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Pairing: Dean x Female Reader
Rating: M
Warnings: Swearing, mild dirty talk, smut. I have no shame.
Note: Happy late Valentine’s Day; here’s some smut. I didn’t proofread this, so sorry in advance for any errors.

Dean’s wearing that coat again. 

You tried not to stare when he came out of the motel room earlier in the morning, but– okay, you’re only human. 

The worst part is – well, not the worst part – is that he knows how good he looks in it. The whole day he’s been sauntering around, that goddamn smirk on his face, and you can’t decide if you want to punch him, or kiss him.

(You definitely want to kiss him)

“Gotta hit up the library, kid.” He says, getting back in the Impala after he talked to a witness. “We should find out more about the history of that house.”

“Uh huh.” You agree, distracted as you watch him loosen his tie and pull off his coat.

He snaps his fingers in front of you. “Are you listening to me?”

You snort. “You sound like my Mom.”

He glares. “That’s hilarious.”

Dean pulls away from the curb and you watch as he glances in the mirrors and rests his right wrist on the steering wheel, the other arm resting on the window. That’s another thing – whenever he wears this coat, he ends up getting too warm and takes it off halfway through the day, leaving him in a dress shirt with the sleeves inevitably rolled up. Another favorite Dean look.

You’re trying not to stare at the veins on his arms, you really are, but they’re right there

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simon and tHE MAGE!!!!!!!!!!1!


So today, I decided to rewatch Bones 6x23 (4 times to be exact) and I kept rewinding this scene (my favorite scene ever), where Brennan tells Booth she’s pregnant with his baby. Everytime I rewatched this scene I noticed something different, whether his looks, her looks, her smile of relief, his smile of happiness, etc… But one thing that I’ve noticed since the day 1 here, was that, their smiles weren’t only of relief or happiness. 

I mean, look at Booth, he barely believed that that was real life… at the end of almost 7 years he would be able to have a family with the love of his life. He is standing right in front of the woman he would give is life for, and that woman is telling him, that she is carrying his child! She is carrying his child after making love with him for the first time in YEARS after they fell in love with each other. (I mean for Christ’ sake Booth has teary eyes)

And Brennan, look at her, she never ever had a family, she never hoped she had one, and in that second, there she is, telling the men that taught her what loving someone meant, the men that broke her walls and crossed her bridges, the men that she trusted her life to, that she is pregnant with his baby. That, yes he was right, there is more than one kind of family but her kind of family is now him. 

For me those smiles were so much more, those smiles were from two people in love, who are now bond to one another, by a baby. Two people that believed they wouldn’t be together in a lifetime, now seeing the meaning of family when they look into each other’s eyes. Those smiles were from two people now becoming one.

And I completely love everything about it.

Thank you Bones for allowing me to have this moments were I can express my emotions, for me it means the world. You will be missed.

Suho Daddy (M)

 Part 1 | Part 2
Warnings: daddy kink/oral/vocal smut

I felt a light touch at my forehead. No, I am not going to wake up yet. Fingers are caressing my cheek and continuing down to my neck. It feels good, it really does. But I still don’t want to wake up. I feel someone tucking my hair behind my ear and lightly touch my ear. Shit, I need to wake up.

 I let out a small whine in return, letting the person know I am awake but no fully.

 "Come on baby, you know you want to open your eyes" he said. Oh, that sweet manly voice. I love the fact that it’s the first thing I hear everyday. 

“Little girl, daddy needs you” he says in a deeper voice. I immediately open my eyes to find Suho on his knees next to me. 

He smirked at me, he said that on purpose. He takes a look at my naked body and I feel a little bit intimidated. His eyes darken and I know he has something in mind. He grabs my thighs and kneels in between them. 

“Good-” he kisses left my knee. I can feel it through my whole body. “Morning-” he kisses my right thigh. Yes, get closer. “Baby” he kisses my pubic bone. Closer Suho! 

“Good morning” I say in return. I can’t recognize my voice. It’s low and out of breath. 

“Oh no, little girl” he says and gives me stern look. Shit.

 "Good morning, daddy" I correct myself and I can see his gaze soften.

 "You know what day it is?“ He asked and I decided to act clueless. I look up and make it look as if I am thinking and I look back at him. Of course I knew.

"Nope, can you help me ?” I asked. He looks surprised. He knows what I am doing. 

He kisses my pubic bone again and spreads my legs wider. He blows gently on my clit and I squirm. I need it. I crave it. But I don’t want to give in yet. He collects my wetness and spreads it on my clit and draws small circles. The sensation is light but enough to make me weak . 

“You still don’t know little girl?” Suho asks again. I am not giving up yet so I just shook my head.

 "Daddy needs to remind you then" he says and before I can reply he attacks me. There, right where I want him. He swirls circles with his tongue around my clit and then sucks on it. Yes that’s what I need, I need his tongue. 

“Yes daddy!” I say and I continue to enjoy this divine torture. He flicks his tongue on my clit and I can feel it. Suho’s tongue is a gift and fuck I loved to be spoiled. He spreads my labia and inserts his tongue inside me. Fucks its so warm and wet. I grab his hair and I roll my hips. Fuck it feels so good. My eyes are closed, one hand at his hair and one grabbing the sheets tightly. I roll my hips faster while he is fucking me with his tongue. He makes a dirty smack sound and looks at me in the eyes. 

“You taste so good baby, give me more” he says and attacks my pussy again. He is flicking his tongue on my clit and inserts one finger in me. The faster he works on my clit the faster he fucks me with his finger. 

“Yes daddy Right there” I encourage him and he goes faster. I can’t go back anymore. I am shaking, struggling to remain still while I feel my orgasm coming straight towards me at a fast pace. 

“Beg for it, now!” he demanded. My mind is gone, all I feel is pleasure. I barely listened to what he said. But I have to do it. Hell, I need to. I want it.

“Please, d-daddy. Let me come for you daddy. Plea-” I try. I can’t beg anymore. It’s there. That torturous feeling tugging at my body begging to let go. It’s all I can think about. 

“Fuck ” I scream once more and arch my back as I feel my orgasm hit me. My legs are shaking against his shoulders and my back is far off the bed. My breathing is hard and fast and so is Suho’s. I look down at him and his lips are red and wet from my juices. He looks at me with love eyes that makes me weak. He crawls on top of me and kisses me, making me taste myself. I love how I taste when I come for him and it drives him insane knowing that.

 "You’re so good for daddy, little girl. Happy birthday" he says and hugs me from behind.

This was my first birthday gift, there is many more to come.

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your writing is beautiful, omg. could I see some locker room sex with captain kuroo and reader please? if that's okay!! either way, keep up the magnificent work!!!

AN: I…. I have been waiting all my life for this…. and here it is…. I am…. I am blessed to have this request, I…. I can’t. Anon-san, please, I cannot. Too good…. Too good…. I had, uh, way too much fun with this one. Pls enjoy, I know I did. Ok, I’ll calm down now, LOL *fans self* The rest is under the cut! I hope you enjoy!

You had been the manager for Nekoma’s Volleyball team for some time now, and you weren’t exactly sure how to describe it. You came in thinking it would be a relaxing job; give the boys some water, throw them some towels, maybe clean up the gym a little bit. Your assumptions weren’t wrong, just…. off.

You were more of a Mom than a manager. The boys would come to you with any bruises or injuries, you held Kenma’s Gameboy, and they even came to you for advice. It was indeed a lot of work, but you loved every second of it. The team had welcomed you with open arms, and you loved them dearly, and it was all thanks to Kuroo Tetsurou.

You and Kuroo shared the same college prep classes, which wasn’t the school’s smartest decision. You both would compete for the highest grades, especially in Chemistry, and the top grades would always alternate between the two of you. Because of your competitive nature, you always agreed to compete, but competing for the highest Chemistry midterm grade had changed your high school career forever.

“_____-san, _____-san, let’s up the stakes a little bit, hm?” Kuroo smirked at you.

You raised your eyebrow. “What did you have in mind?”

“Whoever gets the lower grade has to do whatever the higher grade wants.”

“You’re on.”

You started thinking of what kind of things you could have Kuroo do; wear a girl’s uniform all day, become your personal assistant, sing to a girl on top of the school roof, the possibilities were endless. But your dream ended when you received your grade the week after.

“What did you get?” Kuroo asked, peaking over your shoulder.

You laid your head on your desk as he took your exam.

“87%, huh? Guess you’re gonna have to do whatever this 93% says ~” he sang.

You took in a deep breath and turned to face him. “Ok, ok, you win, Kuroo-kun. Give me your worst!”

“Be our manager.”

“Huh?” you felt heat rise to your face.

“The volleyball team has been looking for a manger for a while now. It’s hard doing everything as a captain and Coach Nekomata needs to focus on coaching, not all of the little things. I tried looking before, but no one seems to meet my standards except you.”

“W-Why me?”

“You’re smart, kind, ambitious, and I know the team will love you. Normally I’d just ask you to be our manager, but since I got the highter score, you don’t seem to have a choice, huh?” he smirked.

“Jokes on you, I would have said yes either way!”

“Good, that’s what I wanted!”

“Good! I’ll see you at practice then!”



You turned around and pouted. Kuroo couldn’t help but smile.

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BTS reaction

Scenario: You call your boyfriend to tell him that you’re coming home late tonight, because you have tons of work to do. He can sense how stressed and exhausted you are over the phone, so he decides to surprise you with a self-cooked dinner.

I do not own the gifs. Credits to respective owner.


“I’m home!” You yell, as you threw your bag somewhere, not caring where it would land because you just wanted to rest right now, not even having the appetite to eat anything, even though you were starving. You frown as you get no answer, and wonder if he is already asleep. You go into the living room, not finding him there, but smelling delicious food. Before you could reach for the light switch you feel two arms wrapped tightly around your waist and a chin rested on your shoulder. You smile to yourself, knowing it could be no one beside your boyfriend, he kisses your neck and doesn’t say anything, just leads you to the dining table, where he prepared all of the food and some candles. “Seokjin, you didn’t have to d–” he interrupts you by pushing you down on a chair. “You deserve this, after all of the work you’ve done today.” He smiles, while shoving some food into his mouth after sitting down, too.


You try to enter your apartment without trying to make any sound, knowing that your boyfriend would probably be asleep already, as you know how much he loves sleep. You get startled as you find the lights turned on, and you quickly go into the kitchen, worried that something might have happened, as he would normally be asleep at this time. Yoongi widens his eyes as he finds you. “Yah! Y/n, why are you here already?” You giggle as you realize what he wanted to do. “Um, I live here, or did you get a new girlfriend, who lives with you now?” “This was supposed to be a surprise!” He said, ruffling his hair in annoyance. “Well anyways, sit down, I’ve prepared something for you, even though you already know what it is.” Suga said, showing no emotions, before sitting down. You quickly peck him on the cheek, knowing that you could cheer him up easily. He wasn’t able to hide his smile and quickly stole another kiss from you, but this time on your lips, sweet and passionate. “Now enjoy.” He sayd and pulled you onto his lap, making you blush like a schoolgirl, slightly at his sudden action.


You sighed as you were struggling finding the right key to your apartment in the dark, when suddenly the door opened, which startled you a little bit, but obviously it was no one else besides the one and only Jung Hoseok, your boyfriend. Without saying a word you threw yourself into his embrace, needing that hug really badly right now, after working the whole day. He hugged you back and buried his face into your neck without hesitation, enjoying that moment. He pulled back and lent a kiss on your forehead. “Uhm, Hoseok, something smells burnt here.” You said, pointing to the kitchen. He widened his eyes and immediately rushed into the kitchen. “Aish! I burned the chicken!” He pouted. You took off your coat and rolled up your sleeves. “It’s okay, I can make n–” but before you could continue he pushed you to the dining table. “No, no no! I made some other stuff, too, and you’re not allowed to touch anything besides the food that I have prepared!” He said, pulling the chair for you like a gentleman, making you sit down. After he sat down, too, he tried some of the food and looked at you like a little amazed puppy, waiting for you to try, and tell him your opinion.

Rap Monster:

As you entered your apartment you jumped when you heard a lout frustrated groan coming out of the kitchen. You rushed into the kitchen, worried that your clumsy boyfriend might have hurt himself again, but also wondering what he was supposed to do in the kitchen at this time. He let out another groan, which seemed more like an aggressive scream this time, and threw the knife into the sink, making you jump once again. He looked at you ashamed, forehead covered in sweat, eyes all teary, and let out an awkward laugh. You finally let out that laugh you were holding in, and you cracked up. You pushed Namjoon to the side and took over. “I’m so sorry you had to see this.” He said, leaning onto the wall. “It’s okay, it was very entertaining.” You said, holding back your laughter. “Well, but I could prepare the rest of the food with no problems, you’ll definitely enjoy.” He laid a kiss on your cheek. “And after dinner, there’ll be an even more delicious dessert.” He winked at you, pointing to himself.


As you opened the door to your apartment you were greeted by your boyfriend, who was blocking your way to take any further steps. You tilted your head. “Jimin, I’m really tired, what are you trying to do?” You said, as you looked at a smily Jimin. “Well, let me show you.” He responded covering your eyes with his hands. “What are y–” “Just trust me.” He said, leading you to the laid table. You let go of you and danced happily with his hands. “Surprise!” You looked at all the different kind of dishes he has prepared, and your jaw immediately dropped. “Have you prepared all of this, Jimin?” You asked pointing towards the food. “No. I asked the Ahjumma next door to prepare this for you. Of course I have, y/n!” His sarcastic response made you smile. “Come on, babe, at least try the food the Ahjumma has prepared for you!” He said and winked at you. You decided to play along. “Well, then let’s see if the food is as nice as the Ahjumma herself.” Now it was his time to laugh out loud. “I guess it is.” He bit his lip and pretended to think.


You quietly tiptoed your way to the bathroom, not wanting to wake your boyfriend from his slumber. You slightly jumped when he appeared in front of you out of nothing, looking nothing like he was sleeping. “Hey, why are you still up?” You asked him, breathing out, realizing that you could talk normally, knowing now that he isn’t sleeping. “Do you know what I love as much as I love you?” He asked, looking as excited as a little child, who just got free candy. You rolled your eyes, trying to hide your smile because of his adorable question, also knowing the answer already. “Taehyung-ah, we both know it’s food, don’t we?” He clapped his hands in excitement. “Yes, baby! You got it right!” Without any warning he pulled you to the dining table. You saw all of the food, and were kinda surprised that he did all of that for you. “Thank you, Taehyung.” You smiled, thinking how grateful you should be to have a boyfriend like that, who cares so much about you. You tiptoed and planted a sweet kiss on his lips, swinging your arms around his neck. He responded the kiss, and wrapped his arms around your waist, trying to hold you even closer to him, if that was possible. You pulled back, and he chuckled while covering his cheeks with his palms in a cute manner, sending butterflies to your stomach.

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Jungkook almost fell asleep, while waiting for you patiently at the dining table. He smiled when your figure appeared at the door frame. You responded with a tired smile, and Jungkook patted the seat next to him, telling you to sit down. You did like he told you, before he wrapped his arms around your shoulders. “Yah, Jungkook, is it just me, or did your arms gain some muscles?” You said turning towards him, which made him laugh out loud. “That comes from preparing all of that food!” He replied, pointing out that he prepared food for both of you, making you widen your eyes, as you realized it. “Oh, my god, Jungkook I was starving!” You said as you grabbed the chopsticks, ready to take a bite of one of the dishes, but you got interrupted by Jungkook grabbing your wrist. “I’ll feed you.” He smiled at you, showing his bunny teeth, as he grabbed the chopsticks from your hands, and grabbed some Kimchi with it, ready to let you enjoy.

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mckenziesimpson : Chanyeol smut

Author: Admin M

Character(s): Chanyeol (EXO)/Reader

Word Count: 961

Summary: I’m not going to fight you. I don’t want to hit you. I just want you to stay.

I was holding my lamp when he came in. He charged at me and jerked the lamp out of my hand, slamming it against the wall. I ran a gross the room but he grabbed me by the waisted and pulled me towards him. 

“Let me go!” I screamed. He just chuckled. I pushed at him but he just held on tighter.

“Are you going to fight back?”

“What? Just let me go and take whatever you want!” I pushed against him once more.

“But I want you.” 

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WARNING: some might be offended please don’t take this seriously thank ;*
WWE Imagine

Appearances: Aj Styles x Reader
Prompt: Aj and you are going to a Halloween party, set in the church theme. Things get heated and you hide in the confession booth.
Word Count:1107
Author’s notes: Yes! Never too soon for Halloween.
Warnings: Could be taken offensively, they are in a church setting let that be known before you read this. Smut, Language.

“Are you almost ready?” Aj called a little agitated through the door to your closet. “Almost baby, are you in costume yet?” you call back, praying he was. “ Yes, I feel a little dirty, are sure this isn’t offensive?” Aj calls back, you can hear him fidgeting with his costume. “It’s a church theme, I’m sure we are fine” You giggle, thinking about Aj in his costume made you bite your lip. “Ok” You say stepping out of the closet.
“What do you think?” You ask turning from front to left, then to your right, then in a slow circle so he could get a full-view of the costume. “Um, You look…Wow” he says, his jaw popping open a little, his teeth catching his bottom lip. “Looking good sister” He laughs after a moment more of staring at you. You giggle, turning pink. You took in Aj’s costume. He wore a pair of black tapered jeans, a black button up shirt and the collar a Father would wear. He looked sexy, in a weird perverse kind of way. You stood in front of him, in 5 inch black stiletto pump heels, a short tight pencil skirt that came about mid-thigh, black stockings that you could clearly see were attached to a black garter, a tucked in black short sleeve button up with the top three buttons undone and a nun’s cap. You held a wooden ruler.

“Ready? We’re going to be late!” You hit him in the arm with the ruler playfully, walking past him.
“Yep let’s go!” He laughs, picking you up bridal style as he passes, making you giggle and scream. “To the car!” You laugh pointing the ruler towards the sky.


“You look great!” Becky nearly runs to meet you at the door, you blush, “Thanks, I’ve been working out super hard to feel good in this!” You laugh taking in her outfit. She was dressed in a pair of short blue, high waisted sailor shorts, a white and blue pin stripped shirt tucked in to them, and her hair was in curled pig-tail. “Beck..Are you a alter boy?” You giggle “Yeah! Like it?” She beams, “Yes” You laugh, suddenly feeling a arm wrap around you, you turn and it’s Aj. “Wow, nice costume” he says to Becky. “Thank you Father” Becky laughs in her ever beautiful accent. “Becky?” A familiar voice calls from behind Aj, You all turn and see Xavier walking towards you, in what looks to be a Jesus costume. “Hey!” Becky smiles nearly jumping into his arms. “You look great!” She smiles at him. Aj leans in and whispers in your ear softly so only you can hear. “ I think I have a confession” You stiffen. “Shall we?” You smile evilly up at him. He nods, a lop sided-grin spreading across his face.

“We are going to get a drink” Aj says smoothly in his sweet southern voice. “I trust I’m leaving you in capable hands?” You smile at Becky and nod towards Jesus. “I think I can manage” she giggles looking at Xavier. Aj smiles at Xavier, “Thank God right?” You all giggle and laugh. “Drinks” You laugh pushing Aj and his dad jokes towards the confession both. “In a hurry?” He chuckles, as you both slip in a booth without being seen.

“Aj” You moan kissing him deeply, his hand roaming up your thigh he stops at your panties, rubbing you softly threw them. “Please?” You beg, grinding into him. You reach down and grope him through his pants, “Woah! We are in a church little lady!” Aj moans into your neck, softly kissing you and looking at you with fake shock on his face, “Forgive me father for I have sinned” You moan into his neck as his fingers sink into you. “Oh you are a dirty girl!” Aj’s voice is husky in your ear, “Besides, I don’t want you to call me father, I want you to call me Daddy” His eyes smolder as he looks you in the face, a shiver running through you. He yanks down your panties, the his pants quickly, positioning himself in front of you, and putting your legs on either on of his shoulders, forcing you to lean back against the bench seat in the booth.
“Aj! Why are you putting my feet like that?” You ask as he pins your feet to his shoulders when you try to move them. “I figure it’s only right that one of us go heels to Jesus” He laughs as he plunges into you. You stifle a loud moan, as Aj slams into you over and over, your hips meeting. “Aj” you whimper, your voice low, “Just a little more baby, we got to be quick” His voice is thick, his breathing husky as he thrusts deeper and deeper into you. “Aj I’m going to cum!” You breath, biting your lip to stifle the moan. “Cum for Daddy baby girl!” He growls as he pushes harder into you. You cum hard, and it takes everything you have not to scream. “I’m close!” He grunts, releasing your legs. You giggle quietly and sink forward to your knees, taking him in your mouth. “God Yes!” He hisses, his hand on your cheek. “Right there baby!” He groans, thrusting his cock into your mouth as you swirl your tongue around the tip. “I’m going to cum” he moans, pushing as far as he can into your mouth. You swallow his load and stand, adjusting yourself. “Do I look presentable father?” You giggle standing in font of him, “Yes ma’am you do, but I don’t think you’re getting into heaven with those lips” He points at the corner of your mouth. You smile and lick the last of him of your mouth and adjust his collar. “That was fun” You muss, peeking out of the booth to make sure no one was looking. You both exit quickly. Aj leans into your hair as you walk and whispers “ Ma’am, I hate to say this, But your Holy is showing” As he pulls the back of your skirt down where it was hitched before anyone can see your rear. You giggle, “Well thank you” you smile giving him a quick kiss.

Let The Games Begin Part 2 (Liam Payne Smut)

Requests: (1) Just read your Liam Payne smutty blurb, let the games begin, and loved it! and I hope you can do a part 2 sometime! (2) Do a part two for the Liam one, let the games begin! (3) Please please please make a part two to that Liam one

Warning: SMUT

Imagine Masterlist

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It has been two days since I caught Liam jerking off in the den. To say that I have been in a constant state of arousal since then would be an understatement. I have seriously considered sneaking into his room late at night to satisfy his little fantasy he has of me, but I want to jump on him at the exact right moment. I know he will slip up again and I will catch him fulfilling his needs. That is when I will make my move.
For now, I have been walking around the house in my most suggestive clothing hoping to conjure his unholy thoughts. Tonight’s attire consists of one of Liam’s long dark sweaters, black knee high socks, and baby pink panties for our marathon of the harry potter movies.
I could hear Liam in the den setting up while I made my way into the kitchen to grab some beers for us. With two beers in my hand, I made my way to the doorway leading to the den. I leaned against the frame watching Liam as he fumbled with the remotes to set up the surround sound.
“You ready for me?” I said nonchalantly. Liam’s eyes went wide as he took in my clothing choice.
“Uh-I-Uh..” He started, but stopped as a blush crept up into his cheeks. I smirked slightly and stepped down into the room.
“I’ll take that as a yes?” I whispered and he cleared his throat before nodding. I made my way over to the couch and took a seat next to him. As the beginning previews began to roll, I leaned back and laid my legs across his. I felt his body stiffen as my skin came into contact with his and I knew I was getting to him.
Just as Harry and Ron were opening their Christmas presents, I leaned forward to grab my beer from the table.
“Holy shit.” I heard Liam whisper.
“What was that?” I said as I leaned back into the cushions.
“Oh uh I forgot that Harry got the cloak of invisibility.” He stammered nervously. I chuckled silently and leaned into Liam’s chest. I felt his arm wrap around me and my hand found a place on his thigh.
As the movie was nearing a close, I could sense that Liam was getting pretty restless. His legs kept moving ever so slightly and his right hand was pressing hard onto his thigh.
“Are you okay?” I whispered so my lips just barely touched his ear. I heard him let out a sigh and his grip around my shoulders got tighter. “Liam?”
“Fuck it.” I heard him gasp before he turned and pinned me down on the couch. Finally. “You think you’re funny? Walking around dressed like this,” he placed a soft kiss on my jaw before continuing down my neck, “swaying that pretty little ass right in front of me,” he came up to whisper the last part in my ear, “You’ve been driving me nuts babe.”
He ground his hips into mine and I could feel his manhood against my covered core. I leaned up a bit and began to pull the sweater up my torso. “Is this what you imagined when you were touching yourself a few days ago?” I said teasingly and his jaw dropped.
“You saw me? No wonder you’ve been acting so horny all the time. Took every bit of restraint I had not to throw you on the floor and fuck the shit out of you.” He groaned before helping me finish pulling the sweater over my head. I kissed down his jawline and the back up to his lips. I was already topless and I figured his needed to go also. I slid my hands up his torso feeling every ripple of muscle before grabbing the material. Our kiss broke long enough for him to pull the useless clothing over his head and throw it onto the floor. My lips found his again and my hands flew to his hair. “Fuck, you are so gorgeous.” He was whispering in my ear as I planted kisses all over his neck, occasionally placing a nice love bite over his golden skin.
His hands fondled with the waistband of my panties and I decided to help him speed up the process. I stood up and let the smooth cloth fall to the floor and I stepped out of it leaving me in only my socks. Liam took advantage of the fact that I was standing and took his own pants and boxers off. I leaned over to kiss him and trailed my hands down to his aroused manhood. He threw his head back at my touch and he never looked more angelic. I palmed him and continued to kiss up his chest and neck. I kissed every hickey I had previously made and ran my tongue past each. I began to move down his body leaving kisses on his chest and feeling his breathing quicken as my lips made contact with his heated skin. I moved myself down so that my head was in line with his member. He looked down at me with his big brown eyes and I couldn’t help but smile at his exposed state. I took him in my mouth and swirled my tongue over the tip. His head flew back to hit the pillows and his hips lifted up arching his back. I was so turned on by his sensitiveness to me. I took his hand in mine leading it to my hair so he could control my movements. I took more of him in and started to suck harder.
“Yes baby. Oh God-” he was pushing my head down making me gag around him and, by the sounds of his moans, it felt good. “Stop, Stop I’m gonna-” I released him with pop and he pulled my head off of him and I went back up to his lips.
“Is that what you had in mind babe?” I cooed while moving back up and straddling his legs.
He smiled and nodded, not being able to speak coherently. He reached his hand down and cupped my heat. “You’re so wet baby. Do you want me to make you feel good?” I nodded frantically and Li reached around my back and flipped us so we were laying on the couch and he was on top of me. He slithered down my body till he was at my core. He kissed all around my heat not touching where I wanted.
“Liam!” I whined trying to get him to pleasure me like I did to him. He laughed at my eagerness and slid one finger along my slit and slipped it into his mouth.
“Delicious.” He smiled and finally put his mouth on me. He kitten licked my clit before going in and placing his lips around it and sucking. I was a moaning mess under him and he had to hold my hips down. My right hand found its way to his hair and my left was squeezing and teasing my nipples. As he sucked on my clit, one of his fingers glided between my folds.
“Oh my God Liam!” I moaned loud enough that I am sure the neighbor’s knew what we were doing. I could feel him smirk against my core and he inserted another finger. My left hand moved from my nipples to my mouth to contain my moans. “Li I’m going to-” I was shaking now, but he wasn’t stopping. “Fuck, Liam!” I was pulling on his hair and rolling my hips up to meet his face when my orgasm hit me. He didn’t stop tonguing my heat until I came down from my high. I was still shaking when he began to ascend back up my body. He kissed all the way up my stomach, in between my breasts, up my neck, and, finally, my lips. I could taste myself on him which was so fucking hot. His lips moved to my breasts and gave each one special attention. He swirled his tongue around my nipples as my hand fondled with the hairs on the back of his neck. His face came back up to mine, but he didn’t kiss me this time.
“Are you sure you want to do this?” He was looking directly in my eyes. I kissed his lips and nodded my head. His lips found mine in a passionate exchange and he began to rub his tip along my folds. He toyed with my sensitive clit making my hips stutter before finally sinking into me. “You’re so tight baby.” He said into the kiss. He began to roll his hips into mine so that he was going deeper with each thrust. I pulled my lips away from his and placed them on his neck.
I whispered dirty things in his ear to help him approach his climax. “Yes baby right there. Oh god Li you feel so good.” He placed his forehead on mine and continued to push in and out of me. He had a look of complete concentration on his face and it was the cutest thing I ever saw. His brow was furrowed and he was looking down at where we were connected. I placed one of my hands on his chin and lifted his head up so that he could kiss me. I was trying to take his mind off of pleasuring me and help him focus on his own pleasure. My hands roamed all over his body: from his bum up through his hair and down his front to where we were one. My end was approaching again, but I had to wait for Liam. “Are you close baby?” I asked him softly. He just nodded and pounded into me faster and harder than before. He was becoming more vocal so I knew he was getting closer. He reached his hand down and began rubbing my clit while he relentlessly pushed into me. “Wait Li,” I said and he looked really confused.
“What? Did I do something wro-” I cut him off by flipping him onto his back. He was obviously shocked at my actions, but I placed him back at my entrance, wasting no time. I slid down on him and he let out a moan. I ground my hips down into him, but his hand, again, reached for my clit. I grabbed both his hands and placed them over his head as I rode him. I leaned down so I could whisper in his ear.
“This is all for you baby. I am going to make you feel so good.” His hips were rising off the couch making him go deeper into me. I threw my head back and screamed his name as his hands returned to my hips.
“I’m so close baby.” He moaned. He sat up so I was sitting on his lap. I bounced on him and he pushed me down harder. I felt him twitch and his abdominal muscles contracted as he released. His head was on my chest as I grinded on him through his high. His hands reached for my clit spreading my arousal. He was determined to make me cum and he was definitely able to. With one final scream of his name I came on his now limp member. We fell back down onto the cushions and he pulled out of me. We laid on our sides facing each other and he pulled me close to him so our foreheads were touching.
“Fuck.” He sighed and I giggled.
“So how did I compare to your imagination?” I winked tiredly and he smirked.
“No fucking comparison.” He laughed and pulled our sweaty bodies closer together.

Tell Me Everything

Title: Tell Me Everything

Anonymous asked: Would u write a phone sex Jerome x reader fic where he’s watching her the whole time but he gets so hot that he has to go in and fuck her?

Fandom: Gotham

Pairing: Jerome x Reader

Warnings: Smut galore, explicit language, and phone sex.

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Play Ball- S.M. Imagine:

Requested: Yes💋
Reader x Shawn Mendes
Word Count: 804
Warnings: language, sexual content, unprotected sex, and some persuasive behavior

Wattpad: moonlitdazee🌹

I sat in the bench, sweat dripping down my body, chugging my water as most of the players from the boys and girls packed up to leave.
“Y/N.” said Shawn
“Huh?” I said, dazed
“You okay?” he laughs
“No I suck at this.” I groan and chug my water to the bottom
“Why don’t you stick around after everyone leaves and I’ll show you some stuff.” Shawn offers
“Uh if you really don’t mind.” I say with a tired smile

“Okay so you ready to learn the techniques?” he asked
“Please take it easy on me.” I laugh
“Easy? Ha baseball or softball aren’t easy.” Shawn laughs
I grab my bat and tap it against my cleat before watching Shawn get our batting machine ready.
“Okay Y/N, I’m gonna load a ball in.” he says
I watch as the ball gets ready to come towards me and I swing.
“Fuck!” I shout
“Okay okay we have to get you right.” Shawn laughs
He walks over to me and stands behind me, helping my hands.
“So this hand goes here and this one here, now grip tightly.” he says and holds his hands over mine
As we prepare to swing, I feel my ass rub against his bulging baseball pants.
“Yeah, uhm like that.” He says
Shawn goes back out to the batting machine to load it and runs back.
“Okay, hit the ball and run the bases.” Shawn says
I hit the ball just as he taught me and took off, my cleats digging into the clay of the diamond as I make my round to second.
“Run Y/N, make it a homer!” Shawn screams
I run faster, barreling through to home and sliding into Shawn and on top of him.
“You made it.” he laughs
I feel his stiffy poking against me as I look into his brown eyes.
“Another round?” Shawn says
“Uhm, I shouldn’t.” I say
I roll off of him and go to the dugout to grab my bag and head into the locker room.
“I’ll stay out here until you’re done.” Shawn says
“No, I have to shut the lights off and stuff so come in.” I say
He grabs the door, holding it open so we can go into the locker room.
I pull off my team workout shirt, exposing my baby blue sports bra.
“Uhm maybe I should go ahead and shower or whatever.” he gulps and rubs his palms against his pants stained with grass, clay and other things.
I go to step over the bench and accidentally fall foward on to Shawn’s lap.
“Are you okay?” he asks
“Yeah, I think I stepped on my lace.” I laugh
I peek my head up and see his bulge in his pants, swallowing the saliva built up in my mouth.
“You can take a look.” Shawn smirks
“What oh no, no.” I say, trying to keep my blushing under control
I felt the heat in my core, brewing like a cup of coffee as I saw his cock become engorged, imagining the pulsation in his pants.
“Maybe one little peek, yeah?” I said, pulling his pants and boxers down
I gulp at his size and watch as Shawn smirks. I decide to take him in my mouth and suck.
“I can’t this is wrong.” I say
I feel Shawn grab my hand and put it on his lap.
“Then just stroke it gently.” he says and helps my hand slide up and down his shaft
I slowly slide my hand up and down as he relaxes.
“I can’t wait.” Shawn says and pushes me against the wall, ripping open my pants and tearing my panties off with his strong hands.
“Oh fuck.” I groan
I watch as he lifts my leg and watch as his tip slides into my soaking wet heat.
“Yes, baby so wet.” He says and rocks his hips into me
“Right there, of fuck Shawn.” I moan and watch as he repeatedly slides in and out
In and out, I feel my juices sliding down my stationary leg.
“Look at your red pretty pussy baby, taking my cock.” He growls
I moan and scratch at his back as I continue to watch him slide in and out, each thrust becoming rougher.
“I’m so close, fuck.” I moan and feel the throb of my clit
He turns me around on the wall, keeping my leg up as he takes me from behind.
“Ready for my creme baby.” he groans
“Rub your clit.” Shawn growls
I rub my clit up and down as my hole spazzs around him and I release with a gush onto him.
“F-fu-fu-fu-fuck Y/N.” he growls and unloads into me
“And that’s how you play ball.” He says and kisses my shoulder