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It's easy for me to do dry technical exercises (like value studies, master copies, negative space drawings of still lifes, whatever) but I can't seem to do anything creative. I really just want to draw fanart and cute comics for my fandoms, but I can't bring myself to do it for some reason. Either I know it'll turn out to be mediocre, or it's too much effort to do something unstructured rather than a clear exercise, or I have some kind of psychological problem expressing myself. Advice for this?

Try getting a sketchbook where you just put your rough ideas and experiments. Having a sketchbook for this purpose kind of helps alleviate the feeling that everything needs to be polished and great. I do this, and it helps me. Let yourself really experiment. 

I also sometimes use plain copy paper, which is nice bc you don’t feel like you’re ruining a page in your fancy sketchbook or whatever. Or even try scratch paper. Whatever gets you to draw fearlessly, even if it’s a bit(or a lot) rough around the edges.

Another way you can achieve this is to use ink! Now you can’t erase. Try not to cross out too much, since learning and just starting is half the battle. 

You have to continue drawing horrible things before anything great will come out of it. Constantly analyze and redraw things you just did. Sometimes redoing an awful sketch better somewhere else on the page can help remove the feeling of this will be mediocre

It’s hard, but you need to sketch badly a lot to attain the skills. Your expectations will often exceed your skills, and this is hard, but try to turn it around and view it as a motivator, instead of something that holds you back. 

I hope this helps you!

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First Day of School

Word Count: 1653

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hello how r u!! i absolutely love your writing i was wondering if you could do an x reader were peter and the reader are both on the avengers and dating but the reader is very well known and loved by the public. the reader transfers to peters school and everyone is in awe that she is there and the only thing she cares about is being all cute with peter and everyone is jealous?? Xxxx

You don’t have a superhero name. At least not one that you’ve confirmed. You were just too busy trying to keep your city safe (more importantly, your little sister safe) to come up with some fancy nickname. Besides, you were in the shadows, the public didn’t know about you. They didn’t care about you. All that was noticed was that crimes were going down, the police and the newspapers didn’t know why.

Then suddenly, you were thrusted into the public eye by none other than Tony Stark. You help a guy out once on a mission and then you’re a part of his rag tag team. Not that you minded, it was nice to be able to count on adults for once in your life and for people to understand what it was like to put your life on the line every day.

The newspapers got a hold of you then and didn’t let you go. They’ve called you the ‘Shadow-Lady’, ‘Mona Lisa’, and even ‘Black Angel’. You think it’s because of your “mysterious smile” and your all black attire to blend into the shadows. Thankfully, you’ve been able to keep your name out of the papers. All they know is what you look like.

Of course, that’s enough for them to hound you on. You get bombarded by photographers more than you like. That doesn’t stop you from enjoying life though; flirting with boys, acing tests, hanging out with friends, ect.

You met Spider-man while you were out fighting. You’ve heard whispers of a new hero in town, which you didn’t hate the idea of. Then maybe you’d be able to take a break every once in a while. You were trying to take down a guy with a very large and very dangerous gun and it was getting a little hairy. You may have crazy good fighting skills and the power to make people very angry (angry enough to start a riot and murder, for example), but that doesn’t stop bullets. So when Spider-man suddenly saved you from getting a hot one in the side, you were grateful.

You met Peter when you were trying to convince Tony to let you borrow the private jet for a day. Peter ran in yelling about some criminal he took down. You recognized the voice and the body build and broke out into a grin. “Spider-man! Oh gosh man, you really saved me a week ago!” You yelled, shaking his hand and thanking him. Of course, Peter blushed and tried to brush it off like it was no big deal but from then on you two were heart eyes and lingering touches.

The first time you noticed Peter had some serious heart eyes for you was when the group had a movie night. The two of you had been talking for a good amount and were friends, yall even hung out when your busy schedule allowed it. During the movie, the two of you sat close to each other, too close for just friends. You shared a popcorn with him and your eyes wandered to him during boring parts. He couldn’t help but stare when you laughed at a comedic scene or sniffled at a particularly sad part.

The second and third and fourth time happens when you were “studying” with him. Which really meant cuddling and watching movies.

The fifth time is when he asked you to be his girlfriend.

And you’d be lying if you said it was like a dream ever since. The two of you fight sometimes. Mostly about his worries of you being a superhero and your worries about him being a superhero. Both of you understand what it’s like to put yourself at risk night after night and both of you don’t want that life for the other. Of course, both of you wouldn’t give up the hero life for the world. Well, maybe you’d give it up for him.

But it hasn’t been all bad. Peter is one of the most kind and sweet hearted boyfriends you’ve ever had. Not that you had many. He’s the best though. He always brings you sweets if you’re craving them and he cuddles you without you having to ask. He helps you with homework and doesn’t mind sharing his sweatshirts with you. Peter really is too good for you.

Peter believes that same thing about you. He’s told you once or twice that you’re out of his league and that he can’t believe he ended up with someone so amazingly sweet.

When your mother told you that you’d be switching schools, to Peter’s, you weren’t sad. You’d be leaving behind some friends, but to be able to spend the entire day with Peter sounds like a good trade. The two of you don’t get to see each other nearly enough.

You’ve been preparing for the first day of school for 2 weeks. You’re just so nervous about meeting all of Peter’s friends and about meeting your own teachers. You’re a little worried that people wouldn’t like you.

You lean over to lay your chin on Peter’s shoulder as he types something up, “Peter, do you think all your friends will like me?”

“(Y/N)… I don’t know how you got it into your head, but I don’t…. have many friends. I have Ned.” Peter tells you, embarrassment coloring his cheeks pink as he glances at you before typing once again.

You sigh and snuggle your head into the crook of his neck. “You keep telling me that, but I love you so much so I don’t understand how others couldn’t like you just as much.”

He flushes an even deeper red. That’s always his reaction to you telling him how much you love him. Almost like he won’t ever believe you when you tell him.

Peter shrugs, moving your head and then whispering an apology. “Well, I think everyone is going to love you, (Y/N). But not as much as I do.” He presses a quick kiss into your head before Aunt May peeks her head into Peter’s room.

She smiles at the sight of you two before looking at you. “(Y/N), as much as I love having you over…”

You nod, standing up, “No spending the night, I understand Aunt May. Besides it’s a school night and my parents will kill me if I go home any later.” You give Peter a kiss on the cheek and hugging him before waving good bye to the two you now consider your family.

You say hello to your parents when you finally get home and jump into bed, eager for school the next day.

Your morning was uneventful, you got up, got ready and ate breakfast. You almost jumped for joy when Peter finally texted you that he was outside your apartment complex. He told you the day before that he’d walk to your building, which is about 5 minutes away and then the two of you could walk to school together.

You skipped down the stairs in front of your building and wrapped your boyfriend in a tight hug, kissing him briefly. “I’m so excited!” You tell him, smiling and holding his hand as the two of you walk.

Peter laughs at your behavior and swings your arms as the two of you walk together. Thankfully, no one interrupts your morning asking for a signature or a picture. The two of you finally reach his school and it suddenly intimidates you. It’s so big and there’s so many students streaming into the building. You squeeze Peter’s hand for reassurance and he squeezes back. You have your first period with him, which is awesome.

As you’re walking into the building, you hear a few whispers and notice a few girls pointing at you. You smile at them and walk a little closer to Peter, who has been holding your hand a little more protectively around the other students.

He walks you to your locker and the two of you chat about this and that. When suddenly a guy, about your height with black hair and tan skin walks up to the two of you. He looks you up and down before clapping a hand onto Peter’s shoulders, making him tense up.

“Peter, my best friend, who is this here?” The boy asks, eyeing you.

You smile at him, “I’m (Y/N)! It’s nice to meet a friend of Peter’s! I just transferred here and I’m so excited to be here!”

Flash smiles at you, “Oh yeah, Peter and I are best buds. We hang out all the time. He hasn’t told me about you, though.”

This stings a little, but suddenly a light bulb clicks in your mind. Peter told you about a guy named Flash who harasses Peter a little during school. If Peter only has Ned, and you know what Ned looks like then this must be Flash. That little asshole. Your smile turns icy. “Best buds, hmm.. He hasn’t told me about you either. I’m Peter’s girlfriend.” You turn to Peter and give him a gently kiss before walking away towards your first period with Peter, leaving Flash behind in shock.

The rest of the day was spent holding hands in the hallways, sharing whispered words and almost always touching each other during class periods. It was almost like the two of you were in your own world and didn’t want anyone else to come into it. You of course met lots of people, mostly people who knew what you do for the city. You met Ned, who you loved the moment you laid eyes on him. He’s just so likable.

Peter wraps an arm around your waist and leans his head onto you. “So, how’d you like your first day of school, babe?”

You smile at him, love clear as day in your eyes and nod, “I loved it.”


A bunch of the OCs I’ve collected/received. I wrote down credits but they’re spread across Twitter/Tumblr/Deviantart and just names for some sO THAT’S NOT REALLY GOOD CREDITING…. I GUESS…. some of these have gotten a preliminary redesign too but I kinda stopped as time went on because that takes too much brain power–

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hi~ can you do a wonwoo fluff scenario where they both use round glasses and are bookworms, thanks ♡

- you like to study at this nice little café down the street from your uni
- the library’s always packed and your roommate is just way too loud, so the café is the only place where you could actually get some work done or read your book
- but that’s not the only reason why you go to that specific coffee shop
- let’s just say that the first time you went there, you saw…. this really handsome boy studying there too
- you don’t know his name exactly, but you might have developed a little crush on him
- when you saw him for the first time, you were kinda like “oh wow he’s cute” but that’s it, you just went on with your day afterwards
- but every time you go there, he’s always there too
- like you, he’s either studying for his classes or reading a book and just….. how can someone look so handsome in round glasses…..
- that café becomes your usual study spot, even if there’s room in the library or if your roommate’s not in the dorm
- because that’s the only time you ever catch him, and you think, maybe i’ll finally be able to gather the courage to talk to him!!
- but every time you see him, you just cower away like no i can’t i’m so SCARED
- the boy sometimes looks like he doesn’t want to be approached, especially on days he doesn’t have his round glasses on
- so for now, you think it’s just best to stay strangers and it’s just a tiny little crush, so it’ll soon pass
- one day, you walk into the café to do your homework and it is FILLED with people
- you’re so confused because it’s near the end of the day?? it isn’t exam period?? why are there so many people here??
- apparently the other coffee shop down the street is temporarily closed for renovation so all their customers decided to go to this one
- you think “oh great, today of all days….” because your roommate has friends over and the library’s filled with students trying to finish up some last minute work
- you let out a sigh and turn around to look for another place, when the boy you always see there holds up a hand to catch your attention
- you look down at him in confusion and he says “hey…. um, since the place is full…. i don’t mind you sitting with me….”
- you display a look of shock and he nervously continues “you don’t need to!! sorry if what i said was weird…..”
- you give him a small smile and say “oh no, it’s not weird!! thanks for being so thoughtful…. i really wasn’t in the mood to run around town looking for someplace to study.”
- you take the seat in front of the boy, who introduces himself as jeon wonwoo, and you get straight to work while he continues reading his book
- but the second he lifts it up, you catch a glimpse of the book cover to see one of your FAVORITE series in his hands
- you accidentally blurt out “hey!! that’s such a great book!!” and wonwoo looks up at you and asks “you’ve read it?”
- you exclaim “of course!! it’s one of my favorites!!” and his face lights up as you both start talking about the characters and heavy plotline
- you didn’t even notice how late it’s gotten until the barista walks up to you both and says “um, we’re closing in ten minutes…”
- you and wonwoo apologize, both blushing red for not noticing the time and also for staying in there for almost four hours just talking about books
- at the door, wonwoo asks “which way are you going?” and you point to the right and say “this way. you?”
- you try not to frown when wonwoo says he’s headed in the other direction, but before leaving, he asks “um… if it’s all right with you, do you think i can have your number…?”
- you nod your head and take your phone out to exchange numbers with him
- you both go your separate ways afterwards, and you’re left grinning the entire walk back to your dorm as you wait excitedly for the next time you see him
- study/coffee dates become a thing between you two, since wonwoo always somehow manages to get a table in time
- but one day, you walk to the coffee shop to see wonwoo waiting outside, and you approach him and say “wonwoo? what are you doing out here?”
- he wordlessly points inside the café, and your face falls when you see that it’s completely FULL, like there’s not even one seat available
- wonwoo asks “did you have a lot of homework today? i just came here to read.”
- you give your backpack a little pat and say “me too. i was only planning on getting some coffee and continuing my book. but i guess there’s no way we can do that now.”
- wonwoo says “actually… i know this nice bookstore around the block… there won’t be any coffee, but i promise they have a lot of books. only the good ones.”
- you ask “are you taking me on a bookstore date?” and he grins “only if you’ll let me.”
- nodding your head, you run to his side and walk down the streets with him and hopefully…. there’ll be more bookstore dates in the future

thank you for your request!!

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Hello my dear! I know you'r out of Hetalia but ... I need to see how cute (handsome ♡) Wales is doing! 0_0 Aph Wales needs more attention and love. And i just adore your OC's! I'm begging you for fan-service ;) (#shirtlessWales #JustOutOfTheShower ...?)


Also re: my last gifset, the fact that Cassian does this v human thing casually touching Kay before he leaves? Is so cute??? Like, does K-2 do that with him too cause he knows it’s comforting to humans? Cassian is so bonded to his dumb asshole droid and he knows Kay is worried not knowing wtf Jyn is gonna do and if Cassian will be okay without him there and it’s just like *reassuring touch* ‘It’s okay, I’ll come back to you.’

O u t d o o r s

Pairing: Chanyeol x Reader

Genre: Fluff

Synopsis: Dumping Chanyeol was really becoming an option after this, but I was too weak to do it.

The one shot where your boyfriend is just too cute to say not to, even though you know you’ll regret it.

Word count: 1919

I felt like dying.

My breathing was going so fast that I felt my lungs burning and my head go dizzy. My whole body was shaking and I couldn’t stand up anymore, so I had to stop. I had been doing this for so long that my body wasn’t able to handle it for any other second. A small sigh left my lips as I controlled the way my body was reacting to it. I was really weak on my knees.

The soft green grass tingled in the back of my neck, as I laid still over it with no intention to move. The blue sky was clear, provoking a bigger sense of heat and humidity on the wind that flowed heavily around the park. While I kept curling my fingers over the leaves with a soft motion, I wondered how the hell I ended up tangled in this situation.

It was a normal saturday morning, full of cartoons and breakfast bowls. First, I woke up early, which was a surprise considering that I didn’t have to work; and laid over my warm sheets for a couple of minutes. The smell of cologne was still impregned on it, and I hummed happily over the pillow, enjoying the last traces of it tingling on my nose. I loved the smell of mint and wood, and he knew it really well.

Half an hour later, I found myself dancing in the kitchen with my paint-stained joggers and crop top, completely blocking the world out as I jammed to my favorite songs. The soft smell of pancake mix being cooked was floating in the air, making my stomach grumble of hunger and excitement.

My hips were wiggling in coordination with the bop of the songs, and I absently danced the choreographies too, mostly because I knew them by heart. The lyrics were barely mumbled, especially since I was too busy trying not to burn the whole apartment in a slip of a second. Flipping over the last pancake, I sighed happily and turned the kitchen off, cleaning rapidly afterwards, and hoping the food wouldn’t be too hot.

I sat on the couch for a while, cleaning my plate off and watching all the cartoons possible. I had nothing better to do than this, since I had already done my part of the chores and had a clean schedule for the day. After what seemed a long time, I stood up, and went directly to clean the rest of the mess I had left on the kitchen. The plates piled up, showing last night’s effort to make a presentable dinner for once, and failing at the end. Boxes of express food were the last proofs of yesterday’s failure.

I continued to bop in my very own world, not noticing the sound of a pair of keys clashing in the desk and a solely figure leaning against the door frame. After a while, I stopped on my tracks, putting attention to the song on shuffle of the moment, and started to sing at the top of my lungs. I danced to it, stepping in coordination with the lyrics, until I was stopped by a long pair of hands on my hips and a deep voice with hot breath singing in my ear. “… So I’m untouchable man”.

 I felt my heart skip for a second, and a smile crept on my features as I turned around to face him completely. His brown hair was fluffily covered by a black cap and an oversized black hoodie. His lips were turned upwards in a cheeky smile and his nose was crunched in a cute way. The song stopped right after, and left us in a comfortable silence as we stared into each other’s eyes.

I was the first one to break the silence. “You know how much I love that song.”

His smile only grew bigger as he walked even closer to me, leaving just a tiny space between us. His warm hands went up a little bit, getting in touch with the soft skin of my waist, and his long fingers began to absently draw imaginary circles in that area, sending several tickles over my torso.

“Which part? The rap one?”, he wondered, proud of himself.

“Specially the rap part”, I repeated his words, feeling flustered by the second.

His proximity made my heart beat faster and my mind go completely blank. Every nerve of my body was tickling as I craved his touch. I raised my hand, taking his cap off, and letting his brown hair freely fall over his forehead. It reached right over his eyebrows, showing how bad he needed a haircut, so I brushed it off with my fingers, stopping a second just to caress his cheek. His shut his eyes close momentarily, while he leaned softly against my palm, and his hands hold my waist tighter. He was clean of all makeup, and his soft eyes bore in to mine like two deep holes.

“Where have you been, Chanyeol?”, I wondered softly, smiling at his natural beauty.

“Hmm, I had an early practice, babe.” He mumbled distractedly, too busy playing with the tips of my fingers on his pink lips. “I didn’t want to wake you up, so I left as silently as I could”.

He began to walk in my direction again, pushing me against the marble table’s border behind me, closing as much space as he could. The tip of his nose was brushing mine, and I was able to see every aspect of his face, even the littlest flaw. From the natural glow on his cheekbones to the almost invisible trace of acne in his face. I stared at him, noticing a little smile forming on his features, until his warm lips crashed with mine.

A tingling sensation formed in my lower abdomen as I moved my lips too. His hands were holding me still and mine where playing with the short hair of his nape, feeling slightly drunk on him. He lifted me up, sitting me over the marble surface, making a space for his body in the middle of my legs. His hands were everywhere, touching every bit of the exposed skin he had within reach.

After what seemed like hours, I hold him by the border of his sharp neck line, and I pushed him softly, breaking the lip contact with a sigh. A small pout formed on his lips, and growl burped from his throat, feeling profoundly bothered by the end of the make out session. I couldn’t help but laugh at his childishness.

“It’s too early, Chanyeol”, I stated, pushing myself off the counter. He stepped back, looking at the clock hanging on the wall, and realizing it was only eight-thirty in the morning. His eyes widened a little, and his hands hung low on the front pockets of his joggers, noticing how early he had left that day.

“You’re right, Y/N. I should be doing my training session.” He stated, frowning slightly at the idea. I, on the other side, felt excitement rushing through me. Training session meant two things: 1. Sweaty Chanyeol. 2. Shirtless Chanyeol afterwards.

I controlled my face expression as much as I could, not letting him know how much his words had affected me. Instead, I cleared my throat. “Have you had breakf-?”, I wondered, but I was interrupted by the growl of his stomach. He smiled innocently at me and I rolled my eyes, unpacking some of the leftover pancakes I had left in the fridge.

“You should really stop doing that”, I said as I placed the steaming plate in front of him with a frown. “Your body isn’t made of steel, Chanyeol. Take care of yourself a little.” He licked his lips slightly, looking at the food with hungry eyes.

“I know, I’m sorry. It was really early in the morning and I was already running late to the practice”, he excused himself with a pout. I gave him a glass of juice too, kissing his cheek in the process. “Eat, we will discuss it later.”

“No”, I growled for the millionth time.

Jagi, please” Chanyeol pleaded again. In a blink, he knead, hugging my waist with his long arms. He looked at me with puppy eyes and pouty lips. I felt my heart warming at the view, while he spoke again.

“It’s just for today, I don’t wanna go by myself”.

“Chanyeol, you are literally asking me to go to run with you, even knowing how my physical condition is”, I said, taking him by the shoulders to look at him in the eye. “You should really reconsider what you are asking”

He snorted, pressing my waist even harder to his chest.

“Why don’t you go with Baekhyun instead?”, I tested, but he snorted again.

“He is moving with his girlfriend this week, he has no time”, he clarified.

“And you think I do?”, I asked, offended. He smiled sweetly, but didn’t answer at my question.

“Plus, I don’t want to run with Baekhyun, I want to do it with you.”

“I bet Baekhyun will look 10 times better than me in a sports bra and leggings”, I joked. “Such a killer look.”

Please?” His cheeks were softly colored rosy, out of the effort not to laugh. His eyes were shinning, and his nose was cutely crunched as always. I felt my heart warm at the view and my fingers tingled a little bit.

Oh god.

So, that’s what happened. Wow, I’m weak of spirit.

I kept breathing heavily on the floor, considering really, really, seriously  in dumping Chanyeol and get a cat instead. It wouldn’t be as cute as him, but I wouldn’t have to take a run just because it pouted at me.

The clouds had just started to darken the sky, but I didn’t move for what could’ve been 20 minutes… At least until I felt a ball kicking my side.

Moving my head sideways, I saw a red ball rolling over the grass, and I recognized it immediately. A known giraffe of fluff hair stared at me with a cheeky grin over his features and both arms crossed. He kicked the ball once again, now kicking my leg softly with it, until he walked in my direction with energetic movements.

He stared down at me, looking slightly entertained at my suffering. I frowned at him and crossed my arms over my chest. He snorted loudly, still smiling. Chanyeol crouched down with his long legs, daddy long legs, and spoke for the first time in a while.

“You’re such a baby”. His long arms took me by the waist, sitting me up as he cleaned the back of my hoodie off the grass. “We literally run like, what? 3 miles?”

“3 miles!? Three miles my ass!” I exploded. “I literally ran all the way from California to New York in less than an hour!”

He laughed loudly at my discomfort and helped me up, smiling a little before fixing my clothes. I felt my knees weaken, making me lose my stability, but he was quicker and grabbed me by the back, steading me up. My cheeks reddened but I hid my face in his oversized clothes and breathed in heavily. He chuckled again, giving me his back while he crouched down again.

“C’mon jagi, I’ll piggy back ride you”, he said happily. “Let’s get you some ice cream.”

 This is my first one shot ever! I really hope you enjoy it and decide to give it some love!

Feel free to ask for whatever you want to read, i will try to do my best to write it for you :)

Here are the introduction and requests 

Remember to read the  r u l e s  before requesting! 

All the love, Sofi.

hash swan- MA$HIMARO translated!!

for @fantaszico :)
Note: Mashimaro is a famous Korean cartoon bunny with really small eyes 

Hey!! You’re so fresh
Because of you I can’t sleep, I can’t sleep
Wait I’m kinda fresh too
In front of me eyes become large
Bring Mashimaro Mashimaro
We can take a private jet to Vegas
Not just your makeup but also your jeans are YSL (Yves Saint Lauren has really expensive jeans)
Hey, you, Ms. Fresh,
In front of you I am a Mashimaro Mashimaro whose eyes become large

In the club Malibu is elegant
You’re enough to humiliate the other noonas
They return their glasses right away
Hey bitch get your Prada bag
People watching us all become fools 
I give my alcohol to you for the first time
Bring a psychometry 
If you like it let’s make it excessively as if a perfect camoflauge that isn’t excessive at all.
People who play my songs a lot sing along to lyrics about you
Then we’ll fly to Boracay, Guam, Hawaii
This is money I earned from talking about you
It’s nice af
Even if night comes to us today I become a Mashimaro with opened eyes
If you wanna go anywhere don’t wait and endure it
I told you I’ll take you to Shangri-La

Hey!! You’re so fresh
Because of you I can’t sleep, I can’t sleep
Wait I’m kinda fresh too
In front of me eyes become large
Bring Mashimaro Mashimaro
We can take a private jet to Vegas
Not just your makeup but also your jeans are YSL (Yves Saint Lauren has really expensive jeans)
Hey, you, Ms. Fresh,
In front of you I am a Mashimaro Mashimaro whose eyes become large

A Mashimaro that you can’t see in front of you
Truth is, everyday is busy for me so it’s right for me to get more sleep
However it feels like you pressed me with a scissor not your number
I see the future between you and me
I want to subscribe to Netflix (like Netflix and chill lmao)
In conclusion I want to eat breakfast with you tomorrow
We’re gonna say it was L I T
It may be a tremendous plan to some people
But for me it is a simple vacay (vacation)
I want to go there with you
I can do word acrobatics that all of your friends like
If I say a lot of these things to you, you are Mashimaro no matter what any guy says to you
We’re nothing but Mashimaros to each other
Let’s just go to Shangri-La, where I already reserved

Hey!! You’re so fresh
Because of you I can’t sleep, I can’t sleep
Wait I’m kinda fresh too
In front of me eyes become large
Bring Mashimaro Mashimaro
We can take a private jet to Vegas
Not just your makeup but also your jeans are YSL (Yves Saint Lauren has really expensive jeans)
Hey, you, Ms. Fresh,
In front of you I am a Mashimaro Mashimaro whose eyes become large

In front of me even Mashimaro opens his eyes
In front of me even Bonobono widens his eyes (Bonobono is a manga character with pretty small eyes)
In front of me even Mashimaro opens his eyes
But in front of you I become a Mashimaro that opens his eyes
I’ll tell them I’m playing with you
Call me any time
You can hashtag me if you want

In front of me even Mashimaro opens his eyes
In front of me even Bonobono widens his eyes (Bonobono is a manga character with pretty small eyes)
In front of me even Mashimaro opens his eyes
But in front of you I become a Mashimaro that opens his eyes
I’ll tell them I’m playing with you
Call me any time
You can hashtag me if you want

Hey!! You’re so fresh
Because of you I can’t sleep, I can’t sleep
Wait I’m kinda fresh too
In front of me eyes become large
Bring Mashimaro Mashimaro
We can take a private jet to Vegas
Not just your makeup but also your jeans are YSL (Yves Saint Lauren has really expensive jeans)
Hey, you, Ms. Fresh,
In front of you I am a Mashimaro Mashimaro whose eyes become large

Hey!! You’re so fresh
Because of you I can’t sleep, I can’t sleep
Wait I’m kinda fresh too
In front of me eyes become large
Bring Mashimaro Mashimaro
We can take a private jet to Vegas
Not just your makeup but also your jeans are YSL (Yves Saint Lauren has really expensive jeans)
Hey, you, Ms. Fresh,
In front of you I am a Mashimaro Mashimaro whose eyes become large

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Can you also do relationship hc's for thor?

Thor has always reminded me of a big happy golden retriever.

Once you earn his love it’s kinda unconditionally and he might be away a lot but you can never really question if he loves you or not because he looks at you like the most beautiful thing he’s ever seen.

It’s a little mind blowing sometimes because he’s this otherworldly being that sometimes sits on the couch with you and watches trashy reality tv and he gets like really into it.

He’s beautiful in the morning, because he looks absolutely horrible. His hair is everywhere (listen you will have to pry the image of thor’s long hair away from my cold dead hands, because that is the one true thor of my heart.) He’s not a morning person.

When he catches you staring at him in the morning, he gives you a big happy smile and it’s just so genuine and adorable that it makes the crazy hair cute too.

~Mod Lillian


He ended up attracting Isabella next.  If she couldn’t have the son she damn well was going to have the father, come hell or high water.

Andrei had to ponder whether or not this was bestiality.  

… it is WAYYY too late to contemplate this.

It turns out that Isabella, both a Shy sim and a Hopeless Romantic sim…

Opts for being shy when kissing a sim at the kissing booth.

Well isn’t that just cute af.  She pulls this shit about a kiss but will happily drop trou for…. you know what, never mind.

A shy peck on the lips later and…

They just exchanged this look.  xD

It is VERY much canon that Andrei doesn’t mix his work life with actual romance.  

A kiss at the kissing booth is all she gets.  xD  Bitch better show up for work.

Stop doing that.  :|

Best Modern Drabble

OF WHISKEY AND BROKEN NOSES by xxDeadInsidexx @potter-blake

Clarke Griffin is angry with her ex. Bellamy Blake is a bar tender. one shot. modern day bellarke.

A CUP OF COFFEE, A SANDWICH AND YOU by marauders_groupie @marauders-groupie

“Save any lives today?”
He bats his eyelids open, cocks an eyebrow above his thick-rimmed glasses. Yeah, he’s cute. That might be like at least 70% of why she cares.
“Okay, well, fake name every time,” she ticks away on her fingers. “Constantly tired. Glasses. You know who also wears glasses? Yeah, Superman!”

Best Canon Drabble


“Hey Princess, it’s Bellamy.”

Or, Bellamy’s been talking to Clarke the whole time, too

TORTURED SOULS by pawprinter

What could he say that would heal her? He was just as broken as her. He took just as many innocent lives as her. They were both tortured souls. He felt like he was spinning out of control. He was losing her. After irradiate Level 5 together, Clarke is leaving and Bellamy struggles to get her to stay. He cannot lose her. Not after everything. Set during 2x16.


“This is where it falls apart,” Clarke whispers. Her finger traces random patterns across Bellamy’s chest, his gently untangling the knots in her hair.
The sun hasn’t yet risen but the sky outside has begun to lighten, those nebulous hours when night fades to morning and the world starts to think about waking up. Clarke greets them like an old friend. Most nights she wakes with a jolt– sometimes from nightmare, other times from the stress of an unimaginably long to-do list– and lets the slow ascent into day calm her racing mind.
Today, however, she wants to stay in that in-between state.


Bellamy doesn’t really sleep, not since they’ve fallen from the sky. And he doesn’t really dream anymore, but this time he does.

(Based on the season 4 trailer.)

Haechan gif spam

I just did one of these for NCT, but I have to do a separate one for my sweet boy Haechan. He’s so soft and cute and sweet and is just too good for this world and we are not worthy. I would put this under a read more, but a little 21 gif post of Haechan never hurt anyone~

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If this didn’t make you feel all happy on the inside then I don’t know what will.



@sassquire ITS THE SMARTIE SQUAD… i kinda wonder what exactly theyre starin at mandark more or less just judging dexter)

@prettywitchiusaka Sleep kuki and a nano kuki

@anons who asked for Dexter

@smourice-toastygraham Cute Kuki fawninniver rainbow monkeys, wally or just in general all the pretty things!

@doglover502 And Fusionfall Virginia! Yknow what, I’d love too see her in fusionfall actually. KICKIN BUTT. Bartie sending you on missions to give her some snacks or something (“The Darklands are pretty scary, thought she might need some comics or something.”)

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different anon, they're totally right. there's so many people who get the wisdom and carefulness of zenyatta right, but NOBODY adds in his subtle sense of humor. you're amazing at this ❤

adfjkd No lie, that’s one of the things that bothers me about a lot of other Zenyattas (not just in RP, but in fanfiction as well!) They’re just 100% zen without any other character traits. He is there to be the wise old monk trope, the emotional support, and not much else. It’s just…

There are so many cute little quirks and goofiness. The taunt emote alone is just absolutely the cutest, silliest thing, AND IT COMES IN SPRAY FORM TOO. Then there’s the fist bump? And some of the lines in the game (not the voice lines, but the actual in-play lines)-

“I’m on fire, but an extinguisher is not necessary.”

“Time is an illusion, but the illusion is about to run out.”

“I see a turret… it is very real.”

Why would the turret not be real, Zenyatta? WHY WOULD THE TURRET NOT BE REAL? You’re a fucking troll, Zenyatta, and I love you for it.

But yeah, I live for Zenyatta’s subtle, snarky humor.

“I win this round, Genji.” You smugass little shit.

Gosh, and the way he drags people? Seriously, go here, look at his elimination lines. Zenyatta takes no prisoners.

AHEM. Listen. I could go on about this all day. Zenyatta is a little shit and he gets away with it because he’s cute and no one expects it from him. This is what I aim for, honestly. Zenyatta, the cute little shit.

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My dear i cannot *clutches chest* all of these cute animals are killing me and ive learn so much about their biology that it has become an educational experience for me, even tho they're just monsters ahahahaha. And whats more i love your art style they are too cute and soooo ngg 👌 adorableeeee 💕💕💕 i wanna hug themm so baddd

Oh my, you’re so nice <3 I’m so glad you find it educational xD I like to explain things so If you can learn something about it, it makes me really happy.

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Honestly, Toyotaro's idiocy is just making me appreciate the Super anime a lot more. The writers may sometimes struggle to write Goku's goofier side properly without going too far, but they always show Goku as a loving and supportive father whenever he's around Gohan and Goten. I don't know where the heck that knucklehead got this idea of Goku being a dismissive jacka## from, Goku is widely considered a great parent in Japan. Good grief, I'm just going to go back to watching the baby Pan episode

Hahaha! Ya so far the writers for the anime seems like it’s slightly better then the manga…just because for, 1) they did make it sound like a misunderstanding with the kissing scene because vegeta didn’t specify that he was talking about kissing, 2.) they showed Goku getting mad at zamsu killing Chichi and Goten, showing that he does care a lot about his family, 3.) they showed both Goku’s and Vegeta’s family there to comfort them when coming back from zamasu’s world, 4.) They made goku only mention that he was not there for Goten’s birth, which is true.  

But still personally, I’m not going to be so involved in watching super that much…..It’s not because of what only happened in the manga, but also because personally I’ve just been bored of the show. The main reason I continued to watch it was because there was a few Son family/funny moments that I enjoyed….Like for example the Pan episode, the baseball episode, the Arale episode, the episode with Goten and Trunks, or where goku defends his family’s honor against zamasu, episodes like that is what I’m in for, but either than that I’m just like nah man. 

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((funny cause the fights don’t thrill me anymore, sure there were some that were animated good but overall they still bore me. For me, they still don’t have that old adrenaline rush I got in DBZ.))

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I binged so hard today, hoping that it would make me feel healthy and happy to eat plenty of good food. I ended up eating a fuck ton of junk. Before my Ed, I didn't hate my body, I just though being bone thing would be 'cute'. Now, I hate my body and I can't get out of this vicious cycle and I don't want to stop. I wish other boys and girls never start, because once you've don't that it seems there's no going back

don’t fall for it kids. if you’re new to ed’s and such, get the hell out. while you can. this will wreck you. please leave if you’re not already in too deep.

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Psst, do you like Edward Avila?....if you don't even know who he is that's ok lol but I had an adventure going to his panel at KCON bc his (extreme) bias is Wonho from Monsta X and my friend (who couldn't come and intro'ed me to his videos) and I had the idea to give him a pic of wonho. I was too shy and basically handed it to him and ran at the end of the panel XDDD also I bought a cute pin from a fanartist who was friends with my friend! It's Ryan waving ARMY bombs :D

I’M SCREAMING YOU GOT TO SEE EDWARD AVILA I’M??? I haven’t watched his vids lately but I LOVE him he’s just such an attractive and pleasant person and I really love makeup so;;; But aH that’s so cute! (Also, he stans Monsta X like that’s indicative of a great person right there) But hhh the pin sounds SO cute (Namjoon would absolutely love to have it, surely) Jeez I’m so jealous but it sounds like you had a wonderful time!!!!!