but yeah this was a great video

Me explaining JMo to my coworker (who's wife watches Once)
  • Background - we were talking about conventions.
  • Me:yeah, my friend got me in to see Jennifer Morrison at nerd HQ, so video games, AND a panel. It was great.
  • Coworker:who's Jennifer Morrison?
  • Me:Once Upon a Time. Main character.
  • Coworker:oh! The hot chick from House!
  • Me:yeah!
  • Coworker:my wife hates it when I call her that.
  • Me:lol

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I completely agree with your stance on cutting and religion and pretty much relate to every thing you talk about your a genius and I could littearly watch your videos all day oh yeah and Andy biersack is an angel he is so beautiful and I just wanted to let you know you have saved my life and helped me cope with a lot of my anxiety and depression and help stray from suicide what was it like to work with makemebad35??

Great. He’s a nice guy.


Ben Affleck Appreciation Week - Day 5: Favorite Interview - Moviefone Unscripted with Casey Affleck

“It doesn’t require a lot of directing to get a great performance out of Morgan Freeman or Ed Harris, much more than saying ‘action.’”
“And… Me?”
“Yeah, out of Casey Affleck, yes, you have to say ‘action’ and… ‘Go, Casey, go!’” (x)

This interview is full of brotherly conversation between Ben and Casey. Ben doing an impression of Morgan Freeman and Casey’s reaction to it are hillarious!

I just wanted to say whatever the outcome is, I love Ichiruki and in all honesty I believe Ichiruki’s bond was the most deep and important in the whole manga. Bleach was focused on them  and their relationship has been great to follow and love. Bleach in a way did give some enjoyable moments and for that I am grateful and will stay as a nostalgic memory. In shipping views it’s has been fun to share the fandom with such good people that gave me hope and gave me fanfics, essays, art, edits, videos etc. So yeah I’m following till the end with this ship. 

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Top 5 live 1D performances? (concert/tv/whatever)

1. No Control, OTRA Brussels - What a great moment. I’ll never forget it

2. Teenage Dirtbag, This Is Us - I think pretty much everyone can agree on how great this was, yeah?

3. Strong (acapella) - How amazing are their harmonies???

4. End of The Day, The London Session - You won’t believe how happy I am they decided to perform this song. I needed to hear that Harry solo live

5. History, The X Factor UK 2015 - This was just very emotional

Ask my “top 5″ anything!

Sketch inspired by Kaley Cuoco 💕

I love the original photo, I have it saved since a long ago to draw it as a reference. Not my intention to do a portrait, just a freestyle sketch of it. I hope you like it!

Can you believe me that I drew it on the couch while watching #pewdiepie videos on youtube? Yeah, I’m a bro! 👊

Anyway, let me tell you a little story that happened recently on the IG fandom. If you are familiar with @lovingkaleycuoco probably know about what I’m talking about: @normancook recorded a video (snapchat? correct me if I’m wrong) giving a huge thank you to @lovingkaleycuoco for being a great fan, and she liked and commented some of her posts, also her friends @jamiemakeupgreenberg and @christinesymondshair . I really think it was an AMAZING gesture. I’m really happy for you sweetie. The TBBT cast really amazes me and my appreciation for them grows everyday.

Enjoy the sketch!

Have a nice day and thanks for all the love!

#kaleycuoco #penny #pennyhofstadter #normancook #hair #art #fanart #sketch #pencil #draw #drawing
#tbbt #thebigbangtheory #thebigbangtheorycast #bigbang #bigbangtheory #pretty #beauty #woman #portrait #pencildrawing

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Persona 5: Ichiko Oya’s English VA Colleen Clinkenbeard

(There’s a lot of irony in this, as the character I used for most of this video is Momiji from Good Luck Girl and she’s in a constant battle with this other character who’s name is….yup Ichiko. Anyways I think Colleen would be great cause she has A LOT of range and yeah she fit Ichiko Oya’s personality, at least what we know so far. :’D Anyways, don’t be surprised if you see more Colleen cause…I really want her in P5 ok?! ;w; Oh and another reason I chose Colleen is cause Ichiko’s Jpanaese VA, Yumi Uchiyama, actually voiced Momiji. :’D And I had a lot of clips of Momiji lying around from when I was gathering clips for my Brina video so yeah. Match made in heaven for me. XD)

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I swear to God, your Undyne is gorgeous! I still wonder how am I gonna tell my mum that I'm gay for a fictional character o///-///o

Hahaha oh my, you dun have to tell her dear!! My parents have no idea what I’m doing on the internet ohhhhhhhhhh boy but yeah let your mind be free and love all them fictional characters you want!! Dun become addicted tho like in the Me Me Me! video, that’s like a great representation of addiction of what not to do omg

ok so a few weeks ago i watched onision roast a bunch of youtubers and i was really annoyed and i couldn’t understand why people watch him bc he was being super hypocritical and rude

and then

like 2 minutes ago i watched “why do youtubers hate phan?” and i take it all back this guy is great

sometimes he’s annoying but he’s a phan and he’s really funny so

yeah if you hate onision i suggest that video because it will change your mind

Jenelle and the movie

This youtuber also got invited to the free screening and recorded a bit in this video.


She knew it was a free screening and she’s hilarious but a small time youtuber and actress and she got an invite.

Great find! Yeah it’s pretty well-established that she thought it was the world premiere. What a dope!


SCANDAL 10th Anniversary Project

SCANDAL fans from around the world came together to create this video for SCANDAL’s 10th anniversary!


yayy thank u very MUCH @lennon–my–dear and @paulieforme for your messages
FIRSTLY, sorry for my English dah, I should practice it more and more. So, I thought it’d be great to do talking videos.  Yeah, this is my 1st video where I talk. So, I hope you like it. Please tell me should I continue to do videos like that or not :) Anyway, I had fun doing this lol and happy b-day to meee XD

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hey! i just wanted to say something about overwatch - all the media & story content exists outside the game. there's literally nothing of substance in the actual game itself, which is intentional. because of the way blizzard has structured it, overwatch is basically a multi-media fiction! so ya what i'm trying to say is that even if you don't / can't play video games you aren't missing out on anything, so you're JUST as much of a fan as anyone else ♥ hope you're having a great day xo

omg??? this made me exceptionally happy to read so thank you so much for this!!! i really appreciate it and also didn’t know that i wasn’t really missing anything by not being able to play so that’s!! really awesome!!

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Zendaya and deja? I think that's how you spell it is in Atlanta apparently. Great that she is filming more.

Yeah thats how you spell it. Im glad she’s back on set and has some of her female friends along with her. First Zink and now Deja. Hope we get some pics/videos of them with the cast. Like we did of Zink and Kamil hanging with the some of the cast

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Thanks so much for the GIFs, Ana, and how quickly you did them! You're the best! BTW, I'm the anon who sent you the original ask with the video of Tom jumping across the street, but it doesn't look like you were able to use it because a pole blocked the actual jump. I'm glad you were able to find a better video, and I love those GIFs!

Oh it was you! Yeah I ended up using another video of the jump. It was a great moment, thanks for providing all of these first hand (I’m getting behind on the updates oops).

Also thank you so much for coming to me :)

don’tcha just hate it when feelings from last week pour into this week and your emotions go all up and down and mess with your head? then, you get all introspective and upset about yourself, so much that you don’t want to do anything special?

eh.. yeah. … what a day, huh?

i’ll do better tomorrow.

Cults & intelligence agencies covers

sample of the video: “the people’s temple was sort of a different that that was they didn’t really that that was a like off to itself from all this others, what we’ve been talking about, Jones didn’t really have any religion that it wasn’t a supernatural cult, he would make really conflicting contradictory statements but it is more like a social gospel it was - it was mostly black people, yeah he was a Marxist actually, right there’s a great article that a friend of mine who will go unnamed wrote for called i think it’s called ‘rainbow people’ or something to that effect but it’s about the Jim Jones, it’s a great article that’s but yeah it goes into how Jim Jones is social gospel is pretty much what America believes now in terms of social justice warriors”

…oh that is interesting and creepy thought…

#culturalmarxism #culturalmarxists #sjws #socialjustice #jonestown #jimjones