but you are ruining my life


It would take a lot for Luffy to let you go especially if he can feel in your heart that you’d rather do anything but that.  Luffy understands his nakama better than they think.

Sanji will take on everything by himself.  Sanji never wants to be a burden.  Sanji forced himself to fight Luffy and kick him hard enough to knock a tooth out that hasn’t come back yet.  It tore him apart to have to do that.  Sanji deserves all of our love even if he doesn’t think he deserves it.  

jfdskjfsd i couldn’t wait any longer to post this so
7 years ago (february 20th) i officially made these ocs and [clutches heart] they’ve ruined my life, and will now continue to ruin my life, til death do us part

okay I reblogged some posts a while ago but deleted them because I didn’t want to get any anon hate but I’m just kind tired so I’m gone express my opinion quickly so y'all know where I stand on this pewdiepie thing.

1. I think what he did was wrong, HOWEVER, he apologized for it and has been punished for it, I think it should blow over sooner rather than later. Besides, Felix is a super nice guy and has done a ton of super nice things (like donate a fuck ton of money to charity), and an internet persona shouldn’t ruin his entire life. What you see in videos is not necessarily what you’d see in real life. That’s just how people are.

2. I think the punishment he’s received (of his show being cancelled and whatnot) is fair and that he deserves it. I do not think he needs the punishment of himself and his friends being tormented by angry people

3. I think it is absolutely okay to be upset with him still and to not forgive him, I do not think it’s okay to threaten him or his friends, send him bad messages, or anything of the like. If you are upset with him, unfollow him and don’t associate with him. I do not think he is a Nazi (no matter how you want to think about it) but he did do a hurtful thing.

4. It is NOT okay to be bashing his friends (see Mark and Jack) for speaking out about this. They are his friends, and they are his loyal friends. They are not defending or justifying what he did, they are saying he is human and deserves to be treated as a human. Dehumanizing him and threatening him and whatnot makes you a bad person in my book.

5. He is human, end of story. Humans make mistakes, even humans that have been placed upon this pedestal of impossible expectations. Yes, this was a pretty big mistake, and yes, it’s not really the first time he’s done it, but he’s apologized and deleted the video and had his show cancelled and, in my eyes, been duly punished.

6. I am open to talk about this as long as things sent my way are respectful. Thank you.

EDIT: I have not watched pewdiepie in 6 years, this is me defending him from a non-biased point of view. I, personally, don’t like his videos that much just because of how they are structured.

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My inbox is always open, wether it just be a “help jungkook is ruining my life”, a ‘hi’ + a random conversation, or even if you just need someone to talk to. I’m always, always here, seriously!

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I just wanna say I hope you don't feel pressured to post Des Vu for us. Even if we're all really excited to see what happens next, primarily you should post only if you feel like it. So when you're stressed or upset, we'll understand and hope you feel better soon.

asdfhsdj anon of my hearrttt, this is such a sweet message and thank you for caring and sending this ;~~~; there’s no reason to worry though, all enthusiasm about the story just makes me super happy. whenever i feel stressed about making posts i always remind myself that this is one of the things in my life that is only for fun, and i should never risk ruining that by forcing myself to do things when i’m not inspired. if i’m posting, it’s always because i want to.

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I'm literally so depressed idk what to do. My parents are ruining my life because they are so controlling. It's affecting my relationships with my friends and my boyfriend. Everyone leaves me because they get tired of how controlled I am and I can't move out. I don't have the money for it. I just don't know what to do I hate my life

You wait it out until you have the money and you’re old enough but also they’re your parents they love you and they want what’s best for you

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ever since you did your liveblogging for the first concert ive had the phrase "baepsaesus" echoing in my head and its ruining my life

baepsaesus saved a nation

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So I just recently got into SVT but Jeonghan is already ruining my life! How is he so cute and hot in the same time???

well Welcome to the fandom! <3 It seem like you’ve just slipped into the diamond life. We have all been there dont worry. We know you feel ahahhaah. I know! Jeonghan is literally 2 in 1 package. The literal definition of “get a man that can do both” lol. Thanks for ruining our lives jeonghan. REally do appreciated.

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When did you discover Robron/Emmerdale? And at what point did you realise Robron were going to ruin your life?!

I discovered Robron at the end of April last year - I had just finished watching season 1 of shadowhunters, and stumbled across the Robron youtube videos and started watching them! 

This is the moment I knew Robron were going to ruin my life:

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The passion, the intensity, that jawline… I was hooked! Ended up watching all of the Robron storyline on youtube over one weekend, just after their reunion kiss, and omg I’ve been completely trash ever since! ;) 

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You can post this: About the antis - what the heck is wrong with two best friends falling in love? If you believe that it will ruin their friendship then they must not be very good friends. I'd rather spend the rest of my life with my best friend than with some dude/chick that I knew a few weeks. Someone who knows how I tick, who knows what hurts me and what makes me laugh. Someone who knows how to make me laugh. Who knows what I am thinking. That's what makes a long standing relationship. 1/2

Eventually passion fizzles out if there is no actual friendship there. Bellamy knows every bit of Clarke and how she ticks and thinks and feels and she knows the same about him. They fit like two peices of a puzzle. They know to hold on and never let go after losing each other one too many times. Yeah we may have alittle fun with the ‘He looked at her! They’re in love!“ but so what? "Bellamy looked at Echo, he wants to bang her!’ comes from them, lmao. (2/2)

People act like two people being friends means it can’t grow to something more. Yall already know I was bestfriends with my boyfriend for 6 years first and now we’ve been in a relationship almost 2.5 years and I can tell you without a doubt that being in a relationship with your bestfriend is actually the most amazing thing ever. I feel bad for people who weren’t friends with their s/o first tbh :/ sorry but it just creates the most beautiful relationship ever. Imagine starting a relationship with someone who already knows you like the back of their own hand. 

You’re in my arms and all the world is calm. The music playing on for only two.

A very rushed drawing for soriku day because to day was busy, but I desperately wanted to put something out today. I won’t let something as frivolous as an occupation get in the way of soriku day. nope.