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lol at people who want to see Louis wear things more like Harry because Harry has 'actual style'. Meanwhile I'm over here thinking of that Randy's Donuts hoodie that he literally always wears like yes, what a posh look indeed... (srsly tho can ppl just leave them both alone, I love their expensive ass clothes)

Oh my god, can you imagine if Louis was a repeat offender with a hoodie like that? People would make the rudest comments. Harry does have his Harry Styles™ look, but he definitely dresses down a lot too and loves to wear whatever the fuck he wants in his downtime, whether it’s the donut hoodie or four shirts layered over each other or his winter boots with athletic shorts or whatever. They both have expensive clothes and they both know how to dress well, but they also know their audience. Harry dresses one way when he’s being performer/actor Harry and another when he’s just being a normal dude. And Louis does his thing too, but people always seem to find something to complain about when it comes to his clothing. He wears designer clothes that fit the music scene he’s in and people complain, he color coordinates his casual looks and mixes pieces to make himself look fabulous even in sweatpants and a t-shirt and people complain, and on it goes. It’s so unnecessary and unfair because people don’t rip the other boys’ styles apart the way they do with Louis, and I know part of it is rejection of his unfair and inaccurate chavvy image, but a lot of the time, people seem to just be really classist and rude with their comments no matter what he’s wearing. Nothing is ever good enough for this fandom.

Valentine’s Day

fandom: Stony (Steve x Tony), Tony and Rhodey brotp, Steve and Bucky brotp, a bit of WinterFalcon (Sam x Bucky), mentions of Pepper x Happy, Maria x Rhodey, Avengers

summary: It is Valentine’s Day and Tony and Steve decide to spend the day away from each other, but still with people close to their hearts.

length: 5 962 words

a/n: okay, so this was written for my dA, but decided to post it here too, as we need more friendship fics around here! that being said, the fic is set in a timeline where Steve and Tony are already married. aaand the fic has a little bit of ticklish!Tony, because ticklish!Tony is my love. and a lot of friendly banters between friends. yes, I am a low key WinterFalcon shipper. have a happy Valentine’s day, cherish your lovers, friends and family and remember to be good to yourself today!! watch the movie you like, eat a whole chocolate bar, and remember that your Stony Queen loves you all!!


Valentine’s Day

They were standing at the Stark Industries private airport, wind whooshing around them, tousling their hair in every direction. Steve had to squint his eyes to protect them from the wind, and Tony only grinned unnervingly, his eyes safe behind his beloved Matsuda sunglasses.

They were going to say goodbye. And it was never easy.

“Are you sure you want to do this?” Steve asked, in a quiet, calm voice, closely looking at his husband’s face, trying to spot any hesitation or uncertainty.

Tony’s grin twitched and became bigger, while his eyes turned a bit softer, not reflecting the cheeky grin. Only Tony was capable of doing that. “I’m sure,” he confirmed, his voice soft and loving.

Steve drew eyebrows together, looking worried. It would be the first Valentine’s day they spend separately, since they became a couple. Not that they had planned something special. It was a day, like everyday, and small gifts and cute gestures were not obligatory, but welcomed, together with a movie marathon. Seemed that this year, Steve would miss watching Tony covertly sobbing while watching “Wall-E”. 

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I was scrolling through your posts and saw those sweet ass boots and would like to thoroughly encourage you to dress Prompto up in those boots... maybe only those boots. Muahaha!! Your art is lovely and I hope you're having a great week!!

     Those sweet ass boots will meet prompto’s sweet ass legs one day okay! He’ll look hella nice in them once I’m done with my other works now! Thanks so much for stopping by! I hope you have a good rest of your week too!

Squadre Next Gen: Part Four


Aelin really, really did not want her children and their mates to go after these groups. She could go-

“Fireheart. You cannot go.”

Whirling around, “And why not?”

“Because you and I need to stay here to defend Terressen. Sam and Lyria will be okay-”

The fire in the fireplace spurted blue flame, “That is what you said last time! Have you not seen the scars on our son’s back? He obliterated half of a mountain range from the pain. I failed him. I promised him he would never feel the pain that me and you went through.”

Rowan wrapped his arms around her, “You did not fail him. We did not fail him.” Looking down at her, “Ciel would sooner die than let him get hurt again.”

“Why isn’t Ciel crown prince anymore?”

Rowan rubbed the back of his neck.

“Hello, Buzzard. Answer me.”

Before Rowan could answer her a soft knock echoed through their private chambers.

The only person who knocked like that was Sam, “Come in, Sam.”


Sam pulled Ciel in with him, “Ah yes,” his mother said, “is my son the reason you are no longer crown prince of Adalarn?”

“I wish to stay here in Terressen with Sam. With your blessing of course.”

A laugh escaped his mother’s mouth, “Of course you are welcome to stay here. Live here. Hell you can live in the castle if you want.”

“There is one other thing,” Sam said, shifting in his boots. Ciel put a frosted hand on his back, cooling his fire.

“Yes, Sam?” There was a small smug smile on his mother’s lips.

Steeling his spine, Sam rose his chin, forcing himself to look at his mother, “We got engaged. We are engaged. Ciel and I would like your blessing to get married. Just something small before we depart for the mission.”

His mother’s eyes lit up. The queen loved parties.

“No son of mine is having a small wedding. We are going to throw you the grandest wedding this kingdom has ever seen!” turning to rowan, “Get the events planner” clasping her hands together, “I am so very happy for you both!”

“Mother, really, you don’t have to-”

“Hush. My baby is getting married!”

Oh gods. All the people. Sam’s stomach started to turn. He tried again, “What about the mission?”

“One week. That is all that I am asking. Sam, you are Crown Prince and this is your mate. We just need to wait for everyone to get here. I’ve kept tabs, they all could be here in three days.”

Something must have showed on his face, at the discomfort of being surrounded by so many people because Aelin said, “Actually, you know what? Lets have a small one. However you want. Just the family.”

Sam smiled at his mother and thanked her for understanding.

Ciel gave her a grin, “Thank you, Queen Aelin.”

“No. if you are getting married to my son it is just ‘Aelin’ to you. But i will warn you, just this once, Ciel, if you harm my son in any way I will end you, is that understood?”

“I would sooner Yield my life than hurt Sam in any way.”

His mother’s eyes were bright, “Good. I will keep you to that promise, Ciel.”


Rajni shifted through the reasons why she would be called to her father’s guest chambers. It all boiled down to two things. Either it was about the mission or about the future leader of Adalarn and the Witch Kingdom. Either way, they both gave her a headache.

Opening the door, Abraxi was leaning against the wall with her arms crossed and was glowering. If Brax was pissed it had to be about Ciel and if it was about Ciel then it was about the future of Adalarn and the Witch Kingdom.

Rajni sat on the sofa, an arm across the back, “Going by Brax’s glowering, I would say that I was called here to talk about the fate of our kingdoms.”

Her father nodded, leaning back in his own chair, “Yes. Ciel has given up the crown as you well know. Which leaves you and your sister to decide who will be the future ruler of the kingdoms.”

“I do not see why it cannot be both of us. Together. Her heart and my mind. Together we can lead the two kingdoms.”

Her father nodded to himself, “Abraxi, what do you think?”

Brax put a hand over her heart, “I would be honored to rule next to Rajni. Side by side.”

Rajni crossed her legs, “Then it is settled. Besides, we all know that Lyria refused to take the crown unless Sam ruled next to her.”


Lyria decided to spar, or at least try to, instead of heading out for a fight. She had all of this pent up energy that she needed to burn. The words were echoing in her head. She knew how precious witchings were. And Hekabe’s daughter was killed because she helped Sam. Her brother, her twin. The Crown Prince of Terressen.

Gavriel tripped lyria, she landed on her back. Glaring up at him, “Cheap shot.”

He grinned at her, offering her a hand. She pushed it away and stood up.


Lyria turned to find Artemis who now had short hair and a more masculine look today, Lyria wiped the sweat from her brow, “Artemis! How can I help you?”

“I heard about the meeting and what you guys are going to do. Let me come with you! I can help!”

Lyria tried to think out of a way to not have to answer this. Artemis was her friend and she didn’t just want to say no. She looked at Gavriel. Yes. He was Artemis’s grandfather, he could tell shifter no. Gavriel looked back at her, reading her thoughts. He sighed and looked at Artemis, “Look, Arty. We have this covered. Besides you are too young for this kind of mission. Not to mention the fact that your father would castrate me if I let his child go into a potential war zone.”

Artemis’s face darkened, “Ria. I am useful. Let me help!”

She wasn’t going to be able to get out of this, Lyria sighed and said in her “i’m going to be queen so listen to whatever I say” voice, “No. You are too young and that is final.”

Artemis flared ver nose and whirled around, shifting into a ghost leopard and ran into the forest.

She looked at Gavriel, “That went well.”

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Modern Glasgow is by far one of my favorite series of all time. So imagine one of (or all of) the bairns bringing home a stray, muddy, flee infested animal (of your choice) then Jamie and Claire's reaction.

“Have you seen Julia?”

Jamie looked up from the desk in his study. William’s head remained bent, sitting beside his Da, concentrating on his math homework.

“No – last I heard she and Murtagh were off on one of their treasure hunts. Have ye asked Mrs. Crook?”

Claire pursed her lips. “Because she always gives her some sweets before she leaves? No, I haven’t – that’s a good idea.”

“Dinna fash, Claire – ye ken well that Murtagh will always bring her home safe.”

She sighed, drawing the plaid shawl tighter around her shoulders. “I know. Only, she’s not used to being out in the countryside yet, and she’s not as familiar with the landscape as the other kids, and – ”

Jamie pushed back his chair, gently ruffled William’s mop of dark curls, and stepped around the desk, crossing the room to grasp his wife’s hands. “She’ll be fine. It’s a warm day, the sun is shining, and ye ken that she just loves exploring.”

Claire rewarded him with a tiny smile. “She is adventurous, I’ll give you that.”

Julia Helen Diana Beauchamp Fraser – their blond, four-year-old surprise – had been inquisitive since the day she was born, upstairs in the laird’s bedroom at Lallybroch. Even before she could walk, she adored being read to by her parents or doting older siblings. And her favorite stories were those of finding buried treasure – whether that of Vikings, or pirates, or trolls, or dragons. And ever since they took her to the archaeological museum in London during their visit last year, she’d been fascinated by the prospect of digging around to find her own buried treasure.

Now that they were living at Lallybroch full time – having left their cramped flat in Glasgow for the spacious rooms and rolling hills of the ancestral Fraser estate – Julia relished the thousands of hiding places that the streams and fields and ponds provided. And Murtagh – the loving, doting godfather/grandfather that he was – loved accompanying her as she explored the land where he had grown up. And surprised her with burying “wee treasures” now and again – special rocks, or aluminum cans full of marbles, or glass jars filled with rolled-up papers – and helping her carefully “eksavate” the item before she gleefully carried it home.

It appeared that the two of them were off on another expedition today – but they’d left right after breakfast, and it was now past lunch –


Jamie smiled as Claire visibly relaxed at the sound of her youngest daughter’s voice. He bent to kiss her cheek and returned to William – who was ruffling his hair in frustration over his arithmetic – and she turned into the hallway, quickly stepping toward the kitchen, hoping to avert Mrs. Crook’s habit of feeding fresh warm cookies to Julia every time she returned from one of her “twips.”

She rounded a corner and entered the ancient, cavernous kitchen – to see Julia facing away from her, wisps of hair escaping from her small blond braids, clutching something tight. Murtagh was hanging up their coats by the door.

“I’m here, love,” she said gently. Julia quickly turned – and what Claire thought was another grimy jar of old coins started to squirm in her daughter’s tiny grasp.

“Is that – ”

Julia rushed across the room to show off  her prize. “Itsa kitten, Mama! We found him by the millpond – he doesna have a collar, Muwtagh says he must be a stway. Can we keep him?”

Claire exchanged glances with the filthy, irritated cat – no bigger than a kitten – which promptly tried to claw its way out of Julia’s tender grasp.

Claire knelt and swiftly gathered the cat against her thick shawl. “Well, we’ve got the dogs in the house, but no cat. Will you take care of it?”

Julia rocked back and forth in her tiny boots, vibrating with excitement, nodding furiously. “Aye, Mama! I’ll take vewwa good care of him!”

Claire glanced up at Murtagh, chewing through his third fresh cookie. He gave her a look that said, What, can ye expect me to say no to her? before brushing some imaginary dirt from the sleeve of his sweater.

She was outnumbered. Jamie and the other kids would love a cat. There was no reason not to.

“All right. Let’s get him all cleaned up, then. Have you thought of a name?”

“Aye! Muwtagh had an idea! It was – ” she frowned, struggling to remember.

“Adso,” he chimed in, speaking around a mouthful of chocolate.

“Adso?” Claire was surprised – in all her years as an honorary Scot, living in a culture full of unusual names, that was one she’d never encountered before.

“Aye. Adso. That was a cat we had here at Lallybroch, when I was a lad. He was – he was Ellen’s cheetie.”

Something shifted in Murtagh’s eyes – as it always did, at the thought of Jamie’s mother – and Claire tactfully decided to let the matter drop.

She turned back to the kitten, which had embedded its claws in the thick wool of her shawl. “Julia, love – get me that stool, will you? The first thing you need to learn about a cat is that they absolutely hate taking a bath.”

My Letter To Taylor

Hello, Miss taylorswift! I hope you are enjoying your day so far. I’m currently sitting here in my room, thinking about how you’re my absolute favorite person in the world. I do that last part a lot, actually. Here I am, nine years down the road, and I’m still as obsessed with you as I was a a little, wide-eyed 6th grader. I remember listening to Teardrops on My Guitar for the first time, plain as day as if it were yesterday. You used to scare me a lot because I thought you could read my mind. You always wrote a song about my life, at the exact time something in my life was happening. The time Teardrops came out, I was head over heels for a boy named Drew. My first ever real crush. The year Fifteen came out, I started high school. The year All Too Well came out, I had my first real, heart breaking break up. I could go on for days, what can I say? You’ve been there for me through it all. You have literally shaped me into the person that I am today, and I will forever be in debt to you for that. You have genuinely made me a better person. I have loved hearing about your life and experiences through your lyrics over the years, and I love knowing that I am not the only person out there that experiences those feelings and emotions. You have made hard times so much easier for me, just through the extraordinary power of music, and I will never, ever be able to thank you enough for what you have done for me. Your music makes me happier every single day. Please, don’t even stop doing what you are doing, because just with your words, you have the ability to change someone’s life. I know you did mine.

A not-so appealing memory I have is the week I got up at 4 AM every single day. That was no fun. Why did I do this you ask? Well, it was all to try and meet you. My local radio station had a contest a few years ago where you had to call in at 4 AM every single morning and try to win, but alas, I was never successful. Sleepy Mikayla was not happy. A much better memory I have is the one of my father in a dress. Wait… WHAT? Yes, I said my father in a dress. Another time, my father dressed up in a blonde wig, a dress, and cowgirl boots all because he loves me more than anything in this world, and he would do anything to make me smile. This radio station was having a dress your dad like Taylor Swift contest, but sadly, Dad’s lady look didn’t make the cut, and I didn’t get to meet you. Rewind even more to the Speak Now tour, the first time I was fortunate enough to ever get to see you live. Sixteen year old was decked out in her homemade t-shirt with a light up sign, dancing and having the time of her life, praying at least once every five minutes I’d get noticed for the T-Party, but yet again, no luck. Still no Taylor. I could sit here and talk about 20 more different times in which I’ve made videos, posters, whatever, to try and meet you, but instead, I want to say this. Yes, it’s been 8 years. Yes, I get really discouraged sometimes, but have I given up? Absolutely not. My number one dream, has been for 8 years now, is to meet you, Miss. Taylor. Absolutely number one on my bucket list. I’ve tried and tried and tried, but my time just hasn’t come yet, and you know what? That’s okay! I am the biggest believer in everything happened for a reason, and I know that it’s because there’s a greater plan that hasn’t happened yet. My day is going to come, and because I’ve been waiting for almost a decade, it’s going to be all the more sweet. I believe it’s going to happen when I least expect it. It’s going to totally take me by surprise in a time when I need it the most, and turn my life around completely. Meeting you is everything I’ve ever wanted, and I know in my heart that my day is coming, and I must tell you, that day will be the best day of my life. And I apologize in the advance for the river of tears that will be on my face, because I will be a m e s s.

This is getting a lot longer than I intended… I am so, SO sorry. I could literally ramble about you for days if I wanted, but I’ll wrap this up by I just love you a lot, Taylor. And in the midst of my procrastination, I decided I wanted to write you a letter. There is about a million in one chance you’ll ever see this, but even if you don’t, that’s okay. This was so nice for me, just letting this all out. Sometimes you just need to stop and talk about things you love, you know? I love you so much, have I said that enough yet? I just love you so much I feel like I have to say it over and over. You are my inspiration and my hero and you make me a better person every single day. As I move on into my 20’s, I can only pray that I grow up to be as half of the amazing woman that you have grown up to be. You are so humble, kind, beautiful, smart, brave, talented, and 500 million other adjectives, and your career is only just starting out. You have a long road ahead of you, and I cannot wait to keep growing up alongside of you. I love love love you. I hope to see you very, very soon!