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Heart Race

A small blurb about the heart monitor game with Nick. 


It was her laugh.

Her laugh was soft and her cheeks turned pink as she tried to hide behind the files she held in her hands. She was adorable, soft skin, hair that looked too fluffy, and a smile that could brighten the room. She was nervous and Harry could tell by the way she shifted on her feet. He didn’t make it any better when his heart rate decided to speed up once he saw her.

“We haven’t even started the game and Harry’s heart is racing,” Nick laughs, “and it’s all due to our terribly cute intern Y/N, who came in to give me the pictures.”

Y/N bites her lower lip in embarrassment, she hated having all eyes on her. Harry felt slightly sorry but he couldn’t help it, he had never felt that way, heart racing, hands sweaty, but she was just so cute with her laugh and smile.

“Sorry,” Y/N says softly, tossing the file on Nick’s side of the desk, “uh-yeah, sorry,” she squeaks, quickly rushing out, cheeks red.

“Think we should hook her up as well and see whose heart is racing more,” Nick teases, “alright mate you okay there?”

Harry chuckles softly, turning to the side where he can see Y/N nervously looking down at the ground, “sorry,” he says, “she’s just real cute.”

“Am I a match maker?” Nick asked, looking over at Y/N, “will you go out with my lovely friend? Clearly you’ve got him swooning over here.”

Y/N giggles, and Harry’s thankful he doesn’t have both ears covered by the head set because he picks up the soft sound and it’s the cutest thing in the world, his heart picks up again only making Nick laugh more, “I would love to,” Y/N says, nodding her head.

Harry smiles and he knows he’s all red, “I’m looking forward to it,” He says.

“Hear that folks? Harry may be off the market,” Nick teased.

Symbiotic relationship| Dolan Twins

Summary: Boys are sad about not winning a TCA
Warnings: Cursing, mention of anxiety.. kinda? But that’s it 

Disbelief. That is the only word that could explain how you’ve felt after seeing that Jake Paul won Choice Youtuber and not E and G. How could that happen? You witnessed their fandom vote day and night not stopping for one single moment, trying to land that award for the boys. 

Twins worked their asses off this year, put all they had into the content they created and a guy who puts holes in his walls and bullies people who don’t have English as their native language over their accents ended up winning. Talk about a total let down. You could just imagine how disappointed and sad would the boys be. 

Not an hour later, you hear the front doors being unlocked and soon after, whispers fill out the hallway. Your eyes start stinging as one of them turns the light on since you’ve been exposed only to TV light for the past three hours. What hurt more than that light going straight to your tired eyes was seeing Ethan’s and Gray’s faces. It was worse than you thought it would be. 

With everything that was happening during the past few months, you were extremely worried how would this affect them both. You get up from the couch and hurry your way over to Gray giving him a big hug. He just gives you a light smile and a hug back before leaving to his room. Just as you turn around, you felt Ethan’s arms wrap tightly around you. Just seconds after, his soft sobs filled the room. 

“I’m so sorry, baby. I am so fucking sorry for this,” 

“Not your fault,” he mumbles, still not letting go. 

“I know, but I also know how much hard work, time and heart you two put into those videos this year and you so fucking deserved that award. It breaks my heart to see you like this,” you say, pulling him towards the couch. 

“I just.. I feel like we’ve let the fans down. Everything we do is to make them happy and they worked so hard to get us this award and it didn’t happen, it just sucks so fucking hard, to feel like this. Like a failure,” he barely finished his thought before starting to sob again. Wow did it suck to see him like this. 

“Ethan baby, your fans are like the best, most understanding, loving human beings I have ever encountered in my life and the love they have for you and Gray will not change due to some award that was probably picked by producers anyways. I know this goes deeper than just that award, I know you’re still trying to figure out the whole self worth situation but I’m begging you, don’t take this to heart so much. I know it sucks baby, but it will literally not mean shit to your fans. Tomorrow, when you wake up, they will love you and want you to be healthy and happy just as much as they wanted it this morning. Surfboards mean shit to them… and also to me,” you couldn’t/didn’t want to stop talking cause Ethan was listening and not crying which you wanted, of course. He leaves a quick kiss on your forehead and than takes a deep breath. 

“I love you. I love you so much. Please just stay here with your mess of a boyfriend until he falls asleep, yeah?” Ethan finally gave you a little smile, making himself more comfortable on your lap. 

“Of course E,” You smile right back at him, slowly stroking his hair, hoping it would calm him down some more. Half an hour later, when you were sure that Ethan was asleep, you carefully moved his head to a pillow and found your way over to Grayson’s room. You lightly knocked and called his name. 

“Hey Gray, you up?”

“Yeah, come in,” You hear his tired, sad voice. Walking over to his bed, you sit at it’s edge waiting for him to get up. He is soon in a sitting position, looking at you kind of empty. His eyes were red and so was his nose. He was for sure crying earlier. 

“Are you okay?” You ask not really knowing why, cause obviously he fucking wasn’t. 

“I just kinda feel like failure, like a let down or whatever. We just really wanted this for the fans. They’ve done so much for us throughout the years, especially in these last few months and I can see how disappointed they are. I never want to disappoint people who enabled us to live this life, be in this house, sleep in this damn bed. It’s all because of them and we wanted this for them,”

“I totally understand that Gray, but I’m gonna tell you the same thing I told to E. They are most likely disappointed but not with you but just with the fact that you didn’t win. It’s a symbiotic relationship, what you guys have. You want them happy, they want you happy. They don’t want to let you down which they probably think they have since you didn’t win, which results in the madness that is happening. But it’s just because they love you and want the best for you, like you do for them. I’m making no sense, but I think you understand..” 

“Yeah, I get you even with those stupid biology references. I’m super glad that both E and I have you in our lives even tho you literally eat all my food, all the freaking time. Thank you,” Grayson says, motioning for you to give him another hug, which you do. 

“Get some sleep now,” You tell him, walking out of his room. “Good night.”


After getting a blanket from Ethan’s room, you go back to the living room couch and cuddle up to your sleeping boyfriend hoping that they would wake up a bit happier, more understanding of the situation because seeing them like this sucked major balls and you didn’t want such a thing to screw with their minds even more. 

Literally haven’t written in months and it probably sucks cause I haven’t even proof read it, but I really liked the idea (idea credit goes to @wonderfuldolans whos blog is the shit if you’re into the twins, btw) and wanted to give it a shot. Baiii now. 


Imagine: Receiving a text from halfway across the planet, about the man sitting next to you.

Characters: Reader and kind of Jared.

Story time:
You had been enjoying a quiet night of reading your lines over with J2M in Jared’s lounge room in Austin when your phone buzzed with a text from your friend.
“Hang on guys, I’ve got to check this. It could be important,” you notified them rather sheepishly. You always stopped for contact from back home since there was a close call with another friend of yours and a car accident.
“All good Y/N, we should probably stop and order some food anyway.” Jensen said; you chuckled at his constant want for food. 

 "I know you refuse to learn how to use twitter but look at this. I bet ‘daddy’ suits him in more ways than one 😘😜" Y/B/F had written, attaching a screenshot of Jared’s Twitter post about his day.
It was with a red face that you quickly tapped out a response.
“You’re not the first one to have that thought.”you smirked down at your phone and hit send before lifting your head, only to notice Jared had left the room.
“Yeah okay baby girl,” Came a deep whisper from over your shoulder of the tall man in question. You stood frozen in absolute shock, your phone clutched in white knuckles, as Jared chuckled barely loud enough for even you to hear and moved forward back into the room, brandishing takeout menus.

“You jump, I jump” Jeremy x Reader (FAHC)

Pairing: Jeremy Dooley x Reader (GTA FAHC)

Words: 1905

Warnings: Swearing, almost drowning

“They’re all on you, over!” the radio cracked, Jack on the other end. 

“Perfect” Jeremy muttered with a large grin as he revved the engine and sped up, one hand gripped onto the wheel while the other held a shot gun, shooting undirected bullets towards the large swarm of police and SWAT cars racing behind you. This was all part of the plan, driving away all the cops and making the attention all on you while the others got away with the money and got to safety.

You laughed loudly, reloading your mini gun before you were leaning out the window again, aiming for the drivers and the tires of each vehicle. Watching as some of them swerved off the road into ditches or into posts and exploding. After a few grenades and proximity bombs had been thrown, lessening the pack of wolves chasing you, you sat back straight in the car, just enjoying the ride with Jeremy.

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and you drive me wild

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PART EIGHT: Game Night, Part Two

Martha Laurens was just as giggly in the company of her friends as she had been when Alex and Laf met her at the dealership. She’d latched onto Eliza right away, though it was clear Peggy was trying to lure her off of her older sister’s arm while also trying to get Maria off of her own arm so Maria and Eliza could spend time together.

John Laurens was… Well, Alexander’s first thought upon seeing him in person was he is a freckled god.

His second thought didn’t have any time to fully form because Martha Laurens had noticed Alex and Laf and was looking at them quizzically.

“Didn’t you come to Dad’s dealership looking for a car?” She gestured to Laf. Her eyes fell on Alexander. “And you were there, too!”

Alex began to stammer, the words racing too fast through his mind, not allowing him a chance to put together an even semi-coherent answer. Thankfully, Lafayette swooped in to the rescue.

“Oui, that was us,” he said, using the same smooth tone he’d had at the dealership. “But, a little secret?” He leaned closer to her, conspiratorily, and, wide-eyed, she leaned in closer to him. “We were not there for a car. We were there for a boy.” He pulled away and winked at her.

She wrinkled her face in confusion for a moment before her eyes lit up in understanding. “John?”

Lafayette beamed. “Oui! And then we discovered that we have some, ah, how you say, mutual friends.”

Angelica, as if on cue, looped her arms around Laf’s neck from behind, her head on his shoulder, a large smile on her face.

Martha smiled kindly at Laf before turning to Alex. Alexander could feel her eyes studying him, taking in every inch of his body. After a few tense moments, she offered him a small smile. He grinned in relief.

“Well, let’s get started!” Angelica declared, clapping her hands to get everyone’s attention. “So, what game are we playing first?”

There were various shouts requesting a number of games: Monopoly, Scrabble, Spin the Bottle, even Go Fish! got thrown in there. It was when Angelica went to take a vote between Spin the Bottle and Go Fish! that she noticed something was off.

“Where’s Eliza?” She scanned the room again. “And where’s John?”

A murmuring spread throughout the small gathering. Alexander saw Martha scrabble to her feet and race down a hallway. He wondered what was going on. He wondered––

“I just, I just need to take a walk!”

That voice. He’d heard it on the TV, but this was the first time he heard it in person.

John Laurens ran through the silent living room and out the door. Alex was surprised to notice the tears making their way down his freckled face.

Before he realized what he was doing, Alexander had followed John out the door.

You don’t even know him! an internal voice warned. But Alex ignored it, his thoughts only concerned with John as the door slammed behind them both and the other boy’s names left his lips, a desperate plea into the darkness of the early spring night.


He actually turned around. Alexander didn’t know what he’d been expecting, but for some reason, it wasn’t that.

John stared at him for a moment. “Yeah?” he finally said, voice shaky.

“I, uh… I was worried. Worried about you, I mean,” Alex stammered.

“About me?” The way John asked it made it sound as if he were surprised anyone would be worried about him, let alone a boy whose name he didn’t even know.

“Yes, you.” Alex felt a wave of confidence surge through him. He walked down the footpath toward John, closing the gap between them. “Do you want some company on your walk?”

John only stared in response, looking slightly bewildered.

“I’d say we could talk here, if you even want to talk, I mean, oh god, please don’t feel pressured I just––”

“A walk. A walk is good. Yeah,” John cut Alex off.

Alex gave him a weak smile. “Okay, and more private, too.”

“Uh, we’re alone out here,” John said, looking at Alex in confusion.

Alex laughed and shook his head. “Look in the living room window.”

Sure enough, there was Laf, Herc, Angelica, Peggy, and Martha, there noses practically pressed to the glass. When the two boys looked their way, they all scrambled out of sight except for Peggy, who made kissy faces at them.

Alexander’s cheeks blazed red at Peggy’s antics. He quickly grabbed John’s arm and ushered him down the sidewalk before Peggy could do anything else.

They were half a block away from the Schuyler’s house when it hit him: he was on a walk with John Laurens.

Tiger Stripes || Jax Teller Imagine *Requested* (TRIGGER WARNING)

“Abel? Abel, where are you, Bud?” I called out from the kitchen.

“In my room.” I smiled when I heard the small voice .

“Hey, c’mon Abel. It’s time for breakfast and you don’t want to be late for school,” I said as I walked into his room.

“I can’t find my other shoe.”

“Alright I’ll help you look. You look in your closet and I’ll look under your bed.” After about five minutes, I heard Thomas start to whine from his bouncer in the living room. I took that moment to look at the clock and realized we had to hurry.

“Hey Abel, you might just have to wear these today,” I said holding up a pair of black shoes. He looked at me with his resting bitch face and I already knew the answer. 

“Right. Okay, you keep looking and I’m going to go check on your brother. But you have to look at lightning speed or you’ll have to eat breakfast at school.” He turned his nose up at the thought and continued rummaging through his room. 

I started to walk down the hallway to Thomas when I felt my heart stop for half a second. 

“Holy shit! Oh my god,” I said as I almost ran into someone.

“Mornin. Did I scare you?” Jax asked kind of amused.

“Uh nope. Okay yes, I swear I died for a second.”

“Haha, sorry about that.”

“No it’s fine, I just wasn’t expecting you to come back so soon,” I said walking over to a fussy Thomas.

“Oh I got him. Yeah, I thought I’d be gone longer, but business got handled in a timely manner, so here I am.”

“Oh okay.”

“Daddy!” Abel said running up to his dad.

“Hey Buddy, aren’t you going to be late for school?”

“I can’t find my shoes”

“Abel, you have about five pairs of school shoes. You’re telling me you lost them all?”

“Just one of the light up ones.” I went to get my phone off the charger in the kitchen and happened to look down on my way back to the living room.

“Abel, is this the one you want?” I said holding up a pair of black and red Spiderman light up shoes.

“Yeah! Where’d you find it?”

“By the front door,” I said.

“Where it’s not supposed to be,” Jax said looking at Abel.

“Sorry, Daddy.”

“It’s fine, just no more leaving your shoes anywhere but your room, alright?”


“And what do you say to Y/N for being the best babysitter and helping you look?”

“Thank you,” he said turning to me.

“You’re welcome. Hey, maybe if your dad isn’t too busy, he could take you to school today?”

“I like that idea. What do you say, Abel?” He nods with excitement and runs off to eat his breakfast.

10 minutes later, Abel comes and gives me a big hug before walking to Jax’s car.

“Looks like you’ll have the house to yourself today. I have something to do, so when Abel gets out of school you and the boys can go to Diosa and I’ll be there when I’m done. My mom and Wendy will be there, so you can have time to yourself for a few hours,” Jax said as he stood by the front door.

“Sounds good. A few hours will be nice, I have so much work to catch up on.”

“Yeah, that’s college for ya. Alright, I’ll see you later. Oh, and thanks for helping Abel out with his shoes today.”

“Oh, it was no problem. I’m just glad they were found and he won’t be late for school.”

“Yeah, he hates being late. Speaking of which, let me get him to school. I’ll see you later.”

“Bye,” I said as I closed the door.

*3 hours later*

After sitting at my desk for an hour distracted as hell, I finally got up and ran to the bathroom. I looked at the time and had 45 minutes until it was time to get Abel. Even though he’s a baby, I closed and locked the door to feel more comfortable that Thomas was there. I rummaged through the medicine cabinet and found a little pair of scissors.

 “Don’t do it. Just breathe. Everything will be okay,” I thought to myself as I felt the stress and weight of of all these deadlines and drama pouring into my life. I looked at the piece of hope and serenity in my hand thinking and rethinking everything. I rolled up my left sleeve and stared down at my arm. Fuck it.

I took the sharp object and slid it against my arm. One. Two. Three. 

I dropped the scissors and sank down in front of the sink. I just watched the blood seep out of my freshly cut skin until I picked myself up off the floor and grabbed a towel. I cleaned my skin and threw the bloody towel into the hamper before leaving the bathroom. I went back to my desk and packed up my school supplies, laptop, and chargers and put them into my backpack. I changed my clothes, put on some make-up and went to go get Thomas ready to leave. After getting him and his bag ready, I got a few of Abel’s favorite things so he won’t be bored at the brothel.

I grabbed the bags and walked out to put them in the car. As I was turning around to get Thomas and my sunglasses from the house, I heard the roaring of a Harley coming down the street. When Jax was in sight, we both threw up a wave at each other and I went to go get Thomas. As we got back to the car, Jax was just turning off his bike and started to get off.

“Hey,” he said as he took off his helmet.

“Hey! I thought you were going to meet us at Diosa.”

“I am, but I need a shower and I’ll probably do a load of laundry. Surprisingly, I’d rather shower at home than in a brothel.”

“Haha, I feel you. I was just about to go get Abel, do you want me to wait?”

“No, go ahead. I’ll stick to the original plan and just meet you guys over there. Plus I still have some errands to run for Gemma. I shouldn’t be too long.”

“Okay, then we’ll see you later.”

“Alright,” he got off his bike and kissed Thomas on his cute little head before going inside the house.

After driving the short distance, I got to Abel’s school and he was waiting with his classmates and teacher to be picked up. I got out of the car and helped him into his carseat.

“How was your day?” I asked as I strapped him in.


“All I get is a ‘fine’?” I jokingly asked as I tickled him before closing the door and getting back into he drivers seat. 

“So your dad wants us to go to Nero’s work so Grandma can see you and your brother. How does that sound?”

“Okay. Is my daddy going to come too?”

“Yeah! He will meet us there after he does some things for your grandma, okay?”

He nods his head and continues looking out the window. I turned on the stereo and played his Kidz Bop CD while we drove to Diosa.

We finally arrived and Gemma came out and helped me unload everything.

“You’re doing really well with them, you know.”

“Did you expect me to do a bad job?” I asked her kind of confused.

“No. It’s just that you’re young and well you live with my son and his two kids who adore you. You know, he and Tara just got divorced and I don’t think he’s ready for anything that isn’t quick pussy. And I don’t think you’re ready for this. There’s so much you don’t know. You just focus on keeping those boys safe.”

“Gemma, I’m not interested in Jax like that. Everything I do is to help those boys. All I am is nice to him and I love those boys more than you know. This is what drove Tara away. Please stop trying to make this into something it isn’t.” I grabbed the last bag and walked away, leaving her in the lot. 

*30 Minutes Later*

It didn’t take long for me to get situated with my school work in one of the back rooms. Again I was distracted by the loud men in cuts and the stench of sex and cigarettes. I couldn’t clear my mind of what Gemma said earlier. It’s just that everything she said to me today and has said in the past wouldn’t leave my mind. I don’t know why it was bothering me so much, I guess I couldn’t help but think that everyone thought that about me. It made me sick to my stomach to think that she feels like I’m only helping those boys to be close to Jax. It reminds me of why I’m not talking to the bitch that gave birth to me. 

Before I knew it, I was searching through my backpack for the “spare tool” I kept in there. I got off the bed and went to the bathroom by the closet.

“Hey Abel, your snack is ready. Why don’t you go wash up,” Wendy said.


“Hey Gem, what did you say to her out there?” Wendy asked as she walked up to Gemma.

“Oh, nothing. Just proving a point.”

Abel ran to the room where Y/N was and was about to go into the bathroom before stopping dead in his tracks. He just stood looking through the cracked bathroom door, watching her harm herself.

He turned around and ran out to get his grandmother.

“Grandma, Y/N is bleeding.”

“What do you mean, Baby. Bleeding where?”

“In the bathroom.”

“Oh it might be that time,” Wendy interjected, “I’ll get her.”

“No, let me do it. Great bonding experience”

Gemma walked to the back room and entered when she didn’t hear anything after she knocked. She peered into the bathroom and saw Y/N standing at the sink, with her head down. Thinking she was crying, Gemma went in and put a hand on her back before seeing the horror. 

“You stupid bitch.” Gemma said as she backed out of the room.

“Gemma! Wait, please!” I followed her out into the room full of people and saw Jax was there.

“Mom! Are you okay?” He called out to her as she went to the bar.

“I’ll check on her,” I told him hastily. I noticed that everyone was kind of looking at us.

“Y/N wait. I found a bloody towel in the hamper when I was doing laundry. Did you or one of the boys get hurt?”

“Yeah, I was cooking and cut my finger,” I said trying to control the panic and rush in my voice. I really needed to talk to Gemma.

“She’s lying,” I heard Gemma say as she slammed her empty shot glass down.

“I knew she wasn’t right for those boys. You need to let her go, Jax. It’s what’s best for you and your boys.”

“Mom, what the hell are you talking about?!”

“Hey, is everything alright over here?” Nero asked putting his hand on Gemma’s back.

“It will be. Why don’t you tell him the truth, Y/N. Because if you don’t, I will.”

“Gemma, please.”

“Mom, you’re drunk! Stop!”

“Look at this, Jackson! Look at what she’s been doing. What Abel saw!” She stormed over to me and yanked up my sleeve.

“She cuts, Jackson! You really want this in your house?! Around my grandkids?! No, I won’t allow it.”  

At this point everyone was looking at us and I couldn’t bare to look at Jax or anyone for that matter. I yanked my arm out of Gemma’s and ran to the back room and sobbed. I slid down the wall and just stared at the floor for what felt like hours. Nero came in and tried to talk to me, but I was paralyzed. I couldn’t even blink.

Finally, Jax walked in and sat on the floor across from me. He took my arm and lightly ran his fingers over the fresh and old cuts.

“I love you and those boys more than anything. Seeing this feels like I left you alone,” I could hear him getting choked up and a few silent tears rolled down my face as I stared at the floor beside him.

“I need help,” I said finally looking at him.

All he did was nod. We stared at each other for what felt like an eternity.

*One Week Later*

Knock Knock Knock

“Come in,” I said as I sit up on my bed. 

I was shocked at who walked in.

“Can I sit?”

I nodded.

“I’m sorry. I just want what’s best for my son and my grand babies and seeing you in that weak moment did something to me. Wendy was weak, Tara was weak and I wanted better for you.”

“The difference between me and the other two is that I’m not with Jax or tangled up in the club shit. I was like this before I was hired for this job. Being around Abel and Thomas made me feel happy and loved, something I haven’t felt in a long, long time. You embarrassed me and made me feel even more worthless than I already did. Do you hate me that much?”

“I dont hate you. I see the way he looks at you. You say that you and those other two don’t have Jax or the club in common, but you will. He loves you and so do those boys. It destroyed him when he saw that you harm yourself. It hurt me too because as I said I had hoped you were stronger than that. You’re part of this family whether you like it or not. And that means you’re stuck with me, Jax, those boys and all the club and it’s shit. You are loved and don’t forget that, Sweetheart.”

I gave her a slight smile and wiped the tear from my eye. We hears the for open and we both looked as Jax walked in.

“We all good?” he asked looking at the both of us.

“We’re great, Baby,” Gemma said to him as she kissed him on the cheek and walked out, leaving us. He stepped in further and closed the door 

“Wendy should be here soon. I told her you guys can talk in here about anything you need to,” he said leaning against the cabinet.

“Thank you. Jax, I can’t express how sorry I am. Knowing what Abel saw destroys me in every way. Nothing I say can excuse what I’ve done, but please forgive me.”

He nods, “I know. He still loves you and he wants you to get better. He said that they look like tiger stripes and that means you’re strong. He’s 5 and hopefully he won’t remember it, but if he does at least he’ll understand. I was never mad at you. I love you and want you to be healthy and safe.”

“I love you too. Thank you.”

Author Note: If any one needs to talk about absolutely anything, my dms are ALWAYS open. I love you all ♡

Christmas Love - Jungkook (BTS) Imagine:

A/N: Hello!! here is a little Jungkook Christmas imagine. I hope you all like it! Please feel free to request texts, imagines or scenarios!!! 


Your POV: 

‘Why am I so nervous?’ I thought to myselff as I walked in the fresh snow too the little coffee shop Jungkook and I always hang at, 'I mean… it can’t be anything bad. Right?’  

As I made your way closer you say Jungkook standing against the wall of the coffee shop waiting for me. I paused for a second, Jungkook is my best friend, but I couldn’t help that your heart fluttered every time I saw him. Especially now, the fresh snow falling onto his dark hair, he was wearing black jeans, black shirt, and a black coat. 'Get it together Y/N.’ I mumbled too myself, 'Please keep it together heart.’  

Just as I was about to walk towards him, Jungkook turned and saw me, a smile appeared on his face. “Y/N!” He shouted as he walked closer to you, “You’re here. I’m glad. Are you cold? I can get you a drink? The usual?”  

“Mhm, a drink would be great.” I smiled, “But didn’t you want to tell me something?”  

“Yeah.” He grinned, “but I thought we would take a walk first. You know look at the Christmas decorations. So, stay right here, I’ll be back with two americanos.”

“Mm okay, I’ll be right here.”  

Jungkook made his way into the coffee shop and you took a deep breathe in,'Well.. He seems okay. Maybe what he has too tell won’t be to bad?’  

Jungkook POV:  

I looked out the window at Y/N as I was waiting for our drinks. My heart was beating uncontrollably. 'I got this… all you gotta do is tell her that you love her.’  

“Two americanos” The barista shouted snapping me out of my thoughts, “Thanks” I smiled as I grabbed the drinks and headed back out. Y/N was standing staring up at the snow falling to the ground, she probably didn’t know but she had a slight smile as the snow fell, and she definitely doesn’t know that smile can light up any room.  

I snuck quietly behind her, “back” I whispered closely in her ear that she jumped a bit.  

“Aish” She turned and looked at me, “Don’t do that. You scared me.”  

“Is that any way too thank me for getting you a hot drink on this cold day?” I grinned as I handed her the drink.  

She took a sip and grinned “Thank you Kookie.”  

“Anything for you.” I smiled, “Now, c'mon it’ll be dark soon and the guys told me the Christmas lights down here are really pretty.” I stated as I grabbed her hand dragging her along with me not noticing I did until a few minutes after.  

I slowly let go of her hand “Sorry…” I mumbled  

Her face was bit red “No… it’s okay…”  

I smiled, “Hey, so there is this really pretty spot that down here that they told me about, let’s go check it out.”  

“Yeah, I’d like that” She smiled as made our way to a little area that was really decorated with lights, decorations, and even a huge Christmas tree.  

“Wow…It’s beautiful.” She smiled as she looked up at the tree that was glowing, the snow that was falling was making everything more beautiful.  

“Yeah.. You are.” I whispered as I started at her.  

She turned and looked at me, “Did you say something?”  

“Ah.. No. I… I..I just wanted to start a snowball fight” I smiled as I grabbed some snow and threw at her and ran.  

“Jeon Jungkook! Get your butt back over here!” She ran after me with a snowball in her hand.  

“Catch me if you can!” I yelled as I turned into a under a roof that I knew had a mistletoe hanging.  

She had almost passed me thinking I ran ahead, so I grabbed her hand pull her close to my chest.  

She was breathing heavily as she looked up at me, “Why did you stop? You made me drop my snowball and now I can’t get you back.”  

I bite my lip slightly, “You know that thing I needed to talk to you about?”  

She looked down, “oh yeah..I almost forgot.”  

“Well…I’d like to tell you now, but there is a little problem.” I smiled  

She looked at me confused “What’s the problem?”  

I pointed up at the hanging mistletoe, “The problem is that we are under a mistletoe and I heard that if you don’t kiss under a mistletoe that it’s bad luck…”  

She looked up at the and then back in, “I’m sure that’s not the case, that we get bad luck if we kiss… and I mean we don’t necessarily have too ki…”  

Your POV

My heart was racing, did he just say we were under a mistletoe? I looked at him, “I’m sure that’s not the case, that we get bad luck if we kiss… and I mean we don’t necessarily have too ki…”  

Jungkook then leaned in quickly and kissed me. The kissed wasn’t that quick, it lasted for a few seconds and when I opened my eyes he was still bent down slightly his face so close to mine, with a big grin on his face.  

“Uh…” I started to think of an excuse to make off the kiss but I couldn’t.  

“So, that think I wanted too tell you.” Jungkook smiled  

I breathed a little waiting for him to say something like we can’t be friends anymore, I was preparing my heart for the worst.  

“I love you Y/N…” Jungkook smiled, “I love you. I love my best friend. I loved since the day we met, but then I was too nervous to tell you. I didn’t want to lose you. I wanted you stay by my side forever… but then when you and everyone else asked me what I wanted for Christmas… I honestly just thought that I wanted you. I wanted you to be mine.My girlfriend, not just my friend. That’s why I’ve been distant… I needed to think if telling you that I love you and if you didn’t love me back was worth losing our friendship.”  

“Jungkook…” I whispered with a slight smile on my face.  

“Please… if you don’t love me that’s okay.. But…”

“Kookie, please shush and let me answer.” I looked up at him, “I love you too, everytime I see you my heart skips a beat. But, I couldn’t tell you because I thought you just liked me as a friend.”  

Jungkook’s POV:  

She looked up at me, “I love you too, everytime I see you my heart skips a beat. But, I couldn’t tell you because I thought you liked me as a friend.”

I couldn’t help but smile as I moved the piece of hair that was covering her face behind her ear, “Well… in that case will you be my girlfriend?”  

“Of course” She smiled, “I’d love to be your girlfriend Kookie.”  

I wrapped my arms around her bringing her close too my chest, “You’re the best Christmas gift ever… I don’t need anything else.” I whispered and gave her a small kiss on her forehead.  

“Now, shall we go for dinner and have our first official date?” I smiled  

She nodded “Mhmm, I’d love that Kookie.”

I took her hand and held it tightly, “And I love you.”

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Prompt: Finn being confused by "Valentines Day" not knowing exactly what it was, considering being an ex-stormtrooper. He asks Poe and blah blah blah first kiss or time. If you're too busy its okay too! I'm in love with your blog btw

Omg thanks so much for saying that!!! xoxo And jesus this prompt is too adorable. 


The pilot looked up from his work, where he had been casually sketching a T-70 on a torn off piece of paper. “Yeah, buddy?”

Finn frowned, extending his arms, and Poe knew he was about to rant about something, so he folded his arms behind his head and gave him his full attention. 

“Okay, so- everybody’s going around, right, giving everyone chocolate, giving flowers, people are kissing, and everything seems to be very,” Finn searched for the word, “Pink. I get the feeling that this is some intensely romantic time of year here on Yavin IV. Is my vibe correct?”

Poe had an amused smile on his face as he unfolded his arms and leaned forward. “Well… you’re not wrong. But it’s not just on Yavin IV- it’s a holiday called Valentine’s Day.” 

“Valentine’s Day,” Finn repeated slowly, “Okay… why?”

“Why what?”

“Why do people do it? What’s their… objective?”

Poe laughed and rolled his head back. “Finn- there’s no objective to being sweet with someone. Unless, of course, you’re lookin’ to get laid, but…” he waved his hand, “It’s just a time when people remind the people they love that they care about them.”

Finn nodded, face stern. “So… I should go say Happy Valentine’s Day to General Organa?”

“Uh… yeah, you could. Though I think it may be a sore subject, since… y’know… Han.”

“Oh. Maybe Rey, then.”

“Yeah, good idea.”

“And I should kiss her?”

“What?!” Poe exclaimed, straightening a little. “I mean… yeah, if you want,” he muttered, rubbing the back of his neck.

“What, what’s wrong?” Finn asked. 

“It’s… just that,” Poe swallowed, “Valentine’s is more for… intimate love. Like, when you like someone that way.”

Finn seemed to understand.

“So,” Poe shrugged, “Yeah, if you feel that way about Rey, go ahead, let her know.”

Finn looked a little alarmed. “Wait, no- no way. That’d be like kissing my sister, now that I know her.”

Poe visibly relaxed, and he cleared his throat. 

“Tell me more,” Finn mumbled.

“Um,” Poe said, looking down, “You say stuff like ‘Will you be my Valentine?’”

“Okay… will you be my Valentine?”

“Yeah, that’s the saying-”

“No, will you be my Valentine, Poe Dameron?” Finn asked insistently, and Poe went red. 

“You serious?”

Finn blushed as well, breaking eye contact. “Shit, sorry. I must’ve done it wrong. We didn’t have all these holidays and stuff on the Finalizer- we didn’t even have chocolate or anything. Just forget I said-”

Poe cut the ex-trooper off by sealing their lips together in a soft kiss, and Finn’s eyes went wide as he groaned a little into Poe’s mouth. Poe’s hand found the back of Finn’s head where he carded his hand through Finn’s short hair, and Finn reached up to cup Poe’s face. They kissed for a few more seconds, until they needed air. 

“Woah,” Finn whispered, “Okay, wow. I like kissing. Kissing is nice.”

Poe smirked, taking Finn’s hand. “I’d be honoured to be your first Valentine, Finn. Now, about that objective…” 

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Whenever You’re Ready - Pt. 3

Author: deanwinchester-af

Pairings: Dean x Caroline [OFC]

Words: 1.6k +

Warnings: Pregnancy. A bit of angst. Fluff.

Beta: The awesome @blacktithe7 ! Thank you so much.

A/N: Day Three of 12 Days of Christmas Challenge hosted by @waywardlullabies​! I really love this series and I hope y’all love it as well. Please don’t forget to leave feedback? Xoxoxo.

gif by: @itsokaysammy

Whenever You’re Ready | Masterlist

Prompt: Scarves + Christmas Cookies
Tittle: “I’ll make you pie.”


Dean grew fonder of suits the more he aged. God knows how many men hated them. In his early years, the first time he bought a cheap suit was to pose as an competent federal agent. His brother, Sam, making him shift from leather and work boots to a pantsuit. Dean could still hear his brother whining repeatedly about them looking the part. The green eyed man scoffed softly, finishing the last knot of his tie. The sound of heels clicking the wooden floors made his head turn around. Dean watched Caroline pace slowly across her room while putting on her ear ring. He enjoyed gazing at her even more in time’s like this. Caroline was a beauty; inside and out, but what made her more gorgeous was her pregnancy glow. She is an spontaneous woman and Dean loved that about her.

Caroline turned around, meeting Dean’s handsome attire and almost heart-eyed look. She smiled as she walked across the hallway and into the guest room Dean always slept in when he visits. Caroline looked him up and down, taking in every single detail of his handsomeness.  He’d took her breath away every time he’d wear a suit.

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Imagine #50

He finds out you have a daddy kink.

External image
External image

You and Michael had just moved in with each other and still had a lot of unpacking to do. He was out at the studio with the boys for most of the morning but he came back around noon and then helped you continue unpacking.
“Hey babe can you pass me that” You said pointing to a box next to him.
“Yep” he said lifting up and bringing it over to you.
“What’s in this one?” He asked sitting on the floor next to you crossing his legs.
“Ummm lets find out” You say opening it. It was mainly kitchen stuff and some stuff for the bathroom. “Nothing exciting you say” Taking out a bunch of plates and putting them onto the counter.
“Can we take a break?” Michael asked getting up and walking over to the living room and sitting on the carpet you two had put down. Your laptops and phones were all sprawled out on it charging and what not.
“Alright I’m going to run to the store cause we need some food, and I’ll pick up some dinner cool?” You ask.
“You don’t want me to come with?” Michael asked.
“No you can stay and unpack, I’ve been cooped up in here all day, and I wont be long, and if you come with me we might start a riot with your fans” You laugh.
“That’s a good point” He gives you a light kiss and you head out to the grocery store close to your house to pick up your necessities and order food to pick up while you were on the way there so you could pick it up while you were done.
You were in the store looking at which pasta to by a couple of teenage girls slowly make their way closer to you.
“Girls if you want to come talk to me it’s okay” You say smiling at them. They blush and walk over to you.
“Do you mind taking a picture with us?”
“Of course!” You put the pasta down and pose with each of the girls and take a picture with them.
“Are you shopping by yourself or is Michael with you?”
“Nope I’m by myself, I wanted him to stay back and unpack cause he was at the studio all morning, and unpacking is taking us forever”
“Oh, well I hope you guys have fun, do you mind giving this to him?” She says handing you an envelope.
“No problem, have fun ladies, tag me in those pictures!”

You finally get home and see Michael hasn’t touched anything.
“Babe I thought I told you to unpack” You say pouting, and taking out the groceries.
“I’m sorry I got distracted by something”
“What distracted you?”
“Your blog”
“Oh my tumblr? You see me go on it all the time”
“No your other one”
“Your old 5SOS blog”
You inhale a piece of bread you had taken a bite of and start coughing. Frantically taking down a glass and filling it up with water you chug it taking a few deep breaths. By this point Michael is now standing next to you with your laptop on the counter.
“Are you okay?”
“Yeah, piece of bread went down the wrong way” You say placing one hand on your chest.
“So I realized something” He said looking at you. You did everything to avoid his gaze, already feeling your face getting more red by the minute.
“Yeah and what is that?”
“You have a daddy kink”
“What no I don’t” You say running a hand through your hair.
He came up behind you moving your hair away from your neck. “Are you sure about that princess?” He said whispering into your neck.
You close your eyes and lean your head back slightly, already giving into his touch.
“Now, you shouldn’t lie to me baby girl” he ran his hands down your shoulders and down your arms stopping at your waist.
“Are you going to lie to me again?”
You shake your head.
“Say it baby girl”
“No” you blurt out.
“No what?”
“N-no daddy” you mumble.
“That’s what I thought” He turned you around and pushed you into the direction of the bedroom, causing you to almost trip forward.

When you enter the bedroom Michael pulls your towards him pulling the sweater you wore roughly off your shoulders kissing you harshly. He pulls at the bottom of your shirt pulling it up slowly.
“Strip for me baby” He said sitting down on the bed which at this point was just a mattress on the floor with a blanket on it.
You walk to the end of the bed with your back facing him and take a deep breath and slowly take off your sweater letting it drop to the floor. Looking over your shoulder at Michael who was rubbing himself lightly over his jeans as he watched your body.
You moved your hips slowly as you pulled your shirt over your head turning around and throwing it at him. You unbutton your jeans; bending over you pull them down, taking your time before exposing your bum completely. Once they were past your bum Michael Lean forward towards you grabbing your by the waist and pulled you onto the bed flipping your over onto your back kissing you. You shimmy a bit so your jeans were down to your ankles so you could kick them off after. You frantically grab at Michaels shirt lifting it up as far as possible before he had to lean back and pull it over his head.
“Why are you pants still on” You say unbuttoning them.
“Slow down there princess” He said pulling them down and taking them off.
You kiss down his neck, and slowly down his chest paying special attention to his hip bones causing moans to leave his lips. You pull his boxers down so he lay there completely naked his length already hard. You take him into your hands and pump him a few times before taking as much of him as you could into your mouth. “Oh fuck baby girl” He said tilting his head back.
He reached down moving your hair away from your face, griping it tightly causing you to moan out in pain. Michael moaned feeling the vibrations from your mouth around him.
“Come here” He said tugging at your hair lightly. he kissed you roughly.
“Take your bra off for me”
You leaned back and did what you were told. Smirking you say “Do you like that daddy?”
Michael got up walking to the bathroom and coming back with a condom slipping it on.
“On your hands and knees”
You did as instructed. Michael moved your panties down throwing them across the room. He placed his tip at your entrance holding your hip with one hand inserting himself slowly. You moan out lowering your head.
Michael grabbed a fistful of your hair pulling it so your head was up.
“You like that?”
“Fuck. Yes.”
“I’m sorry? I said do you like that?” he said lowering his voice.
“Yes daddy”
“Good girl” he thrusts into you harder.
You leaned on one hand, taking the other hand and rubbing your clit.
“Fuck Michael I’m going to cum
He pulled you as close to you as he could.
"You gunna cum for me baby girl?”
You moan out your climax with Michael thrusting into you.
“Oh my god, fuck”
He pulled out of you, taking off the condom and pushing you over into your back.
He pumped himself a few more times before cumming all over your stomach.
“Fuck” He said nearly fall on top of you.
You let out a laugh. “I can’t believe that just happened, and why did you cum on my stomach?”
“I don’t know I was in the moment, But I can’t believe that you have a daddy kink”
“Yeah well not exactly something I share with people”
“But I’m your boyfriend”
“Yes but it’s a weird thing for me, I’ve never had to admit it before, and then I had that 5SOS blog and it just sort of progressed into a kink”
“Well you’re lucky I love you” He said standing up and walking into the bathroom and coming back with sweatpants on and a towel.
“Here” He said wiping off you stomach.

The Latest Hero [Chapter Four]

Hello! Chapter four’s up. If you have no idea what this is about, there is good news - you only have to catch up on three previous chapters (’the latest hero’ tag). This is a lovely collaboration fic with the ever so talented yotoobfiction, because we thought a superhero AU was a right fit after the EWDG shooting in Canada. Yay. SFW, SFF, 3.060 words.


Chapter Four

Hannah is hurt.

There are a lot of things happening at once and Grace really wants to sort some of these things out, but Hannah is standing on the sidewalk clutching her wrist and mumbling obscenities and that’s just something that is not right. She pushes past the old lady that’s talking to a police officer, and kind of nudges Hannah softly.

“Oh, hi Grace.” Hannah grits her teeth, “I did a job.”

“I can tell.” Grace gestures at the black and red outfit Hannah is wearing, “What’s with your hand?”

“These two guys stole that lady’s purse and ran off and you know what I’m like, thought I could take them down by myself, and I did, but I also punched a wall by accident and it’s sore.”


Grace feels a bit out of place wearing her civilian clothes. There’s a bit of commotion on the sidewalk, people walking by and gawking and Hannah going in between cursing and waving at passers-by. There’s a police van and a cop is taking details from the old lady and it’s just a lot to take in. Los Angeles definitely seems to be different from Akron, and Grace feels a bit silly standing here in jeans and a hoodie while Hannah looks like some sort of goodie Deadpool.

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Runaway Heart Chapter 19

“M-Marinette? Are you all right?” Mom asked as I slowly made my way  down the stairs.

“Yeah, I’m fine.” My voice was deeper, and more breathy than it usually was. I sniffled a little.

“You don’t look fine.” She replied. “Are you sure you want to go to school today?”

“Maman, I’m okay, honestly.” I lied. It was true, I was feeling a little under the weather, but it wasn’t anything I couldn’t push through. I slowly put on my red coat.

“Okay. But please, if you feel like you need to come home, just call me, I’ll come and get you.” Mom handed me a small raspberry pastry.

“Will do.” I replied, taking a bite out of the  pastry. “I’ll see you later!” I quickly left the house and headed toward the school, trying to ignore the pounding against my skull. I held my head as I finished my pastry.

“Marinette?” Tikki asked, popping her head out of my purse.

“I’m alright, Tikki.” I said, “Maybe I stayed out a little too long last night. I’ll be okay.” I continued my walk into the school and up to my classroom. I took off my jacket and sat down at my desk. I placed my head on the cool desktop. I sighed contently.

I suddenly felt a small tickle in nose.

“Ah- ACHOO!” I quickly covered my mouth

“You sound awful.” Alya said, placing her bag down on the desk as she sat next to me.

“Thanks.” I replied, sarcastically, as I held my head.

“Maybe you should go home.” I shook my head

“I’ll be fine. It’s just a little cold.” Right after I said this, I broke out into a coughing fit.

“Marinette, please don’t argue with me on this. It’s obvious that you have more than just a cold!” Alya placed her hand against my head. “Marinette, You’re burning up! Miss Bustier!” The teacher came over to us. “Marinette’s not feeling well.”

“Marinette, if you aren’t feeling well,  you really should go home.” The teacher said. I shook my head. She sighed. “Fine, if you don’t want to go home, then you should relax in the nurse’s office. Alya, will you take her?”

“Yeah.” Alya stood up, “Come on, Marinette.” Alya helped me to my feet and grabbed my backpack.

“I’m fine, really-” another coughing  fit.

“That doesn’t sound good.” Nino said, as he and Adrien entered the classroom.

“That’s what I’ve been saying!” Alya said. “But Marinette’s too stubborn to go home, so I’m taking her to the nurse.” Adrien came up to me.

“I’ll take her.” He said. Alya stared at him, then nodded and handed him my backpack. “Let’s go, Marinette.” Adrien grabbed my hand and dragged me out of the classroom. “You really shouldn’t have came in if you weren’t feeling well.”

“I know… I just didn’t want to miss school.” Adrien chuckled.

“I would kill to get a day off of school! Although, it wouldn’t be much of a day off, now that I think about it…” Adrien shook his head,  and held my hand tighter. “Geez, your hand is really warm.” He stopped walking and looked me straight in the eyes. I could tell he could see my watery eyes, my red face, and wobbly legs.

I felt him placed his hand around my back and his other arm reach under my knees. Adrien lifted me off my feet.

“A-A-Adrien?! W-w-what are you doing?!”

“You really shouldn’t be walking.” Adrien replied simply.

“Put me d-down! I-I’m fine!” I exclaimed.

“You’re not, Marinette. It’s clear that you aren’t! You need to stop pushing yourself so hard, otherwise…” Adrien stopped.

“O-otherwise what?” I asked.

“Otherwise… you may break.” I looked at him questioningly.

“What do you mean by that?”

“You’re fragile, Marinette. If you don’t take time to relax and let some stress go,you’ll burn out. You’ll feel like you’re useless to everyone around you. Like you are nothing but a shell of who you used to be…”

“Adrien.” He glanced down and smiled at me.

“Don’t worry. I’m sure you’ll be fine, if you rest.” I heard Adrien tap on a door with his foot. “Excuse me?” There was no answer from the other side.  He sighed and pushed the door open with his shoulder. The lights in the office were on, but the nurse was nowhere in sight. Adrien gently placed me onto the bed. “I’ll stay here until the nurse comes, okay?” I nodded.

Adrien sat on the edge of the bed and things grew silent between us. My eyes were slowly beginning to close on me as my mind drifted off.

“Hey, Marinette.” Adrien suddenly said.

“Hm?” Was the only thing I could say.

“Where, uh, where were you last night?” He asked, “I dropped by your house and your light was on but…”

“Out…” I mumbled, my breathing started to slow.

“Out? Out Where?”

“By… the… Bourgeois…” My eyes closed heavily and darkness enveloped my mind before I could finish the sentence.

You swore


He asked me as we sit in front of the camera about to film a dare video. I had to crouch down trying to get out of the shot until it was my turn to get it. I nodded and then he turned the camera on. “Hello internet, so you all know I love embarrassing myself and you all know how greatly it affects my whole soul” he faked laugh. I try to hold in my laughter as I can feel my face getting red from my head being upside down. “So what better way to destroy my soul some more other than bringing an actual human to do the dare with me!!!” He cheered. “Welcome, Y/N!”, I sat up and saw myself looking bright red. “No no, Dan. It’s Mrs. Cherry Tomato” I corrected him as he bursts into laughter. “Yeah, right okay” he rolled his eyes.

“So Phil picked out some dares for us-”, “oh God” I reacted. Dan then laughed at how much he knows how these dares are going to end. He then continued explaining the rules and we went on with the dares.

We were actually doing pretty well, until the THIRD DARE. Which was, of course, on me. “Kiss the other person on the lips everytime the other person swears for the rest of the video.” Dan read as he facepalmed himself with that piece of paper. “Phil you little shit” Dan continued. I eyed him until he realized what he just said. “Are you literally shitting on my leg right now, Dan?” I laughed. “Hey hey, you have to do it” he inched closer to me. I then quickly pecked his lips and palmed his face away. “That’s enough heart-eyes-Howell” I laughed. He pouted and moved on.

We had a pretty fun time. He didn’t swear the rest of the time so that was pretty good. “Okay, last dare on me” Dan chanted as he picked out another dare. “Phil, are you f–”, I eyed him before he could even say the damn word. He then smirked and said “FCKING SHITTING BITCHING KIDDING ME RIGHT NOW?” he shout out loud. “HEY NO FAIR, YOU DID THAT ON PURPOSE” I palmed his face as he laughed. “I guess you have to kiss me three times now. Pucker up” He teased and started to lean in. I then put two finger onto his lips copying the shape of the lips. Doing that two more time, he actually believed it was me.

After that, we then had the outro and blah blah blah. done. “Thanks for staying over, Y/N” he turned to me and gave me a cheeky smile. “You’re welcome Daniel” I chuckled and gave him a hug. He then turned silent and looked up at me with these innocent eyes. “What’s wrong?” I nervously laughed. “I JUST CAN’T TAKE IT ANYMORE” he flopped his back on his bed and staring at the ceiling. “What CAN’T you take anymore?” I copied him and did what he did as well. He turned his head to me while we both laid down on his bed. “I can’t take the fact that you’re just there”, I tilted my head so confused about what’s going on. “YOU’RE JUST SO CUTE AND I WANT YOU TO BE MORE THAN MY BEST FRIEND AND. UGH FCK” He shout out and turned his body to the opposite side, his back facing me. I quickly turned him to me and pecked him on the lips. He laid there, wide-eyed and questioning what I just did. I for one, just laid there facing him smiling cheekily. “Why the fck did you just”,

“You swore”

Preference #117 You’re In A Secret Relationship And It’s Hard To Handle (PART TWO):

CLICK HERE TO READ PART ONE- http://i-write-1d-preferences.tumblr.com/post/100327816622/preference-116-youre-in-a-secret-relationship-and


Your phone rang, it was Harry. “Oh hey bab-” “I’m coming over” he said, and then hung up before you could even reply. He must have been angry. Within ten minutes he had shown up at your flat. You noticed he wasn’t wearing any kind of disguise, as he normally did. “Harry is everything okay?” you wondered as you let him into your flat. “No, not really” he sighed. He looked so stressed and upset. “Hey, come here, you said pulling him into a hug and trying to calm him down some. "Tell me what happened.” “They found out about us” he said simply. “Who?” “Everyone, the fans, the paps, all the media; they all know” “oh…” you trailed off thinking over the situation. “That’s really all you have to say?!” “How do you expect me to react Harry? You want me to be upset? You want me to be upset that we don’t have to sneak around? You want me to be mad that I can tell my best friends about how amazing you are? You want me to be mad that you don’t have to go through the back door anymore? Or that we can go on actual dates that are outside of my flat? Maybe I’m an optimist but I see this as a good thing” You told him, your rant much more harsh than expected, you were really just speaking your mind. “Sorry…I didn’t mean to shout” you said, quickly, not wanting this to turn into a big fight. “It’s okay, I’m sorry I guess I should be optimistic about this too but I just, I feel like everything is just gonna get more complicated once the media gets involved.” Harry told you. “It probably will, but we’ll figure it out when we get there baby, everyone will probably freak out for a bit, but things will calm down, I’m sure” you said. He pulled you into a long hug and kissed your head.
The date went well to say the least. Niall was great and you felt like he was just the kind of guy you wanted. “Ready to go?” He wondered after paying the bill. “Ready!” You told him. You got up and started to leave the restaurant, him holding your hand. “I don’t know how you could eat all that and still have room for dessert! I was full half way through the entrée!” You laughed. “Well I had to order dessert, they have the best cheesecake here-Oh shit.” Niall said, stopping at the door. “What’s wrong?” You asked worriedly. “Um outside…there’s some paparazzi… I-I’m sorry….this is the only way out of this restaurant…I’m so sorry” he said. The look on his face broke your heart. You kissed his cheek, smiling slightly. “It’s okay Niall, really.” You told him. He smiled. “Okay so when we get out there, just walk fast, their probably gonna yell a bunch of shit to get your attention, just keep walking and don’t look at them. I’ll be right beside you the whole time.” He told you. “Okay, got it” you said taking a deep breath. With that, Niall opened the doors and it started. “NIALL NIALL WHO IS THIS?! Is the new girlfriend Niall?” they were screaming and the flashes were so bright, you were almost blinded. You kept your head down and Niall’s hand was around your waist, leading you to his car. You quickly got in and Niall sped off. The car was silent as Niall drove far from the restaurant and to an empty parking lot. “I’m sorry…” He told you. “This is what I was telling you about, paparazzi and fans are everywhere. This is what it’s going to be like and if you aren’t ready for that I totally understand…I just-” he rambled on. “Niall, stop trying to push me away. I understand that things like this will happen and I’m fine with that. I’m not going anywhere okay?” you said, smiling reassuringly. Without another word, he leaned over and pressed his lips to yours.
It’s not that you didn’t wanna see him…you loved him, of course you wanted to see him, but you definitely didn’t expect to. It was almost 11 pm and you had just ran to the drugstore really quickly to pick up some allergy medicine.“Hey (Y/N)!” Liam said, his face lighting up the way it always did when he saw you. “Hey Li” you smiled. You two hugged, it was a rather quick hug; much different than the ones you were used to sharing with him. “I’m surprised you haven’t given me the silent treatment” Liam said, you weren’t able to tell whether he was joking or not, so you laughed anyway. “Well, we aren’t in a fight Liam… we’re just taking a break” you told him. His smile starting to fade at the thought that he wasn’t yours anymore and you weren’t his. “Well it sucks…these past few weeks haven’t been very good with out you” he said pouting. “I mean I already told you, if talk to managem-” you started. “I did!” he exclaimed. “You did? What? When?” You wondered. How could he not tell you that he asked management. “I asked them yesterday, I was actually going to call you but now that your here I might as well tell you what they said.” “Okay go ahead.” “Well they said that we can tell people, but only close friends/family for now. They said we have to slowly expose our relationship to the public. I know its not what you wanted because we still can’t be completely open with everyone but-” You didn’t even let him finish his sentence before you jumped into his arms and kissed him excitedly. “I’ve been waiting to do that for so long” you whispered, you face still only centimeters from his. “I love you so much, (Y/N)” “I love you to Liam, and I’m okay with not having everything out in the open, as long as I don’t have to sneak out of your flat anymore” you said. “You never will…but (Y/N)?” “Yeah babe?” “Let’s try and calm down with the PDA” he laughed, referring to the fact that you had just jumped into his arms and kissed him in the middle of the drugstore. “Oops” you giggled.
“It’s finally happening” you said. You were shaking, that’s how excited you were. Louis was shaking too, but he looked more nervous than excited. You looked over at him in the passenger seat as you stopped at a red light. “You okay Lou?’ you wondered. "Yeah I’m just a bit nervous” he said, his voice cracking slightly. The two of you were on your way to your parents house so they could finally meet the love of your life; Louis. “Oh? Since when do you get nervous? You’re like on of the most outgoing people that I know!” You giggled. “Well yes, I meet people all the time, but these are your parents! If they don’t like me I’m out of luck” he said, frowning. “Aww babe, they’ll love you! And if they don’t then I don’t care. I’m just happy that this is finally happening, you’re finally meeting my parents, as my boyfriend.” you said, you couldn’t help but smile at the thought of him meeting some of your family for the first time. He kiss your cheek. “I’m sorry that I can’t meet more of your family yet, but I will, I promise. I just don’t want too many people to spread rumors about us.” He explained. “Its okay, remember were taking baby steps right?” you said. “Right” he smiled back.
He did chase after you, surprisingly. “(Y/N)!” he called after you. But you ignored him, continuing to walk down the city side walk. “(Y/N), please!” he yelled from behind you. By now he had caught up to you. “What the hell do you want” you muttered. “I need to know what just happened, are you… leaving me?” He wondered, with a face that looked innocent and vulnerable. “Well I tried but you’re following me” you answered. “Wait seriously? You wanna break up?” He said. You sighed, slowing down your walking pace. “Zayn I don’t wanna break up, but I also don’t wanna be in a relationship where I can’t ever be seen with you? I mean do you even care about me? Its hard to tell when I barely ever get to be near you.” You said. “Do I care about you?! (Y/N) If I didn’t care about this relationship do you think I would have followed you out of the damn coffee shop and walk with you on this very public, very busy street? I’m doing this because i care about you and I’m trying to save this relationship. Please just don’t give up on us so fast ” he said. “But maybe I’m just not meant for secret relationships like this.” you said quietly, avoiding his gaze. Zayn stopped and stood in front of you, taking your hands in his. “But you’re meant for me (Y/N), I know it. There’s something…something I feel with you that I’ve never felt with anyone else and I think I’m starting to fall for you. Just give this a chance?” He said sincerely. “Okay Zayn, one chance.” You agreed. His lips curved into a smile before he kissed you. “Was that public enough for you?” Zayn laughed. “It was perfect”.

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Stupid sequel to this  In which Suga has to deal with the awkward aftermath and just wants his two dumb first years to stop being idiots already.

Suga cringed when Hinata was hit in the face with a ball for the third time that practice; the redhead stumbling backward and clutching his forehead while Asahi wailed apologies.  It probably wouldn’t have been that out of the ordinary on a normal day, but this practice had been awkward and off from the beginning.  And though no one dared to say anything, they all knew the rather disastrous practice was due to the stunted relationship (or lack there of) between the team’s signature duo.

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Player's heart // chapter seven

Previous chapters: one two three four five six

There are few things I would like to explain to you but I am dead tired so I might do it tomorrow! It’s more of less about the way Val and Z behave if you get confused or feel like it’s not real let’s assume they are two poor really confused teenagers alright? Okay well now enjoy! <3

Zendaya’s pov:

“What would you say if we go to the beach? It’s pretty warm today.” Val asked me as his gaze was focused on a road.

“Sure why not.” I gave him a smile when he looked at me briefly.

“Are you feeling better?” He asked when a car stopped on red light.

“Yeah I am.” I looked down at my hands. “Sorry I flipped out earlier at school, I just.” I sighed. “I hate Courtney, she is such a bitch.”

“She is.” Val agreed with me. “Though she is good in bed.” He added quickly.

I turned my head and looked at with ‘are you serious look’. “I didn’t want nor needed to know that Val so save it.” I turned my head back at window.

He didn’t say anything he just started car when the light changed and he drove in silence.

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