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draw bendy dancing/fiddling to "devil went down to georgia", then pouting when it says that the devil lost the bet

so i drew this and one thing lead to another and….

Bendy and Henry fiddle battles,,,,,,,

(also im bad at coming up with a henry design so i just stole @doodledrawsthings ‘s henry lmao)

How high are Sorey’s high heels?

As you probably all know, Sorey wears high heels in armatus form.


But how high are they, exactly? Let’s use the screenshot below as a reference.

Okay, who does also wear high heels in the series? Lailah.

Let’s compare them to each other, shall we?

So: Sorey wears high heels of similar height as Lailah.

But, how high Lailah’s heels are?

I’ve compared Lailah cosplay boots and high heels that are quite similar.

Guys. They are about 3 inches (7.5 cm).

Sorey fights hellions in 7.5cm high heels.


save him. 


all i have is my honor and a tolerance for pain

Eddsworld According to Someone Who has Never Watched Eddsworld but Follows an Eddsworld Blog
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  • the Normal One™
  • lives off nothing but soda

External image
  • face
  • sunshine
  • sweet but self-centered
  • possibly royalty?

External image
  • pineapple??
  • what happened to his eyes??!?
  • what
  • is he okay

External image
  • the litteral devil? apparently??
  • only eyeless dude knows he’s the devil.  maybe his empty sockets see things mere mortals cannot idk
  • communist???
  • robot hand
Notes Summary for the Got7 palm reading videos:

For those of you who don’t have time/are too lazy to watch all the videos


  • the only way his life can be complicated is if he makes it that way
  • intelligent, smart but has an ego that can get in the way of everything
  • a desire for love
  • should never drink alcohol or do drugs, won’t be good for him
  • an old soul
  • may try to act cool, ‘like one of the guys’, but he should have his feet on the floor
  • should probably be in politics, would probably be a good business man


  • nervous energy, easily influenced, hard working
  • eager to learn everything
  • never going to be a grown up, going to act like a child his whole life
  • likes to have control and have fun
  • wants to do what he wants and can be selfish that way
  • a lover of people
  • a strong backbone, will fight for what he truly believes in
  • gonna take it one day at a time and make the most of every opportunity and be very successful


  • has big hands which means power and he knows how to use it
  • has stuff going on in his head he needs to sort out
  • thinks about sex all the time, could be a handicap for him
  • good sense of humor
  • could be dangerous when he gets upset, has a bit of a temper
  • he might have been a bully to other people, maybe
  • could bend the rules a little bit to get what he wants
  • an old soul, knows what he’s doing
  • wisdom, the power of authority, good at teaching/politics–something he might want to think about later in life because he could do a lot better than he’s doing now
  • might have a bit of psychic ability so if he uses all his gifts he should be doing alright in this lifetime


  • he’s a bright guy, got a lot of talent
  • very smart, lived a lot of lifetimes
  • had a lot of good luck and good things going for him early in life
  • may have some confusion in understanding what love is all about
  • something about marriage and kids (if that’s what he wants)
  • union (either to marriage or his work)
  • success in (show) business–but line could also indicate something could come along and mess that up at some point in life so he should be very careful
  • nervous in his thinking but all in all he has it very nicely together
  • could be insecure in other ways, not just intelligence, for example sports
  • all in all, smart guy with a lot going for him


  • is talented in all sorts of ways
  • he has strong sexual interests and a strong sensitivity
  • he could be somewhat psychic in different ways (feeling/sensing in mind, body, spirit)
  • he’s got scattered thinking so he’s into all sorts of things
  • very seductive in his ways, can get people to do what he wants them to do
  • into himself at the moment but when it comes to understanding what love is all about and whatever is going on in life isn’t that great for him when he’s tired of being a celebrity
  • he’s gonna fall in love and it’s gonna be strong, heavy, and hard
  • he’s lived a lot of lifetimes so he has a lot of feelings/emotions
  • he can make people happy and he can make people very sad
  • he likes to tell the truth, likes to be looked at, likes to be applauded, likes to be recognized, he likes a lot about himself

If you would like to watch the videos click here (As of now, there are no videos for Jaebum and BamBam)

dirty little secret: i’m a bitch for mythology

*I’m not even kidding I was the only person at my school to take the only mythology class we had twice and I finished with a 100+% each semester.*

Uncharted characters as zodiac signs
  • Nathan Drake: Gemini
  • Elena Fisher: Aries
  • Victor Sullivan: Sagittarius
  • Sam Drake: Taurus
  • Rafe Adler: Scorpio
  • Nadine Ross: Aquarius
  • Chloe Frazer: Leo
  • Harry Flynn: Virgo
  • Cassie Drake: Libra
  • Charlie Cutter: Capricorn
  • Katherine Marlowe: Pisces
  • Eddy Raja: Cancer