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make me choose: Oscar Isaac or Rami Malek (asked by roykhaan)

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You know who’s not worried about Resting Bitch Face? Vladimir Putin.

“He’s, like, not concerned with that, which is so freeing,” Phoebe Robinson tells NPR’s Rachel Martin.

As a black woman, Robinson doesn’t have the same luxury.

“There’s this whole notion of ‘black women are angry’ or 'black women are sassy’ or, like, 'have bad attitudes,’” she says. “And so you always want to be in space where — at least I was for a while — where I was like: I want to be likable. I don’t want people to think that I have resting bitch face or whatever.”

Robinson’s new book — about being black and female in America — is called You Can’t Touch My Hair: And Other Things I Still Have to Explain.

No, 'You Can’t Touch My Hair’ And Other Lessons From Comic Phoebe Robinson

The Messiah Project: Need MESSIAH? [updated 260614]

1. Sakura members will hold their silence in protection of the Church.

2. Sakura members who leave / graduate from the Church will have no contact with the Church.

3. Sakura members will not aid / rescue another Sakura member who has failed in their mission. 

4. Sakura members will not become friends or lovers.

However, there is one person who is an exception to rules 3 and 4, and that is: their Messiah. 

Source: rz-jocelyn@tumblr

Okay here, the compilation of links to important posts on Messiah. The links and posts came from my butai/stageplay/Messiah senpai, Lyn rz-jocelyn (eh? Lyn wa chii no Messiah? *kicked* XD). 

Basically it is a butai/stageplay. Starred by 4 stageprinces *dead dolphin squee*: Matsuda Ryo, Ono Kento, Hamao Kyousuke, Ota Motohiro. They are trainees in a secret organization, Sakura. Set in Japan during world reformation, with ‘information’ as their main weapon. The highlight is however, the relationship between them - Messiah partnership! I’m bad at explaining sooo.. I’ll link you to appropriate posts to my precious friend/senpai because she did lotsa posts on Messiah! ^^

1) Messiah’s synopsis: HERE

2) Existing Messiah’s Works so far: HERE

3) If you need to watch the Stageplay:

  • 1st: Messiah ~Dou no Shou~: HERE
  • 2nd: Messiah ~Hakugin no Shou~: HERE *new*

4) If you need the interview after the watch: HERE

5) Track the tag on her blog: HERE

6) Messiah Character BG Series (may contain spoiler):

  • Kaidou Eiri (Matsuda Ryo): HERE
  • Mistsumi Haku (Ono Kento): HERE
  • Gojou Souma (Ota Motohiro): HERE
  • Shiba Shuusuke (Hamao Kyousuke): HERE

(spoiler is helpful in case if you cant catch what’s happening in the movie/stageplay because it is complicated - atleast it is for me XD)

There you go~ :p I hope that helps your curiousity! \(^_____^)/ J

ex-oolong  asked:

ohgosh im so happy i came by you- i've always had something for jongdae's chinese and i always thought he got so good in such a short time he deserves a lot of praise- however he's so unconfident about it :( i was watching the recent happycamp fancams and noticed he answered confidently to questions (and mostly accurately) but always in korean. like he's scared he'd get scrutinized. i dont speak chinese nor am i chinese so i wanted to get your opinion ;o

wahh sorry for late reply I was sleeping haha


tbh everytime I hear like korean speaking/singing Chinese and im just like omg… because they really butcher it… I was a cassie and when TVXQ sang in Chinese im just like O_O that is NOT my language.. I have to search the lyrics up and see what they are actually singing

When I first got to know EXO and watched their Chinese varieties.. I was so impressed by Jongdae’s mandarin first of all the 4 tones in Mandarin he gets it really well.. I have been in Chinese classes before and many people have trouble telling the difference between the tones.. 

and then we move on to the z,zh,c,ch, and maybe x sounds.. it is really hard.. many people have trouble. EVERYONE who is learning Chinese had trouble with these.. 

Jongdae has trouble with it but its not that bad. like I was actually kind of upset when people were saying how his Chinese was bad during Miracle in December times.. I WILL DEFEND HIM ON THIS FOREVER

because.. I have NO idea who wrote the lyric for that and his part is the hardest (the 1st line he starts singing).. heck I can’t even say it fast without messing up.. 

曾经的我 太过自私 只照顾我自己

ceng jing de wo tai guo zi si zhi zhao gu wo zi ji

like it can be a freagin tongue twister 

and he was the last one to enter SM.. and only trained for less than a year..his Chinese skill is impressive.. you can tell his listening is good because in some shows/interviews you can tell he understood.

and his pronunciation got sooo good comparing to Mama album (it wasn’t bad to begin with)

I was so impressed when I heard him sing Breath.. I understood everything it was so clear, you can even say he is native Chinese and people might believe it.

I actually never really had much trouble understanding his Chinese to begin with just some words you can tell he is not a native speaker

There was also a time I was super impressed because in early Chinese shows they asked to write answers on the white board.. he would write it out in pinyin and with the tones to it too AND gets it right

yes he needs to be more confident about his Chinese, but I guess its the same with everyone.. you are nervous you might mess up so you are hesitant to say it =(. and we all know how “nice” netizens are >.>

but ya.. here is my short opinion on Jongdae’s Chinese/Mandarin 


I can understand and take y'all still loving zayn and supporting his solo music…that’s fine. Noone is saying that’s wrong.

If you don’t understand why the fandom is split 50/50 let me break it down for you.

Zayn has been in the studio with shahid for months..and we were all like..“what the fuck is going on there” Then we were like…“zayns gonna be featured on some side projects….FEATURED. Cool..do ya thang bruh. There’s nothing wrong with being on someone else’s track .

Then cut to zayn all of a sudden being sooo active on twitter..talking to fans…and such. Keep in mind he hadn’t done that for a while…so yea..maybe he was just excited for the new tour. But it was still very unlike him….we all just thought he was comfortable finally.

Then we have naughty boy…zayn and simon tweeting odd things that made no sense to anyone…til now. They clearly all been working on zayns solo project for a while.

Now i DO NOT have a problem with zayn going solo. what i do have a problem is with him being a liar!!

He used the mentall illness\stressed thing to get the sympathy from the fans and the media…..like all these Hollywood doctors was praising him for being "brave” and he got all this postive media attention . Like i cried..cause i felt bad for him…cause… Fame has killed sooo many young stars. And i didn’t want him to end up that way.

Cue to him doing a phone interview..saying he was over it..and was only staying for the fans .

Like wait…i thought you were stressed and depressed?? Nope..you just didn’t wanna be in a boyband anymore. So now there’s two different stories going around. Which one is the truth

You don’t say i just wanna be a normal 22 year old. And not be famous…then do some solo shit.

Not to mention he literally gave no fucks about his band members and band. Noone had any idea he was leaving. Like they knew he left..cause his ass got caught cheating. But NONE of them knew..he wasn’t coming back.

Like how can y'all still be in his ass. And be like he did nothing wrong….when he left his bandmates in the middle of a world tour..when he only had a few shows left anyway..before they had a two month break?!!! He didn’t even respect them enough to tell them.

Like this whole thing is shady as fuck. I’m not saying hate zayn…but stop being naive and open youre eyes. He lied…he lied to everyone. And went solo in the most shady ..fucked up way .

That’s why people are mad…not to mention he’s letting naughty boy pick and shit on louis..who’s been his bestfriend since the beginning. And he’s. Been shitting on one direction..since his songs didn’t make the cut. Open your eyes…zayns not so innocent. This was all planned .

And this is why I keep my mouth shut...


In other news, I have an interview with Marriott tomorrow. It’s been a while since I have been in hospitality but Lord do I miss the perks! This job would be perfect. Just working 9-5 during the week with the weekends off so I can audition. Yay! I want this one SOOO bad!