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I have a prompt, if that's ok. Also I want to mention I absolutely love these stories <3. My prompt for weird Wednesday is Tony gets deaged and the guardians have to take care of him. Maybe they are on earth and Cap along with the x-avengers visit because they heard what happened and Cap thinks their better to take care of kid!Tony?

Of course its okay so send a prompt! And also thank you! :)) ALSO THIS WAS SUPPOSED TO BE A SHORT STORY. BUT IT HAS OVER 2.7k WORDS. So watch out for the cut.

I really hope you like it…

“So he stays like that?” asks Peter and looks down at Tony. Doctor Cho shrugs.

“I don’t have an answer for that. But mostly magic loses their strength after a few weeks. But i will contact Thor and Doctor Strange.” is her answer and Peter nods.

Tony sits on the floor and looks at some toy blocks, but he doesn’t touch them. He looks incredible sweet like that.

“Okay thank you so much for your time.” says Peter and then lift Tony up. He seems like around three years old and is healthy. To be honest that is the only thing that matters.

“You were so brave.” says Peter to Tony when they leave the building. She had to take some blood from Tony and Peter thought he would cry at all the examinations. But he was quiet and really brave.

“Otay.” says Tony and smiles a bit. Peter wants to cuddle him. What a sweet boy.

“And?” asks Gamora, when Peter enters the Tower and he shrugs.

“Nothing she can do right now. But maybe Tonys other friends can help.” says Peter and he tries to sound happy, so he doesn’t upset Tony.

“Alright. Well i send Drax with Rocket and Groot to buy some things for him. So he doesn’t have to wear that big shirt all the time.” says Gamora and Peter groans.

“Why would you send these idiots?” asks Peter and Gamora laughs.

“Because i have a date!” she answers and is gone. Peter chuckles. There was a time where he would be jealous, but it changed a lot in the last year.

“Yondu?” yells Peter then and a moment later Yondu comes into the kitchen.

“What?” asks Yondu and he sounds annoyed. Tony giggles and holds his little hands out.

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answering asks!

just picked 20 this time. ill open asks again next week

some of the questions i got were answered in the faq too! pls read that before sending questions, even if you think your question wont be there.. it probably is JKFLD;JFS

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Title: Stallion, Schmallion
Wordcount:  ~1250
Notes:  Today (in approximately 2 and a half hours) is the AAS4 premiere! I wrote some fluff for the occasion :) It’s based off S2E11, aka that episode where Steve comes in as a knight in shining armor!

Also, I know nothing about horses, and I apologize.

AO3 link is above, but you can also find it under the cut!



 “Yes, sir?”

 “Did my boyfriend just ditch me for a horse?”

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how you get the girl [1]

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

Prompt: In which the reader tries to help Steve get the girl, unaware that the girl he’s trying to get is the reader.

Warnings: none

Word count: 1k

tagging my momma @shayara bc im kind a proud of this and I want you to see this. remember that requests are open, so go ahead and send them in.

It was around midnight when you were sitting on your own in the living room of the Avengers Compound. The rest of the team were either on a mission or asleep in their respective rooms. You sat huddled in blankets, with a bowl of ice cream in your hands and an old 90’s rom com playing on the tv.

Entranced by your movie, you don’t notice the dinging of the elevator or the heavy footsteps of Steve Rogers. Steve drags his feet along with him until he arrives at the entrance of the living room. He leans against the doorway, arms crossed and a gentle smile playing on his lips as he watches you chug down ice cream with two thick blankets resting around your shoulders. He finally decides to announce his presence by moving to lay down beside you while simultaneously letting out a heavy sigh. You jump in surprise and Steve let’s out a quiet chuckle. “Shit Steve,” you mumble, eyes widening with surprise.

“Sorry, doll, didn’t mean to scare you.” He grins back. He shifts so his lying on his back, with his head in your lap and his hands folded over his chest. Steve lets out another overly exaggerated sigh. You quirk your brows and look down at him. He looks like a lost puppy with confusion swimming in his eyes and his bottom lip between his teeth—and it was quite possibly the cutest thing that you have ever seen.

You clear your throat. “Something wrong, Cap?” You mindlessly ask, trying your best not to seem too interested in his problem. Steve lamely shrugs. “Nothing,” he mumbles so quietly that you barley heard him.

You swallow your disappointment and smile back at him even though it probably looked more like a grimace than anything. Of course his not sharing his thoughts with me when he’s got Sam or Nat. “Okay, good.”

You sit in a peaceful silence for a while before Steve decides to speak up again. “It’s just,” he starts and your eyes lit up, “I like this girl,”

“Oh,” you say, the glimmer in your eyes dying down and your excitement long gone.

“Scratch that, I think I love her!” Steve looks up at you with a gleeful smile and it takes every part of you to stop yourself from crying or throwing up. He was in love. The man you loved was in love. A sudden anger takes over you. How dare he sit here and tell you about how he might be in love with some girl when you’re sitting right here. You who’ve done all you possibly can to show him that you’re there, there for him and there to love him through everything. You’ve been there through Peggy, through the nurse Kate—or rather Sharon Carter—and now when you finally think you have a chance with him, he pulls this!

“But there’s just one problem,” Steve’s voice tears you from your train of thoughts. You cross your arms over your your chest and opts to biting your lip rather than to let all your anger out on him. “Mhm,”

Steve sits up next to you. “I don’t know if she’s interested or not. I mean, we’re great friends, she might even be my best friend after Bucky and Sam!” Ouch. And here you thought you were his best friend after Bucky and Sam. You bit on to your lip harder to keep the anger and hurt at bay.

“So I was thinking about trying to win her over, you know, old school style. Maybe get her some flowers and stuff, do you like flowers, y/n?” Steve pulls out his phone, you presume its for taking notes. “And maybe some chocolate too, what’s your favorite kind of chocolate?”

There’s a ringing in your ears that you can’t seem to get rid of and you can barley hear as he asks for your favorite type of music. By now you’ve actually started drawing blood from your lip and your knuckles have an ugly pale color from clenching them so hard. You push your blankets of off you before grabbing your bowl of half melted ice cream and standing up. Your sudden movements seem to have startled Steve who was now staring at you with wide eyes. “I don’t know Steve! Why won’t you go ask your best friend instead?” You hastily turn around and walk out of the common room, leaving a very confused Steve Rogers behind.

“And then I walked out!” You finished your rant with a breathless huff. Wanda gives you sympathetic smile before reaching over to gently squeezing your knee and hand you another tissue. You mutter a quiet “thanks” and blow your nose with it.

“So,” Wanda begins, “do you know who the girl is?”

You shake your head.

“Really? Not even a slight guess?”

You sigh. “I don’t know Wanda! Maybe it’s Tony’s new assistant Rebecca, maybe Peggy Carter has another niece, who knows?” You throw your arms up in exasperation before crossing them and Wanda fights back a laugh.

“Okay, well whoever it is, I’m sure they’re a wonderful, amazing person.” You frown again, why is everyone so hellbent on reminding you that you’re not good enough.

“Yeah, me too,” you say. You push the blanket off before standing up from where you were seated on Wandas bed. “Thanks for everything Wanda, I’m gonna go to bed, good night.”

“Good night.” Wanda murmurs in return. She watches you as you walk out of the door and carefully close it after you. Wanda lays down on her back, staring up to the ceiling with a smile. Using her telekinesis, she flicks the light switch before getting under her covers. “What an idiot.”

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dysphoria is kicking my butt rn :') so I give you the idea of trans Will on his period and Nico freaking out bc he's "not the doctor here" and he "has no idea what to do oh god will how do I make you feel better"

yes!!! this is what helps me when im menstruating too so im well-versed 😂 thank you for sending the ask!

the first time that will gets his period while he’s dating nico, it’s an absolute wreck. will is uncomfortable and seems downtrodden and sad and fiddles around with his hands around nico like he’s torn between asking a dire question and hiding beneath six feet of earth. nico doesnt understand it - they’ve been working on being up front with each other, haven’t they? so why is will so obviously hiding something?

nico confronts him in the infirmary later that night, if it can be called a confrontation at all. he tries to be soft, because he knows that though will appears confident and oftentimes very much is, he can sometimes be quick to spook when it comes to more serious and private matters. its another thing they share in common. so nico is watching his boyfriend shuffle through pills in the infirmary and organize medicines. will looks at the labels with an odd determination and restlessness in his eyes, like he’s attempting telepathy on the tiny capsules behind the prescription info.

“will,” nico sighs, pulling the son of apollo’s nervous hands out of the pill cupboard. “please, tell me what’s wrong. why have you been acting so strangely?”

will swallows hard, trying to make his face look empty. he had always been a terrible liar, however, and instead looks like he has a bit of gas. nico figured it was just one of the downsides to being the son of the god of truth - when you lied, you got the ‘i farted’ face. a tough break for sure.

“i, uh,” will coughs, a short clearing of the throat. “i just. well.”

and nico blinks. “…well?”

an odd silence fills the room, and nico shivers at the tense feeling that pervades the air. will turns his head to the side quickly, trying to avoid nico’s eyes, though he doesn’t seem to fully want to. he itches to be earnest, honest, and nico knows it. “i… i have, uh,” he swallows hard again. he meets nico’s eyes hard behind a curtain of blond hair. “i have cramps.”

“cramps?” and now nico is alarmed. will is rarely ever sick, and when he is, it is normally severe. children of apollo cannot heal children of apollo through their powers either. “where? are they serious?”

will gets that look on his face like he’s lying again. “no,” he says unconvincingly. “i mean, they’re normal.” but he is so obviously speaking truth.

“what are you hiding?” he wont lie and say he isnt hurt. but he understands. “im honest with you about my health now. please, will.”

and will groans, melting back into that loose-boned, lazy beanpole. “i’m… on the rag, neeks.”

nico blinks. “on the rag?”

“yeah, you know…. aunt red is down for a visit.”

never in his life has nico di angelo been more confused. “…artemis?”

“no, neeks, i mean…. my monthly gift from mother nature.”

“…so, demeter then?” still, only confusing comes from this.

will puts his head in his hands and groans the hopeless wail of a dying man. “im bleeding, nico! im menstruating!“ he drops his hands dramatically, looking at the ceiling in desperation, as if he was hoping to find some kind of peace hidden there. “or in my case, MANstruating.” he’s obviously frustrated and bitter, but in classic will solace fashion, he takes the time to huff out a laugh at his little joke.

nico, however, does not laugh. despite his skin taking back the healthy olive tone of his youth (well, youth-er?), he’s certain he’s blushing scarlet. “oh. that.” nico is very new to many things, one of which is how it works for someone to be trans. trans people existed in the 1930s, of course, even in italy, and have for centuries he’s learning, but up til meeting and falling for will, nico had never known. and now, with all this new information, he was playing a bit of catch up, hense why his mind hadn’t connected that will’s anatomy meant he would receive… ‘nature’s gift’. he felt a bit foolish.

sniffing once awkwardly, will scratches the back of his head. “yeah… i was, uh. looking for midol. not that it ever really helps me, but….”

nico blinks again.

“right, you wouldnt know it by brand name. its just… period medicine. helps with cramps.”

nico nods numbly. “of course, um. of- of course.”

will laughs again, with far less humor. “its strange. its horrible.”

nico somehow freezes and melts at the same time. his shoulders fall and he stares at will’s face intensely. “no.” he says with conviction.


“no, i just. i dont know. i was never really taught any of this.” nico shrugs, eyes searching the infirmary before finding will’s face again, then his stark white shoes. “i dont know how to help”

its quiet again, and that worries nico.

nico clears his throat to make noise, then says awkwardly, “will, listen. i like you a lot.” will looks up at him, meeting his eyes, and will smiles when meets nico’s eyes. he must sense him telling the truth. “you’re… you’re my…” he struggles for a word to say. he’s uncomfortable with terms like boyfriend and partner and he knows it’s because of how he grew up but he can’t help it.

“im your….” will prompts him kindly, eyes fond and patient. it makes nico sigh.

“you’re a really great guy. and i’m glad that we’re.. dating.” he takes will’s hands in his own, rubbing his thumbs over his knuckles. “if i can do anything to help you, i’ll do it.”

will giggles happily, squeezing at nico’s hands. he looks into nico’s eyes and nico realizes that the look on his face right now is so similar to the delighted grin he gets when mr spock does something silly in an episode of star trek. nico is proud to have put that smile on his boyfriend’s face, even if he can’t call him that out loud.

will shakes him out of his reverie by speaking. “even if it’s kind of gross and weird?”

nico grins back. “especially then.” he punctuates this point by leaning up on his toes to press a smooch to will’s smiling lips, then another when will relaxes into the kiss. he presses their noses together briefly before going flat footed again. he laces their fingers together like the roots of different trees tangling together over time. their relationship is new, but something about the feelings between them seems old and meaningful. nico hopes it will stay that way for a long time.

☆ im bad at endings akfjs but i hope you like!! sorry this took so long - mod will

New Neighbor

Challenge 07: Breathless
Genre: Fluff
Character: Jaebum

Plot: You try to get close to your new neighbor Jaebum by stalking joining him on his morning run.



Here’s the thing. Your mom always taught you to be kind to your neighbors. When you’re out of town for a business trip, who’s the most likely to help babysit your cats? Your next door neighbor. And what if one day you get kidnapped, who will be the first to notice you go missing? Your next door neighbor, of course.

So when sweet old Mrs. Baek moved out and was replaced with a chiseled, leather-clad, young man, you were determined to make him your next insurance. But here’s the other thing…you and the elderly, you guys mesh like peas in a pod! But young men your age, particularly handsome, chiseled, leather-clad men…not so much.

“What do leather-wearing young dudes like, Tuna?” you asked your orange tabby as you dug your way through the ingredients in your fridge.

Your grey cat, Sundae, purred against your legs at the sight of the open fridge. You smile at the hungry feline before closing the fridge and picking her up into your arms.

“Sundae? Shall I make him sundae, Sundae?” you coo, snuggling into the grey ball of fluff. You put your cat down and settle down on the kitchen floor, thinking seriously about making him a meal. Young men usually liked home cooked meals right?

You rise back up, determined to start cooking. You weren’t the best cook out there, but you weren’t bad either. Besides, it’s the thought that counts, right?


And so there you were, at his front door with three containers full of sundae, scallion pancakes, spicy rice cakes and a thermos full of kimchi chigae. He was bound to like one of these. You stood at his door for another minute, trying to gather your thoughts.

Say hi.

Introduce yourself.

Remember to smile.

Please don’t stutter.

Be confident, Y/N!

And then the door flew open, catching you off guard. Your eyes grew wide as you found yourself standing right in front of your new neighbor. He was even better looking up close.

“F-f-f-food…” your stupid mouth managed to bumble out.

“Huh? Uhh…I didn’t order anything,” he looked at you confused. You could feel your face growing hot with embarrassment as you shook your head in reply.

“Ah, no, umm…I meant…” you let out an exhausted sigh, closing your eyes to compose yourself. _Imagine he’s an old man. An old man like Mr. Lee from down the street. “Hi.”

He let out an amused chuckle. “Hello?”

You smile, a bit relieved. He looked less scary when his eyes were curled into crescent shapes.

“Umm, I’m sorry,” he said again, breaking you away from your trance. “I’m a little busy right now.”

“Ah…okay,” you mutter as you watch him pass you by and enter the waiting taxi across the street.

You looked at the bags of food in your arms in defeat. Sighing, you place the food by his door. You’ll just tuck a note in there to let him know your intentions. You were going to make him like you whether he wanted to or not.


A week passed and you made no progress. In fact, you had actually lost your Tupperware in the process. But were you going to give up? Absolutely not!

“Absolutely not!” you said aloud to Tuna and Sundae as if to reassure yourself. Ignoring your newfound energy, the cats stretched lazily before going back to their evening nap. You walked to your closet, hesitantly taking out your workout gear.

Every morning, without fail, your neighbor had gone running. Afterword though, he would disappear in a taxi and wouldn’t come back until late at night. You knew this from the two loud slams of the door he made when leaving for the day and then coming back home. You wonder if he had even eaten your home cooking. Nevertheless, you set your alarm clock to 5AM sharp. You were determined to be a kind neighbor!

But at the violent ring of your phone alarm going off at dawn, you suddenly didn’t feel so kind. You groaned, forcing yourself to rise from the safe and warm embrace of Tuna and Sundae who were snuggled closely across your neck and leg.

The cats groaned at your rustling but found solace in the warm empty space you left behind. You rolled your eyes at them, wishing you could switch places with them. Although you had to admit, if Tuna and Sundae were in your place they probably would’ve already been good old friends with your neighbor by now.

With one last exhale, you changed into your workout gear and reluctantly left the house. Outside was still cold. The sun hadn’t even risen yet. You looked across your yard to his door. No sign of life. After standing at your door for a few minutes you started to worry if he had already gone running.

But to your relief his door opens and there is your handsome neighbor in his running gear that hugs him in just the right places. You blush when he turns your way. He gives you a slight nod before walking down his steps. You follow quickly.

You were so determined to meet him again that you actually hadn’t planned what you were going to say when meeting him.

“M-Morn-” you started as you approached him.

However, maybe you had said it too softly, but he began lightly jogging away. You blushed with embarrassment, feeling silly after being ignored. But you were already outside and squeezed tightly into workout clothes you hadn’t worn since last summer. Nothing was going to stop you now!

And then he started sprinting.

You huffed after him, feeling your heart beating violently against your chest as your face grew hot with exhaustion. The cold morning air wasn’t much help as it entered your lungs, leaving you wheezing desperately.

You slowed to a stop, landing on the grass in defeat. By now he was already long gone out of your sight. You heaved in disappointment, trying to catch your breath and soothe the ache in your shins.

“Maybe this wasn’t a good idea,” you mutter to yourself, blowing at the hair in your face. You stretch out your legs, staring at the sky that was slowly glowing with soft orange hues. At least you had a pretty sunrise to pacify your painful exhaustion.

As you watched the sun slowly rise from the horizon, you could understand why he got up so early. This was a pretty sight to see.

You were ready to walk back home now when you felt a tap on your shoulder. You turned around, tearing your eyes from the sky only to see your neighbor looking at you with concern.

“Is everything okay?” he asked, taking a seat beside you.

“A-ah, y-yeah,” you quickly mumble, trying hard not to stare at the sweat running down his face and dripping to his collar bones.

“I’m Im Jaebum by the way,” he introduced, sticking out his hand towards you. You take his hand gently, trying hard not to smile too widely.


“Sorry about before, Y/N,” Jaebum looked at you with a sheepish smile. “I didn’t mean to be rude when I walked away suddenly.”

You shake your head vigorously. “No, no it’s okay. I was the one who stopped by so suddenly.”

He looked at you for a moment. “Are you sure you’re okay? You’re wheezing.”

You turned red with embarrassment, trying to breathe less so he wouldn’t hear.

“I’m fine,” you mutter with constricted lungs.

He laughed, his eye curling as he patted your back soothingly. “No, please, breathe normally. The wheezing should subside once your body finds its balance again. Do you have asthma?”

You shake your head, watching as Jaebum grabs hold of your hand, placing two fingers softly against your pulsating wrist. You blush. His fingers are a bit rough but have a warm touch.

“Must be the cold air then. Don’t force your body to run too hard, it’ll only hurt your body more in the long run.”

You nod softly, glancing up at his face as he stares down at your wrist. At a closer look, he didn’t seem as scary as he did in his leather jacket. His brown hair fell delicately over his eyes. He was literally glowing with the sun shining on his face.

You gulped, looking back down before he caught you. “Are you a doctor?”

He lifted his head with a smile. “No, actually I work at a local clinic. I’m a physical therapist for people with disabilities.”

“So you’re a doctor,” you smiled, noticing his tone shifting as he talked about his profession.

He chuckled softly, a glint in his eyes at seeing your own smile. “Tell my parents that.”

“But you are!” You say, trying not to yell it. “Sounds like you’re doing something great and meaningful. What parent wouldn’t be proud of a son like you?”

He looked away shyly. “You’re really good with your words.”

You laugh at this. “Actually, I’m a writer. Nothing big though, just small stuff for a magazine.

“Oh really? I’d love to read some of your stuff.”

You chuckle. “My cats will be so relieved to know I’ve found someone new to read to.”

Jaebum’s ears perked up at this. He turned to you with a wide smile. “Cats?”

“Tuna and Sundae,” you say proudly. You could see his eyes widening with excitement.

“I have three cats,” Jaebum said enthusiastically. “Nora, Odd, and Kunta.”

You can’t help but squeal a little. You loved meeting fellow cat lovers. You wheezed out a cough, your lungs constricting from the feelings of excitement. Jaebum laughed, rubbing your back again.

“You don’t run much do you?” he chuckled.

You blush. “Not really. To be honest, I was just trying to talk to you…so I could formally introduce myself.”

He grinned. “You know you could just knock on my door, right?”

“But where’s the excitement in that?” You joke. “I’m a writer remember?”

“Ah, of course, of course.”

“But in all seriousness, it did feel like this was my only option. You leave so early and don’t come home til late at night.”

“Ah yeah, sorry about that. My schedule has been hectic since I’ve just moved in.”

“No need to apologize. I feel sorry for your cats though.”

“Oh, I see you’re the guilt-tripping type.”

You laugh, halfway coughing again, but the pain was all worth it. I mean, look at you now, having a better conversation than you’ve ever had with Mr. Lee or Mrs. Baek. “Did you try the food?”

He stopped rubbing your back and gave you a thumbs up. “It was the best meal I’ve had in years!”

You look up in surprise. “R-really?”

He nodded. “I’m so grateful to have such a kind neighbor.”

“Ayy, you shouldn’t eat random food outside your door though,” you teased, trying to hide the blush growing from his compliment.

He chuckled. “But you left a note.”

“Ah, that’s true,” you agreed thoughtfully.

“I’m sorry about the containers. I’ve been meaning to give them back to you, it’s just…”

“Oh, it’s alright. Take your time, I know you’re a busy person,” you reassure him with a smile. He looked at you, his cheeks turning slightly pink. He rubbed the nape of his neck, looking away from you.

“I guess that too, but…mostly, I’m just not good at talking to pretty girls.”

Your eyes widen as your lips curl into a smile reflexively. “P-pretty?”

“Ahhh~!” he yelled in embarrassment, hiding his face in his arms. You laugh as his ears go bright red. You were glad you weren’t the only one feeling shy.

“And this whole time I thought you were going to be a scary new neighbor,” you chuckle. “Turns out you’re just a soft cat dad.”

He chuckled, lifting his head from his hands. “Well, turns out you’re prettier in person.”

You blushed, looking away shyly.

“I mean, kind of a stalker too,” he added jokingly. “But seeing as you’ve suffered enough this morning, I’ll let it slide.”

He winked at you teasingly.

“You should stop by my clinic one day,” he offered. “Some physical therapy might help you out.”

You roll your eyes at all his teasing.

“Well, if you’re being so kind, I’d also like to offer my hand in caring for your cats when you’re gone. Since I work at home,” you grin mischievously. “Some human presence might help them feel less neglected.”

Jaebum stared you down, his mouth slightly open in dismay.

“Wow, Y/N, you’re kind of savage.”

“But still pretty right?” You smile sweetly. “Jaebum-sshi, I’m pretty right? Still pretty?”

Trying to conceal his smile, Jaebum rose from his seat on the grass. You laugh, watching him walk away. You quickly rise, following after him, giggling the whole way home as he tries his best to ignore you. 

The best and worst quotes from @straightcharactersoftheday

Today i took it upon myself to quote my favorite source of entertainment!
The fantastic blog @straightcharactersoftheday
I reeeaaallyyyy love that blog and i 10000000% think that straight characters need more representation??? like they are so right????????? straight characters are practically NON-EXISTENT NOW!
all vry fantastic vry good statements are bolded

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Heart attack;Jisung

Genre: fluff, tiny angst

Request: ayooo ~~ i wanna request fluffy jisung based on AOA’s Heart Attack??? - anon that talks too much

A/N: this didn’t go as well as i thought it would be but i hope you enjoy reading it!! tbh it’s actually quite bad?? omg im so sorry,, it’s been long since i actually wrote scenarios ahh


I’ve completely fallen for you

Your soft voice

I’ve fallen for it

I’m trembling

You held up your shaking and trembling hand hesitantly in front of you, your head shyly looking down as your eyes couldn’t finds its way to meet his. Cheeks flushed red, you bit your lips nervously as your heart stopped beating for second once you felt his warm palm holding yours.

“I’m Jisung if you didn’t know! It’s great being able to talk to you… finally haha”

His soft and soothing voice called out to you as he shook your hand, a slight tone of excitement ringing loudly in your ears. You bit your lower lip and lifted your head slightly to meet his eyes, a big smile on his face, a slight expression of anticipation as he waited for you to reply.

“Haha, of course i know you…”

You mentally slapped yourself after you realised what you said-you could’ve done better Y/N, why did you say that.

“Oh, it’s great to be your dance buddy, let’s have lots of fun together!”

You took his hand into yours hesitantly, trying your best not to give yourself away. You gave him a small smile, which he in return, let out a small giggle.

Your heart melted.

His voice itself could make you go weak, as tbe butterflies in your stomach churned and turned, and your whole body was shaking from the nervousness- all because of him. Only he had that power.

I totally understand how people fall in love at first sight

Now I know, the first time I saw you

You first saw him three years back, when you started taking up dance lessons as a hobby and something you do during your free time, despite you not being too interested in dancing. You were fascinated and entranced in his dancing, the way he’d always be so confident in every move he did, but change into a complete shy and awkward person after every performance. He attracted you.

You remember yourself going to dance lessons and dragging your lazy body out of the house just for the sake of seeing him every week, and as soon as you knew, you were more passionate in dancing, and started putting in more effort.

All for the sake of Park Jisung.

You’d notice how he’d always laugh and joke around with his friends in the dance room, and as time went by you noticed how you’d unknowingly smile too, as though he’s the only main source of your happiness. The sweet and sincere smile he’d always give you when he caught eye contact with you always made you flustered and nervous, and soon enough, you were madly in love with him.

Oh my, I keep getting a heart attack

The more I see you

My heart keeps pounding, I don’t know

It’s like a heart attack, what do I do?

I keep wanting to be in your arms, baby

“I’ll be coming in 10 minutes, wait for me alrights!” the boy on the other line of the phone called out to you, his flustered voice making you smile. You hummed in response and placed your phone in the small pouch slinged across your back, as you adjusted the side of the dress you bought and wore specially for today. Your heart was pumping against your chest so loudly, it felt as though it was going to pop up anytime.

Time passed quickly and as soon as you saw the familiar figure approaching you, your heart was at the top of your throat, as you tried your best to stay calm.

“I’m sorry i’m late! School ended late today,” Jisung said out to you, his hands rubbing the back of his neck, as he gave you an apologetic look.

Your hands reached up to tuck the strand of hair behind your ear, “Oh.. No, it’s okay!”

Jisung smiled again, then placed a hand on your shoulder, “You look really good by the way” as he moved his hand up to pat your head, then giving you a cheeky smile.

Your heartbeats resembled the sound of the hitting of the drums, and you tried your best not to fall right onto the ground from the happiness and content you were feeling. Keeping your cool, you playfully hit his hand, then giggled, “Thank you, you look good too hehe”

Jisung raised his eyebrows, and you saw his cheeks turn bright pink too, as he bent his head down slightly, hiding his face from you. He muttered a small ‘Thank you’ shyly, before he held your wrist gently, pulling you to the cafe he wanted to bring you to, the one he had been telling you about for the past two weeks.

Your first date with him, and he had already done so much.

Your heart couldn’t take it, it felt surreal.

“What about him do you like so much?”

My friends ask and I answer, “Don’t talk if you don’t know”

Your best friend gave you a big smirk, then snatched your phone away from your hands, which caused you to sprawl over her lap, in attempts to take your phone back.

“see you tomorrow cutie- are you going on a date with him, AGAIN?” she read out the text message on your phone, then cooed, “my girl’s all grown up now, she has a boyfriend, i’m proud of you, he just called you cutie omg??”

You couldn’t help but blush, as you smacked her hand lightly, “Shut up omg- GIVE ME BACK MY PHONE”

“you saved him with three heart emojis, i don’t think i even have one? wow Y/N, i thought i was more important than your boyfriend” she ignored your whines, then teased again.

“He’s not my boyfriend for goodness sake, we’re just really good friends.”

She raised her eyebrows then smirked, “Yeah sure, good friends go on dates all the time almost every week and call each other cute nicknames, how cute”

You ignored her words, then reached forward to grab your phone from her hand. You stucked out your tongue as you managed to take it away, and you smiled immediately after you saw the message he sent after- it was a text full of heart emojis.

“You do know you look crazy right now, right?”

“Stop it, i swear i’ll kill you if you say anything else-”

“Jisung probably wouldn’t like to see that”

Oh my prince, where are you looking?

I’m right here

You’re so handsome, I just need you

I can’t live without you

Your heart sank the moment he entered the dance studio, totally ignoring you and your presence. You had looked forward to celebrating your one month together, but for some reason Jisung had been ignoring every single one of your messages and calls, and thinking that he was busy, you didn’t let it bother you too much.

It was not until he talked and laughed happily with his friends, leaving you completely alone in the corner of the room, that made you feel worst- this was so unlike Jisung.

He’d normally greet you with a big hug or small peck on the forehead, and even offering to head down together for dance sessions. But today was different, on the date of your monthsary.

Jisung, what are you doing? Why are you acting like this?

This ruined your whole emotional state for the rest of the lesson, and you didn’t have the mood or motivation to do your steps properly. Jisung didn’t even look at you once, in contrast to you, where your eyes never left him at all.

“One, two- Y/N can you please do your steps properly, what is wrong with you today?” your instructor called out to you sternly, causing the others to turn to you.

So did Jisung.

Your eyes left his for a brief second, “I’m sorry- I’m just not in the right mind today” Your teacher shook her head and walked away to the other students without saying any other words, leaving you feeling sad and deeply affected.

Jisung wasn’t looking anymore.

You couldn’t take it anymore. Like a breeze, you sped out of the room as your tears fell down your cheeks. You heard someone call out your name from behind, and as soon as you know, Jisung was hugging you, his hand on the back of your head.

“I-I’m sorry my princess, did i go too far? I was actually planning for a surprise, i didn’t mean to actually hurt you, i’m so sorry i love you” Jisung blurted out to you, a shocked expression on his face, his eyes on the verge of tearing up too.

You stared at him in shock, then slightly hitting his chest as you let out another cry of relief.

“Yuta hyung said this would be a good idea- I didn’t mean this at all, i’m so sorry” he said out to you again, his hands now cupping your cheeks.

Your arms wrapped around his waist, your head resting on his shoulder, “Please don’t do this ever again, it’s the scariest thing ever.”

Jisung gave a small smile, then nodded, “I promise i won’t. Happy 1st month together by the way, i wanted to make it special so i tried coming up with a surprise which failed but know that i love you and i can never live without you.”

You giggled, “I thought you had forgotten” you paused, giving Jisung a look, “But i love you too, happy first month”

Jisung took your hand in his, then pulled you back to the room, “There’s a food party inside there right now, that was what i wanted to surprise you with, wanna go in?”

Samuel Seabury x Reader: Modern!AU

Words: 1404  

Warning: mentions of rape–not romanticised, guns/gun control. 

 Request: “Could you do prompt 27 with Samuel Seabury please?" 

 Prompt: "I remember practicing how to ask you out in the mirror.." 

 A/N I kind like this one ????   & im sorry it’s late I kept spacing out? I couldn’t concentrate on anything even though I knew exactly what I wanted for this imagine it was just really weird 


 You lay awake in bed, staring up at the ceiling. Your boyfriend had just taken you out to a fancy dinner, and popped the big question. He asked you to marry you. 

 Of course, of course, of course, you said yes. You weren’t stupid, you were were blessed with a very thoughtful and humble man– with the name of Samuel Seabury. You had been together for five years now, starting from junior year of highschool. You had actually met in your sophmore year of highschool. 

You couldn’t help but smile to yourself, you had remembered the day you met him. How flustered and cute he was, how passionate he could be… 


 You walked through the halls, of the humongous campus. Dreading every second you had to spend there, when someone bumped into you. Dropping their things. 


 You bent down and out your stuff to the side, they bent down as well, picking up their things. You brushed your hair out of your face, grabbing your own things, and standing up, along with them. 

 "I’m sorry about that kid,” you said, getting a good look at him. He had auburn-ish hair, with brown eyes, he was a little tall. “Oh, no problem. My fault. But… While I have you, do you know where the debate class is?” He asked. Your eyes lit up, “Oh, yeah! I’m going there right now! Just– follow me, you were going the wrong way.”

 It was very hard to direct him, he would insist he knew the way and kept trying to go off on his own. You finally reached the classroom, walking in right before the bell rang. You sat next your friend, Alex, and the kid sat across from you. It just hit you— you didn’t even know his name. 

 "Who’s he? I saw you come in with him…“ Alex asked, while you were taking out your notebook. "Um, don’t know him name, but, we bumped into eachother in the hall and he asked where debate class was." 

 "I hope he’s on our side, the last thing we need is another idiot.” You swiftly hit him in the stomach, winding the air out of him, causing him to clutch his stomach. You smiled, satisfied. 

 Mr. Washington walked into the room a few seconds late, “Sorry, I’m a little tardy. I had something to take care of,” then, Thomas Jefferson walked in after him. It was obvious what the ’business’ was. 

 He sat down across from Alex, and winked at you. After that, you wanted to throw up.

 "Okay, so, we have a new student today,“ Mr. Washington continued, "what’s your name?” He gestured to the kid you bumped into, who stood up, “My name is Samuel Seabury." 

 Alex seemed to be fuming, you looked over, "What’s the big deal?” He looked at you as if you were crazy, “What’s the big deal? What’s the big deal? Oh my god, y/n…” He put his head in his hands, still not answering you question. You would just have to wait until the debate actually started. 

 "The topic for today is…“ He wrote on the board, "Gun control!.. Son, would you like to start?" 

 Alex grumbled at the nickname, but stood up, ready to fire off.

 Jefferson and Alex were going at it for a while, when Washington said, "Okay, okay, enough. I think we need a few outside opinions, does anybody else want to say something?” Washington looked as if he was begging, then, Samuel stood up,

 "I’d like to say something… I don’t think anybody should have guns in general, unless they’re in the military of course. But I still think we should ban them.“ 

You instantly stood up, "I disagree.”  

Everyone in the rooms’ eyes’ seemed widen, you knew exactly why. You don’t really… talk much, in debate. Anyone not in the discussion, or anyone that has the same opinion, usually stays quiet. You were one of those people. 

 "How so?“ Seabury asked, eyes full of challenge. 

 "People need guns, for protection. Many women get raped each year, but some can defend themselves with the help of guns. Women, and men, need guns to protect themselves. For self defense. But, than, there are people who own guns, that don’t use it for protection, but for chaos–" 

 "Exactly, people use guns for chaos. They threaten, that’s how most rapists do it. If guns were gone, the amount of rape to women would lessen in our country,” he said, standing proud. He leaned over the table with his hands gripping it and his eyes narrowed, “Violence doesn’t solve anything. Thus, we get rid of guns." 

 You could practically feel Hamilton and Jefferson roll their eyes. At least they agreed on something. "Even if we did ban guns. There is always a way to gen them back into the U.S. They would be imported. Illegally. Along with bullets. Rape isn’t just commited with guns, most of the times its men that rape women. They can use how strong they are to get away with it." 

 Washington was fuming, mostly because you brought up rape, something you hadn’t talked about before, "Alright! Enough, enough! Sit down, class is almost over, anyways…” He didn’t call you or Samuel out, though, he just walked over to his desk, sorting through papers like usual. 

 You sat down, reluctantly, and Alex offered a high five, which you declined, “I didn’t technically win." 

 "But, everyone in here knows you did,” he said, still holding his hand up, “Everyone except that asshole.” You elbowed him, “He’s not an asshole, he’s just… Sharing his opinions." 

 "How do you do that? How do you… Like people, when they’re totally mean to you in debate?” Alex was quite astonished.

 "I don’t know, I just… Do.“ 

 The bell rang, and you gathered your things and left the room, departing from Alex, going  to Chemistry, as he went to History. You stopped by your locker first, grabbing the things you would need for science, or else you’d probably get yelled at. A familiar face popped by next to you, opening their locker. 

 "Hey, Seabury!” You smiled, “Is it alright if I call you that?” Samuel looked at you, confused, “Yeah, sure… Whatever…” He was mumbling, and he turned his attention back to his locker.

 You frowned at him, and turned your attention back to your locker as well. Rude. 

 You made your way to Chemistry, putting your stuff down at your table, which you had by yourself. It had been assigned to you because you weren’t there the day tables were assigned. How special. 

 Someone sat across from you, a familiar face, so you smiled, “Hey, Seabury." 

His face scrunched up, "Is this a dare?" 

 You breathed out a laugh, "What? What are you talking about?" 

 "You! Being… Nice. And, and, thoughtful, like we didn’t just try to rip eachothers heads off in debate.”  

“Why shouldn’t I be nice?” You inquired.  

“Because! We have different beliefs–" 

 "We’re not that different." 

 "– And that’s not how it works! It’s not like I can be your friend or anything." 

You thought for a moment, tapping your fingers on the desk, "You can… If you answer a series of questions." 

 He looked dumbstruck, he blinked a couple of times, "Okay… What?”

 "Would you vote for Donald Trump?“

 "Hell no.”

 "Do you believe women and men are equal?“ 

 "Of course.”



 ”… Are–" 

 "I support the LGBT+ community!“ 

 You smiled, and leaned into the table, "Well, Seabury, I think we’ll get along just fine.”


 Your fiancé -god, you’ll never get tired of hearing that- moved his arm up and down alongside your hip, “I remember practicing how to ask you out in the mirror." 

 You smiled, "I remember practicing how to tell Alex we were dating in the mirror." 

 Samuel groaned, he didn’t necessarily hate Alex, but he did despise him quite a bit. It was the same way turned around. 

 You elbowed him in the stomach, "Oh, shut up, he’s my bestfriend.”

 "Yeah, I know… I know… Should we begin practicing how to tell him we’re engaged?“ 

 "Maybe, he might kill us.”

Boyfriend S. Coups

I decided I’m going to do a little series!! I know I’m putting off my real requests, but I wanted to try this out!! I’ll be going in age order, so please don’t send in requests for me to add a new installment - I’ll get to every member in turn, just be patient!! Anyway, here begins my Boyfriend!Seventeen series!

Originally posted by ultimatekpoptrash

  • He would’ve known right from the first time he saw you that he wanted to be with you
  • He’d act really confident when asking you out, but in reality, he’d be so insanely nervous inside.
  • They guys would’ve had to give him constant pep talks before he finally asked you out
  • “Seriously though what if they reject me? What will I do then?”
  • “You’ll be fine, Seungcheol. Just go for it.”
  • When you said yes, he’d be so excited that he wouldn’t be able to contain it - he’s immediately either pull you in for the tightest hug he could possibly give or pick you up by your waist and spin you around
  • He’d then immediately apologize for getting carried away
  • He would seriously be the most caring boyfriend ever like he’d always put you before himself
  • He’d be all about couple’s clothing like the more ridiculous the better
  • He’d spoil you absolutely rotten
  • Like seriously almost every time he showed up at your house it’d seem like he had a new gift
  • “Seungcheol oh my god why did you buy me something else you’re going to go broke”
  • “I can’t help it it reminded me of you and I had to get it don’t you like it”
  • “well of course I like it but-”
  • “then there’s no problem here”
  • very, very touchy, and not afraid of PDA in the slightest
  • Always has his arm around your waist when you’re in public
  • Will just lay down in your lap if you’re at home
  • His favorite way to cuddle is when he’s sitting with you between his legs and his arms wrapped around your stomach, pulling you into him
  • He likes to place little kisses on the top of your head when you’re sitting like that
  • Sometimes he’ll even blow on your ear just to see you freak out
  • LOVES playing with your hair like he’s constantly running his fingers through it
  • on a scale of 1 to 10 his possessiveness is at roughly 100 like if anyone so much as breathes in your direction it pisses him off
  • If anyone looks at you in what he deems to be the wrong way he will pull you in against him as tight as he can and probably just full on start making out with you whether you’re in public or not
  • It doesn’t matter if they’re a man, woman, nonbinary, adult, child, etc. he will fight literally A N Y O N E who shows more than a platonic interest in you
  • After you went home when someone was giving you a look, he would hold your face in his hands and look deep into your eyes, seriously saying, “You’re mine, got it?”
  • Lots and lots of kisses
  • He thinks it’s super cute to give kisses places other than your lips tho (and he’s right)
  • Lots of nose kisses, shoulder kisses, hand kisses, you name it, he’ll kiss it
  • e s k i m o   k i s s e s
  • Big whiny baby who will do anything for your kisses
  • “Jagiiiiii I got a papercut kiss it better”
  • Said paper cut is really just a red line he drew on his hand with a pen to earn a kiss
  • But you still play along anyway because he’s adorable
  • Also really loves hugs 
  • Probably gives the tightest hugs ever and he’s the type to rub your back while you’re hugging
  • just imagine those arms around you wowow
  • Totally 100% into backhugs
  • Loves resting his chin on your shoulder during backhugs
  • Probably rubs your waist or your stomach or smth while you’re hugging too
  • He’d be great to have around when you’re sick
  • If you told him you were sick, he’d be over at your house in a heartbeat, brandishing stuffed animals, blankets, movies, medicine, etc
  • Would make you soup once he was there and insist that you let him feed you
  • He’d cuddle you and kiss you while you were sick, even though you told him that he’d get sick too
  • “I don’t care, as long as you feel better"
  • a week later when he’s sick, he’d just kinda grin sheepishly at you when you showed up at his door with the same materials he had brought for you
  • nothing in this world will get his heart racing faster than seeing you wearing his clothes
  • He especially loves when you sleep in his clothes because that means you’re most comfortable in his things and he loves that
  • If he ever can’t sleep at home because of his schedule he’ll be sure to leave one of his shirts out for you to wear - sprayed with his favorite cologne as well, of course
  • Bathing and showering together!!!!!!!
  • I don’t mean sexually even like literally just taking baths together
  • Mainly he’d love bathing and showering with you because it just shows how close the two of you are that you can do such intimate things like that together
  • Adores washing your hair. He’ll probably spend a solid five minutes just rubbing the shampoo in because he just loves the feeling of running your hair through his fingers
  • and of course he’d give you a shampoo mohawk how could he resist an opportunity like that
  • If you wanted to wash his hair too he’d probably just sit there giggling the entire time you were doing it
  • He’d especially love taking bubble baths
  • Meaning he’d love making lil shapes out of the bubbles and throwing them at you
  • Also would be a big fan of bubble beards and if you were lucky he’d let you take a picture of him with one
  • Sleeping together is one of his absolute favorite things to do
  • He’ll always hold you as closely as he can while you sleep
  • Better yet, he likes you to lay on top of him and he just wraps his arms around you like that wow the image of Coups’s hella ripped arms wrapped around me while sleeping is going to rip my heart out g2g g2g g2g
  • If you asked, he might even sing to you until you fall asleep
  • Yeah you heard me
  • Not rap
  • SING
  • He’d love those late night conversations where you just kind of lay next to each other discussing anything and everything in your raspy, tired voices
  • At the end of these conversations he’d always turn to you and say, “You know, I really do love you” and the sincerity is just overflowing from both his eyes and his voice
  • “I love you too, idiot”
  • Cue forehead kiss
  • If he woke up before you, he’s that dorky boyfriend who’d just kind of stare at you for a while, wondering how in the hell he got so lucky
  • He’d definitely make you breakfast
  • Even if it’s something as basic as pouring a bowl of cereal for you, he would definitely want to be the one to do it for you
  • If you’re not a big breakfast person, he’d still do it
  • “Eat it, Jagi. You need your energy.”
  • Would definitely wake you up with lil kisses and whispers
  • He’d really like getting ready with you in the morning
  • Like just sharing the space in the mirror while he does his hair and you brush your teeth or whatever
  • He’d just like it because it feels so domestic and without fail that thought will make him blush every single morning
  • “What are you blushing about this time Seungcheol”
  • “Just thinking about how much I love you, Jagi”
  • Definitely 10/10 has a folder on his phone dedicated to candid pictures of you
  • No matter what you’re doing, if you’re not looking at him, he will always find a way to sneak out his phone and take a picture of you
  • You probably think you look awful in 90% of them and tell him to delete them
  • But he refuses and tells you that he thinks they’re adorable
  • You might think he’s joking but he’s being completely sincere he just loves looking at you no matter what
  • Your dates would always be really crazy and fun
  • Like yeah you’d do your typical dinner dates from time to time, but he’d want to do something exciting
  • He’d take you to like a bounce house or smth and you two would just jump around like kids, having the time of your life
  • If you were ever out and people told you what a ‘lovely couple’ you were (that’s what happens in all the fan fictions right), he wouldn’t be embarrassed at all. He’d just smile and agree
  • Would love cooking dinner for you
  • Even if he’s not a super great cook and doesn’t really know what he’s doing, he’d want to be able to cook a meal
  • Even if he has to call in Jeonghan or Joshua for help, he will definitely finish that meal and have it taste okayish
  • For as confident as he is, he’d be super, super nervous about proposing
  • It’d just hit him one night - probably in the middle of one of your late night discussions - that he couldn’t picture his life without you in it, and that’s when he’d know that he had to propose
  • The next morning he’d be extra smiley and bubbly and would wake up even earlier and you’d just be like ?????
  • He’d spend a really long time picking out the ring, wanting to be totally positive that it’s something you’d like
  • He wouldn’t want some big, over the top proposal; he’d stick to something simple, yet romantic
  • He’d probably take you to all your favorite spots, maybe ending the place where you had your first date
  • He’d go for the classic down on one knee, giving you a speech about how he loves you more than life itself
  • He’d definitely cry. Maybe while he’s still talking, maybe after you say yes, but no matter what there are going to be tears
  • Once you say yes, it’ll be like him asking you out all over again, picking you up and spinning around - only this time, he won’t apologize.

S. Coups













Hold Up

Pairing: Pansy Parkinson x Harry Potter

Setting: Modern, non-magical, reality show AU

Word Count: 797 words

Written For: @bleugorskis

The thing is.

The thing is.

Pansy only took the fucking internship because Daphne had run off to, like, herd sheep in fucking New Zealand for the summer and Draco had decided to chase Granger onto a fucking Green Peace boat like his life was a fucking Mandy Moore movie and Blaise had Theo and Greg had Vince and Cormac had been a fucking asshole and fucking dumped her after graduating.

And her dad had looked at her like he was proud, when she’d shown him the email, and she was literally powerless to resist that siren call of rarely expressed paternal affection, so.

She accepted the internship, and she made sure to wear her most obnoxious pink lipstick when she had her picture taken for her employee badge, and she slanted a ferocious glare at the production assistant for the sketchy new “social experiment” reality show she’d been assigned to so the bitch understood the fucking hierarchy, right, and she signed a million boring release forms and nondisclosure agreements and tax emption applications and that was it.

Until that wasn’t it.

Until the trademark bottle blonde Northridge dropout they’d cast as the specimen for their pilot episode showed up drunk and crying and in an actual fucking sequined tube top like she thought it was still 1999 and—

“Parkinson,” the director barked, snapping greasy In-N-Out fingers in her face. “We need you.”

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My follower forever

Alright, as previously announced, my follower forever!

Ok I´ll be honest for the longest time I had no idea how these work. I´m still no 100%. But I always thought you tag the people you follow. I that´s not the case, sorry about that.

I´ve already explained in this post what I feel towards all of you. I´d recommend reading that first, if you´re interested in my trashy teenager self. So instead of rehashing all of that, let me just quote my favorite moment in fictional history, which sums up my feelings very well:

Thank you, for being with me. Thank you, for teaching me how to life. Thank you…for wrapping this scarf…around me.  

(ok this was a bit too corny wasn´t it? :P)

Anyhow, mutuals are bolded. There is a chance I messed up here, tumblr wouldn’t properly show me who is a mutual so maybe there are few mistakes. I´m sorry about that, none of those were intended).

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general-kenobis  asked:

I've been following you for a while and I've noticed how much you love Pride and Prejudice. I also love both the book and the 2005 film, but I've always had one pretty serious problem with the storyline. I've never understood why Elizabeth falls for Darcy. I've read the book countless times, seen the film even more than that, and I still don't understand. Why does Elizabeth, a wonderful, bright, independent, and headstrong woman fall in love with a man who has repeatedly shamed her and her

family? And when he attempts to make up for hurting Elizabeth’s feelings, he really only fixes the things HE RUINED in the first place (ie Jane and Bingley’s relationship). Other than that, I still don’t understand why Elizabeth should fall in love with this man. She even states that “only the deepest of loves will persuade me into matrimony”, and Darcy has done nothing to warrant that love besides giving Lydia the money for her marriage. I’ve looked up to Lizzy since I was 11 and I don’t get it

[crackles knuckles] buckle up yall we’re ab to get DEEP into pride and prejudice

ok well first of all thanks for sending me this ask bc i love talking ab p&p as everyone knows. 

so ur question: Why does lizzie fall for darcy??????

i like to think about it this way: what would’ve happened if lizzie hadn’t overheard darcy and bingley belittle her at the dance?(there are some rly good fics on this topic btw) how wouldve lizzie and darcy’s relationship progressed differently if lizzie hadn’t been determined to hat e him before they ever really interact? because of their interactions after that hinge on lizzie’s opinion of darcy being set – hes a pompous dick. she decides it. but what if she had greeted him with an open mind like any other new acquaintance? i think she wouldve probably still thought he was awkward and pompous but realized much sooner that there was more to him than that. 

because what happens in the book is that while darcy is having this evolution from his prejudiced view of lizzie based on her social status to falling in love with her, lizzie isnt budging from her opinion that darcy is a dick because she hasnt had any positive interactions with him to change that view. when wickham (a guy she literally jUST met and doesnt have any connections with) tells her darcy is an asshole she believes it right away because thats already how she views him. 

in short what im saying that they both start out with a predisposition to dislike one another – darcy because lizzie isnt high born and lizzie because she overhears darcy say a mean thing about her. darcy’s opinion changes because he spends time with lizzie (and jane) and sees what great amazing vibrant people they are. 

but lizzies opinion of darcy doesnt change except to get WORSE based on what other people tell her. and thats because of one of the central problems in p&p: DARCY IS HORRIBLE AT COMMUNICATING WITH OTHER PEOPLE!!! he cant show his personality to lizzie the same way she does to him because hes so awkward and doesnt know how to act well. i think if darcy didn’t have issues with being around new people lizzie’s opinion of him would change so much more quickly and thats because DARCY IS ACTUALLY A GOOD PERSON!!!!!

the bennets are always like why does bingley who is amazing hang out with darcy who is the worst??? its because darcy is actually a caring and compassionate friend again he just doesnt do well with new people. we see this with how he interacts with georgiana, when the housekeeper at pemberley tells lizzie and her aunt and uncle that darcy is adored by all the staff and everyone in town, etc etc. darcy is a good person – not perfect, he def has lots of faults like pride and prejudice and classism for example – but he just isnt good at showing that thru words. 

so what changes lizzies mind??? even if darcy is secretly a good person why would lizzie care after what he did to jane and bingley? well a few very important things happen. 

1. lizzie gets the letter from darcy. this letter isnt a 100% fix it situation because he doesnt explain the rude things he says ab her family but it does explain ab wickham and make lizzie feel for him ab that whole situation. it also explained ab jane and bingley and while lizzie doesnt agree w him, it def changes her perspective that darcy is an evil villain who just wanted to cause pain. still, after the letter she mostly feels awkward and guilty and embarrassed but no love. 

2. darcy practices. when at rosings lizzie makes fun of how bad darcy is at talking to people and he tells her that its not something that comes naturally to him. lizzie tells him to “take his aunts advice and practice” and when lizzie goes to pemberley its obvious that he hAS BEEN PRACTICING!!!! lizzie notes that he is not at all like how he was when she interacted with him before, and her aunt and uncle are like why did u tell us darcy was such a bad dude?? he rules?? darcy isnt perfect but the point is that he gets better – he learns!!! lizzie teaches him!!!!!! he becomes better – less judgmental, less standoffish because he wanted to better for lizzie. 

3. actions speak louder than words. even tho darcy is getting better at talking his actions still speak louder than what he says. the way he interacts with georgiana at pemberley, the way he rescues lydia, the way he convinces bingley to go back to jane. these actions show lizzie that the TRUE person he is and make her realize that hes actually Great. 

like if ur thinking ab lizzie and darcy as darcy is an ass why does lizzie change her mind about him i view it differently?? like i think darcy was always a good person who is very suited to lizzie but because of the communication errors (lizzie “willfully misunderstanding” him) and drama that goes on, lizzie doesnt find this out until the end. 

because i do think that lizzie and darcy are Very suited for each other. they are SO ALIKE (lizzie says this so cutely at the end of the 2005 version). they are both proud and they both have prejudices. lizzie kind of thinks shes better than everyone else and love to make fun of people and secretly watch their “follies” to get amusement. darcy prefers to be by himself or with a close few because he generally thinks all new people arent really worth his time. they are both really fiery and passionate. and i think they both challenge each other like… when u think ab darcy growing up losing his parents at a young age and being so rich do u think anyone really called him out on his shit in his entire adult life??? no. so when lizzie like dragged his ass thru the dirt it was probably the first time anyone told him that he came off like a total douche. and even tho lizzie makes fun of darcy when he says “my good opinion once lost is lost forever” ISNT THAT EXACTLY WHAT LIZZIE IS LIKE??? she decides she hates darcy and likes wickham and then realizes she was totally wrong about both of them. 

they are also both oblivious about their friends’ love lives even though they want whats best for them (im talking ab charlotte for lizzie) and both are really loyal to their families. and yeah, what darcy said ab lizzies family was really really rude but was it different than anything lizzie has said before??? she is constantly getting annoyed/embarrassed by her mom and her sisters. so. 

i really think they are soulmates because they bring out the best in one another. they challenge each other and have really different viewpoints and upbringings but the same core values. 

i hope this maybe explained a little of why they fall in love??? basically it wasnt about the lydia wickham thing at all but about lizzie Seeing darcy as he truly is.  

booksdestroyedmylife  asked:

lynn (can I call you lynn?) think about this: tfc hospital au. do with it whatever you want

Yes !!!! You can call me Lynn you are very welcome to!! 

Okay so I haven’t written up an au in a little bit because of the sudden WORK but I need a break so here it goes. Hospital AU. Scrubs. Scrubs AU. House AU. That’s all I know about hospitals okay the only surgery I needed was at the dentist.

So… this got long.

  • Wymack is Head of the Department because some dumbass gave this man an medical degree and let him run with it. He might also have a thing for their Chief of Medicine who happens to be Abby.
  • AARON IS IN HIS ABSOLUTE Z O N E. He’s the fucking main character of this whole debacle okay he’s a neurologist who is really talented but also happens to hate everyone so in order to get him to cooperate (or as some form of punishment) Wymack makes him mentor a bunch of potential doctors he found. He is not happy.
  • Andrew is a surgeon because some other dumbass gave this man a medical degree. Thankfully his knives only save lives here but only ironically. He his eclectic memory makes him brilliant though extremely uncooperative. Think House with less snark and more disinterested silence. 
  • Kevin transferred from Edgar Allen Medical and is renown in the medical world for his brilliance and technique. Unfortunately Edgar Allen is really shit at staying out of corruption and they (Riko) put him out of practice and ruined his reputation.
  • Aaron uses him as an example frequently when talking to the interns, since Kevin has to follow them around too. Don’t end up like this asshole. He fucked up and that’s the last thing you can do in medicine.
  • Renee is a physician and is everyone’s favorite. She is so gentle with the patients and has the smile of an angel. Many wake up thinking they’ve died when they see her face. 
  • Dan works in sports medicine and has to face athletes all. the time. She takes none of their shit and isn’t afraid to challenge them to a game if they think they’re ready to get out of the hospital. You think you’re ready for the court???? You wanna go??? Score against me and maybe.
  • Matt works in the maternity ward by some unfortunate string of events but he LOVES it. Big puppy is so great with babies. Andrew and Aaron avoid him like the plague because he is always surrounded by children.
  • Seth is the receptionist. He is an Asshole but he gets shit done. Allison comes over every once in a while to kick his ass.
  • Allison is also a surgeon. She is all glitter outside of the ER, but when she transforms, she TRANSFORMS. No fake nails, no jewelry. Snaps on the gloves and digs through guts. No life left behind. Looks so good doing it she belongs in a medical drama.
  • These are all of the people Aaron has to work with since they cause the most trouble around the office but they all end up forming a little clan around him and his hate backfires because they all get attached to him.
  • Except his brother.
  • That asshole.
  • Oh yeah and then Neil is that guy who’s not a doctor but comes in as a torture victim because of his father’s abuse. He’s in a coma for a while but Andrew is the one who performs the surgery that makes sure he keeps all of his limbs.
  • Andrew has an interest in him because of his experience with parental abuse and watches over his progress when he wakes up.
  • Neil starts accidentally befriending the rest of the Aaron Crew (Aaron: pls kill me dont call it that) because of his adventures around the hospital because a) he can’t leave and b) he has nowhere else to go.
  • He is Matt’s Favorite Patient but is really awkward with babies so he ends up at Dan’s most of the time because SPORTS. 
  • Dan introduces him to a lot of famous sports players and fucking loves this kid because he’s as crazy about sports as she is.
  • But Andrew ends up sticking around Neil??? Because they understand each other??? And suddenly wherever Neil goes Andrew suddenly pops out of nowhere and he once even joins Neil at the maternity ward with Matt??? The fuck???
  • Andrew is actually really fascinated by children because of how much they don’t know and their potential but doesn’t trust himself with them. He settles for glaring at the parents if they make the wrong move.
  • Kevin fucking wants Andrew to focus on work and always tries to assign him to difficult surgeries only a handful of the other doctors can do because Andrew is BRILLIANT. 
  • Neil and Andrew find themselves attached to tiny cancer patient Robin Cross. She recovers, but just barely. 
  • There’s an exchange program with a bunch of other doctors from other hospitals once a month and everyone finds out Aaron has a major crush on one of the neurologists from the next state over (Katelyn).
  • Dan, Allison, and Matt are all whooping after him to go for it while Seth is less subtle and makes crude comments at their favorite neurologist until they kiss.
  • Matt: Dr. Minyard…..
    Dan: We’re so proud of you….
    Aaron: Please don’t touch me I don’t know you. Any of you.
  • Jeremy comes as a speaker from a big hospital in California and Kevin is his biggest fanboy I swear to god what is wrong with this man.
  • Kevin: Did you say Dr. Knox.
    Kevin: We’re going.
    Kevin: We’re all going.
    Kevin: Wait I need my notepad I have to take notes and my video camera and my actual camera and
  • Edgar Allen Medical attends these too and one time Riko gets into a fight with Neil and things get out of hand in the aftermath and he ends up hurting Jean’s hand pretty badly.
  • Jean is trying to nurse his hand in the back balcony but Jeremy finds him and helps him with medical care and splinting it and ends up bonding with him. A little bit.
  • But Jeremy keeps recognizing him every other conference and greets him like an old friend and is ??? too good??? This wasn’t supposed to happen to Jean.
  • Kevin makes that disgusted jealous face every time Jeremy runs over to Jean like the fuck Jean you never even took notes at his lectures you faker.
  • And then Edgar Allen head doctor Theodora Muldani releases a medical paper that changes the world and Kevin is distracted for a while.
  • No wonder Aaron needs to look over these losers.
  • Wymack r u sure.

 •aight so to start it off, yall met in the third year of high school

•  for the sake of this au, you’re just v quiet ok you just wanna go to the library, grab a book, read abt the history of Aristotle or smth

•  but you pass by seungcheol on the journey there, and knowing how much of a flirty sHit this boy is, he’s gonna try to start up a conversation 

•  you dont really like him bc of how loud he is and bc of how much he flirts w other girls 

•  he’s not necessarily a playboy ?? to be a flirty shit is not even his intention, this poor boy just wants some friends yo he’s misunderstood 

• ok so aforementioned, you’re not as fond of him but when he starts talking to you, you thought ‘hes actually pre hot lmao df' 

•  and when seungcheol is speaking, he notices that you’re giving him v dRy replies, bc honestly, yeah he’s hot but you don’t even wanna be here

•  you just wanna go to the library

• so he just figured like wow ok i guess they dont rlly like me then and he just didn’t try to talk to you from then on bc he’s pretty passive 

• but at one point, the teacher paired the both of you up for a project 

• it required to do some work at home w your partner but there was no way in hell that your dad was letting a boy into his house or vice versa

• so yall do the project after school a lot but aside from setting days to work on the thing, both of you don’t really talk 

•  but he decides to ask you one day after school while you were in the library and reading 

• this boy secretly likes to read too but error! you’re not at the level of friendship to unlock this type of conversation 

•  but it’s gonna go from 0-100 real quick bc he comes w the intent to ask you abt you not liking him but next thing you know ,,,

•  "hey, i just wanted to ask why you don’t really li- hOLY SHIT IS THAT A SIGNED COPY OF FIFTY SHADES OF GREY"

• so from then on, you guys started talking a lot abt books that range from teen romance novels to like jAne austen or smth and that was what made yall best friends 

• since you hang out a lot, people at school constantly mistake you two for dating and you don’t rlly care but seungcheol just plays along sometimes like 'yea we look good together right ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)’

•  everYON e thinks you’re dating, even your parents and you constantly have to remind them that no, seungcheol is my best friend :))) 

•  but everytime you had to clarify this misunderstanding and state that yall are bffs for life!!!1! seungcheol’s soul just leaves his mortal body bc he’s in lOve w you and you lOWKEY RECIPROCATE THE FEELING but yall can’t tell each other this without the risk of ruining your friendship 

•  but at one point seungcheol was like lmao yOLO

•  so both of you met up at your usual hangout on your friendversary and likewise, got gifts for each other 

•  you prolly got him a book or smth idk you decide 


• he’s gonna be like close your eyes and you’re like bitch u probably gonna do smth shady and he’s like nono i swear dw i got you and if you still refuse, he’s probably going to throw his scarf at your face or smth bc he desperately doEs nOT want you to see this gift yET

• so you open your eyes and see this beautifully wrapped gift w a little bow on the top and tied up w ribbon and you’re like “wowoww !!1! It’s so nice !!! seungcheol, you really outdid yourse-”

•  "jeonghan did it.“ 

•  but back to the point, ok so you open the box and it’s your favourite book and you look up at him like lmao i already have this and he still looks proud as hELL and says smth like turn the first page so you do and it’s a siGNED COPY FROM YOUR FAVOURITE AUTHOR !!1! WOW HOW DID HE GET HIS HANDS ON THIS 

• and on the bottom, it’s a note from him written in pencil just in case you wanted to erase it, "now that i got you this, you can’t say no if i ask you to date me right ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)" 

•  it’s a greasy message and based off what he wrote, it sounds overconfident but trust me, this child is internally bashing his head against a dishwasher wishing he had worded it differently to make it sound more appealing  

•  but then you close the book, lean back, and seungcheol is literally like ohymfukcn ign god im gonna get busted and he’s eyeiNG YOU LIKE CRAzy

• but then you just kinda smile and say "yeah, id like that” and he literally bursts out into a fit of smiles but is all like “really?? you’re sure ??”

• "yeah"

• "you know i talk a lot"

• "i know"

• "and i can be really annoying"

• "i know"

• "i eat from your plate too" 

• "yes, i know"

• "and,, and …. and —“

• "christ seungcheol do you want to date or not" 

• he just can’t get over the fact that the person he’s been crushing on for like months is now !! finally !!! in a relationship with him !!!!!!

•  hes honestly so happy so he just grabs your hand and brings it to his forehead like "thank you." 

•  it doesn’t really take long for the both of you to initiate skinship

• back when yall were just best friends he would already start holding your hand and giving you hugs bc he’s so frICKin affectionate and that’s one of the factors that made you fall for him in the first place 

• he’s v touchy feely and seems to be the type of person who’s into spooning or forehead kisses

• overall, both of you are pretty comfortable with showing each other affection but wanna guess at which base the both of you are stuck at :))))))

• yes, the fIRST KISS AWH

• he prefers to handle this relationship without guidance bc he wants to make it feel as though the only times the both of you were dependant were on each other 

• but if the time calls for it, he will ask jeonghan

• he lays awake at night just thinking about how he should plan out the first kiss and smiles when he thinks up of this little fluffy scenario and at one point, he was brainstorming and decided,


• youve been lowkey giving him the signs for like two weeks but i guess he just wants this to go perfectly so he didn’t really acknowledge them and took his sweet time 

• but it was during winter and he took you out for a little evening walk on the beach or smth and it was v pretty bc the light posts were all cute and decorated w christmasy things and the boardwalk was outlined in white lights as well 

• but fuck, it was -15 degrees and you thought it would be a cute idea to just leave your house in this fashionable fall jacket you got at banana republic

• likewise, seungcheol offers you his scarf and he’s just praising himself bc so far so good, operation first kiss is going smoothly 

• he honestly planned to go in right at that moment but then you’re like aHH LETS TAKE A SELFIE :DDDDDD AND HIS WHOLE PERFECT SCENARIO COMES CRASHING DOWN

• but then you’re holding the phone and you’re smiling this great big smile that seungcheol absolutely adores so he’s boutta turn and tell you you’re so cute bUt

• you turned as well to tell him that his hat was crooked but then your lips just kinda brush against each other’s and you accidentally take the picture and you’re like ohymgod 

• he just stares at you and just praises god bc this plan honestly carried itself out wAY better than he imagined 

• that accidental selfie you took though was so cute bc not only did you manage to capture the moment of your first kiss, but like, the lighting was good ?? your side profiles looked nice ??? and seungcheol’s cheeks were so rosy from the cold and you were engulfed in like 90% scarf and ouch ok god it’s so cute i-

• he admires it everyday and he forced you to send it to him to make it his lockscreen :)))

• he’s p chill and he trusts you so he doesn’t get easily jealous  but when he does,,,, good lord, the poor soul he’s salty at better go running for his life
• sometimes he gets unnecessarily jealous when you wanna go have a girls night out w your friends or smth

• seungcheol knows dAMN well he shouldn’t be feeling this way bc yenno, they’re your friends and his way is the only way you’ll swing but I guess he’s just lonely ??? 

• when guys are hitting on you, superman coups is gonna come flyin to your rescue, slinging an arm over your shoulder and pressing a kiss to your temple
• he’s also gonna smile at the dude, v nicely — so nicely they feel threatened ok it’s one of those kinds of smiles 

• "aye bud, what do you need from my GIRLFRIEND :)))” hes gonna emphasize 'girlfriend’ v hard 

• for your v first anniversary, you expected him to take you somewhere sentimental like your special hangout place and bring a bouquet of flowers bc you know he’s a person full of meaning and passion idk how to describe it

• well you’re in for a surprise bc he went ALL OUT

• this hoe’s gonna take you out to some fancy restaurant and pull all the stops  by ending it off w some snazzy stargazing on the rooftops of your highschool 

• he even checked the weather forecast making sure it was gonna be a nice bright night w no rain 

• yall just kinda stay there until evening talking about your future and what yall plan to pursue in life when you both graduate and he makes like this pinky promise with you that you’re both gonna try your best in your potential careers and try to make the relationship the both of you have work as best as you could 

•  additionally, he got couple rings as a gift bc he doesn’t plan on letting you go anytime soon ok bye im dead cya  


i guess this is a post telling u all to read hells kitchen, a manga that is, in fact, totally unrelated to the television show featuring gordon ramsey

the protagonist of hells kitchen is a third year middle school student called satoru moriya. an exceedingly average individual, he’s not particularly good or particularly bad at anything at all. he gives up on things before he even starts if he thinks it cant be done–from sports activities and math problems to confessing to the girl he likes.

then theres dogma, a demon known throughout hell as the earl of poor eating–hes garnered his reputation by being notorious for spicing his food with deadly poisons and devouring the souls of talented chefs. hes someone who thinks “dying while eating something delicious would be a fitting death”. hes begun to find the souls of human chefs unsatisfying–that theyre all washed out with arrogance and greed, with no talent to savour.

so what does dogma do??? he picks himself a human who he resolves to turn into “a true chef”–poor moriya is the one he ended up choosing.

moriya is pretty resistant to this at first, considering dogma fully intends to devour his soul once it reaches the height of its maturity and skill–but he finds himself slowly beginning to enjoy the cooking dogma teaches him, finds himself relishing the happiness others feel as they eat the food he works so hard to make. its a feeling hes never had before, a pride in something hes managed to create himself

so he ends up going to some super elite cooking school and shit is like something out of a sports manga but its just Really Intense Cooking

romance isnt really a big thing in the series at all–yeah, moriyas got a crush on a girl from his middle school, but they dont see each other much and its not thrown in your face. there are a few side things where other people take a liking to moriya in a romantic sense, but it doesnt actively go anywhere

most of it is moriya slowly becoming confident in himself and who he is and find out what he wants to do. he makes friends! he finally has something hes good at! for the first time, he wants to work hard and get better at what he does!

reasons why you should read hells kitchen

  • great art
  • well written characters who are easy to understand and empathize with
  • there isnt much of a plot outside Intense Cooking until chapter 20 or so when the Worst Character Ever shows up and creeps on everyone hes gross and wants to prove that cooking is useless and artificial food is The Way To Go
  • literally fuck off
  • anyway great characters LOTS OF FEMALE CHARACTERS
  • the female-male character ratio is pretty balanced out i think though not all the girls play a big part (sadly)

potential reasons why you shouldnt

  • food. so much food
  • theres food everywhere
  • reading it makes me so hungry
  • there are a few gendered/sexuality based slurs but tbh im pretty sure the translator is the one who did that and not the mangaka :^\

anyway go read hells kitchen Thanks

callout for opal/@kalantosa

this has been a long, long time coming… twitter and tumblr user @kalantosa has been making my life hell for the past year along with some other individuals, and im really tired of being scared. im going to share my experiences here and show you how abusive they are. please, keep in mind that I have a bad memory so not everything here will be 100% pieced together but i’ll try my best.

(trigger warnings for abuse, transmisogyny, ableism, suicide baiting and tons of other bad shit)

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3 times dan made phil’s world a bit better and the one time phil returned the favor

summary: It’s already on the title.

warnings: there are lots of existential crises going on.

words: 1.5k

a/n: I just wanted to get rid of writer’s block.

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I was having feelings about a rl hockey friendship so I thought I’d just channel those into omgcp fic ideas to calm myself down.

Jack x Bitty.

This could be the largest group of reporters the Providence Falconers has ever entertained. Jack heard there were tens of other media people who couldn’t get in, or who were denied entrance, because of how big the press conference was turning out to be. This was even bigger than his first day as a Falconer, that time everyone was clamoring to hear about his first experience in the NHL.

This was much bigger. For some reason, everyone was interested in what he had to say.

“Jack nervous?” Tater looked at him with a wide grin, vaguely gesturing towards the mass of people waiting for him.

Jack shrugged. “Not really,” he answered, though he was. Just probably not because of the reason they were thinking about.

Tater looked like he was gonna chirp him about his answer but George interrupted by jogging over and pulling him by the arm. “Talk later. Interview now.”


It’s your first game against the Las Vegas Aces. How do you feel?

Jack: “It’s just like every game. We need to do our best. We’ve been winning more and I think there’s a confidence in the room for us going forward.”

Do you feel pressure knowing you might face-off against Kent Parson?

Jack: “Of course I know he’s a good player, so, um, it’s going to be a tough match up but it’s a team sport, so, uh. (shrugs) The coaches will decide on who’ll match-up against who. We’ll see what happens.”

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