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Hi! I've been a fan of your art for a while, and I only JUST remembered your Atlantis AU! Would you mind doing a sketch of some of the scenes? Ones that you've changed in your head, maybe? Love your work!


((Chuck can pronounce Mikhaerukheti but “Mike” is a lot faster and it makes Mike laugh when he says it, so BONUS))

magic healing UST



hey what up hello i’m getting my hair dyed as type but i’m mare, i’m 21 (also you might’ve known me as ongwu before i ya know deleted it like an idiot), i’ve been following a.c.e since dec of 2016 and they’re my children (lol @ almost all of them being older than me) and park junhee, that life ruiner, is my bias

feel free to cry about the unit and mixnine with me bc i love suffering


Sketches of a ‘what if Ahsoka went into hiding on Alderaan as a refugee during the Jedi purges, and meets Leia and secretly trains her as a Jedi?’ Star Wars AU idea by greenkaorichan. It’s been stuck in my head for days because it’s such an awesome idea, WE COULD HAVE HAD IT ALLLL

I was meaning to draw an epic dramatic Ahsoka/Leia meets Obi-Wan/Luke mentor-and-student team up for the last panel, but then I was like “you know, they would all have one thing in common… and form a 'Darth Vader ruined our lives’ support club” XD Vader could be an honorary member of this club too

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Iiiii just had a thought!! What if in the episode where Chuck gets all weird bc boosters he just fucking jumps Mike without hesitation bc haha consequences don't exist!!! Mike is super taken off guard and bewildered, but he's also got an assumed-unrequited crush on Chuck, so. Also, aftermath after the boosters come out and Chuck gets his fear reaction back aaah

Well on the one hand (and I feel like this has been drawn ten thousand times before but I had to I’m sorry)

But honestly even more importantly, emotional drama aside, just…………..



Ariana Alphabet: Activism

[Tyler Ford on Ariana] I wrote about this for Rookie. When I first went off hormones and didn’t know where I stood gender-wise and was trying to figure myself out, I was living with Ari and was spending everyday with her, 24/7. She was always the first person to just be like, “All right, you do you. I love you, and I still think you’re the most amazing person, no matter who you are, even if you don’t know what pronouns you’re going to settle on.” Every day, she would ask me, “How are you doing, now that you’re off hormones? Do you feel OK? What pronouns are you feeling today? What pronouns do you want me to use?” Even though I was struggling with who I was, I always felt comfortable with her, even if I didn’t feel comfortable with myself or anyone else.


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It’s like the mind of an old very wise man trapped in the body of a young and hot british actor