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i swear it will get easier

summary: Emma Swan is yearning for a guy she doesn’t know only because he’s been sending her cheesy pickup lines over Tumblr.

also on ao3

rating: T

wc: ~ 6,000

a/n: so, I was a terrible friend because I wrote this for @cutieodonoghue‘s  birthday, but it’s been literal months since then and I struggled with it so much, but I finally finished it and hopefully it’s okay???? @piratesails gets credit for the original prompt.

If pining after a guy (assuming it’s a male) online who’s been sending her Anonymous messages on Tumblr using the cheesiest - but to be honest - cutest, pick up lines is weird…then sue her.

It’s not like Emma Swan gets many messages on Tumblr ever, but she’s had an influx of messages in her inbox recently that’s probably from the same guy, but every time she reads one of the messages, she finds herself with a stupid smile that cannot be erased for the next five minutes.

Or for the rest of the day.

(And sometimes…yeah, she doesn’t respond to his messages because she wants to keep them to herself and go back and read them when she has a shitty day.

She may be a little selfish.)

She simply runs her own small personal blog that’s only ever used to reblog photography and stupid meme posts. Sometimes food, too, because food is of big importance.

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