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My Best Friend’s Sister

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Summary: When the reader moves up to Vancouver for her new writing job, she never realized who her neighbor would end up being…

Pairing: Jensen x reader (with sibling!Jared)

Word Count: 2,500ish

Warnings: language, sibling issues

A/N: Not sure where this really came from (I’d love a big brother like Jared irl) but I was feeling the flangst today…

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It's so funny how we use to get all excited when there were hints at Dark or Anti. *gasp* "WAS THAT A GLITCH!! I'm so excited and 'scared!' Woooo theories!" It's funny how it's changed from that, to sobbing when we think about Dark. It used to be an exciting kinda 'scary' thing but now it's so sad once you think about how it all started. He didn't deserve that.

i find it funny that the whole wkm thing we were expecting it to be spooky and full of mystery and like omg mark died who’s the killer??? sort of thing, but no way we’re met with so much heartbreak in the end. (also tons of love for the jims but still lol)

i love the take that mark and his team took on these characters, that yes they’re evil and not to be trusted, but we see why they act the way that they do and this series shows just where they came from. and that’s why i love origins, so we get a better sense of understanding about these characters. 

and what’s even cooler is that mark didn’t have to do this, he could have dropped these characters at any time, but he didn’t. he decided to write more about them, create more lore, give them tragic backstories, develop them in how he wants them. and we freaking love it and love him for it.

but i definitely agree, both dark and wilford deserve better. 💜

Baby Mendes

A/N: For this imagine (possible series) I merged three requests into one and this was created. 

Pairing: Shawn X Female reader
Requested: Yes| Could you please do #378 on the prompt list?| 115! Thanks| Could you please do 326 :-)
Word prompts: (378) “Things don’t go the way you want them to. Ever.”| (115) “You weren’t supposed to hear that,”| (326) “I don’t know, he is just. I don’t know.”
Word Count: 1,700?
Warnings: None!

You sat sitting confiding to you mom about the recent information you found out. Surprisingly your mother was not upset with you, but you were upset with yourself. How could this happen? “Mom I’m nineteen, I can’t be having a baby!” You cried into your mom’s shoulder.

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Prom Night (Reddie AU)

Summary: I tried to go for like a friends to lovers type thing? Anyways, Richie asks Eddie to prom. Major fluff.

Authors Note: Okay so I usually only write headcanons, but I had this idea for this little ficlet and I couldn’t not write it!!! If you could, I would love reblogs! Thank you aahhh!!! 

Prom was absolutely the last thing on Eddie’s mind.

As a senior at Derry High School, there were many more important things to be doing. For example, studying. Yes, it sounded lame, Eddie knew it did. But in all honesty, he didn’t want to go to prom. With the slow music, the decorations, and the fact that all of his friends were going to be there…

Nope. Not one bit.

Okay, so maybe Eddie was lying to himself.

Prom was really the only thing on his mind, and it has been since the start of the school year. He desperately wanted to go with someone. But nobody was going to ask him, he knew that for a fact. And Eddie? He wouldn’t dare to ask anyone. Why? Well, that’s because he had a certain someone that he wanted to go with himself.

Ah yes, Richie Trashmouth Tozier.

As much as Eddie hated himself for it, he had grown a fondness for that boy. They were best friends since elementary school, and then somehow, Eddie ended up falling in love with that clown.

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“I got one! Hey, pal, can yer mammie sew? Stitch this! Aargh! He’s got a heid on him like a tree!”
“Crivens! There’s a body here wi’ no heid at a’!”
“Aye, nae wonder, ‘cause here’s a bear! Feel ma boot, ye washoon!”

It seemed to Tiffany that although the owners of the three voices were fighting things that couldn’t possibly fight back, including a teddy bear with only one leg, the fight still wasn’t going all one way.

– a vicious battle | Terry Pratchett, The Wee Free Men


K: “So what happened between you guys and Liam?”

A: “Well Katie settle in. You see, a few years back, your husband and I actually dated. Yes, while you were married, and no I had no idea. We dated for a few months, and then I found out he was married and you guys had a child together which I’m assuming is Jackson here. He then said he loved me, but I ended things. I thought that was the end, but a few months go by and he shows up drunk at my apartment and tried to kiss me, and I managed to get him to leave. AGAIN, I thought it was over but then when I returned from a weekend away, he HAD STARTED A FIRE IN MY APARTMENT. Danny kicked his ass, and I’ve managed to never see him again until now.”

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Louis is rumoured to be popping up (alone) in LA soon, so let's see if anything comes of that trip! Good things I mean of course.

My fingers are always crossed! I hope he will have a very nice time with Harry and hopefully he’ll get to do some decent promo as well and work on his album. I don’t want to see him unless it’s because something nice is happening haha


Celebrating that a player has been listed as injured is disgusting. Yes, the foul was bad and unfortunately injured the other player. Yes, the final was intense but both sides were playing rough; one team, unfortunately, ended up with injured players that had to be subbed. It was a tough and ugly final.

But, tweeting things like “karma” is disrespectful and unnecessary. If you don’t like the player, no need to wish harm on them.

For anyone who is curious, the beach in question is called Gwangalli beach. It’s really popular at night bc the bridge lights up and it’s super pretty. When I went there was a sea festival going on that had dancers performing. My friend and I didn’t stay for the whole thing, but we did take some great pictures of the beach! It was definitely one of my favorite places that I went to during my trip 💕

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do you have problems with your parents/family in general respecting your privacy, Zie? sorry if this ask seems invasive, but if this privacy thing makes you sad, you should try talking to them about it.

I don’t have problems with my parents. We don’t have secrets from each other, I always tell them every thing about my life! They know that I’m a sick pervert lololol but sometimes I wish from some privacy, for example knocking on my door before entering. When I asked that they got confused, like “what? Do you have something to hide in your room? You never did that before, why now are you hiding things?” And I say that I wasn’t hiding anything and they were like “ah okay, so we don’t need to knock on the door since you don’t have secrets :D”. Yes is true, I don’t have secrets with them, I don’t mind telling everything about my life, but I dunno I just wanna a private space, were no one knows me and I can post my shit

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things harry has said "a lot of people after a boyband feel the need to say that they didn't like it, that it wasn't who they were, but that's not me i loved it" "my lovely wonderful friends" "i wouldn't be here if it wasn't for that" "the other boys have done so well, so i would be honoured to join them", did you like all the songs until the end "yes i did" ... i could literally go on


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Any sugardaddy!Tony fics where Tony loves spoiling and taking care of Steve??

A few!  Some of them aren’t exactly sugar daddy fics, but close enough! Check these out, and, of course:


Kept Man by toesohnoes:  Tony has enough money to buy a small country if he wanted to (or a large one for that matter). All he wants to do is take care of Steve.

Who’s Your Sugar Daddy? by morphia: This was all tumblr’s batmangambit’s fault, really. We were watching Captain America 60s cartoons and Tony gave Steve clothes and a place to stay and things got out of hand pretty fast.Anyway, yes. Clint says something, Steve becomes troubled. There are words.

I’ll Give You Gifts Until  You Know My Name by @everybodyilovedies: Mr. Stark is an extravagant gift-giver: he has the money for it, after all. As Iron Man, Tony has the opportunity to gift Steve even more presents that, while less expensive, are more heartfelt. Having a secret identity means Tony gets to have his cake and eat it too when it comes to showering Steve with presents.Until Steve starts developing feelings for his armored companion, and all the benefits of living a double life are turned on their head for Tony Stark.

Rich Man, Poor Man by sassyfangs13:  Steve grew up in a time when sharing what little you had was the norm so when Tony starts buying him rediculous gifts he doesn’t really know what to say.

Watching You, Watching Me by Comedia:  There’s a scrawny artist sitting on a bench by Stark Tower, and once Tony has noticed him he can’t takes his eyes off the guy.

lonely boy goes to a rave by breakeven: Steve, whose face warms up at the sight of the shy tugging thing on Tony’s face, nearly giggles, but manages to control himself and carry on with dignity. He snorts elegantly, “I’d rather not visit the hospital with second degree burns all over my cock. So I guess we’re in agreement.”(1990s au where steve is a tiny mosh monster and tony is his older, rich boy toy and they have to figure out what it is they’re doing exactly.)

A Simple Thing by kuro:  Skinny and sickly art student Steve has somehow managed to land Tony Stark as his sugar daddy. But while Tony is certainly very sweet, he somehow doesn’t seem to care about Steve all that much?

Maybe it’s all I’ve known by awesome_goddess_of_mischief:  Tony loves Steve and Steve loves Tony. But those damn presents all the time…
Steve does not want Tony to spend as much money on him and Tony doesn’t understand. How is he suppose to be useful now? And how can he ever repay Steve? (heavy angst warning)

The Real Art is You by saruma_aki:  Tony is a bit of a gift-giver and Steve only deserves the best, so you can bet on that perfect ass that Tony went all out.

Free Me From the Light by Renai_chan: Tony loves doting on Steve–LOVES it. Steve is just so sweet and honest and grateful and nice, and Tony can’t help but proudly show him off to everyone and fawn over him with outrageous gifts and favors. The fact that he’s hot, too, and that the sex is awesome doesn’t even begin come in to play (though it certainly doesn’t hurt).But then, the media and the public in general isn’t known to be kind to relationships between billionaire bachelors and struggling young art students.And you can imagine how well that goes over with Steve.

Gift With Purchase Remix by sabrecmc:  Gift With Purchase Remix wherein Steve actually is a hooker. But for a Really Sympathetic Reason.

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Not really sure how to start this, but here I go. How about Steve being included in a game of D&D with all the kids?

It was late in the evening, just growing dark, when Steve arrived at the Wheeler house. He walked up the drive with a pack of cigarettes in hand, fully prepared to make the climb to Nancy’s room; they had plans to study for their English exam, which Steve was actually looking forward to—there was one thing he was good at, and it was writing. Nancy always seemed impressed after reading them, and sometimes she actually asked for his help for a change.

And so, feeling more than prepared, he hopped up into the first ledge. That was when he heard them.

“You cannot do that!”

“Yes I can! It’s my turn!”

“That’s bullshit! We were going counter-clockwise! And besides, Mike asked Lucas.”

Steve bit his lip, sparing a last glance at Nancy’s bedroom window, which was softly illuminated from the glow of her lamp. He sighed, jumped down, and rounded the corner of the house.

The basement door was just slightly ajar, like one of the kids had run in and forgotten to close it all the way. Steve slowly pushed it open, and started to laugh.

They were all standing around that dinky table, yelling over one another, but that wasn’t what got him; it was their costumes—different coloured capes, wizard hats, fake beards, and plastic swords. Dustin was whacking Lucas repeatedly on the arm with his, while the other boy pounded his fist on the table. “This is serious! The princess is in danger and we’re surrounded—”

“Oh my god—”

“We don’t have time to take a detour—”

“Oh my god, you guys—”

“Will, what do you have to say about all this?!”

“Lucas! Shut up!”

Max’s voice broke over all of theirs. She was staring right at Steve, eyes wide in horror. The boys turned, faces red with embarrassment. Mike ripped his fake beard off. “Uh… Hey, Steve.”

Steve had hardly managed to gather himself. He leaned against the door frame, gasping. “You guys…” he shook his head, “You’re gonna kill me, I swear.”

“We’re not wearing these for comedic affect,” Max spat. “What do you want?”

Steve had to admit, she looked a little intimidating holding her fake sword—besides, he knew how well she could handle herself with a real weapon. He sobered a little. “Alright, alright,” he stepped into the basement and closed the door behind him. “I’ll stop.”

Mike rolled his eyes. “If you’re here for Nancy, she’s in her bedroom,” he said.

“Not anymore,” called a voice.

Nancy was descending the stairwell, smirking slightly. She cocked her head at Steve. “I thought we were gonna study?”

Steve swallowed. “We totally were,” he agreed. “I was just…”

“Teasing my little brother and his friends?”

“Well, no—”

“Steve,” she grinned, “did you wanna join the campaign?”

His face flushed. Mike dropped his figurine. “Dude,” he whispered. “That would be—”

“Ridiculous!” Max piped up. “Totally, totally—”

“Awesome,” chorused the other boys.

“You could play as the ranger!” Will suggested, thrusting a piece of paper at him. “Mike’s been doing his part, but it’s not the same.”

Steve gingerly took the card, glancing it over. It was thoroughly detailed, filled out in Mike’s messy scrawl. Jesus. He glanced up at Nancy, who was still smiling. Slowly, she nodded. “It’s fine, just… Say goodbye before you leave, okay?”

Grinning, Steve pressed a kiss on her cheek. “You’re the best girlfriend ever, you know that?”

Mike grimaced. “Gross!”

Nancy laughed. “You’re the human equivalent of a dog, Steve.” With that, she ran back upstairs, and Steve settled down at the table. Dustin thrust a wizard’s hat on his head and handed him a spare cape. “You’ll need that,” he said ominously.

And thus began the most ridiculous three hours of Steve Harrington’s life, filled with yelling and thrown pizza and plenty of dramatics. By the time Nancy came back down, Steve was lying on the ground pretending to gush blood while the kids whacked him with their fake weapons.

“You traitor!” Will yelled, though he was smiling.

“Kill him!” Dustin roared.

They started tickling him, which only made Steve laugh harder. He caught Nancy’s eye from where she was leaning against the stairwell column, and his breath caught in his throat. She was beaming, and that made it all worth it.

Who are we really in WKM?

Okay so this is my theory on just who we are in Who Killed Markiplier and what happened to us after it was all said and done

I’m gonna put a BIG trigger warning on this for anyone who suffers from depersonalization/derealization or religion-based delusions because I’m gonna be getting into some heavy metaphysical shit and it’s gonna be a trip. I’m basically calling us god-like, so yeah. Big big trigger warning for anyone that this could mess with. Please take care of yourselves, I love y’all and I would hate for someone to get really upset because of this. You’ve been warned.

I’ll put the theory itself under a read more just to make sure. Alright, here we go!

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Crossing The Line

This is a kastle (the punisher) au, and I’d like to thank @anakins-skywalkr for the idea! It isn’t great, and I’m shit at action scenes apparently lol But I hope y’all like it. Also thanks to @austennerdita2533 for all the help. I’d have liked to start of the au week on a stronger note but wtv lol 

On FF.

Crossing The Line

There was some ambiguity to his ways.

Caroline hadn’t been able to see the world as black and white for a long time now, it was a mess of complicated greys; even if his actions were considered monstrous she somehow understood them - she couldn’t see him as a monster, just as a broken man. A broken man that did shitty things - yes - but that saved lives in his own way. Her journalistic professionalism had certainly been compromised after knowing him and empathizing with him. Killing was wrong, but was it necessary at times?

If he was a monster, was she one as well?

In the midst of a bloody aftermath her feelings wavered; her convictions trembled at the sight of splattered brains on the floor, and blood on her face. It hadn’t been the first time she pulled the trigger, but hopefully it would be the last. Protecting herself like this came at a high price, - not because of the guilt, but the lack of it - she felt wrong in her own skin.

“You cross over to my side of the line, you don’t get to come back from that. Not ever.”

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"At least at the bunker, the only ones he can hurt is us." Boy Dean's just ready to crawl in a hole and die:-( In other hopeless situations, at least Dean had Cas. Or team free will. Dean always felt hopeful as long as the 3 of them were together and has said as much. But now tfw is broken up, and Dean is so lost. Cas coming back I think will be the trigger for Dean jumping back into action and ultimately helping Mary.

I would not put it past the boy to get really reckless with his life in the next few episodes….and then, yes, turn things around when Cas is back.

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is it more likely for an autistic person to have physical issues? like issues in gym or something idk

There’s a high comorbidity between autism and dyspraxia: “ a common disorder affecting fine and/or gross motor coordination in children and adults.” (In fact when I googled it to get a definition ‘dyspraxia and autism’ was the first thing to come up)

What’s also very comorbid with autism is hypermobility, which is a collective term for a number of physical conditions that can cause joints to easily bend in the wrong direction or much further than usual.

So yes, it is likely for an autistic person to have physical issues. If this doesn’t line up with what you  were asking about, please send in a follow up ask with more detail.


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YES PARRTTT 2!! And can I request you an image where Shawn is jealous??? Like really really jealous even able to punch the guy if you didn’t stopped him, let’s say you were on a break and in a party a guy was flirting with you and that’s when it all happened

ooOoOoH jealous shawn gives me feels, so I’ll try it babes!

“Shawn, come on!” You tried coaxing him, but he wasn’t budging. His anger was at an all time high. The only thing that’d get him to move is you being hurt and he’d stepped in before that could even happen.

“He shouldn’t have fucking touched you.” He growls, scooting you off to the side as he strides towards the prick.

The both of you had come out to enjoy the night seperately, you to commend yourself for your recent job promotion and Shawn to celebrate finally finishing his third studio album and just relax a bit. That idea would have to be put on hold due to the bold old high school flame that approached your booth 30 minutes into the unwind. It only took 10 minutes of touches that were a little close for Shawn’s liking and reminiscing of a relationship that burned years ago, for Shawn to lose his damn temper and nearly cause a scene.

No one touches his girl, even if she wasn’t his at the moment. The stresses of daily demands of affection and scheduling just weren’t in you and Shawn’s favor. Now that you’d finally gotten the promotion you were working so many late nights and early mornings for, you could breathe. Sadly, that’d currently was for some time without him.

“Shawn, it’s not worth it. He’s not worth it.” Andrew whispers harshly, his arm wrapping around his bicep and dragging Shawn backwards. The trek to your home from the party is nothing but tense and angry.

He never got this jealous, not even when men hit on you at the very few public dates you guys did go on. His skin never burned a red hue like that, the veins in his neck protruding undeniably, jaw locked and fists clenched with a look to kill in his eyes. It actually kind of frightened you.

“Y/N, I’m sorry.”
“Did you really have to take it that far?” The words drip from your tongue like ice, cold.
“Sorry for looking out for you.” He scoffs, focusing back on the road ahead.
“You wouldn’t have had to “look out for me” if you’d let me handle it myself.”
“And handling yourself means being completely oblivious until he takes it too far? Every time someone comes on to you, I warn you.”

You huffed, readjusting my seatbelt. “Not every time.”
“Yes every time! That one time at the movies, 2 months ago at the store. Even when we went out to dinner a few weeks ago and our waiter slipped you his number.”

You watched him intently, mostly because you hated that he was right. It seems that he’s been right more often now, it’s becoming an annoyance. “Shut up.”

He lets out a short chuckle, finally parking and shutting off the car as your condo comes into view “I love you, even when you’re not exactly mine and I just don’t want to have to punch anyone in the face because they don’t have manners.”

I love it when white people message us and tell us that something isn’t appropriative and then add on to it “if I was part of that race/culture then I’d be honored that people were doing this stuff!!!!”

Oh yes, you, a white person, totally get a say in how people from closed cultures should act.

We only say that things are appropriative when we’ve heard from people who are actually part of those closed cultures about it and the damage it does and what the actual traditions are.

We don’t just say things are appropriative for the hell of it, we say it because we know people who belong to these cultures and how upset and angry they get to see white people and people who don’t belong to their culture just take what they want (and half the time they take it for the aesthetics since there’s plenty of other options they could have instead that aren’t appropriative). 

So fuck you if you’re not part of a closed culture and you want to decide when things aren’t appropriative and tell closed cultures how they should be grateful for people taking from them. You’re racist and you can get the fuck off our blog.