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Gelphie waitress au? (Idk why it popped into my head but maybe???)

(idk if you mean just a waitress au or waitress the musical. if it’s the latter i’m sorry i don’t know it well enough but if it’s the former then congrats here ya go)

“I don’t know, Galinda.” Shenshen looked around the little cafe they had wandered into. “This place looks weird.”

“It is weird,” Galinda said. “That’s the point. Expand your horizons.”

“You said everything is locally grown?” Milla asked politely.

“Yep. Plus no Animal products or exploitation whatsoever. And it’s pay what you can. Anyone can get a meal, no matter what.”

“But we all know the real reason you wanted to come here,” said Pfannee, grinning. “So go on. Where is this waitress you have a crush on?”

“I don’t have a crush,” Galinda protested. “She’s just interesting, that’s all.”

The other three girls shared a look. Galinda huffed. “Whatever. Can we just order?”


“So what happens if you can’t pay the full price?” Milla asked once they ordered and sat down.

“You volunteer an hour,” said Galinda. “Washing dishes or cleaning tables or something.”

“I like it.” Pfannee turned a bit in her chair, taking in the decorations around them. “It’s cute.”

“Sure,” said Shenshen, “but what we’re really interested in is Galinda’s mystery waitress.”

“Will you hush?” Galinda pressed her palms to her cheeks, trying to hide her blush. “It’s not a big deal.”

“So who is she? You haven’t pointed her out.”

Galinda sighed. “You’ll know her when you see her.”


“Potato soup, two avocado sandwiches, and spinach tortellini?” Their plates were placed in front of them with remarkable ease. Galinda looked up and immediately flushed deeper. Around her, the other girls simply stared up at their waitress. “Can I get you anything else?”

“N-no, thank you,” Galinda managed. The girl wandered away, and the others immediately leaned in closer.

“She’s green?”

“Is it natural? Did she die it?”

“Her hair is so pretty.”

“Galinda, are you breathing?”

“Shut up.” Galinda scowled at them. “You’re making a scene.”

“Don’t be embarrassed,” said Pfannee. “She’s cute. Weird, but cute.”

“Like this place,” Milla added.

“Her name is Elphaba,” Shenshen said. They all looked at her. “What? Waitresses wear name tags.”

“You should ask her out,” Milla said.


“Yes!” Pfannee said, sitting up straight. “Why not? You know her name.”

“That’s not basis for asking someone out,” Galinda protested.

“No, but thinking they’re cute is.” Shenshen kicked her gently under the table. “Go on. She’s right over there. Do it.”

Galinda glanced across the cafe, where Elphaba sat sorting silverware.

Milla reached over and plucked a fry from her plate, widening her eyes innocently when Galinda gave her a look. “What?”

Galinda rolled her eyes. “Whatever. I’m not asking her out.”

“Do you want to?” asked Shenshen.


“Then it’s decided.” Milla pulled Galinda’s entire basket of food away from her. “No lunch until you ask your cute waitress crush on a date.”

Pfannee giggled and nudged Galinda, encouraging her to stand up from her seat.

“I hate all of you,” she hissed, but she took a breath and straightened her blouse and walked timidly across the room.

Elphaba didn’t notice her until she was right in front of the table, but when she did see her she put down her stack of spoons.

“Can I help you?”

“I, um…” Galinda forced herself not to glance back at her friends, who she could feel watching her. “I was wondering if…”

“You come in here a lot,” Elphaba said. She looked like she was going to add more, but she didn’t. Her cheeks turned a slightly darker green. 

“I like it here.” Galinda bit her lip. “Listen, I wanted to know…I mean, I was…”

Elphaba tilted her head as she trailed off. “What’s your name?”

“Galinda. Do you want to get coffee sometime?” She let out a breath, her shoulders relaxing a little. Elphaba continued to look curiously up at her.

“Are you asking me out?” 


“I don’t drink coffee.”

“Do you go out with girls?”

Elphaba smirked a little. “When nice ones ask me out.”

“So…?” Galinda shifted her weight. Elphaba pulled a pen from her pocket and snatched a napkin from the dispenser on the table.

“My number,” she said, sliding it across the table. She looked over Galinda’s shoulder. “Your friends just got really excited.”

Galinda pressed her palm to her forehead. “Of course they did.” She still refused to look. “So, if not coffee…?”

“Lunch sometime?” Elphaba wrinkled her nose. “Somewhere that’s not here. I eat here too often.”

Galinda beamed, folding the napkin carefully. “That sounds great.”

laura’s (@ongniels’) list of good-ass pd101/wanna one blogs!・゚:* *:・゚✧

hi hello it’s me, tumblr user ongniels!!! aka laura! hi, i’m laura. so in the threeish months since i’ve started this blog i’ve somehow gained 1,000 followers, which is wild?? i don’t contribute anything to this fandom???? all i do is shitpost??????? and yet 1000 people (who aren’t even porn blogs or anything. real people. but why) are like “yeah this is fine” and follow me. w h y. this doesn’t even have a cool graphic

ANYWAYS i figured that i should do a follow forever type thingy except i’m absolutely terrible with following people and moreover following people back, so idk if i’m even following a lot of these people honestly, but here are some good-ass blogs that really? you should be following. this is in the order of “me remembering they exist” so uh yep. here you go. thanks for 1k y’all <3 please send me asks by the way or messages i’m a lonely person. TO THE LIST

@binsmoon@daewi@kimdonghyun@4xwin@yoongi-oppar@seonnho​  ☆ @danik-chu@swoojin@wannabroduce101@yoonjsung@hitheguan@euigeonaf@eunkis-choker@godkenta@lq101@peachyniel​ ☆ @sihyunonthebeat​ ☆ @wannaoneioi@kim-jaehwans@leedeermin@woojinsus@queen-danik​ ☆ @park-woodam@kimsjaehwan@donghans@produced101@megane-kenta@slythervic@kagndaniel@kingdans@geonhee@ong-seungwoo@jeo-jang@hitoritabi

Here’s The Deal - Jeep Smut 3 - Sciles Smut

Originally posted by myteenwolfobsession88

Part One Here - Part Two Here - Part Four Here

Summary; Let’s face it, you played them. You tried both, but now you have to choose. Except the boys will give you one ultimatum. And only one choice will make the right people happy…

Warning; so much smut lmao, okay, three people, yep, lots of parts cool, bye

Okay, I hope this is okay? I have not used one request, however I am going to be writing a FOURTH part!!!

Yep, it’s happening. That one is not going to be full on smut, just suggested, and idk it’s gonna be fun :)

I guess it’s shorter than I wanted it to be, but idk it got uncomfortable, sorry guys


This was confusing. You didn’t mean to get so caught up in this. It would have been easier to just enter a polyamory relationship, but maybe Scott and Stiles wouldn’t be up for that…

What would people think, anyways? Not that that mattered too much, but still…

The boys had both heard about the other sides of the story, and you knew that. They’re best friends after all. It was just up to their own minds now, if they wanted to be part of it or not. Would they though? Probably not. Who’d want to share their partner with one of their best friends?

Wait, that’s not-

“Hey Y/n,” Scott slipped an arm around your shoulders and steered you to the exit of the school towards the end of the day.

“Hi,” you spoke, more like a question, “Where are we going?” you asked, suspicious.

“Stiles’s jeep,” he told you before he opened the door for you and pulled the front seat, nodding for you to get in the back, which you did with a sigh. Settling in, you watched as Scott and Stiles shared a quick look before Stiles pulled out of the parking lot.

“Can somebody tell me what’s going on?” you leaned forward and put your head between the two of them.

“No?” Stiles shrugged, turning out onto the road and driving towards the reserve.

“So this is essentially a kidnap?” you asked.

“Basically yes,” Scott agreed as Stiles turned just after the ‘Beacon Hills Reserve’ sign and you started to bump along on the dirt road. You leaned back before he stopped in a shaded area at a specific spot, stopping the car and pulling the keys out from the ignition, putting the set onto the dashboard, turning in his seat, away from the view of the lookout.

“So who do you prefer?” Stiles asked you outright, making you freeze.

“I’m sorry?”

“We know what happened. You had a moment with both of us,” Scott added.

“I gathered you knew, but- What?” which was how Scott had nodded for you to move up and he climbed into the back.

“Do you think you can decide?” he asked, his voice having dropped a couple of octaves.

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“You smell really nice.” // sugardaddy!jimin

Sometimes after a long day, all you want to do is curl up in your blanket and fall into a sleep so deep, you can’t remember what happened the day before. However, when those days are not Thursdays, or to be more specific, days where you don’t see Jimin, you need to be a bit more tolerable and patient to get what you want without seeming selfish.

Although, you can be selfish for yourself sometimes, yes, you can.

Today was one of those days.

Well, initially it was.

When Jimin came knocking on your door, you were so close to pretending to sleep it off. You knew he only did it to get you space, but he could easily come in whenever he wanted to from the moment you beelined straight to your bedroom. Your place wasn’t big, it was perfect for one, enough for two, but more importantly, it was yours.

So Jimin liked it regardless.

Even when you come home grumpy and moody after a hectic day.

He announces that I’m coming in and then you hear the door creaking open, only making you bury yourself deeper in the sheets. He chuckles and closes the door behind him, reminding himself that yes, this is apparently someone who’s smart enough to put down the ground rules before sex but is able to turn into this cute bun in seconds.

Jimin didn’t quite know which he liked more, but he’ll go with both any given time.

He steps towards your bed, where you’ve created your own territory which consisted of the whole surface. Although beneath the blanket, you feel him patting your back and almost automatically, you scoot to the side, granting him space to lie down. He bites back a laugh, his smile forced to stay as a smile so he doesn’t make a sound as he experiments to sit down first.

Then he brings his legs up when you move a bit more, giving him more space to work with and he’s right by your side. One more important thing is just - “That’s it? You’re not even going to hug me?”

“If I do,” Your words are muffled, hidden under the thick cotton, “That’s how I’ll fall asleep,”

“I’m not complaining, nor will I,”

In a heartbeat, Jimin holds onto his heart when the blanket flips over and it reveals you and only you. He can’t help but laugh, the melodious tone of his voice echoed into your ears as you crawl onto him, hooking your legs between his, arms snaking around his waist, face buried in his neck and as you inhale, you sigh in the next, melting in his embrace, feeling his hands correspond to your touch, “You smell really good…” 

The vibrations from his chest sends the shivers down your spine, him rubbing circles on your back, the other threading through your hair in a soothing pace that lulls you to sleep.



“You’re going to sleep on me now, aren’t you?”


“Goodnight, Y/N,”

“Night, Jiminie.”

Goodnight indeed.

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Your Mr.L & Brobot ARMS drawing makes me so happy and I don't know why! Your style is just beautiful and I love the concept of him just breaking into an ARMS match like, "Yep! It's me, I'm here." Idk where I'm going with this. You're cool and I love your art.

Hello and thank you very much for liking this crossover! I also love your thoughts about him. This is my greatest accomplishment when I making people happy with my arts. Thank you. x3

So happy to hear that. I was not good at drawing their faces before actually. I’m glad I was able to help. XD


I was tagged a loooong time ago by the lovely @renhyucks and I finally gave a decent photo and since me and jk like to do the nooting face I thought I could share this lmao idk why since I have almost no-one to tag here but there you go yep that’s my nooting face with my nooting bf

I’m tagging @syubangel @busanbfs and @hyyhpttwo and that’s it because I dont have more friends I talk on a daily basis to on this page and besides I’m too awkward to tag anyone I don’t know so,,, yep
YOU DONT HAVE TO DO THIS!!!!!!! just thought it was kinda cool and funny but there’s literally no pressure!!!!!!

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TsukkiYama for the ship ask?


  • Who is the restless sleeper?: Yamaguchi probably. I can imagine him tossing and turning and just clinging onto the closest thing he can get his sweaty hands on exhibit A is Tsukishima Kei
  • Who eats cereal for dinner? tSUKKI THO LIKE he can’t cook for shit and when Yama goes home late from work or something he just catches tsukki in front of the fridge with a bowl in hand like u bet ur ass that’s not his first bowl of cereal
  • Who wears odd socks? tsukishima kei with dinosaur ankle socks
  • Who reads more? they both probably read as much as the other. yama would have a collection of novels ranging from sweet romance to psychological horror that’ll make you piss your pants tsukki stays away from that part of the bookshelf. tsukki would have different kinds of encyclopedias and yknow those books with useless but interesting facts on them????? yeah
  • Who prefers a bath over a shower? Yamaguchi could stay in the bathroom fOR HOURS just because he likes soaking in the tub with bubbles and stuff
  • Who can knit? Yamaguchi probably???? who do u think knitted those dinosaur ankle socks
  • Who has the weirder laugh? YAMAGUCHI LIKE CAN U IMAGINE HIM SNORTING WHILE HE LAUGHS AND HE GETS EMBARRASSED and tsukki is always “wow dang that’s cute” so he would always attempt to make jokes and just generally make yamaguchi laugh just to hear that dork giggle but imagine one day tsukki attempts to tickle him anD YAMA PUNCHES HIM IN THE FA CE
  • Who gets more jealous? u bet ur ass it’s tsukishima kei
  • Who sleeps with a teddy bear? tsukki is like the biggest teddy bear ever so yama
  • Who still uses internet explorer? TSUKKI GOD PLS INSTALL CHROME LIKE A NORMAL PERS ON
  • Who is the most sentimental? Surprisingly, Tsukishima. Of course Yamaguchi would be sentimental in his own way too, but tsukki would probably just spend his days off lazying around and looking at photo albums of him and yama and probably the rest of karasuno too and just get “yep yeah i got a good life going on here” idk but yeah
  • Who can play an instrument? Akiteru knows how to play guitar and he taught Tsukki how to play and Tsukki serenades yama a lot i will fight you for this
  • Who has the worst sense of direction? TSUKISHI M A KEI
  • Who cooks breakfast? Yamaguchiiii because the last time he let tsukki in his kitchen the sink caught on fire
  • Who is the early riser? I feel like they would fight for this like they try to wake ealier than the other. Yama would wake up first just to make sure Tsukki won’t attempt to make him breakfast and Tsukki wouldn’t be a morning person at all but he tries to wake up earlier than yama so he could use the bathroom first gee z

Soo lately I have not been really active or even playing sims… That’s because I’ve discovered SLIME!
Here in Australia it is not as popular as America and so it’s hard to come by stuff that works.. I finally have found some stuff that does work and creates nice slime and have been making a stack.
I’ve been thinking of selling some slime but anxiety is going “lol and you think you may sell anything? Thats hilarious!” So yep that’s where I’m at.

What exactly were TIME going for here?

“Hey. What do you want from the props department?”

“Idk, some kind of cliche Shakespeare imagery vibe. That’s sort of ‘Game of Thrones’, right?

“An apple? A skull? A dagger? An hourglass?… Just a random dog?”

“Yep, all of those. Just bring them all in and drop them on the table like it means something.”

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Hey, I really like jungkook `s body, so can you have a appreciation of his body idk like his abs, his arms or his thighs, please?

Same. I most definitely have to choose his thighs. His thighs oh his thighs.

Here we go!

Killing me
Breathe in…
…And out
Keep breathing
Having difficulty in breathing
Bless those glorious thighs
They are indescribable
They should be made illegal
I’m gonna sue his thighs if that’s even possible
Ok, I’m done with him and his perfect thighs. I’m just so done.
Cr: to owner of gifs

APPLICATIONS ARE NOW OPEN! Spread the word and join us today!

special thanks to ohfantine for this wonderful graphic.

Live theatre. A gorgeous thing, isn’t it? Musicals and plays, from all over the world. A dream of a few hours, or one of a life. There’s a lot of things to love about theatre. Wonderful scores, amazing actors, feelings, or simply forgetting the world we live in for a little. And a theatre fan, there’s a lot one can do. Collect cast recordings or bootlegs to discover productions from the other side of the world, collect memorabilia, discuss it, discuss acting choices, dream of one day being on stage, and, of course, watch shows sometimes. And it’s great truly, as, after all, this gives a thing in common to people everywhere on this planet.

But, hey, what’s that network? Oh, just a little thing to unite theatre fans everywhere. For those who adore seeing a musical (or a play, after all, both are nice), whether it’s in the West End, in Germany, on Broadway, in Japan or Hungary. Just a few theatre scenes at the top of my head. A network to unite people, find a little group of people with that one thing in common with you, who are always willing to discover new stage works. In a few bullet points…

This network is for you if:

  • You like theatre (Duh!), no matter what your favorite scene is, or what your native language is.
  • You’re willing to discover new shows, with the help of the people you’ll meet in there.
  • Want to make friends, and follow some rad theatre blogs.

Oh, sounds just like me! And how do I get in?

  • You’ll have to follow the network blog, where further news will be posted, as well as my blog, and promise you’ll follow some of the other blogs in there. 
  • Be willing to use the tumblr tagging system to tag triggers, or things the others might not want to see.
  • Reblog this post!
  • And fill in this little survey. Because I’m quite curious.

Cool, done, and then what?

  • Then, we’ll start picking people for the network! Sounds fun right? That will start on the fifth of August, or if the post reaches 100 reblogs before that (which probably won’t happen)
  • You’ll be notified through ask, and on the theatrenetwork blog about being accepted. 
  • Once accepted, you’ll join the theatrenetwork sideblog, as well as a ‘secret one’, where you’ll be able to talk to other members
  • Again, once accepted, we’ll ask you to have a link to the network on your blog.
  • Oh, and to track the tag 'theatrenet’, where you’ll be allowed to post about theatre, plays, musicals, and to post gifsets, graphics and fanfics related to that. 
  • And then, we’ll start setting up little things, whether for the whole group (bootleg/movie musical watching, group critique of cast recordings for example) or help you set up smaller things to exchange with specific members of the group (for example, let’s say we have two POTO fans, one in Hamburg, one in London? How about you two trade programmes from the productions around your place?)
  • Then, again, it’ll only be a beginning! We can find hundreds of things to do, once we all got to know each other and that network is set up!

So, here you go friends, this is why you should apply today to this darling INTERNATIONAL THEATRE NETWORK. - Lottie

Spoilers for 3x12
  • Neal: I need to go find Emma
  • Charming: Nooo!
  • Snow: She's happy where she is, let's leave her alone
  • Hook: I will go find Emma
  • Snow: Alright, you go ahead and do that, son.
  • Charming: Here's a horse. Ride towards your true love like I did at the beginning of this series
  • Hook: Much thanks, parents
  • Charming: Don't try true love's kiss it won't work if she doesn't remember you
  • Hook: Gotcha
  • Hook: **rides off*
  • Charming: He's gonna fucking kiss her, isn't he?
  • Snow: Yep
  • Snow & Charming: **giggles**

As some of you might be aware, during the day I work as an illustrator for one of the UK’s largest greeting card companies. Though I adore the job, it always boils down to this: If you’re producing girl’s cards, we want fairies and princess. If you’re producing boy’s cards, we want pirates and monsters. The reasoning behind it is understandable – consumers want familiar, pink-or-blue, easily buyable and guaranteed gender-specific cards to give to their nieces/nephews, sons/daughters, etc. It sells and it’s popular.

However, I’ve just been given an opportunity that comes along very rarely in this industry, and for this I’d really like your help. The company’s decided to take a risk on a small range next year, which they’ve given to me to produce; they want gendered cards that shake up the norms, cards which aren’t restricted to ‘this one has glitter’ and ‘this one has tanks’. I’ve been given a list of their ideas, which consists (no kidding) solely of ‘Female versions of male subjects (pirates, monsters etc)’ and no suggestions at all for boys, so I want you guys to help me flesh it out. You’re all nothing short of ideas and the urge to shake things up, so I know you’ll be up for the challenge!

Of course, the whole project might turn out to be a complete flop, but… well, nothing ventured nothing gained, right?

So here’s what I’d like you to do. I’d like to hear from you what sort of cards you would have liked to receive as a young boy or girl (and of course, if you were happy to receive ponies and football then that’s great, too!), so that I can add it to the list of possible subjects that I’m compiling. Sadly it can’t be too outlandish (much as I’d love to see some bitching Valkyrie on a five year-old’s birthday card, chances are that’s not the most marketable thing in the world), but I’d love to hear anything and everything from you. Do you like octopuses, wizards, really ugly cats? How about cute little tribal spirit-god things or Slavic folk art?

Anything and everything would be a real help over here, and if I can get this project going, it might mean a chance to have more alternative cards in the shops in the future. Thanks guys!

So we were having debates in religion class last week, the topic was abortions. And naturally I was chosen to go against the most obnoxious guy in the class...
  • My religion teacher: Alright guys, have at it
  • Guy: Well, I know what's best for women is that-
  • Me *cuts him off*: OH MY GOD. THIS IS A SCIENTIFIC MIRACLE!!
  • Guy: Wh-what?
  • My teacher: Chloe, calm down. What is it you're going on about?
  • Me: What? Isn't it obvious? My fellow classmate here has grown a vagina. *looks over to the guy who is now very red* It's really quite amazing. You should be proud
  • Guy: What?! No I don't?!?!?
  • Me: Well then how else do you explain the fact that you think you know what's best for women?
  • Guy:
  • Me:
  • Class:
  • My teacher: Yep, Chloe wins this one. Debates are over for today.

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i'm curious, why you don't believe little mix when they're singing their own music? doesn't really make sense

they have such amazing lyrics but it’s not like they praise what they sing about?

example a: salute

yet they don’t believe in feminism (or used to not? idk what are the beliefs right now but)

example b: little me

yet here we have jesy (someone who has personally struggled with self-consciousness) pretty much telling boys that “if the’re ugly they’re helpless” and that girls “the can hide it with make-up”

example c: boy or good enough

but now watch perrie go back with zayn after his second cheating scandal.