but yes that is clay's hand

The vampire looked from the golem to Vimes.
“You gave one of them a voice?” he said.
“Yes,” said Dorfl. He reached down and picked up the vampire in one hand. “I Could Kill You,” he said. “This Is An Option Available To Me As A Free-Thinking Individual But I Will Not Do So Because I Own Myself And I Have Made A Moral Choice.”
“Oh, gods,” murmured Vimes under his breath.
“That’s blasphemy,” said the vampire.
He gasped as Vimes shot him a glance like sunlight. “That’s what people say when the voiceless speak.”

– Terry Pratchett, Feet of Clay

The vampire looked from the golem to Vimes.

‘You gave one of them a VOICE?’ he said.

'Yes,’ said Dorfl.  He reached down and picked up the vampire in one hand.  'I Could Kill You,’ he said.  'This Is An Option Available To Me As A Free-Thinking Individual But I Will Not Do So Because I Own Myself And I Have Made A Moral Choice.’

'Oh, gods,’ murmured Vimes under his breath.

'That’s BLASPHEMY,’ said the vampire.

He gasped as Vimes shot him a glance like sunlight.  'That’s what people say when the voiceless speak.  Take him away, Dorfl.  Put him in the palace dungeons.’
—  Terry Pratchett, “Feet of Clay”

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Glory, Clay, Sonny …… Stairflight ……… *looks at smudged writing on hand* Salami?


Raphael x Reader

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“Urgh how can you stand this bloodsucker?” You sighed to Simon as Clary led the two of you to a café that was open a night so you could all finally hang out.


“Same way we handle your full moons, with a serious but sarcastic demeanour and a few inside jokes.” Simon told you as he opened the door and Clary started to laugh.


“Yes and besides, we have a pet werewolf we needed a vampire to finish the set.” She winked as you set down and pointed at Simon.


“He doesn’t count.” She muttered.


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Lord Vetinari walked out of the room and back into the main hall, with Vimes trailing behind. “However,” he said, “in order to keep the peace, the golem will have to be destroyed.”
“No, sir.”
“Allow me to repeat my instruction.”
“No, sir.”
“I’m sure I just gave you an order, Commander. I distinctly felt my lips move.”
“No, sir. He’s alive, sir.”
“He’s just made of clay, Vimes.”
“Aren’t we all, sir? According to them pamphlets Constable Visit keeps handing out. Anyway, he thinks he’s alive, and that’s good enough for me.”
The Patrician waved a hand towards the stairs and his office full of paper. “Nevertheless, Commander, I’ve had no less than nine missives from leading religious figures declaring that he is an abomination.”
“Yes, sir. I’ve given that viewpoint a lot of thought, sir, and reached the following conclusion: arseholes to the lot of ’em, sir.”

– Vimes’s conclusion | Terry Pratchett, Feet of Clay

Newborn Princess CHAPTER 5

Summary: As Happy comes back from a late run he hears crying and finds a baby in a basket on his doorstep, with a letter saying that it was his. Will he raise the child or give it up.

Chapter 4

WARNINGS: Language

Happy wiped his hands of oil with a sigh, his eyes going over to Gemma who was in her office with Natasha in the playpen, “You want a break brother?” He heard Clay ask and he looked over to the other man noticing the other SONS looking at him as well, “What?”

“Aye brotha we seen ye look at the lil’ lass for the past hour now, take a break will ya.” Chibs chuckled.

“Natasha’s only four months and has you wrapped around her chubby fingers.” Kozik chuckled and Happy tossed his towel at the blonde man with a growl, “Shut the hell up.”

“Go ahead brother take a break, go out and feed your baby or something.” Clay laughed and Happy nodded his head, “Thanks pres.” Clay nodded his head and patted his shoulder, “Better have your ass back in an hour though.” Happy nodded his head and jogged over to the office making the other men laugh but he just flipped them off.

“Hey sweetheart come to check up on your baby?” Gemma smiled and Happy nodded his head, “Ain’t gonna lie to you Gem but I miss her.” He mumbled as he leaned down looking at his little princess.

At the sound of her father’s voice Natasha’s face lit up with a big smile as she screamed loudly in excitment, “Hey baby girl you missed me?” He asked and she wiggled her little body as she began to squeal at her dad.

“How about you go take her to the park?” Gemma offered and Happy nodded his head, “Let me change.” He said then stood up walking out quickly, his chest hurting when he heard Natasha cry for him.

“Oh don’t cry darlin’, daddy’s gotta change so you two can go to the park.” Gemma cooed as she picked up the little girl in her blue and white patterned dress.

“You know sweetheart, daddy sure does have a fashion sense when it comes to his princess let me tell ya.” She laughed as she grabbed the diaper bag while heading out of her office.

“Look who it is!” Clay cheered and Natasha squealed as she waved her hands around quickly, “Hey Princess.” Tig smiled as he leaned down kissing her head, “You look so cute in your little bloomers.” Half-Sack waved at Natasha and she blew on her tongue making him laugh, “I wouldn’t have expected Happy to dress her the way he does.”

“Dress her like what?” His raspy voice called and Kip flinched when he noticed the man behind him, “Ya know all pink and bright colors with all the bows and stuff.”

Happy nodded his head and straightened his kutte, “She looks cute like that.” He said then took Natasha out of Gemma’s arms, raising her high making her scream and clap her hands, “Ready for the park baby girl?” Happy asked when he lowered her and kissed her head.

“B-lab-alab-ahh!” She babbled and Happy nodded his head, “Alright let’s roll.” He laughed then took the diaper back, “Gotta get the stroller out first.” He said and Half-Sack went to the truck taking out said stroller, “Thanks man.” Happy said when the prospect pushed it next to him.

“Wow Hap. You’re really going to walk around pushing that stroller in your kutte?” Kozik laughed and Happy looked at him with a blank stare. “When have I given a fuck about pushing a pink stroller or holding my pink baby?”

Kozik pondered the thought and shrugged his shoulders, “Yeah your right man.”

“Now shut up you’re wasting my break.” He growled and Clay laughed, “Go take the princess out.” Gemma called, “I put a blanket in the stroller for when you go to the park okay. Have fun sweetheart.” Gemma waved to the baby and she smiled in response.

“Awe she is the cutest thing ever!” A woman squealed and Happy thought his eardrums were going to explode, “Thanks.” He grunted, “What can I get for you?” The man behind the ice cream stand asked and Happy looked down at his daughter who was talking amongst herself, “Small cup of vanilla.” Happy answered as he looked back at the young man who was staring at his kutte like a damn ghost. “Two um two dollars.” He stuttered and Happy pulled out his wallet handing the guy the two dollars then putting ten in the tip jar after he got his ice cream.

“Let’s go sit baby.” Happy mumbled as he pushed the pink stroller down the sidewalk, getting tons of strange looks. They weren’t the usual fear that he got because he was a Son no these were like ‘what the hell’ or 'he has a kid’. Happy kept an open eye for any other kuttes or people that were staring to hard at him, this was only the second time that he took his daughter out by himself and he wanted to be on high alert.

“Bahhh!” She squealed and he smirked down at her, “What’s up witchu baby girl?” He asked and she wiggled around, it looked like she was dancing, “What’s wrong pretty girl?” He asked slowing his walk to look down at her, she began to wave her arms around like crazy while babbling quickly, “You want daddy to hold you?”

“I want you to hold me.” He heard a chick whisper to one of her friends and he chuckled. “Hi your daughter is really cute.” A random gash said and he stopped walking to turn and look at her.

Putting a smirk on his face as he looked her and her friend up and down, “Thanks darlin’. You girls want to go to a party tomorrow?” He asked and the two woman nodded their head quickly, “Aight go to TM at 8 tomorrow.”

“Yeah…okay see you tomorrow.” The blonde one say biting her lip, he gave her a wink, “See ya tomorrow girl.” With that he walked away with his usual swagger while pushing his daughter and it was only a few minutes before he made it to the park.

Putting a bib on his daughter he sat down on the bench with her in his lap, three woman already sitting there and looking at him like he was candy. Women sure love seeing dads out with their kids. “Hey pretty girl. Want some ice cream?” He said then grabbed the cup of slightly melted ice cream, “It’s a little melted but it’s good.” He said then took a little spoon full putting it to her, “Only a little, abuela would kick my ass if she found out I was doing this.” He mumbled as she drank the melted ice cream with a squeal.

“Ah-babba-labbb.” She wiggled with a smile and he laughed, “Good right.” He said then took a spoonful for himself. He took a spoon for himself then gave her some of the melted ice cream, “Bab-a-da.” Happy nodded his head, “Told you it was good.” He chuckled. “Pa-ahh-ba!” She clapped and a little drop fell from her lips, Happy lifted the bib and wiped her mouth, “Look at you getting’ ice cream on your double chin pretty girl.” He laughed and she smiled happily.

“How old is she?” The woman with red curly hair asked him and he looked at her, “Four months.”

“Awe she’s so beautiful, what’s her name?” The brunette with blue eyes asked and his daughter frowned making the woman coo, “Natasha.” He said then gave her some ice cream making her frown fall into a smile. “First kid?”

Happy nodded his head, “Yup she’s the princess.” He said, “I wanted a girl but instead got two boys.” She commented

“I thought I wanted a boy but I wouldn’t replace her for anything.” He said tossing the ice cream cup into the trash can like a pro. Happy stood up, “Oh…you’re a Son?” The blonde asked and he raised a brow, “I never thought I’d see one of you with a kid that’s all.”

“Yeah…surprise.” He said nonchalant as he put his daughter in the stroller and walked away from most of the people so he was under a tree. He took out a blanket and put his daughter on her back  with her stuffed octopus, sitting down he pulled out a coke and a ham and cheese sandwich from the diaper bag.

“Baaaahhhh!” She shouted as she turned her head reaching for her octopus who she calls 'Bah’.

He ate his sandwich quietly as his eyes scanned over the park looking for anything strange, there was a man who was sitting on a bench looking at the kids play but Happy calmed his instincts when a pregnant woman sat beside him. “Ooooba-lulu-aaa”

“Yeah baby keep talking.” He said then sipped his soda. Natasha wiggled with a squeal when he whispered, “Come here princess.” Lifting her up putting her to his chest after taking off her bib, he smiled when she put her hand on his cheek, “Dame un beso (Give me a kiss).” He said then kissed her little lips and she smiled brightly, “I love you baby girl…” Happy whispered to his daughter then kissed her head as he tucked her against his chest, “So much.”

“How was the park?” Juice asked in a happy voice and Natasha smiled sleepily making Juice smile back, “Ba-da-poo-pah.” She said with a smile and Juice’s eyes widened, “No way. Really?” He asked in excitement and she smiled, “We-labba-bas-po-baahhhh!”

“WOW!” Juice shouted and she laughed, “Da-da-bahhh- lub-lala!” She laughed and covered her eyes with a sigh then uncovered her face with a frown. “You’re a cutie you know that?” Juice asked as he poked her tummy and she giggled but by the end it turned into a yawn.

“I gotta put her for a nap.” Happy said then looked at the clock, “Okay baby girl let’s see if I can put you to sleep in five minutes.” He said then nodded to Juice who returned the gesture.

Happy cradled her with her head under his chin, chest to chest, as he walked toward the office, “Yo prospect put that stroller in the truck.” Happy said grabbing the diaper bag on his way to the office.

“Sure thing Hap.” He said then jogged over and closed the stroller to put it in the back of the truck. Happy sat on the couch and put the pacifier in her mouth, bouncing her gently, “Mm-ba-da.” She mumbled around her bo-bo.

“Shh baby girl it’s time to sleep.” He whispered and she whined, “No it’s time to sleep baby.” He whispered kissing her head and she put her hand on his neck her little fingers petting him while he rubbed her back softly, “Night baby girl.” He whispered again.

The vampire looked from the golem to Vimes.
‘You gave one of them a VOICE?’ he said.
‘Yes,’ said Dorfl.  He reached down and picked up the vampire in one hand.  ‘I Could Kill You,’ he said.  ‘This Is An Option Available To Me As A Free-Thinking Individual But I Will Not Do So Because I Own Myself And I Have Made A Moral Choice.’
‘Oh, gods,’ murmured Vimes under his breath.
'That’s BLASPHEMY,’ said the vampire.
He gasped as Vimes shot him a glance like sunlight.  'That’s what people say when the voiceless speak.  Take him away, Dorfl.  Put him in the palace dungeons.

Terry Pratchett,
Feet of Clay


Porcelain [Fluff]

Why do you even go to that class no one attends to? You could choose music or photography” Your best friend said as she walked with you to your next class. “You wouldn’t understand. I don’t know what made me choose that class, but I know what made me stay”. Your friend rolled her eyes, she knew the exact words you would say next, after all, it wasn’t the first time you had this conversation. “He made me stay. With the way his hands mold the clay… how he sees beauty in the most simple things, how he enjoys creating things out of nothi-”.

“And he is hot”. Your friend added. “Yes, he is hot. Now go, I have an art class to attend to, with my “hot” Professor Wu”. You turned to open the door of the classroom, to find him, your teacher, leaning against the wall listening to everything you were talking about. 

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Maybe something where you and Art major!Calum are in the same ceramics class and it's his first time using the wheel because he normally hand builds things and you have to sit behind him and show him how to use it.

“Shit,” you hear Calum swear under his breath again. 

You hardly know him, but you can see how frustrated he’s getting with the wheel. “Do you need some help?” you ask, keeping your focus on the clay in front of you waiting for it to stop before you look at him.

“I - I, um, yes, please. I’m not good at this, I mean I usually just hand build things and I’ve never been good with a wheel,” he says, looking at you hopefully.

You laugh, nodding your head. “I get it,” you tell him, moving your stool behind his. “Um, is this okay?” you ask carefully, putting your arms around his waist to reach for the clay. 

“Yeah,” he answers, his voice a little lower as he nods. He reaches for the clay, stepping on the peddle to make the wheel spin again and allowing your hands to guide his. 

“See? You just have to be gentle; it’s not so bad,” you whisper to him now close enough to him that your mouth is beside his ear.

“Definitely not bad anymore,” he says, turning his head in the slightest to glance at you.

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