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I had a dream I was Kai. EXO was on tour but Kai was injured and couldnt participate So they called me to fill in LIKE 'do you know all of Kai's routines?' And hell no I don't know any of Kai's routines but I wasn't gonna pass up this opportunity so I say yes And they put me in the Artificial Love outfit and did my make up and was like 'you are now Kai.' And I looked nothing like him. But here I go. I kept asking Chanyeol for help and he was so confused like 'why is Kai acting so weird today.'

omfg i cant im imagining you (yes idk what u look like) in clothes probably way too big, crooked wig and a cane in ur hands like “yep hello im kai today” “idk wtf im doing but im gonna fuck a cane. thats my job for today”

Daddy’s Good Girl -Stiles Stilinski smut (clue’s in the name)

- Okay, this is probably going to be a fail, but I tried, I promise, i hope it’s okay, anon…

Seriously, holy shit I need to go to my local church. Pretty sure this is also like the longest I’ve written? Yep, really need jesus here.

Request: HI HEY HI I really love your writing and was wondering if you could maybe write a stiles daddy kink smut where he catches you like touching yourself idkkkk but yeah if you could I really would love you forever

Warning: smut and daddy kink, so idk read at your own risk

Also, thank you for saying you love my writing, you made my day :)


With everything going on, you and your boyfriend Stiles hadn’t had lots of- let’s call it alone time. You hadn’t been out in a while, and even if you found yourselves alone somewhere, Scott was personally going to make sure you couldn’t do anything but talk. Meet your and Stiles’ best friend; Scott the-cock-block McCall. He was probably the only one unaware of his new nickname.

“No, don’t worry, we’re going on a date today, he totally won’t be anywhere near. We’re spending all night together,” Kira told you with a smile as you both made your way outside of school. Scott was going ot steal Stiles for a little bit to talk to Derek and Deaton, something about another supernatural disaster of course, but after that, you and Stiles could finally enjoy a night in together. You were all pretty exhausted so there was no way you would go out. Plus, the sheriff was on night duty, so you would have the night for yourself.

You weren’t entirely sure about Stiles, but you definitely wanted more than just a date tonight, after about seven months of dating and longer of knowing each other.

“Thanks so much Kira,” you smiled.

“No problem, I know exactly what he can be like,” she chuckled before pushing the doors open.

“Ladies,” Scott smiled as you reached the Jeep and bike. The boys were going to drive you to the place of your dates and then visit Deaton before they were yours for the whole night.

“I’m sorry about-”

“Don’t worry about it,” you shook your head with a smile before closing the door to the jep and watching Scott and Kira drive off.

“You know it’s not just going to be a dinner tonight, right?” he asked before pulling out of the spot and then driving towards his house.

“It-it’s not?” you asked, trying with all you could to hide the relief in your voice.

“No, it’s not,” he reached over and squeezed your hand before resting his own on your knee. “So you’ll be a good girl, right?” he asked, looking over at you at a red light.

“Y-yes daddy,” you nodded, stopping yourself from doing anything else like biting your lip, knowing he wouldn’t like it.

“Good,” he smiled a little before putting his hand onto the wheel and perhaps speeding just a little bit to your house. “I’ll be here as soon as possible,” he told you before you’d get out and you only nodded. “And Y/n,” he stopped you form opening the door, making you turn back, “don’t touch yourself, wait for me, okay?” he told you sternly. You couldn’t help biting your lip at that and nodded. The thought of what was going to happen when he came back already filling you with pleasure.


“Okay what?” he asked with a smirk.

“Okay daddy,” you added and his smirk turned into a grin before he let you leave.

You rushed into the house turning back in the door to wave. Immediately, you leaned against the door, sighing out from the wave of emotions he made you feel. In the past, Stiles was his sarcastic self who joked all the time and you always had a good time with him, laughing a lot and constantly happy, but now. This was a new happiness. This was a pleasurable feeling coursing through your veins and you weren’t sure if you could wait for Stiles with nothing to do and nothing to take your mind off what he made you feel.

Nevertheless, you tried to make your way up to his room and threw your stuff down, closing his door behind you. The Sherrif was already at work, probably a double shift…

Only better for you, really.

You sighed out as you sat onto the bed, leaning back and pulling your phone out. You pulled up your texts in a second, knowing that you could ask for permission or just go ahead and pray he doesn’t find out.

You decided not to ask for permission and already slid your hand down your body, slipping it below your skirt and touching yourself over your underwear. You knew you shouldn’t have, but the fact that he wouldn’t even know and that you could still feel good, as well as the thought of what he would do if he cauht you turned you on beyond belief. You couldn’t help yourself.

At moments you tried to stop yourself, but what really helped to ocmpletely freeze was when the door slammed open and Stiles stood there, breathing hard as you clamped your legs shut and pulled yourhand out.

“H-hi,” you stuttered, scared of what he would do now. You’d never felt this way before. It was enticing.

“I told you not to do one thing,” he said, dropping his bag to the floor and shutting the door before leaning on the bed and climbing his way up to be face to face with you.

“I’m s-sorry,” you said as he grabbed the hand previously under your skirt and looking at your wetness on your fingers.

“Sorry what?” he asked, pulling an eyebrow up, still holding your hand by his face.

“I’m sorry daddy,” you whispered out and he smirked before placing your fingers into his mouth before pulling them out.

“Better,” he said once your hand was covered in his saliva instead of you.


“I think you should be punished, don’t you?” he asked as you swallowed, hard, before knowing you would have to nod. “Good,” he sighed out before pressing his lower half against yours, making you whine a little. “No, you can’t talk or make a noise,” he told you, so you had to hold back the next whine on it’s way. “Well done. And you’ll only cum when I say so, got it, sweetheart?” he asked in a whisper before pressing his lips to your neck and you nodded. “Good girl,” he whispered right into your ear before pressing a kiss to your lips before pushing his tongue into your mouth and starting to unbutton your shirt while your hands started to take a wander, pushing his usual plaid shirt down his shoulders before he allowed you to take them off fully before pushing at his tee shirt as well. He grinned before pushing your shirt down your shoulders and then off, not letting you take his own shirt off.

After staring at you for a few seconds, he launched his lips at yours again, encouraging you to mess with his now grown out hair and just go crazy, to just enjoy yourself.

So that’s exactly what you did.

“Daddy-” you gasped as his lips found your sweet spot and he let out a low moan at the sound.

“I said don’t talk,” he whispered, grinding his crotch into yours, the friction sending an exciting shiver up your spine as you arched your back, pressing your bra covered chest into his fully covered one, making him groan, pushing his hands behind your back and holding you close to him, his lips connecting to yours roughly, no argument for dominance as he unclasped your bra before lifintg his torso and pulling his shirt over his head as you threw the bra onto his shirts on the floor.

You couldn’t have him just lying on you, you needed friction. So you lifted your legs and linked your ankles behind his back and he chuckled before properly putting you down and grinding his hips onto yours before one of his hands carressed your sides and lifted your skirt up, his hand pressing down where yours was just minutes ago. He teased your core, making you bite your lip in the kiss to not make a sound, but you still had to push your chest into his, which made him groan himself before he unbottened and unzipped his jeans, yourself helping with pushing them down.

“I asked you not to touch yourself,” he said quietly, making him just that imidating, but you really couldn’t care anymore. You were so in need of his touch, anything. It was becoming ridiculous. “So why do the one thing I asked you not to do?” he asked, which you took as permission to talk.

“I need you,” you whispered, which he dind’t really take. “I needed you, but you weren’t here,” you whimpered as he slowly pulled your underwear down your legs and then pushed your legs apart, his breath hitting you lightly. “Oh my God,” you moaned. “Please daddy, I’m sorry, I need you, I’ll be a good girl,” you whined as his light breath hit your core in waves as he chuckled. “Daddy,” you moaned again, feeling yourself almost dripping.

“Only cum when I tell you to,” he said, looking at you as you nodded quick, hoping that agreeing would get you relief. It seems your prayers would be answered.

“Please,” you breathed out and that seemed to do it. His fingers were soon pleasuring you in all the perfect ways. You’d only gotten here once, and Stiles seemed to remember everything about it since all of his movements sent pleasure right around your body, making you moan and whine before he had pushed his own underwear down, slipped on a condom and entered. From then on, both of you were gone. The room was filled ot the brim with your moans, the slapping of skin and the heavy breaths and words you exchanged. This wasn’t your first time and Stiles knew it, but he wanted you to remember it. While wanting to achieve his own high, he wanted to pleasure you so much you wouldn’t ever want anyone else, but also wanted to punish you.

He did it.

He edged you, not allowing to release until he knew you couldn’t hold it, which was punishment enough but you were not ready for the euphoria after. You both came down from your highs before he fell next to you and pulled you ontop of him, hugging your body close to him.

“You’ll be good for daddy from now on, right?” he asked, panitng a little.

“I’ll be daddy’s good girl,” you nodded, pushing your head into the crook of his neck.

- Holy God I’m so sorry if that was bad. I’ve not read lots of daddy kink stuff to be honest, so I’m not sure if that was even okay… If it’s not what you wanted, send me a message and I’ll correct it as I can. -



Now onto our lil sunshine Jung Hoseok also known as J-Hope

  • Just a precious lil button tbh
  • He’s friends with literally everyone
  • Like that one kid who just appears one day yep they’re buds
  • Even the teachers are heart eyes for him bc he’s just so c u t e
  • Like they literally hang out with him during lunch and help him color and just sit with him in their lap and he just loves the attention
  • He’s known to just randomly hand out goodies
  • Like “hey kid idk who you are do you even go to my school idk here’s a sticker”
  • He’s the total jokester of the classroom hands down without a doubt
  • Like if grown up Hobi screams 24/7 what does child hobi do
  • His style ranges tbh
  • Like sometimes he has a lil hoodie on sometimes it's a baggy shirt sometimes it’s a really nice shirt it just depends on his mood that day
  • His hair is normally messy
  • The first few days his parents try to tame it and make it look really nice but like this is Hobi he’s racing around the schoolyard, he’s climbing shit, his hair isn’t staying in place so they eventually just let it be
  • He normally walks in with like three different chunks of hair going in three very different directions but it’s so cute no one cares
  • He totally befriends you
  • He literally just sits next to you one day and is like “you’re now my friend, want a cookie?”
  • You obviously say yes bc everyone loves hobi how does one not love him and plus he has cookies
  • He makes you laugh to the point of tears like 25/8
  • Story time one time he was dancing around as horribly as he could and it was just flailing limbs and off tune singing and you’re just cracking up
  • Bc of all the laughing, tears are happening but the teacher doesn’t see him being your personal comedian so she races over worried af and is just like “no no no it’s okay want some ice cream from the teacher’s lounge?”
  • End of the story, you and Hobi get free ice cream cones and just high five as you walk out of the lounge  
  • He’s forever convincing you to climb things tbh
  • “Hobi nO we can’t climb the car Hoseok get do w n DONT JUMP ON THE ROOF"  
  • He isn’t doing it to get into trouble or to break anything or to be a rebel or anything like that, he’s just purely curious and has a tendency to want to see the top of things so he climbs on up
  • Fast forward to when you’re 8
  • He’s still just as goofy but now he’s taking up dancing and his movements get a lot smoother
  • He’d always been graceful, that much was obvious when he climbed various objects with ease but it amplified once he started dancing whenever he could
  • He often runs over to your house (you two thankfully live across the street from each other) and just lets himself into your room
  • You’re just used to it as this point so you don’t even look up from your book but then he’s like "Y/N Y/N LOOK AT ME LOOK AT WHAT I CAN DO”
  • He just starts dancing his self-choreographed dance and it’s honestly amazing especially for a lil goober like damn okay hobi
  • You two do everything together
  • Like this kid just latches onto your side and refuses to let go
  • Oh you’re going to the park? yep he’s coming. family dinner? hobi’s family, he’s sitting right next to you. going to the dentist? guess who’s gonna sit next to you in the waiting room and sneak you candy afterwards
  • He honestly spends more time at your house than his bc he always ends up falling asleep
  • Most of the time you’re his pillow whether you volunteer or not
  • He could fall asleep across the room but by the time you two wake up, he’s wrapped around you completely
  • Like just full on koala mode
  • Your hair always ends up in his face but he for some reason doesn’t care and just keeps snoozing
  • He’s just really energetic and caring and adventurous and you’re just his best friend in the entire world

Hiatus Time: The Saga

Hi so this is a brief update about things.
I’m literally on here to do some spring cleaning around this account so idk if you see my account activity being weird (me liking things, etc) that’s the reason why. Just came back to announce that if I come back, it’ll… probably be briefly in April or towards the end of May/early June. AKA torwards the end of the uni year.
But yep, generally I’m just gonna be cleaning up things I don’t even have the optimistic motivation to reply to, redoing my muse page, etc, etc. So don’t mind me rolling through every now and then.
Also btw, depression sucks, and because of it I can’t write. Ily all and I’ll see y'all soon.

Here’s The Deal - Jeep Smut 3 - Sciles Smut

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Part One Here - Part Two Here - Part Four Here

Summary; Let’s face it, you played them. You tried both, but now you have to choose. Except the boys will give you one ultimatum. And only one choice will make the right people happy…

Warning; so much smut lmao, okay, three people, yep, lots of parts cool, bye

Okay, I hope this is okay? I have not used one request, however I am going to be writing a FOURTH part!!!

Yep, it’s happening. That one is not going to be full on smut, just suggested, and idk it’s gonna be fun :)

I guess it’s shorter than I wanted it to be, but idk it got uncomfortable, sorry guys


This was confusing. You didn’t mean to get so caught up in this. It would have been easier to just enter a polyamory relationship, but maybe Scott and Stiles wouldn’t be up for that…

What would people think, anyways? Not that that mattered too much, but still…

The boys had both heard about the other sides of the story, and you knew that. They’re best friends after all. It was just up to their own minds now, if they wanted to be part of it or not. Would they though? Probably not. Who’d want to share their partner with one of their best friends?

Wait, that’s not-

“Hey Y/n,” Scott slipped an arm around your shoulders and steered you to the exit of the school towards the end of the day.

“Hi,” you spoke, more like a question, “Where are we going?” you asked, suspicious.

“Stiles’s jeep,” he told you before he opened the door for you and pulled the front seat, nodding for you to get in the back, which you did with a sigh. Settling in, you watched as Scott and Stiles shared a quick look before Stiles pulled out of the parking lot.

“Can somebody tell me what’s going on?” you leaned forward and put your head between the two of them.

“No?” Stiles shrugged, turning out onto the road and driving towards the reserve.

“So this is essentially a kidnap?” you asked.

“Basically yes,” Scott agreed as Stiles turned just after the ‘Beacon Hills Reserve’ sign and you started to bump along on the dirt road. You leaned back before he stopped in a shaded area at a specific spot, stopping the car and pulling the keys out from the ignition, putting the set onto the dashboard, turning in his seat, away from the view of the lookout.

“So who do you prefer?” Stiles asked you outright, making you freeze.

“I’m sorry?”

“We know what happened. You had a moment with both of us,” Scott added.

“I gathered you knew, but- What?” which was how Scott had nodded for you to move up and he climbed into the back.

“Do you think you can decide?” he asked, his voice having dropped a couple of octaves.

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can you do a post-ep

This is really short but here you go.

He’s lying on his stomach, cheek pressed against the pillow, arm over her waist.  She smooths the hair on his head.  ”They know.”

“Yep,” he says, sighing.  He snuggles closer to her.  "What did Sam have to say about it?“

"Oh, um… nothing much,” she lies, unwilling to go into the details of what Sam really talked to her about, which was far from ‘nothing much’.  "Callen?“

"Something about risks, I don’t know.”  He closes his eyes, obviously on the brink of falling asleep.  "Not important.“

She listens to his breath even out, knowing that if she doesn’t ask him soon, it’s not going to happen tonight.  ”Deeks.”


“You know you can tell me anything?”


“And you’re my best friend?”

“You’re my best friend, too.”

She bites her lip.  ”Then why did you lie to Hetty?”  She realizes that it came out as a whisper, and she starts to think that he didn’t hear her.  But then he opens his eyes, staring up at her, his gaze tired and blue.

“You’re not in danger.”  He says it like it’s the only thing that matters, and the dread she’s been feeling since she noticed LAPD taking pictures of them that morning sinks into the bottom of her stomach like a lead weight.  

“You’re not either.”  Again, he doesn’t reply right away, and she tries to keep the panic out of her voice when she says, “Right?”

“Everything’s going to be okay.”  He smiles, closing his eyes.  "Promise.“  It’s the second time today that she knows he’s lying.

I’m not inconsistent. 


Yep. Diverse. Let’s go with that  (⊙_◎)

 Sorry I don’t have anything for this week, guys. Been trying to focus on Royai Week stuff but I haven’t really felt like working on much cuz I’ve been waiting to hear back from the vet on whether my dog has cancer or not so I’ve kinda been a hot mess about that. So here’s a meme instead <:)

i’m really glad they released a high rise still with tom standing in a room full of mirrors, it shows a deep understanding of his fan base, who obviously wish to view and admire him from multiple angles **polite applause like a golf crowd**

but now let’s get onto what we all really want: the analysis.

1) though it’s always a shame to forfeit the natural curls i’m really into the deep side part hair thing they’ve got going on here it’s like the private schoolboy look ten years on but somehow much sleeker idk??? but yep, tick of approval.

2) even if we didn’t know this was a costume for a film we’d be able to tell. how, you ask? well, comrade, it’s all in the suit cut. tom hiddleston would never settle for such a loosely tailored jacket. you know the old hiddleston saying, everything can fit like a glove if you approach it with the right amount of enthusiasm

3) i just really love the lapels of this jacket, like, boy oh boy, i know suits with peak lapels are commonplace but these ones are just that little bit wider than the norm and very very sharp and i’m really into it. they also seem to have done a fairly good job at matching tie width and lapel width so good job on the too folks

rating: ★★★☆☆

summary: yes, i enjoyed this outfit. i mean, i arguably enjoyed the crimson peak stills more, but it’s not everyday one gets to admire tom hiddleston wrapped in extravagant gothic 19th century dress. but as far as grey suits go, this is quite a nice one.