but yeah my stupid face


Pairings in Vuelo, live in concert version.



i heard faceday got changed to faceweekend which is neat cus i didn’t have time to take any pics yesterday whoops so yeah here’s me n the boys

Hello, an anon wanted to see my face yeah. I’m the middle picture btw, i found the other two guy pics on google idk who they are :///// WHO TO TAG. YOU SEE, THE MORE PEOPLE I TAG THE MORE PEOPLE WILL SEE THIS WHICH IS A BIG NO NO.

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Borderlands Appreciation Month → [BTPS] Day 16: Favorite NPC

“I’m a hero, baby – self-sacrifice is part of the job.” | “The things I could have DONE! Friggin’ liars – friggin’ COWARDS! They’re no better than BANDITS!” | “We’re gonna scorch the freakin’ planet in fire. There’s gonna be screaming…bandits are gonna die left and right… I can’t wait!”

“Call me Jack, honey. Handsome Jack.“

if i’m a little defensive abt my faceclaim choice, it’s cause i v much am…….


Honestly, you could very easily trick me into thinking this Sherlock quote came from Lockwood and Co.


3x03 | 5x07


Soul Eater // Lodestar (?) 

O god the latest chapter of Lodestar (by marshofsleep) just forced me to lie down for a while and have all the cowboy feels. All of these are doodles, i’m sorry for the non-existent quality. ;n; 


New Prince of Tennis vs Genius 10: Echizen Ryoma