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Because they know what's up. I loved anime and manga, tea ceremony and ikebana, the rise of science fiction after the war--I loved Japan. Then I lived there as a student and being blonde and relatively attractive, I was sexually harassed every day. I saw horrible hive mind culture about subservient women, and textbooks modified to remove Japanese blame in the war. I've gotten past a lot of it and still like Japanese things, but yeah, I talk shit now.

i’m sorry that happened to you. 

idk it’s one thing to acknowledge another culture’s problems like “japan has cultural issues involving x thing, and it occurred because y” and another thing entirely to talk about it as “man japanese people are so backwards because x, how stupid, i’m glad we never do those things” 

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It really confused the hell out of me when Hoseok is never in the center for any dance breaks. What do they gain from putting their best dancer in the back???? It's always JK or Jimin and even Taehyung. Also, when do you think he's going to be given a center position again? I knew he wouldn't have one after BST (even though it was the first time he got one lmao).

yeah i mean bst wasnt the first before dope he was rightfully almost always in the center for dances and idk when itll happen again like i thot for sure in not today to compensate for his damn near total absence in spring day and was really looking forward to it bc its such a hype Him song but i guess im just guna have to expect the least from their group releases to not be so disappointed lol

Headcanon that sometime during 8th yeah Harry and Draco started dating. And at first it’s just a casual thing but the longer it goes on the more it means and the more they help each other heal.

Except the end of year is swiftly approaching and neither one of them can admit how they fill or ask the question “what happens when we leave?”

So on their last day Harry takes Draco flying to a spot hidden in the woods. And Draco is caught off guard because it’s just a little dead field in the middle of an otherwise overgrown forest and just frowns in confusion like “this field is dead, potter, why are we here?”

And Draco watches as Harry drops to the ground, fingering a blade of brown grass as he tells him “I think the curse killed it. It still grows but it won’t turn green anymore” and before Draco an ask what he means Harry keeps talking and finally tells Draco how he actually died during the final battle and came back.

“I think maybe I can’t be fixed, like this field. So sometimes I come here here because…because even though it’s dead it’s still growing and I guess It makes me feel less alone.”

“You’re not alone,” Draco whispers, tentatively sitting down as close to him as possible, their sides pressed up together as he pulls him back until their laying together staring up as the last rays of the days sun begin to fade.

And sitting there staring at potter and realizing how close he was to losing him and just how easy he could lose him now he reaches out to take the other boys hand and links their fingers and whispers “I love you, Harry”

“I love you too,” he says, his voice softer than Draco has ever heard.

And as the sun sets on their last day at Hogwarts Draco knows that their life together is just beginning.

  • Ren: ...and that was the day I met Nora.
  • Ruby: Wow. You two had already been through so much before you even met each other and Ren, I'm so sorry about what happened to your parents.
  • Ren: Thank you, Ruby. Destroying the Nuckelavee has brought me a long awaited sense of peace.
  • Nora: Yeah and a date with me, finally! Honestly you can be so clueless at times.
  • Ren: I'm the clueless one? Who thought I was a girl for the first three years of knowing each other?
  • Nora: Hey! It's not my fault! The long hair and pink stripe threw me off.
  • My Boss: Oh so, what did that book end up being called? The book of sorrow and disappointment you were freaking out about the other day?
  • Me: ACOWAR?
  • My Boss: Yeah, that one.
  • Me: A Court of Wings and Ruin.
  • My Boss: 'Wings and Ruin'? That sounds weird. Are someone's wings gonna get ruined?
  • Me: Well Cassian's sort of already are, but we don't-
  • My Boss: Is he the pretty boy one?
  • Me: ...
  • Me: Yes. Yes he is.
Lorelai reading Rory’s book

Lorelai: Wait…what is this?

Rory: What’s what?

Lorelai: This! *points to paragraph* Look, see, use those eyes I gave you.

Rory: These eyes are mine.

Lorelai: Noo…your eyes are Gilmore eyes, so technically you got them from me.

Rory: I got them from grandma.

Lorelai: I knew you’d do this to me one day! The prodigal daughter wants revenge.

Rory: What were you looking at? *grabs book and reads the part Lorelai was at*

Lorelai: *points at paragraph* That… Jess, was the one who told you to go back to school? He got you back into Yale?

Rory: …Oh…um…well, yeah.

Lorelai: *confused smile* You never told me that.

Rory: Well, you’re reading it, that’s how it happened. *Leaves kitchen to walk into living room as Lorelai follows*

Lorelai: Right, but you tell me everything. We tell each other everything. Like the time I ate to many garbanzo beans at Sookie’s picni–

Rory: Mom! no! Not that story again. I just ate.

Lorelai: Okay, I’ll stop.  

*Lorelai gives Rory a look*

Rory: What?

Lorelai: So…Jess was also the one who told you to write the book… and you did. He got you into Yale, when you wouldn’t listen… to anyone…

*Rory looks away*


Lorelai: So, you and Jess.. you’re over that?

Rory: Long over.

I have PTSD. I’ll start by saying that I’m a 26-year old female who doesn’t even play war video games - so, yeah, it’s not just a vet thing. In fact, what happened to me was much more mundane: I was in college one night, when two guys approached me on a motorcycle and robbed me at gunpoint.

I’ll try not to dwell on boring details for too long, but there are a couple of things I can see being useful for writers, so I decided to share my experience with you. Keep in mind that this is how it’s been working for me, and no two individuals are the same.

Stuff that lasted for a day:

The best way to describe how I experienced the immediate aftermath to The Event is “in third person”. Imagine being super drunk, to the point that everything feels blurry and your memories of the night are full of gaps. Now add stuff like listening to yourself talk and thinking “this doesn’t sound like me at all" at the same time as you speak, losing some of your proprioception, and not being sure how you got from point A to point B because it feels like you’ve never experienced it.

That’s how it felt, and let me tell you, it doesn’t feel nice. Especially when your therapist asks about it and you keep telling her that you don’t know the answers. (My therapist the most patient human being alive, for the record. But her patience doesn’t make it any less frustrating.)

It bears mentioning, however, that it’s been two years since, and I’m still able to describe The Event in so many details that Tolkien would be proud of me. I could tell you what was in my purse, down to which bank cards they took and the size of my cell phone charger. I know exactly what app was on my screen, and I still remember the moment I realized what was about to happen or how I felt throughout the entire ordeal. I know what classes I’d watched before The Event, and even why my parents couldn’t pick me up that night (things work differently in my country).

Stuff that lasted for a month or less:

During the first few weeks, I’d relive the whole thing in my head, thinking of the many reasons why I’d brought this upon myself and all the things I “should” have done to prevent it. 

Also, I remember being unable to sleep at night, no matter how tired I was. As soon as the sun came up, however, I’d lay in my bed and fall asleep within seconds. (Disclaimer: I’ve always been afraid of the dark, so I can’t say with 100% certainty that the two things aren’t related. It did get worse after The Event, though.)

Stuff that lasted for six months or less:

I once described this to my therapist as “geographic panic”: the closer I was to the exact location of The Event, the worse I felt. Being at “ground zero” (the time of day didn’t matter then) meant heart racing, hands shaking, obsessively looking over my shoulder because I was afraid it’d happen again, and nausea. Lots and lots of nausea (I’ll get back to this one later, though).

Also, after the “all panic all the time” vibe of the first month wore off, a couple of “triggers” settled in, the main one being - you guessed it - the sound of motorcycles. It sounds rather silly, but keep in mind that there are literal millions of motorcycles on the streets in my city, and I can hear people talking on the sidewalk from my bedroom window. The effects ranged from my heart suddenly running faster than Usain Bolt to being unable to sleep for a few extra minutes because a bike passed in front of my building just as I was falling asleep.

Within the six months time frame, there were also two one-time events. The first one was a massive panic attack when my boyfriend drove past the campus at night. It started when I saw the outer wall approaching and it took me hours to get calm down enough to sleep (and still, I made him spend the night with me because my parents were out of town and I was too scared to be alone).

The second happened when my mom had a surgery and as she was leaving the house (at like, five am), she walked into my bedroom and tried to wake me up to say goodbye. My father says a lot of screaming was involved, but all I remember is waking up to her saying over and over that “you’re safe, it’s just me”. 

Stuff that lasted for a year or less:

Important: in my experience, this is the stuff that’s hardest to get other people to understand. The symptoms are still pretty debilitating, but it’s like others decide your “time limit” for trauma has expired, so this is where the “just get over it” begins. Depending on your character’s personality, a lot of fighting with the people closest to them may be involved.

As I said before, I had really bad insomnia almost daily during the first month. After that, it thankfully went away, except on the days when I needed to go to college. Then, I’d toss and turn and do the “how much time will I sleep if I fall asleep now” math for hours. I’ve tried everything, from counting sheep to listening to classic music. Not even listening to some monks praying the rosary helped. 

On the days I somehow managed to wake up in time to go to class, I’d always wake up feeling nauseous, and I’ve never been able to find a nausea medicine that worked in that case. The closer I got to campus, the worse it felt. The second I took the bus back home (or decided class wasn’t that important), it’d miraculously vanish.

Stuff that hasn’t gone away yet and I doubt it ever will:

Going out alone at night is a huge no-no. If I’m with a large groups of friends, I’m able to walk at night feeling almost the same way I used to feel before The Event, but this doesn’t apply to situations where I’m alone with only one or two other people. I feel relatively safe when I’m in buildings and/or vehicles, which is why I can get back home from work at eight pm, but I do take the longer way home just so my bus stop is across the street, instead of a block away. 

I’m not sure if it’s related in any way, but it started after The Event, so I think it’s worth mentioning. While I’ve never been an adrenaline junkie, I’ve always enjoyed roller coasters and wave swingers and the Hollywood Tower of Terror from Disney World. Now, even Ferris wheels are too adrenaline-packed for me, and just the sight of roller coasters feels ominous. (I think of it as my brain processing adrenaline exclusively as a result of extreme panic now, instead of just mild fear.)

Nightmares. They have changed in content and have (thankfully) become less frequent, but they still happen every now and then. Since I actually started this post to talk about my nightmares, I’ll go into a little bit more detail on them.

For the first few months, I’d relive The Event exactly the day it happened, except that I’d always die at the end. Slowly, the reenactment started to get less literal, sometimes involving other people I love, while others were completely different (but it still kept the “my life is in danger” factor”). Now, I dream mostly about situations in which I could die (I’m pretty sure I’ve had a nightmare about roller coasters, as the note about amusement parks suggests). 

The most important shift, however, is in how the nightmares end.I got so used to having nightmares that I’m able to identify the dangerous situation as it unveils, and (I’m not a neuroscientist, so I have no idea how that happens) I actually kick myself out of the dream, often before anything happens. Worth mentioning that waking up before the adrenaline rush makes falling back asleep a lot easier, even after those dramatic, Hollywood-like scenes in which a character wakes up so violently that they sit up and all.

I think this is all. I’m sorry that it’s so huge, but you never know what can be helpful to people. (My nightmares have saved a couple of scenes in my own story, tbh.)

I don’t mind having my name on it, and I’m totally available if anyone wants the boring details on anything.

[Shrink: what an excellent post! Massive props to @arobotunicorn.  Thank you so much! :D]


HELLO!! It finally happened–after 9 long months, I decided to continue that mermaid AU!! I started this about a month ago but life happened–I got sick and lost motivation in art but I’m trying to pick it up again!

This time, I added some subtle angst buried underneath all this fluff. 

Every day after school, Yuu comes by their spot to be with Mika. They have their silly moments– and now Mika and Yuu are at this comfortable stage where they really care for each other, despite their physical/physiological differences. However, Mika will realize that Yuu is still, in fact, a human–that Yuu will someday want to live his life in the surface world and leave Mika behind.

part 1

I’m out here first and foremost because we have never had a more qualified and prepared candidate for president than our friend Hillary Clinton. Never before in our lifetime.

I say this everywhere I go, I admire and respect Hillary. She’s been a lawyer, a law professor, First Lady of Arkansas, First Lady of the United States, a U.S. Senator, Secretary of State.

She has…

Yeah, that’s right. Hillary doesn’t play.

She has more experience and exposure to the presidency than any candidate in our lifetime. Yes, more than Barack, more than Bill, so she is absolutely ready to be commander in chief on day one. And yes, she happens to be a woman.

Yet another FFXV post but have y'all noticed how all of their hotel rooms only have two beds? Like I would imagine that Noctis and Prompto share one, (and Prompto gets too cuddly at times but Noct is such a heavy sleeper he don’t care) and Like Ignis probably gets the other to himself ‘cause Gladio totally always sleeps in chairs or on the floor or w/e sitting up samurai style. Might also explain why Gladdy is always dozing off in the car. You can’t convince me otherwise, this is totally what happens. (And yeah all four of them share that tiny tent? No wonder they’re always so tired!)
Maybe I’ll draw this… One day..

Hey! I wrote a thing! 

Vacationland! (Read on ao3)

Pairing: nurseydex
Words: ~3600
Summary: Derek and Dex end up spending a week together. Alone. In Maine. At a lake house. This leads to some important conversations about relationships. 


Derek was sitting on the edge of a dock on a lake in Maine wondering what the fuck happened in his life to bring him here. Well, actually he knew exactly what brought him here. He had mentioned casually in the Haus one day near the end of the semester than his parents were planning on going to Italy for a week for their anniversary, and, while he was invited along, he opted not to go so his moms could enjoy the vacation as a couple.

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Shingeki no Kyojin: Kpop Boyband AU


Aw yis hell yeah, I am so down for this AU :)) the moment the This Love parody happened a couple of years ago, I knew I was gonna end up drawing my own ver one day lol. I could do better with the clothes and the BG but honestly it’s like 2AM and idc anymore ahahaha

Future Makeup Artist // Jackson Wang (Got7)

Description: You’re visiting a friend in Korea, who happens to be a makeup artist for Got7. One day you’re bored so you go to work with her and you hit it off with Jackson.

Type: Fluff?

 Pairing: Jackson x Reader

Word Count: 2467

Requested: Yes

Can i get a scenario of Jackson where like your visiting Korea because your friend works there as a make up artist for some famous idols, and like one day your bored so you go to work with your friend and meet some of the people she does make up for and it happens to be got7 and you and Jackson start to hit it off? Tysm in advance!

Author’s Note: Hey guys! Hope you’re taking care of yourselves. I wanted to apologize again for not posting at all for the past week. I’ve had terrible migraines, you know the ones that make you feel really dizzy and nauseous? Yeah, I’ve had those. I think I might need my vision checked. Anyways, I hope you enjoy! 

I’ve only edited this a couple times, I’ll probably edit it again.

“Ladies and gentlemen, please fasten your seatbelts. We have been cleared to land at the Incheon International Airport in Seoul, South Korea. We will be landing in approximately 10 minutes.Thank you.”

Fastening my seatbelt, I waited rather impatiently for the plane to land. I was eager to finally get off of this 14 hour flight that I had to take in order to get to Seoul. My best friend, Leigh-Ann moved to South Korea last year after graduating college to pursue a career as both a makeup artist and a stylist. Having not seen her in almost a whole year, I decided that I would come visit her while I was taking a semester off of school. Before boarding my flight, I talked to Leigh-Ann and she is going to meet me at the airport and take me back to her place, which is where I will be staying during my visit.

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it’s FINE (it’s not fine) it’s like if your friends start dating someone you personally find unappealing and they show you a pic of their new lover and you’re like…that sure is someone standing next to you. but you totally wanna be supportive! you want your friends to be happy! and then one day it arrives…the invitation. “Your Friends and Hockey request the honor of your presence at their wedding” and you’re like wtf you’re getting married? i thought you guys were just having fun? and your friends are like, yeah but he’s just so cute though. so you’re like, okay. i’m gonna be strong. you buy a really nice, tasteful gift but on some level you still don’t believe that it’s actually happening? that your friends could leave you, and for hockey?

but then you see your friends and hockey standing together under the chuppah and it finally hits you. it’s real. and as hockey holds his foot poised to break the glass you start to tear up. “it’s just because i’m so happy for you,” you tell your friends later at the reception, after you’ve been crying for hours. they’re glowing with happiness, proprietary hands resting carelessly on the back of hockey’s neck. you can’t spoil their special day. “You guys look good together,” you squeak out finally. When your friends hold out their arms to you, you bury your face in the sequins of their perfect white wedding dress, because that way you won’t have to see hockey standing next to them.

A Description of [Redacted]’s Prison System

[Copy/pasted from a chat]

I mean, we aren’t afraid of prisoners. Sometimes we don’t even bother keeping them imprisoned.

My country once got hit with a fuck-huge hurricane that damaged part of the prison, so the prisoners were all told to go home for a week and come back when the prison was repaired. They all came back.

We… Don’t really have a crime problem?

Like, crime happens, but it’s usually “This one guy was being an idiot that day, so we jailed him for a bit, and then he went home again.”

Yes, there’s only one prison.

Like, it’s technically divided into male and female sections.

But, like, people walk between the two all the time.

And, yeah, they’re over 99% male, so the female section often has, like, one person in it. Rarely more than three.

So you can see why they wouldn’t want to actually isolate them.

Also, it’s normal for large groups of prisoners to go out if a corrections officer is watching them.

The prisoners are usually carrying their swords*, because everyone has swords, because this is [Redacted].

The CO doesn’t carry a gun, because no one carries guns, because this is [Redacted].

In fact, the CO usually doesn’t have his cutlass with him either. He just follows them around drinking a beer and making sure he’s aware of where they are at all times.

And, in the evening, he’s basically like “Gather ‘round, children” and walks everyone back to the prison.

OK, less condescending than that, but that’s basically how it goes down.

People often just go out for a day or two if they’re being watched by a family member and the CO knows who that family member is.

Or, if a group of them is out and about and a friend of one of the prisoners sees them, the friend might be like “Hey! Can I buy my buddy a drink?”, and the CO will usually be like “Sure, get your friend back to Her Majesty’s prison by six.” or whatever.

Oh, also, our prison used to be run by the Communist party.

Which is part of why it operated the way it did.

Like, the Communist Party used to control the whole country.

Then America happened and they were overthrown and put in jail.

And then, once in jail, they were like “So, uh, might as well run this instead, I guess.”

And the COs were like “Sure, we didn’t want to run it anyway.”

So then they reorganised it, set the schedules, started offering classes, did rehab programmes for people with drug problems, etc.

The Commies recently got released, because the government was like “Wait, we still have political prisoners? Whoops.” so the prison may be being less well-run now.

Yes, I know. The Commies stop being in charge, and suddenly things are less well-run =p

I think it’s more like skin in the game. The Communist Party was in jail, so they had to make jail not suck so they would be better off themselves.

And it’s not like anyone tried to stop them. No one was telling them “No, you’re in prison, so you’re supposed to suffer”, because what kinda bullshit is that?

Like, [Redacted]ians have never had much of the attitude of “Criminals are the Other and are Bad and should Suffer” the way a lot of societies have.

Because we’re smol, so everyone knows someone who’s been to jail.

So we treat them about as nicely as one can treat people in a confined space.

Everyone understands that criminals are people. The assumption is that they’re just people who either have poor impulse control, made stupid decisions, or have an unmanaged mental illness.

And, like, we’re tiny and poor. We can’t fix those problems! We know we can’t! But the least we can do is be nice to them while we keep them out of society.

[Redacted]ians are definitely the type of people who’d say “May G-d bless and keep the prisoners far away from us.” Not as a joke but because they mean it.

Which is why a lot of people come out raving about how great the cooking is =p

“Prison food” is actually a compliment over here.

The average at a given time seems to be about 150 imprisoned people?

Properly imprisoned, as opposed to people awaiting trial.

Though we had a recent uptick, so I think it’s a little over 200 right now.

But there’s decent turn-over, because both sentences and recidivism are low.

Our incarceration rate is about a quarter of the American one, but we’re also more than six times as black

So, like, when Americans walk down the street, we have to lock our doors =p

Sure, I guess I could post this on Tumblr

Though, like, I don’t really know what recommendations I’d make.

Like, I don’t think most other people could do this.

We do this because [Redacted]ians are inherently great people (better than Jamaicans >_>), and because we all know and look out for each other, and because keeping people truly locked up is relatively unimportant when you’re stuck on an island and everyone knows who you are.

(I’m kidding about us being better people than everyone else.)

((A little. I’m partially kidding.))

*The things I’m calling swords are cutlasses or, as Americans call them, “machetes”.

Back from Beyond

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Leonardo x Reader

Back from Beyond

Prompt: Hi! I love your stories, they’re so cute! Do you mind writing a Leo x Reader where the reader fangirls about Leo out loud?

Note: Okay, so I kind of took some creative liberty here, and I had an idea and just kinda ran with it, so…hope you like it!

You didn’t know when exactly the shift had happened, but it had. The differences were slight, but they were there. You had grown up your entire life in a dimension where the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles were a huge part of pop culture. You lived in New York, so you were never far when they were filming the latest movie, and of course you went to see them.

But one day you woke up and things had changed. Your TMNT mug was blank. Odd. Maybe you had replaced it and this was another mug you forgot about. Yeah, that must be it. And then, when you walked out of your bedroom, Megan Fox was sitting on the couch, her hair in a messy bun and soft pink pajama pants. She looked at you in alarm.

“Oh my God, you’re awake!”

“What do you mean? Why are you in my apartment? Aren’t you supposed to be in Hollywood or…not in my apartment.”

“(Y/N), what do you remember from before?”

“I…I don’t understand what’s happening.” Your heart raced. You were wide-eyed and so, so very confused. You pressed a hand against your forehead.

“I’m calling Donnie.” Megan pulled out her phone and dialed a number. “Sit down.”

“O-okay. Donnie who?”

“Donatello. Your boyfriend’s brother? One of our best friends? Don’t you remember anything?” April asked as the phone rang. You shook your head, thinking. Donatello. The ninja turtle. This wasn’t Megan Fox. No. This was April Freaking O’Neil. She was real. Apparently.

Oh, and one other detail. You were dating one of Donnie’s brothers??? When was this a thing? More importantly, which one was it? Growing up, you had always had a little thing for the leader in blue, but that was nothing you admit until you were sure he was your boyfriend. Maybe it was Raph. Or Mikey. You wouldn’t mind either, to be honest, but you were hoping for Leo.

Was this even real? Holy shit. Maybe this was a dream. Maybe you had too much sugar before going to sleep and now you were mass-hallucinating. My God, this was so surreal. Suddenly you felt dizzy.

“Yeah, Donnie, she’s awake. Just…get here soon, okay? All right. Bye.” April hung up.

“Donnie as in Donatello.” You stated. April nodded slowly. “As in Donnie, Leo, Mikey, and Raph.”

“You remember?”

“Not…exactly…” you stated slowly. “I grew up watching TMNT and…they’re real?”

“Yeah.” She nodded. “What’s TMNT?”

“Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles? There was a cartoon in the 80’s and another in the early 2000’s and then a new one in 2012 and there were a few movies and…I grew up with these characters. And I kinda had a thing for-”

“Got here was fast as we could.” The group of large mutant turtles climbed through the window, Donnie in the lead with his first aid kit and Leo close behind him, followed by Raph and then Mikey. They all looked nervous to say the least. “She should be in bed.” Donnie said. He walked forward and pressed his large green hand against your forehead. “No fever.” He shined a light in your eye. “Slight concussion, though.”

“No shit, Sherlock.” Raph crossed his arms. “After taking a hit like that, she’s lucky to be ali-”

“How do you feel?” Leo asked softly. You felt your cheeks flush with heat.

“I-I’m okay, I think. Just a little dizzy and, uh, overwhelmed.” You replied.

“Leo, can we talk for a second?” April asked. Leo’s eyes lingered on you for a few more moments before he nodded. She pulled him aside to talk to him privately.

“Mikey, take her back to bed while I set up.” Donnie instructed. You could barely utter a word before the orange-masked turtle scooped you up in his arms and took you back through the door to your room.

“How you holdin’ up, angelcakes?”

“I’m all right.” You stated quietly. He smiled.

“Good.” He set you in the bed and pulled the covers around you. “We were all worried. You were out for a long time.”

“How long?”

“Few weeks.” Raph spoke up, arms crossed across his huge chest. And though you weren’t trying to eavesdrop, you could still hear Leo and April’s conversation in the other room through the vents.

She doesn’t remember anything, Leo. She had no idea we existed.

What do you mean?”

“In her dream or whatever it was, we were fictional. Maybe that’s just how her brain processed everything while she was out.”

There was a long pause. You heard the blue-clad turtle take a breath. You could practically hear his heart break.

So she doesn’t remember anything?


And then Donnie waved his hand in front of your face to get your attention.

“Do you know your name?”

“(Y/N) (L/N).” You replied.

“And your birthday?” he asked. You answered him. “But you don’t…April said you don’t remember us.”

“I do remember you. All of you. I grew up watching cartoons and movies about you, but…I don’t remember anything from this…life I lived.”

“Interesting.” You could see the wheels turning behind the tall turtle’s brown eyes. By now, Leo and April were standing in the doorway. Leo pushed through his brothers to get to you. “Leo, why don’t you…You know.” Donnie motioned towards you. “I have to collect some data and do some research anyway.”

Donnie, Raph, Mikey, and April stepped out for a second, leaving you and Leo alone. His clear blue eyes met yours briefly before flicking away awkwardly.

“I, uh, I’m Leo. Leonardo. I, uh, we were, um…” He looked at you again and glanced away, tears forming. “I’m sorry.”

Leo.” You whispered. You reached out for his hand and took it in both of your own, studying each intricate facet of it. “I…the memories I have of my childhood…It was all about you. I…I watched shows and movies about you and your brothers and…well…you were always my favorite.” Your cheeks flushed again. Your eyes were fixed on his large green hand. “I dressed up as you for Halloween with my friends at least four times.” He chuckled a little. “So I think in some way, I did know. I always did. Just not in the way I should have.”

“So what you’re saying is that in this alternate universe, you were a fangirl? Of me?”

“Yes.” You blushed furiously, refusing to make eye contact with him. “I really was. I used to, uh, read fanfiction…about you…”

A slow smile spread across his lips. He leaned into your ear.

“You don’t need fanfiction anymore.” He whispered. It sent a pleasant tingle up your spine. Before he could move, you wrapped your arms around him, holding him close. His muscular arms gripped you tight, pulling you into his lap. “I love you. I missed you.”

“I…missed you too.”


It was a few days later. You were down in the lair, watching as Leo trained. The boys had had a fun time so far helping you readjust and relearn the things you had known. But there was something about this. About watching them fight that just…it felt odd. You tried to rack your brain, but you couldn’t…you couldn’t…you could.

Shredder had kidnapped you. He had used you as bait, and then the boys got there and he hit you and…

It all flooded back. You collapsed, tears running down your cheeks, and moments after your knees hit the floor, Leo was already kneeling in front of you, wiping away the tears.

“What happened? What hurts? Are you okay?” His voice was caring, but the questions came quick. You nodded, tears still flowing.

“I remember.”

“What do you remember?” his heart raced.

“Everything.” You sobbed. Your shaking hands ventured up to his scaly cheeks. “I remember us, Leo. I remember everything.”

His lips pressed a long kiss to your forehead and his arms wrapped around your waist.

“Glad to have you back.”

“Glad to be back.”

Ok, so what if...

Marichat happens, and they start dating, but they still haven’t revealed themselves. So, like, usually Adrien is really careful at school about not saying or doing anything, but one day he slips up. Like Marinette said or did something adorable, and he kissed her on the nose or something. What does Mari do? She slaps him, of course, because “hey, I’ve got a boyfriend, so that wasn’t cool!” And at first Adrien is kind of hurt, but then he starts laughing, and Mari thinks he’s not taking her seriously. So she’s like “what you think I don’t have a boyfriend?” And he’s like “no I know you have a boyfriend, I just didn’t think you’d slap him for kissing you” (or something that sounds better) while wearing a familiar grin. And then it sinks in and Mari freaks, because “why didn’t you tell me before now????!!!!!!!!!”

(Sorry, I’m half asleep right now, so if it doesn’t make sense I’m sorry)


I already know that I’m late to the party but a LOT of things happened while I made this, including events like my Patreon reaching it’s 6 month anniversary, this blog getting nearer to 2,000 followers, and @therealjacksepticeye reaching 13 MILLION SUBSCRIBERS.

I don’t know about you, but that is beyond amazing.

So basically, this is a little tribute to every single one involved in these events, specially including @pixlpit whose magic sparked an old passion I had with video editing, @furiarossa, @petzemz, @vi0lentquiche, and other Patrons whose tumblr I’m not sure are the right ones, the entire JSE community whose support this last week just blew me away, and of course Jack himself. Last month was incredible, and this is me saying that I am so glad you had fun along the way.

Thank you for being awesome. Don’t stop being awesome. :)

it’s just so important how you can see that maggie gave in this kiss everything she wanted to give in their first kiss but without guilt, without any other thoughts, just kissing the girl she wants to kiss as if the world was literally about to end because yeah maybe the world is about to end or maybe one of them will die the next day who knows? what she knows though is that she cant live with herself if she doesnt try the best she can to make things work with alex because she owes it to her and to herself as well so screw everyone, screw “lets be friends”, screw taking it slow because life is indeed too short specially in their world so yeah sure, it might not work but hell, it might also be the most wonderful story of her life and with the woman she loves so i guess, as cat grant would say, maggie just dived.