but yes we need more lady superheroes

People that tell me that the MCU aren’t creating strong female characters make me so damn mad.
I dare you to watch the MCU movies from the start, the Ladies are sexy and strong believe me. Yeah, we need more but they’re ahead of every other superhero movie(s). Watch how Black Widow stomps Happy Hogun when he’s sexist towards her, and treats her like a little girl, watch how Pepper Potts is so damn good she’s Starks successor, Jane Foster is an incredible scientist. Black widow beats about 10 guys while Happy gets the one, and she does it flawlessly. I DO NOT EVEN NEED to explain why Agent Carter is amazing. Plus her niece Peggy, is ordered by Fury to protect Cap. Yes, a woman can protect Cap. Gwen Stacy is strong, smart and saves Peter when he needs it, she don’t listen at all when he tells her to go home because she is too fucking brave. Agents of SHIELD has a cast which is half female. Pepper is an independent, caring and loving woman who can also stand up for herself and doesn’t take shit from men. None of the above women are damsels in distress and will harm you if you say so.

The best thing about the Marvel Movie women, is that they are Women. They are strong, and brave, and very very real. There are caring women, and hard to read women, smart women and tough ones too. These women are written as complex, real and incredible characters and to disagree would to be asking Black Widow to beat yo’ ass.