but yes this song perfect okay bye!!

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Richie as a soft motherfucker part 2™ So he's driving eddie home from a totally-not-a-date and Elvis Presley's "can't help falling in love with you" comes on and eddie is like wow this is one of my favorite songs so richie pulls over, turns the radio up, and walks over to eddies side of the car and eddie is like wtf are you doing and richie is like "dance with me" and Eddie is like "what the fuck rich right here??" And richie is like "yes, right here, right now, with me" OKAY BYE

more Soft Richie headcanons,, thank u ,

hhHH HhHhh this is so cute!!!! the music is the perfect volume for them to hear and eddie’s got his head on richie’s shoulder as they slow dance, right there in the middle of the quiet, abandoned road. it’s sweet and it’s perfect and richie hums along to the song. by the end, they’ve got their hands on each other’s hips and they’re kissing right against the car. it’s perfectly quiet and there’s nothing but stars above them for miles and miles. they hold hands on the ride back home, richie’s thumb running over eddie’s fingers the whole way. 

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literally tr*ye has the most meaningful songs. ppl sometimes get bothered by "lovey dovey" songs, bc they never rlly look into the lyrics. like i was scrolling down my dash and saw u explaining his songs to people, and the more people put their input on it, the more you realize how much passion and consideration was put into the song.. but then people just diss it because it's "love". idk, i just needed to rant on that topic and u seem like a perfect person to rant to lol. okAy bYE THX 4 UR TIME

I really respect Troye as a lyricist, honestly I think it’s his greatest talent. His songs hold so much deeper meaning, as well as clever word play or metaphors, and an elegance in the way the lines are delivered. The more you listen to his music, the more you find lines that make stop and think “damn that was smooth”