but yes they should get married

Jupiter = More, More, More ♡♡

Jupiter in the 1st house: How much bigger can I make my brain!?
Jupiter in the 2nd house: More money, more pillows, more candles, more luxury
Jupiter in the 3rd house: Talks their own head off 
Jupiter in the 4th house: Give me a bigger house with 8 mums
Jupiter in the 5th house: “We should have more babies”
Jupiter in the 6th house: Carries a 5kg encyclopedia on herbal medicine
Jupiter in the 7th house: I want the biggest wedding cake. Maybe getting married once isn’t enough
Jupiter in the 8th house: I want more of that psychic thing I can do!
Jupiter in the 9th house: Yes I’m enrolling in another degree, right after I come back from Rome again
Jupiter in the 10th house: I want another promotion. Another accolade. Another enterprise!
Jupiter in the 11th house: Give me more friends. Make them like me more 
Jupiter in the 12th house: I need some space, like a whole ocean between us

                                               It’s complicated.(from 2014)

-Dad, I think I’m in love.
_Ha ha! Who’s the lucky one?
-? the lucky one?
-Who is the person you think you’re in love with. That’s what I meant
-Well, it’s Erica.
-Erica? From misses Burke’s class?
-Hmm mm.
-I think I want to marry her and live with her in a house next to you and mommy.
-Don’t you think you should get to know her a little bit more before you marry her?
-Well..she loves me too, so I think we’re good.
-How so?
-Love is all we need , right?
-…. hmmm.
-No, it’s not.
-It’s not?
-Love is the beginning. What you need now is to work at it.
_Work at what?
-Mainly on yourself I would say, but also on getting to know each other, learning to listen to one another, and figuring out if you like each other as much as you love one another.
-Love is what makes you want to do these things… it doesn’t do it for you.
-..so.. I have to ..work?
-It sounds so complicated.
-You don’t say.          

the tuxes
  • john: sherlock, will you help me pick out my tux for the wedding?
  • sherlock: yes, we should go tomorrow.
  • -tomorrow-
  • john: ok, *holding up a tux* what do you think about this one?
  • sherlock: not your color.
  • sherlock: *holds up another tux* this one.
  • john: *tries it on* i like it, i think it would look good on you too.
  • sherlock: *almost passes out* what
  • john: you should get the same one
  • sherlock:
  • john: what
  • sherlock: nothing, if we were wearing the same thing, do you think that would take away from mary?
  • john: i don't think so...
  • sherlock mumbling so john cant hear him: ok if you really want it to look like i'm marrying you, i have absolutely no problem with that.
  • john: what?
  • sherlock: nothing.
Drarry & Scorbus
  • Albus: Umm. Why are you on a tree?
  • Scorpius: Ask my father.
  • Draco: *is there* Just let my son talk.
  • Albus: ok???
  • Scorpius: Will... you go out with me?
  • Albus: *cries* YES
  • Scorpius: *climbs down the tree*
  • Albus: what are yo-
  • Scorpius: *cuts Albus off*
  • Scorpius: *kisses Albus*
  • Draco: *whispers* this is the moment I never got
  • Harry: *behind Draco* wait. That's what you wanted
  • Harry: *turns Draco around* *kisses Draco*
  • Draco: *faints*
  • Albus: Wait. You married my mom
  • Scorpius: Yeah. Mine too.
  • Draco and Harry: *Draco gets up* YOU SAW NOTHING
  • *this is what should've happened tbh*

Archie & Betty in Riverdale 1.02 “Chapter Two: A Touch of Evil.”

“Betty and I have been next-door neighbors since we were four. We’ve always gone to the same school, been in the same class. I remember in the second grade I was having trouble reading and my teacher, Mrs. Gribrock, told my mom and dad that I should stay back a year to get caught up. Betty was so against us not being in the same grade that she took it upon herself to tutor me every single day. (…) Anyway, when I passed, thanks to Betty, I kissed her and I asked her to marry me. She was like ‘Oh, little Archie, we’re too young. Ask me when we’re 18 and I’ll say yes’. I hate that I hurt her.”

at the grand prix finals
  • yuri: viktor
  • viktor: yes yuri
  • yuri: why is there an enourmous cheering squad with a banner that says 'go yuri, show your eros'?
  • viktor:  ̄▽ ̄ i dunno
  • yuri: viktor, stop hiring cheering squads for me
  • viktor: why yuri
  • yuri: because your love is all the support i need

Getting married isn’t going to miraculously fix life problems. It isn’t always an out to loneliness or an escape from current situations. Folks must work on self-development without simply waiting for marriage to somehow magically change lives.

Marriage can be a great tool of self-improvement and can help us change for the best, with God’s will. A blissful marriage is amongst the greatest blessings that God can bestow on a person, and the creation of a family, and taking care of that family, is amongst the greatest acts of worship. But if single folks are not personally working on self-improvement now, how it be expected that it will be easier with the additional baggage of another individual who is also imperfect?

Would you want to marry you? If not, how can you get to where you should be? If yes, how can you increase in your good qualities to get even better?

—  Hafidha Maryam Amirebrahimi
  • Shiro: Keith?
  • Keith: Yeah?
  • Shiro: If we make it out of here alive, will you marry me?
  • Keith: ...do you have a ring with you?
  • Shiro: What? No, why?
  • Keith: Then you better get me one later!
  • Shiro: ...oh... oh. Is that- is that a yes?
  • Hunk: Shiro, nothing personal and not meaning to eavesdrop on your "not so private" and by the way really kind of sweet, but ominous proposal, but if you propose to any of us right now, we'd all probably say yes.

I know we can’t live forever, so we should stick together

“You want to what now?”

“I want to marry you.”

Yes, she heard that right: King Roan of Azgeda, stately and growly and a little bit intimidating as always, has just asked the strangest question ever. 

Raven is silent, searching for words even though clearly, there is only one thing to ask:


“Because all the tribes who haven’t turned against Skaikru are vying for first place among its allies. And Azgeda is going to be in that place.”

Ice Mechanic: Roan and Raven get married, hit the road, and stop a nuclear apocalypse. [Read it on ao3.

Arranged Marriage [a Barry Allen AU]

Request: ok ok i have a request : prince!barry and princess!reader in an arranged marriage meeting for the first time


Barry doesn’t really get this whole ‘arranged marriage’ thing. Yes, he understands it’s the eighteenth century and it will, somehow, unite the two kingdoms, but, shouldn’t you marry for love? Sighing, he smooths down his white flowy shirt, deciding not to get too dressed up for a simple meeting.

His knee high black boots scuff down the marble stairs, creating small tapping noises. He stops, hearing his father talk to someone, and presses to the wall. “Now dear, I hope everything is to your liking, if not, we can change whatever you need. As for my son, he should be here soon. Until then, Joe, our royal adviser, can keep you company.” Barry fixes his leather pants, fitting them perfectly on his hips before continuing down the steps.

“Oh, no, everything is lovely, your highness. You have a beautiful kingdom, I must say. I am looking forward to living here.” you reassure, patting King Allen’s hand. Out of the corner of your eye, you notice a tall young man peeking around the stone wall. Thinking he’s a peasant, you smile at him, “You do not have to hide from me, I am quite nice, I think.” you bite your lip, tangling your hands in your ruby red gown.

King Allen turns, waving his hand in the air, “Bartholomew! What on earth are you dressed in?!” he scolds, grabbing the young man’s upper arm and dragging him down the steps. The young man, Bartholomew, rolls his hazel eyes, looking away. “Honestly, you would think the prince would dress nicer when meeting his soon-to-be wife!” the King grumbles, dusting of the white baggy shirt. Your eyes widen an inch; that’s the prince?!

Barry scoffs, playing with the string dangling from his shirt, revealing some of the pale skin of his neck. “Father, I do not even know the princess. How am I to love someone who I only just met?” he pleads, following the King. When his eyes meet yours, his jaw goes slack. Oh dear, you heard that. He coughs awkwardly, kneeling on the ground, “Milady…” he kisses the back of your hand, “I apologize for being so rude, I did not know of your presence. My name is Prince Bartholomew.” he almost throws up saying his full name, “You can address me as Barry if you wish.”

Blushing, you nod, brushing your hair out of your eyes, standing him up. A smile cracks your face and you subconsciously count his moles on his exposed, sharp collarbone. “It is a pleasure to meet you, Barry. My name is Y/N.” you introduce, curtsying, “Tell me, do you always dress so casual? Is my clothing not appropriate?” you ask, self consciously, glancing down at your gown.

Swallowing, he runs his hands down his leather pants, grinning nervously. He brings one hand to his neck while the other sits on his thigh. “I, um, it would appear that I enjoy dressing like a commoner, according to Joe.” he jokes, eyeing the Royal Adviser. You giggle, catching his attention. Barry breathes a happy sigh, “You look absolutely stunning, Y/N. I am a very lucky man to have you as my soon-to-be wife.”

“And I am lucky to have a charming fellow as my soon-to-be husband.”

A rosy blush blossoms on his face, disappearing in his baggy shirt. He holds out a hand, “Would you like a tour of the castle, my princess?” You nod, placing your hand in his. Maybe this arranged marriage will work out after all.


Scrubs: “- You were right, Clara, you’re pregnant!”
Clara: “- Yes, I already knew that…*sigh*”
Scrubs: “- Hm, you don’t look happy… get dressed and let’s talk about it.”
Clara: “- I’m so embarressed! I don’t know who the father is…”
Scrubs: “- Wait, what?”
Clara explains.
Scrubs: “- It’s going to be okey, sweetie.”
Clara: “- I should have married you, Scrubs”
Scrubs: “- Yeah, it wouldn’t have worked anyway… because, you know, the gay thing.”
Clara: “- Details!”

tomeandflickcorner  asked:

Some people are upset the CS wedding is happening during the musical episode. That may be what the anon is referring to.

Yes, some kind people explained it to me.

Well, while I can get the fact that someone would be upset about things not going as he imagined in his head (believe me I get that a lot with this show), I am bothered by two facts:

1) CS is getting married!!! This is something all of us should be happy and grateful for, and to bitter about the little details of the how and when, feels a bit greedy for me. I mean we are after all the luckiest ship on this show who got a perfect true love story from beginning to hopefully very far down the road end.

2) No one has any idea how the musical episode is gonna look like. Personally, I don’t think it will ruin the wedding, if anything, it will make it unique because this special is something that they wanted to do for a long time, and the fact that they are choosing the CS wedding to be on that episode is an honor. It means they held CS as the leading most significant couple on the show. So I guess what I’m trying to say is don’t judge until you see it. 

I could understand the all frustration evolving episode 6x10 and old!Hook. I get it, I was part of it. We wanted Hook to be a more integral part of the wish world. But here the episode is obviously gonna focus and surround them. I feel like we should be grateful and give them the benefit of the doubt and not judge until we see it.

  I also want to add two things. I don’t think that the wedding will be a too corny one just because it’s on the musical episode. We will probably get a CS duet, which I at least am thrilled and looking forward to. But I don’t think it’s gonna be them singing their vows or something. Maybe it will be after the ceremony. 

Another thing, I’m glad that it’s not on the season finale, because one thing I really love is seeing a couple after they get married. I want to see them on their honey moon, or having him get her inside their house on his arms. If the season ends with the wedding we might not get that, especially if we might not have a season 7 at all. So I would like to see them together already married. Mr and Misses Jones together.

I also thing that the new characters are gonna blend in at the end of the episodes, or appearing during the episode without us knowing who they are. So I think it’s not gonna be a season finale that we won’t see or hear our beloved characters.

So, I actually think it’s gonna be great to have the wedding on 6x20, and I think it will be magical to have it on the musical episode.

But as I was saying, I respect those who don’t share my view, and don’t agree with me. Just please, try to remember that the main thing is that EMMA AND HOOK ARE GETTING MARRIED!!! 

Rant #1726352 but this really bugs me, so here it goes:
How is what Jay did so horrible that people are so judgmental and not giving him a break? Why are we diminishing Jay’s issues? He’s a VETERAN. With demons that haunt him. With unresolved issues. Someone who coped by getting blackout drunk and who knows what else (there have been hints that he went through much worse. Mouse had to drag him home). Someone who still can’t cry in front of others. Who carries a huge amount of guilt and was more scared by facing the families of his deceased friends than by dying overseas. Someone who was a loner, bullied and neglected as a child. Who has seen so much loss.
But somehow getting married on a whim while drunk and grieving and failing to admit that to Erin makes him awful and ruins him? No, it doesn’t. I can’t see him sharing that openly. Yes he should have, but he’s ashamed of that part of his life.
We all wanted to see Jay’s issues, to see him struggling. I get that this storyline is not what we imagined but in the end it’s still about his demons. He is finally cracking and all I see is people calling him names or being disappointed that he left Erin.

He left to protect her. Because even he’s not sure what is going on in his head and he doesn’t want to lash out at her or hurt her in the process.
Obviously we know running away is not a solution but when a person is struggling they can’t always see straight and be rational.

I have seen so much “He was always Erin’s rock how could he leave her” but why are we only looking at this from Erin’s pov? Don’t get me wrong my heart broke for her when he left. I feel for her a lot. But what about Jay getting support? Doesn’t he need it? Aren’t his demons big enough? Is his mistake really so awful and unforgivable? Why aren’t we giving him the same empathy we have given Erin when she was struggling? Obviously different situations but bottom line is, both have been through so much and both are flawed and both will make mistakes. If this is what makes her distrust him forever, then she doesn’t really know him or understand him.

Give him a chance?
Perhaps you should have done the same  back with immigrants when you were too busy letting your hate and anger take your stance.
Give him a chance? Perhaps you should have done the same before you judged that young man in a hoodie who died and is now now a hash tag at first glance. 
Give him a chance?
Perhaps you should have thought of that before you judged a young woman by her clothing and called her a slut before class.
Give him a chance?
Perhaps you should have done the same when your neighbors wanted to get married and you said yes to Prop 8. 
Give him a chance?
We have seen him for who he his, and now we refuse to let him continue his hate song and dance .

hazmatastic  asked:

People ask about your favorite stuff all the time, but what stuff about The Office do you think the creators of the show could have done better? Are there any things you wish they'd handled differently?

Yes, I should make a list lol Andy season 9 is one thing I think the writers messed up big time and also I would’ve loved to see Michael and Holly get married before he actually left the show (we deserved a wedding episode!!!) Also there’s a bunch of characters I think the show could’ve done without like Robert California, Packer, Esther… KATHY!!! Plus a ton of plot holes I’d like them to explain like the Senator’s son just disappearing, the whole paternity testing thing with Dwight & Angela (#1 question I get asked!!!), Andy saying he has a step mom in an earlier season but then his parents are seen still together later on, the debate about who started first at DM out of Jim & Pam??? and finally someone should have been revealed as the REAL Scranton Strangler!! I had expected a big reveal about this in the finale and was sadly disappointed.

  • Partner: I’m so glad you called me to come and hang out.
  • Hero: Yeah, it’s a beautiful day, no one should be inside right now.
  • Partner, wrapping arms around Hero: Yeah, I know, I’m so glad I could share this moment with you. Forever. Just like, an eternity. Like, you’re my best friend and everything.
  • Hero, struggling: Y-you’re unusually strong…
  • Partner: I mean, this could just be in my dreams, forever… and then maybe, we could get like, marri- what the fuck is that guy doing?
  • Outlaw: Freeze bitch, this is a robbery! Alright motherfuckers, empty your pockets right now, or else!
  • Partner: We’ll NEVER empty our pockets!
  • Outlaw: Alright ye’ better do it, right now, I done kill me many a man!
  • Partner: I’m not afraid, the Hero always dies first!
  • Hero: This is why I don’t hang out wi-
  • Partner: Don’t say anything.
  • Outlaw: Alright! I mean it!
  • Partner: Well I’m means it, too! *puts hands on hips*
  • *Outlaw punches Hero in the face*
  • Partner: Oh god!

diamondelight92  asked:

If I ask for a monologue suggestion will you tell us your engagement story??????

We were out late the night before. We slept in, then got bagels and brought them home. We watched a lot of TV and barely left the couch. Hours later, we decide we should probably eat something else, so I get my computer to order some Chinese food. While I’m deciding what I want to eat, he goes into the kitchen and comes back with two glasses of scotch. He sticks his face over the computer and says “do you want to get married?” I say “wait what?!” and then I see the ring and I say yes and we forget to order the Chinese food.