but yeah it's hard every day if you know what i mean

okay calum has been really secretive recently and he’s always “at the studio” and you asked luke one day if that’s really where he’s going bc he’s this big rock star and how can you not be a little nervous? and luke would get all stuttery and say “yeah he’s been working really hard on our album” but he doesn’t sound like he’s telling the truth really and he won’t look directly at you and that makes you more nervous and finally calum notices how odd you’re acting and asks you about it bc he’s actually really worried and you’d get all upset bc you’ve managed to work yourself up over this and you’d just shrug and ask what you’ve wanted to know for a while “do you really go to the studio every day? you usually make more time for me and I don’t mean to sound whiny or anything but-“ and he’d just stop you there and tell you “hold on” and he scrambles across the room and grabs his guitar and says “I was waiting for your birthday but I need you to hear this” and he starts playing it and singing and you’d realize that he’s been so secretive bc he wrote you a fucking song and he’s just the cutest boyfriend ever and he gets all blushy and smiley when he’s done bc he hopes you like it, he’s worked so hard on this surprise and you’d just be so happy and you’d hug him saying that you loved it and you loved him.

for calumhoodes bc i wanted to write one for you since you wanted one (: