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like.. a lot of thedailypayne's posts about last night got thrice the amount of notes they usually get when they're about liam's solo career so yeah... Also, I saw a lot of people saying they love him SO MUCH, but if you scroll down their blog you see nothing about him, like not a single time, and then you see them claiming theselves fans and insulting him. There's a lot of bitch ass people in this fandom smh I just hope liam will get a better fanbase once he releases his music












his vocal range and the things he can do with his voice alone shows how much of an impressive singer he is

he cares so much for his family and friends while constantly thanking and appreciating the 1d fans for all the support the boys have had for years

Liam James Payne is a Godsend

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Afternoon G! I hope today was beautiful and grand for you. I didn't have the best day, but that doesn't mean tomorrow won't be better. Get some rest man love ya! <3 Also I'm back with my laptop because it's a lot easier so yeah ok bye

💜💜 love ya! I hope things get better!

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You like sonic heroes you have a shitty taste in sonic games I can't believe it you'll defend anything sonic

lol okay so are we not allowed to like anything that has flaws in it? I acknowledge sonic heroes is cheesy, corny, the camera is bad, the controls are slippery, and probably a lot more, BUT I love it despite of that. I have nostalgia factor in it too, just as I’m pretty sure a lot of people have with other games. I’m not defending the game, I’m stating I love it despite the flaws just as you will focus on the bad stuff, I focus on the things I love.


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How would the lords act if they played Pokemon Go~? (Would they like go into random places to catch pokemon or fight over gyms and such~ ) Btw, I love your blog, a lot~! It makes me smile~ ^v^ -huggles- And I'm sorry if the ask is too confusing or long~! ^^;

Ahhh thank you so much, your kindness made me so happy! I had a lot of fun writing this! :)

- would go out of his way to catch pokemons
- but would totally deny it
- “just wanted to get some fresh air”
- absolutely OBSESSED
- “can you put away your phone for once???”
- “it’s about the meeting on…eh. Wednesday..about the thing..yeah.”

- isn’t too interested
- always forgets that he has downloaded the app and plays occassionally
- just catches pokémons, but doesn’t care too much for the gyms or battles
- knows about Nobunaga’s secret

- always wins in battles
- because strategy
- often goes to random places to catch Pokémons
- but doesn’t take it too seriously

- would always fight battles
- but 0% strategy
- the enemy is a water pokémon???
- just chose your fire pokémon then, it’s okay, Inuchiyo

- tells Hideyoshi immediately where he found which Pokémon in case he wants to catch it
- mocks and insults Inuchiyo but doesn’t help him
- makes sure he doesn’t ever pick up on all the tricks he tells Hideyoshi
- he doesn’t play it himself too often, as he cares more about Hideyoshi’s game

- doesn’t care a bit
- but is level 28
- ???????
- always gets dragged out by Yukimura who wants to catch Pokémons
- “Isn’t it getting a bit late? I’m going to fall asleep right here.”

- is extremely enthusiastic about it
- doesn’t see or hear anything when playing it
- utterly concentrated
- “Oh… Yes, yes. I’m seeing it, don’t worry.”
- it’s good that he always takes Saizo with him

- if he knows where a Pokémon is located and that someone wants it
- he doesn’t tell them :) :) :)
- makes others catch the Pokémons for him
- because he really is too lazy to go to random places just for that

- does like the game
- but doesn’t play it too often
- “Ahhh Masa, you play Pokémon Go? Which level are you on?”
- “2.”
- ….

- loves to play it together with Masamune
- and also plays it often for him on his device
- catches him the rarest Pokémons
- his Pokémon’s nicknames are all ‘Bontenmaru’
- his trainer’s name is also Bontenmaru

- wants to claim every single gym for himself
- “You have to accept every competition, no matter if game or not.”
- is never too lazy to go out and catch Pokémons, but doesn’t do it alone
- “Come one, lads, let’s catch them!”

- cares more for the appearance of the trainer
- these Pokémons are all so cute
- why not collect all of them
- and let them be your favorites

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You know how (in fandom esp) ppl make fun of people who say "wow these two characters are such great friends :))" and everyone is like "yeah, sure, bc friends would do THIS *enter thing* for each other, jessica" or w/e? I mean I totally get where they're coming from, especially with lgbt+ pairings! But at the same time, as an aroace, itd mean a lot to finally be able to see a good friendship thats just. Friendship. Two people loving each other by selection w/o strings attached. and just?? Idk

True, tbh???? Like… aphobes have actually started on this campaign about “lgbt+ romances are more important that friendships” and it just… It feels kind of gross to me, given the context? Yes, LGBT+ romances in fiction are IMMENSELY important. But we should also encourage that not EVERYTHING in life has to be about romance.

Give me more diverse relationships in media. Of all kinds.

–Mod Mercy

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it's "Men Who Love Men" March! it's like Femslash February!

oh, thanks!

Yeah maybe I will participate! 

I mean I like Tomco, and I have my male!Marinettex Adrien AU

and I also like TouyaxYukito (a ship that deserves more tbh, there’s so little content in the ccs fandom)

so, to the anon, maybe i will :)

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Hello! Can you point me in the direction of some of your favourite sims 4 stories/households please. Thanks!


  • The Premades by @budgie2budgie (I love The Bjergsens too much, same goes for the Roccas and the Fyres, yeah, all of them). She’s writing their stories, past, connections etc. And it’s really entertaining, beautifully made. I love all of her decors, it’s such an inspiration. If you haven’t check them yet, I recommand.
  • The Olafssons and Angelo and Roseline story by @tinwhistletoo. They’re both really different, The first one is more about a cute ginger bread family living in the suburb and the second one is more deep with drama, blood and violence, muahaha. But I love the Olafssons for the same reasons as the Premades : it gave me a lot of inspiration for my own map.
  • Alex in Wonderland by @cinamun. It’s about a young couple - most likely soulmates - living in Windenburg. Alex, the woman, is very intuitive and genuine. She tries her best to raise all her kids but there’s some family drama… Now, this simmer is writing a new story named “The Flesh is Weak” and I can’t wait to see what it has to offer… The main character is already suspicious and I don’t know what’s coming up for us.

Of course, there’s more because there’s so many cute sims here… *o* I’m obsess with a bunch of households but these ones are my faves. Have a great day and sorry for the long time reply, huh.

Yo I don’t care what anyone says… me and my roommate both looked at each other and immediately agreed that it was one of the strongest episodes overall. Not a lot of Bellarke obviously, but the show needs to be good outside of a ship. After a subpar 2nd season and horrid last season… it’s finally returning to its S1 roots. 

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tbh while I think it would be really really interesting to explore characters besides keith piloting the black lion, i agree that keith CAN grow and that he's not "the worst choice" for the black lion. i feel like my main hesitation is just that it's kind of predictable? like i would still love to see allura in the black lion or something, but yeah, keith could certainly be a leader and i'm willing to see how he grows.

I totally see what you mean! Though I feel like the only reason it seems predictable is because of the previous voltron series. That’s also probably the reason why everyone is quick to assume Keith will be the leader. For me just looking back on VLD on it’s own it doesn’t feel as predictable???

Season two had a lot of Keith and Shiro and a lot of build up to Keith being the leader ( note all the times Shiro has mentioned Keith being the leader in the heat of the moment ). I feel like with all that build up would seem odd if Keith wasn’t the one who stepped up to be the leader. 

Black Paladin Allura would be super interesting and I feel like out of the team Shiro, Keith and Allura are the only ones really capable to lead at this moment in the series. Both Keith and Allura would need to grow more as characters before they’ll be able to really be the team leader voltron needs. 

And I don’t really have a problem with people making black paladin aus for other characters I’m just kinda fed up with everyone doubting him and basically labeling him as the ‘hot headed impulsive one’ and completely ignoring his potential as a leader.

BestFriend!Jungkook | Part 2

ok idk what i’m doing here but i thought about my other jungkook au a lot recently and i have ideas?? i don’t think it’s gonna work too well in the form of a bullet post so i’m gonna do a fic/series thing… this is like a teaser or something hahah

tell me if you think it’s a good idea!

  • so yeah you love jungkook to bits, you knew that 
  • but you never really thought that you loved him like that, he’s just your best friend, the warm fuzzy feeling you get when he smiles is just bcos he’s your best friend, nothing more 
  • so you don’t really notice it at first 
  • it comes on gradually for a long time, like you start staring at him for too long and feeling shivers when he touches you but you don’t really think about it 
  • until one day you’re just walking into class and you look up and there’s one of his fangirls 
  • in your seat 
  • and he’s laughing at something she’s said and he’s not leaning away and he doesn’t flinch when she touches his arm 
  • and your heart goes all weird and it hits you
  • you’re like fuck. I’m in love with my best friend. 
  • then of course he sees you and does the special smile that he only does for you and ditches the girl to talk to you and you feel sooo smug when you see the look on her face 
  • but that doesn’t take your epiphany away 
  • and then nothing really feels the same 
  • you stare at him when he’s not looking and spend so much time thinking about how fkn hot he is 
  • stuff that used to feel really casual and normal, like when he hugs you or leans on your shoulder or even just smiles, you’re like AAAFJN BKDLMDWBFDJ 
  • and any time that anyone flirts with him you find yourself wanting to FIGHT them 
  • sometimes you feel really happy that you’re the one he trusts the most and you’re his best friend but then other times you’re terrified that his best friend is all you’re ever gonna be and someday he’s gonna fall in love with someone and it won’t be you 
  • you’re terrified about confessing bcos what if he rejects you? what if you just mess up your friendship and oh god what if he never talks to you again 
  • also you don’t want to hurt him, like what if he feels betrayed or like he’s lost you as a friend
  • it hurts you so much to feel like this but not be able to tell him, but you don’t feel like you have any choice
  • so you suffer in silence for like a year and a half and just about manage to push your feelings away enough to act normally around him 
  • but eventually you crack and ask namjoon for advice and he says, “just tell him, y/n” and you feel even more scared than you did before because you know that he’s right 
  • your rational side is saying that you can’t hide it forever 
  • but your irrational side is saying that you’re damn well gonna try

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A - Age: 17

B - Biggest Fear: Needles. Fuck needles. 

C - Current Time: 1:55

D - Drink you’ve last had: Did I drink something today? Oh yeah, the milk in my cereal.

E - Everyday starts with: Me resisting the urge to stay under my warm comfy blankets/The urge to get out of my warm comfy blankets because I feel disgusting and need a shower

F - Favorite Song: Literally everything by Issues. I’ve been listening to them nonstop for over a week and it’s not stopping.

G - Ghosts, are they real?: Ya. Ya.

H - Hometown: You either have to track me down or blackmail me to make me reveal that.

I - In love with: Cats. Music. Lots of things. Which none of which are people.

J - Jealous Of: I honestly can’t think of anything I’m super jealous of.

K - Killed someone: Gee I don’t know. Maybe. Maybe that’s why I’m nicknamed serial killer

L - Last time you cried: I think my mental blocks are blocking my ability of remembering that.

M - Middle Name?: Mỹ Tiên. Can’t be bothered to put a voice file of me pronouncing it so you’re gonna have to ask.

N - Siblings: I have a brother.

O - One wish: Ha. You think you can catch me evil genie? Not todaaaayyyyyyy~

P - Person you last contacted/called: The nerds @soarshinesmile @nanovert

Q - Questions I’m always asked: “Are you okay?”, “Why do you look depressed?”, “Why are you so quiet/shy?”, “Why are you like this”

R - Reasons to smile: Oh loads of things, too many things that I don’t have the energy to list because there are too many. 

S - Song you last sang: Issues - Rank Rider, which prompted some weird looks from my brother as I happily sang “Cheap shots and alcohol”. Oh the actual lyrics are “Dear John and alcohol”. I like my version better.

T - Time you woke up: Uh….6:58, then 7:11, then 8:22, and then finally at 9:28. Don’t ask.

U - Underwear color: Purple.

V - Vacation Destination: Honestly somewhere where I won’t be bored and entertained, but where I’ll be safe. So not an active volcano but maybe like Hawaii.

W - Worst Habit: Forgetting shit.

X - X-ray: The only X-rays I’ve gotten have been from the dentist.

Y - Your favorite food: None at the moment. I’d rather have some drinks than food. BY THAT I DON’T MEAN ALCOHOL. 

Z - Zodiac sign: Scorpio~

People I will tag: @soarshinesmile, @nanovert . @dumble-dalf , @paradox-oflife , @cthulhuzuzu ,  and I think Sham took the rest of my tags so if you see this and want to do this and can’t because I didn’t tag you, just go for it and say I tagged you. None of the people tagged are obligated to do this so if you don’t want to share your personal info or something, y’all don’t have to :)

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Hey Em! How's everything going? I saw your post about wanting Qs so here's two! Is there a motto you live by- if so, what? Do you listen to Lorde and Halsey? If so, what are your favourite song(s) from them? Lots of love❤️

maggie!!!!! yeah life’s pretty great!!! okay my motto in life is essentially “dream, believe, achieve” and i also live by taylor’s words of always being good to people because being good to people is a wonderful legacy to leave behind 💖 and yasss i listen to them both! i love yellow flicker beat and team by lorde, and i’ve always adored roman holiday and drive by halsey ahaha :))))

ask me anything!

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Lol screw the v for vendetta theories. It's a tragic love story where either the lover or the guy has died. They're trapped in a Haunted House.

Honestly, although I loved the movie I can’t really see it happening but maybe I’m not imaginative enough lol I really have no idea how they would implement that concept.
Knowing Kpop, it’s probably a tragic love story which we haven’t had in quite a long time. Or maybe they’re just going to walk around and have some haunted house experience, yeah. They could use a lot of beautiful cinematic shots for that. Some aesthetic stuff, you know?

Either way, it will definitely be interesting and different from what they have done before (unless they turn it into some crime scene thing - again).

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hi! i love your art, it's so pretty ♥ and you draw feet really well, do you have any tips?

thank you a lot anon!! (  /)w(\) here, i made a few notes about the steps i follow while drawing feet:

^ that’s assuming you’re not drawing from a low perspective, as if the camera was on the floor or something like that!

SORRY MY HANDWRITING SUCKS and i’m not really good at explaining things bc i don’t really follow a guide and stuff so yeah BUT I HOPE IT WAS HELPFUL TO YOU!!


Daryl Dixon’s puppy headbutt | Carol 5.01 “No Sanctuary” // Rick 7.08 “Hearts Still Beating”

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Watching a show with a friend...

Me: yes this show is SO good so far! I’m glad we decided to do this marathon

Friend: yeah me too! It’s amazing!

Me: so…you liking the storyline so far

Friend: yup yup…any fave characters

Me: pfft yeah like 1 or 2

Friend: oh right. You’ve been on your phone a lot

Me: yeah just texting people…

Friend: your shipping it aren’t you. ARE YOU READING FANFIC R/N

Me: *gasp* I would nev-

Friend: bitch *shows me her phone with fanfic on screen* me too

Me: you are actually the love of my life

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Johnson to Chowder

J- As Samwell’s Men Hockey new goalie, you deserve to know the truth. This universe is a fiction. We are in a story.

C - Is it a good story?

J - Huh? Yeah, I guess so? I mean, there’s a lot of character development, and funny moments, and raw emotion, and sweet romance, so-

C: It’s a ROMANCE!!?!!!! :D

J- Yes. But sadly, none of us are the protagonists. We’re just background characters to Bittle.

C- OMG THIS STORY IS ABOUT BITTY I LOVE IT NO ONE DESERVES IT MORE THAN HIM HE’S AMAZING I WOULD READ IT ALL- Oh wait, it’s a romance?? With Bitty??!!? Who’s the romantic interest????

J- Jack Zimmermann.

C: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Daddy Issues
  • Daddy: *walks into room holding coffee cup*
  • Baby Girl: Daddy?
  • Daddy: Yes love?
  • Baby Girl: Why do you drink so much coffee?
  • Daddy: It isn't...
  • Baby Girl: Or tea or whatever! I really want hot coco and you know i always want hot coco and you come in drinking from your favorite mug and... *Continues little rampage*
  • Daddy: *waits patiently*
  • Baby Girl: And... and yeah. *Crosses arms and pouts*
  • Daddy: *Raises eyebrow* Are you done, Princess?
  • Baby Girl: *looks up grumpily* Yes...
  • Daddy: *hands coffee cup to Baby Girl*
  • Baby Girl: Wha-
  • Daddy: I made you hot coco
  • Baby Girl: *sits quiet for a second before slowly taking coffee cup* Daddy?
  • Daddy: Yes love?
  • Baby Girl: I love you lots
  • Daddy: I love you lots too, Baby Girl