but yeah i really love my hair now omg

My friend's commentary during the first episode of Voltron part 1

•"Damn you were right Keith is really pretty"
•"What’s skunk hair [Shiro] doing now?“
•"Pidge is so cute I love him”
•"Oh my god their faces in the blue lion" *laughs*
•"What is he doing. Also, daammn those eyebrows.“
•"I low-key ship the guy with the belt and eyebrows guy, wait, Lance, right?”
•"Shiro is like space dad.“
•"I ship Allura with space dad. She’s like space Mum. And space child.”
•[about Voltron forming] “gO GO POWER RANGERS”
•[about Hunk] “He should be the belly of Voltron”
•"yeah, belly guy and Lance /are/ brotp.“
•"seems like a chill dude.”
•"omg I feel like space dad is gonna be really overprotective of Pidge. Wait, is he gonna be like that guy on his mission space dad was really overprotective of?“
Me: “you mean Matt?”
•[my friends brother walks in] “Jesus Christ what is that? It looks like messed up Power Rangers.”
•"I ship it”
•[about Coran] “hes like their uncle and everyone is like ‘wyd’”
•"they’re all like ‘keep it chill’ and he’s like 'I can’t there’s a party in ma pants’“
•[about Allura] “Ok but she is like low-key the boss of everyone. Including space dad”

“But she’s indecisive”
•"Well that’s convenient”
•[Her brother leaves muttering 'good god this is stupid’]
•[imitating Allura] “I must keep speaking but I also must maintain this British accent even if it’s shit”
Me: “it really is”
•"hes like 'I don’t think the gut will fit’. Fat shaming 101"
•"round? Really?“
•"aww little guy.”
•"ship ship ship"
•"whenever anyone talks to anyone else I’m like “ship ship ship.” Except that green guy hes precious. And yellow, I guess"
•"aww space dad is trying to keep Pidge out of trouble.“
•[batman theme tune but 'space dad’ instead of 'batman’]
•"i feel like the rest of them are on the main plot line and those two are just, idk, playing with mice”
•"wait that’s low-key sexist. All the guys get weapons and she gets [*vague gesture*] mice.“
•"quoting space dad 101”
•"cute small sidekick"
•"conveniently smart cute small sidekick"

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Can you write me a J2 drabble please?

Once upon time there was a boy named Jared

(ooohhh look how pretty he is uwu)

and Jared was the prettiest boy ever and he had the nicest booty of them all. No seriously, just look at that booty mmmhhhhh

and his milkshake brought all the boys to the yard

But Jared didn’t want those boys because he was in love with a pretty boy named Jensen

and Jensen was also in love with Jared like he was really, really, REALLY in love with him






So, yeah Jared and Jensen were in love and they did gross stuff together like holding hands and kissing and going shopping together for matching scarves and shirts and getting hair cuts together, you know, all the gross stuff people who are in love do together.

Oh, and they also had sex because duh

(shhhhh sexy times happened here)

And they lived happily ever after.

The END!

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omg I never thought I would ever appreciate circular wire frame glasses until I got into kpop and now I'm like !!!, and honestly, tae with that and the hair over his forehead is the sweetest thang 💛💛 Love your art btw, it is s'cute :3, it's one of those styles that looks so casual and... friendly?? and really well done, and the texture is just really nice

yeah really!!!!! He was so fluffy and cute i needed to draw him;;;

and ur ask made me so soft omgrzoihgoigh idk the way you described my style MADE ME HAPPY I DONT KNOW WHY

Therapy went 👌

I love my therapist omg he’s neato. I really like his voice and his hair (he has a bun kskfkgk) and omL HE’S SO TALL HE’S LIKE A SKINNY GIANT

But yeah it went good 👌 I’ll be going there once a week now lol

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Omg what if Yuri on Ice's Viktor is MC? Lmfao could I have Zen's reactions to the both of them flirting with each other? (I randomly started to ship them and now they're my crack OTP???? Halp omg)

Ancient Japanesse proverb:

If his hair is white/gray and he is in an anime you be your sweet ass he isn’t straight.

I really like this so much??? Like omfg it is amazing!

  • But they are also very VERY competive
  • So honestly they would try and out flirt each other
  • “Your hair looks so beautiful Zen I just want to run my finger through it.”
  • “Oh yeah well your eyes are so beautiful I could get lost in them.”
  • “I love your pale skin, I want leave marks all over it.”
  • “Your body is so perfect, I just want worship it, Victor.”
  • “Zen I love your voice, I would love to hear you moan my name.”
  • “Oh Victor, I love how flexible you are. I wonder if you are even more flexible with your clothes off.”
  • During this the two of them are just getting closer and closer to eachother
  • The two of them would be flirting all the time, like 24/7
  • And as the night goes on it gets even more…nswf
  • They are always blowing kisses at each other all the time
  • PDA is a must have for the two of them
  • Hand holding, kissing, cuddling, sitting in each others laps, just all of that shit
  • But honestly the two of them are big fucking nerds and don’t know how to romace at all
EXO's reaction to you touching their hair

Xiumin: “Yeah….I like my hair too….”

Luhan: *dramatically flips hair*



Lay: “Do you really like my hair that much??”


Chen: *continues to pretend to sleep* 


D.O.: *secretly thanks his hair stylist later*

Tao: “OMG she so wants me….”

Kai: *runs to the bathroom and fangirls*

Sehun: “I can hook you up with a discount at the hair salon.” *winks*

2.He invites you when he is in OTRA tour

He invited you to Sydney, he knew how much you wanted to go so he didn’t hesitated to ask you.
Now you were sitting having breakfast with Harry in front of you.”Baby do you want to go somewhere today?” “I would like to climb The Sydney Harbour Bridge” his eyes went wide and you brought his hands to your mouth, kissing his knuckles”If its okay” He finished chewing and put you in his lap”I just want you to be happy (Y/N)”
The next thing you remember was Harry faking to fall down”Stop it!You are going to fall down and its not going to be funny, what am I going to say to Anne?Hey your beloved son…”He put his hand on your mouth” Look, we are at the top”Harry whispered in your ear. Oh my good, the view was amazing, you heard the click of the camera and rolled your eyes, so Harry…

In your job they gave you a week to relax, so Liam took you to Thailand. The thing was that after his concert he rented a private island for you two because you were in need of time alone. The house was amazing and it had a swimming pool between the sea and the house.
You were tanning in an hammock when felt a hand in your shoulder and you jumped a little bit “Shhh its just me, give me a little of space” when he sat next to you, you rested your head in his chest and felt it vibrate against your cheek” I brought you a peach smoothie ” Then you felt something cold in your shoulder “Liam move it! Its freezing you idiot!” He kissed the top of your head and rested it there while tracing different and nonsense lines on your arm. “I love you Liam, thank you for this vacations with you. Do you know that I love spending time with you right?” You looked at him and smiled “Well you are not the only one” you squished your noses and came back to your last position

He was all the time talking how one of the places he wanted to go was Dubai, so when all of his family decide to go there for a small trip Johannah called you “Hi (Y/N), love we are going to go to Dubai and we were wondering if you would like to come as a surprise” You couldn’t say no. In the aeroplane you sat down next to Fizzy but when Johannah came with Doris and told her to change her seat, she refused at first but moved. “Lottie just texted me saying Louis is not suspicious” Doris made a weird sound and you you two laughed. You caressed her cheek and talked with Johannah .
You arrived at the hotel and went to the room to hide somewhere. When all of them where inside you came out and put you hands on his eyes “Hello baby” You whispered in his ear “(Y/N)?” his eyes went wide and he hugged you like crazy “I’ve missed you so much Luigi” ” Oh my baby love, me too” you went to his room and …well…um…yeah.

He left with his trainer and a few people of the crew to go to this safari. You were with your period so decided to stay in Cape Town with Lou, Lottie and Sophia, who was making a quick visit.
“So yeah, Lux was super happy about that dolls and ‘girly toys’ ,as she says, that you gave her, Tom texted me saying she doesn’t want to stop playing” ” Poor Tom” you stayed in silence for a few moments. “Do you know if they are coming today?” Harry popped at my question”Yep, they just came (Y/N) ” “Thanks” you got up and dressed really quickly. He was at the entrance with the crew, when he looked at you he apologised and moved towards you “Hey”he said softly while stroking your hair,” How was the trip”,”Amazing, I will tell you after the shower, I fuckin’ stink” He hold your hand inside the elevator “How have you being, you know, with your period?” “Horrible, but now I’m better” He smiled and kissed me. “Do you want to go for a walk?” “Yeah, I would love to”.

He was having a rough time with the stress and you knew it. He wasn’t ready and still he went for it. So on February 21st you received a text saying he needed you in Tokyo, and you didn’t doubt it.
” Zayn where are you?” You saw the light of his room on, you knocked and opened the door. He was in the bed, with the head in the place of the feet and his knees against his chest, he was looking at the wall. You put the bags at the door and closed it. “Hey, look at me , its me, (y/n)”.He lifted his eyes and smiled sleepy ” come here love” you ran to him and cuddled in bed. “How are you doing z?” “Now that you are here better” you felt how he smelled you, taking your scent. “Love I want to walk around Tokyo, can we go tomorrow? ” Your eyes started to close but you heard him saying “Yeah, now come here and rest love”

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You are an inspiration to hairy girls everywhere. I'm partially ashamed of my hair but I don't want to shave it. and I have belly and back hair too tbh I can't wait till I can wear short shorts and crop tops like you and not care about my hair and love my body! I used to get bullied for my mustache and so I shaved it every week during 5-9th grade till I stopped caring. omg you're so gorgeous and thank you though tbh I needed this.


Yeah, when I was in high school I was mortified that everyone would know that I shaved my stomach and back, now I have a cool happy trail and I’ve decided to not bother with my mustache either (:

Thank YOU for sharing with me! It honestly makes me really happy that the post is encouraging other women/girls to not feel ashamed of their hairs, we’re capable of doing so much with our lives and shouldn’t be distracted by feeling ashamed of our natural selves (: