but yes now i think i like them even more

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People are legit acting like Amber was jobless and in the dungeon all last year when in reality I saw her the most (behind victoria cuz she's always busy) in the past 2 years lmfao. She was everywhere in 2015 and in 2016 she was doing SO many things. Now whether or not the activities sm gave her permission to do were ones she wanted or ones sm pushed on her but at the end of the day she got alot more than even some other sm idols have. I didnt expect it to last if she wasnt making a big profit

she gets work, yes, but i don’t think it’s the work she wants to do. her frustrations stem from her not being able to release music, and them turning her down for what sounds like a lot of projects and proposals she’s brought to them.

i don’t think she has it as bad as some sm idols…. she’s definitely been given chances to work, got to do ranting monkey, and has been very visible through photoshoots and some articles and interviews throughout the year. 

the problem is that she’s not exactly in an industry where you can be picky…. that’s why i think she really needs to reevaluate where she’s at and where she wants to be in life, because as much as she loves being in f(x), it looks like she can’t have the solo career SHE wants and be an SM idol at the same time. i think this is a years long issue she has with them, and probably came to a head when they very clearly stopped her from finishing Crossing.  

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Yes yes you are right! Even after yearsssss of living and working together i am still amazed that kd are still each other's fans. The pure adoration and love in their eyes whenever one of them is singing or dancing i mean they've done it million times already how is that even possible that they still admire e/o until now????? That is a whole new level of relationship goals i wish to achieve

You’ve put it beautifully, anon. I couldn’t agree more. Like regardless of what a person thinks about their dynamic. This is like one thing anyone with goddamn eyes can see.

Got7 reaction s/o translating dramas very dramatic like.

hello-btsfangirl said:If open the 16th 😂 got7 reaction to s/o watching dramas and translates what they say to themselves very dramatic in their native language when they think they are alone 😂😂 Yes im a very sad person 😂😂😂


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JB: Since you wanna be dramatic, he can too. But he takes being dramatic to a next level.

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Jinyoung: Doesn’t wanna even hear an explanation. You: “I was just..” Him: *GIF*

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Jackson: Surprise tf out of him. He was not expecting that, dramas just got 10x better now, he gon have to lowkey start watching them with you.

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Mark: He knows you know Korean, so he’s pretty confuse when he hears you doing that. He actually think your the confuse one tho, so he tries to correct you on your words.

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Youngjae: “What the hell was that?”

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BamBam: *Walks in* “Hey where did you put the……….what….what are you-”

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Yugyeom: Stay imitating you, sometimes he does it without thinking when he’s around the boys.

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Why am i even on tumblr. Lol.

I still regret the day I deactivated my old acct. I miss the ppl i follow there.. yes even though I don’t plan on interacting with them but still the content of the ppl i follow was fine af, my dashboard was filled with poetry, art…architecture stuff.. Cute animals.. memes.. Dank memes. More memes.. Hahahaha.

Thoughts rn? i’ve been worrying about stuff that will happen years from now. Ive been thinking about leaving my job and looking for- “yeah zandra like that store manager position at the art store, mag apply ka dun pls.” i hate my job.. Copy pasting information and shit. Yeah so staying for the money and insurance. The only time my brain gets challenged is when I compute my remaining break lol. (bobo ko kasi sa math) wow sinsasabi ko nanaman sa sarili ko at this point na bukas magiging better ako na human being. Haha. Seeing everyone doing better, inspires me. But idk, my life is a bit slower and Im not really sure what to do with life.. Millenials say na they arent sure too.. But idk somehow feeling ko ako lang yung legit na walang alam sa pagiging adult?? Hahaha. Gusto ko mag level up.. Find a new job. New environment. Yung alam kong mag eexcel ako? Haha.

Before kasi I had this “anxiety” stuff. Nakakahiya nga eh, masyado ako na bother sa mangyayari after a few months eh hindi pa nga napaguusapan and hindi pa sure, legit nag mini breakdown ako and nag shut down ng ilang minutes. Then after a few days when I remembered it im like “lmao u crazy bitch” Tho i trust that person naman and he wont find it weird. Mehehe. But still lol im embarassed. So zandra, wag ka na mag worry.

Btw, lately I’ve been happy. Why is this a bad thing, Zandra lol? Idk kasi ive seen this many times now.. It’s like the calm before the storm. But that’s life. I’m cherishing every moment. Haha.

Im not wishing for an easier life, I pray for self-esteem, skills, knowledge, understanding, lesser anxieties.. Longer life for my parents, more happiness and opporunity for my love ones.. Blah blah

This post is not making sense anymur. Im hungry. I miss my man. My friends. My cat. I want to paint and paint and paint. I wish my skills would improve. I want eggs and bacon for breakfast.

i just can’t get over the shift in robron tonight. and yes, i probably am over-analysing because i’ve missed them so every second of their scenes is now extremely important, but they just seemed so comfortable around each other.

even the way they sauntered into the pub, chatting quietly to each other, robert glancing back at aaron… and then you had the whole teddy bear exchange (as i’m calling it) and aaron letting his hand slide down robert’s arm as he gets a pint. it’s just a tiny physical display of… not even affection, but just that reassurance that he can touch robert, that they can do this now, that they’re not hiding. and he probably doesn’t even question it now, or not as much, which is even more special really because this has all become so normal to them.

and robert being included in the family discussion in the backroom, and aaron not freaking out because his mum’s in hospital because robert is there as the voice of reason, telling him chas did the right think seeking help

and then you had the most incredibly sarky banter - “any time i’m feeling down i just look at you and think ‘it could be worse, i could be robert’” AND THAT LAUGH THAT IS SO INFECTIOUS IT MAKES ROBERT LAUGH

and i know they were such small scenes and not exactly romantic but they weren’t mate-y either. they looked settled, happy, content in each other’s company and comfortable to show it even around others.

i don’t even know where i’m going with this i was just really happy to see them so relaxed and at ease with each other it’s literally made my heart hurt

A UFC Weigh-In

Wrestling Official: Now, Emily?
Emily: Yes
Wrestling Official: I’m glad you’re here.  There’s a chance here at redemption.  People think of you as a monster–you converted people into sausages.
Emily: I put them in their casings, like they deserved.
Wrestling Official: Be that as it may, whether they deserved to be turned into cased meats or not, it’s frowned upon these days.  UFC is a different thing, people don’t think it’s all about just breaking bones and kicking people in the face anymore; they think it’s a real sport.
Emily: Are you judging me because I’m pregnant?
Wrestling Official: What?
Emily: What?  Did I…say that?
Wrestling Official: You did said it to me, I heard it!
Monster Brad: That’s an unfair advantage.
Wrestling Official: Oh, Monster Brad…
Monster Brad: That’s two against one.
Wrestling Official: Now the one’s just sort of a passenger, can’t really do much…
Monster Brad: Human life begins at conception.
Wrestling Official: Monster Brad, we are not doing this here!


Trevor: Welcome everyone, to the fight of the decade, if not the century–not the millennium, but, let’s say of, ah, I’d probably give it, if it turns out very good, the couple hundred years–in the least.  
Audience member: Hallelujah!
Trevor: There’s a huge crowd here at the Humpback Arena to see this amazing bout between Crusher Emily, the sausage-making mom of the Cuyahoga River, versus Monster Brad, the most religious UFC fighter to date.
Audience member: I love carrots!
Trevor: Hippies are making themselves known, as are born-again Christians.
Krang: That’s right.  Trevor, it’s never been a more exciting time in personal wrestling history.
Trevor: Krang, who do you think’s gonna win this bout?
Krang: I have only been on your planet for a short time, so I can only assume it it the larger of your species.  However, it is well known that the female is has another one inside.  Shall it emerge for a last-minute reprieve?

Stalked the writers Twitter for a bit and found this gem!

Also I’m now convinced that whenever the writers say “watch closely/carefully/keep watching”, it’s their way of saying yes without being explicit.

In their q&a from August, they answered some questions very similarly:

–Will Maya and Lucas ever become a couple?
“Watch what happens.”

–Lucas was Riley’s first date and first kiss. I feel like they will always have something more than brother and sister.
“Keep watching.”

–Can Joshaya not happen? I have too much Lucaya in my heart.
“Watch carefully.”

And now that we’ve seen most of the season, we know that yes, Maya’s support for Rilucas changed during the season, Lucas and Maya are baby stepping toward getting together, Joshaya didn’t happened (nor do I think it would have even if Uriah been in the episode), and Riley and Lucas are more than bro/sis (I’m predicting Legacy will finally settle them as friends).

Slowly breaking the writers code :p

I really do think we’re finally seeing the Rebel Time Lord proper.

Like the majority of the big actions he’s taken so far this series, even if they had some larger merit or plan behind them, had SUCH an element of ‘fuck you’ to them.

Guitar on a tank. Fuck you.

Mess up linguistic history. Fuck you.

Joyriding in Davros’s wheelchair. Yes there were multiple reasons why this was actually a good action to take but simultaneously fuck you.

12′s ‘eccentricities’ seem to now be coming from a much more ‘fuck the police’ standpoint and that’s what I was hoping for when we first heard the phrase ‘100% rebel Time Lord’ so bring it on.