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Random ask: Care to compare Flynn Rider with Lance? I mean, Eugene has thinly veiled self worth issues and is conspicuously sensitive to how others perceive him. And he may play at being a lady's man, but from what we've seen he's not actually any good at it.

Never thought of that comparison before, but the more I think about it – that kinda fits.

Okay. (Cracks knuckles) Let’s get to this…


-For starters, like you mentioned, they both have massive self worth issues and are sensitive guys, but tend to puff up their egos to hide their problems.

-They are both ladies guys .

-They are very perceptive, being able to come up plans on the fly.

-They both funny, caring, cunning and witty


- Lance has a lot more friends; he also can make bonds faster than Eugene. Lance is very homesick about Earth. A huge part of that is due to missing his siblings, mom and his home town in Cuba. He was super close with his family, most likely having a fair amount of siblings, cousins, nieces and nephews. He is the kinda of guy that can befriend anyone and will die for them in seconds.  In a sense, the persona is a lot more mixed in with his actual personality since he is very extroverted, sensitive and caring, he just tries to use those traits to his insecurities more.

I never got that from Eugene. Sure, he can talk with others and form bonds with others like Rapunzel and her family, but he seems to rely on his persona a lot more and hide his true self from others until he truly trusts them.  In the movie, he never shows his true self to Rapzunel and admits his issues until much later in the movie.     It makes a lot sense since Eugene was a orphan, who was alone for a lot of his life while Lance well…has a family back home that mean the world to him. 

-The nature of their self worth issues. Lance’s stems from a mixture of things. For starts, like I mentioned before, Lance comes from a big family. When you come from a large family, you tend to compete for affection and to stand out from the rest. Another place I think it has roots is his days at the Garrisons. While he was there, he was compared to Keith, who was idolised for being the Golden Boy of the place, and was put down a lot because of it, even some of his superiors going as far to out him down in front of his fellow cadets.   Because of this, Lance sees Keith as this obstacle that he needs to defeat and declared him as his rival on the spot.   (I have a hunch Lotor might to the same thing next season, especially if he goes the “If Lance was an antihero or morally grey villain” direction like I am theorising.) 

Eugene’s comes from being in an orphanage and seeing Flynn Ryder as an idol and someone he wants to become when he is older. He sees himself as less skilled than his idol.

- Lance is a lot more naïve and not as experienced when it comes to talking with girls.  In  season one, a Nyma flirted with Lance and then tied him to a poll, stealing the Blue Lion. Lance is sensitive to his emotions a lot more, being quick to tell the team that he fucked up.

I never got that sense from Eugene. He seems to be a lot more confident and be able to pick up cues from the opposite sex more, not falling under someone’  s spell like that.

That makes total sense.  Eugene is in his late 20s and Lance is in his late teens, so Lance is inexperienced compared to him and has a long way to go. 

- Lance tends to look down on himself a lot more while praising others. In Escape from Beta Traz, Lance talks to the prison warden’s pet (long story), giving glowing praise to his teammates and friends. When it comes to himself, he comes dry and says, “Maybe I don’t have a thing.” He says that he sees himself as the “7th Wheel of Voltron”, seeing himself as worthless addition to the team. (Okay, now I want to hug him). 

Lance compares himself to his teammates, having a hard time seeing his own skills and talents, willing to die for others for them to say that he is worth while and well…he is that nice of a guy.  Keith is the Golden Boy, Pidge and Hunk are both very bright, and Shiro is the fearless Lance. So he wonders, “Where does that lead me?”

I never got that from Eugene. Far as I’m aware, he never put himself down compared to Rapunzel or something.