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It’s only as I step inside the library — and am welcomed by a pair of dark brown eyes — that I realise how cold it was outside. My face and fingers are gently burning from the sudden contrast in temperatures and my stomach feels a bit weird (I hope it’s not a cold).

The best seat — in the back, closest to the heater — is already taken by a gigantic boy with pretty lips. I sit next to him (or, I should say, next to his legs) on the left side of the back row.

I can hear sparks crackling in my hair as I take off my big woolen scarf.

I wonder if wearing a hijab in winter feels cosy.

The girl in front of me finally takes her black jacket off and I can see lapel pins attached to it, catching the ceiling’s neon lights. The only one I can properly examine from this angle is a pink dripping heart with a black outline. In it, a mint green dripping text with a white outline reads DUMP HIM.

I can’t help but smile.

Chapter 1: When You Grow Up, Your Heart Dies - by @monstermonstre


OKAY LISTEN: i know we’ve all played the “DANE DEHAAN AS ANDREW MINYARD” game before. but (hear me out) BUT

you should all rewatch kill your darlings anyway. fucking look at him. everything he says in that movie is bored and unfeeling unless he’s high on something. just fuckin rewatch the movie please do me a favour

  • Slytherin : hey Hufflepuff, what's up ? You look kinda down.
  • Hufflepuff : it's my father, he told me some pretty awful things yesterday.
  • Slytherin : do you want to tell me ?
  • Hufflepuff : well he said I disgusted him and that I was a mistake, that he wished I wasn't his daughter...
  • Slytherin : alright, so I'm going to need his address, five minutes alone, and a phone to call an assassin, be right back.

i want Andrew to be a survivor okay i want Nurse and Andrew to meet again 8'l


ANIME NORTH DAY 1 2 3 DONE~ had lots of fun with everyone and our cosplay squad YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST ; v ; / till our next con!💕

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The Joker Diaries 3 [Joker x Harley]

A series of glimpses into the life of Joker, before and after he met Harley Quinn. Suicide Squad-verse. Warning: Contains explicit descriptions of smut, mentions of dub-con and non-con.
Summary: The clown couple are experiencing emotional difficulties.

3. Zero Below

“There’s a fine line between love and hate.
And I don’t mind.
Just let me say that I like that
I like that.”

“Puddin’.” She lingered in the doorway, trying to find something to say that wouldn’t set off a tantrum or further broaden the divide between them.

He wasn’t looking at her; his gaze was focused on the new, even wider flat screen, where GCN was on. As if she was a mere annoyance that he tolerated enough to let live.

It tore at her heart and she decided to try again. Only wearing her favorite silky night gown, she walked over to the couch and stood silent next to him. He still paid her no mind.

She noticed an abundance of weapons surrounding him: knives were spread on the glass table in front of the couch and he wore his gun holster despite being in the penthouse. She had found at least two of his razors in the bed last night.

The past week Harley had tried to please him whenever she could without success. She was overcome with guilt at her overstep that night, when he had left in the middle of sex. Ever since then he had pushed her away in a way he had rarely done before; he was harsh and unrelenting when she begged him to please her, to let her make up for what she did, but he refused her touch. At night he would push her straight off the bed if she even attempted to snuggle up.

Harley missed his rough touches, his attention, those lingering looks he used to give her, like a lion waiting to pounce when she passed by.

She was determined to gain his trust back. The part of her that Harleen controlled had realized that his night terrors had a reason, even if he couldn’t remember why.

Even if he had pushed every memory into the far recesses of his mind it still stayed and tore at him. She knew she had helped him with that. During the extensive ECT at Arkham, she had shattered his last memories, even the ones he wanted to keep.

Slowly she sunk to her knees in front of him, trying to capture his gaze. “I’m sorry, Puddin’,” she tried again. She carefully placed her hands on his thighs, feeling the expensive black fabric underneath her fingertips. He tensed up, but didn’t move.

Finally he looked at her. She didn’t recognize his gaze; it wasn’t their usual hint of mutual understanding, an inside joke they shared. It wasn’t the way he looked when he lusted for her or even had any sort of reaction to her behavior. She didn’t know that look and it tore right through her heart. His blue eyes were not only cold and distant, but strange.

Suddenly she felt his hands in her hair. His fingers tightened and her heart fluttered. He chuckled quietly, an unsettling laughter that enveloped her in familiarity. Finally.

“What’s the matter, Harls?” He leaned forward, the sarcasm in his voice evident. “Can’t leave me alone for one second?” He pushed her away so violently her scalp burned and let go of her.

She remained sitting on the floor, stubbornly staring at him. “No, I can’t! This ain’t my Puddin’, this is just some sad guy that I don’t even know! Snap out of it!”

He growled and stood up in one fluid motion, but she didn’t back off. “You… really are testing me.”

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~*REVIEW* for Dead Men Tell No Tales~

I’ve seen DMTNT twice, and I felt it was fitting that  I give a review :) But I refuse to give spoilers. Too much was spoiled for me … I would never do that to someone else. If you want my opinion on specific things that happened in the film, message me privately. Perhaps I will do a spoilery review under the cut tomorrow. But we shall see on that.

As a whole, the film was a fantastic ride. It was so unspeakably good seeing all of these beloved characters back on the big screen in a really fun, action packed story. The pacing was good, though some parts were a little fast and some were too jumpy/could have used more detail/development. SALAZAR was an excellently terrifying villain. I do think he needed more screentime and a bit more development as well, but I thoroughly enjoyed him, as he was a MUCH better villain than Blackbeard. THE OPENING OF THE MOVIE. WOW. Just wow. That was such a strong, amazing opening that really packed a punch. Everything from the first frame to the title appearing on screen was just perfectly written and perfectly done. Some feel Salazar’s entrance is too quick, but I personally disagree. I think it added to the sailor’s fear upon experiencing his attack. Could we have used a few more establishing shots to flesh it out? Yes. They had them, and used them in the very first teaser trailer, so I don’t know why they didn’t make the final cut. 

Henry is a cinnamon roll. A perfect, wonderful cinnamon role. He was everything I hoped for and more. A perfectly cast, wonderful homage to Will Turner. Just … flawless. I truly loved every moment Brenton was on screen and every bit of his Henry Turner. That boy is a gem. 

Carina! She was feisty and strong, smart and really sassy. She could have used a bit more development as well (honestly I do feel like the script as a whole could have used another draft or two. So much of it felt underdone.) but  I really liked her. She fit in well to the POTC universe and was truly a great character. 

THE ENDING!!!! I won’t get into it here. I can’t. Not without ruining it. BUT MY GOODNESS MY GOSH MY SMOKING STARS. I CANNOT GET OVER THE ENDING. IT WAS PERFECT. FLAWLESS. JUST EVERYTHING IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN. IT WAS AMAZING. The ending packed as great of a punch as the beginning. AND THE CREDIT SCENE. HOLY SMOKES. I wont even get into it right now. It’s too good <33333 

As a whole, DMTNT was a good 7.5/8 out of 10 movie. I liked the action, I liked the characters, I loved the beauty in the shots, I loved the relationships between all of the characters. I hated the writer’s blatant disregard for POTC history, causing major continuity issues. UGH. That really bothered me. I can understand not reading The Price of Freedom, because it isn’t that well known… but it was also like the writers hardly bothered to watch the previous movies. Too much was altered that absolutely should not have been.

As for Jack… Not mentioning him. Just… no. Maybe if I do that second review later on.

But it was a beautiful film. Not a good finale at all, and I wholeheartedly believe POTC 6 is coming our way someday. DMTNT is a very fun ride, one I did enjoy very much, especially the second time around. I would absolutely recommend seeing it, and bringing all of your friends. And you can even Disneybound, because we did :D 

Hi yes Keith had two pet chickens back at his shack yea it’s canon sry I don’t make the rules :///

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Real talk: your OCs are insanely well made, my friend. Honest to God I am very surprised with the amount of effort you put into them- they're so perfect it looks like you nailed it twice on completely effortless attempts, both in your first and second designs. I take my hat off to you. I have always disliked the fanon 2P designs and personalities, but yours are very intriguing and interesting. Do you work with this kind of thing professionally?

(adm: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! omfg ofmag omfg thank you so much!!!!! oh my gosh ;w; omg thank you so much omggggg this ask totally made my night!!! I’m really happy you like them!!! This is my first time actually [and accidentally tbh] using OCs for something so I’m really relieved they’re interesting to you ;w; no, I don’t work with this professionally but hope to do so one day!!)