but yeah i need to sleep


billie: i’m sure it won’t be that bad syl, i mean.. your dad will be the chief there.. and it’s like right between windenburg and myshuno. we can still see each other on the weekends, even finally get a chance to see the bluffs. 

sylvie: it just.. it seems so boring.. i don’t know how my dad convinced mom into moving there, she loves this apartment.. it’s our home.

billie: atleast you’ll have a bigger room, this ones getting a little tight anyways..

sylvie: mm? it’s just the right size you’re wild.

billie: yeah ok sure whatever. i promise it won’t be too bad, but if you want my ass to help loading the truck ya girl needs to sleep cause your parents are crazy hauling ass at 6 in the morning, 

sylvie: i guess you’re right..

billie: i always am~

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Is everything OK with you lately?

Yeah no not really. Can I use this as an opportunity to rant? I need to rant.

My physical health has taken a turn for the worse and I have so much work piling up because I’ve been working at a slower pace than usual. The medication I take for my epilepsy makes me feel very weak, tired, and lightheaded, I’m on medication for a jaw fracture too and that’s making it even worse. I’ve been sleeping more and more, I can’t concentrate on anything no matter how hard I try. 

I just feel so stressed out and I want to give up on all of these responsibilities to curl into a ball under my bed until it all goes away. I have an apprentice starting soon which means I need to have all of my work up to date as soon as possible, because I can’t give a sloppy unprofessional first impression to my first ever apprentice. 

I work three jobs because I need money to make money.

My dad keeps telling everybody how well I’m doing and how proud he is of me and how 10 years from now my guitars are going to be known globally and that’s just giving me added pressure make sure everything I do business-wise is perfect. But I’m kind of falling apart and don’t even really want to get out of bed in the morning

I have some things going on in my personal life that are just adding to the stress of it all. Some terrible things from the past have been brought up and it’s left me in a weird headspace. I’ve been very short and moody with a lot of people and that’s creating more drama and subsequently more stress.

Okay I’m done.

Edit: Thank you for asking this, I have a tendency to bottle things up and won’t vent until given a window to. 

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Don't exhaust yourself with writing, or feel that you need to rush! Anything that comes out is your choice, and it's perfect as it is! :D Falling asleep on your keyboard is probably not good for your health

Honey, you know I love my sleep! But yeah, sometimes I do push it past the point of reason :) I think I’m going to set myself a modest goal for tonight to get myself in bed at a decent time, especially since I have work early tomorrow.

Since you’re well aware that I think you’re the bee’s knees, have yourself some space cowboys, my dear — longest blurb yet, though I don’t think I’ll do anything this long again, as I really don’t want to spoil too much for everyone:

Over the course of these eleven months, Pidge had constructed all sort of scenarios, tried to anticipate the different situations in which Lance and Keith could be found. There had been stumbling upon them mid-battle with the Galra, saving them just barely in time and their Lions whisking them away. There had been picking up their signal on a random planet, dropping down to find them kicked back on a beach, sipping bright coloured drinks and cracking jokes about how long they took. And in her darker, most despairing moments, she had pictured Blue and Red armour, filled with cracks and holes, blood spilled on alien soil, and neither moving.

She had heard Shiro’s nightmares, joining him in imagining an arena, both Lance and Keith scarred and missing limbs, fighting each and every day for the chance to live until the next death match.

Then there had been what she considered the worst outcome: never knowing, no sign or hint of them ever again.

And now …

There you go — a big hint of the angst to come ;D *tackle!hugs* Thanks, hun :D


My boy thoughhhhh….. oh mannnn my boyyyy.

I finally got to meet him after 5+ years and …. yeah I fucjinn have been up since 7 yesterday hanging with him it made my enttiiire life tbh.
He was soooo damn fun, just like he literally always is like except it was in PERSON it changed my life wow. I’m like drunk rn bc i’m sleep deprived hahadh im gonna sleep finally but… god yeah…. i love him so much wtf he is my best friend.
I was so emotional to even leave I was hugging him so tight oh my god. AND LIKE IM DUMB BC WE GON BE TALKIN AGAIN IN A FEW HOURS OR SO.

Don’t give up on meeting your online friends, kids. If you know you can trust them (no red flags bc be careful) then you damn well go for it when you can ok.

anyways i’m probably going to mildly disappear off of here for a couple of weeks or so cause i haven’t been feeling very well lately & i need to start feeling better before school starts …so yeah…just going away for a bit, but not forever….



Because I love this child and he needs more love, especially his relationship with Yuuri ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

While Phichit is an incredibly friendly lovable cinnamon roll, he won’t stand for anything threatening his best friend Yuuri, even if the threat happens to be someone Yuuri loves. Yuuri clearly adores the Victor he knows now (just as much as he idolized the distant figure in the past), but Phichit won’t forget how much Victor hurt Yuuri in the past, unintentional or not.

I headcanon that on top of being a skilled figure skater, Phichit is an academic genius who skipped grades and entered college in Detroit super early where he met Yuuri, which explains their long acquaintance despite the age difference. He is very, VERY protective of Yuuri. I’ll put up a more detailed headcanon post later (and if there’s interest, possibly prequel comic of pre-YOI anime Detroit college days).

Also, extra:



Sketch Dump Time ♥

Scanned some of my pencil sketches. I’ll edit and color them as soon as possible :3

Okay… So, since my finals are right around the corner (only four weeks left, aaaaaaah!!) I won’t be able to upload that much.

At least no new stuff - I finished all my posts for the Kuro week and I’m currently preparing a shit ton of stuff for the upcoming Sheith Positivity Week (it starts on July 23rd, so there’s still a lot of time to create something :3)… so yeah. I’m very sorry for not being active. I’ll still try and upload some stuff, but I seriously need a break. I think as soon as my finals are over I’ll sleep for like… 2 weeks straight or so. xD

Also: there… have some infos.

  1. How about some CollegeAU Luro?? CollegeAU anyone? ♥
  2. CollegeAU again xD This time some sheithy stuff.
  3. …guess what? CollegeAU Allura.
  4. … I have no idea how that happened.
  5. SuperheroAU!! Beasty Boy (Keith) is my new favorite purple furrball.
  • Suguro: Okumura, why the hell are you so damn nice all the time, even to everyone who treats you like shit?
  • Rin: Because I’ve lived my whole life as an outcast, treated like a pariah in my hometown because of my reputation as a demon child. I spent years pushing people away to the point of not being able to remember the last time I’d been hugged and it took the horrific death of my father, which was caused by the emotional wreck I had worked myself into, to allow myself the illusion of affection and I have since promised myself, whether consciously or not, to treat everyone kindly because subconsciously I want no one to ever feel the way I used to.
  • Rin: And I’ve spent so long repressing the urge to accept affection or any form of praise without believing I was being deceived, to talk about my problems, to rely on someone else at all, and I figure that now, with that execution threat from the Vatican looming over me, it is long due that I indulged myself and let go of my past experiences to move on as a person in the little time that I probably have left alive because the Vatican are probably going to kill me anyway.
  • Suguro: What.
  • Rin: What.

ADHD is not “being hyper all the time.”
Why do people think that?

Sometimes it’s being unable to focus.
Sometimes it’s focusing too hard on the wrong thing.

Sometimes it’s thinking so quickly that your mouth can’t keep up so you trip over your words, and restarting takes a few minutes because your brain needs to backtrack to figure out what you were trying to say in the first place.

Sometimes it’s forgetting things easily or remembering the most random thing possible.

It’s more than just bouncing the Leg™ or fidgeting.

The H in ADHD is not dominant. It’s there, yeah, but it kinda shares the burden with the other aspects of the disorder.

Then again it sucks anyways, so yeah.

ADHD is not “constantly hyper.”

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I adore ur blog? I subscribed to notifications just so I don't miss any of your voltron headcanons

i?? oh my god thank you???

  • *allura voice* “what do you mean humans need to sleep every night”
  • some people actually find hunk intimidating when they first meet him
    • listen. he looks like he can bench press a school bus???
    • but then they talk to him and they’re like ah. he’s a gentle creature
    • lance never had this problem, he met hunk and was immediately like “aw heck yeah i just won the best friend lottery
  • lance: “so i heard you like bad boys ;)” alien: “not really” lance: “oh thank god”
  • on average, shiro spends 50% of his day looking for lance or keith
  • pidge doesn’t show coran earth tech anymore because he always smiles condescendingly at her and calls it “cute”
  • they’ve got planet-specific memes
    • “how dare you make me look at this with my own four eye spheres”
    • instead of “who are you and what have you done with [insert paladin here]” it’s now “hunk get me a jellyfish i think we’ve got a case of mind-swishing here”
    • “lion goddess” makes consistent comebacks
  • hunk: “keith i don’t think that’s a good idea-” pidge: “no no wait let him do it, i wanna see where this goes”

Cleric: I’d like to steal the straw sack the guy in this room sleeps on
DM: *sigh* ok try sneaking in his room
Cleric: *rolls 2*
DM. Yeah you fall over a chair and he wakes up. After a moment he asks ‘who are you what are you doing here?’
Cleric: ‘This is all a dream! You’re still asleep! I need your straw sack though’
DM: roll persuasion
Cleric: rolls 20
DM *done af*: yeah he believes you, gives you his straw sack and goes back to sleep.
Cleric: I proceed to burn his house down with his own straw sack



Brain: We should sleep

Me: Oka-

Brain: WAIT! I-is that an old ship that we used to be our otp?!

Me: Y-yeah…why?

Brain: We are going to watch all the videos, read all the fanfic, and see all the fanart!

Me: ….but-

Brain: Did I stutter?

six hours later~

Me: I hate you.

Brain: I hate me too….but that animation though

Dean/Cas: Love Lab

Fake dating AU, 5.4K.

Dean sees them on his way to grab a sandwich at the campus café, eye-catching flyers all crammed on a bulletin board with dozens of staples and edges overlapped. Some are for stuff he doesn’t care about, like thesis defenses for esoteric topics, but then his gaze wanders to the dollar signs and he takes a step forward to read more closely.

Paid Research Opportunity

The Love Lab in the Department of Psychology needs participants for a study on romantic relationships. To be eligible, participants must be over the age of 18; have been dating monogamously for at least six months; and currently living together. The study involves weekly interviews where both participants are present. Compensation is contingent upon satisfactory participation and each couple will receive $75 per interview.

Dean lifts an eyebrow. Seventy-five dollars for every hour or two of sitting and talking? The flyer doesn’t specify the number of interviews, but even if he blows the first one, which is probably impossible, that’s still a minimum of seventy-five dollars to put toward something other than rent.

The flyer is cut into strips at the bottom, each printed with the lab’s email and phone number. Dean takes out his phone instead of ripping one off to snap a photo of the entire page. He then stands there, sandwich forgotten, as he sends a quick email to the lab telling them that, yes, he’s interested. And once that’s done, he attaches the photo he just took to a text that reads, ‘Signed us up.’

He finds his roommate brewing tea in the kitchen when he gets home that afternoon. He lets his backpack drop to the floor as he saunters over to join him.

“Drinking your mulch again?” he teases gently, heading to the fridge and poking inside. He grabs a beer because he isn’t a hippie, thank you, and pops it open on the countertop.

“Drinking your empty calories again?” Castiel quips, curling his hand around the ceramic mug. It was a present from Sam and has the molecular structure for caffeine drawn on one side because they’re both nerds who clearly enjoy chemistry paraphernalia.

“You call it empty calories. I call it better taste.”

“Whatever helps you sleep at night,” Cas quirks his lips, amusement in his eyes. “Also, I got your text. You may have missed a little detail there.”

“What detail?” Dean frowns a little, eyeing Cas over the rim of his bottle. “We get free money for interviewing. Sounds like all the details I need to know.”

“It’s a study on romantic relationships.”

“Yeah, so?”

“Neither of us is in a relationship.”

[read the full fic on ao3]

For all your bisexual Lance needs

so here’s a shitty edit I made a little while back for a Voltron crack video I never posted feel free to use if you want idk good night my good fellows