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Free! Illustration Works Vol.2, Track 01

Shark training.

Audio here (thanks to Wakoaime)

Ai: (runs, panting heavily)
Sei: Nitori! Just a little more!
Ai: Y-Yes! Aah… (sits) Ah…
Rin: Ai, you can’t get exhausted with this little!
Ai: Sorry…
Rin: Take this.
Ai: Thank you, Rin-senpai!
Rin: If that’s enough to tire you, there’s no way you’ll make it in tournaments.
Ai: That’s true…
Sei: What, don’t worry Nitori! Gather up your efforts, and become like me!
Ai: Y-Yes sir! Captain Mikoshiba, I’ll do my best!
Sei: Very well! Then how about we get on doing some Shark training?!
Rin: Sha-Shark training?!
Sei: (chants) Shark training! Shark training!
Ai: Shark training? Rin-senpai, do you know what this is?
Rin: Ah, but, that’s…
Sei: (chants) Shark training! Shark training!
Ai: Just… What kind…
Sei: Shark training, you see, is a very old tradition in the Samezuka swimming club!
Ai: Is that so?
Rin: Well… You could call it a tradition… The one sure thing is that you need a mind of steel.
Sei: How’s that? Want to try it too, Nitori?!
Ai: Eh?! Can I?
Rin: Wai–Ai, you shouldn’t!
Sei: I’m sure Nitori will be able to do it!
Rin: No, but–
Ai: Rin-senpai! I will do it! After all, I want to participate in tournaments with you, so we can swim together! I will overcome any training!
Sei: Well said, Nitori! Since you accept, then I will train you to become the leader of Shark training!
Ai: Eh?… Yes!
Rin: If you’re going to do your best, I guess I’ll cheer for you…
Ai: Rin-senpai… Thank you so much!
Sei: (sobs)

Sei: Then, time for you to show what you’ve got, Nitori!
Ai: Yes!
Sei: Great response. Don’t complain even if it’s hard.
Ai: Yes!
Sei: Then, first. Bend your body to form the shape of an eight, and this is the Shark Intimidation Exercise!
Ai: (pants pants)
Sei: Do it well! This is a very important warm-up stretch that will make your body flexible! Keep it up!
Ai: Y-Yes!
Sei: Come on, that’s right!
Ai: Shark!

Sei: Next! The Shark’s Predation Exercise! This is an exercise in which we divide ourselves between predators and preys, and train reflexes as we dodge attacks!
Ai: Yes!
Sei: I’m coming.
Ai: Yes.
Sei: SHA!
Ai: (dodges) Shark!
Sei: SHA!
Ai: (dodges) Shark!
Sei: SHA!
Ai: (dodges) Shark!
Ai: Aaah, he got me!
Sei: Hahahaha!

Sei: Next is the Shark Breathing Exercice! This breathing technique is the most important one for swimming, so remember it well!
Ai: Yes!
Rin: (chuckles) 
Sei: Here we go!
Ai: Yes!
Sei: Breathe in, in, out!
Both: In, in, out! In, in, out! In, in out!

Ai: (drinks) Aah!
Rin: You did your best huh, Ai.
Ai: Yes! Thank you very much!
Sei: Nitori! I am sure you can become a great shark! With this, Samezuka is in good hands too, gahahaha!
Ai: Yes! I’ll keep on doing my best!
Rin: (whispering) Ai, Ai!
Ai: ?
Rin: If you don’t like it, you need to say it–
Ai: It’s fine, senpai! Please don’t worry. I will… Become a proper shark! A great shark that can carry Samezuka on his shoulders!
Rin: Oh…
Sei: Good, now I’ve found a successor! Matsuoka, join in the Shark training too! Since we’re at it, we might as well do it all three!
Rin: N-No, that’s a little…
Sei: Break is over! Matsuoka, Nitori, stand up!
Ai: Yes!
Rin: N-No, I have just enough training already, I–
Sei: What are you saying, training normally with no Shark training is simply naive, Matsuoka!
Ai: Come on, Rin-senpai, don’t hold back and join us!
Sei: (in the distance) MATSUOKA! MATSUOKA!
Rin: That’s not the problem!
Sei: We’re starting then! Samezuka’s traditional, Shark training!
Ai: Yes sir!
Rin: Ah…


RinMaki, KotoUmi, NozoEli, NicoPana, TsubaHono, lily freakin white

Umi and Rin almost bump into each other in front of the club room’s door, both holding their phones in their hands with terribly worried faces. Apparently, they both just received a message from Nozomi saying that there’s an emergency for the three of them and they need to talk about it in the club room a-s-a-p.

“What do you think is this lily white emergency, Umi-chan?” Rin asks with a slight pout, still panting from her hurried steps. “Are we in trouble, nya?”

“I really have no idea, honestly,” Umi shrugs. She hesitantly grabs the doorknob with a shaky hand. “L-Let’s go in?”


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Good friends get their other friends silly shirts. Haru is a very good friend. You can tell where he got a bit carried away. (Aka “it all started with Rin and then escalated”)

Just fyi, he actually apologized to Sosuke later and gave him a proper shirt. The new one read “Kick me in the shin, my beloved Rin <3”

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