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I think Jealous Dany is a lot more fun to read than jealous Jon. My boys self confidence already a little low.

Yeah. I mean, I get why people like it because everyone loves Jon being a broody little baby but I think jealous Dany is more fun. She gets so shook and she like…never gets shook (well she gets a lot more shook than she wants to but she just shuts feelings down). I like finding those little moments, the cracks in her exterior, her little insecurities, the stuff that gets her rattled. And just having her tell off some northern women is also really great lol. I love writing Dany (in case you couldn’t tell). Now if only the show/books could give me more to work with…

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Did you think that your sun/moon AU would get such a huge reaction? (It deserves it btw, it’s just so pure)

nO I TOTALLY DIDN’t?!?! WHICH IS WHY I’M NOT POSTING MUCH I RECEIVE LIKE DOZENS OF ASKS ABOUT IT EVERYDAY anD I’M NOT USED TO SO MANY NOTES AND FANART OF MY FANART WTF and that you know pleases me a lot and people are putting a lot of effort in it and that’s why i care sm about making the masterpost correctly filled and reblog with a long comment, which is why it takes so much time to reblog your fanart/fanfiction because i also spend a long time looking at it and pointing out what i love the most sO don’t worry if i don’ reblog your stuff! i will! (actually, i reblog fanart to not lose it on @thingsiwanttorememberabout)

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Hello, I sincerely hope you're having a nice day today. What do you think of Norio Wakamoto's DIO voice?

I am, thanks!  (A very late reply btw, thank you for sending this).

I love it tbh. He’s got a very good, very calm presence. I think in some ways Wakamoto’s Dio is truer to how Araki wrote him than how Dio got directed in the TV anime.  But yeah, Wakamoto’s Dio take some getting used to I guess because he does sound older but his demeanor works really well.  The scene where Dio shows up during Ice’s and Polnareff’s fight is creepy as hell because of how composed Wakamoto is.

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Do you have any stydia fic recs?

Heck yeah I do! 

As a warning, though, I have been super busy with school lately so a lot of these are not very recent. 

-If you’re looking to cry read The Ties That Bind Us by  @im2old4thisotp because it’s INCREDIBLE. But if you DON’T want to have your heart broken in the best way possible, her fic Every Day, Surprise Me Again is ADORABLE. You should probably just read all of Allison’s fics okay they’re all A++

-Everything ever written by @youaretoosmart. Her fics are just so beautiful. My faves are Stardust on My Pillowcase and rearrange the stars. 

-I just read Serendipity by @lydiastxles and I loved it! Lemme tell you, I am a sucker for fake dating aus and this one does not disappoint. 

-You Make Love Look Easy by @hollandroden is perfection. Stiles is a nanny, okay? What more could you want? 

-Like, obviously anything @rongasm has ever written, but to this day Ground Rules still holds a special place in my heart. 

-I’m not sure who this author is on tumblr but if you are a Star Wars fan, or if you just want some adorable Stydia fluff, then a bright centre to the universe is so cute

(and finally, in shameless self promotion, if you haven’t read all of my fics this is my page on ao3

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i love your blog so much! you're like a hardcore gallavich stan that is also very articulate and respectful which i appreciate a lot. anyway this might be really stupid of me but i wanted to ask what ian does with his arm(?) when they reunite for the first time in 7x10. like that bit where mickey grabs his EMT jacket and says "you're under my skin.." yeah. it looks like ian lifts his arm and idk? tries to stop mickey from touching him? again i might just be really oblivious lol

Good catch, anon! I honestly don’t think I ever noticed that before. I had to watch it like three times before I finally decided I think he was just trying to take his hand out of his pocket judging by the sound of the fabric rustling, but if it was to stop him from touching him, I can’t be sure because he didn’t end up pushing him away or taking a step back. 

It could be that Mickey putting his hand on him stopped Ian’s movement, or maybe it’s just an editing thing like in one runthrough of the scene Cam took his hand out of his pocket and touched him back and that’s the cut they used for that shot, but the next shot that made it Cam’s hand was still in his pocket?

I do think Ian is trying really hard to resist the temptation to allow them to pick up right where they left off…

There he is resisting so fucking hard. Mickey is right there and is saying all of this sweet stuff and is offering to take him away to Mexico where they can just live together, be together and damn if that’s not enticing, right? He looks so torn and hurt by the dilemma.

And there he is finally going in for a kiss. His resolve broke down, he was ready to go for it before Damon whistled at Mickey telling him it was time to go…

Ugh this is such a beautiful scene because we see all of the feelings Ian has been covering for the past two seasons come to the surface and it’s so obvious that he missed him and that he still wants him. But now that he’s done so well for himself he doesn’t want to mess anything up, but he’s also just got Mickey back and doesn’t want to let him slip through his fingers again!

Beautiful and heartbreaking and just so, so powerful!

Thank you for bringing that to my attention, anon! 

<3 <3

(Oh, and thank you btw, I’m glad you enjoy the blog! :3 Articulate and respectful is definitely what I shoot for!)

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that thank you feels very, very pointed. the first couple of thank yous were fresh off the boat and reactions to the song. the third one is a reaction to the video; and so much has happened in the past two days, lots of mixed responses from the bigger outlets vs the way fans and some smaller outlets interpreted it. I feel like that was him saying - 'yeah, they way the fans saw it is correct. thank you for listening.' <3

that’s a lovely interpretation!

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You just made me cry. It's not all the time you see body positivity like this, especially when considering strechmarks and "flabbiness". As a fat person myself this means alot? Like it's raw, not "Oh you're beautiful no matter what", yeah while it's nice hearing that, the "hey, it's ok because all people are different and great" feels a hell of a lot more real. Thank you 💜

Awwww, of course! Listen I’m fat myself, and I know there’s not a lot of positivity about it out there for us, but I’ll be damned if I’m gonna bring us down because frankly we don’t deserve it. <3 Love you!

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I know you started to use more Maxis content to decorate your sim's apartments, I am doing the same (trying to get creative with the content they provide) I was wondering if you could post some pictures of Lou's apartment (or anyone's actually) so I can see how you use the content (I'm in love with Lou's apartment! Thanks!!

yeah sure thing! lou’s is the only one i’ve redone so far, so yeah i’ll show some more of hers! trying to decorate with only ea content is infinitely more fun and satisfying for me ‘cause it’s more challenging lmao (bb.showhiddenobjects is my bff) thank you btw 💕

Hey I love all my friends/mutuals more than the earth itself and I just wanted to say I’m sorry if I get annoying/loud sometimes I’m going through a lot rn and it can cause me to be bitchy without thinking. But yeah this is sort of sappy but just thank you to literally all of you for sticking through my side through my dads passing and everything it’s been so hard but it really helps having great people like y'all at my side thanks here’s a James

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You are Chuuya incarnate ╮(╯▽╰)╭ also really nice person ♡

CONFIRM ON CHUUYA INCARNATE BECAUSE WE HAVE LOTS OF SIMILARITIES (smol I can’t believe I said it again but yeah smol but will fite , loves extra things, and also having left by someone I trusted whoops let’s not go there, hates traitors c:)

(I AM NOT NICE I CAN CRUSH ENEMIES WITH MY BARE HANDS— ah idk though,,, I’m nice only to those who’s nice too, but thank you so much sweetie! c: )

(Send an assumption about me from my tumblr and I’ll either confirm or dispute it c:)

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Favourite fictional character: I literally never know how to answer this question. Right now it’s Jamie Fraser because I have Outlander on in the background and he’s all kinds of wonderful. 

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Do I get a lot of asks: Yeah, from time to time. 

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This nobody @yourememberitalltoowell I personally find her a bit of a bitch ahaha

First of all, not a bitch. Keep your mouth shut young lady or else im gonna ground u forever. Ok ok ok let’s start on the year 2013, i gave birth to a beautiful lady named Nicole i nicknamed her nikki and she nicknamed me, her own mom, SPOBYLDDID like wtf? Ok but we always talked on facebook after and she is LITERALLY ONE OF THE MOST TALENTED PERSON ON HERE???? LIKE START THE ARGUMENT AND IM NOT GONNA END. She is literally so gorgeous and funny and smart and obedient and such a sweetheart???? SO YEAH I GUESS PERFECTION RIGHT THERE also she stalks me a lot which i just LOVE TO BITS??? SKJSELIRUGVSEUIRB ilysm daughter

send me tumblr blogs and i’ll tell you what i think about them

all this new short haired ladybug art has got me like *heart eyes*

so did i ever tell you guys the story of how a reylo attacked me?

it was a beautiful summer evening, i was on my way home from my local market when this 40 year old got on the bus with her 3 kids and sat down next to me.

i noticed her staring at my “finn is the male lead fuck kylo ren” shirt.

suddenly she started yelling “are you a fucking anti?”. the whole bus was looking at us. “yeah” i replied. that’s when she started kicking and hitting me but then all of her kids said “mom…reylo is a shitty abusive ship that doesn’t make any sense whatsoever and you should probably delete your tumblr and stop arguing with teenagers online.” she broke down in tears.

i almost felt bad for her but then john boyega showed up, bought me a sandwich and told me he loves antis. anyways, later that night daisy ridley rawed me in a denny’s parking lot and everyone clapped.

A quick Clexa AU fic list as requested by anon

This is rather chaotic as I’ve put it together real quick and I’ve plenty favorites - I might add more as I remember or as I go through my reading (some are finished, some are on-going). For now though …

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Fanart for @zanimez’s fanfic Barrel 

ribcage. || i

Summary: college!au Where Tom is a genuine sweetheart trying to make it through college without completely losing his mind; his three close friends make it easier though. However, there’s one girl who wears the big sweaters and seems to have her head more in her sketchbook than anywhere else who changes him after he gets caught blatantly admiring her from afar. Tom takes it upon himself to make her problems his problems, but sometimes it’s just better to not stick your nose where it doesn’t belong. Emphasis on the sometimes though.

Pairing: Tom Holland x Fem!Black!Reader

Word Count: 1,255

Warnings: Swearing & Staring

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