but you all love me anyway

Look, I know you’re all very different from each other in a lot of ways, but you have to understand, as far as im concerned you’re all huge pieces of shit and I can prove it mathematically. Actually, let me grab my whiteboard, this has been a long time coming, anyway and to be honest, I can’t tell you apart most of the time because I don’t go by gender or height, I go about amount of pain in my ass
—  Pidge, who is done with everyone’s shit
BTS Reaction to GF Having Acne Scars or Stretch Marks

Request: Can I please request a gif reaction where bts’s girlfriends have stretch marks and acne scars? im sorry if im asking too much i just think that most girls have acne scars OR strech marks. ty💕

Note: REVAMPED. Why didn’t any of you tell me my writing was horrendous before? *credit to gif owners*

Jin ➳ One day, Jin walked in on you changing into a shirt, and let out a melodic whistle that startled you. You immediately covered your stretch marks and he instantly felt horrible, but mustered up the courage to smile towards your terrified state anyways and said, “Don’t be ashamed of them, they’re apart of you and what ever is apart of you, I love.

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Suga ➳ All he wanted to do was take a picture with the love of his life, and once he had the camera ready and held it up to your face; you had pushed him away and he was not amused. You were complaining about how horrible you looked with your acne scars and all, but to him, you looked absolutely perfect. His eyebrows had furrowed, not understanding your insecurity as he said, “And..?”

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J-Hope  “Woah…you have them too?” You looked to Hoseok, wondering what he was talking about until you saw him run a finger over the fading acne scars on your back. You were about to slap his hand away until you froze when he began to take his shirt off and showed you some scars he had adorning his chest, telling you stories about them. “This one was a viscous lil guy..

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RapMonster  “Did I scratch you that hard?” He asked, feeling bad and immediately regretting play wrestling. You looked towards the scars on your abdomen and felt disgusted everytime you looked at them, but told Namjoon they were just stretch marks. “They don’t define you, but at the same time, they make you, you. You’re still the same beautiful (Y/N) to me.” You nodded but still looked down, so Namjoon decided to tickle you to see that bright smile on your face again.

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Jimin ➳ With Jimin, you had nothing to worry about. He knew about your stretch marks that littered across your abdomen, always witnessing them when you two would cuddle but he would never comment on them; he’d just kiss them and show you how much he loved you and your body. He made you feel beautiful all around.

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V ➳ You were getting ready for your date, and before you could even grab your makeup bag, Taehyung had snatched it in seconds and held it in the sky; far from your reach. You jumped and begged, feeling humiliated that Taehyung could see all your acne scars but he would have none of it. “Why do you need this?” He asked, his eyebrows furrowing. “You look like a goddess without it.”

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Jungkook  You were glaring at the boy as he held the lollipop up to your face while he rubbed the stretch marks on your belly with his thumb. “You see this lollipop?” He asked, twirling it around with his fingers. “It’s round and it may not look perfect, but to me it’s so sweet and I will show it how much I love it in anyway.” He said with a smile before glancing to you. “Like I do you.”

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 Anon prompt: “Hi! All hail Jughead Jones. I’m in love. Anyway, could you write something where the reader is really close to Archiekins and Juggie asks Arch about how to get close to the reader? Thanks xxx”

A/N: I sure can! All hail Jughead P Jones!!

Jughead slumps down onto one of the library couches across from me, I smile stupidly at him.

“Mister Jones.” I say.

“Hey, Y//N.” He smiles at me.

Hands reach down around, fingers clawing at my sides enticing laughter from me as the unknown culprit tickles me.

“Archibald Andrews! If that’s you I swear I’ll end your existence!” I manage between laughs.

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A sketch I did of @therealjacksepticeye in the style of Night in the Woods (which is an awesome game btw I love the art style and all the voices Jack does for the characters!)
Anyway, that is all for now, I hope you like it! Goodnight!

Dear Friends...

Hello. Hi. Remember me? I apologize for not being my chatty, optimistic self lately. I’ve been going through some rough times the past couple weeks. Nothing super serious, just everything falling on me at once.
When things get like this, I usually retreat within myself, instead of finding comfort with others. Maybe not healthy, but that’s just me.
Anyway, updates will still come, as that is something I can do in the comfort of my own bed by myself. However, just give me a couple weeks to get back to me. I promise, I’m not mad at anyone. You all are still very dear to me :)
Love always,

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Hi! I've been meaning to send you an ask for a while, but I couldn't get the wording down and I was a bit nervous... but I just wanted to thank you for everything you do for all of us. Reading your responses to anon asks is like putting headphones in after a long day because you're so nice and comforting and helpful. (Sorry if that's a weird analogy...) Anyway, um, thanks for being here for everyone!

welp, i cried. thank you for sending this ask. it means alot to me. sometimes i even wonder if anyone reads them. i worry that my words wont matter.

i care about you guys more than i can say. i love you so much.

this will always be a safe space for you.
my ask box is always open.

*waves* ... again ...

Hey guys … remember me haha? I can’t believe I have been gone from simblr for over a year. Madness … I hope you’ve all been good? I’ve missed catching up on your lives. I feel a little weird being back a year later and not knowing what I’ve missed - my life has completely changed in the last year and things got very hard for a while, so I can only imagine some of you have been through similar - I’m sending love your way.

Anyway, this isn’t me saying I’m back. Though I sorted out my cc yesterday and I finally want to play my game. I just don’t know which save, or if I should start again, and if I do which world … the same rubbish I usually go through haha. But I’d love to hope I’ll come back - maybe coming back here will help me a little.

I wanted to write something because I’ve started reading posts again and feel I should give some context to explain :p

Loads of love to you guys as always xo


I love me some extremely dead assassins! I just wanted to make a ref of La Squadra for myself bc you can bet I’m gonna be drawing them a whole lot more. You can click on them for my ethnicity/nationality hcs or check under the readmore! 

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Thanks for 3,400!

I’m really resenting the fact that I just hit this milestone when I’m having such a terrible day, otherwise I would have done something special. Can’t win them all, I suppose.

Anyways, I just want to give a massive thank you to all of my followers! I appreciate each and every one of you. Thank you all for making my Tumblr experience worthwhile. I am so thankful for your love and support; it means more to me than words can express.

I hope everyone is having a better day than I am. Make someone smile today; you might be the only one who does. Cheers!

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Can I ask for a scenario between MC and Saeyoung where Saeyoung was exhausted and snappy, so mc pampered him to oblivion like every 2 seconds she would kiss and hug him and she would tell him how much she loves him.

Hi! I don’t know if you wanted something fluffier, but this isn’t sinful either, it’s somewhere in between lolol. Anyways, Long fics are not really my forte, but I hope everybody enjoys it!

Kill him with kindness

You kissed him, hugged him, told him you loved him,  that you wanted to see him without his glasses again… and then you told him you loved him, over and over again. And all you got as an answer was:

“Go away, MC! It’s impossible to focus with you all over me like that!”

Oh, there he is: the snappy Saeyoung… he comes from time to time, usually after long days behind a computer screen, feeding only of HBC and Dr. Pepper. Although you also like to eat those, you know how much of an influence they can be in Saeyoung’s bad mood.

You get it, he said he was done working like this, but some habits are hard to abandon , especially the ones that paid so well… he’d been doing freelance coding and programming jobs to the biggest companies in the country, and although it wasn’t as dangerous as his previous job, it was equally stressful.

You never take it personal, you’re mature and confident enough to know it’s not about you, he’s just taking it out on someone, and it happens to be you. However… that doesn’t mean you’ll just accept being treated like that. No, sir! That MC who would let him be rude because he was frustrated stopped existing in Rika’s apartment a long time ago. You are a couple now, you live together, you’ve been talking about marriage and kids, Saeyoung can’t switch his moods like this and expect for you to pretend nothing happened.

But you don’t want to be rough on him, that would only make it worse, so being as sweet and gentle as possible would do the trick. No, you didn’t go away as he bossed. You took a deep breath and went behind his chair.

You caressed his hair gently, as he didn’t say anything, you messed it a little, running your fingers playfully through the strands. “What are you doing?” he asked, his fingers were still typing fast.

“Me? Oh, I just like your hair. Have I ever told you that?”

“Yeah, a million times. Just… stop it! It’s hard to focus like this!”

“ So just focus, I’m not doing anything wrong, am I?” he just snorted in frustration, he knew it was better trying to focus and not going into a worthless argue with you. Plus, this was actually helping, your finger nails were relaxing him a little… okay, no, it was too relaxing, as he felt his eyelids heavy. “Oh, are you sleepy? Maybe you should lie down a little…”

“What? No! I’m not sleepy! See? That’s why you can’t be here when I’m working! You’re just… ugh! Impossible!”

“I can’t understand why you’re making such a fuss about your hair, Saeyoung. There are a lot of things I could do that are much more distracting than playing with your hair.” No! He was not asking you what would that be, forget it! He won’t do it! 

“Like what?” Damn it! His curiosity always gets the best of him!

“Like this” you moved your hands to his neck, pampering and squeezing his shoulders firmly, yet gentle. “Oh my! So tense!”

“Well, yeah… what did you expect after two days sitting in this freaking chair with my back curved like this?”



“You’ve been like that for three days.”

“Really?” he finally turned his head to look at you, he looked puzzled, but quickly turned again. “Well… yeah, whatever.”

“Seriously, I can only imagine how fucked up your back is right now…” you rubbed his arms sweetly.

“Language, MC.” You wanted to laugh, it was so funny when he tried to scold you like this, because you knew you were getting somewhere… but you needed to play cool and collected.

“Sorry, my bad. Will you forgive me if I give you a massage?”

“W-What? No, don’t mind it! I… I already forgave you, okay?” he was starting to stutter, you bet he was blushing too!

“Take your shirt off and lie on the ground” you basically whispered next to his ear, he jumped in the chair.

“What’s gotten into you now?  Jesus… sometimes I think you’re a big pervert than I am!”

“Pervert?” you acted like you were offended “Get your mind out of the gutter right now, Mr. Saeyoung Choi! It’s just a massage, jeez!” you sighed heavily and made your way to the door.

“Wait! Don’t… don’t go!” when you turned to look at him, it was hard to stay cool, he was already shirtless. “Don’t get me wrong, I… can use the massage so I can get back to work.” He was blushing and trying to avoid your eyes, it was so cute and hot at the same time.

“If you say so… Come on, to the ground! Chop chop!” he did it, and this man’s back available to your touch only was a heavenly vision to you. So you kneeled, spreading your legs between his body, oh… you could see his breathing speeding up in anticipation.

You  touched the middle part of his back, he let out a low moan. “Right here?”

“Yeah… or maybe a little lower? Ahhh…” now it was a loud one, you could swear he was about to purr anytime now.

“Oh… not so feisty anymore, are you?” you travelled your hands through all his back and squeezed the shoulders, you were basically sitting on his ass. “What about focusing right now?”

“You really need to be like this…?” he was gasping.

“Yes, I do. You know why? Because I love you! And don’t think trying to bitch me is going to make me go away, because it didn’t work when we were trapped in that apartment with a fucking bomb and definitely is not gonna work now I already know how much you love me.” you said all this while pampering his back and he was still moaning over your touch. “What? Aren’t you gonna scold me for my dirty mouth now?”

“No, I’ll… I’m sorry, MC. I’m so fucking sorry.” He was melting into your touch, it was time to have mercy… or not?

“Prove it.” You got up and made your way out of his office.”Take your time, I’m waiting in the bedroom.”

He sat on the floor, still a little lost from what just happened.  His back was much better now, but why didn’t he feel good? Maybe because he promised he would never try to push you away again and yet, here he was, standing alone on his office while a beautiful lady was waiting to give him some (probably rough) love now? Fuck this! You deserved better!

“Take my time my ass.” He got up and ran to the bedroom.

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🌷and 📖 !!!

🌷 - Favorite Blogs: Well, i mean you are one of my favs tbh  ❤️
   I actually answered this a few days ago and i felt bad because i realized i missed like everyone i loved. 
Anyway let’s go: @holyfuckmark , @imjaebumaf, @the-princejinyoung, @jjjaebum, @markificent , @amerithotkongs, @gotchicken, @sidepartmark, @2jaekisses, @cutepimook, @justwhatevermark (bestie mvp), @nochuie , @husbandsjjp , @imarkson , ok im literally going to end up writing everyone i follow i have to stop just know that I love all 113 of you guys that I follow 😘

📖 - Tell a Story:
So remember when Mark was on weekly idol and couldnt pronounce “World Wide Act” with a Korean pronounciation (and cutely hid behind yugyeom). A similar (not as cute) situation happened to me. 
I was in Japan, at this cool zoo. There was this area where there were a LOT of lemurs. Then a staff member came out and had a mic and was talking about the lemurs and saying little fun facts. There were a lot of kids there too so she was asking questions like “What do you think these lemurs eat?” etc to kind of quiz the children. Then she asked “Where do these lemurs originate from?” The answer is Madagascar but none of these kids knew and they kept answering with the wrong answers. (I only knew the answer because of the movie Madagascar.) Anyway, she kept giving hints and the kids kept getting it wrong and it was getting kind of awkward so I was like f*ck it I’ll answer. HAHA BUT when i raised my hand and tried to answer “Madagascar” with Japanese pronounciation, I just COULDNT. I was like “Mah-dah… Mah-Dah-Gah-Su….” and everyone was staring at me and i finally just said “Madagascar” in the most american way and i wanted to die.

Thank you for asking!!! Sorry my story was long~

Send me an emoji :)

Øde to TØP

In my personal experience, I found Twenty One Pilots when I was in a dark time. The first song that spoke to me was Car Radio. I don’t know why I loved this song so much but I did. All the lyrics felt like it was about me and only me. I felt special for the first time in a while. Once I memorized all the lyrics and listened to it for 3 weeks straight, I found out they had other songs, and those lyrics were just as good! And from there it’s only gotten better. 

I guess what I’m trying to get at is that you can interpret their music in anyway to find a special meaning. You don’t have to wear special clothes or act a certain way to like their music. You can just be you.

Another reason why they as so appealing is because they are genuine, nice, kind people. You don’t hear bad things about them, they don’t act disrespectful or judgmental, they especially don’t rudely lick doughnuts or spit on fans or have merchandise that costs an arm and a leg. You also know the devotion of Tyler and Josh as well. They’ve been through hard times but have gotten through it, so you know you can too. All they ask from you is to stay alive and it’s so inspiring. When you feel you’re not good enough and do not deserve to live, have suicidal thoughts, hate yourself and all you want is to die. If someone holds your hand and helps you out of this black hole of self-hatred, would you not love them? Half of the Clique is alive because of them. Tyler & Josh have thus connect with us because they too suffered from what we are/were suffering. All they’re trying is to help people through their music. They have helped me! They have helped alot of other people like me. The least we can do is stay loyal to them. The clique is a family. We stay, struggle and succeed together. Loyalty is something that flows through our blood. Beacuse we have been rejected, stabbed in the back before and we know what that feels like.
Trust me it’s not what you want to feel. We will always be there for Them and They will always be there for Us.

We’re not just the Few, the Proud, the Emotional.

We’re also very loyal, equally insane, overthinkers

Stay Alive Frens |-/

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(I'm sorry people are being stupid about your picture of Jack and Ashi but that one drawing made me instantly love your art style and the fluidity encompassed within it!! I love your work, it's all really beautiful)

Thank you so much! 💖💕

TBH I feel like I might have overreacted a but eeeeh IDK. I’ve been suffering terrible crushing head pain lately and it got so bad I had to leave work and broke down in tears due to the unbearable pain but yeah… It wasn’t like a whole lot of people but just the small few who made fake assumptions that I was “shipping them already and missing the point of the show” made me eye roll to infinity and beyond haha! Usually I avoid stuff like that but anyways, at the end of the day it has 4K+ notes and I’m very happy with the overflow kind comments I’ve gotten on it! 💕

I’m so glad you enjoy my art and thank you again! ❤️


Okay so my next few months will be super duper hectic.

I’m going to be graduating in less than 8 weeks and there’s a ton to do and a ton to learn…

That means replies will be… well, much, much slower. And I mean they’re already slow, so…

But I also got a new game and I’m like ??? why did I buy this I have no free time anyway???

So ANYWAY I’m not dead but I will be off more than not… And my queue will probably run out sooner than I hope.

When I’m on, I’m on, but it’s best to contact me via Discord or Skypemutuals can request these!

Also I’ll be throwing this in my queue so everyone sees it, sorry for the spam!

TL;DR: @devoted-royal-scientist + @smells-like-adventure will be on semi-hiatus until further notice!

I love you all, thanks for sticking with me!

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Hi, I was wondering if you and Michelle are really dating? I see the tags and I was just curious.

i call her my girlfriend and i like her lots. 💕 @beanboyjoseph

but unfortunately, no we are not “dating”. but we don’t mind being shipped and we like being cute and all over each other and each other’s blogs so sorry guys.

our love is a special one and i just really appreciate her existence. she makes me really happy and i know i can turn to her for help or support. all in all, i just love her.

and yes i am accepting relationship applications. please submit them here.

there are requirements:
-be over 19
-love on all your pets
-be kind
-you gotta like twenty one pilots bc thats all i listen to and play

(im jk about the app but i mean tell me about yourself anyway. you never know)

one of the best comments I’ve received on one of my fics:

I love it all
So much
And your writing
It’s like super good
And you’re really nice
It’s so cute
(I’m very high on pain medication whooooooops)

it feels so poetic, I was compelled to reply thusly:

this comment here
I love it much
it makes me smile
so very much
I’m not a poet
won’t even try
and anyway
you’re clearly high
but thanks for reading
you’re so much fun
keep leaving comments
I like every one

╭(◔ ◡ ◔)/

(this is what I live for in fandom)

@1derspark @blessedharlot

look yall I wrote poetry

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Can you explain the Choi Siwon thing please?

  • disney wants to make a mulan live action movie
  • with an all asian cast
  • *look at the camera like i am in the office*
  • generalization of asian people i live in north america long enough why do i still feel bitter 
  • the kpop side of twitter chip in and discuss about possible actor for li shang
  • a person suggested choi siwon 
  • a fucking homophobe
  • who queerbait his entire fucking career
  • oppapoligists come at me 
  • anyway the tweet got popular 
  • and i am bitter 

btw regarding the movie 

  • disney decided to take out all musical score 
  • decided to eliminate bisexual icon li shang 
  • the first ever queer disney prince 
  • who is a BISEXUAl 
  • and a CHINESE (a poc, an asian)
  • and instead replace with a meninist who “hates mulan completely until she reveal she is a she”
  • i want to die
  • i a gay chinese girl who grew up loving mulan with her entire being 
  • who refuse to go to kindergarten if my mum didnt play the mulan vcr while we were getting ready 
  • i a dylexic chinese who had to dictate the entire 木蘭詞 in secondary school 
  • i a gay chinese girl does not deserve this 
  • disney already made a white people furry boderline beastility live action movie
  • leave my ancestors alone please 

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raeee girrrrl, listen, I rlly hate that I'm like this but...I'm super shit when it comes to change bc the unknown/unexpected scares me. So I'm like super nervous for the next era like of all things I know. But I know once it comes I'll love it but idk I don't want blurry face to end but idk. Why am I like this lololol

dude same.

we gotta just roll with it. they haven’t disappointed us yet. (i mean me anyway lol) as for the life changes, things are constantly changing. 

change isn’t necessarily bad. we just gotta try to find the good in everything.
sending you love.

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Isn't it so crazy to think that this all started with Abby. She created the idea of sending them to earth. This show would be nothing without Abby and she's still out here saving the day! Love her

I know. That struck me a long time ago. The 100 was her solution. Her “making” a choice to both save her daughter from floating and find a solution to the problem of the dying Ark. It was desperate. It was a suicide mission for half the kids at this point. But it offered a chance.

Because of her, they aren’t all dead husks floating up there on a dead station. 

Of course the second apocalypse would have happened anyway. 

Time for the new solution. Making new options.

What I always say is if you can’t find a door, look for a window, if the window is closed, knock a hole in the damn wall and get out that way.