but yes i still feel like punching myself in the face for not having looked at his beautiful face for even one second

pretty boy ☾ peter parker

summary : you think peter is very pretty, and your duty as his girlfriend is to tell him every chance you get.

wc : 1.4k 

  Peter Parker has freckles. They’re countless in amount and infinitesimal in size, but they’re spread across his sloped nose, his cheeks, and some of them are scattered across his shoulders from the days he spends at Rockaway Beach in the summertime sun not because he likes the beach, but because you do and you drag him there almost every day throughout July. He doesn’t mind. He can’t have you taking the train there alone, and he’d rather spend time with you in the sweltering heat than leave you by yourself. If you’re sitting close enough, the way you are right in this moment, you can count each one of those stars on his cheeks and play connect the dots with a ballpoint pen, if he’d let you. He most likely would. Peter would let you get away with anything. If you were to try to kiss each individual freckle that was settled there on his skin you’d be pressing your lips to his cheeks for hours on end. He’d like to see you try such a thing. 

   Peter Parker also has the sweetest brown eyes you’ve ever had the pleasure of gazing into. They were warm and kind and they felt like home whenever he turned them on you in that loving way he held. You love the way he looks at you, often and bright with happiness. You haven’t stopped looking at him since you started all those months ago, you couldn’t anticipate a time when you would. He doesn’t mind the permanent way his eyes settle on you, but it’s the way you’re always looking at him that makes him blush and turn his face away. He’s not much to look at, in his opinion. 

    He whines a little when he catches your eye again, trained on him like a reflex once again. His face glows a red the color of a ripe strawberry as he spins around in his chair and stares at the peeling cover of his science notebook. “What’s wrong, pretty boy?” You grinned when he flushed a deeper shade of crimson, still evading the smile that crept across your face. 

   “Y/N,” he whines once more, the heat creeping up toward the tips of his ears. He turns toward you, holding his cheek in his hand and keeping his elbow propped up on the swivel chair. “You know I get all,” he squirmed around in his chair, “flustered when you call me that.” The admittance came with a great reluctancy on his part, but it only made you smile more as you walked across the room and cleared away the clutter of his desk, taking a seat there so you could continue your study in Peter Parker. “I’m not pretty.” 

    “Shhh,” you chastised, using your foot to spin him back around. “You’re very pretty, Peter.” He stretches out his hand, waiting for you to grab it and hold it as careful as always. He presses a kiss to your knuckles whenever you hold his hand, he knows you think it’s the sweetest thing ever and that every single time he does it, you swoon like it’s your first date all over again. He’s big on holding hands. It’s intimate without being too much, and the teachers can’t really scold him for holding your hand the way they can for kissing you against the lockers when you both think no one is around. Still, he kisses your hand, and you close your eyes, smiling shyly. Then, you say, “How’d I get the sweetest, prettiest boy in the universe to be mine?” 

   “Oh, god,” he takes his hand out of yours and covers his cheeks with them, feeling the warmth of his skin against his palms and squeezing his eyes shut. He can’t believe what you’ve made him. A blushing mess undone the moment you call him pretty, sweet, yours. “Feel my cheek,” he demanded, grabbing your wrist and pressing your palm to his face. You laugh. 

   “You’re burning up, babe,” you say, patting his cheek. “I can’t help it. I have to compliment you. All the time. Every hour of every day.” You tap a finger against his cute nose. 

   “I would compliment you but every time I try you swoop in and render my speech incoherent with that little nickname you have for me,” he kept his fist against his cheek as he stared up at you, your legs dangling off his desk as you extend your hands out for him. He takes them, presses them to his cheek. 

   “What nickname?” You question innocently. “Oh, oh, oh, I know which one. Pretty boy.” You held his scrunched up in embarrassment face in your hands, squishing his cheeks. “So pretty.” 

    “I’m gonna spontaneously combust.” The words came out muffled because of the position his face was in, but if he were being honest, he could feel himself light up every time you said he was pretty, as amusing as the word was to him. Even if he doesn’t think he’s much- anything, really- to be fond of, he’s happy, so happy, that you disagree. 

   You call him pretty boy every chance you get. You seize the opportunity with pride, throwing a wink his direction when you can because he has the dopiest little smile on his face for the rest of the day even if he feigns irritation in the moment. 

     You greet him every morning outside his apartment building with a cup of coffee in your outstretched hand and a sweet smile curling at your lips and a, “Morning, my pretty boy,” and Peter starts his school day with a blush, his arm around the shoulders of the girl that he loves. You lean up to kiss the corner of his mouth. He’s invincible. 

    Then, you see him in chemistry class, goggles strapped to your face and a stupid apron around your neck. His heart still stops when he sees you. You slide in the seat between him and Ned, pulling at his goggle strap before it snaps back to his head as gentle as you can manage. “Did you finish the lab conclusion, pretty boy? I’m stuck on the last sent- Ned what happened to him?” You turned to the other boy, eyebrows raised in confusion because Peter is motionless and the redness is spreading all over his neck. 

   “You called him pretty again,” Ned replied, stretching his hand across the table and waving it in front of Peter’s face. “He’s probably just offended that you didn’t greet me with a compliment.” 

   “C’mon, Ned, you know I think you’re gorgeous.” 

   “I’m actually not deaf, guys.” Peter nudged you playfully, rubbing his cheeks with the sleeves of his gray sweater. You ruffle his honey hair. 

  “We know,” you answered. “Ned’s stunning, obviously-” Ned grins at this- “but you’re forever the only pretty boy for me.” Peter scrunches his nose up. Then, he takes off his goggles, placing them next to the looseleaf paper that has his neatly compiled lab report scrawled over the page. He leans forward, scooting his chair close to you so he can remove your goggles, too. He takes your face in his hands and kisses you quick. He’d put more passion into it if the teacher wasn’t standing across the room, looking for any excuse to separate the two of you. Every teacher was the same. He pulls back after a second, his hands lingering on your cheeks when he gazes at you. 

   “I love you, you beautiful and lovely and wonderful girl of mine.” Triumphantly, he removes his hands and places them back down on the desk. He catches it before you turn away toward Ned, and for a brief and fleeting moment, it’s there on your cheeks. “Oh, oh, what’s that I see? Is that a blush?” He jumps around to Ned’s spot, a stupid, prideful grin on his face as he savors the moment for himself, commits the pretty sight to memory. “Pretty girl, are you blushing?” He pressed his hands to against your face, pinching your cheek gently, lovingly. You punched him in the arm, a warning behind your eyes, but Peter didn’t care in the slightest. 

   “Yes, you big idiot,” you mumbled. “Happy now?” 

   “Oh, I’m very happy.” 

   “I hate you.” 

   “Do you really?” Peter raised his eyebrows, resting his palms against your shoulders and rubbing his thumb along the place where your collarbone peeked out of your shirt. 

   “Of course not,” you said, a grumble in your tone. “I love you and your pretty boy face, sweet little freckles and all.” You poked a couple of his freckles and kissed the one by his mouth. Peter sighed, still smiling brightly because no matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t pretend to be annoyed at you when you called him that name. He’d wear it with like a badge of honor, grateful for it. He had an effortlessly gorgeous love that thought he was the prettiest thing she had ever laid her eyes on, so what more could he ask for? 

The Three Moments You Shared with Steve Harrington (4)

Word Count: 980

Warnings: cheesy as hell ending

AN: donzo!! i’ll still be writing for steve since this was pretty fun to go through. feedback appreciated :))


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“Don’t go too wild, okay? I know how crazy these middle school dances can get.”

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Series:Yoongi | Jin | Jimin | Namjoon | Jungkook | Taehyung

Genre: Angst, but a happy ending; Soulmate!AU where you lose color vision when you meet your soulmate

Pairing: Hoseok X Reader

Word Count: 3.3K

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“Which color is this?”

You glance over at the thing your mother is pointing at, and shake your head at it in disgust.

“Ew, no.” You say, tugging her away from the hideously colored, zesty orange scarf, “That is gonna look absolutely terrible on you—don’t buy it.”

“Relax.” Your mother rolls her eyes, still letting you guide her to the… safer section of the store, “It’s not like your Dad’s going to mind, sweetheart.”

“Yes, but,” You shrug defeatedly, “That’s because Dad can’t see how hideous the color is. I still can.”

“I thank you for the sentiment, honey.”


The two of you share a private grin, before your mother hums delicately and busies herself looking through racks and racks of shirts, feeling the material absently. You only watch, noting to yourself sadly how she frowns confusedly at certain shirts of the same design, but different colors. You sigh then, propelling yourself forward.

“Take this one.” You push the plum colored shirt back onto the rack, and press the maroon one into her hands, “It suits you better.”

“Oh, thank you sweetheart.” She says gratefully, smiling gently at you, “What on earth would I do without you?”

“I ask myself that every day.” You mutter to yourself as you watch her make for the changing rooms, “Indeed, what would you do?”

Sighing, you take out your phone, trying to preoccupy yourself with one of your apps so that you can pass the time away. No matter how much you play, though, you can’t get your mind off your mother’s predicament.

Why on earth would people actively look for their soulmates, if their vision turns grey the second they do? What on earth would possess them, for them to do that? It doesn’t…it just doesn’t make sense.

Your mother comes back, by then, clothes bundled up in the shopping bag. You take it from her and, sighing at the ugly orange scarf at the bottom of the pile, make your way to the cash counter with her so that you can pay.

“Good morning Ma’am!”

You trace the countertop idly as your mom exchanges pleasantries with some guy behind the computer. You don’t look up, not until your mom nudges at you to hand her wallet over. Fishing it out, you present it to her, before lazily trailing your eyes upward, locking on surprised cocoa brown ones, before everything turns grey.

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Hello! I really like your blog. Can I ask to write about how RFA + Saeran forgot about MC's birthday and missed it? If it's possible from their viewpoint.

Oh boy, that got so long, these are basically mini-fics, I’m just too lazy to take it out of the topics lolol. Hope you enjoy it! ^^

   RFA + Saeran forgetting MC’s birthday


  • His new musical debuted that night, after it was over, he ran to the dressing room looking for you, but… you weren’t there?
  • He asked the staff if you were still in your seat, they said they didn’t even see you that night.
  • “Oh, she must be with Jaehee.” He texted both of you, none of you texted back. Weird…
  • He called you, nothing. He called Jaehee, she answered, but there was some loud music playing. “Jaehee, is MC with you?”
  • “WHAT??? ZEN, WHERE ARE YOU??? ARE YOU OUTSIDE???” she was yelling
  • Then it hit him… SHIT! It was today! Your birthday!!! How could he forget that?
  • He saw you in the morning, you sounded so excited, but you were always so bubbly, he didn’t even notice you were especially excited that day. Oh god… just remembering your beautiful smile made his heart sink in guilty. Why didn’t you say anything?
  • “Wake up, Zen! She’s not like you to be bragging about her own  birthday!” he thought. Yes, you were nothing like him at all, you were so sweet, so selfless… he was a selfish workaholic who abandoned her girlfriend in her first birthday with you! Ugh… he was the worst boyfriend ever!
  • His colleagues invited him to an after party, he declined. He needed to know where your party was happening… Calling you would be the most embarrassing and hurtful thing he could ever do!
  • Calling Jaehee seemed hopeless. Yoosung? Yeah, obviously not!  Seven would tease him for not knowing where the party was. There was only one person discreet enough he could call… but it was Jumin fucking Han! God… asking that jerk a favor made him feel sick, but it was for MC… he would do anything for his precious girlfriend.
  •  Jumin answered quickly, the music wasn’t too loud, he was probably a little away from the crowd, that antisocial freak! No…  he needed to ask him a favor, it wasn’t the time to cuss him out. “Where are you? MC is concerned” he said in a monotone tone.
  •  “I need to ask you something, but you have to promise me you won’t say anything! If you say something, I swear I’ll…” “You’re about to ask me a favor, yet you’re threatening me? How bold…” “LISTEN, YOU JERK! I get it, I’m an asshole, ok? I screwed up her birthday! You have no idea how much I regret it… I…” no, he could not do that talking with Jumin, pull yourself together! “I need to know the address of the party…”
  •  “Are you serious? You really don’t know?” “Don’t make me feel worse, dude! I can do that by myself!” “I’m not doing it on purpose, I’m just reminding you of your irresponsibility… did you even get her a present?” “DUUUUUUDE! I TOLD YOU I COULD MAKE MYSELF FEEL WORSE! OH GOD!”
  •  “Zen, pull yourself together, please. This is quite embarrassing for me too… think objectively, what can you do right now? There must be something…” Zen thought for a few seconds… there was something he could do!
  • “Hey, jerk! I thought of something! Tell me the address and I’ll take care of everything else! I just need a prop I saw backstage and…” “What do I get in return?” “DUDE, ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS?”
  •  “I’m a business man, I need to know what will be my gain on this.” He could almost see the smirk on that son of a bitch’s face. “Fine! There’s something I can do along with my… surprise for MC. Give me the address and see for yourself.” “But…” “Just trust me on this one, ok? Now here’s what you need to do…”
  • You were dancing with Seven, he was making silly moves to make you laugh and distract you from your concern about your boyfriend.
  • Were you mad? Nah, why would you? It was his career after all… I mean, should you be mad about your boyfriend forgetting your birthday? The first one with you as a couple? Even if he couldn’t ditch work, he saw you in the morning, he should had said something! A day has fucking 24 hours, Zen! Calling you wouldn’t take more than a few minutes, for fuck’s sake. Yep, you were mad.
  • Seven stepped away from you a little, you looked like you were gonna punch someone. Then, he stared at the little stage on the nightclub, you followed his gaze and… what was Jumin doing up there?
  • “Is this thing on? Is it? Okay…” he said in the microphone, then he cleared his throat and took a piece of paper from his pocket “Yes, good evening, ladies and gentlemen. We gathered here today to celebrate our dear friend, MC’s birthday tonight.” A blue light showed up to your face as people applauded you, what was Jumin doing? This was so embarrassing…
  • “I sincerely hope it was a day of joy for you, MC, that you received all the love and affection from your friends and family. And… I hope you’re prepared right now… for the ultimate demonstration of love from your boyfriend.” You could hear people making “uuuhh…” sounds. “He made me say this tacky speech and, to quote him, ‘I apologize for being late, I’m selfish and I care too much about my image, that’s why I didn’t even consider not doing that musical today. However… to show you how much I love you and how sorry I am, I’m letting go of my image today, I’m even letting go of my pride and letting a jerk read my apologize for you.’ Oh… I’m, I’m the jerk right now. Interesting… anyway, enjoy your boyfriend’s gift, MC!” he got off the stage still muttering “How ungrateful…”
  •  The nightclub staff carried a huge cake to the stage. Oh god… you knew where this was going, oh no… Yep. Your boyfriend came out of the cake wearing only underwear with a decorative bow on it and… freaking cat ears on his head.
  • Seven was laughing hard, Jaehee was feeling bold after a couple of drinks and took a lot of pictures, Yoosung was passed out on the corner and didn’t see anything, Jumin kept his head low trying not to let everybody see him chuckling, and you… were still a little mad, but it was impossible not to feel happy to see him (and maybe a little turned on)
  • So you just went up on that stage and gave him a quick kiss on the lips, he whispered “happy birthday” and you smiled softly, it was impossible not to smile right now.


  •  “Yoosung, I let your green shirt on the hanger, oh, and be careful when you go to the bathroom, I think there’s something wrong with the lock… The roast beef is on the oven, don’t touch it! I’ll just go to the convenience store and see if they have that sauce we liked the other day, ok?”
  • “Mmmmhmm” he mumbled, staring at his laptop’s screen. You couldn’t bother wondering if he was really listening, you were in such a hurry to get everything done.
  • He didn’t know why you were running everywhere, it was just dinner! What was so special about this one?
  •  He was just worried about this quest, there were so many rare items available right then.
  • He was done a few minutes later, he stretched his arms and let out a yawn. “MC?” you didn’t answer. “MC? Are you in the bathroom? I’m coming in…” he entered and the door closed behind him.
  • He yelped, scared. He tried to open the door a few times and got more and more tense as he realized he was really trapped inside the bathroom. His phone was on his bedroom. Shit…
  • He heard the living room’s door being open.  “MC? MC, is that you?”
  • “Yoosung? Where are you?” “I’m trapped in the bathroom, I think there’s something wrong with the lock” “Yes, I know” “You knew? Why didn’t you tell me?”
  • “ I told you, Yoosung! You didn’t hear anything I said before I left?” “Where were you, anyways?” You sighed deeply. “Nevermind, Yoosung, let me call a locksmith and try to get you out of here before the night is completely ruined!”
  • Wow, you really sounded frustrated, this dinner was that important to you? Why?
  • “Oh, don’t worry, MC!  I can always cook some fried rice really quick like I normally do.” “Well, isn’t that the point? Doing something different because tonight is special?”
  • “Oh, sure…” Why is tonight special? Think, Yoosung, think! “Yes, tonight is a very special day…for… us?”
  • You glared at the door as you could actually see him. “Yoosung? What day is today?” “Today? T-Today? Hum… Friday?”
  • “I knew it! I knew you weren’t listening to me earlier, I knew you didn’t know what day is today! Gosh, I’m so stupid! My friends tried to drag me to this bar, but no, I insisted on spending my birthday with my boyfriend!” OH FUCK!
  • M-MC! It’s today! Yeah!” “Yes, you could at least notice the presents that came, but you were too busy with that fucking game all day, right?” You were freaking terrifying when you swore, he was shivering
  • “MC, I don’t even know how to proper apologize right now, I’m so sorry! I… bought your present months ago and I guess I just… forgot?”
  • “Yes, Yoosung, you forget everything around you when you play that game! Seriously… I… I can’t believe the only way to make you listen to me is with  you locked up like this… this is so… fucked up!” Another swear, another shiver! But what you said gave him an idea. “So… keep me like this…” “What?”
  •  “Seriously, keep me like this! We can call the locksmith tomorrow morning. I don’t have my phone or computer with me, so all I can focus is your voice now. Tell me everything and I’ll listen.” “What are you saying? This is weird!”
  • “So let’s do it as a game! How about that: for every year of your life, you tell me something I should know about you? Silly things or meaningful things, you tell me everything and I’ll listen!” You were still hesitating, but… your boyfriend listening to you all night long? That was… sort of fun… you took a deep breath and sat in front of the bathroom door. You could not see each other, but that was better, so you wouldn’t feel embarrassed telling him… very intimate things. “Okay… fact number one about me…”
  • It was morning when you finished, you both were laughing because you told him funny things about you in high school. “Hey, MC?” “Yes, Yoosung?”  “I know I’m late, but… happy birthday!” “Thank you, Yoosung… now let’s get you out of there” your voice got back to the sweet tone he loved so much, he knew he had to do a lot to make it up to you, but now… he was just relieved you didn’t sound mad, and he learned so much about you, this would be really useful later…
  • As soon as he was released, he rushed over you and planted a firm and passionate kiss in your lips, you’ve never seen him like this! “Thanks for your services, sir. Now if you’ll excuse us, I have to make my girlfriend’s dream number 18 come true!” he paid the guy, took your hand and leaded you to the bedroom.


  • She would never! I mean, NEVER EVER forget your birthday! As soon as you started dating, she marked the date on her calendar, she was prepared for this day months ago!
  • You probably knew she was planning everything, so it hit her. You KNEW, it would be no surprise for you at all! She never saw your surprised face before, she would love to see your eyes widening, your mouth opening in a gasp and then turning into a smile for her… oh… it must be so adorable!
  • You always complimented her diligence, her ability to plan something at every detail, but now… she just wanted not to be like that, at least for one day, your day… she had to surprise you somehow!
  • So she thought… what if she pretended to forget your birthday? And when the day was almost ending, she would surprise you with something very romantic and special? It would be so bold and unexpected of her, she couldn’t wait to show you this side of her!
  • It was harder than she thought. When the day came, she kept holding back all the hugs she wanted to give you, the urge to say “Happy Birthday! I love you!”. God… you were looking at her as if you were expecting something! Those puppy eyes, ugh… somebody save her!
  • But she kept going through, it would all be worthy for both of you at the end of the day.   “Jaehee, is there something you wanna say to me?” “Hum… you’re doing a good work today, MC!” “Jaehee, you have nothing to give me today?” “Oh yeah, I have you to give this receipt from the milk distributor, you forgot to sign here.” This was fucking torture!
  • You two closed the cafe in complete silence, she noticed you weren’t as excited as you were that morning. Your smile disappeared from your face as soon as the last customer left.     
  • “So,MC, ready to head home?” “Oh, I… already have plans for tonight.” WHAT? “Oh… you do?” “Yeah, I’m gonna get some drinks with some friends.” “N-No! You can’t!” she said in a high and surprised tone. “Why not?”
  • “W-Well, because you… didn’t you say you were trying to quit drinking?” “I think you’re mistaking me with Zen, Jaehee…” SHIT!
  • “I’ll be back soon, you don’t have to wait me awake if you don’t want to.” Oh… your passive-aggressive tone, it gave her the creeps everytime you acted like that.
  • “Well, can I… can I go with you?” “Oh, it’s just a silly thing with some girls from college, I don’t think you would enjoy that much…  but you’re more than welcome to come.” Yeah, you definitely didn’t want her to join you, you were PISSED
  • “So… I’ll go home just to take a shower and change, ok?” Oh no, the surprise! Time to move, Jaehee! “MC, YOU CAN’T GO!” you looked at her, surprised. Noticing you got a little scared, she lowered her voice “P-Please… don’t go…”
  • “Why not?” Think of something! Quick! “W-well, b-be-e-cause… I… I…  I don’t like your friends, MC!” “What?” “Yes, you… act different after you see them, you get… immature and… annoying!” you could not believe this! Neither could she, what was she doing? When did everything get so out of control?
  • “Annoying?” you scoffed “Wow, okay… thanks for the note, Jaehee! I’ll… well, sorry to disappoint you, but I’ll go get annoying and immature with my friends  tonight, at least they don’t forget my fucking birthday!” and you stormed out of the cafe. She was just… speechless, she could not think of a reaction right now.
  • She thanked God for the fact that the house you shared was not far from the cafe, she could reach you without a problem.
  •  And she got home just in time to see the face she was craving so much to see, but… the tears weren’t a part of her fantasy. “MC? I… I’m so sorry. I… tried to make you a surprise, I thought it would be even surprising  if I pretended I forgot your birthday, but now I see it was so childish of me. I’m really sorry, MC! I don’t hate your friends, I just said that to keep you away from the house, I think they’re great just like you, they’re funny and creative and… bold, like you! And… definitely not like me… I’m-”
  • You interrupted her with a intense yet sweet kiss, she was took by surprise, but quickly catched up with you. “Don’t talk about yourself like this, especially on my birthday…” “Yes, of course, MC, I’ll just say sweet things from now on…”
  • “You should start with a ‘Happy Birthday!’” you both laughed through your tears, you two looked so dork, it was so cute…


  • He didn’t really forgot, he just… miscalculated how long that business trip would last.
  • At least that’s what he told Zen over the phone when he called very angry and judgemental about missing his “so called precious girlfriend”. Jumin didn’t want to hear anything of this, mainly because he knew Zen was… ugh… right…
  • He wanted to call you, but was he really ready to listen your sad voice? Would he be able to handle it? His emotions were still a mysterious field, even if you were helping him through. But the things you said and did affected him on a very unpredictable way, so… calling you seemed reckless right now.
  • He would miss it, it was already set. He wouldn’t make in time. All that was left was trying to get you the most thoughtful and amazing gift and take some days off from work to make it up to you. Would it be enough?
  • But then… he saw the photos in the chatroom. MC and the other RFA members at a bar, it would be a cute friend’s photo if Zen WEREN’T THAT CLOSE TO YOU, WITH HIS ARM AROUND YOUR SHOULDER!!!
  • Jumin let out a low groan… this wasn’t right! It was supposed to be his arm around your shoulder… and probably not in that commoner’s bar. You deserved so much better on your birthday! You deserved… a better boyfriend…
  • He caught himself on his private jet, telling the pilot to get there asap. It was a good weather, this wouldn’t take long.
  • And it really didn’t, but now there was another problem… Driver Kim was not picking up his calls! What was he doing? Oh right… Jumin gave him some days off since he was on this business trip, only because MC insisted he needed some rest… he would feel aroused about all this irony if this wasn’t gettin in the way of something so important.
  • He took a cab, this driver didn’t feel reliable, but he was desperate. And the guy guaranteed he could get him to his destination in the shortest amount of time.
  • He just saw the light and heard a loud bang on the side of the cab… then everything got dark.
  • Zen gave you a ride to the hospital on his bike. He was mad, but tried to stay collected to not make you feel more nervous. Jaehee, Seven and Yoosung were already there. Zen and Jaehee wanted to go with you, you insisted on going alone and Seven convinced everybody this was the best right then.   
  • “Don’t talk! Don’t even try using your smothering words to make me forget what you did, Jumin Han! What were you thinking? Are you insane?” Silence… “ANSWER ME!”
  • “You… said you didn’t want me to talk…” he said with his usual calm tone, but in the inside he was terrified, you seemed… not like yourself at all. “Jumin, I swear to God I’ll slap this handsome face of yours and give this hospital a reason to keep you here for a while, don’t test me right now!” you were so scary! And sexy… no, FOCUS, JUMIN!
  •  “I didn’t want to miss your birthday, it didn’t seem right…” “So what? How getting on an unlicensed cab fit into this? Oh my god… do you have any idea how panicked I got when the hospital called me?” you were trying to compose yourself “Why did you get back? I was ok with your business trip getting longer than planned…” “I… saw the photo in the chatroom, you and… Zen…” oh, he should not have mentioned that, you were losing it again.
  • “Zen? You were worried about Zen? Oh my god, Jumin! What the fuck is wrong with you? What were you thinking? Seriously, I want to know how your brain works! Did you really think I was cheating on you?”
  • “I WASN’T THINKING, MC! I was… I don’t know what’s gotten into me, I saw the photo and I just knew I had to be there with you. That’s what happens, I don’t… think when it’s about you, I just… feel.”
  • “Jumin, I made myself very clear about using sweet talk right now…” “But it’s the truth, I swear! MC, I love you, I want to be with you at every special moment of your life.” “And do you think this is a special moment? You in a hospital bed making me feel so terrified of losing you? On my fucking birthday, Jumin?” your voice was breaking, and then came the tears.
  •  “I’m sorry for making you worry, MC. I was childish and imprudent, and I should do better when it concerns you, us… I’m… really sorry… and this feels completely inappropriate, but… happy birthday…” you sighed heavily and gave up, being angry wouldn’t take you anywhere. Your boyfriend was alive, just a few scratches here and there, and you were together! You curled up to him on the bed, then you just… talked.
  • “Did you really came here on Zen’s bike? Did you wear a helmet? Did you… put your arms around him?” “Jumin, Zen is the least of your problems right now, just wait till we get home.” again… so terrifyingly sexy… it felt strange hearing these things instead of saying it for once.


  • You two were not on speaking terms right now, it was a pretty bad fight, although now he didn’t really remember how and why it started. It was something about one of his pranks? About him going too far? Yes, it was something like this…
  • Anyways, he didn’t feel like apologizing, you were probably overreacting, soon you would come to your senses and talk to him again.
  • But this was taking too long, he haven’t heard from you for almost a week, were you that mad? The RFA members were refusing to talk about this, this was between you two, he should solve this if it was bothering him so much.
  • He got out of his office for the first time in three days and heard someone in the living room. It was you? Were you finally back? Hum, no… it was Saeran. And he was… wrapping this box on a shiny red wrapper?
  • “Hey bro, whachu doing?” “What do you think I’m doing? Wrapping this gift, you fool! MC’s favorite color is red, right?” “Yes, it is… is this for MC?” “No, is for the pope… of course it is for her!”
  • “Why?” “Quit shitting around and go get ready, we’re gonna be late!” “Late for what, Saeran? What’s going on?” “MC’s party! Seriously, did you bang your head or something?” “Party, why is she having a party?” he felt a little hurt you were throwing parties while you two were fighting like that.
  • “Wait… did you really forget?”  “What? What did I forget?” “Holy fuck! You really forgot your girlfriend’s birthday!” “What? No, I didn’t! Her birthday is in a few months, bro!” “Hum, no ‘bro’, it’s today!”. Saeyoung scoffed: “No, it isn’t! Come on… I checked every information about her when we met, there’s no way I would forget the day she was born!” “Well, check again, you probably messed up the informations in your stupid brain.” He was starting to get mad at Saeran for doubting him, he was the one messing it up! So he went to check your background history  and yes, your birthday was… your birthday was… shit! TODAY!
  • “Oh Lord! Oh Lord! Oh Lord!” he started panicking and running in the house. How could he forget? He was so adamant about you apologizing he didn’t even notice that day was coming? What a selfish asshole he was! “Oh my God, Saeran! I’m so screwed!” “Yep…”
  • “Don’t ‘yep’ me! Help me! I need to do something!” “Exactly, YOU need to, don’t get me involved in this, you were the one who screwed up, just apologize to her already!” “This isn’t enough! I, Saeyoung Choi, need to come up with something as special and amazing as my lady. And you were gonna help me! This is a mission for the Choi boys!” “I asked you a million times not to call us that…”
  • He came with a plan and headed with his brother to your place. When he got there, he noticed it wasn’t a big party, it was more like an intimate reunion with RFA and your closest friends. Hum… he was expecting something big as his surprise, but this would do, anyways.
  • Saeran cleared his throat and gathered everybody’s attention. “MC, my brother is an asshole and he wants to ‘apologize’. Enjoy this freak show and happy birthday!” he said in a monotone tone as turning the music on.
  • And then Saeyoung came out of your bedroom lip syncing “Birthday” by Katy Perry in a full cosplay of her. Nobody was in shock because, well… they already knew your boyfriend, you got embarrassed when you looked at your parents watching that. When he finished, people weren’t sure if they should clap or not.
  • “I’m so sorry, MC! I’m such a prick for not talking to you and there’s nothing I could say right now to make it up to you, so I did this. If I can’t be mature enough, at least I can make you laugh, and… I believe it was the great american artist Katy Perry who said ‘So make a wish! I’ll make it like your birthday every day!’. Happy birthday, MC! I love you!”
  • “Oh, Saeyoung…” you were crying and leaned to him, he was waiting for a kiss, but you went to his ear and whispered: “Got you!” He looked at you puzzled as Zen and Yoosung unrolled a banner where it could read “You got pranked, brah!”
  • “MC, what’s happening?” “I was mad at you because of that bad prank you pulled on me last week, so I decided to take some revenge. I told everybody to come here today to pretend it was my birthday, so it would look like you forgot it.” “But your background history…  the date…” “Saeran took care of this for me. You’re not the only hacker in the family, right?” he looked at Saeran, he just raised his glass with a smirk. “Oh, and putting Katy Perry as one of my interests was his idea too. I had no idea you were going to show up like this… guess he knows you a little better than I do”
  • “Oh… my… God! I… I… ” he looked shocked, almost hurt, now you were wondering if you went too far… but the truth was… he was so happy you and his brother were getting along, even teaming up to make something for him, even if it was to make him look like a fool, he didn’t mind, he was just… really happy “I LOVE YOU TWO SO MUCH!” and he pulled you and Saeran in a tight hug.


  • “Shit! Shit! Shit!” he was cursing and pacing back and forth ever since he saw the calendar, it was today! How could he forget?
  • Truth be told, he had one of his episodes last night, when that happened, he would lost his sense of time and place. This would be even worse when you weren’t around to calm him down, and why weren’t you around? Oh yeah, you were planning your birthday party, yeah, that one he refused to help with because ‘it was lame’ as he told you over the phone. Oh god…He was the worst, wasn’t he?
  • He got out of his bedroom and went looking for Saeyoung, but all he found was a note. “Helping MC, party starts at 9 pm at her place, don’t be late! P.S.: Call her, bro. Love, Saeyoung” he rolled his eyes, but this was kind of useful. Except for that piece of advice about calling you. How could he? He didn’t talk to you all day and you would notice right away the reason the disappeared, and you would be worried, his brother would hear about this and they both would feel guilty for leaving him alone and… he hated to see your concerned expression, it was too much painful.
  • At least he bought a nice gift, it was a simple bracelet, but he knew you should have it when he saw you looking at it that day you two went to shopping. Now he just needed to take a quick shower and find some decent clothes. He still had time, right? WRONG!
  • It was already 10 pm! How could he lost notion of time  that much? He felt like shit! Your place was pretty far from Saeyoung’s bunker, it would take at least a half hour to get there by train. What about by car?
  • He went to the garage and took one of his brother’s car, Saeyoung woudn’t like this, but he didn’t give a shit right now. It was all about you!
  • He was a little rusty from driving, but still knew the basics, like… stopping and… most important, accelerating! And boy, did he speed it up
  • He muttered a “fuck! What now?” when he saw the police car reflected on the rearview mirror. Yeah, he knew he had to stop, this guy wouldn’t get off his back.  
  • “Documents, sir?” “Shit! I don’t… I don’t have it right now!” “Sir, are you aware that you were much faster than the speed limit?” “Yeah, look… I’m just trying to make it to my girlfriend’s party, I’m pretty late and…” “Sir, I’m gonna have to ask you to get out of the car…” “What? Fuck! No!” “Sir, please… I don’t want to use force!” “Well, I don’t want to use force either, so just get the fuck away!” “Sir, calm down a little and…” “No! Don’t tell me what to do, your asshole! I know my rights!” “So you know you have the right to remain silent, you are arrested for contempt of authority, just come with me calmly or I’ll charge you for resisting to prison too.” FUCK! He didn’t even mind about this, all he could think of was you… and how disappointed you would be right now
  • You and Saeyoung came to the police station, neither of you said anything, you two were too scared. Saeran could not have a criminal record, nobody should know about this, what if his father found out? That’s what you two were thinking, but were too scared to say it out loud. “Me and Jumin are taking care of this, don’t worry, nobody will know a thing. At least I managed to not let him get locked up, so he’s in the interrogation room. Go talk to him but make it quick, okay?” you nodded, you didn’t know what to say
  • He took a quick glance at you and lowered his head, he could not look you in the eye right now. “I… I know you’re mad, ok? I’m sorry! I was just… trying to get to your place, I didn’t know I was so late, you know what happen when I have… those panic attacks, and… I should’ve called you, my stupid brother was fucking right, I can’t believe it! I feel so shitty right now, MC! I can’t believe I’m putting you to this on your own birthday, I’m such a piece of shit! I… I… don’t deserve you at all. I’m…”
  • You interrupted him with a hug. He was handcuffed, but oh did he want to hug you back… even if he knew he didn’t deserve it… “I was so worried about you…” were you… crying? Oh no… “You can’t do this to me, Saeran! That cop had a gun! What if he… oh, I don’t even want to say it!” Wait! Weren’t you mad? You were… worried…? For him?
  • “A – Aren’t you… mad?” “Of course I’m mad! But I’m more relieved to see you’re ok, I love you so much! You know that?”
  • “Yes, of course I know, MC. And I hate to see you like this because of me, you should be smiling today, no, not just today, everyday!” “So don’t get into trouble because of me, you dork!” oh, you called him dork, you were calming down… “I won’t, I swear! Me being safe will be your birthday gift! This and… this.” He pointed to the little box in his pocket. “They took everything from me, but I woudn’t let they take this… Happy Birthday, MC! I mean… as happy as can be…”
  • You laughed and took the box out of his pocket, you opened, looked at him and kissed him in a sloppy and desperate way. “Okay, break it off you two! This isn’t a motel room!” The cop interrupted getting in the room. “You must know some important people, fella. You’re getting away with a clean file.” “So I’m free to go?” “Yep, let me just get you out of these handcuffs and you can escort your lady.”
  • “Oh, he better do much more than escort me when we’re out of here. Oh, and don’t feel too comfortable about getting rid of these handcuffs, you’ll be back to them as soon as we get home, maybe I have a pair that matches my new bracelet?” the look in your eyes… he could tell you weren’t kidding. This was a huge turn on, but he wasn’t really used to you playing this role, so he wasn’t sure what to expect… “Can you keep me arrested here for tonight, officer? I feel I’ll be safer around here.
House Guest

Here’s some feysand smut featuring Rhys’s cute dog!💜  I didn’t go back and edit yet so I apologize for any mistakes!!

Originally posted by couplenotes

Feyre slammed her car door and looked up at the massive house in front of her. Balconies were attached to the top floor, and there was a beautiful set of stairs leading up to the front door. A fountain was placed in the middle of the long driveway which she now stood in, and there was a four car garage attached to the side of the house.

She was well aware that Rhys’s family was quite wealthy, especially since his parents owned their own business. She knew it bothered Rhys at times, knew he didn’t want to be known as the “rich kid” in school, because that wasn’t him. Rhys was the guy who got As on every test, who studied and did well on projects and homework, who walked around not caring about anyone’s opinion.

That’s why she fell in love with him nearly 4 months ago. They had known each other for far longer than that, and they had even admitted that they felt the same long before.

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Jealousy (M)

Genre: Fluff & Smut

Length: 4,387 words★

Kinks: A bit of sexual sadism, Master! kink, impact play, etc.

Notes: y/c = your color~

Originally posted by zelonwonho

Kihyun had always been one of your best friends. You had known each other since high school, and were always practically inseparable. 

Well, you were, until recently. His friend, Wonho and you started having a thing. You weren’t in a relationship, but you two would occasionally hook up or go on date if you both felt lonely. 

And, with this thing you and Wonho had going on, it sort of disrupted your friendship with Kihyun. You had to constantly reschedule plans you two had, if Wonho wanted to go out, and other stuff like that. It always made you feel terrible, but every time you asked if he wanted to come with or just stay and hang out with you two, he’d refuse and just leave.

A few months passed since you and Wonho had your thing. It eventually evolved into the two of you dating, so that was a plus, since he treated you like royalty. Your friendship with Kihyun had improved, but you couldn’t help noticing how jealous and bitter he got when Wonho was around.

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Tom Holland - Surprise Part Two

okay so i put this off for so long and now i finally have pert two finished. there will be two more parts to this series. next will hopefully be part two to four simple steps or part four to your friendly neighborhood spiderman. 

part 1

also a huge thank you goes out to @nycspidey for editing my work and putting up with me ily emily!!

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i sat in my room, hugging my legs close to my chest. though i wore a big, fluffy sweater and a pair of comfy shorts i felt anxious, scared.

i could hear harrison and tom in the other room. no one thought about interrupting, i could hear harrison pacing from a mile away and tom trying to reason with him.

i thought back to the events that took place earlier this evening. tom was flirting with me all night, according to zendaya and laura. harrison had to have seen it coming, i should have seen it coming. when we were alone in the pool together, i didn’t feel uncomfortable. i felt safe, like i belonged in toms arms.

“tom you don’t get it!” i could hear harrison shouting in the other room. since harrison was angrier, i could hear his voice more clearly than i could hear toms.

“haz, please. stop yelling and just explain what i don’t get” toms voice was muffled as he tried to act calm and collected.

i could picture harrison perfectly: pacing back and forth across the hardwood floor, his hair mussed from running his hands through it.

“tom that’s my little sister. i just want the best for her” harrison sounded defeated. my heart ached hearing him like that, when he was so vulnerable. i knew he didn’t like the idea of his little sister and his best friend having feelings for eachother, i would hate it too. but it’s what i wanted, and it’s something he would just have to get used to.

i made a slightly reckless decision to try and get closer. i practically tiptoed out of the room as haz’s voice quieted to a more civil tone.

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Pairing : Bucky x reader
Warnings : ANGST, Sad ending
A/N : Well, I was listening to Happier by Ed Sheeran and this popped into my head.
Words : 1,482


Happy. You were always happy with Bucky,  you didn’t think it was possible to be happier. Everything was perfect with him. A bear hug from the super soldier was all it took to turn a bad day into a good one. You’d grown accustomed to his rough hands, yet surprisingly gentle grip; his soft and plump pink lips that kissed your nose so lovingly; his baby blues that you didn’t mind being lost in; his tall form towering over yours when he’d hold you; the way all of a sudden he’d hold your waist and pull you close; how he’d laugh, his tongue-behind-teeth smile. You’d grown accustomed to it – no, you’d fallen in love with it, with him.

So how’d you end up here? How’d you end up in an empty bed, waiting for him to come home at 2 am? How’d you end up crying yourself to sleep for 7 nights in a row? When did you stop feeling happy and start feeling unloved?Bucky was the love of your life, no matter the fights, the arguments, the screaming matches. You’d never seen anything like this before in your relationship, but you loved him, and you’d do anything to make your relationship work, even if making your relationship work meant fighting with him.

The Bucky you loved was different. The Bucky you loved was invested in your relationship, he made sure to never leave without kissing you, he baked chocolate cake with you, he made you pancakes with extra maple syrup; the Bucky you loved, love you. The Bucky you loved didn’t come home at 2 am –

Your thoughts were cut off by the sound of the door being unlocked. “Bucky?” your tired voice reached his ears, which was replied by as small ‘yes’. You immediately shot to you feet and walked in his direction. “Where were you?” You asked, looking at him. His hair was messy, his red Henley which you adored so much was crumpled and his eyes looked tired. “out,” he said, devoid of any emotions. “Well, as obvious as that was, it wasn’t what I meant.” Even if you’d been fighting, you were glad he was back home. Breathing a sigh of relief, you stepped closer, trying to pull him into a hug, only to be greeted with refusal.

This wasn’t the man you loved. Sure, they had the same face and physique, but they didn’t smell the same, hell, they didn’t feel the same. Your Bucky would never refuse to hug you, he took every chance he got to hold you. He smiled when you did, he laughed when you did. Your Bucky didn’t avoid your gaze, he didn’t stay out past midnight.

The Bucky you loved didn’t come home at 2 am smelling like cheap perfume. “Who is she?” It all became so clear- how he was avoiding you, and coming home late. It all made sense now.”Y/N,” “Who is she?” you asked, unaware of the tears streaming down you face. “I met her at the bar, she’s a waitress.” It felt as if your heart had been ripped out of your chest, and you were being forced to watch somebody stomping on it; as if someone kept stabbing you, waiting for enough time to let the wound heal, just to tear your all over again. Your silent cries had turned to loud sobs by now. Your body felt like it would collapse any moment now, and as if on cue, your legs gave out, causing you to sink to the floor. Tears clouded your vision, but not before you could see a certain super soldier coming your way.

“Bucky, you’re joking, right? It’s just a silly joke, because if not, it’s tearing me apart. Just tell me you’re fooling me.” “I wish I could, doll.” Taking a deep breath, you prepare yourself to speak, “ It’s already difficult as it is, so just tell me the truth and do not make me question you twice. Did you sleep with her?” There was a slight pause before he spoke, giving you a short-lived moment of hope. Fate, however, had different plans. “Yes,” your tears were flowing freely due to the newly acquired information. “Do you- do you love her?” “Y/N, I-” “Does she make you happy?” “Doll, listen to me-” “Are you happier with her?” “I am.” “well then,” you smiled sadly, “there’s no point in me holding you back. I’ll send somebody to get my stuff tomorrow.”

You got up, dusting your clothes. You took a few steps towards the door before you heard yourself speak, “Bucky? Can I have one last hug?” You walked back to him, fiddling with the hem of your t-shirt, hoping to hold the love of your life one last time. He wasted no time in pulling your into a bear hug, just like he always used to. You wrapped your arms around him, as tight as it was physically possible for you to, and a little more. When you let go, he stayed in the same position for a moment with a sad look on his face. You took in his features, his baby blues which were your favourite colour in this  entire universe, his soft lips and his straight brown hair. Your let out a laugh which all too soon turned into a loud sob, which was cut off by Bucky pressing his lips to yours. His hands were in your hair, while yours cupped his face. You kissed him with all your might, savouring every second, trying to engrave in your mind how his lips felt against yours. You pulled away and wiped a tear from your face. “I love you so, so much, Bucky Barnes.” And with that, you left.

It had been eight months since you and Bucky had broken up. Sure, it still hurt, but you’d never go back to him, not after what he did. You missed him on windy days, you two would stay all day on the couch, cuddling and watching horror movies, you missed him when you drank coffee – he always grimaced at how sweet you liked it, you missed him when you went to sleep, because your bed felt empty without him in it.
It was safe to say you missed Bucky Barnes.

After a lot of convincing from Natasha, you decided to go out on a date. With whom, one might ask? Genius, Billionaire, Playboy, Philanthropist. Turns out, Stark had a thing for brown-eyed, art loving, cake eating, heart warmingly beautiful, yet unbelievably clumsy girls like you. You’d been dating for three weeks before you two made if official. Tony had a changed status, he was now only Genius, Billionaire, Philanthropist. He finally found someone worth staying loyal to. You loved Tony, and you were genuinely happy, after a long, long time.
It was safe to say you no longer missed Bucky Barnes.

After you two broke up, Bucky felt something snap inside of him. He rarely went out or socialized with the rest of the team. The only person he really talked to was Steve. When Steve got to know Bucky cheated on you, boy oh boy was he mad. He’d gone to his house with the full intention of punching him in the face and breaking his nose. “You cheated on her?” He asked, swinging his fist to Bucky’s face, which Buck stopped mid-way [thank God for his enhanced reflexes, Steve had a mean right hook]. “God damn it, punk. I’m a lot of wrong things but a cheater isn’t one of them. My ma raised me right.” Steve was taken aback.“Then why does- Oh my God, Bucky. You didn’t cheat on her, did you?” His eyes widened at the sudden realization. “No, you idiot, I just bought some ladies’ perfume and lathered it all over myself.” He smiled bitterly at Steve. “Why’d you do it?” Bucky wiped away a tear, “because she deserves to be happy. She deserves all the happiness in this world, and probably even more, and I can’t give that to her. She deserves to be happier.”

When Bucky did join everybody, it was on Steve’s birthday party. He couldn’t take his eyes off of you. He’d come to know you were engaged to Tony, after all, it had been three years since you broke up.  He saw you in another man’s arms, walking towards the bar, laughing loudly at something Tony said. “You alright there pal?” Steve asked his best friend, patting his back. “She’s happier, Steve,” Bucky said, taking a big gulp of his beer. “Both their smiles are twice as wide as ours. She’s happier.” Steve smiled sadly at him, “You still love her, don’t you?” Bucky’s face had tears streaming down, smiling, he said, “I can always smile to hide the truth – that I was happier with her. But look at her, Steve, she’s happy – no, she’s happier.”

I Don’t Wanna Talk

Rating: M

Pairing: SasuSaku

Summary: She left. He couldn’t believe she would ever leave him. She wanted more in their relationship. He fell apart without her, but they can work things out the only way they know how.

Author’s Notes: So I’m back! This has been a long time in the making. It’s honestly not that long compared to other fanfictions I read (3886 words), but hey you know. Once again, this is a seriously HARD M rated thing. I want you to be completely aware of that before you read. I do paint Sasuke in this AU as having alcohol problems, but it felt like something in real life that could be comparable to the problems he has in the Naruto series. I also feel that Sakura would be pretty independent and would leave Sasuke if it was that bad of a situation. So yes, this is related to the last story I posted (You Wanna Dance?) and you don’t need that to understand this, but I wrote it with the other story in mind as the previous event when they first met. I hope you enjoy :)

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PrivateInvestigator!Taehyung (Dope!AU)

Originally posted by glitterskylines

Pairing: Reader x PrivateInvestigator!Taehyung

Warnings: Smut, some violence towards reader(black eye)

Words: 4.3k

Summary: After your neighbours apartment is broken into, a certain investigator has some questions to ask you about what occurred that night. 

It was around one am when you started to hear strange sounds from the apartment next door. You had sworn your neighbour had gone away for the weekend so you had no idea why it sounded like he was trashing the place. 

Maybe he got back early. You didn’t really care. What you did care about however was sleep and he was currently preventing that.

You pulled on your nightgown, and slipped your shoes on before walking towards the front door, grabbing your keys. It wouldn’t be the first time you had managed to lock yourself out so you made sure you had them with you.

You walk to his door, lifting your fist to knock. Your eyes squint in confusion as you notice the door is slightly ajar. That was odd. You gently pushed the door open so that you could peer inside. 

The place was a complete mess, drawers were pulled out and scattered over the floor, their contents everywhere. Furniture was overturned and all the kitchen cupboards were wide open.

You noticed a man stood in the corner by the TV, he was dressed all in black, his head covered by a large hood. By the looks of it he was unplugging the TV from the socket. Maybe it was because you were still half asleep, but you finally figured out what was happening. 

The man in front of you was too tall and muscly to be your neighbour and he was definitely robbing his apartment. Part of you wanted to be a good neighbour and confront him, but it was one am and quite frankly you didn’t fancy your chances against the large man.

You were about to turn and go back to bed when the man span around. He had a mask covering his whole face, you couldn’t even make out his eyes beneath the darkness of his hood. It’s obvious that he sees you; he freezes. You just stand there. You begin to back away. As you turn to go back home he walks towards you. He throws a bag over his shoulder and carries the TV under his arm.

You were frantically trying to get your key in the lock of the door. He grabs you roughly spinning you around and slamming your back into the wall. You groan in pain.

“Didn’t want to have to do this darlin’ but you gave me no choice” 

You look at him with a mix of confusion and fear. Before you knew it you felt something hard collide with your face. You hand flies up to hold your eye. It was tearing up in reaction to the blow.

“Tell anything to the police and you’ll have more problems than a black eye” he laughs wickedly.

He lets you go before walking down the hallway towards the stairs.You couldn’t believe he had hit you. Well you could, your eye wouldn’t stop watering and by the pain you were in you knew you were going to have a pretty spectacular bruise to prove it.

You entered your apartment, going straight to the freezer to get a bag of frozen peas. You place it on your eye, wincing a little at how cold it was.

You contemplated calling the police anonymously, but you didn’t really fancy a visit from that man again, so you figured you would wait until someone else did it. You would just pretend you slept through the whole thing and maybe report it in the morning if no one else had.

You crawled back to bed, trying to balance the frozen bag on your face as you drifted off to sleep.

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Colours of love

Feysand Soulmate AU

 Feyre is about to marry Tamlin. She thinks he is her soulmate, the person she is destined to be with, but her friend Rhysand knows the truth.

Rhys PoV

Word Count: 2878

She was beautiful. 

Since the moment I met her, she was the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen.And now, with the masterpiece of a dress that hugged her curves perfetly, the golden-brown hair tied up in a bun that showed the open back and the red roses within the small braids, the same colour as her full lips…

Red. Why had she decided to wear red on her wedding? Feyre hated red.

But maybe, she wanted to associate it with something nice after all. Because she was happy and in love, and that was everything that mattered.

The music was slow and quiet on the background, as she made one more step towards the altar, her husband. Towards her new life. Feyre never glanced at the guests, standing on both sides. Her beautiful eyes never left the people waiting in front of her. Her best friend and maid of honour, my cousin Mor. Lucien. And her beloved fiancé. 

She never looked at me

.And maybe it was better this way. I came here for my best friend. I came here because she wanted all of her friends to share happiest day of her life with her. And if those blue-grey eyes had looked at me, mine wouldn’t be able hide the pain I felt. The pain of watching Tamlin marry the woman I loved.

  My soulma-

Not my anything.

But luckily, she never turned around. She couldn’t know. No matter how much I wanted to see her beautiful eyes one more time, to make sure she was happy.

Blue-grey had become my favourite colour.

It was the night of a stupid college party three years ago. Feyre had just moved to Prythian from some small village nearby. Mor was her roommate and made her come to the party that Helion threw for his birthday.  That was the night everything changed.

I used to see in black and white. Probably every other person in that room was the same way. We’re all told that the world is beautiful and full of colours, but we start seeing them from the moment we touch the person we’re destined to be with. Our soulmate.

I had never believed in any of this. Before my parents died, they had claimed to be soulmates, but they were fighting all the time. It was almost like they hated each other and stayed together only for me and my sister. I didn’t want a relationship like that. So I just stopped believing. 

How can you know that you see only black and white, when you had never seen any colours? You can’t miss something you can’t even imagine.

Two hours into the party and Feyre couldn’t take it anymore. She was just making her way outside when she tripped on a forgotten cup. I saw it and hurried to catch her before she could hit the wooden floor. The moment I touched her, my breath was taken away and I was wordless. The first thing I saw were her beautiful eyes, the colour of an upcoming storm. 


There you are, there you are, there you are.

And, of course, that’s the moment I realized Tamlin had tried to catch her too. She looked at him, her mouth slightly opened. 

I was looking for you, I wanted to say. But not a sound left my mouth. 

I was begging to whatever power to make her look at me, to see the expression on my face, to find out. I wanted to tell her what had happened, but she hadn’t even realized I was holding her too.

“I want to paint you”, she whispered. “I finally know what colour looks like and I want to paint you.”

Tamlin looked at me from the corner of his eyes and I knew everything was over. I knew he would hate me forever for what had happened years ago and he was capable of anything to hurt me once more. He knew what could have happened if he hadn’t shown and decided to play a big part in preventing it come true.

So, I naturally let go of her arm and turn away. I kept it for myself for weeks. But then, Feyre and Tamlin started to date officially and I couldn’t take it anymore. I told Morrigan what had happened the night of the party and she told me I was a stupid prick for not telling her, to let her date a monster like Tamlin. She told me I had to tell her the truth in an instant, but I couldn’t. She looked so happy and peaceful. I couldn’t take this from her.

With the time she became Mor’s best friend and later mine too. I took everything she gave me and nothing more. Tamlin hated our friendship and we started to go out less and less, but we never stopped. She even made me take her to the man that had tattooed me, Cassian and Azriel. She said this was the first time she felt like a part of a family and wanted to have the same tattoo, so she could be one of us.

A part of my family. 

That’s how she got the black tattoo, swirling on her gentle left arm, from the tips of her fingers to her elbow. After that, I didn’t see her for over four months. She never told me the reason, but I knew Tamlin was a part of it.

She never lost her beautiful smile, though. So I knew that whatever he has done, she was still happy. She didn’t want to be parted with us, but she would still always choose him, because Tamlin made her happy. And she was in love.

My light in the darkness, all the colours in this world.

My soulmate, in love with someone else.

Not my anything. 

Not my anything.

I repeated this over and over to myself, as she walked down the aisle. I kept repeating it as the music stopped and suddenly she was standing before Tamlin, holding his hand.

Everything had happened too fast, but in the same time, to slow and painful for me to handle.

I couldn’t hear anything. It was like the word had gone silent and everything I could see or think about, was her.

“Yes!”, Tamlin said.My body tensed and all at once I became too aware of what was happening. 

“And you, Feyre Archeron, do you take this man to be your lawfully wedded husband?”

I took a deep breath and prepared myself for the answer, but a few seconds passed and it didn’t come. Her hands slightly trembled and I felt my eyes water.

No, no…  

She wasn’t excited, nor was she even nervous. No, she was scared. Scared of what was happening, what she was going to make… Scared of him. Her skin was pale, all colour had left her cheeks. She wasn’t happy. How haven’t I seen it sooner?

“Feyre?” I more saw than heard Tamlin say. But somehow, there was no gentleness in his features, no worry in his eyes.

I should’ve told her everything, I shouldn’t have let her do this. It was a mistake and I knew she was too scared, too confused to leave. My soulmate. I should’ve told her sooner…

“No.” For a heartbeat, time stopped. The whole world disappeared. And then-

“What did you say?” Tamlin snapped.

“I am not going to marry you!” Tears escaped her eyes, but her voice was strong, secure. Her hands had stopped to tremble, too.

Tamlin was furious. He made a step to her and I stood up, preparing myself to punch him in the face before he could do it to her first. But before I knew it, Feyre had gotten away from him and was running towards the exit. He tried to follow her, but Mor, Amren and my brothers were faster. The girls blocked the door as Cassian and Azriel grabbed him. He couldn’t escape their grip, no matter how much he tried.

Amren looked at me, her eyes full of pride from what Feyre had done, and nodded.

“Go!” my cousin hissed.

I didn’t need any more convincing as I stormed out of the building and jumped into my car.

It took me half an hour to get there. I didn’t see her car anywhere, but she had to be here. There was nowhere else she could have gone.

The lake was beautiful this day. The blue of the cloudless sky reflected in the water, making it a darker shade of the colour of her eyes. I loved this place.

And from the moment I showed it to her, I knew she loved it too. 

It was only a couple of minutes away from the city, but no one ever came. And at night, this was the best place to look at the night sky. Every time I come here and look at the stars, I begin to feel peaceful, like everything is alright. I knew she did too.

So without a second thought, I got out of the black car and looked around.

There she was. Laying on the grass, her wedding dress dirty and all around her, her hair a mess. I took a deep breath and put my hands in my pockets. I approached her slowly. Every step I took towards her felt like a lifetime. Her eyes were closed and for a moment, I thought she had fallen asleep.

“It was all my fault”, she whispered. I stopped and felt my whole body tense. Feyre… “Staying with him. Hurting myself. It is all my fault”

My heart broke with every word that left her mouth. It pained me to just look at her and not be able to say anything, but I had become wordless. I didn’t know what to do. 

She opened her eyes ever so slowly and stood into a sitting position. Her cheeks were wet from the tears she had shed. She was silent for a moment and I finally sat next to her, my eyes never leaving hers. I gently stroked her hand, assuring her to continue.

“I knew I wasn’t happy”, Feyre confessed, her voice hoarse from the crying. ”I knew this wasn’t love, at least not anymore. I still thought I loved him when he proposed, but for months those feelings faded and now… They just aren’t here. But I kept telling myself that I was wrong. That I did love him and I was just stressed out. I continued to lie to myself that I was happy, that this- he- was everything I wanted, needed. He is my soulmate after all. It is our destiny to be together…”

“We choose our own destiny, Feyre. Only you can decide who you are, what you do and who you want to be with. And…” he isn’t your soulmate, never was. But I couldn’t tell her. Not when she was sad and heartbroken, when the last thing she needed was a relationship. When she would never see me as more than her friend.

“Do you remember last year? After I made my tattoo and then just disappeared?” I nodded, curious where she was going with this. “We had a big fight and after that, I decided it was better to stay at home for a while. Those months were probably the worst of my life. I lost weight, stopped eating and I just didn’t care about anything. Life seemed pointless. I wanted to care, but I didn’t. Tamlin acted like he didn’t see anything wrong with me and I thought… I just thought he was fighting his own demons, trying to be better. I stopped talking to you, because he was more stressed out than ever and I didn’t want to make it any worse, but…  The only thing that made me want to live again- not just exist as an empty shell, but live- was the thought of you. Of the family you introduced me to, that became my family too. But mostly of you, Rhysand.”

My heart started to beat faster. If only I had known… She had to get over this by herself. She had fought alone, and I had had no idea about it.

“I stayed with him only because he is my soulmate”

“He isn’t”, I heard myself say and instantly looked away. I would tell her. I just couldn’t watch her in the eyes as I did.

Coward, I scoffed at myself.

“Tamlin isn’t your soulmate” I felt Feyre stiffen as I repeated. “The night at the party you were drunk and confused and when you, clumsy as always, tripped on that cup, it was both of us that caught you. The blue-grey of your eyes was the first colour I ever saw. You were so beautiful and you didn’t even look at me. You had eyes only for him and didn’t even realize I was standing right beside you, too, still holding your hand.”

I finally looked up. New tears were streaming down her face and I felt my own eyes water. There were too many emotions written in those pretty eyes. And for the first time, I couldn’t read her at all.

I thought she was about to scream at me, beat me, offend me, for everything I had hid from her all this time. But she did nothing of those things. In fact, she didn’t do anything at all.

“Why didn’t you tell me?”

So many reasons, but at the same time, there were no real reasons at all. I thought for a moment. What did it matter what I would say? She probably hated me anyway.

“At first I didn’t tell you, because I was scared. You didn’t know me and I was afraid you would think it was some sort of a stupid prank. Then you started dating him and I thought you were happy. When you and Mor got closer and you became a part of our family, you always looked like everything in your life was perfect, the way it had to be. For me, it was enough to take everything you gave me and nothing more. If being my friend was all you wanted, I was content to give you that. Even though it killed me to watch you with him, I was fine with it, as long as you were happy. And I wanted that for you.” I stopped for a moment, still refusing to meet her eyes. “I promised myself I would let you go, because you deserved to love fiercely and be loved the same way in return. Even if it wasn’t with me. Because I loved you, Feyre. I love you. You are not only my soulmate, you are my everything.”

It was too late. I was a fool and it was too late to make things right.

She deserved the truth, but I didn’t deserve her at all.

Feyre gently took my chin between her fingers and made me look at her. I expected to see only pity and anger, maybe pain, but the look she gave me… It was full of emotion. Worry and love. I was sure I had confused myself. It wasn’t possible, and then-

“All this time I wondered what it would be like if it was you.” The corners of her mouth turned into a small smile. I had to have heard it all wrong, she couldn’t really mean it. “I wanted it to be you”

I cried.

I couldn’t keep the tears, I couldn’t stop the sob as it escaped my lips. This wasn’t real, it couldn’t be real. She had escaped Tamlin, had left the wedding and that was too much to begin with. But to say she thought about me, wished to be with me, while she was engaged to someone else? This couldn’t be real.

Maybe she knew me too well, or perhaps I had said it out loud. She wrapped her arms around me and and never let go.

“I love you too, Rhysand. I might need time to heal, but I belong to you. I always have. And I am sorry, so incredibly sorry, that I hid away those feelings. You deserve the world and I am sorry I made you think otherwise”

Her hand once again lifted my chin and Feyre pulled herself away, just enough to look me in the eyes. In a heartbeat her lips met mine and I felt happier than ever. It felt as though everything in this world had come into place, like I had found what I was looking for all of my life. 

I loved her and she loved me. That was all that mattered.

I was the one to brake the kiss, even though every inch of my body protested. I couldn’t stop smiling. Those blue-grey eyes were looking at me with so much happiness, life and love and it felt like the wedding had happened years ago, in a different world, different life, because so much had changed for only a couple of minutes… I looked at her shining eyes and knew, that my life was now complete.

No matter what others said, blue was the colour of love.


// In which Y/N and Justin make a sex tape //

*Warning Mature Content*


Pots and pans clattered in the kitchen as I tried my hardest to stay focused on my work. I was laying in bed sketching for my new clothing line while Justin agreed to make dinner. Trusting Justin to be able to handle himself, I continued sorting through the inspiration worthy pictures I took while traveling on tour with Justin. In every major city, I’d try to sneak away before the concerts to explore the town hoping to inspire my fashion line. Justin often tried to come with me so my camera was full of pictures of Justin and I discovering urban streets and posing in front of interesting things we found.

I smiled once I came across the photo took of Justin at a indoor skate park in Chicago. With his hood up, back facing the camera, and skateboard in hand, Justin posed in front of the ramps and graffiti covered wall. The contrast between Justin’s black hoodie to the pop of color behind him was remarkable. Instantly envisioning a dramatically colorful dress at the sight of the picture, I went to work on sketching out what I was envisioning.

I wanted to somehow capture the stillness of the wall and the movement of Justin, into one dress. I wanted something flowy and black while the interior would be colorful. Maybe the sleeve of the dress could have pops of color too along wi-

“Hey, I burned the shit out of the spaghetti I was making so, I’m ordering in,” Justin called as he walked towards me. I looked up from my stretch to see Justin propped against the doorframe. In only a pair of low riding joggers, my boyfriend stood before me. The gentle waves from the pool reflected through the window and shined upon Justin, making light glimmer across his bare chest. The looked… he looked so damn good.

“Y/N?” he waved his hand at me to catch me attention.


“I was asking if you wanted pizza, chinese, or indian food. I don’t really feel like going out to grab something,” he repeated his question but I was distractedly looking him up and down. When I met Justin’s eyes again he smirked, knowing that I couldn’t help but get hot by the sight of him. “So what do you want?” He asked, suggestiveness hinting in his voice.

“You look so good baby. I just want you to stay right there,” I murmured before grabbing the camera and getting off the bed. With a straight face, Justin stood there, hands in his pocket and watched me take pictures of him. The way that I saw him drink in my body made the experience of him staying still for me even hotter.

“You’re always taking pictures of other things when you’re the inspiration for everything I do,” Justin spoke softly, taking the camera and aiming it at me. The sound of the camera shutter going off was the only thing heard as I slid down to my knees and pulled down Justin’s pants with hesitation. The fact that Justin was taking pictures of the moment made it all so sensual.

“This is so hot, baby. Please put me in your mouth,” Justin put the strap over his neck and supported the camera in one hand, while fisting a hand into my dense curls. I hummed in comfort before licking at the swollen head of Justin’s raging dick. I looked up at the camera as I jerked Justin’s hardening cock off.

“Don’t play with me, baby girl,” Justin pushed back the curls that fell in front of my face and grabbed a pony tail worth of my hair as I took him down my throat. I almost forgot that the camera was there until I heard the shutter go off again. I looked up and smiled at the lens that was in my face as I sucked on his dick, hard enough to make my cheeks hollow inward.

“Baby, what’s the name of that make up thing that you makes glow?” Justin stuttered out randomly.

“A highlighter?” I guessed after pulled off his cock and began to rub his balls between the palm of my hand.

“Yeah,” He sighed out will pressing harder into my hands. “You do such a good job of doing that,” he moved his hand from my hair to caress my shimmering cheekbones. I couldn’t help but laugh at his genuine compliment before downing him again and bopping my head down the length of his cock. I moved my hands from his waist and lightly dragged my finger nails up and down his tensed thighs. I sucked on his low hanging balls while jacking him off until he was grunting out my name between moans.

“S- stop,” He called and pulled me off of him. “I want to get in you.” I nodded before getting up from my knees and kissing him.

“How do I turn this to video,” Justin asked, wanting more than just pictures for memory of our actions. I changed the setting to that we could make a movie of this night.

“Strip for me,” Justin commanded against my lips once I gave him the Nikon back. I didn’t move until he was sat on the edge of the bed with the camera still in his hands. He recorded me as I slowly pulled my slip dress over my head to reveal me in only a luxurious lingerie set. I hated that Justin was only looking at me through the lens, not enjoying the view actually present in front of him. I bit my plump bottom lip as I unhooked my bra, freeing my breasts from their confines.

“Fuck, turn around and take the thong off,” Justin groaned. I nodded at his instructions and face the wall. Bending over to better emphasize my curves, I dragged the black sheer down my legs slowly and stepped out of them. I took two step forward and straggled Justin’s lap, waiting for him to make the next move.In a second, I was trapped under his large form.

I visibly gulped as I watched Justin ghost his fingers along my body. I laid there aching, waiting for him to make me come alive again. I whimpered at the feeling of his blunt nails drag their way up and down along my tensed thighs. He hummed in appreciation once he grabbed a breast in his hand and squeezed my hard nub.

“Please, daddy,” I whimpered softly.

“You just look so beautiful like this,” He murmured while capturing the moment with the camera. “Maybe, I just have you lay like this the whole night so i can admire this view. I’ve barely touched you yet, already you’re so desperate,” he slipped a finger between my legs just to see how aroused i was. I let out a moan at the sight of him suck on his finger tip which was coated in my arousal. Cleaning me from his finger he put two of them in my mouth before properly pleasing me. A breath air was punched out of me as he pushed his two thick fingers into me.

“Does that feel good, princess?” Justin asked moving in and our of my heat slowly. I nodded my head quickly and clenched my muscles on his finger, not wanting them to leave me. I blush rose to my face as I watched him focus the camera on my dripping center. I didn’t have time to feel embarrassed as a moment later, he curled his fingers upward to reach one of the places that gave me ultimate pleasure.

“Justin,” I moaned out as I tried to rock again his fingers, I wanted more.

“You ready for me?” Justin asked, his bottom lip becoming pink and raw from the way he was fight back him own arousal. I nodded again, wanting nothing more than for Justin to be inside of me, connecting us in ways that we could only experience with each other. Justin pulled his fingers out and let me lick them all while he watched. Justin gave me a sloppy kiss before saying, “Work for it then.”

I watched as he pressed his back against the soft mattress and gave his raging hard on a few tugs, waiting on me to make my play. I said nothing as I straddled him again. I looked at the camera for a long moment before turning around and taking his cock into me all in one hard push. Justin let out a huff of air behind, surprised by my change in position and my sudden movement. Getting used to the feeling of him in me, I grinded my hips in little circles.

Ready to make love, I slowly lifted myself off of him because impaling myself on his dick, faster than the first time. I worked up a good rhythm that made us moan every time i took him in me and he couldn’t resisting grabbing onto my ass that was pretended so close to his face. I let out a whine at the first sharp pain I felt against my ass. Justin rubbed at the same place before slapping the other cheek. I screamed out and rocked even harder against him at his show of dominance.

“Fuck, Y/N. Turn around, I need to see you,” I complied quickly and spun on his dick so that I was facing him. Justin’s eyes were unbelievably dark as he watched the place that we connected. With one grip on my rolling hip and the other on the camera, he drank in my actions.

I screamed his name when he removed my hand on my waist to grab a fistful of my hair. He used the grip on my dense curls to pull me into a messy, rushed kiss. Not bothering to hold the camera any longer, Justin pulled away from the kiss to set the Nikon on the night stand and angle it towards us.

“Yeah just like that,” Justin took a strong hold on my waist and propped me up at an angle that allowed him to fuck up into me quickly. He held me still at first before pulling me down on his cock at the same time that he thrusted into me.

“Fuck, Daddy! Yes, yes, yes,” I chanted as he pounded into me and a quickening pace.

“You about to cum?” Justin asked breathlessly. I screamed yes and yet again, I was trapped under him. This time, he used one hand to prop himself up and the other to rub against my aching clit all while he pounded into me. I reach my hand up to pull his lips against mine again as I whined out, knowing what was to come.

“Cum, baby girl,” Justin moaned against my neck as his thrusts became erratic. At the sharpness of Justin biting into my neck, I shuddered and clenched around on his dick as waves of pleasure upon pleasure drowned me. I shook euphorically as Justin twitched and shot his warm cum inside me.  Justin was held frozen through his orgasm before he body gave into exhaustion.

“I’m hungry now,” I yawned a moment later as I watched Justin turn off the camera.

“Pizza, chinese, or indian food?” Justin repeated his original question for the third time.

“I want spinach and sausage on my pizza,” I answered his question.

“Bet,” he hummed before reaching for the phone.


“Wait, so where are those videos Y/N took of us freestyling in Houston?” Fredo asked from the couch across me over the sounds of Za and Khalil playing NBA 2k. Fredo and I were supposed to be working on the graphic designs of the new merchandise campaign but once the squad heard we were together, they stopped by the house as well.

“On here,” I handed him my computer where the pictures from the tour were held. “Just scroll to the right,” I told him once I pulled open my video album on the photos app.

“Thanks, bro,” Fredo nodded before going through the album.

“Bieber, when is Y/N going to get here? I only came over here because I thought she was home,” Kendall looked up from the cat videos Hailey had been showing her for the past 5 minutes.

“I don’t know. She told me she had errands to- Speak of the devil,” I pulled my ringing phone out from my back pocket to see Y/N’s contact picture light up my phone. “Hey, baby,” I spoke into the speaker once I answered the phone.

“Hey, I just wanted-” the rest of her speech was drowned out by Khalil’s chants.

“Fuck out of here boy!” he screamed at Za.

“That’s alright! My boy Steph gone come through with this three pointer… Swoosh, Nigga,” Za bragged as he got three more point on his score. Shaking my head at their rivalry, I went into the kitchen where, I could actually here Y/N.

“What did you say?” I asked once I was away from the squad’s loudness.

“I was asking what flavor of ice cream you want me to pick up from the store?” She repeated.

“I’m feeling double chocolate today,” I said thoughtfully. My choice of ice cream eventually led to crude jokes going back and forth from Y/N and I based upon my recent racial preference in the woman I dated. We made pitiful jokes back and forth until the boys started shouting again in the other room.

“Okay. Are the boys over right now?” Y/N asked.

“Kendall and Hailey too,” I informed my girlfriend while rapping a bag of chips to snack off of.

“Well, they better be gone by the time I get home,” I could hear a sudden attitude in her voice.

“Why? Where just chilling,” I whined. I’d kick them out if she really wanted them gone but I didn’t see the point of doing that.

“I need them gone because I want to fuck you so bad right now,” She murmured in the phone, surprising me. You could hear desperation dripping from her voice and it definitely alert my dick. Now I saw the point in kicking them out.

“I’m kicking them out now,” I spoke my last thought.

“Thank you, daddy,” She said graciously before hanging up.

“Fuck, you guys need to go! Y/N tryna fuck,” I called as I entered the living room. Upon my arrival, I noticed all of my friends gathered around Fredo and staring at my computer with their jaws on the ground.

“Fuck, daddy,” I heard a recording of Y/N’s voice.

What. The. Fuck.

I ran over to them and took one look of the screen to see the video from weeks ago of me fucking into my girl. It took half a millisecond for me to close the computer and snatch it away from my friends greedy eyes.

“Woah,” Kendal spoke first.

“She spun on your dick, like, literally spun on it,” Khalil said with his mouth held open.

“Please don’t tell Y/N you guys saw this, she’ll kill me,” I begged shamelessly. Y/N warned be about making sure no one saw the video other that us but now, my friends know exactly the way we fuck.

“I already texted her asking for tips,” Hailey shrugged, not caring about my misfortune.

“Shit,” I rubbed my face wit my hands, an act of immediate stress.

“Damn, JB. At first I thought Y/N had way too much attitude but, now I definitely see why you keep her around,” Za laughed before plopping on the couch again.

“Yo forreal though… How you get her to call you daddy? I thought your lame ass had a weak dick game,” Khalil joked, grabbing the controller to start the game up again.

“Now, we know how freaky you two are,” Fredo laughed.

“I think I’m scarred,” Kendall spoke.

“When why did you watch it in the first place?” I shook my head.

“We were curious,” Hailey shrugged.

“When she suck your dick do she do the thing where-” Za started ask.

“Can we please stop talking about this?” I groaned out before he could finish his question.

“Nah, Justin. I’m going need her to each a seminar on riding dick. Or should I say… semenar,” Hailey said her bad pun making everyone crack up as I glared at their content faces.

“Y/N is going to come home and kill me and y'all making jizz jokes?” I groaned in annoyance at my friends.

“You shouldn’t leave your sex tapes laying around. You’re a millionaire, invest in a photo app that requires passwords,” Fredo threw popcorn at me while I graveled in my seat. Y/N was going to kill me.


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[Got] 7 Deadly Sins: Wrath.

Do not be quickly provoked in your spirit, for anger resides in the lap of fools. (Ecclesiastes 7:9)

Originally posted by stanjimiin

Why must He be so unfair? Why did He make them so perfectly? I had never thought that I would come to feel anger for any of my Fathers creations but I had. At one point in time he had looked at me the way he looks down on them.That anger I had towards them, Humans, had become my downfall. My Father’s last words to me as I fell from heaven were,

“Fools give full vent to their rage, but the wise bring calm in the end.”

Eyes breaming with tears, I fell from the heavens, to an earthy place, full of those who I despised, because of my sin, wrath.

It has been a year since my banishment and wandering this earth was painful until I met her. The light in my darkness. The embodiment of the perfection, which, I had despised, had become my alter.  I hadn’t thought that I would ever understand what my Father had seen in such fragile things, but she opened my eyes. She had been the only human being who tried to get close to me despite my insults, and cold exterior. That respect for her persistence quickly turned to a love of sorts. Now here we are, her body lain in my arms, as I slowly trace my fingers along her feminine curves bathed in sunlight.

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A little Tristhad for @hannigram-a-b-o-library​‘s Summertime Slick event, day 7: Surprise Heat.

Also on AO3.

The stupid thing was that, for once, he hadn’t even been thinking about kissing Tristan. Normally it was all he could do to stop himself from claiming that tempting mouth, poppy red and – in Galahad’s imaginings, anyway – petal soft, working itself into that curling smirk that brought his breath short. He had devoted long hours to constructing first kisses in his mind: some deep and lingering, some gentle and faltering, some filthy-sweet and wet. And all perfect.

Instead, in the end, he kissed Tristan for the first time by clumsily smashing their mouths together because the omega simply wouldn’t shut up about how Galahad really needed to relax with himself while he was fighting. The way his upper lip rolled into a sneer as he – yet again – berated Galahad for the limits of his moral perspective was entirely unbearable. Galahad simply couldn’t stand it for a second more, and so had elected to grab Tristan by the shoulders and kiss him until he stopped talking.

Which, in Galahad’s defence, did do the trick.

The moment their lips touched, Galahad felt Tristan freeze beneath him. His stomach twisted as he realised what he had done, how disgusted Tristan must be with him. Still, he held his lips against the other knight’s for a moment longer, trying to memorise the feel of them in the only opportunity he would ever have.

Galahad pulled back slowly, tensing in preparation for a well-deserved punch. What the hell had he been thinking? Not much, apparently. Apart from stop talking, you beautiful bastard, and stop telling me unpleasant truths about myself, and please stop pouting in my general direction. Frankly, he’d probably punch himself for such idiocy if Tristan wasn’t going to do it for him. He squeezed his eyes shut and braced for impact.

Any moment now.

Any… moment… oh.

Galahad opened his eyes to the sight of Tristan’s back retreating into the distance, leaving him completely un-punched. And oddly disappointed. Being knocked out wouldn’t have been his preferred result of kissing Tristan (that would be Tristan kissing him back and then dragging him bodily into his quarters so that they could explore what else they could do with their mouths), but at least a punch would have been… something. No reaction at all was just hurtful.

Galahad dragged a hand across his beard and decided that if he couldn’t have Tristan inside his mouth, he would settle for a drink instead. Several, in fact.

“Any idea what’s up with Tristan?”

Galahad lifted his head from his beer – somewhat reluctantly, given that he’d only been allowed to get one decent pull at it – and tried not to look guilty as Gawain sat down opposite him. “Why should I know? I haven’t done anything to him.”

Gawain gave him a bemused look and said, “Never suggested you did, Gal, the hell are you on about?”

“Nothing.” Galahad ducked his head in embarrassment. “Don’t know. Anyway I never know what’s up with the man. Complete mystery to me.”

Gawain leaned over to peer into his flagon. “How many of those have you had, pup?”

“Not so many I couldn’t land a punch.”

“Fuck’s sake Galahad,” Gawain said, staring at him, “you’re even touchier than usual today. Between you and Tristan, must be something strange in the air.”

That had Galahad’s head snapping back up. “Why? What has Tristan said?”

“Hasn’t said anything. But Dag says he saw him fling himself – fully clothed, mind – into the lake and stay submerged until Dag thought he’d have to go in and rescue him.” Gawain relaxed back into his seat and chuckled. “I know he’s always a little insane, our Tristan, but sounds like he might really have cracked this time.”

Galahad grabbed hold of Gawain’s arm and shook it roughly. “And did he?”

“Did he what?” Gawain asked, pulling his arm away and glaring at Galahad.

“Did he have to go and rescue Tristan?”

“Oh, that. No, he came back up eventually, shouting bloody murder apparently. Refused to come out, too, just growled at Dag until he left him be.” Gawain chuckled again, apparently amused by Tristan’s antics, and then swivelled in his chair as a commotion broke out at the front of the taverna. “O-ho, looks like the lady of the lake has emerged.”

“What? What’s going on Gawain?” Galahad asked, standing up out of his seat to try to see through the crowd and contemplating knocking Gawain over so he’d get his huge, blonde head out of the way.

And then, suddenly, Tristan was standing in front of them, so wet he was dripping, clothes clinging to the planes of his body, and glaring at Galahad with a feral expression and a sneer on that fucking mouth that caused Galahad’s cock to twitch traitorously beneath the flaps of his pteruges.

Galahad opened his mouth to say something, to ask if Tristan was alright, but the omega stared him down into silence. “Actions have consequences, alpha,” he growled, sneering out the last word. Then, without any warning, Tristan grabbed Galahad and slung him easily over his shoulder, Galahad’s head coming face-to-face with Tristan’s arse. Which brought two things swiftly to the young alpha’s attention:

  1. Tristan’s backside could have been carved from marble.
  2. It was not just water Tristan was soaked with.

Galahad breathed deep and moaned, helplessly, as the scent of Tristan’s slick filled his nose. It was all he could do not to bury his head in the curve where Tristan’s back met his buttocks, not to trace his tongue against the sodden fabric of his trousers where it clung to his flesh. The omega smelled glorious, like sun-warmed earth and pine forests, and the faintest trace of molten iron, the scent of weaponry clinging to Tristan’s skin. All thought was replaced by the need to be filled with that scent, and Galahad ceased to struggle, content to simply be wrapped in Tristan’s presence as they continued towards the living quarters.

Tristan stalked into his room and deposited Galahad unceremoniously on the floor, which knocked enough sense back into him to be able to figure out what was happening.

“Heat,” Galahad murmured, near-unaware of his surroundings, “you’ve gone into your heat.”

“Yes,” Tristan growled, looming over the bewildered alpha. “Your fault. I tried to staunch it,” he said, gesturing to his damp clothing, “but the damage was done. So now you will be learning about responsibility, little alpha.”

“My fault?” Galahad stammered, gaping at Tristan as he turned away. “How the hell is it my fault? Tristan, I… what the fuck are you doing?”

Tristan finished pulling off his tunic and turned to glare witheringly at Galahad. “You think I should stay in my wet clothes, pup?”

“No, that’s… no, of course not. But while I’m… and you’re in…” Galahad was having great difficulty remembering how words worked while Tristan was revealing more and more tanned and taut flesh, and with it releasing more of that spectacular scent that was making Galahad’s head spin with desire. He wondered if trapping him in this room with a heat-fevered omega he couldn’t touch was meant to be his punishment for the kiss.

If it was, Tristan was even more of a sadist than he’d thought.

Completely naked now, Tristan stalked past Galahad and crawled onto his bed, leaning his head down onto his forearms and raising his ass in the air to make quite the most appealing picture Galahad had ever seen. “Come on then, alpha,” Tristan spat, turning his head to fix Galahad with a glare, “get on with it, don’t piss about.”

Galahad’s mouth flapped open and he suddenly found it hard to breathe. “You want me to… you want me to mate with you?” The question came out as a squeak.

“Whether I want you to or not is irrelevant. I’m going to need a knot and since you are the reason for that unfortunate necessity, you are going to provide one.” Tristan lowered his head back to his arms and growled, “Unless you have a problem with that, Galahad the Pure.”

Galahad stared for a second. It would be easy, horribly easy, to simply undress and slide into Tristan, already slick and open with heat. To take his pleasure and feel Tristan tight around his knot and-

“Fuck, yes I have a problem with that!” Galahad snapped, causing Tristan to whip his head round, eyes narrowed and fierce. “I don’t even know how you think I’m responsible! All I did was kiss you Tristan, that…” He trailed off and simply stared at Tristan for a moment. “You can’t possibly… Tristan you can’t think that was enough to set you off!”

A growl came from low in Tristan’s throat and he sneered, reminding Galahad uncomfortably of the moment he’d kissed him. “Do not flatter yourself, pup, it was due in a few days anyway. You simply nudged it closer, any alpha taking such liberties would have had the same effect.”

“One moment of foolishness and you choose to punish me like this?” Galahad felt anger rise inside him to mingle with his dashed hopes. “I knew you were cruel, Tristan, but this I would have said was beyond you.”

“Punish you?” Tristan finally twisted out of his position and flew off the bed to confront Galahad. “How is this punishment? Any alpha would jump at the chance of a wet, willing hole, do not claim you are any different.”

“How little you think of me. I would rather be nothing at all to you than that.” Galahad took a breath and calmed his tone. “I will not be just a knot for you to fuck,” he said, voice low and bitter, the words forced out between gritted teeth.

“Why kiss me at all then, pup?” Tristan sneered, unmoved by Galahad’s words. “To humiliate me? Control me?”

“Because I love you, you stupid bastard.”

The silence that followed his words tasted sharp and painful to Galahad, his heart held exposed within it. It filled the room, pressing close and uncomfortable against his skin until he had to say something.

“I’m sorry. I never meant to… to take advantage. I’ve thought of kissing you so often, I don’t know why I did it today, I just couldn’t stop looking at your mouth, and I wanted… and I always want to, so I don’t know-”

Tristan put his hand over Galahad’s mouth to stop his babbling. “Hush, pup, I’m thinking.”

Galahad stared at him and tried very hard to resist the urge to lick at Tristan’s skin, so warm and so close and covered in the scent of his heat. He wanted to suck the flesh into his mouth, to taste the salt of Tristan’s sweat and slick mingled together… but it would not do to make such a mistake twice in one day, he might as well roll over and let Tristan kill him if he did such a thing.

“You love me, you say.” Tristan lifted his hand, and allowed Galahad to reply, yes, to his question before replacing it. “For how long?”

Again he removed his hand to let Galahad speak, and Galahad felt he did an admirable job of not chasing after it. “Training,” he managed to choke out, “when you taught me to use my bow.” He expected – hoped, a little – that Tristan would replace his hand, continue playing his game of questions. Instead, he dropped his arm by his side, looking unconvinced.

“We were nothing but children, Galahad. This is nothing more than a crush you speak of.”

“I thought that. I hoped it. I knew you would never return my feelings and so I prayed for them to fade. But they only grew as we did, every time you showed me up in a fight, every time you drank me under the table, every time you were kind to that stupid bird of yours.”

Tristan frowned at that but let it pass. “And after all these years of pining, you kissed me today because?”

“Because you wouldn’t stop arguing with me! And your mouth, it does this thing where it curls at the edges when you’re telling me how stupid I am, and it drives me crazy Tristan, I can never think when you do it, and I always lose every argument because I can’t stop looking at your damn mouth and mmmmmf!”

Tristan, apparently, had decided that kissing someone to shut them up was a very effective method after all.

It was not, as it turned out, any better a kiss than their first had been. Galahad was entirely too stunned to respond, his hands fluttering around Tristan’s waist but not brave enough to actually touch, and his mouth remaining stubbornly closed against the heat of Tristan’s. It wasn’t until Tristan flicked his tongue sweetly against the seam of his mouth that Galahad finally woke up enough to realise what had happened, but he could only chase after the press of Tristan’s lips as they pulled away, and Tristan regarded him with amusement.

Amusement and, Galahad realised with a start, nervousness. Trepidation. Fear.

“It’s ok,” he said, his hands suddenly working again and clasping Tristan’s arms. “I’m not going to run off. I…” Galahad suddenly remembered something terribly important. “Tristan, did you really jump in the lake to try to stop your heat?”

Then Galahad saw something he had never expected to in all his days.

Tristan blushed.

“I thought… perhaps if I could lower my temperature…” He hesitated, avoiding Galahad’s eyes. “I was not ready to deal with what a heat would mean.”

Galahad placed a finger beneath Tristan’s chin and drew his eyes upwards. “You said it meant nothing, that any alpha would have brought it on.”

Tristan looked at him. “A lie, pup. My heat isn’t due for weeks.”

“Then… how?”

Tristan tucked an errant curl behind Galahad’s ear and smiled at him fondly. “Because I’m in love with you, you stupid bastard.”

Galahad could only stare at Tristan, trying to take in the words. “Oh,” he said, eventually, living up to the name of stupid. “Really?” he added, after a moment, not really doing anything to raise his reputation in terms of intelligence.

“Yes, pup.”

“Oh.” Galahad felt a smile, wide and silly, spread across his face to match the one on Tristan’s. “I love you too.”

“You mentioned that,” Tristan teased.

“Yes. Sorry. Think I’m a bit stunned. And your scent… Fuck, Tristan, you’re in heat.”


“Which means we should… if you want to…”


“Right now?”

“Yes, alpha, my alpha, right fucking now.”

Their third kiss, Galahad was thankful to discover, was indeed the charm.

Yours, As Am I 

Set after The Summer Palace. Laurent receives his gift horse.

The morning found them as the night left them, wrapped in one another, with rumpled sheets tangled at their waists. Damen stretched, chilled by the cool breeze blowing in through the open balcony, sated with Laurent beside him.

He was thankful to have woken first. Any opportunity to observe Laurent at his least guarded, in sleep or otherwise, was always welcome. Without his mind to war with him, he was the picture of ease, every edge softened, as Damen was coming to know them to be beneath it all, his expression relaxed. Sunlight danced in his golden hair, bringing a warm glow to his flawless, porcelain skin. Laurent’s youth was apparent in that quiet moment, his beauty stunning, lips parted just so as he breathed soundly.

In…and out.

In…and out.

Damen admired the slow rise and fall of his chest, along with every inch of skin his eyes could reach, and thought, if he didn’t desire other things, he would be content to do so, undisturbed, for as long as Laurent would allow. As it was, Damen selfishly wanted to be closer still, to touch him—

He gently swept the tips of his fingers from Laurent’s collarbone to the base of his throat, pressing a kiss to his bare shoulder.

“Laurent,” Damen crooned against smooth skin, then watched his face, indescribably pleased when the corner of Laurent’s mouth twitched into a delicate, half-smile as he stirred. Somewhere peacefully between sleep and consciousness, Laurent shifted into him with a muted, drowsy grunt, nuzzling in search of him.

Damen found himself struck, as he often was in the face of these small, unthinking gestures, by the intensity of intimate moments with Laurent, the significance of being privy to them at all. He would not easily forget how many mountains they conquered to get here, nor would he shy away from the ones that remained. In their journey, Laurent had stitched himself, irremovably, into the very fabric of Damen’s being, and so, each step toward this closeness seemed momentous.

It was everything, because Laurent was.

Laurent blinked awake, his hint of a smile growing wider, piercing blue eyes nothing short of adoring.


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Midnight (M)

He always wants something from you at midnight, not like you could refuse to anyway.

Word Count: 2.9k
Pairing: Park Jimin x Reader
Genre: Smut, Vampire!AU
Warning(s): Oral Sex, Biting, Vanilla Sex
A/N: This is for @writingsfromseoul​ because she is 100% Jimin trash! And remember, this is my first smut so it may be weird at first, but I think I’ll get better as time goes on! Thanks @minigguk for beta-ing this fic! You were a big help!

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Under the Table

Originally posted by dylanholyhellobrien

pairings: dylan o'brien x reader; dylan o'brien x tyler posey; tyler posey x shelley hannig.

warnings: despite oral sex? none.

a/n: my darling @dylan-trash-tbh requested a while agooooo and just now I stopped to write it. Hopefully you’ll like it? Lemme know either way. Totally fine to say it sucked. hahaha :) ❤

word count: 3106

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Title: Stolen

 Summary: When Nori gets arrested, again, for stealing, even though he doesn’t need the gold anymore.  To stop it from being an issue, you come up with a creative way to satisfy his uncontrollable urge to pickpocket.  

 Warnings: Language. Theft. Fluff.  

 Masterlist of Fanfiction

“Damn it, Nori!” You shouted at Dwalin when he came to you and told you what happened.  “Why can’t…he doesn’t…”  You put your head in your hands and let out a loud yell, venting your frustrations before you took a deep breath and looked to Dwalin.  “Have you told Dori yet?”

“No.”  The guard gruffed out before leading you down the path towards the cells.  “Thought you were a better choice.”  

You nodded, sighing again as you passed some other guards.  “Thank you, Dwalin.  Dori would just scream at him, that wouldn’t do no good.”  

“Aye.  That’s what I thought.  Thought maybe a pretty lass who was givin’ her heart would be able to, though.”  That smirk, that damn smirk on his face, you were going to wipe it off with his axes if he didn’t stop.  

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Change Your Mind|(Fuckboy!Calum)

“How many girls have you slept with since this semster started?” I question which makes Calum’s eyebrows rise up in shock before nibbling on his bottom lip, his nose scunching up as he looks down at the ground before looking back up at me.

Originally posted by 5sos-memories

Words: 5000+ (i didn’t mean for this to be so long!!!)

Request: No

Rating: R

(inspired by this picture & caption xxx)

The smell of stale beer and weed was all that I smelt throughout the frat house, the pumping bass of some upbeat song blasted through the speakers of the living room just down the hall from where I am lying against a wall. The smacking of lips could be heard across from me as a blond and brunette boy are sucking each others faces off while both of their hands roam down south.

A sigh rolls through my lips as I bring the red solo cup to my mouth and take a sip of the fruit punch that I surprisingly found in the fridge of a frat house filled with boys. The taste of cherry burned on my tongue as I swiped my tongue along my bottom lip before retrieving my vibrating phone out my back pocket.

Don’t wait up for me!

Roamed across my screen as I see Chantelle’s name hang above the text with a purple heart emoji beside it. With a roll of my eyes and an annoyed groan tearing from my throat, I stuff my phone back into my pocket before bringing the fruit punch back up to my lips while taking my back off of the white wall sprayed with graffiti.

 I wonder what the point of Chantelle dragging me to this pathetic party was, when all she did was wander off right when we step foot into this dirty household. Yes, I do love her with all my heart but the stupid shit that she does just tremendously pisses me off.

“Well if it isn’t the beautiful girl that sits in front of me in film history,” I hear a voice say from in front of me, making my eyes tear away from the crimson colour liquid in my cup and look up at the boy in front of me. I roll my eyes before gently bitting down on the plastic of the cup.

Calum’s body was towering over mine in just a minute, the faint smell of his cologne and cigrettes lingered on his body as he takes another step towards me, pushing me into the wall that I just stepped away from. He wore a jet black long sleeve that visably shows his biceps, as his regular pair of black ruined denim jeans are glue to his legs like a second skin.

I gently bite down on my bottom lip while leaning my head side ways, my eyes running up and down his facial features that has a smirk written on his lips and a cocky glint in his eyes. “What do you want Calum.” I sigh out while looking at him unamused, the once flirty smirk wiped off his face as he looks at me surprised.

“Do I need to have a reason for talking to you?” Calum questions while cocking one of his thick eyebrows up on his forehead, his juicy bottom lip getting tucked between his teeth as he steps closer to me, my body leaning into the graffti sprayed wall as I feel his breath float around me.

“Uh, yeah.” I state while cocking my hip and leaning my head against the warm wall, my eyes flying to Calum’s rolled ones.

“I’m offended now,” Calum pouts while giving me puppy eyes, making me let out a bitter laugh before looking Calum up and down. “No but seriously, what do you want?” I ask, now watching Calum’s face set back into it’s natural state instead of bulging eyes and furrowed eyebrows.

“I was gonna ask you if you wanted to dance.” Calum says while sporting a charming smile and placing one of his hands out in front of me, which makes me scoff while shaking my head.

“First off, if you want to ask me to dance at least have proper grammer,” I say which makes Calum’s eyebrows rise before a smirk settles on his lips.

“I like when girls play hard to get, makes me want them even more.” Calum says while pushing his chest towards mine before peeling back, his tongue skiming along his bottom lip while flicking his eyes up and down my body.

“God everything they say about you is true.” I state while shaking my head and pushing myself off the wall, ready to get away from Calum and head back to my dorm. “Wait, What’s true, who said what about me?” Calum questions while grasping my wrist in his hand and turning towards me, a groan falling from my lips as I turn back around to look at Calum.

“Everybody, everybody says you’re a fuckboy Calum, and it’s true, you are one.” I say while tearing my arm out of his grip and placing it at my side while looking at Calum and I watch his eyebrows knot in confusion as a slight pout sets on his lip.

“I-I’m not a fuckboy, what the hell? You don’t believe them right?” Calum says while looking at me with concerning eyes, only making me roll mine.

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Reign Supreme 3

Hehe.. Here is the next installment of Reign Supreme. Roman told Shae dont run from him. And well she listens, but what happens when  she doubts his feelings for her? Well.. I mean something happens ;).

A/N: Man I edited the smut in this a bit so I hope you all like it.

Warnings: This story is NSFW and 18+. You’ve been warned. There are lots of sexual acts going on in this chapter ;)

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I moaned at his words. How can one person affect me so much? How can he make me want him the way I do. How does he know exactly what I want to hear?

The most important question is how does he know about my plans?

I can ask myself all those questions later right now I need to focus on the sexy ass man in front of me.

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