but you are right it is jpop

Do you ever just see a pic of an idol/celebrity you love and they’re looking sexy as hell but they’re also holding an adorable animal or something and the pic is both sexy and cute and you’re like whAT AM I SUPPOSED TO FUCKING FEEL RIGHT NOW????

Because if yes

I feel ya


指原 莉乃 (@345__chan)
2017/03/24 20:39


My outfit today。
I used the purse that I received as a souvenir from Milan🙂♡ 


I’m sure you know who gave me this souvenir right〜?


Let me share the situation that made Tegoshi react this way.

Hokabe Honoka is a 15 year old girl who took part in 24h TV by swimming 40km in total in relay with 7 other participants. She was born without a right lower arm. During footage of her story, her mother talks about the comments they heard from other people.

Another child told their mother: “This child has no arm”, and the mother’s answer was “That’s what happens when you don’t do as you’re told.”

That’s when Tegoshi shows this reaction.


I couldn’t resist the lure of human AU… I didn’t try very hard to resist anyway.

Sans and Papyrus are heavily influenced by @toddnet AU designs.

Not sure what the final look of Undyne’s tattoo is gonna be, but you can bet that I’ll be obsessing over it for the next week or so. and I’m very fond of Alphys large nose and weak chin (had a clear image in my head of her design right at the start). Also, JPOP Mettaton and his hikikomori cousin Blooky. Bonus monster kid.

AYUMI HAMASAKI music videos Youtube playlist

As we know, recently avex started (finally) posting Ayu’s full, HD music videos, old and new, on their Youtube channel. However, I found, they are posted randomly and with so many other wonderful artists and music videos, it’s one big mess to find the ones you are looking for. So, seeing @ayuvogue post those videos on tumblr gave me an idea of making a playlist of all her full videos that avex is right now in progress of posting. For merely myself, at first, but thought, why not to share it with everyone else?

offshoot of Dancetale where instead of dancing it’s singing

I’m sure someone has thought of this but like

Every fight starts as two people just singing in separate styles, but when you practice mercy it becomes a duet, a perfect marriage of the differing genres. If you choose violence it becomes a battle, in which the victor’s musical style overpowers the other.

Frisk = Indie/folk – maybe

Chara = Indie/grunge – maybe???

Toriel / Asgore / Asriel = Celtic - hell ye can you imagine Toriel being all hauntingly sad and beautiful and Asgore just like a baritone powerhouse and Asriel does his best

Sans = Rap/hiphop – like seemless, effortless rapping, he makes it sound so so easy, and then rarely, when he’s being serious, he’ll throw in some singing that brings the fucking house down

Papyrus = Acoustic classical – kinda like this beautiful shit right here

Undyne = Rock – ranging from loud and raspy like Heart to straight power like Freddie Mercury

Alphys = Jpop – shocking I know.

MTT = Pop/hiphop – also shocking

Blooky = Autotuned/remixed – think daft punk if people could actually just make their voices do that naturally

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I had an amazing time seeing FEMM perform last weekend at Jpop Summit and having them sign my poster and postcard. I wasn’t able to get a lot of pics of Riri sadly. It felt so crazy seeing them in person, and especially up close. I was impressed by how they stayed in character the entire time too, even during the meet and greet. I really hope to see them again next year! I’m listening to a lot of their music right now to deal with this withdrawal. ;A; I miss you Riri and Lula! Come back to San Francisco please!


Happy Birthday to Hey! Say! JUMP’s mood making-photographer-drummerboy Yuto Nakajima!!! Wishing you continuous sucess on everything you do! Hope you are having a wonderful day! 💕 Holy crap everyone is getting older.