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Are you sure about this? - make it fluffy! 🤗

“Are you sure about this?” Mulder’s voice is warm and quiet, causing Scully to open her eyes; she must have dozed off about the same time as William, who is no longer in her arms, but right next to her in his crib.

“Hm?” Scully stretches, feels the exhaustion and soreness through her whole body and blinks at him. Mulder is holding something in front of her face. Another moment, another blink, and she recognizes William’s birth certificate.

“Are you sure about this?” He asks again with more emphasis.

“I thought we talked about it,” Scully swallows hard; her emotions are all over the place, clearly not where they should be – in check – and she feels tears well up, “You said it was fine. I can change his last name to Scully, just give me a-” another, louder sniff, “pen.”

“What? Scully, no. I’m not talking about his last name.” Mulder assures her, one of hi hands on her cheek, the other on her thigh. They’re wearing matching expressions of confusion.

“I’m talking about this.” Mulder points to the line with William’s first and middle name. 


“Exactly, ‘oh’. So now tell me, are you sure about this? I said you could pick the name but Scully,” he bites his lip, trying to convey his message without having to actually say it. Much to his chagrin, she starts to smile.

“I like the name.”

“No you don’t.”

“I do. You just never let me call you F-” he puts a finger on her lips, raises his eyebrow, and receives a small kiss in return.

“It’s a strange name, Scully. It never did me any good.”

“It’s a middle name, Mulder.”

“Your heart is set on this, isn’t it?” She nods, her smile turning into a grin. Mulder leans over to look at their sleeping son. William Fox Mulder.  He wants to put his foot down, scratch out Fox and leave the space empty. But he trusts Scully. She knows what she’s doing, no matter what it is, so he remains quiet. Tries the name out again in his mind. William Fox Mulder. His son, their son. Mulder turns back to her and nods, sealing his and little Will’s fate.

“If he ever complains about his middle name, you’re explaining it to him.” Scully kisses him softly. It’s a deal.

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For the OTP challenge thing: Number 15 (so hard to decide) RivaEre, please? Thanks a lot! <3

((send me a number and get some v sloppy and low quality smut hhhhh sorry)) 

#15 - sweet and passionate

“Look at you, so adorable,” Levi coos, his eyes full of fondness as he cradles Eren’s face in his hands. “My little darling, I’m gonna eat you up.”

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honestly tysm - u made some rly good points and i rly?? dont get why most people consider ace ppl "not oppressed enough" to be lgbt+ or w/e like?? theyre not killed for being ace or anything but het ppl tell them they're messed up for not wanting sex, queer ppl tell them they cant join bc "ur still straight so ur not part of the community" and they have no where else to go n its rly frustrating so tysm for that

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Eleanor break up??!