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I just want to say that yours headcanons and interactions with everyone here just crack me up so fcking much, honestly, you guys are a true blessing. And, if it's okay, could I request the RFA+V+ Saeran falling hard for MC but they just don't notice, like, at all, and, God help them, they are trying their very best, what the actual fuck MC (it's okay if you don't wanna do the request, I hope you guys have a great day!)

A/N: omg you’re such a cutie thank you <3 ヾ(´▽`*;)ゝ”and did you mean like mc doesnt notice that they’re completely in love with them??? (soRRY im so exhausted lmao) but dude i’m completely mc in that case ripperoni  ~Admin 404


               - I thought…losing his eye was like… enough to show how much he cares about you

               -He’s always making you food and snacks in cute little shapes (especially hearts)

               -When the two of you play LOLOL he’s always giving you the best loot and diving in front of your character to make sure you don’t die

               -Always joining new clubs that either you’re in, or they cover a topic you’re interested in

               -That way, he can spend more time with you and enjoy some of the same things!

               -Not to mention it he actually really enjoys it all and learns something new about you every time

               -He’s even managed to hug you close for long periods of time without turning red or stuttering!

               -But you still! Don’t! See it!

               -You always think he’s just being really nice and a great friend! Sure you secretly like him but you don’t want to ruin the friendship if he doesn’t like you back!

               -Saeyoung’s made it his personal mission to get the two of you together because Yoosung just won’t take initiative and you’re just oblivious as hell


               -He’s always hanging off of you, how are you not even suspicious?

               -Always has an arm around you, hand on your shoulder, even on your knee when the two of you are sitting

               -For fucks sake MC, he kisses your cheek and holds your hand when the two of you walk anywhere are you DENSE??

               -Always bringing you flowers, chocolates, you name it


               -He’s so dramatic about everything. Every time you don’t react to his romantic gesture, he’s practically throwing himself to the floor in a sobbing fit

               -He’s even held you by the shoulders, looked you in the eyes, and told you how much he really likes you

               -You just responded with a tilt of your head, innocently asking, “Like…. you like-like me?”

               - hoW HAVE YOU NOT NOTICED BY NOW?????

               -EVEN AFTER THAT, YOU’RE STILL OBLIVIOUS. MC, why. Just, why. He loves you but wOW


               -She’s not exactly surprised that you don’t realize her feelings

               -More subtle with her emotions than the rest of them

               - even jumin is more open about his feelings for you, who would have guessed

               -She’s always inviting you to attend new cafes, or to show you her favourite ones!

               -Also makes you a lot of coffee/tea and cakes!

               -The two of you spend a lot of time discussing books the two of you have read, and theorize about those that abruptly ended

               -Always looking you straight in the eyes, smiling, and will constantly turn a light shade of red

               -But you don’t get it?? Is she getting a fever? Is it even hot enough in here to make her red like that? Is she alright?

               -You’re always putting your hands on her cheeks, trying to see if she’s ill and it just makes her blush 10x more

               -Dammit MC she’s gonna pass out at this rate, get your hands off of her, just notice that she likes you so the two of you can cuddle and she can get over turning as red as she does!


               -You’d think it’d be really obvious

               -I mean the man has next to no emotions but when you come around he’s practically a puddle on the floor- how in the world don’t you notice?

               -Always making sure you’re comfortable with anything the two of you do

               -If he invites you to lunch and you don’t like the restaurant, he’ll cancel his reservations and find a new place immediately

               -AND HE DOES EVERYTHING HIMSELF. Not once does he ask Jaehee or another employee of his to set up plans or grab something for you

               -Listens to your opinion more than anyone else’s. He’ll take it to heart and do whatever you suggested (that is if it isn’t drastic)


               -The dude tried to move you into his house almost immediately, seriously MC how can you not tell

               -Completely showers you in gifts all the time. If you aren’t there to physically receive them, he’s telling you what he got you and sends you pictures

               -He thinks it’s absolutely adorable that you have no idea, but at the same time it lowkey drives him crazy because he juST WANTS TO KISS YOU, MC. PLEASE. JUST, P L E A S E



               -This lil brat tries to hide that he’s completely in love with you until he just can’t take it anymore

               -Come on he’s built you Robo-cat, gone over personally to protect you, and a lot more, what do you waNT FROM HIM

               -Sends you memes in the middle of the night because he thinks you’ll find them funny

               -Calls you at night just to talk until he can hear you fall asleep on the other end of the phone

               -He’s also buying you a lot of little things because he thought of you when he saw it, and couldn’t bring himself to just leave it

               -You’re the only one he’ll let drive his babies. HIS. BABIES. MC, COME ON

               -Always looking at you like a love-sick puppy. Whenever you do something completely adorable he gets as red as his hair

               -He’ll lightly brush his hand against yours when the two of you are walking close together, and watch to see if he can actually grab your hand

               -Gives you the Flynn Rider smoulder more times than you can count but all you do is giggle because it’s your favourite movie. Your giggle is like heaven but MC whY CAN’T YOU SEE HE LIKES YOU

               -HE EVEN SINGS THE LITTLE MERMAID SONG “KISS THE GIRL”(or he changes the lyrics to boy, depending) TO GET THE POINT ACROSS BUT ALL YOU DO IS JUMP IN ON HIS MUSICAL NUMBER. One day MC, one day.


               -He’s gentle with everyone, but you??

               -Well, he’s gentle but he plays around a LOT more

               -Playfully pushes you, pinches your cheeks, he even does gross shit like lick your cheek okay but i do the same

               -Leans close to you all the time. When the two of you talk, he’s leaning into you, staring into your eyes

               -Y'all even spend the night at each other’s houses watching movies or just talking about life

               -How the hell can you not tell that this giraffe loves you??

               -Always taking beautiful photos of you! Well…almost always

               -His favourite photo album is full of pictures of you being goofy, and packed which terrible candid’s of you, but he lOVES THEM SO MUCH MC LOOK AT HOW AMAZING YOU ARE

               -He plans trips for just the two of you so he can take pictures and you can see the sights! Takes you to romantic dinners! Y'all even go to festivals and carnivals together.

               -He’s always holding your hand because he doesn’t want to lose you in a crowd. Or that’s what you think. In reality he just wants to hold your hand; MC please he’s so cute just kiss him already


               -He just plain sucks at sharing emotions

               -But he thought he was pretty obvious?

               -Like there are times that you’re the only one he’ll even acknowledge? That’s pretty self-explanatory there MC

               -He takes you out for ice cream all the time, walks around town, whatever you want. He hates people, he doesn’t willingly go out for that. Unless you want to

               -Always invites you over to just hang out and play some games, watch some movies, or sometimes just to nap

               -Even asks you to teach him how to cook/bake, so he can spend a lot more time with you!

               -Sometimes you give him this dazzling smile that just makes his heart flutter and he can’t even look at you

               -You also like to hug him and he practically passes out every time. It scares you a little bit because you can’t figure out why?? Is he okay??? Are you dead??

               -But he steps out of his comfort zone and hugs you back?? You’re so happy and you absolutely love it! You think that maybe he’s finally becoming more social! You have no idea that he only hugs you because??? It’s you

               -Please just admit you like this man so he can get comfortable MC, he’s too awkward to ask you out himself


“There was this book… a book I used to read every night to all the younger kids. The Tales of Flynnigan Rider. Swashbuckling rogue, richest man alive, not bad with the ladies either. Not that he’d ever brag about it, of course.”
“Was he a thief, too?”
“Uh… well, no. Actually, he had enough money to do anything that he wanted to do. He could go anywhere that he wanted to go. And for a kid with nothing, I don’t know, I… Just seemed like the better option.
“You can’t tell anyone about this, okay? It could ruin my whole reputation.”
“Ah. We wouldn’t want that.”
“Well, a fake reputation is all a man has.”

eugene declaring for all the world to hear that rapunzel is his best friend and the love of his life is enough to literally kill me bye

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Is it me or are the writers are making Eugene's character worse? In the last two episodes (excluding Fitzherbert PI) the writers focused so much on building Rapunzel's arc, making her and Cass more compatible as friends, and ignoring Eugene's trope from the movie. In my opinion, he acted so dumb in the last episode, and I'm beginning to dislike what they are doing to him

I don’t agree with you at all.

First of all, you can’t exclude “Fitzherbert P.I.” and keep a sound argument, since it’s one of the last two episodes. There have been four episodes since the movie, and in two of them, he acted strong and serious and capable, and in the other two, he was being silly, goofy, and a little lax in judgement, and they have been staggered. That’s two and two. It seems to me that, when his arc is the B plot of the episode, he’s sillier, and when he’s the focus, it gets more down to brass tacks.

Well, guess what? He’s the focus (or one of them) of the next two episodes, “Cassandra v. Eugene” and “Return of Strongbow,” so I anticipate more character growth from him.

The way I see it, Eugene hasn’t been relaxed and genuinely happy in years. As the song “Life After Happily Ever After” tells us, he’s finally feeling content and secure, and it’s possible he hasn’t truly felt like this since he was a child. Within the three days that the story of Tangled takes place, we only start to catch a glimmer of what he’s like when he drops his guard. At the campfire, he goes ahead and tells Rapunzel a little about his childhood, but then catches himself and makes an excuse to get away (gather more firewood), because he needs to compose himself again, put some of those walls back up. Even just after “I See the Light,” in the middle of leaning in to kiss the girl he’s just realized he’s completely crazy about and is willing to change for, he stops because he spots the Stabbingtons. He’s so on his guard all the time that he can’t even be completely lost in this romantic moment.

So, what we’re seeing in Tangled the Series is what a goofball he actually is when he’s happy. He’s basically already resigned himself that the people of Corona don’t like him, and he’s not trying to impress them. The only people who’s opinions he cares about are Rapunzel’s and her parents’ (especially Frederic, since Arianna doesn’t seem to intimidate him - you know, I’d really like some one-on-one time with Arianna and Eugene). He’s been Flynn Rider for so long, and now he’s been given permission (by Rapunzel, and more importantly by himself) to be Eugene. So he’s just going for the gusto. He’s allowing himself to feel everything the way Rapunzel does - full force, with the dials turned up to 11. Does this mean he acts goofy and kind of dumb sometimes? Sure! But he’s actually living now instead of just surviving. So long as Rapunzel is happy with him, he’s happy with who he is.

And the fact of the matter is, he’s still rediscovering who Eugene is. Chances are very good that he’s spent at least half of his life being Flynn Rider as a full-time, in character gig. That’s a good way to lose yourself, to no longer be in touch with your opinions vs. your character’s. As a writer and role player, I can assure you that it’s very easy to get swept away in your character’s emotions. And Flynn? Flynn tried his hardest not to feel much. He approached all of life’s situations with swagger and bravado, but also with ambivalence. If it didn’t help him achieve his end, he didn’t really care about it. He only helped Rapunzel at first because she was holding the crown hostage. He only told the thugs about his dream because he was being threatened with physical violence. Even when he approached the Stabbingtons to return the crown, he started off with a joke, trying to keep the situation safe and emotionless. Eugene has always been hidden behind Flynn’s confidence.

So fear not, dear anon. I think it’s too early in the series for you to “dislike what they’re doing to him,” because I have every reason to believe you ain’t seen nothin’ yet.


ok so i know how everyone thinks that the Queen of Corona and the Queen of Arendelle would be sisters, but what if the Queen of Corona and the King of Arendelle were siblings.

think about it, the queens don’t look that much alike except for their hair, but the King of Arendelle and the Queen of Corona do.

they have the same eyes (color and shape), same pursed lips, and their hair shows similar styles and waviness, along with graying in the same areas.  they look more alike than the two queens do.  

Elsa and Anna look nothing like Rapunzel (and every girl shows a striking resemblance to their mother)

the Queen of Arenedelle and the Queen of Corona actually don’t look alike at all.

just a thought, what do you think?

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alright, i gotta know just how embarrassed everyone is if MC catches them indulging in a little self-pleasure~



- omfg when you walk in, he’s so embarrassed!!!!
- his face is all red  and he’s try to pull his pants up and hE’S KNOCKING EVERYTHING OVER
- you’re just kinda standing there like “it’s totally normal for humans to do this??? It’s totally cool dude”
- but then you glance over at his phone and you figure out why he’s probably freaking out
- MC why are you surprised you’re his significant other???
- bruh now you’re extremely embarrassed
- you’re both these cute little blushing balls (sounds kinda dirty)
- you compose yourself though and say “why do you need to look at a picture of me when you have the real thing right here?”
- you give him a little wink before you saunter over to him
- you know how this ends ;;)))
- you and Jaehee have very clashing schedules, so you’re usually super lucky to have two weeks a night to yourselves???
- so it was kinda normal for her to indulge in a bit of self pleasure without u jaehee aint waiting for nobody on this sex train
- but when you come home because your boss gave the day off???
- oh god she’s so horrified
- you already knew she did this but to be caught in the middle of it???
- but nobody can stop Jaehee when she’s turned on
- so on the inside while she’s mortified, she looks so calm and collected on the outside
- “Oh, you’re finally home, MC, I’ve been waiting for you~”
- and oh my god you’re so embarrassed and you just start blushing right away
- She slips her shirt off and you just kEEP STARING
- You can’t move she’s too hot she’s gonna kill you
- You almost pass out, this is gonna be a very good night
- okay well we know how noble and overdramatic this boy is
- so when you catch him, he’s not only really embarrassed
- he is terribly disgusted with himself???
-It’s okay honey 626 will forgive u if u cut ur rat tail off
- and while he’s apologizing, you’re kinda thinking “wow he looks really good on his knees? It’s kinda hot???”
- “Hey Zen, take my pants off”
- “..what?”
- “If you’re going to apologize, I’d prefer you do it with your tongue”
- Dom MC gives me life ;;)))
- honestly this is no biggie for him
- like you walk in on him and he just stares at you expectantly
- “I’m not gonna stop, you can either join or leave”
- “I’d prefer if you got on your knees tho” wiNK WONK
- it’s a start to a very hot night tho ;)))
- he’s insanely embarrassed but he’s gonna try to be smooth like jumin
- he doesn’t want you to realize how embarrassed he actually is
- He gives you the Flynn Rider smolder
- “You’re going to help me, MC”
- you just kinda stare at him like ??? bruh you am tired u do nOT HAVE THE TIME
- “Nah I’m gonna leave bye”
- omfg you thought Yoosung was embarrassed??? Saeran’s reaction makes Yoosung look like a Daddy
- his whole face turns red
- he’s still trying to find himself sexually and he doesn’t want you to judge him???
- you just quietly put down the cookies you baked for him and say “Hey, it’s okay, I’m definitely not gonna judge, I do it too”
- you don’t want him to feel bad about it and you definitely don’t want him to feel pressured <3
- you totally don’t think about him later that night, nope, didn’t happen
- you would think that V of all people would be embarrassed, like he’d probably pull a Zen and get on in his knees for forgiveness
- but nah
- he’s much more smooth than you would think
- “would you like to join, MC?”
- you’re just stuttering and blushing and you trIP
- this anime boi picks u up princess style and carries u to ur bed

A little surprised, and not surprised, by the indifference and dislike towards Cassandra. (Especially because most of it appears to be the fact that people don’t like that she doesn’t like Eugene.) I mean we really don’t know anything about her yet, but I can sort of see why she may be untrustworthy of Eugene.

Her Father is the Captain of the Guards he probably came home day after day complaining about Flynn Rider. Flynn was probably one of the most wanted criminals and caused nothing but trouble for many people…for years. So it’s understandable that she is a little weary of him.

And despite the fact that she does not like him and does not like him for Rapunzel (and sure we are only one episode in) she doesn’t try to talk to Rapunzel on getting out of the relationship with him. She doesn’t like him, but she never tells Rapunzel to not be with him.

Honestly I think all of this is quite realistic. I know it’s been six months, but she still doesn’t trust Eugene. He has been Flynn Rider for years; that’s who she knows. And sure Eugene may be changing, but it takes time. Not everyone has to accept a person who has changed. I’m sure a lot of people wouldn’t accept somebody for awhile, and will always have the layer of mistrust somewhere; even if that person has started to do good things and show they are changing. 

And there are times when our friends date people we don’t like either. It happens. You could be a saint and there will still be people who don’t care for you. 

I actually love the dynamic between Eugene and Cassandra right now and I’m excited to see how they work with it and let it grow. Eugene and Cassandra can actually be great together, but in time. We just have to wait and see.

Hiccup: I can’t keep doing this, I’m not your mom!

Merida: Weeell…

Rapunzel: You do exhibit rather… motherly behavior, Hiccup.

Merida: Yeah, I mean, my mom got turned into a bear. Rapunzel’s mom wasn’t actually her mom-mom. Who knows what happened to Jack’s mom. And your mom got carried off by a dragon-

Jack: Dragons are fast. 

Merida: -so you’re like our mom! ‘Team mom’. [chanting] Team Mom, Team Mom, Team Mom!

Hiccup: I’m not the Team Mom-

All: Team Mom! Team Mom! Team Mom!

Hiccup: Flynn, why are you chanting?!

Flynn: It’s a catchy chant. 

Jack: … Team Mo-

Hiccup: One more chant, and NO slushies after training!

Costume Shopping - Theo Raeken Imagine

Costume Shopping – TW Imagine


Prompt: You and Theo decide to go costume shopping together since you both left it till the last minute and the Halloween party starts soon.

A/N: A very short and crappy imagine! Yay! Just wanted to get something out since I might be busier than usual since I have a massive assignment to work on!

Pairing: Theo x Reader

Word Count: 1026

Originally posted by lets-be-a-queen

Your POV

“Are you serious Y/N! You haven’t got a Halloween costume yet?” Lydia half yelled-laughed at you on the phone. “What? I just forgot to buy one!” You tried to reason with her but she doesn’t seem to care about what you had to say. “Get one now! I’ll call Theo too since he hasn’t got anything either.” Lydia ordered, making you sigh. “Theo? Really? Me and him together?” You asked, frowning. To be honest, you didn’t actually mind Theo. If anything, he was pretty good looking and nice to you. Although he always had that fuckboy, college party guy vibe around him. Always flirting with girls, seducing them. Whatever, you just made your friends think that you hated him. “Come on, Y/N! He’s not even that bad. Plus, he’s always the nicest to you.” You could hear Lydia slightly laugh, making you roll your eyes but smile after. “Okay, fine. I’ll call you later to tell you how it goes.” Before you could end, Lydia commented, “Okay okay! Before you go, make sure you don’t get the same costume as the pack! I’m dressing as Ariel, Allison is dressing up as Katniss and the boys are doing something I have no idea about.”

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For DeanCas Week~ Something different tonight: A fic in which Dean Winchester learns the importance of Disney movies, Castiel is the prettiest princess, and it’s all Sam’s fault. 

Ohana means family, family means nobody gets left behind. Or forgotten.”

                                                                                                –Lilo & Stitch 

It was Sam’s fault. The only reason Dean could not fucking think right now was because the TV in Sam’s room was currently on full blast, and Castiel was watching Tangled. 


And it was all Sam’s fault.

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PSA for the Tangled Fandom!

So, these messages are from awhile ago, and I think I posted them before, but I’m not sure if anyone saw this.

First of all, it shows that contrary to popular belief, Eugene ISN’T 26. More like some between 22-25 (my headcanon is 25). This makes his and Rapunzel’s age difference 4-7 years instead of 8.

Second, Tangled is set in the 1400’s. Not the 1800’s like Frozen. So, sadly, that cameo is just like the other cameos, and it doesn’t really work in the actual canon. I wish they were set in the same era, but according to Nathan, they aren’t.

Also, I haven’t heard back from him on the subject of Eugene Sr. and if that is canon, but I’ll resend the message just in case.

I hope you guys like this new info! :)

Due to popular demand… I present to you What It Means To Fit In Part 2 (Part 1 Here)


It’s been two weeks since the scene in the Great Hall and Jack is not sulking. He does not wait around outside of his classes for a certain Ravenclaw to leave so he might happen to have the chance to talk to her. He isn’t disappointed by the fact he never has a moment alone with her. He doesn’t care that every time he sees a specific redhead, she glares at him so hard he is certain that if looks could kill, he’d be dead a thousand times over. He doesn’t care. He really doesn’t.

Which is what he is telling himself as he paces at the base of the staircase leading to Ravenclaw tower. He isn’t here to see a girl with long blonde hair, he is here to… 

Damn it he misses her. 

They have never really spoken for more than a few pleasant sentences when they run into each other in the halls, yet he misses like his arm has been severed from his body. She doesn’t smile at him in their shared classes anymore, doesn’t laugh under her breath at his sly remarks, doesn’t casually wait for him at the door to say goodbye after class. 

He hurt her, deeply, and he regrets it more than anything he has ever done. 

“You are the biggest jerk in the history of the universe.” He signs under his breath, clenching and unclenching his fists at his sides. He has been hovering around the Ravenclaw tower for the past several hours, but the blonde has yet to make an appearance. He is starting to get some strange looks, but he could honestly care less.  

Just when he turns his back to the staircase, planning to give up and try to seek her out tomorrow instead, a large crash followed by the thudding of something heavy falling causes him to spin around. 

“Oh ow.” None other than Rapunzel lays sprawled out on the base of the stairs, bare feet poking out from under her robes, long hair tangled around her legs. 

Jack springs into action, momentarily forgetting the reason that brought him here in the first place, “Are you okay?” He asks, kneeling at her side and checking her arms for bruises or cuts. 

“I’m fine, it happens all the time. I was in a hurry and I’m not the best with stairs- oh.” She cuts off when their eyes meet and the realization of who she is talking to floods her cheeks with an embarrassed flush of red.

“Hi.” He mumbles, running a hand through his hair and glancing away, suddenly very uncomfortable. What had he been planning on saying in the first place? Sorry for calling you a mudblood and freak in from of the entire school? I was just trying to impress my friends who are all jerks but I need in order to fit in with my house at your sake? He is a complete and utter idiot. 

“Hi… Umm, would you mind…?” She makes a motion with her hands and he stares at her blankly for several moments before blushing a deep red. 

“Oh, right!” He springs to his feet then jerkily offers his hand, “Would you, umm?” Why is he stepping over his tongue all of the sudden? He has always been nervous around her before, but never like this. It feels like they are strangers. And it’s his fault. 

She stares at his hand and for a terrifying second he thinks she might not take it, might reject him completely and leave him standing at the foot of the stairs and even bigger idiot than before. But she doesn’t, she puts her small hand in his own, letting him pull her to her feet, and he feels worse for thinking so lowly of her. 

Rapunzel is a lot of things, but cruel or uncaring are definitely not her. She might be mad at him, might be disappoint in him, might even hate him, but she would never be rude to him. That’s just the kind of person she is, and he hates himself even more for hurting her. 

“Thanks.” She murmurs, tugging her hand from his grip the second she is standing to brush off her robes. 

“No problem.” He replies, not able to meet her eyes. How is he supposed to apologize for what he did? “Ummm, where are you off to in such a hurry?”

“Oh!” She gasps and starts to move away from him, “I was supposed to meet Merida and Hiccup by the lake twenty minutes ago, but I got held up. I really need to go, I’ll see you around though!” She waves and starts to hurry away, but he chases after her. 

“I’ll walk with you, I’m heading there anyways.” He lies, desperate to be around her for a few minutes long, to give himself time to apologize. 

“You are?” Her voice is full of skepticism, but she doesn’t tell him to go away. 

“Yeah.” He confirms with a sharp nod of his head, cringing at how desperate he must have just sounded.

“Are you sure you are okay with being see walking with a freak like me?”

Ow, that hurt, but he deserves it. He winces and averts his gaze. “Rapunzel, look, I shouldn’t ha-”

“Rapunzel, there you are!" 

"Merida!” The Ravenclaw jumps as if she is being caught doing something forbidden. Then again, she might be, she is talking to him after all. 

“Hic and I got tired of waiting so we decided to look for-” Merida cuts off when she catches sight of Jack at the blonde’s side. “What is he doing here?” Her voice is as cold as ice. 

“Umm..” Rapunzel stumbles over her words, trying to think of an explanation, but she doesn’t really know what he is doing either. 

“I was talking with Rapunzel.” Jack interjects, suddenly a little bolder. Fighting with Merida is easy, normal, familiar, the opposite of his awkward conversation with Rapunzel. 

“Well she doesn’t need to hear anything you have to say.” The redhead glares and loops her arm through her friend’s. 

“I’ll see you around, Jack.” Rapunzel doesn’t fight her hold and lets herself be tugged along behind the Gryffindor. 

“Wait!” He isn’t about to let her get away again. If he does, he has a feeling he will never be able to talk to her as more than a simple classmate again. 

“She doesn’t want to talk to you, Frosty. Go back to your friends.” Merida sneers. 

Jack opens his mouth to retort but is cut off by a voice behind him. “What do we have here? Are the mudblood and her friends bothering you, Jack?” Flynn’s heavy hand lands on his shoulder, holding him down and anchoring him to the pack of Slytherins who have materialize from seemingly nowhere. 

“Nothing, Rider, we were just leaving.” Hiccup, a timid Hufflepuff Jack recognizes as the third person in Rapunzel’s trio, speaks up for the first time. 

“Is that right, Jack? Nothing is going on? I could have sworn it looked like you were actually trying to talk to these freaks, but if you weren’t then everything is cool.” Flynn smirks at the younger Slytherin. 

He could lie. He could assure his peers that nothing was going on and everything would go back to how it was. He’d still have his group of friends. His eyes flicker to Rapunzel who is staring down at her feet, not meeting his gaze but instead concentrating on her big toe, which she had stubbed when she tripped down the stairs. Stubbed because her housemates had stolen her shoes because they thought she was a freak. 

Anger burns up instead of him, red hot and giving him the courage to stand up a little straighter. 

“Actually, Flynn, I was going to beg Rapunzel’s forgiveness for being a douche, then ask if she would be generous enough to go out to lunch with me sometime.” Jack forces himself to look straight at Flynn as he speaks, not glancing at the blonde to judge her reaction to his words.

“You better be joking.” There is a dangerous glint in the older boy’s eye. 

Last chance. He could back out, blow it off as a joke and still be accepted. 

“I’m not." 

"I knew I was right about you, Frost. You’re nothing but a lowly half-blooded wizard who will never fit in anywhere. You disgust me.” Flynn slams hard into Jack’s shoulder as he pushes passed, making Jack stumble slightly before regaining his balance. 

Three pairs of eyes stare at him, but he can’t bring himself to see their reactions. He could have just made a horrible, terrible mistake. He will never be accepted by his housemates again after that: Flynn will turn them all against him for sure. He turned down the only chance he had for fitting in, for having friends, for not being alone, fo-

“Aren’t you coming, Jack?”

Rapunzel’s voice, soft and sweet and directed at him. 

He finally turns to look at the three and finds the blonde’s hand reached out in offering. 

“You forgive me? Even though I was the biggest jerk in the universe?”

She smiles at him, “Of course I do.”

“Only because she is the sweetest and kindest person in the world. I won’t forgive you that easily.” Merida butts in.

“We were going to have lunch by the lake. Hiccup always sneaks too much food out of the kitchen, so there will be plenty.” Rapunzel continues as if she was ever interrupted. 

“Punz! Shh! No one is supposed to know about that!” The brunet protests, flushing fiercely. 

“It’s cool, dude, I don’t have anyone else to tell. You’re secret is safe with me.” Jack assures him, offering a tentative smile. 

“Thanks. We better hurry back before someone decides our picnic looks appetizing enough to steal.” Hiccup reminds them all. Just like that, the former trio, now group of four, heads out to the lake. 

Conversation is awkward with Merida giving off a tense vibe towards Jack, despite both Rapunzel and Hiccup’s best attempts an defusing then tension. 

“I still hate you.” Merida finally announces when the group reaches the picnic stop. 

“And I still hate you.” Jack states matter-of-factly. 

“Oh calm down you two and eat some pudding.” Rapunzel grumbles, tugging them both down to sit. 

“Yes ma'am.”


Oh god that was long! I hope you guys enjoyed it!

“I used to love Disney cameos, like Belle walking through the street in Hunchback or Genie pulling Sebastian out of the recipe book. But after the way the Frozen fandom has taken the Tangled cameo and tried to insist that the two movies are canonically related (despite taking place DECADES apart) I almost dread more cameos. Headcanons are fine but some people get actually ANGRY if you try to say it was just a cameo, and I think that takes the fun out of both sides.”

Fic: My Hero

Superhero!Blaine! Rescuing suddenly gets harder when your fiance’s the one in danger.

1259 words, PG-13.

The news spread through the subway platform in waves.

“Oh my God!”

“Someone’s on the rails!”

“I think he’s unconscious!”

“Has anyone called the police?”

“Isn’t a train coming in soon?”

Blaine stopped dead as his brain finally processed all the chatter. Apologizing hastily, he ran off to the nearest single-stall restroom, thanking whatever was listening that this platform had one of those in operation. He shuddered to think what his options would be if such a private place wasn’t available.

God, why does this always happen when I’m already exhausted? he whined to himself as he moved. All I wanted was to go home and have some cheesecake with Kurt, not save some random civilian and have to spend hours avoiding reporters.

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1D Preference: Disney Movie Time

I just felt Disney-y today :)

Please check my Marvelous March post about preferences and request yours!

Hope you like it! x



“Movie time!” you exclaimed bouncing on the sofa as Harry took a sit next to you.

“Woah, be careful!” he said putting his hands around the popcorn bowl to prevent them from falling.

“I can’t believe you haven’t watched Frozen” you said shaking your head.

“I have!” he protested, “I’ve started watching it with Lux a thousand times”

“But you’ve never finished it” you fired back.

“I’ve just gotten to the point where Reindeers Are Better Than People

“That’s not even half of the movie!” you laughed and pressed play.

Some minutes later you were both singing Love Is an Open Door at the top of your lungs.

“Anna and Hans are my… wait, what do you call it?”

You turned to him and gave him a look.


“OTP!” he jumped, “They’re my OTP”

You bursted out laughing just by hearing him use that slang.

After acting out Let It Go, Harry finally sat down on the sofa and watched the rest of the movie in silence. Or almost.

Oh Anna, if only there was someone out there who loved you…

You bit your lip and turned to see Harry’s face.

His jaw dropped and he stared blankly at the screen.

“No. Fucking. Way. He’s a bad guy!?” he exclaimed, “No way! This is a children’s movie! I can’t… I just can’t!” he stood up and started walking up and down the sitting room.

“Haz, calm down!” you laughed.

“I’m not watching any Disney movies again!” he said walking out of the room, and it took you some minutes to persuade him to come back and watch the end. I mean, he couldn’t let it go.


“I can’t believe people still think the only movie you watch is Toy Story” you laughed snuggling next to Liam after putting the DVD on the player.

It was movie night and you were delighted. Whenever Liam came back from tour you loved doing a thousand things together and after a day full of activities, a movie was the perfect way to end it.

“Yeah, I mean, I like that movie but I don’t only watch Disney ones. Which one did you pick?”

The Little Mermaid” you giggled covering your mouth with your hands.

“Wicked!” he said smiling, “it’s been ages since I’ve seen it”

You laughed and let him surround you with his arms.

“But you don’t only watch Disney movies” you giggled.

“I don’t” he replied pouting.

You looked up at him and kissed his chin. He looked down and started kissing you.

“Sht! You’ll miss the beginning!” you said resting your head on his chest.

You watched the movie in silence.

Ariel, listen to me, the human world is a mess” Liam said with a deep voice as Sebastian started singing the movies’ famous song; “oh man, I had forgotten how great this was”

“Disney movies are great” you agreed nodding, “And I love Alan Menken’s music”

“I’m glad I can watch this with you” Liam said cuddling, “it’s true that I don’t always watch Disney movies but it’s great to see them with someone who’s not complaining about it” he chuckled bringing you closer to him.

You closed you eyes and smiled. You had never thought something like this would be happening to someone like you, but now not only were you Part Of His World, but you were one of the most important parts. Just like he was one of yours as well.


“Come on, love! Not a Disney movie!” he protested when the iconic castle over a blue background appeared on the screen.

“Please…” you pouted.

“I have enough when Liam wants to see one of those. Tour bus TVs shouldn’t be given children’s use!”

“Excuse me! You are the one who was too lazy to pick a movie yourself”

“I am tired!” he fired back, resting on one of the tour bus’ couches.

You had been touring with your boyfriend for almost a week now, and after a lot of action and thriller movies, you had wanted to watch a Disney one.

“You’re gonna like it, Lou, you’ll see!” you assured as the Muses started singing The Gospel Truth.

“Ooh, Hercules!” Liam said walking in the room.

“You’re watching Hercules?” Zayn asked lifting his sight from his phone and walking to where you were.

“And that’s how two become four” Louis muttered sarcastically.

“No shit, Hercules!” Niall exclaimed sitting next to you, and Harry was also with you in no time at all.

“All right lads, I actually wanted to spend some time with my girlfriend and you’re kind of…”

“Shut up Tommo, we wanna watch the movie” Niall shushed him.


You shushed him with a kiss on his lips, but he still pouted because the rest of the boys wouldn’t leave.

“Don’t worry love, I’ll make it up to you when we’re alone” you whispered in his ear.

“I heard that” Harry said his eyes still at the screen.

“Yeah, me too” Zayn corroborated his eyes not leaving the screen either.

“That was naughty” Liam added.

“Seriously lads?” Louis rolled his eyes at his bandmates.

But it was the last time he protested when you suggested watching a Disney film together.


“I don’t even know why we’re dating” you stated looking at him.

He returned the look, but his blue eyes were so filled with fear that you couldn’t help a laugh.

“Oh my God Niall I didn’t mean it that way!” you quickly corrected laughing and ran where he was to hug him, “I just can’t believe I haven’t made you watch my favorite Disney movie after all this time we’ve been together”

“Well it’s a girls movie and I didn’t and I don’t have any girls around me”

“You have me now; so can we watch it?” you pouted.

“Aren’t you a little old for Disney movies?” he asked raising an eyebrow.

“No one is too old for Disney movies!” you replied, hands in the air, making Niall laugh.

“Fine then” he said sitting on the sofa, “turn the DVD on”

You squealed and pressed play.

Little town, it’s a quiet village; Every day, like the one before” you sang as your favourite Disney princess appeared on screen.

Niall chuckled and hugged you.

“Don’t look at me, look at the movie!” you said, joyfully slapping his arm.

“All right, all right” he laughed and his eyes moved to the screen again.

You sang along to the songs you knew by heart and from time to time you looked up at Niall, who was biting his nails, his eyes not leaving the screen.

“Well?” you asked when the movie ended.

“Not bad” he said with a smile, “for a 5 year old” he added laughing, “but I liked it”

And not just that. Some hours later you heard him singing with a fake French accent Be Our Guest as he cooked dinner.


“You HAVE to see it, Zayn!” you said dragging him to the sitting room where the TV awaited on and with the main titles displaying.


“No buts!” you cut him sitting him on the sofa and wrapping a blanket around you two.

“Fine” he gave in and pressed play.

This is the story of how I died. Don’t worry, this is actually a very fun story. 

“I like the guy” Zayn said.

“I thought you hadn’t seen it” you chuckled.

“I’ve seen the trailer” he quickly responded.

“Wait, he’s a thief?” he asked some minutes later when Flynn Rider looked over the castle.

“Yeah” you nodded.

“Frying pans” he laughed, “that is pretty sick”

“You know fans think you’re like Flynn?” you joked looking at him.

“Do they?”

“Yeah. I think after this you should change your twitter icon to a fanart of you dressed up as Flynn”

“I’m not saying I won’t” he replied, and looked back at the screen.

Someone hours later Zayn’s new twitter icon was trending topic on the web.

You were cooking dinner when you heard a strange noise.

“Zayn?” you called as you put the sandwiches on the sandwich maker.
And there was that noise again.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, Zayn jumped in the kitchen holding a pan in his hand.

“I got a dream!” he sang flipping the pan.

You both bursted out laughing and started cooking dinner together but for the next week, you made sure every pan in the world was far away from Zayn Ryder.