now.”

92. “I swear to god I won’t have sex with you for a whole month if you don’t kill that eight legged motherfucker.”

93. “I know I’m your bestfriend but I want so much more.”

94. “I want kisses.”

95. “You’re mad.”

96. “Sure, go hangout with your ex. I mean, I might as well text mine, too.”

97. “You broke my fucking heart.”

98. “I have to let you go.”

99.“Wow you have nice abs.”

100. “You have such a nice butt.”

Love potion//The8

Originally posted by mansae-for-seventeen

A/N: as always this also took me 500 years to write and i apologize for it. HOWEVER, hope you still enjoy it hehe. 

Genre: fluff + hogwarts au

Word count: 975

Minghao was casually strolling down the giant halls at Hogwarts when he past the library and glanced into it for a slight moment but as soon as he did, he stopped in his tracks.

‘Is that..’ he thought to him self for a small moment then he looked into the library again and indeed….it was her.

The gentle and calm figure of the back of his one and only crush at this school was searching through the tall shelves of the library for some book. His lips, slowly, formed into a little smile which he didn’t even notice him self for a second. He then contemplated on whether to go in and say hello since he was free right now or to not disturb her.

'Oh come on! If you want things to go somewhere with her you should try to talk more! You’ve only ever talked once in herbology class and once at a dinner.’  Minghao practically screamed at him self in his head. Despite being in some classes together and even the same house Minghao had always been a little wary of talking to the girl incase he said something wrong. You see, as cool and layed back as Minghao usually was, when it comes to crushes he was always a little afraid and more of the  'appreciating from afar’ type.


'Ok but she’s busy! She’s looking for something so she’s probably trying to study and-’ Minghao began to argue with himself in silent when he suddenly noticed her move from the shelf. 'oH NO SHE’S MOVING! WAit! WHERE DID SHE GO!??’ He asked him self as she walked farther into the library and behind some bookshelf out of his sight.

Without thinking much of it he ran into the library towards where he thought she went simply because he wanted to look at her a little longer. He turned the corner behind the bookshelf where he thought she went but, to his disappointment, she wasn’t there. He ran a hand through his hair to push it back from his eyes lookin like a full course meal and then turned around to look around another book shelf. After a few peeks here and there and many many circles he didn’t know he made, he turned the corner at a bookshelf and got startled because he almost ran right into someone.

“Sorry.” he said  looking up at the person. I think we all know who the person was 👀.

“It’s okay.” she giggled back just as gentle as her figure.

“O-Oh Y/N!” he laughed nervously and then pushed his hair back with his hand again. Someone really stop this hot man. “What brings you here?”

“I just wanted to get some more information on this potion we were making the other day in class.” she said rather nervously her self.

“Ah really? Um..can I…s-see it too?” the taller boy replied with a smile.

'You have no idea what the hell you’re doing, do you?’ He sighed at himself in his thoughts.

“Yeah sure” she smiled shyly “but.. there’s a little problem with that.” she finished.

“What’s wrong?”

“I can’t…um…” she stopped and not her lower lip for a moment then looked to the floor.

“You can’t what?” Minghao asked with a little more concern this time.

“I kinda..can’t reach it and I’m a little…uncomfortable..like  um..scared…to use the ladders.” she replied lightly.

I swear to god if Minghao wasn’t trying to contain himself he’d be a squealing blushing mess right now! She was the cutest thing in his opinion and he wanted nothing more than to protect her and be by her side all the time. He smiled wide and finally spoke back.

“I’ll get it for you. Where is it?” he replied to her confidently and reassuringly. It was his first chance to do something nice for her and he was totally ready.

And so she lead him to where the book was and the slim boy climbed up the ladder and brought the book back down for her.

“Thank you.” she said then set the book down on the huge desk and flipped through the pages in search for the potion.

“So um..what kind of potion is it?” Minghao asked creeping in a little closer to her to get a better look of the book.

“A love potion.” she casually answered. She didn’t seem to think much of it  but behind her Minghao almost choked on his saliva. “Oh here it is.” she smiled stopping at a page in the book and then pulling out a note book from her bag to take some notes.

“Whoa this isn’t as simple as I thought it would be.” Minghao said reading about the potion from the book.

“It’s because love is not simple.” she replied pretty casually again and this time, beside her Minghao’s clear cheeks slowly turned a light pink color.


For the next ten, twenty, thirty and, eventually, forty whole minutes, they sat beside each other and pretty quickly went off topic from the love potion in the textbook because they were too busy bubbling up a love potion of their own with a simple mixture of talking, laughing, flirting and smiling.

Now i’m not saying that from this day forth meeting up in the library and giggling behind a shelf together became their new thing but that’s exactly what i’m saying! And you what else became their thing? Shy smiles in the halls and during classes which were sometimes accompanied by little waves.

There’s your daily dose of blushy Minghao for the day. Your welcome and good night. :)


*Lance comes behind Pidge and lifts her up* 

Pidge: Hey what are you doing?!? 

Lance: Nothing I just see that someone has stolen my jacket. 

Pidge: Maybe… 

Lance: Maybe I should just drop you in prison cause you stole my heart too.

*Pidge blushes and gets flustered* 

Pidge: I…I swear to god if you drop me Lance. 

I drew a quick sketch version early this month here’s the finished product! I changed it to Lance’s jacket after I read @acehealer post. Cause I agree we Pidge in Lance’s jacket is the cutest thing ever. 

Stories (Namjoon x Reader)

Writer’s blocks are never fun.

fluff, 3.2k words, namjoon/reader, writer au

Your neighbor is a mess.

He only just moved into the vacant apartment across from you, and already he’s dropped two of his boxes and broke about half of his dishes.

“Um, excuse me?” you say carefully, stepping out of your room. “Do you, uh, need help?” You gesture to the great stacks and rows of boxes that line his doorway.

He turns and looks at you in surprise, and you swear to god his face is the cutest thing you’ve seen in a long while. “Wh-Oh, yeah, I mean, if you want, yeah,” he sputters. “That’d be uh, really great.” Awkwardly, he reaches up to scratch the back of his head, shooting a few glances towards the makeshift trashcan. It’s already half full with broken items.

You laugh and head over to one end of the stack, lifting up a cardboard box. “So where do you want me to put this?”

He looks over at you, and then points to the staircase. “You can leave it there, if you want. I’ll bring the box up later.”

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Appreciation Post

Got7 throughout the Era’s:

Got It?:

If I have to completely honest here when GOT7 first came out I really didn’t want to like them because I was a really big 2pm fan and knowing that a group was coming out from JYP that was going to be another dance group I felt… threatened? OH and when I first saw them on WIN: Who Is Next I was like ehh because I was too into Team A and B for me to give my slightest attention to them… but… when they came out with Girls Girls Girls  I couldn’t deny how catchy the song was… at this point I still didn’t think anyone was really attractive or no one really stood out to me

Got Love:

I think this era caught me though.. When they came out with A I was like… this is actually really good… I think from this era my first bias was Youngjae.. this cutie really caught my eye.. haaha ALSO I LIKE YOU? LIKE THAT SONG GOT ME SO SHOOK 


Now when it came to this era I started really liking GOT7 and I guess this was my first comeback what I waited for and enjoyed fully. This song was really catchy as well but I don’t think I really looked into the album too much. At this point I was still getting more into them.. I wasn’t looking for them in my playlist but if they played I’d listen to them. They were that kind of group to me for the first few eras

Just Right:

I wasn’t the biggest fan of this era because I started liking more angsty songs and I didn’t like the cutesy boy group style.. BUT later on when I came back to this song…. wow… this song really and I mean REALLYYYY grew on me.. 


I think this was the era in which GOT7 really….. shook me… and… they… really…. wow… just… this era was literally…. SO… GOOOD….. Also I think this was the era in which I switched or actually… found a real bias in this group which is…. the… Gyeoms… Also I think this was the first time GOT7 won an award on a music show and oh my goodnesssssssss was I sooo proud of themmmmm (BUT MAN WAS THIS A GOOD ERA TO WIN…) 

Mad Winter Edition: 

I just wanted to add in this era even though it was still kinda part of the Mad album.. This was soo cute I swear to god these boys are soooooo extra and whatever they did in the Confession Song was LITERALLY THE CUTEST THING EVERRRR

Flight Log: Departure:

…. This… era… mess…. me… and… all… ahagse’s…. up…. this era GOT7 did the dramatized style of MV and… JINYOUNG…. WHAT???? whatever the story was, in the MV? WHY DID JINYOUNG LOOK SO GOOD? AND HIS ACTING??? LIKE ACTOR JINYOUNG? NO…. wait… I need to save that for his individual post… okay okay… but you guys… Fly this song? Was no iss so good.. and all of the boys and their acting? Wow… like what the heck you guys… 

Flight Log: Turbulence: 

You guys… the Turbulence album…. all they boys took part in writing or producing songs and… when I mean everyone I literally mean everyone and I am soooo proud of them like sooo proud of them.. Also this choreo?? these boys work so hard and I am so incredibly proud of them.. I love these boys with all my heart and ughhhh I can’t they are all so amazinggggg…. OH AND GOT7 FLIGHT LOG: TURBULENCE FAN MEET CANADA??? I swear you guys they are all so handsome in person… I was honored to see Hard Carry performed live as well as Let Me other songs from their Turbulence and previous albums but they are so amazingly talented… I say this about every group that I love but they really put their all into what they do and all they want to go is to please their ahgase’s and they also have been through so much the past few years and even this year???? AND ITS ONLY BEEN A MONTH INTO THE NEW YEAR…. I really am so proud of them and all I want to do it protect them…. I am really excited for what they will do next and to see they grow as individuals and as a group

(Credit to gif makers) 

Ex & O

Teen wolf - Liam Dunbar

Note: I read something slightly similar to this and I kinda wanted to do my own take on it, I can’t remember where I read, but it was a lot shorter than this, but thanks for the inspiration. Also this was written late last night so sorry if theres bad grammar and so on .

Triggers: none💕

Summary: being Brett’s ex and Liam’s current girlfriend, Brett uses you to annoy Liam.

You and Liam were dating and you love him so much, it was kind of hard to tell him Liam about your past relationship, knowing that your ex and boyfriend are arch enemies. Once he knew, he did everything in his best interest to avoid Brett at all costs, but his luck said otherwise. They had two classes together, one with you in it. Chemistry is where all three of you share a class and history is just Brett and Liam, kind of ironic if you think about it.

In history the teacher had seated them together and oh did Brett enjoy this, because this was storytime for Brett, he would tell Liam all sorts of things you two did.

“Liam, I feel kinda bad for you… Because I’ve already touched y/n in all the places you could only imagine” he said with a smug look on his face.

“Brett, I swear to god I’ll kill you right here, right now” Liam whispered to him

“You probably haven’t seen it, but Y/n has the cutest birthmark on her inner thigh” Brett said scrunching his nose like he was remembering it.

“You should hear the sounds that girl makes when we-” he was interrupted by Liam

“I don’t think you took me seriously when I said I’d kill you right now” Liam said, his eyes were glowing and his hands were in fists.

“Alright, Mr. Frustrated we can talk more in chemistry, where you can watch Y/n blush when I tell you about all the things we’ve done” Brett said a smirk plastered to his face, as he turned to finally pay attention to the teacher.

Liam at this point was trying to calm down, but Brett’s words were getting to him, he was insanely jealous right now. He wanted to experience amazing things with you, but you two have only been dating for a month. You liked to take it slow let things happen naturally, but Liam wanted those things now.

Next period rolled around quicker than expected, Liam spent the whole class thinking about you.

“Hey, you” you said plopping down onto the seat next to Liam in chemistry and Brett on the other side of you. Brett waved to you and you gave him a grin, Liam watched and wasn’t going to have any of it, Liam intertwined your hand with his, which caught your attention, you turned to look at him, and placed a soft kiss on his cheek. Liam smiled at you.

“Having a good day?” You asked

“It’s an average day, I’m just really glad I get to see you” Liam said

“Aw, you’re so sweet” you said playfully hitting his arm.

Ten minutes into class, Liam started whispering to you.

“So, uh Brett told me some things about… Well you two and it’s just been eating at me ever since” Liam admitted

You instantly thought that because of their bad relationship that Liam was going to break with you for having a romantic relationship with Brett, a hurt expression flashed across your face.

“Liam, I- I thought you said you were okay with it?” You asked a little questioningly

“Y/n, what are you talking about?” Liam said getting a bit frustrated

“I- I don’t know, what are you talking about?” you asked, stuttering because you had no idea where this was going.

“Look, Y/n I wanna see the birthmark  on your thigh, and feel you everywhere and hear-” Liam stopped when he realized the whole class had their eyes on the two of you. Liam spoke a little too loud than expected. At that moment Brett burst out into laughter, which cued the rest of the class to laugh along. You immediately hid your face in your hands. Liam was at loss of words, he looked at you and slumped back into his seat and pulled the hood of his sweater over his head and mentally cursed himself for getting so angry, jealous and frustrated.

“You never finished your sentence Liam, hear Y/n, what?” Brett asked innocently..

Liam shot daggers with his glare at Brett and you had to excuse yourself from class because you had laugh yourself and also to die of embarrassment.

Something great

“What’s your favorite thing about me?”

The question came so suddenly you had to ask him to repeat himself.


“Your favorite thing about me; what is it?” he looked at you with wide, curious green eyes. And it took you a while to answer his uncalled for question. Not because you didn’t know the answer, or you didn’t have a favorite thing, but because there were just so many things about him that you simply adored. You even found yourself contemplating this same idea, from time to time. And you couldn’t seem to narrow it down to just one single thing.

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anonymous asked:

May I please have a matchup please~? I’m 18, 5’5 with longer brown hair, blue eyes, and glasses because I’m blind as all heck, and I’m a bit on the chubby side but that’s just more to love I guess ;; I’m a Taurus and ISTP. My friends call me the “mom friend” since I kinda look out for everyone else’s well-being before my own, I have a very dry and sarcastic humor and a bit of a problem with swearing at times. My hobbies include writing, napping, and slaving away to get my psychology degree

I ship you with: GOD SEVEN
• He thinks you’re the cutest thing, to be honest.
• Especially with the mixture of glasses, and some chub.
• He thinks you’re absolutely perfect for cuddles~
• Loves the fact you have that “mom” vibe.
• Often times, you can help him get some actual food, rather than shoving the usual unhealthy shit he’ used to.
• Other people get all pissed off, but sarcasm is like his lanGUAGE
• Will aLWAYS make the sarcastic comments with you
• especially while you watch horror movies.
• Sometimes, he does tell you to rest a little bit. He doesn’t want to see you slaving away, when he has to watch himself do that. He wants to make sure you’re comfortable, and as stress free as you can be~

Buying a puppy, and dating Peter would include…


  • Arguing over what kind of dog to get, because you want to buy a puppy that will grow up into a giant, terrifying creature, but Peter wants to buy one of those petite lapdogs
  • “Come on, we could name it Ripper, and it’ll be able to protect us.”
  • “Y/n, you live with the Avengers, I don’t think you need any more protection.”
  • Attempting to buy the entire litter of puppies
  • Realising that puppies actually cost a lot of money
  • Going to Tony and asking him to buy the puppy for you, but he says no
  • “Y/n, you can barely take care of yourself, you literally barricade yourself in your room with chick flicks for days. Do you really think you can take care of a puppy?
  • So you just steal one of his many credit cards, but he doesn’t notice, of course
  • Nearly squeezing the life out of your new dog when you finally become its authorized owner
  • And then you and Peter start bickering about what to name the dog
  • “I think we should name him Dagger, Pete.”
  • “Nah, Max sounds better.”
  • “Max is overused. What about Death the Dog?”
  • “No.”
  • “Funeral Planner has a nice ring to it, don’t you think?”
  • But, as it turns out, Steve accidentally already filled out the adoption certificate
  • “What do you mean, you ‘accidentally’ named our Lettuce Ball?”
  • “I-I saw the certificate, and the name space was left out empty, so… I just wrote a name.”
  • Now, officially, you’re ‘terrifying dog’ is named Lettuce Ball
  • Making your dog its very own Avengers costume
  • And Clint helping you officiate the new addition to the team
  • “Lettuce Ball, if you walk out that door, you are an Avenger.”
  • Cooking super fancy meals for your puppy
  • “Hey, Y/n, that smells really good, what are you cooking?”
  • “Wagyu Sirloin beef, and it’s not for you.”
  • The Avengers thinking that Lettuce is the cutest thing to ever grace the Earth
  • Until he starts peeing on everybody’s stuff
  • “Y/n, I swear to god, if your dog pees on my suits again, I will personally kick him out.”
  • Aunt May absolutely falling in love with Lettuce
  • Trying to smuggle your puppy into school
  • “Y/n, no.”
  • And after all the fuss of buying a puppy is over, you suddenly spurt out something to Peter during movie night
  • “Pete, I want to get a cat.”

anonymous asked:

Can you write the RFA coming home to MC who seems like they're working hard but they're distracted and listening to music loudly and kinda giving a mini performance to an imaginary audience? Thanks in advance!!

your question’s phrased a bit strangely ;; i sorta get the main idea…? so i’m just going to put my own spin on it while keeping true to the heart of your ask, if you don’t mind!

Prompt: RFA comes home to a MC who is listening to loud music in the zone of their current task


  • she closes the cafe after its third rush hour, and goes home ready to collapse on the couch
  • but the first thing she hears walking into the apartment is one of the songs from the musical wicked cranked on full blast 
  • your half screeching-singing voice joins idina’s powerful voice
  • awake at this point she tiptoes into the living room
  • and she’s greeted by an adorable sight of you running around the room, a broomstick in between your legs as you sing along to the lyrics of defying gravity
  • jaehee takes the chance to sit down and be an audience to you. you’re so wrapped up in the song you didn’t even notice her
  • when the song ends, you hear a burst of clapping
  • swiveling your head, you see your girlfriend, sitting criss-cross on the floor, beaming up at you
  • ohmygodshe’sbeentheretheentiretime
  • but she runs up to you and gives a quick kiss on the lips
  • “MC that was so passionate! i should’ve recorded it!” 
  • you’re blushing so hard. she’s giving you way too much credit! 
  • for the rest of the night you two cuddle and drink hot cocoa while listening to the entire soundtrack


  • what was supposed to be an apartment cleansing turned into a jam out session for you
  • you’re listening to mr. blue sky and you just can’t help but dance your heart out to it. it’s such a happy song, and in a way, it reminded you so much of yoosung
  • you’re doing a dorky dance with the broom, using it as a microphone and dancing partner at the same time
  • suddenly someone wraps their arms around your waist from behind you
  • of course it’s yoosung
  • you scream with joy when he lifts you from the floor and tries to twirl
  • but only succeeds with him falling flat on the couch, you landing on top of him 
  • and it’s cheesy, but god you two couldn’t help but laugh together 


  • sometimes jumin may or may not watch the surveillance system just to check on you. and watch you. while he’s working.
  • jaehee is judging him so hard from the distance
  • he can be such a creep i swear to god
  • and when you’re staying home for the day from work/school, you’d do the cutest things (that’d be seen mundane to anybody else)
  • one of the odd things you do when you’re alone is plug earbuds into your ears and dance wildly around the house
  • jumin heard of ipods and headphones and all the modern technology, but he never used them himself. he prefers settling for the radio or having an orchestra or personal violinist to listen at his disposal
  • he’s so out of date
  • he finally creeps in on you during your jamming out sessions, and asks you what’s so good about the stuff you’re listening to
  • you didn’t even give him an explanation. you shove an earbud into one of his ears and started blaring footloose
  • his eyes widens and he shuts up, entranced by the funky fresh beats
  • and he sorta shouts, “THESE ARE VERY PLEASING TUNES”
  • omg jumin honey you’re adorable
  • happily sits with you to listen to the rest of the song
  • you explain to him the significant origin of footloose of kevin bacon, who taught people with sticks up their butts how to dance thanks to this very song
  • “who would shoves sticks up people’s butts?”
  • “jumin you’re missing the point -”
  • “that’s unethical”
  • i officially love you if you do get the reference i made back there


  • it ain’t uncommon for the two of you to walk in on each other singing
  • the household is always full of music and the neighbors aren’t annoyed by singing, because they’re practically listening to a broadway show
  • sometimes you two would burst out into random song if one of you turns on a karoke version of a musical song
  • your favorite song to re-enact is light my candle from rent
  • oh my god now i think about it this can totally be MCxZen’s character song
  • so much chemistry and sexual tension and back and forth singing-quips!
  • okay im getting carried away but
  • tldr; zen just loves singing duets with you 


  • y’all two are such sluts for the steven universe soundtrack
  • saeyoung was already vaguely aware of its existence after listening to some out of context songs from SU, while you already watched some of the episodes. meanwhile, saeran is all like: “what’s tv”
  • after you two made the decision to watch the show together (along with saeran, of course who tagged along for the binge watching) you all just fell in love with the show
  • saeyoung made 8-bit remixes of most the songs. downloaded them into his phone to change the ringtunes, assigning SU songs accordingly to the rfa members. 
  • [love like you for MC, we are the crystal gems for yoosung, can’t you see i’m a star for zen, here comes a thought for saeran, stronger than you for jaehee, and the cookie cat rap for jumin]
  • any one of you can just randomly sing, “we” and then the others can’t help but chime in to sing the crystal gem theme song and it’s just so pure

haha i went off track for zen and saeyoung but i enjoyed writing this nevertheless